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Carolina Watchman.
TtfURKDAV, OCT. 13, 1S87.
Col. Fred Grant
The nomination of this gentleman
for Secretary of State of Ntw York by
the Republicans shows the desperate
ttruits of the Grand Old Party in the
Empire State. The only qualiticatioti
he poaMew for this clerical office iS in
the fact that he is a son of General
Grant. This Ire himself proclaims iti
n is apeech in New York last Saturday.
Here is the entire speech i
My ppeech will be very short. I want
to thank you fur your cordial reception.
tMrovId i tie detected in November 1 will
try d show that I have inherited the
ability of ray father, and be faithful to
thetrttst that you in me. I again
lhank you for your cordial reception.
The young man has left us in the
dark as to the particular kind of ability
he desires to snow the people he has
inherited from his father whether his
magic power as a soldier, his original it v
as a statesman, his unparalleled Execu
tive gifts, his intuitive knowledge of
l&eiH or his brilliancy as a financier.
It mast hare been the last, as the old
General was more distinguished as a
financier than in any other capacity.
I tllot Mountain.
This isolated but remarkable moun
tain is likely to loom up in the world's
attention far beyond anything hereto
fore known of it. A railroad is now
completed from Greensboro, via old
Germantovvn, to the base of the moun
tain,, so that it is now a comparatively
pleasant trip to visit it. It was recent
ly visited by two Methodist Sunday
Schools of Greensboro and several other
schools along the route who joined the
excursion, making a party of GOO men,
women and children. Quite an inter
esting account is given of it by a cor
respondent of the Raleigh News-Observer.
Only 150 of the party reached
the top of the pinnacle, of whom 39
were ladies. The ascent to the top is
difficult and somewhat dangerous, as it
must be made by ladders. Of course
those who reached the top were
- m - m
abundantly rewarded by the lnagnm
ceiitTscenery, which is described as very
grand and impressive.
j .. '-
Tin Plates.
The Scientific American says a patent
has recently been granted to Mr. Wil
liam H. Hrowu, of Jersey City, for a
novel process of manufacturing con
tinuous fin plates. The plates are
made of steel, and the process consists
of producing a sheet of steel of any
continuous length and required width
by first rolling the metal hot and af
terward rolling it cold, until a proper
thickness and perfectly smooth surface
is obtained; it is then scoured, and
passed through a bath of molten tin.
and again between the rollers. It is
employed for all the purposes for
which ordinary tin phites are used,
though the jnventor claims for the
phites made by this process greater
superiority ht durability over those of
any other.
-The Western Carolinian of Hickory.
Kpudcs in pleasant terms of the success
ful working of the prohibition law in
Yancey county. It has been in opera
tion for two years, and many of its
opponents at the election are now its
friends and supporters. Only one man
was indicted at the last Court for the
violation of the law, and he submitted,
paid the cost and gave a bond of $500
not to violate t! e law again. The ef
fects of the law is, easily seen on the
Court dockets of the county by reduc
ing indictments, &c. They are also
evwVncedby more liberal attention to
schools, and religious matters.
The editor of the Carolinian has re
cently visited Roan mountain, tie
was profoundly affected by the scenery,
and jots down his impressions and
thoughts on the occasion. He con
cludes his remarks as follows : 'The
men who beliere in God should go
there to feel more than ever before
that they are iu His presence, and the
men who don't believe in God should
go there tk feel as they never felt be
fore and come away asking themselves,
uHow curi these things be?'
- fa . -
The Winston Republican arraigns
the Democratic Commissioners of Yad
kin county on their management of fi
nancial affairs after . the following
"The value of the taxable property of
the county is about one aud ouc-half
million dollars ($1,500,000.) There has
not been a public building erected or a
railroad subscription voted since the war,
and at the time the Democratic party,
under the present Tory system of county
government, took control of the liiianccs
of the county it was out of debt and its
scrip was worth 100 cents on the dollar.
Last year the tax ou property was 67 i
cents on the $100 and $2 02 on the poll".
This year4 notwithstanding the General
Assembly reduced the State tax 5c on
the $100, Yadkin will have to pay 88
cents on the $100 worth of property and
$2.65 on the poll. An increase of 26
cents on the $100 of her taxable prop
erty." i ' V
- It is possible that a rational .expla
nation can be given .for the apparent
mismanagement, for there is always
two sicL'S to every question.
There is Quite a noticeable differs e
in form between the Scotch Thistle
and the Yankee Volunteer, recently
contesting for the America's cum es
pecially ou the water line, the TJiujH.
rearing up in front as if it was intend-
- j .1 :l i i it ...
ea sne snouiu mount uie waves with
greatest possible ease, while the Volun
teer siN s'.s gracefully as a duck and
well balanced from stem to stern.
Thev were very uearlv the same size,
the Thistle only about two feet lunger
than the Volunteer, neither exceeding
ih i, una me turee ieez wider
m the beam taan the l ttlstie, which
w ZJ to Sect,
Seven nero men have been com
mitted to jm at Greenwood. Miss., on
the charge of murdering Harry Taylor
and his wife colored). One other ar
rested on the same charge, gave bond.
Tliev are members of a Masonic order,
and it is supposed, construe their obli
gations as such that they must take
extreme Vengeance on any one who
shall cans-e the death of a brother mem
ber. There are several lodges in that
part of the State, and citizens are
excited in the determination to break
them up.
Tlie Atlanta Exposition opened, on
Monday last. It is a big thing in its
wav, and will attract visitors from far
anA near.
The North Carolina State Fair opens
net week. Extraordinary efforts have
been made to make it an occasion of
great interest to the people.
Reduced railroad rates have been
provided for those wishing to attend
either the State Fair or the Atlanta
Another bloody family feud has
transpired in Kentucky, resulting in
the killing of five persons. The trou
ble was between the Turners and Sow
ders, on Yellow Creek, in Bell county;
but the fatalities extended to others
the Marshall sent to arrest one of the
offenders, and Jim Rains, who was a
great friend of the Sowders. Ken
tucky quarrels nearly always end in
Judge Bond's decision in the Vir
ginia coupon case requires the State to
accept the coupons iu the payment of
taxes. . This, it seems, was the contract,
as the bonds show. But Virginia
pleads her inability to use the coupons
for her current expenses, which will
15 unprovided for if her taxes are paid
in coupons. She has taken an appeal
to the united States Supreme Court,
but it is thought the cac will go
against her.
rre:uent neveiana mis neen recv
ed every where in his excursion with
marKea respect, now mucn ot tins is
J l il 1 V rt . 11 1 Ail
aue to ine nign omce wnicn ne nils, or
to the man who has through the severe
trials of official lifeiproved himself
equal to the task exacted of him, can
not be known. It is evident we think
that Mr. "Cleveland is very popular
man and President, and that he will
fprobably be his own successor for the
next Presidential term.
Albert Starnes, (colored) of Union
county, has been three times sentenced
to be hanged, within the last two years,
and yet at last escaped the gallows by
the pardon of the Governor. This re
sult came about by persistent appea's
made to the Supreme Court, and in
part by additional evidence obtained
on the merits of the case which was
thought would have changed the ver
dict of, the jury condemning him.
The President's trip takes in many
of tlu large citie3 of the West and
Southwest, and he and liis beautiful
young wife have seen much to gladden
them iu their passage through the
country. They have been everywhere
received with joyful demonstrations on
the part of the people, who have as
sembled by thousands at depots and
along their route to catch a glimpse of
them in passing.
Transplanting nufc trees has been
regarded as running great risk in losing
them; but D. 13. Weir of Illinois, has
disproved the popular notion, and as
serts from his own personal experience
that not trees of one, two aud three
years old may be transplanted with as
much safety as any other. He has
transplanted thousands of black and
white walnut treesand is therefore good
authority on the subject.
J. F. G. Mittag has a learned article
in tiie Charlotte Chronicle under the
head of "a fact iu human nature," in
which he deduces from ancient history
that "the people of a southern climate
should be judiciously crossed by those
of a moderately colder climate," that
beiog nature's method of reinforcing
those of a southern climate, which is
less invigorating than the northern.
The-Atlanta Constitution denies the
published report that exhorbihmt
charges for ion would be
made by the hotels smd lodging houses
of the city during the Exposition in
that city. Only four places will charge
$2.50 per day, a few $2 a day, and the
vast bulk ot them but 1 y'J per day,
including board aud lodging.
Thomas C. Manning, minister ft
Mexico, died at the Fifth Avenue Hotef,
INew iorfe, shortlv after nine o clock
Tuesday, of obstruction of the bowels.
Mr. Manning was a distinguished son
or iMortli Uiroiiua, a native of Eden
ton, a graduate of the University, and
gifted as a lawyer. He was about 70
years of age.
Doctors are ill doubt as to the true
character of the disease which has so
fearfully frightened the people at Tam
pa, Florida. It wsis announced as yel
low fever at the iirst; bnt out of 20
cases only two have died, and the cause
of death in these cases is in doubt.
Some of the doctors think it is the
"break-bone" fever.
Hon. John B. Finch, one of the
greatest temperance orators itf the
country dropped -dead in Boston last
Saturday, just after stepping off the
: irs, caused by heart disem.
The S.otch cutter Thistle, recently
defeated iu a race wi h tie Volunteer
is preparing to return to Glasgow.
Shex wst3 otfered for sale but no one
wanfea to buv.
I guarantee Shriner's Indian Vermifuge
to destroy and expel worms from the hu
man body, where they exist, if used ac
cording to directions. Vou are author
ized to sell it upon the above "Condition?;
David E. Foutz, Proprietor. Baltimore,
The Atlanta Exposition is booming
weather fine and crowds attending.
One of the incidents of Tuesday was a
bicycle race of one mile, which was run
in 2 minutes and 40 seconds, Rowe,
the world's champion, winning by ten
feet. Accommodations for visitors
abundant and no extortion practiced by
hotels and boarding houses.
Mayor Hewitt, at New York, was
hissed in that city and Brooklyn, for
stopping an unlawful gambling con
cern at the fair of the tin iteil Labor
party; but like a brave and honest
man he said he would discharge his
sworn duty without regard to popular
The survivors of southern military
prisons held their annual meeting at
Worcester, Mass., on the 7th inst.
Resolutions were passed asking Con
gress to recognize the suffering a::d
diseases endured and contracted iu
prison. Doubtless they are pensioners
already on the government.
The Alexander county Journal came
out last week iu double its usual size.
Improvement now seems to be the
watchword of the "June Bug" county,
and we hope to see Alexander (one of
the smallest counties in the State)
rated as one of the most important.
The Cotton World's report of the
crop for September says : That the
Carolinas and Alabama are the only
States in the cotton belt that hold up
well. The average at this date for
the cotton belt is 80.9, against 8-1.4
last year.
The Knights of Labor have been in
convention. The secretary of the gen
eral executive board shows that the
Order now has but 5G0,000 members
in good standing us agiinst 702,000
hist vear.
A vein of rock salt, twenty-five feet
thick, and another not yet penetrated
have been reached at Ithaca, N. Y., in
a well 2,230 feet deep, which is to be
made 1,000 feet deeper, unless oil or gas
is round.
The Merchants' Hotel property in
Cortlandt street, New York, bought
in 1792 by John Van Dalson for 800,
has been sold at private contract for
Four deaths from yellow fever at
Tampa, Florida, and about twenty
cases. The authorities are usine everv
effort to prevent the spread of the dis
Receipts of cotton at this port this
season 49,096 bales, which exceeds the
receipts of last season 23 391 bales.
Wilmington Messenger.
The evictions bv an English syndi
cate in Northwestern Ohio, equal in
barbarity anything of the kind that
ever occurred in Ireland.
An attempt to rescue a drunken
man from certain death on a railroad
track in Philadelphia, resulted in the
l-ii r .
Killing ot tne rescuer by a tram.
Skipped The cashier of the Mer
chants & Miners Bank of Irou Moun
tain, Michigan, carrying over into
Canada $15,000 of the Banks money.
A Word to Young Men.
If young men wish to succeed in busi
ness, they must not spend their time and
money in having simply a good time.
They must not be discontented with the
little place they are in, because they
think they are too big for it. The Avav to
get into a large place is to outgrow the
one you are in grow until it is so small
that it will not hold you any longer. A
man who simply sits shrunk up and
worthless in a little place, because he
thinks it is not worth while to grow
enough to fill that, has little prospect of
getting into a larger one. Fit! the place
that you are in. Study ahead of where
you are. Fit yourself, for higher useful
ness, to do that, you must do something
besides play, though that mav be inno
cent in itself. Jlcv. M. J. Savage.
Chronic Coughs and Colds,
And all diseases of tho Throat and T.imcj
can be cured by the use of Scott's
Smulsion, as it contains the healing
'virtues of (Jod Liver Oil aud Hypophos-
puues in tneir lunest lorm. is a beauti-
. . 1 X - a a.m.
iui, creamy .tanuisiou palatable as milk,
easily digested, and Can be taken hv 1h
inost delicate. Please read: "I consider
Scott's Emulsion the remedy par excel
lence in Tuberculous and Stromuous Af
fections, to say nothing of ordinary colds
and throat troubles." W. ll- 8. Cox-
nkll, M. D., Manchester, O. "I am us
ing your Emulsion Cod Liver Oil with
Hypophosphitcs for an aDcction of my
throat, and the improvements were
beyond my expectation." D. Taylor,
M. D., Coosa watte, Ga.
The N. Y. Star reports the subscrip
tions to the Grant Monumental fund
to 11th Oetober instant, as amounting
to about 20.000.
Astrononiers at Moscow went above
the clouds in a balloon to witness the
eclipse of the sun, Aug. 19, the day
being cloudy.
Russia sends to a firm in Raleigh for
tobacco flues for curing tobacco.
For constipation, 'liver complaint" or
billiousncss, sick headache, aud all dis
eases arming from a disordered condition
of the liver and stomach, take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets a
gentle laxative or active cathartic, iu
ordiug to nit: of done.
. ' - -
- u -
Our 38 in, SI! Woo! Serge
At 33i cts. is the Biggest Thing ever offered on
this market.
I e Haye Space only
Bit hope pa fill .M snMitly to your Merest to se? oar
feraided Sets from 75 cts. to 5.00 per set.
Underwear Australian
grades of Wool and Cotton mixed.
Ginghams 15, Silk Plus!) 75 cts., worth $1.50,
Undressed Kid Gloves 90 cts , 18x3G inch Linen
Towel 10 cts., Linen
Ladies Hose, 5 els..
A large line of Beaded Trimming, Epaulettes, Beaded net. Bargains in Misses' and
Children's liiubed Uofo. Gents' L' uderwetr, Australian Wool, ( amels
Hair. A good stock of Carpets and Rugs. Black Goods. Hcn
riette Cloth, 45 inches, .$1.00, can not he equaled for fcl.L'S.
Can not he surpassed in the city. Call
IMPLEMENTS. A line of Corn Snellen, the very best ever offered in this market.
Wo make a speciality of the celebrated O&CKrLLA Guano, an unmanipu'ated and
unadulterated Guano, equal to the Old Peruvian, at less than one-half the cost. No
rock ground up with brimstone acid that burns up your land, and available only for
one crop, but a Guano that steadily enriches your land, year after year. Those
who use it once never fail to trv it again and again.
We also have on hand THE "'NATIONAL' a Fertilizer, which gives quick re
sults onCorn, Wheat, Clover, Tofeacco, &c. Something equal to any ammonmted
goods ever offered on this market. Prices and terms to suit the times. Give us a
call. Respectfully,
Near First National Bank.
To Buy Cheap Goods.
Me Man yratson
lre decidedly in the lead with low prices
aud honest goods. Their retail department is
full of bargains, and their line of
Drcss'Goods. Shoes, Do
mestics, Hats and
Are Comp
19 the
i li fi!
Also. Laces Gloves, Hoisery, Embroideries,
Handkerchief, Ne ck Wear, IUankcU, '.'omforts,
Coantfrpms, Flannels, Table Lincu?, House
Furnishing (Joods. &c, tc.
Bacon, Lard, Sug;u- and Coffee, Fait and
Flour, in short a full line of GROCERIES.
The above and a dozen others bcsi.ics are
the Stocks tht-y offer at figures which make
cverj article a bargain.
Th'ey buy and sell Country Produce, Hides.
Bones, Old Iron, Wool. Loose Cotton, sc., Sic.
They arc also agents for the- most popular
brands of
In short, at their Store you, can get what
ever you waut r.t bottom prices. All they usk
is a chance t;i prove what they sav.
to mention a few M
Wool, Camels Hair and
Handkerchiefs, 15 cts.,
40-inch Scrim 10 cts.
and see that wo mean what wc say
North Carolina 1 our..
Men County, 001, m...
D. A. Ramsay nnd Tobias "
Kesler, plaint ills, Civil action
The Royal Fire Insurance j- t o recover
Company of Binning-
hum, Ala., defend- loss by fire.
It appearing by affidavit and to the
satisfaction of the Court that the defend
ant above named, the Royal Fire Insu
rance Company of Birmingham, Ala., is a
foreign corporation and cannot after due
diligence he found within the State, and
that a cause of action exists in favor t f
the plaintiff and against the defendant,
which are within this State,. It is there
fore orde red that publication be made in
the Carolina Watchman, a newspaper
published in said county, for six succes
sive weeks, commanding the said defend
ant to le aud appear before the Judge of
our Superior Court at a Court to be held
for the county of Rowan at the Court
House in Salisbury on tire eleventh
Monday after the first Monday 'of Sep
tember, 1S87, and answer or deufcur to the
complaint which will be filed is the of
fice of the Clerk of said Court within the
first three days of said term; and let the
said defendant take notice that if it fail
to answer or demur to said complain;
during the terra, the plaintiffs ili apply
to the Court for the relief demanded in
the complaint.
Clerk Superior Court,
"0:6t. Rowan County.
Z&iners and Wood Choppers,
At the Appalachian Mine, Montgomery
county. Apply at once to
Eldorado I. O. Manager.
Id Croefery Glass m Fancy Kaois,
From a Large House
As the Prices we ive below
24 doz. Decorated Tea Cups and Saucers, per set, 64 cts.
4 Thistle Decorated Chamber Sets, 10 pieces, 3.74.
10 Decorated Chamber Sets, per set4-$3.49.
6 Lucfnee Decorated Tea Sets, 44 pieces, 3.99.
1 Gilt Band Tea Set, French China, $8.97.
3 131. .e Pine and Garnet Band and Gilt. Tea Sets, $7.89.
12 FrenclrChina Milk Sets, decorated, 3 pieces, 99c.
12 Assorted Patern Milk Sets, 3 pieces, 63c,
G doz. Robinson' Cruso Plates, each 10c.
12 doz. A. B. C. Plates, each oc.
12 doz. Blue Willow Plates, per set, 50c.
G doz. Festoon French China Plates, per doz., $1.84.
G doz. Plain French China Plates, per doz., $1.49.
4 doz. Saxon Teas, per set, $1.49.
4 doz. Ovide Teas, per set, $1.49.
0 doz. Easels for Cup and Saucers, each, oc.
3 doz. Pieces Decorated Cups, Saucers and Plates, fcrsr
G doz. Blue Lustre Mugs, each, 10c j
12 doz. Small French China Mugs, each, 5c.
12 doz. Marble Cream Pitchers, each, 10c.
50 Different Styles French China and Majolica Pitchers.
Lot of nice Mostauche Cups. 39c.
China Dolls, with long hair, oc.
China Dolls, good size, 5c,
China Dolls, larger; 10c.
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Indistructable Dolls, big, 2ic.
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18 Ate List is culy a Itw
And have not before been offered in this market.
Beautiful Rose Beaded Decorations,
which glisten- like burnished
Gold as
to call and inspect the
N. B. In the
a w n w Mi m m
DEPARTMENT opened up
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sadly in need of the
1 7
lm k tte hi vkjcb Mti 1
they reflect
ink fj
arc respectfully invited
S S Sffil
4GG and 408 Broadwav.
j mm

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