North Carolina Newspapers

    : ' . , - :
'"-.fcIet It be Kememtered;
Spirit or the Ar, State Organ' of lie.
. Frienda o I Temperance.
Yd, 1st it rjnfsraSerel tint, in
1831, wh?n the chnnbis no 1 the
?reicher anV jthe g od wom;n-of
forth Carolina twere dmng ajl in their
power to carryprohibition, the Repub
an State executive committee held a
- meeting here in the citv of Itnleieh and
decided and re3olr-d. to oppose prohi
hitmn. and t.i throw the . vote- of the
lUnnhHr-in n trKv of the State against
' it; : v -
And let it be remembered that j Col.
Olirer H. Dckery, as ! soon as the
ramnaicrn of that vear opened, took the
' !iield against prohibition and did all he
couldrto defeat the preacher, ine
Churches and Dravers of the women ;
And that defeat jof prohibition that
vear. was mninW due to the action of
the iLnnhliean riartv with Col. Dock
ery as one of itsleaders.
And let it be remembered that in
1882, when a Congressman for the
8tAfj-at-l:irrrp was to be chosen, the
Liquor Dealers' Association, under the
name of the Anti-Prohibition Liberal
Party, held a convention in the city of
Raleigh and nominated Col. C sH.
Dockery, and that, he accepter tne
nomination of the said Liquor J)ealers,
Association. And don't let it be - for
gotten that one week later, the Repubh
cans met in' convention here, in the
same hall, and endorser? the noraina
itions made by the liquor partythat
party which had the year before made
sport of preacher, calling them crazy
fanatics. ' "" ,-. .
.And then let it be renumbered that
Col. Dockery stumped the State again
in 1882, telling the people as he went,
that prohibition would take away the
people's liberties and charging that the
Democratic party was the Prohibition
And then let itbe rremembered that
the Col. Oliver H. Dockery who is now
a candidate for, Governor, and who is
so anxious to canvass with Brother
Walker, the Third party candidate for
Governor, because he hopes to make a
cat's paw of him and his party to pull
the gubernatorial chestnut out of the
fire; is the same Col Dockerv who ha-
F-ted prohibition so bad in 1881 that he
would not divide time with a prohibi
tion speaker at Concord.
And finally, let it be remembered,
that, if the Democratic ticket, which
-lias seven prohibitionists on it, is not
elected, then Col Dockery, the
wheel-horse of the Liquor Dealers'; As
sociation, will sit in the gubernatorial
chair for the next four years, with a
' full cabinet of aoties in the State offices
Hitting around him. And truly may he
then exclaim: "I've conquered at
Prohibitionists, if you would save
your cause in North Carolina, vote for
that t&ket which stands the best
chance to beat the old wheel-hoase of
The Diet of Different Peoples.
The vagariei of the appetite are far
beyond the explanatory science of phy
siology. What we call tolerance in
medicine is in itself a mystery. .We
capnot tell why thjs thing agreed nrith
this individual and at the same time
utterly destroys his brother, .The trite
old saying that one man's meat is an
other man's poison must be accepted
empirically. Still less can we account
lor the yariations of taste. Why one
man's gustatory nerve should respond
agreeably to salt, while another's repels
it with violence, we. can not understand.
Doubtless, education has must to - do
with it, and yet the maimer in which
e lucation operates continues a mystery.
The preference f the Chinese for food
that seems to our appetites absolutely
disgusting is well known. In Canton,
rats sell tor fifty cents a dozen, and
dogs hind quarters command a higher
iprice than lamb or mutton. Fancy,
!.o)inW Kin-la HAitj .tk COA i. .-JI
.ta viiu IIWW) uu u iiuuiiu;
IfTLi. i i ' f i -
jinisis wnat a manuann reveis in.
The f rench hove beguiled us into eat
ingllrogs' leg, which were once ta
lx)edin.1thiaf country, and we hive
eyejn come to esteem diseased goose
liver in the form of pate, defoie gras.
Thi writer has met Braziilians who
rave4 over boa constrictor steaks, and
counl monkeys and parrots a very good
meal. In - the .West Indies, baked
snake1; is 'a common dish, and the rep
tiles abound, and it is a good way of
geiung rm or tnem.. ttut when it
comes to frying . palm worms in fat,
one would think the stomach would
rebel. It is not so, however, though)
by a strange Jn cojisisteucy, stewed rab
bit k looked upon with disgust., 1 On
the pacific coast the Digger Indians eat
dried locusts, and in the Argentine
rlepublic skunk flesh is a dainty. Our
own favorite bivalve, the oyster, is very
disgusting to a, Turk, while the devil
fish, eaten m Corsica, is equally so to
us. We cannot - understand, either,
how the inhabitants oi the West In
dies and the Pacific coast jan eat liz-
nrus vgg wun a reiisn; still less, how
the eggs of the turtle and alligator can
Ueoome a favorite article of diet. The
Urazillians eat ants, probablv to trt rid
of them, for they - literally "infest the
Country, and are of an pnnrmnna
It is easy to )ick up a handful of ants
nimost anywhere, though the wary do
not go about it in this way, as the pes
cro1? insects, bite in a most vicious
manner. A curry of ants' eggs is a
reat delicacy in Siam, and the
Cingalese eat the bees whose honey
they have stolen. The Chinese, who
seem to bare stomachs like the ostrich
eat the chrysalis of the silkworm after
unwinding the cocoon, f Spiders are
used in New Caledonia as a Vind nf
dessert, while caterpillers are also rel
ished ,by the African tinshmen. PhiK
London omnibnses are to be llunw
justed with electricity, the battery to be
unaT xneeat ot tac driver, x
ASpecimsa'CJampaisn Lie." ;
Albany 1?' 'f '
The Republican firing - m ichirieV is
IU TUII worcin : oruert!iiJu u.nn
srinding out it unsavory" grist for the
w - . . m- u , . a m ., jm n - i my
Harrison tiapers. -A i New i ork nis-
putt li in the tTroy Telegram yesterday
fiiornini? is a lair samme oi,-iue- uurr-
liable and of ten totally" false stuff sent
dut Under tb-rliead o, ruarrison is
Now the Favorite" the Troy organ
purports to find comfort in the betting
rates offered by New , Yyk sporting
men on the result of the presidential
contest,'airdlreteniU to r-quote, Jam?s
Kelly, the bookmaker' on races, etc.,
saving: "Betting changes sometimes.
To-day, I believe, they are all laying
six to five the other way" or in favor
of Harrison. It miy be remembered
fn this connection that this same Mr,
Kelly was a strong backer of and loser
on Blaine four years ago, but that does
not justify quoting him as making a
statement at ascertain time -at the bt..
James Hotel in New York, when at
the same moment he was president as
a registered guest at the Clarendon Ho
tel, Saratoga But such a discrepancy
in fact will notdisturb the unconscion
able liar whoji.arei siprojniinently in
Republicair'fiews columns.
Prof. Mitchell's Monument
In a short time an appropriate mon
ument will completed to the nemory
of him who perished in the highest act
of professional duty and State pride.
On the 27th. of June, 1837, Elisha
Mitchell lost his life in the effort to de
termine the highest point on the con
tinent of North America east of the
Mississipi river. The fame was to be
won for North Carolina; the profes
sional honor by him who was to deter
mine the problem.' lhe fame and the
Lhonors were won, but at the sacrifice of
the life of the scientist and patriot.
ine state lias iorgotten to nonor
Prof." Mitchell; The duty is to be done
by his family. ; All that was ever done
other than by his family, was done by
the citizens of Buncombe, and of Ash
yille. The recovered remains were first
inferred here; subsequently, with im
posing ceremonial, they were transfer
red to the top of the summit which now
bears the name of Mitchell and there
laid to rest, the rude grave surmounted
by a cairn of rough rocks, undisturbed
until now.
- At the proper time we will reproduce
the ceremonials of that solemn occa
sion. Asheville Citizen.
A Jew Convict. M. T. Saunders,
Deputy Sheriff.of Csitawba, brought five
convicts to the penitentiary, one of
whom -was a Jew named L. Orion, who
Wits convicted in Catawba of obtaining
money under false pretences. He was
pretending to represent a house in Wil
mington and was selling dress patterns.
By some of his trickery he caused some
one to suspect that he was a fraud, and
the house he claimed to represent was
written to, when it was learned that he
was entirely unauthorized by them.
He was forthwith nabbed, and on trial
was convicted and sentenced to the peni
tentiary. He is the second Jew wliohas
ever been in the penitentiary n this
State. Raleinh Observer.
Of course there are bad people amonsr
tne Jews as well as other classes.J
Col. Dockery canvassed a portion of
the State in 1881 against prohibition;
and in 1882 he was the Liquor Dealers'
Association candidate for Congres j for
the Statelit la -ge, and i n 1 884 he support
ed Tyre York for. Governor, who was
also an auti-prohibitiouist. Now how
ever, we see trom his Setter to .Indcm
Fowleand Mr. Spier Whitaker, that
he is very anxious of having thechance
of traveling over the State with broth
er Walker, the Prohibition candidate
for Governor, indeed, he can't be happy
unless brother Walker is along. The
Colonel took the whiskey side to zet in
office. Now', we suppose, he would
like to ticket both sidesa little San-
fo d Express.
Chinese Cash.
A large number are enffacred in
moulding, casting and finishing the
"cash" used as coin 1 all over China
Hex ican dollars and Sycee silver lieing
used in large transactions. The cash
are made from an alloy of copper and
zmc, nearly the same as thp wpII
kirawn Muntz metal; and it take?
about 1,000 of them to- , answer hs
change for a dollar, so minnte and low
do prices run in this country, of which
I wiironly give one instance. ' The
fare for crossing the ferry on the Peiho
was only two cash or one-fifth of .a
, - , . '
The grand jury of the city and coun
ty of San Francisco, California, have
been making a tour of inspection of
the sanitary -condition of the city.
They report the-criminal class control
ling the city that they are organized
for this purpose, and have -aiders and
abettors among the influential citizens,
on whom the rascals have Epulis."
The Chinese quarters of t he city is
simpiy norrihle, and the wonder is how
human baings can live in such filth and
Don't Experiment.-
You cannot afford to waste time in cxper
imentmir when vonr Iun., . ; .1. '
Consumption always seems, at fir, onfv a
r-Mifc nnj ieaier to impose
King a ew Discovery for Consumption
Coush a Colds, but be sure you ff"t t he
genuine. Because he can make more profit
be may tell you be has somcthlnfj jist as
Soo.1. or just the same. Don't Ik deceived
but lasm upon pettiri;; Dr. King's New
SrfftKfQbri8 Sarantced toire re-
i i T!? Lun- and a,r Sections
1VUI bottle frw at KlftttVs Priiv Stort
nlt'n officc PSo trust-
Platforai cf Party Adopted in State
i C Convention c Raleigh, y
. May, 1883:
" a?ain congnituiate thepeople of
North Carolina on the eontinued' enjoy
ment of peace, good goverumentund
general prosperitv under Democratic ad
ministration of the -affair. of the, State
which has now been unbroken for so
manr years: upon the just and impartial
enforcement of the law : upon the increas
ing effieiencv of our common school sys
tem, and in progress.. made m popular
education : upon the improvement and
enterprise mauilestel in all parts of the
State. We again challenge n compari
son between this state of things and the
outrages, crimes and scandals which at
nrll Urmihlicnn ascendancy in our
borderfe We pledge ourselves to exert
in the future as in the past our best ef
forts to promote the best interest of the
people of all sections of the State. ' Af
firming our ! adherence- to -Democratic
principles as heretofore enunciated iu t he
platforms of the party, it is hereby
Kesolved, That no government has the
right to burden its people with taxes be
youd the amount required to pay its
necessary expenses and ' gradually extin
guish itpublic debt; and that whenever
the revenues, however derived, exceed
this amount, they should be reduced, so
as to avoid a surplus in the treasury,
That any system of taxation which ne
cessitates the payment of a premium of
$270 by the government on each $1,000
of its bonds, taken up with , the - millions
mat would oinerwisciieiuieiu hmhuiw,
and paid to bondholders who purchased
in many instauces, at less than par, ia
undemocratic, oppressive and iniquitous
and should be reformed. The course of
our Democratic Representatives in Con
gress, in their efforts to give relief to the
people from burdensome internal revenue
and tariff taxation, meets with the ap
proval of the Democratic party of "this
State and we 'respectfully recommend
that if thev find it impossible to give to
our people all the relief demanded, they
support anv just and practical measure
present eel m congress mat win anora a
partial relief from such existing burden.
Resolved, That while the tletaus ot tne
methods by which the constitutional
revenue tariff" shall be gradually reached
are subjects which the representatives
of our people at the national capital
must be trusted to adjust, we thinR tne
customs duties should be levied for the
production of public revenue, and
the discrimination in their adjustment
should be such as will place the highest
rates on luxuries and the lowest on the
necessaries of life, distribute as cquallv
as possible the unavoidable, burdens ot
taxation, and confer the greatest good
on the greatest number.
Resolved, That we, as heretofore, fa
vor, and will never cease to demand, the
unconditional abolition of the whole
internal revenue system, as a war tax,
not to be justified iu times ol peace ; as a
grievous . burden to our people and a
source of annoyance iu its practical
operations. We call the attention of the
people of the State to the hyproci itical
pretensions of the Republican- party in
their platforms that they are in favor
of the repeal of this onerous system --of
taxation, enacted by their party, while
the Republicans in Congress are tax
ing their energies to obstruct all legisla
tion inaugurated by the representatives
of the Democratic party to relieve the
people of al 1 or a pa rt of t his od ions sy st em .H
Resolved, I hat the course of the Dem
ocratic party, in furtherance of popular
education, is a sufficient guaranty that
we favor the education of the people, and
we will promote and improve theprcsent
educational advantages so far as it can
be done without burdening the people by
excessive taxation.
Resolved, That to 'meet an existing
evil, wo will accept, for educational pur
poses, from the federal Government a
pro rata share of the surplus in its treas
ury; Provided, that it be disbursed
through State agents and the bill for the
distribution be free from objectionable
Resolved, That the United States be
ing one government and ours i national
party, we denounce the efforts of the
Republicans to force sectional issues in
Congress and elsewhere, and to promote
disseusion and ill-will between the peo
ple of the -different sections of our com
uiorf country.
Resolved, That it is due to the people
of our eastern counties, who have so
cheerfully borne their share of our com
mon burdens, that the present or some
equally effective system of cjttnty govern
ment shall be maintained.
Resolved, That the Democratic party
is opposed to auy further extension of
the "No-fence" law, unless sui-h exten
sion shall have first been authorized by a
majority of the qualified voters within'
the territory to be affected thereby.
Resolved, that the" Democratic party
has ever been the party of the working
man, and has never fostered monopolies,
uor have "trusts" or "co::ib:natioss" or
"pools" ever grown up under lawsenact
en by it. The contest in this Country
being between aggregated capital, seek
ing to crush out all competition, and the
individual laborer, the Democratic party
is, as it has ever been, agiinst the mo
nopolist and in favor of a just .distribu
tion of capital, and demands the en
actment of laws that will bear equally
upon all.
Resolved, That as all taxation bears
most heavily upon the laborer, it is the
duty ei the legislator, as a direct benefit
to the workingman, to keep theexpenses
of our public institutions at the lowest
limit consistent with wise and efficient
management.: The Democratic party
opposes any competition between free
and convict labor, but it insists that con
victs shall not remain idle at the expense
of honest labor.
- Resolved, That ours being an agricul
tural State, it is our duty as well as our
pleasure to promote any and all: legisla
tion that is best calculated to advance
the interests of agriculture; and that
in so doing we will most effectually ad
vance the interests of mechanics manu
facturers and laborers. j
Resolved, .That the Democracy of
North Carolina, cordially approve the
administration, of Hon. Alfred M. Scales,
as hones!, patriotic and conservative.
Resolved, That the 'ability, wisdom,
honesty, patriotism, independence, faith-
fuluess to dutv, and manlv courage of
President Cleveland have won the ad
miration of all good men ; and the inter
ests of the'jenuntry demand his re-nomi
nation and bis re-election.
Bucklea's Arnica Salve.
Tue Brst salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sore?, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tette. Chapped Hancrs, Chilblains
Oorne, and all hkm Eruption?, niirl positive
ly cures Piles, or no oav required. It is
jrnaranteed ta uivc perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 2." cents pes box.
For Sale by Klattz & Co.
3:ly.' y
. V TTTR P A PTT? mar bo f ouiwt en file t Geo.
f iiirikD. rrkowell & Co n N.-wipaBcr
AflvertlKlns BurwwMH) Sprnoe StA wher advertising
t-otrucia ami' lw tun-lv ls It N XEY YOUK..
Democratic Indiana.
Eliriira Gazette
, Ex-Governor Porter of Ind i
ina has
staggered the Republicans of his State
by refusing to be -their candidateJfor
Governor.! 'They had; coirhtedloiifhis
cahdidacjr to strengthen Harrisson.i It
is not believed that Harrison cup -carry
Indiana withou Porter, on the State
ticket J H ' ? ' ' '
4 Sound Legal Opinion.
E. Rninbridge .Mundav Esq.,
Atty,.;lay C., Tex. say: "Jin
re neo
res tilts.
My brother also was very low w itp
rial Fever and Jaundice, but was
timely use of this medicine. Am
Electiic: Hitters saved his hie."
ured ly
Mr. D I. WiU'oxson, of Horse Calve, Kr..
adds a like testimone?, ning:
e lull
tivelv helieves he would, have
ed, had
it not been for Eh-ciric Bitters
Tlvispn-at remedy will ward off,
jns well
as cure ail Malarul Diseases, and
for all
Ividnev, Liver and Stomach Disorders
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They have a ttboyin slide at Bridge
port, Connecticut, M'hich lartds the
riders in the sea. It is an adjunct of
the bathing establishment at spa side
Park. The tower from which the
slide starts, rises '62 feet nbovjp high
tide; and the riders laud into th wat
er 100 feet from the starting point.
l . -
We Tsll Yon Plainly f
lliatSimmon's Liver Regulator will jrid you
of I)yspej)sia, Hi-adaclie. Constipation and
HilliouAiiess. It will break up chills and
fever. anl prevent their return, and is n
complete antidote for all malarial poison
yet entirely fre.- from quinine or ci(nifcl.
Trv it, and vu will be astonished fat the I
nood results of the genuine Simmons Liver
Itcgulator, prepared by J. II. ZeiliuS: Co.
Serious charges are made apiirs! Mr.
Levi P. Morton, Republican VicefPres
idential candidate, by some of his re:
cently discharged employees. Tljey ac
cuse him of having discharged thsera to
put a number of laborers, imported bv
him under contract, in their place?.
The inipo.tation of. foreign laborers
under contmct is a violation of a law
of Congress.
Almost everybody wants a ''Spring Tonic.''
Here is a simple testimonial, which siiows how
. li. H. is regarded. It will knock your mala
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Splendid fr a Spring Ton's.
Arlington', (ia., June 30, J887.
I suffered with malarial blood poison tnorc or
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lone me any good is li. 13. 15. It is undoubted
ly the best blood medicine made, and for ihU
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f Cadiz, Ky.. July fi, 1837.
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It Removed the Pimples, j
Rorxo Moi mtaix. Tenn., March 20, 887. ;
A lady friend of mine has for several year?
been troubled with bumps and pimples her
face and neck, for which she used varictfs cos
metics iu order tu remove them and bfeautity
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applications were only temporary and lft her
skin in A worse cnniilion.
I recommended an internal preparation-
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presses lit-rself much gratified, aud can ccom
mepd it to all who are thn? affected.
M:ts. 8. M. WnJsftx.
All ivho dslre full lufoimuton about tlif cause
ant eure Of lUowl Poisons, ttcrolula and Scrofulous
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a copy or our .TS-pae IllustratMt Hook vt Wailers.
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Pain andlnflamma-!
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S or ofusstores.
the Senssscf Taste
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sages and maintaining its stronghold 111
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Oct. 21V-.5. tl
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j. Young, &.c, I. will sell for cash at the
Jourt House door in Salisbury, on Mon
lay, the Oth day of Att-ru.-t, 1888, at puhiie
luetion all the right, title and interest of
A. L. Ywung in and to that lot in Salis
bury, on Inuis street, adjoining the lots
f T. F. Kluttz and others, heing that
;iart of the house and lot alloted to A. L.
Voting as ;v homestead and now occupied
y him. Thisale i to be made to satis
fy a debt contracted prior to wit:
18C0, C. C. KKIDER, Sheriff,
Julv 3d, 18S8. of Kowan county.
"37: it.
The nconle of Salisburv and Vicinitv
.u c laboring under the mistake that we
keep only Second Hand (Jlothinjr. On
the contrary we keep a full line of
For Men and Youth,
In the Buia Building. Respectfully,
I. BLniE.Yrll.U & LRil.
ity of ITorth Carolina.
Chapel Hill, N. 0,
The next session begins Aug, 30. Tui
tion reduced to i?o0 a half year. Poor
students may give notes. Faculty of fif
teen teachers. Three full courses of
.stiic-y leading to degress. Three short
courses for the training of business men,
teacher, physicians, and pharmacists.
Law schowl lullv equipped. Write for
catalogue to Hon. KEMP P. BATTLE.
Administrator's Notice.
Having qualified as Administrator
upon the estate of J. J. Lowder, deceas
ed, all persons having claims against
said estate are hereby noticed to present
them to nie for payment on or be lore the
23d day of June, ISS'J, or this notice will
be plead in bar of their recovery.
Lee S. Ovkuman, Administrator. -
June 2?d, lbSS. "
General Merchandise,
.Salisbury, N. C.
He has a full and compute line of
which he is offering ciieapeti thax f.vkr.
lie is on Fisher Street, near the Stand Pipe,
J5Twhere his rents and other expenses are
so low that he is sellinir one dollar's worth
of Good's for 90 cts. SHe has the Us
and cheapest line of Fertilizers in the
county, and decidedly the best line of
peo visions
in the market. Be sure to sue him lefore
you buy. f-IIe wants to buy all the
he can get, April 19, 9 88. G:3ra
- 1
- 1 ; .
Eegular Horizontal Piston.
The most simple, dpvable and effective.'
Pump in the market forIine,s, Quarries
Refineries, Breweries, Factories Artesiaii
wells, Fire duty and. general manufacturing
purposes. Jgjf'Send for Catalogue.
Foot ok East 23ki Stmekt, New Your
pi::moht.aih-libi eom
Richmond & Danville Railroad.
IN EFFECT JUNE 21, i033.
Tuains Run By 7o
Lv. New iork 2 15
" PiltKlelplila " 2it
" HaltiiLorei st 47
4 Washington u m
' (Mi iriottesviile 3 40
" I.yneUbcrg 5 so
Ar. D tnviile s 30
i.v. i.iL-liaiond 1 3 ic
l- Burkesvllie 6 n
" K-e.Vs.vH5e 5 57
. l)rak- s Branrb 6 13
' l inille ; t so
Ar. (ireeusboio ; 70 sr
l.v. (iolds! 010 2 40
" li 1 lgh s 00
" IHirham . cm
" Oliapel Hill 15 20
Hlllbboro 6 37
Ar. Gre iiboro - s 35
I.V. S.ilt'Ul I t7 no
ii eensborcr ( n 16
Higu Point 12 :t7
Ar. Salisbury ii 01
4 statebvllle 1 51
' Ahviite 7 i
" Hot Spiinjs : 9 15
I.v. Salisbuiy . l? 4
Ar. Conoi r1 ' l 10
" CUarlutte j 1 f.:
" SiiarUmbnrjr 4 4t
41 ;ieenvilte 1 1 20
" AlUfitt 11 00
Meridiax Time
NO. 2. 1
30 P M
0 57
9 fi
ll 00
3 00
5 10
7 45
2 ao
4 25
5 05
5 20
8 O r.
ti 10
1 41
3 12
T7 25
4 00
7 no
6 20
9 SO
to )6
11 IS
12 li
4 31
5 10
: irs3
' 12 01
; is 40
1 3 37
4 4S
j J0
NO. 53.
l.v. All :ua
Ar. (;i(o:r-. ille
44 (.'Handle
44 coti-ord
44 Sui,buiy
I.v. lioi sprfujs
" Aslnvllle
" statevliJc
Ar. s nisliut v
Lv. SaMsl-iiry
Ar. Ilijri! i'uint
44 (Jreei. boio
" s.iu-m
Lv. (Jiecnsboro
Ar. I!ills!.oio
44 cnapel mil
44 D-.miain
" KalelsU
4 MtMsOoro
Lv. fireentboro
Ar. Danville
" Dra!;t-'s Branch
" Kcysville
" Burkesviile
" 11 Umond
44 Lynchburg
44 harloUrsville
44 Wtishiton
'4 il.iMlieore
" I'lili:idel; hla
4 Xtw Yoik
"ii 00 I p m 7 10 A M-
1 06 A M j 1 51 P M
'i 13 44 ,2 38 '
4 50 li 44 5 30
5 4:i ; 44 fi SO . "
C i? I 44 IT (15 '
SMf M I 11 (I A M
9 S5 44 j 1 J3 P M
3 A M 5 M
4 :t7 ! fi 3i '
6 27 44 7 in
7 X8 44 s b5 '
s oil 44 ,8 40 "
1L40 44 t2 31 A M
9 SO '- lo 50 P M
11 55 4- 3 10 "
1 15 P M : t3 SO
14 35 ' 4 30 A M.
1 55 44 I fi 63
4 1 0 44 til 43
5 o5 A M S 50 P M
9 47' AM lo ?o P M
12 25 P M l 23 A M
12 40 ' 1 4-, 44
1 S5 44 2 : 6 '
2 : 0 44 ; s 00
12 40 P 12 r5 "
2 5 5 4 4 3 0 5 44 .
7 i'.5 " : 7 00 44
8 SK 44 8 0 44
3 00 A M 10 47 44
6 0 44 i 120 P M
t Daily', except Sunday.
No. 5o r. i d " 1 eonnoit flniiv oiwnf .. .
VKej-KVilieiori M.ksvlile Oxfovd: '
.u. t-ono'.'ois ai Kiciiwon j w iih c. & O. for Old
Point and Norfolk. .
No. oi and o.T connects at iriclvmond dally excent
Sunday for West Point and Uaitjftnore.
No. W from 1 west Point Ins daily connection at
Picli:r.oDa with No. 50 for the South.
On train no 50 and 51. Pullman Buffet sleeper
Montgomery and New York, Danvilleund Augusta
i:alel!zh and Morrlstown.-'Tenn
Onuain.-.r2an(53, Pulliaau Kuffet Sleerer te"-
iween w ashlngton nisi Ntw-Orleans, via Montgrm-1
eiy; and beiM i n Waslilnsioii ;mrt Augusta. Klch-
IH.M..1 .inn wn t-ubuoiq. anu ruiiman Pallor ( ars i
betwot n Salisftury aiKtKnoxvillf r
' 'Th mil li .l-At. . Ti . . ... . . . .
1 '"""''".M-i5ua3iiBai i nncipte stations, to
i all I'Olms. .
For rides and Information, apply to any agent ot
j the Company, or to -
"Sol. Haas, Traffic Manaaer.
J. S. Potts, Dir. ?af. Agt.
Richmond, Va.
W. A. Turk, Div. Pass. Ag't,
Raleigh, X.
Jas. L. Taylor, Gen. Pas. Agt.
Is now Receiving His
Fall and Winter Stock Of
Direct from tie Mm Markets,
And will be pleased to see his customers be
lore purchasing elscwlurc.
: -) 4!'i
And all other kinds of floods kept in a gen
eral stock, will he sold at prices to suit the
Bob White and Crystal
Roller Mill Flour of
the best quality.
rnTi rz rs r . csw
so "
SALE. " ' j
Eg? I expect nil persons who have piren me
Mortgages ou their crops to bring me their cot
ton when it is ready for jule.
40:t( .
BiciiMiina aiOaivilleiiil
W. N. C. Division j
Passenger Train Sch
Effective May 13th, 1
w -
Train Xo. S2.
West Houna.
Train Ko. ij.
r.ani nana, '
9 00
4 30
11 00
5 05
8 3
a. m.
p. in.
1030 P. to 7,
New York
l.j nclitiUiv
v 35 nboa
ifc3s,tt i
i(t i .
a. ei.
t ioj
2 30
a. ni.
t 10 p. m.
1 45 a. m.
3 12
6 65 V
430 p.
S 12 a. m. Grqensboro
H 25 a iu. SuUuury
Ar 12 12 noon simesviiie
12 S6 n. m ('-itnul):,
12 55
Newt nn
1 14
1 4
2 10
2 i'O
2 49
4 00
4 31
Lv. 4 40
AT. 6 09
5 34
6 10
Connelij S. riEts
Morgamoii Oleii Alpir.a
Marlon I
Old Fort
Hound Knob !
Black Mountain
Asueviile - - !
Hot Springs I
not Spiirgs ! '
Kiioxvllle" ' '
Jelibo -;j
p. m.
IS 1
I.T. 5 4D
Ar. t-3o
8 50
11 40
p. m.
4 35
a. m.
. B.
p. a.
11 10 a.m.
6 35 p. m.
1 5o
d p.m.
J? P in.
St. Kti 1
p. . St. Lcuis
a. ra. Ksnsas city
00 ' 11. m.
- 6 40
7 IP
go ... h. m.
i5 p.m.
Murphy Branch.
Daily except SUNDAY
S 00 a in Leave-As'ierlUe ....
H25 Arr Waynesviiie
2 2fipm - I harlesioij .,
s 05 Jarmts
rr 4 6p..
'e : ? i - i
A. & S. Road.
Daily exeepWSUXDAT
S 5 p. m Leave
7 17 Arrlvu
Spartanburg Arrive J lOpm
liendf rsonvllle ' t s$ a
Ashevilie -j j Lea pi)
73th meridian time used to Hot Sprippn.
oth .. .. .. west of lt()Hprir)pi.
Pullman Meepei sbet ween AVafHiliifrtoii & Salisbury
If iclniiond t Gree Dhboro
. , .. Haielgh & irer nsboru
. .. - KnoxvTtle'Al LoniHvlllfl ,
.. ParlerCars .. Salisbun t Kcoxtilla
TO!S. L. TAYLOil, O. P, A. -i-jl
!l V ward e'l are-those wha
ifi I U ll tm i rend this and then ct; they
will find limihr'iK'n U riot n il!
-vrMvv varj inviii luuv fti
not take them from their honvds and fanir
ilies. The profits are Targe and sure for
every industrious person. - many faave
made, and are now making scleral hun
dred dollars a month. It is eafcy for anr
one to make $5 and upwards per dat,
who is willing to work. E tber sex,
young--or old; capital not njceded; ire"
start you. I-verythiJlg new. jSo specUi
ability required; you. reader, clui do it as
well as any one.' Write to ns it once for
full particulars, which we inail free.
Address Stinson & Co.. Portlanld. Mainer
j Call on the tin dersiiriiTn at "0. 2, Gram
J . -
Row. D. A. AT WELL;
i Ag-ent foFthe(CardwellThresaer.
Salisbury N. C, June h tf.
the last half century. Xot leastaoo -the
wonders of inrentive progress i
method and system of work that can M
performed all over the country witbimL
separating the worker&from their bones.
Pay liberaJ; any one can do the tfor; ,
either sex, vouna: or old; uo special abii',
ity requin-d. Capital -hot neededtfa
are started free. Cut this out abd retura
to us and we will send you free, so"4
thing of preat value and importance i
you, that will start 3 0U in business vw
vill bring you in more money
awaythan anything else in the
(handout ft fret. Addicts TCE
Augusta, laiue. - , I
S. ' v . iy' ..-'!-: , .

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