North Carolina Newspapers

    Carolina Watchmait,
THUBSDAY, OCT. 25, 188S.
Htxoaal Democratic Ticket
Of New York.
A 'vol asftinst the present County
gvreryisent jtem U a vote to put the
xrhlt peonU of the Eastern ; part C the
State under nero rule, nc rauicai pari
ty proposes to do this. I The Democrats
think white men oughrta rule in white
man' State. ,1
of Rowan.
State Democratic Ticket.
J rnixrvj. a. FOYVLE. of Wake.
t w - ; , . , . ....
i r m m s 11 AT ffl 4l.MAA
J '. TUOMASM.. nUUl, Ol -n.iiuiiM.i;.
1 Of Wake Countj.
' ' DONALD W. BAIN, of Wake.
XHEO.F. DAVIDSON, of Bumcorabe.
( GEO. W. SANDERLA1N, of Wajne
for supi of public instruction:
I S. M. FINGER, of Catawba.
Tnr Associate Justice of tbe Su-
rf .fii fill the vacancy
Hnsea bv the death of Thomas b.
Ashe: " ., . . -
-j of Franklin County.
For Associate Justices of the Su
preme Court under amendment to the
of Beaufort County.
' h of Burke County.
, of New Hanover County.
' r of Orange County.
Knonknir Carlisle is booked for one
speech in Ohio and half a dozen in Indi
ana. 1 ',
i The tendency of the high tariff, inev
It ably, i to build up the cities, towns
manufactories; capitalists and monopo
lists and tul I down tho people of the
country. -
The anarchUu of Chicago are prepar
ing to celebrate the anniversary of the
hanging of Spies, Parsons, En gel, Fischer
and Lingg, who died for throwing dyna-
ihitc Jbbmbs and JtUHug membera or me
police and other eitixens in that city?two
or three years ago. - '
a iMw uMMMt fire 'tothe- iall in
Qreenville, 8. CM last Friday night, 4n
which be had been a prisoner for a few
days. - Tbe fire was discovered in time
rA th utlop ta rpjirh the Drison. but ine
Vs, W ----- '
heat was too great to rescue the manatfd
he perished with the prison '
The Democrat who votes the third par
ty ticket gains nothing for prohibition,
throws away his political strength ana
nmotiral votes azainst - the white
people of the East and for the con
tinuation of the high tariff, and in favor
of the fraudulent claim of $30,00
against tbe State.
County Government.
SYS11.U1 UlCUiin Mfc.w
jAnt expenditureFthe system of our fore-
lUiUVt V mmmwmm-w "
The sixty Sioax Chiefs who- have been
in "Washington have rejected every prop
osition made to them by the Govern
ment. They insist on being paid $1.25
an acre for all their land, which Secre
tary Vilas thinks is preposterous. The
Indians have started back -to their reser
vation.' ' :" ' ' p -
Regrets are vain and sometimes very
sorrowful. Opportunities arc valuable
according as , they are improved. 'If I
had known," is often a very sd refrain,
fer it implies a lost opportunity fvery
patriot in this land has an important du
ty to perform on the 6th day at Novem
ber. If he values tho happiness of him
self aud friends let him be faithful to du
ty on that day. Mr. Cleveland has mark
ed out a patriot's duty in words that ap
peal to common sense and truth. For
the sake of these all should improve the
opportunity of the day by casting a vote
for1 the redemption of his country from the
hands of the spoilers.
Capt; S. B. Alexander, of Mecklen
burg, delivered a speech at Winston on
the 22d instant to 500 people, mostly
farmers, in which he set forth in a plain
and forcible style the reasons why he
was a Democrat. He was listened to
with marked attention. He declared
that the republican party had become
"the creature of mouopoliest which are
living and thriving on the money wrunp
hv unfair svstems of taxation from the
r w .
laboring and ngriculural classes.'.' Capt
Alexander has evidentlybeeu watching
the corrupt and unjust methods f the
Republican party, and is doing: good
service In tracking up ami exposing them
What is the difference between a king
and a millionaire? One rules according
l I to the constitution of his country, and
The election comes off next Tuesday the other bv the use of his money. Mon-
week tlic most important day ofthe ey is power. Of the two, the millionaire
yca According as you sow so shall you js the most dangerous to the rights and
reap. The ' harvest will ripen indue liberties of the people. Our high tariff
time. has already made many money kings and
mill go on making them; and these bloat-
i An analysis of the Senate tariff bill just ed monopolists have combined and will
K completed, shows that if enacted into a continue to combine, against any attempt
1aW, it -Would reituce tbe revenues of the to reduce the tariff by bribing voters,
C&veromeiit on tbo dutiable list Jess than legislators and Congressmen.. They are
.$ 15,000)00,: f able now to rule, the whole country
through the people's representatives, and
.The last bill iutroduccd in Congress wa Ure responsible to no one or any eppres-
one providing for a Constitutional sionofthe people or political mischief
anehdmcnt, roquiring the Uuited States they may do. If the rights and liberties
Senators to bo elected by a direct vote of of the people are not endangered by the
the people. I power of the money kings then Jiuinan
nature has undergone a marvelous change
A vote for the Republican ; party is a in this our day for the better.
vote for the perpetuation of a tariff that
is grinding1, the poor into the dusta
war tariff that ougljt to have been modi
fled twenty years ago, I
Turn Out! Torn Out!!
There is but one serious danger to be
feared in regard to the result of the elec
tion soon to be held, and that is the fail-
A ' ' At . ' 1 , Li it!- I '
A voieiorwie nepnuuean pany iq iure of Dcmocratg to a,tend the election
year is a oie, 10 neip Morion ccoer w It u W011jerfui how intelligent
$30,000,000 of frndulent bonds of North wntc mcn so indiflercnt to the
Caro ina. $30,000,000 is nearly equal to ,t f M electlon which so decpIy
on?!lxin niP.propervy .;u-ih cerns them in their material interests.
, which involved more serious conscqeuces.
Th'ruinl lcnfw full well what they
it'prA Hoinir when thev ratified the amend
ment giving power to the Legislature to
fi-r tht- mnntv governments as it pleased,
and4he Legislature knew full well what
it was doing when it exercisea inai power
and enacted the present system; and the
question now is, as it was in 1876, in 1878,
in 1 KS1I in ixx. in UUU u
. .' . ' --VT mm i1
whether the white people oi orju ;
lina prefer the Canbyl system ofcouDty
rnvrnmMi. or that under, which their
? m 1 m nwvfinritv
tAMtninapa finiiiVHii DOMIC tiuu a w j
for nearly a hundred years.f he Canbjr
Rvstcm means negro ruie ami eir
Mil iriwernment
o ' . . - t r . .
Choose ye, white ieopie oi onuvuro
li na, between them, but before you choose,
it may be well enough for you to pause
nnfl consider: v
1. What the North Carolina system is
worth to the negro counties in the Eiaie.
2. What the negro counties are worth
to the Democratic party, ana
3. What they are worth to the tax-pay
What, then, is the value of the system?
There are twenty-seven counties in the oithpr now have neero maiori-
ties or will have negro majorities at the
next census at the present rate of increase
of the two races. ' , '
1 Th records show that under the
three years of Democratic rule, the negro
county expenses were $314,5JW less than
under the three years preceding uuder
ti, ir.nhv evatcm. And not only this
but the Democrats, with that much less
modey, paid $266,198 or former county
lnoas: and not only this, but they
brought county orders and couuty obli-tr-tirtii
frenerallv from their various
of alitmeful depreciation up .to
par so that they have since been almost
universally wonn aouar iw uuimi.
9 Rut what are me nejrro uuuuuw
u-nrth to the Democratic party?
The total white vote of these twenty-
. : l : tl, Inut
seven couniies, accorunig m o
census, waa 51,031, or twenty-seven per
cent, of the possible wuue vote oi mc
State. The vote cast for Scales iu these
counties, and it was all white, was 40,
i4 thnt is to sav. 90 per cent., or more
than nine-tenths of the white men in the
the white counties of
the State only 70 percent., of seveu-tcnths
f tViA Avhitft men. voted for him, that is
fifth less.
Tnther words, if the white men of the
negro counties had voted, according to
their better than the white
mea in the white couniies voieu, aicuru
iuirto their strength, Scales' majority
would have been 10.000 votes. W hereas
had the white men in the white counties
voted as well as the white men in the
iiArrn fount ips his maioritv would have
iwpti more than 50.000.
Wliv this is so. any thinking man may
c n rinnp- The white miiu in the
noffrocotintv realizes fully the iinpor
tance of going to the polls and casting
his vote in the State election.. It is only
in the State election that his vote counts
and he knows ne must make uuuci
felt somewhere, if he would get relie
from the Legislature.
Denrive him of this relief and you wil
take from him the inducement to vote
tho nomnprattc ticket with the zeal he
In vote it. Send him back to negro
rule with the knowledge tbat it is the
Democratic nartv that sends him back
thus cutting him off from all hope in the
future, and you certainly cannot expeci
him to iro to the polls any better than
his brethren do in other counties in the
Stnte. and then and then what can
vou depend on especially in "off years"?
Janus' majority in ivdm was ouiy o,o.
Bennett's was not i,uuu. -
Are we- rendv to risk the surrender of
the SUite elections to the Republicans?
If not, then we must not send our breth
ren of the negro counties back to negro
We do not sav that the white men
theie will join the Republican party, but
we do say that they win nave no more
iniWrments to co to the polls and vote
than white men elsewhere have, and not
as much. There nine-tenths of the white
men vote the Democratic ticket; else
where, only seven-tenths. Sec tbe dif
ference, and count the cost, before voting
to change the present system of county
eovernnicnt. for it is the hope of holding
that system that makes the white man of
the Eat vote so well.
Let everv man who considers the suc
cess of the Democratic party essential to
prosperity in N. C, ponder well these
things, for so lar as iacis ami ugurvs can
tell the story, the ascendency of the
Democratic party in Jsorth Laroima nas
depended upon the protection it aflords
to its white voters m ine negro coudhck.
What the future has in storercmains to
be seen.
3. But what are these negro counties
worth to the tax-payers of the State?
The whole amount of taxes levied for
the last fiscal year was in round numbers
$543,000. Of this amount the twenty-seven
negro counties, that is to say, the white
neonle of those counties, paid $209,000,
much more than one-third of the whole
amount, that is to say, over 38 per cent,
of the whole amount.
With bad county covemmcnt in the
negro counties, with heavy levies of taxes
j . Washington Letteir.
(From our regular correffpondejnf.)i i
. Washington, October 22, 188$,,
Sneaker "Carlisle.' as he dropped the
gavel which declared the House adjourn
ed sine die. wore a smile of triumph that
noke louder than words to his democrat-
ic colleagues; it ioiu iuem oi ine E iciur
which the House bad won over the Stell
ate, in compelling the latter body! to take
t i..-. ... l ..! r ! r
IDC initiatory,!! passiug a rvwwuivMj ivr
ndiournment. after its republican mem.
bers had repeatedly statca tnaij unless
the! House started it, there would,; be? no
ftdiournment nt all. It has dee a long
session the loneest by eighteen! day in
,- ... . . ..." . Ui.
Our nision DUl ine uemocravs uivc
d rirht to feel nroud of the work they
: - .... m,m, 1 fmm
have accomplished in the. House, ine
31ills tariff bill of itself is well wbrtb all
the lime mat mis long session nas pu
sumed. Members of the Seuate, bartlcu
larly of its majority cannot feel pride in
the work accomplished by that podV; it
produced an alleged substitute! forflhe
Mills bill, which it uia aare to pass ni-
. hough the- opportunity was occomea
them on the day it was first reported by
the democratic Senators, who rjrop4sed
that the debate should be limited to? ten
days. The tepublicans refused tp allow
thedebAfeetobelimitetl. Why? itfecause
thev did not wish the monstrosity thev
. f ..... 'a. '.-i !
nau reported, to pass: it was iikc ?
tin torch .and painting transparency,; on
ly gotten ,up for campaign puriwses. '
: The quietness wi,h which the ttdjoiirn-
mcut was accmplisbe I was iinusuai.
There were not a scoro of lntuobers in
either House when the iravel fell, and
tho onlv notable occurrence was ! the
singing of the Doxology in the rjress gal
lerv of the House, by the tired ,-newspa
fer men, immediately after Speaker Car
isle announced the-adjournmcnt. , jl'his
action was not intended to be) irfevek-nt,
White Flume and Eel Bandanna.
-. - . riUdelpbi Times i
It is nip and tuck" between the white
plume and bandanna iu Indiana -nowadays.
Mr?Blaine and Judge Thurman
are waking: the echoes and drawing me
crowds iu about equal proportions. Mr.
Blaine was given a rousing reception "at
the Tippecanoe battle-ground yesterday,
and Judsre Thurman was welcomed by
an equally large, crowd at tort Waynes
There is no other State in the Union in
which the entire voting population give
themselves so completely up to the bus
iness of politics in ve Presidential year as
iu Indiana.
The new embankment, erected at a cost
of $9,000,000, to confine t he-waters or tne
Yellow river, in China. Was swept, away
bv a recent flood, fiand the hundreds of
laborers at work upon it were drowned
The destruction of life, and! property Jir
the flooded rezion is uot so ereat as be
fore, for the reason that the former flood
did its work pretty thoroughly, but still
the losses are enormous.'! i
but was rather in the nature ! of' a spou
tancous rendering of sincere thanks for
a much needed rest, after eleyeti months
of continuous work. I i
Senator Blackburn, just before, tho
Seuate adjourned, presented I the major-
ity report oi me cominuiee apppuueu w
investigate tne auegea violations oi me
civil service law. The report) declares
that an effort had persistently been made
by the majority against the protest of the
minority, to limit the inquiry to thetime
covered by the present administration,
and that all efforts to bring outjthe facts
as to the operations of the; law under
previous republican admifiistrjition
were invariably denied by a strict party
vote. Despite the efforts of theimaj.ority,
it was clearly shown by the testimo iy of
several of their witnesses, that al the
evils and abuses complaiued df tb-day,
came down to this administration as an
inheritance. The levying of asscssihents
upon Government officials for pai ;i.san
purposes, was in general; if )io ; univer
sal, practice prior to March, '-. 88.f and
discrimination in the matter of appoint
ments because of political views Wsjis by
no means a novel feature4 nor one which
has been introduced by the prte-eut ad
ministration. The report devotes lnore
than fifty pages to a careful! analysis of
the testimony taken, which shows the
majoritv of the commit tee up iu! a niuuer
that wiil not add to their repntatiou as
statesmen, . j
The White Chapel Murderer of London.
The uuknown murderer of about eight
women in London has given a frcslij sen
sation to the people of that jcityj A
member of the White Chapel iVigiiance
Committee (whose duty it is toiwatch for
the mysterious murderer) liad a package
left at his house Tuesday night of last
week, which on being opened wasjfpund
to contain half a kidney. A note acYom-
pnnying the package read as follow
" I send you half of the Kidney I
from one of the women. I preserved it
for vou. 'Pother piece I fried and ate.
It was very nice. I may senjcl yoii the
bloody knife that took it out, if you
wate a while longer. I
The vigilance of the police has jbeen
Auitless in tracing the imai iwhb has
murdered a number of women hi the
crowded city, one after another, and all
much the same wav. Their ! mutilated
bodies have been picked up ii flic street
sometimes while yet warm, j
In the Latest Styles and of the
Absolutely Pure.
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No nails or tacks to hurt the feet. Just as smooth as a
sewed at one-half the price. j
HA new and haiuhome lot
J. N.Sliore,fYadkin county, bsa DcmocraU have been laboring
ltmbcr-Cwlgpple tree which bore fifty Nearly ever since the war. to accomplish I Zt?ZZ&
bushels of hue? apples: this year worth the reduction of tho ruinous tarlft which rule on white men; with no immigrants
more than ten time tho value of cotton wai passed for war purposes, but has coming in; with good citizens leaving to
that could be produced on the crountflt Un huniMiinir t.hA nnin oiw seek homes where white men rule white
Silk Culture, j
Those of our readers who inpy wish to
trv the experiment of raising silk can
nlttain all ncccssai v instructions, aim the
-- ! , - l
worm eggs (or seed as they iarc some
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ally profitable, work for ladjicjs and) chil
dren, and only reiuirc aboiitj six weeks
to produce a crop. ! I
rand now at the nick of time when a de-
. t t ii
men ; vim farm uer jarin wiroww upon
t.h market only to find no nurciia-
cided Democratic vietorv would fertain-I nt trriltli !irrifir with
I r mf " Kl GAVbliV W m v. -w
The anuiil i eport of the General Sup- hy jift that burden off the shoulders of bad blood engendered between the twq
iutendent of tha Railway Mail Service. I u- ..t : 4k ...i .v.v......; races', docs anv man suppose that these
- g iiwv iniuuiu, la t'uu tinuu ' vi'ivi vuiiiij i . -. . '
m,i 4 himc vi iMiiuw, uu una pie vote! ,i It is hoped not. but there wrtv must decrease, .values must
of inlaud Eti&mboat routes, ; The total muoh danirer of it. The neonle have 1 diminish, and taxes with them, and tbe
ttuubcV ofderksin tlii'efyiceMsol.','" I been doW to eome'oat and heAr'irhai fn'e other parta of the.State must make up
of the peo
Iargct vote
Bclonsrs to I). R. Julian who will fill it
with a notice of the largest stock of Fall
and Winter goods he ever brought to
The question . been asked for several
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candidates have had to say on the great
the loss.
Morten, the Republican candidate for questions to be decided at this election. I ! "7;"
Vice-Presidenvcontributcs money to cor- and if they should continue indiflerent " T V, thm ..hv svstem of countv
rupt the ballot boxes of North Carolina, they will lose an opportunity which may coverncent, in two years pcrsronaV prop-
. I rt.v in t.hp. neorro counties depreciated lo
jfe t'A.
V.l ! -, as! Vtv. nftftMnal Wm m W a w mamI I : . ' .. . . '
- vjivwmj rouy.v i never come 10 lucin again unuer circum
W claim waicn sue toas repnatatea a stances so favorable. Our candidate for
fraud. Is he the man to vote for oa the the Presidency is the best friend 7 the
" Otu orWovemoerr." I nennlA have ever hnd in nnwrr thn
S "I " ' T ' " ...m, mm.m.
war: but he can do nothinsr for their re
'AVashington to" send every democratic bids by electing a Congress tluVwill
oter tn the aoubtful States, who is tern- sustain his views. Our State Govern-
r''t,y .,dln. In WHon hon?,c iei has been administered by the Dem
ft0::: 7 who caunot afford to ocrats since thev were put iu power, but
purchaso railroad tickets are furnished if the State shall again pass iuto the of county government? And docs not
.free transportation. " r t V 1 , Kfth T?r-,i.i;..o.. rn every tax-payerknowthatif the east,fby
T hISSTI; d d ?d0ne fr the b5t tWC,VC less taxes, that the centre and wcsVmust
cworkicifyd review the mammoth 4lt those who understand thcsV im
btisiacsa men aevelandATburman and loortant truths exert themaelveH tn firing
llHUmradoi nextSatnrday eveninsrJ nnt ilm ru h ,u
; hfc action should pOuictus tipon t6 the poll?; tV They cannot upend their
vaii tua absurd ramorslas to the President time more profitably-man in thjis serving
: -not being in sympathy with tho rlcc, in the peaceable method
Uio.i of Governor Hill. 5 They o both provided by the constitution for the ebr-
- ucmocrais, ana gooa ones qq,
ttuy will bjth bp elected.
ner cent, of its value; that is to say in
1878 it was worth f3,4SJ,62 less than it
was in 1876. On the other hand, in two
years under the present system personal
property In tnese counties went, up it
per cent.; that is to say, in 1880 it was
worth $2,815,466 more than it was worth
in 1878. j
Hoes anv one wish for plainer proof of
the advantages to him as a tax-payer! Of
the present system over the uanoy system
i. .i no u
inaKC up tut) uiuercuwi v . j
We sav. therefore, that before any man
votes to return to the Canny, system ,oi
county government, it will be well very
weil for htm to pause ana consiacr an
these things. r ...
Anu Ircction of abuse) ami the perpetuation o
'i 1 civil liberty, " -
Democrats, the most . important tiling
to us is our Legislature. County Govern
ment, by white men, must be maintained,
and will be if white men are true,
Had Yon Thought o
The present County government sys
tem was submitted to a vote
pie aud .they" ratified it by ja
that they gave to Vance oij to lilden
It is tbe same svstem uudcrj which the
State hd . lived for nearly a hundred !
years. It was not changed until the
military gvernment of Canby was put
over us, and was re-cstabimied by the
people as tioon after as they jcould Jo it.
The population of towns juid cities is
increasing more rapidly thaki the popula
tion of the rural, or country districts.
All the bad influences of cities willj there
fore go on increasing. Millionaires will
go on hoarding up money, and how and
then using it to oppress thej poor toilers
in shop and farm by making trusts,
orners.' &c. Vote for a reduction of
the high tariff as one meao$ of keeping
money in j our own pocket and its a pro
tection agaiust money sharks. 1
Tbe best medical writifs elaim tliat
the successful remedy for tiasal csvtarrh
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All kinds of country produce bought for
1st The Laughable Farce -of "selling all wool Dress Gcods below all j
2d The serio Comic Production entitled Brussels at 05c.
pets will join in the performance.
Other tutf
3d The touching drama of parting with'
at such a sacrifice.
Ross & McCubbins,
Bbjs for Hills aiil EipHters. .
Will bujr cotton baled in shectinf,
burlaps or any.good bagging
Blankets, BlesTchings Wi
4th-The apt Tragedy, Oh j ye Tears, wherein comes thea
them 5c. Handkerchiefs. j 1
6th Scenes from Ben Hur's Famous Description" How ihelM
made," showing how Beautiful our Dress Goods look with oj"
Trimmings to matcji. j-
-Historical representation of King Louis Quatorzes' l.
the then worn Rnchiigs, Hosiery, Gloves and TfJolden Trinins'
-Sketches from 4 Real Life in a Dining Room." mving a twe 1 j
Damask Table Linens and v i
idea of the matchless bargains in,
th Glimpses from Herod and Mariamne" by Amelia Kies
i au urjray oi latest, noveiiie iu uress uoous ana l Timmm'
; 9th A short Recitation On Jerseys;
10th -Ih Fall of Rome !-Grand, Glooiny and Peculiar. : le1TJ
t.ic viuauv iuuir&eii ox oaiisoury win uo "-",
If you want' to get to heaven and be Jable to pajr your debte eo .
Gocxls of us and we will help youfall we can. Come early arid aj .t
Change of Programme every 30 davi.
v- , " . , - ,

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