North Carolina Newspapers

    vol xxu,4third; series.
NO. U.
- . . . . - . - - ' ' f '
--irii ii mi
- - 'iT j,..
for Infants and Children.
I recommend it as superior to aey prescription
known to me.w II. A. Archer, M. D.',
Ill So. Oxford St, Brookljn, N. Y. ;
The use of ' CastQria is so universal aft&
Its mriU so well known, that it seems a-work
of supererogation to endorse it . Few areth.e
! Intelligent families who do not keep Castori'
--Pitkin easy reach."
Caiuxjs Marttm, D, I)., .
I . V i New York City.
Late Pastor Eloomingdale Reformed Church.
Carter! a enres Colic, Conpatfon,
??nr mach. Diarrhoea. Eructation,
JUiia Worms, gives sleep, and promotes di-
irestion, -TVithout
injurious medication. "
- For several yenra I hare rocommended
your Castoria, ' and shall always continue to
do bo as it has invariably produced beneficial
T Edwin F. Pardek, M. D.,
ThO Wlnthrop," l5tU Street and 7ih Ave.,
-sKew York City.
Tits CztrrAzrn Couvaxv,
I. jihii vimj m
Hchrat Sthk'et, Kkw York.
-: 0 :
lite - Leading Furniture Dealer and - Undertaker
7&"noWiolii'ring the Larost and IVst Assorted "Stock
i: I ' Jure eVor brought to tin's plaeo.
of Funii-
w i-
i- 'HH. -
' "M '
! O
'. -SI:.
1 vr ire ".j.CO.
Siik JMusli .-it .V'.fO. 4 Fninur
Wool . Plimh as.CO. Fi ntcr
1Tb ! iii'. r
"U i!' x iir.d "Wl.itc (!i s. u 1 I)c lit r
IJi ns , Cl.ieki t ini. t s( i s hi (1 Wicelock
Tin nes.
Antique Oak, Antique Aslie, Clitrfy ami
"VaInut at juit-ts tlel ( mj clitici;.
I ' 1 -
Of Chairs; tx.ft i, X j.lli ( ft ( p f all Iii rs
Fpiiir lictl 3, Woik Tables for Ladic?,
,jrietuits Frr.n is y le
au quality alvag in frtock, or will Le
.. i " '" " ,
in nil 0 lo order on fcliert r.lice. at ri as on-
able irjees. '
. Hi -. T ' - " ' '
j 7 0
A l?irgc stoek of UabyrC'aniayis with
wire wheels at $7.50.
Silk .Piiiisli beat niul Patin I'ainjfol Car
riages with w ire wheels at only $1G.50.J
Fonr.eiiv sold, for $2.5-0. ' -
Haysesl is Risin'.
We kin all of us remember how I0112:
? about Beptember
Tlie.jiacr used totell us about the
. eaueu.s or the fair. -End
them fallows from the city used to
z jret almighty w iuy
On the fellow with the iluitc-r who had
huyseeil in his luiir.
They had fun in legislatures with the
man who. raised pertaters,
If by any hook or crook or chance, elect
ed and pent there,.
End the repoftorial flickers ' u.-;cl to
comment on tiie whiskers
End the carpet sack af liillson, what
had hayseed in,hi.s hair.
Ves b'osh! he rid his pa.s out and he
used' to blow the ass out,
, End he used to drink liard cider wlicii
the wenton a tear i
End he u.-td to pincli a dollar till the
buzzard used to holler.
End the man cut up ree-k ileus what
had hayseed in his hair.
But, by gum! if you've been reading you
observed h strange proceed in -
It's the fellow with t he whiskers that
is slowly fretting these,
I'jiid it won't be too surprisin' cf by
slowly orani'.zin'
Old parties may wake up to lind the
havseeds in their hair.
When the fashions change you fellows
will nil carry j;reeii uuiorellas.
End trousers wide across the seat to
make the dudelets stare:
In them times if .you ' master you m
wear a linen duster
,.Eii(l if you want t . liirow on style put
some hayseed in your hair.
state (Kan ). Ciironielc.
Oar Phff in a Fordign Land.
Ill il llll Hi MM lllin Ull I fii'lll in 1 " II 1ULJ. I
Whit his th3 Alliancj Dy:?
What v. a h sv l as un order in
I he rt'.tt reform mDvenviit will never
be until sotni-ir hitoiian with
ssMi-e liinjr iniud .shajl m-tIousIv eowsid-
r th-i cHijMio:is tliiafc exis! j I in our
iiattou wliHi) wo culm1 into exitenc
a Pi.l iiie situation ux it exists to-ilav.
Then the. rapiclitv with " wiiicii tln
t h CO!ll;)tirV :W:i.S II IVV..I ' i ;
! t!i? hands F ;r few ni'n, tiiatisrli the
inequality of l;.v nvas never !Wm
e(ualleil in the 'hi-ftory of tlu; v-(rhl.
i :n ,S' s were tiiuju!itlss;y toiling
on their, honest simplicity, -trusting
imjilicity to those who were conduct
ing (he. fitiiirs of ! our oveninient.
L'arnii'fis were heeoiEuin poorer and
jnorer. without st ipin to enpirre'
why this was ! so, wliiie t'.ie favoivd
few were aui.issiii millions Tn a few
days or year-. Thwyjivat mass of the
A Terribh Ealloon Journey.
iluve Parisian wromiuts have exp-
I'ieuced an
'aw- Iv prove 1 .fatal t
Aceii;tin ' from V
id vent ure whieli
one of thetn.
ii'is at half iiast
i.i iwe .ifii?nioOii. inteiidiiij: ;.tt(-i
a briel accent to regain thi ground jus
outside the fortifications, M. Valles,
L -lite and i'rulie went up in a
l'Mii nauh-d after le composer
Uheiitht-y reached an' altitude of
Rebsl Fun.
After Eli I'erkins had finished Ins
Grand Armv lecture in little Kock :
Pithy Points
patty of old
shouted out
Confederate soldiers
Thirty-one thousand :tml mnf- hnn..
ited States own
;tc; ouv: , , L . , J fl people in the Unite
iell us some rebel stories we had yKVjt),tKX),00O.
;nv fun than the Yanks' ! 1 "
1 1 1. . 11 1 f !..... i 1 ....... 1 1 1
a u 111.1 b-t; LiiiHis inu varas;i nurncane
coinmeueed to blow' ami. norwirh-
meu, drove
a dread-
I 1 ...
s am: hilt a e 1 oris mF l i,. i.w.m .1
inn o u.uo.i lur.ouMy toward the nor
n .. I.V ..' I i 1 ,
.i.-m. j. in nu.irs liii'V passei
I icing
tiin , h wind swat'iiiT f!u --i- .
mucii that they had to clin" to i'ts
cd,e to prevent tlicmselves
thrown out.
1 1 l .a 1...: ..ii i i 1
iiicfia m wm aou? lo (test end on
the outskirts of fans in time for
peip!e did not know or slop to ask t he i oer, they found tneuiselves after
j 1 j 1 . . 1 . . 1 . ," -1 1 ....
cause tnat creare;i tiie dtspantv ;n the 1 ''O-'Ve the village or lionrcq, in the
wealth, which they iv aiu-ia them, Ip;i;tuieut of the AVd?r-ni:es, about,
hut heedlessly thev Kveiv drii'rin'' isit.o I one hundred and lift v miles from tu,
1 1 T 1 1.
te;r:Kiin2 servitttde a low re 11111-4,
thinking fanners became arousal to
the necessity of resistance to the en
croachments of urinizel capital,
rhev commenced to nutate and the
r.siiit was the allianc ' from ucci.'ssitv
came into existence, and to thoe who
coushh'r or ; ui it :on b it as a means
to an I end and who realize that upon
. 1. : . c 1 1 .if . . 1 1 1
11 in 1 , ue , 1 . i1 01 a ii'ii Hi.' (I 'DCIH
c ipit.ii. braining irons were thrown
mif, bat brok Tiie wind jot into
the balloon and b first ;i lare hole in
it. Sooii thecar struck the ground
and rebounded, throwing otit M. Le
lue, who fell 0:1 tiie. , tek'L,frap!i wires
outside the village, ami ro!!el into a
lavine, where he remained insensible
for some time. 11 is companions were
1 . 1 1 1 i. t 1 1 -
also inr wn oar. am le a lstao.,. f
111 '!
fir njhvi t n',ii! s. need have no ' IHieeii jet t. M. Lei ue, whose eolli
... -.. . . i- . f ' ..... 1 .
' 1 ' i 1 1 : 1 t. 1 l I i 1 1 'I 1 11 'ii an 1 11
"There lies Conway Castle." s iid my
guide; and, standing up in the car
riage, I looked out eagerly.
It was a bright, fair day in the mid
dle of -September, and the tide was
coming slowly up. just beyond the
moated wills. 1 stood a momeul. as
we left .the carriage, looking at the
wet shining sands, and then ..followed
I mv companions toward the cnstSe gates.
As I di I so somet hing met my eyes
that made me 11 is!i up and tremble,
and feel a tQhokim; sensation 1 at my
throat. Only a faded Ila. hanging
from Hie windows of ni artist, who
had taken up liis quarters, in t'.ie old
rooms ahove the mo it. It was torn
here and 'there, and shabby and soiled,
but but. oh. it was the 11: of my
country, and meeting with it 'here so"
unexpectedly was li';? see,;Tj tiie fa
of an old familiar fr:end J I took oil'
the hat I" wore, the tears sprang in my
eves, as I bowed to the ensign of liber
ty the dear old k'Stais and Stripes."
My Englislr friends smiled. -and hur
ried me up the stone stairs; but wher
ever I went, that banner floated before
my eyes. iLsawitas I looked from
i' ... i I i- . . . . . . I 101 1 in' : tti ure 01 uur ure it jeiorni
i.i oveai.'ii i . Tiie gootl seed has lj.':ja
sown. . The people have become
... 1 1 1 : . . : . . 1 r i
aiouseu 10 a re. uiz 11 1011 01 me
es that surround them. They
been taught. Hv the leaders of
tel graph wires
tall, was the lea-t
nij arei
he lecovered consciousness sou 'ht for
011 r
movemtmt to study and the education- taken to an inn. M. Truelle
work is no
wgj; ii-
1 .
his friends, whose groans he heard.
Assistance was soan tortheoininu from
the villagers, and the three men were
was ii;-
oatrioiic, (leu'ranui
meut for reform, fouu.le
of j nst ice an
legitimate ' jured so seriously that it was th
1 1 - t 1 1
s mi 11- aavisaoie 10 seiei uiiu 011 in a
I 1 T 1 I , . .
inuci- r v ouziers, wnere medical aid was
1 1 it 1 1 1 11,,
cuu.ty, permeates ootainaine. It was hair past ten
society from the lakes on our northern o clock--or seven hours after leaving
border to thediulf of ilexico 0:1 the J'aris when the three iti voluntary
south. Sectional (uvjialicves are ripid- travellers reached that place.
1 j 1 1 1 1 1
iv i';vinu wav to reason ana tiie laeor
"That's right," sail Eli. "There is
no better wav to heal u'.d wi u ids tirim
to laugh together over old w.u stories.
"Von all know old Colonel Z-IjuIoii
Yam e old Z dj, of the Army of Yir
ginia?"' k'Yon bet we do three cheers fo old
Yance!" ( (iiven with a will).
"Well, old Zib," continued Eli, re
ceived a si iad of of raw rebel recruits
from the mountains of North Carolina,
and during the skirmishes around
-Washington ordered them into battle
for the lirst time.
'"Take a stand on Mason's Hill,' he
said, 'and scare those Yanl-s away!"
" "Skeer them Yanks oil'!' repeated
the sergeant; 'we' mis kem all the way
heah from North Kayalena ter whip
them Yanks, an' ef we skeer' tun off
how n thunder ez we gwine to lick
un':''', (Lmghtcr. )
T .
It H an easy matter to find fault
ith others, but, not easy to mi fault-'
1 s yourself. "
Ingalls denies the report that he is?
Kfmg to lecture. The man does not
appear to be utterly abandoned, alter
In (?auada the Ontario legislature
ha decreed that preachers salaries
shall not be exempt Iroin taxation, but
phalli be subject to tax as the income
of-other citizens. j
From present indications, it" U al
most certain that t b.e AUiahcti will
dictate the organ!, ition of both houses
of the next congress. It is certaiii
that thev can. if tlieY will.
About a week after this one of these
same North Carolina recruits was uu
picket duty near Manassas. There
was not a Yankee within twenty miles
of him at that time. The next day
.tli ere was to be an inspection, and the
North Carolinian had taken his gun alt
to pieces and was rubbing it up so as
to make a shine when inspected.
While doing this Gen. Uarhaiu rode
"What are you doing there; said
Gen. 15.
'"Oh I am kind, of seutir.eL Who
are you anyhow?,"
k ()h I am only a 'kind'" of a,"
was the answer.
'Tlold on," said the .seivtiuel; wait
until I get this darned old gw.iLto.get her
and I will giye you a kind o.t a prose ut
arms." (Laughter.)
m wine. 1 a
airo was
I 1 II. .1 J ... I . l' I
unnceuod oy our law ra ir;ers at v asii
ing.0.1 to-ilay couiilete!y oershado-.vs
all ot her ini.'st io-si toad many iiereio-
fore served as !ne toois of niouopo! v
lUN 1. m iy
; o !" save
!en into lr
verv smali
k j ill'
e U
m 1 ov,
IS ill)'
;i '.v
a 1 nor 01 r einr.u t
; 1 in
not 0:11
cial pi
;:i o1.-! in 'iii
i 1 its 0.1 w
who a few
(n't le ureat
' snail we d
S.e.te ha- ial
was oitci a
d, culf -d a .d
e,l upon taat,
il l -s; Si al es an I
riins s ren ''it all 1
Why Don'c They?
V hy don't all our country women,
especially those who live on farms join
t he A li fauce
interesu'd in
Y A -e they not i,s deeply
ail that looks to tl
11I tli ' cm i 1 11 1 : v :i i I u in.m iin.'J
Is not. ( he welfare of her family a
woman s. first and most cherished in
terest ? And is the Alliance not plodded
to the protection of the country
e.'.l ma:v
veil's ag
tueref-u'c to
I 1
liome-lo log
are not
One day Colonel Most-by. yotrr
fully reconstructed rebel, was making
a politcial speech in ALex.audria..
Talk about my war record' said
the colonel. Why. ji'Mitlemen, I car
ried the last 1"on federate Hag through
tins very town
Let not enemies of the Alliance tie- ; -ceive
ycMi. Every prineiple of the A I- y
liauce is founded oil trust and justice,
Not one plank in the platfori- is rot
ten. Nut one idea is visioifarv.
Land transportation uml finance are
the three living issues of the day. Al
iens sdiould not and must not be ul- '
lowed to own our liuds. Our ilag
shoild tliat. over the domains of
American citizens, not of foreign
lords. Tle lines of transportation
must sulMiiit to a complete and just
government, control, or the- govern
ment control, or the goverunu'ut must,
own them. The finances of the coun
try must Ixi run m the interest, of th-e
fieople, and not in t he iutevest of builds
or boudholders. : -
si i : : 1 s. en
e listing tliem d.iuy an
i. . i. .. .
. i nies
s'u hnu a i
i o u r i v .
sin !v ve
bur.leu of oppt
Special attention ;ii n to mult i ti.kirjj
in all its branches, at all hours day and
nijiht. , i . . '
Paiths Ayishing mv services art night w ill
tall at my risidence on Dank stueit, in
I ..Thanking my fii rds find the public
generally for past patronage and a .ki: a
et 'm , ,
Yours--aiixion-! to o'ei.1,
Gr. W.Wil 3- 3 ?
Leading FurnHura D
I-.- f- -1 f - - -
1 sKEkixo -iMzMthmmik
" y
the bifttlenvents upon the distant sea
it was planted in the courtyard
among groups of sketchers. who were
scattered there; it waved from the
towers; it fluttered from the wall, and
with it came the thoughts of home,
and all who lovtd me there.
Not nne of vour names were forgot
ten, oh, friends of mine; not one scene
w.ith which those names were linked.
The village streets of VYoodstock. and'
the home of my childhood, with its
garden., its maples, and its graceful
tamnrac-tree; the school Shetford. and
its village church: the sea-side cottage
'and the ''lakes of Lynn the winter
homes iiv Boston and New York; the
summer retreats among the green hills
of New Hampshire, or the highlands
of the Hudson all thost came up be
fore me, and I put away my pride,
find leaning mv face upon my hands.
I let the tears flow quietly, for the sake
of home.
Oh, well may the lonely wanderer
lie down and when he hears the Jiunz
(lex Vaches in a foreign land; well
might the rr.aker of the Limerick
bells ('"those evening bells! those even
ing hell-!"1) close his eves and draw
his last breath, when, after a long and
weary exile from his darling, h sail
ed up the stream and heard their mel
ody once more. Well might ; John
Howard Payne, wandering homeless
and alone through the streets, a- the
night came on, go back to his desolate
room, and write that sweet, sad song
which every one knows. UT he-re's
no place like home!" There if's no
place like home; no land like thou, my
own America! ithin this year of
exile, I have seen many ;-:nwther; T
have known many pleasures, and won
and lost many joys: but the grand old
homes and quiet cottages of Hngland.
z the heatherv moors of Scotland, the
i'rom the r.iu s,
rv. w-ho feel the
1 1 1
and wno nave deep do .vn 1:1
hearts an abiding sympathy for
eri:ig humanity, are going to the.
k i 1 e w
id so-d!s-
M -A
mi in-
"S !'.!!
voted to t!i.' p:ariiK:atio:i and elevation
of society? i'o this also the Alliance
H sacred iv pledged. .Join
tie.' goo I work along.
v.rv cleai
healed and
ai'id help
Women are
their council
would be invaluable in the order. A
woman has so keen a sense of justice
uonh and south prepared bv this eil
cation to light tiie bartlosof the mass
es against the classes, and with the
motto ot justice perched npan their
banner and an aroused peoitle beliuid
them, they are hound to win the bit
tie and. break down .the strongholds of
monopoly's host's. -who are entrenched
behind the weak embattleuient of
ges. But, to the s i jec.t, what have I
1 .,1111. 1 !
we doner 1001s, imsis and corner
thai sue will always support the doc
trine of equal rights' to ad. Women
are quickwitted. It don't take them
three years to liudout that men have
been elected to oiKce in the order who
using the Alliance simply as an engine
to them on tn political preferment
No, sir! A woman s quick eyes would
spot these men in a twinkling and
they'd have to go! A shrewd, smart
man can fool all the men part of
1 0.1 oil
ti ne, and some ot tiie men part ot tiie
Poultry Note3.
Leg weakness is often caused, by too
rapid growth.
A hen likes-to scratch and- ntum-ld
le given the opportunity.
Ojj few-ell started it. is comparatively
easy to keep young chicks growing.
A dust bath is wrv essential to the
health ot the fowls during the winter.
- 1 . TY 1 T i f II
" 1 es, replied ri.r. liugh ioe., "tor 1 j t is never good eeotHmy to fied
was here at the time.' - 5 1 1 1 hens more than, thev wi'll eat up
"Thank you for your fort unate rec-1 4...;lU
ollection, "greateiully exclaimed, Atosooy ;
"It. is oieasent. to C1LOW tliut there i 11 1
live some men w lu.v move aside
and testify to the courage of their fel-ican be raised to uiatarly at about oue--
ntlemen,. mv ; halt- the co-d
U;e goose. -if prt 'rrlv managed, .lays
esivv about as many eges as a turkey, and
low bemus. As L iy, gentlemen,.
war record Is a p.o.t of the Spates Ins-j AAiou ,lo.
lory or the gentkmau he..; wn U I . . m alMrjlv MsaW
vou that I carried the est Coiucueialei .. . ' o 1
u.i ui.iL yoi.w Ur one U gMuto the p-iultrv busuie'
t ag through this town. r ,,. 0 '
" , v ie:. if....!. I ... ! specuaJty-.
l li-il ; ! T n w:i pi 1 1 l 'J " llt."f-.
He carried the last Confederate! tl ig ! If the fowls are
through this tovvn..buL lynpatnck and i v.iih and are well, fed and cared forriir
Ellsworth were ;vl'.ter. luin ami he cav- j-artilicial pre).u e.tions arc necessary tJ
ried it so blamed fast ou couidu.t have , maintain goed heal !.h.'
told whether it was the Confederate tLig . "
orasmall-p.x vvarn.n , MM''"- f1 VY,n,'jr 4'VF f n
should b:-taken ,tf give the towls nil
'Sneaing of rebel. nyertee; srdd Eiiv - the sunlight po.ble. Let them, out
e wor.t stab our old Yankee lla.Lcal 1 of the doors hciicvcrthe weather will.
Thad. Stevens eve.v got was- given to penipt.
him by youruhi fireeatiugld) Toombs 1 It r.. tht bireilo ranch as the
of Georgia. They met m Augusta nt- I ..... .1.., f,.lsi . ,mieb. as fhe
ter the war. Thad was rankling over L. ,' .... .v.. wt,lM- ik, lWil.t.he4to.ttHr
tune, but he can t fool a smart women
, 1 1 . 1 1 1 111
iv been ia niiov l'lisHnees Ln i'i,'-i ' r . n - 1 Uss ol Ills UiMUlslo -larnate, uui um MJ f tb 1'smI :uiif t bi 1-etUr th - -C tlV
i,iw iKe.i 1.1 in any nisianu Dio..n ; .... ... , ... reason whv otir women 1. . '..- .... -r 1. uia uiv.i,eim. m..c,tir,
lown by the united action of our or- .' ,, n,)t ,, Jt?1, lM,MV wi(l Ur 1 -t- I I U,e, " . "Ti luul" , I bett.rr will be the results.
-auiiton The iite b.-im trust I i . ,AUOm'11 rankling at wirhing .m.Keiieral. ,
mi.iuoi. 111 inie 'ir,ninn u!lluD inn. Brother A liancemea, per-1 v n M- 'r-..i.nb 11 i.hl Th-id. ' - , -
hv an active, vigilant hght on our p irt ' vo,r wivM lLlll ,llter, t'y )ln . 'f - 1 ; .
has gone to pieces and under the natu.-tii0(),(lM, T(U? S1cu, f;ilmxi of Jtjl3 ! 1 1 - rte ,g 'V-hTbv tVe Y m- r , Vn'
.land ju.t law of supply and de n md j Allu;lcij m;1,t ,,,5 t() v,VAude UL, i els lee, at .el oJl by the .. hundred Allunces- w
prices have been forced 111 a little over j lin;,t,on and is one of its strongest ke''V 0 , p 1 .T....r ... '',nr- 111 lovVil ,i!st .u'''v - ''
P I' 1 ,1 , 0 ,1 ".IVIl -. 1)1 MV il. 'L l I IIV.ll I...
,. ..,.. &.'..v-.. 1. ,1 1 , , 1, 1 ... iri.i.iir TltJ. .,it,i
KII1H.1. T ? ll.IJV7.ll, Lll. I'l t-LIUl , II1HI i
seven. The plow. pool was forced to
lower prices under our united resist
ance and contract .made three years
ago with the Chattanooga IMow Co.
The twine t rust was forced to term-!
by the sturdy blows of our brethren of
the north and westi The reaper and
mower combine forued a few months
ago seeing the combined resistance of
our bodv towards it, became alarmed
and went to pieces, but while these
and many other victories have been
won the enemy are i marsh illing their
forces and the conflict, between the
people andplutocracy will go on. That
so much has been gained in a few
ve.irs rives hope and inspiration and
proves tliat much more can
mints. ithout, the presence, and
encouragement of woman this feauture
must he a faiT'iire. Besides our women
are esse 11 1 ially the burden bearers as
the men are. Then let them came into
the order, and you will see that their
keen eves and ready instinct will help
,1 t 1 . ,
by tiie dogswasu 1, uer
( L lughter. )
you vastly in keping things on a.souud, j anv humlr.ds of dolhus,. will be
iiealthy basis a sure footing. Suitftcrn J()sr and lurich. disappointment, mcu.rr-
Afliinice Farina
ihe'Iabor problem has not yet boon
solved, and until it is there should be
no faltering in our ranks, but with re
newed energy and determination let
us continue the tight until every foe
to the free institutions of our country,
founxled up n the principles of justice
and equality to the wh de people, shall
be driven from power and our gavern-
1 1 i.i to -. n. , .
eiumeui jjiuei am -nil', .ue m : noiei iv , v 1 . If,
I , en, ,1 P - ment resNired to its primitive punt
iiruiv, 1 ne vuieyarus or
The It. R. Comiaissioii.
The U lilroa.l Commission bill has
passed through the caucus stages, and
lias been dle red -in the Senate. It is
understood that it has been, or will be,
referred to a good and able committee
for further examination. Wuilo the
committee has the bill in charge, we
are told that adverse interest will be
given an opportunity to by, he ud in re
lation to its provisions. We think
this is fitting and proper. Every 111
t rest has the clear rigut to be hoard
'Mi ls lit i'-ru .1 llll Whir l
... . .
There has been
Liz inis didJ'said theGeorgpi lire eater. Yirgima has 1.') ) sb-Allunees, anU'-
"How is that ?" ; the order, is rapidly growing.
'Whv lvior Liiraiin was fiekvd 1 ... , .tT- 1 1 -
vn, ivn,. ........... 'lh.e 1 armeis Alliance have si clear,-
majority in the Nebraska legislature..
The membership-of tiie I .tuners' AJ
liance in North Carolina luis reached.
The Alliance store-at Corsicana-sold'
m.ove than if 4,00 ) worth, of gon!s dur
ing last quarter.
The Alliance- warehouse at New
man, G.i., was burne.l and l.,0J0. b.des,
of co-tA.t destroyed.
At LiiwrenceviUeCou the- Alliance
has begun the ground work, of a gilano
1 , 1 - ,., ,.,,,,wr .-f.i n itl, 1 i .r
Od ttllS Spi LIUi SC.. nir nitfciv, l"-"-"
st-eds in field ami garden.. Much, of
this anil annoyance uLay be pre
vented bv tiesting. the seeds before
sowing tlleni. The NiUth Carolina
Expernnent Station hits facilities, for
t estin g seed., aud its services are, re;
of charge, at the disposal of any fiir
mer in the Stale.
P-irmers wlshLiiT s(xiTs tesleil must
f,.l in r fr.i.ll StllUllltlln S 1 O
.. .1 l ,l 1 iz ..,tK,.t.i
decide earl v wiun icin.i. ol sx.-t.-us nu.j i,
intend to sow this spring; thjrii ivro!
enr samples ami tii-ward to the Ma-
In all Cities,. Towns .tn
Vi!!:ii:es:in the South.-"
WM. C. ffl)Ain
PnmUQTnr. gnlens of Gei
vvmyiLU - Frnnoe, and (he hills of Yales what
are they nil to thee! Not once not
once among their fairest scenes have I
felt that rapturous stirring at the
heart, that 1 felt when coming down
from Conway Casile that evening. '
while the moon and stars shown j
brightlv. I stopped beneath mv coun-
; try's flag, and pressing the fadel silk
j fo my lips, wetting it with my tears.
said, from my heart, as now:
"God bless that native land of mine!
God bless 1 he Stars and St ripes."
SiiALLoijK.iX. C Jan. I',', "(J1.
Mii. Editoi Bro. William W.
Drew, a in-iiiberif Town Creek Alli
ance. No. l, t l(),i lirunsw!ck- county,
having lost his dweXing house, kitch
en and smokehouse wv I h t heir contents
bv fire on I)ee. 231. 1. without ;inv
insurance, it was
wick Countv All
A eompiet
.-s aljout om
a .
resoiV( ov nruus-
'.unee tha the Secre-
cretarv give notice through tiie St ite
J. ALLEN BROWjn, r silent A rent,
balislmrv. A. ( .
Let fowls now have - full sway
jnnong shrubs an 1 orch ir Is.
They will enjoy the exercise and m dc
havoe among the grubs, slugs, worm
and othtr insects that are injurio us to
vegeraoie me. iMoreover tiie d e
cheap and healthy. .
oi-",iM tha it anv lvrson or Vs no
, : j ,i , .
i anee felr it their dot v to a-sst
' brother they Could forward theiK -ou-:
tribntious to the undersigned wlio will
rer-i'iiit f.jr t!u s -une. Bi'o. Drew is an
e i " --------
, honorable mdustnouks man, but uiru-
bh' to repair his g'-e-tt los. hivthreiu
him. donx II. Mists.
noon (
eoacerus their welfare.
w, i i.i 1 1 i b ;i 1 L- ' l il s I'll e il' t he h inci s
. . - nlr(.
about toe mil being m the ha uls ot : ' , lire two week?
.i .. v iii l .. I ; . . k.. v i . .
I lie jllia:iee iiii, aim .imoul ii.s uu-
ing rushed through without due con
sideration, and more to tiie same pur
pose. But it is the intention to allow
all parties Li.; be fully heard. These
hearings, however, wdl not be allowed
to work any unreasonable delay of its
final consideration by the General
Ase.nidv. We r.dnk we can con
gratulate our readers on the Ji.ul
ro e.l Commission bin of L -at-
'.ns w are expecting to congratulate
liie.n. I'd -it t'f Fanner.
Fertilizer Aatfys :s..
Fertilizer analyses, at the ExK?ri
uieut Station will be somewluvt late
tliis seaion. 1 he del a V is caused by
i i .1
Hon. Such samples- suouui couwoo,
for grass and similar lieid seels about
"Z cizT: for tobacco and most g.a.r.lefk
seeds 1 oz.
te test o.t ciover wh?i i-, f.-i v .. ,.i,.4n.. ilV ib ...
Other I , , r .. i: - ,....1.
l.siiiLUie iiuiu ui.cuv "ii cum.
on seeds must be prepaid, and nxt
,-ovif iir oulK
i i.i l.o .A.d r. viii'i name oi si'ltoe.
1 1 1 i i i ' s- - r f r
!! . . .
inepuaige;, .,..,,, c,arire. This law
t be reirimana eos ft j u u , n firthj?r tin;e wi j
ce.A letter of Ince , F(Vjr ilM;(t.(.tcuPft 'rpiJIy
nt. irivinir name or uJerA ; r ,.n twt;t;7M h,A
name of seller, and price pai. tor t"5, j state, ami the sample ill be analyze
seed. The S'ation a.lvises. always, its , the tid,m .tst rjiosyJe.
friends that the U.-st quality ot itls , T1 tVrt,;liA(.r ;iUulVSes will Ue printed
i 1 1
a--a rule, in-:
chi'ajet JiarK- .m , ;ui(l sMlfc (,lt J;. (a , f,ir,t p.)isjb;sy
aliu aoiuesi p. , . f n f Kr-ifio;,
Jini K V
N. C
i i i l . .. , 4- n .v i I -i n i fi : r. i .... ' i i ; i
ag. s and ieue:.s L. .... ........... i im p.ti i list, in order la secure me-
iierimi'iit Station, Kaleiga,
derail MrCarlli;, lintanht.
is r-"-j
Covering strawberries, spinach, kale,
p uisies. eti-., should now be ntfemlol
to at once if it has not beu don
reaiv. Bear m mind that the cov
illg should be ligiitj ever reel) bougli:
i" Mlateh next
i :malvsr whether your -n a me -is, oir4h y
ntiition list ir in t. '1 bese specii.i
! m imes will be supplied , at once, i 4
I . ; . . 11... 1...II..I,., .,. TI- '
, T.I,. I. I ..,,1. . I I I' M 1 ,1 1 I I,". . . .
O1 net1 ill's st',' 1 .; ...... , k-ij,ni ... . - -v-,"--. j
." . ,1. ....... K.O ", li.P ,.1, I)r tl It H-..ffl,. Ti-llir:.
I., i-.. ul and to oi l 10 nun-, 1 n -i- ,
.. 1 f .. . ul I to count ;V (!
i.i- nil" '1 1' n .1 iii-i.i 1 ' " ' ' -"
llll T 1 ' ' -
11- ,
I you were
to take the
,ire the best ; salt sedge
avid coarse, str ovv foi
111. 1 1:
of s.illM' )
r-iiiiie the remain
!'i' litest, ideiil .le -.t ion.
When a man dies ineihe Society z
l .. ..l ; 1 1 1 .t. t- 1 ... 1 1 1 r 1 , 1 w 1 11 .( , v , 1 1 1 1 1 111 t . o
CO I' ill Olll I lillius III, 1 -jwiin. ....... -.., j ,
; hum d d'fv country his chu: aider is tiie thing l.i..
i is fi t scoevl. . . .

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