North Carolina Newspapers

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JJL. RAMSEY, Editor and Proprietor
0::c year in advance
Hix'jnonths ' ' "
Vluluof five
X'ljUUsof ten or more-
Entcnnrasseconft-elass mall ai S.tllsMirj , N. C.
TilUIlHDAY. JULY 10,1891-
The Watchman in oran of the Alli
ance in the 5th and 7th Congressional
districts-. v : ' 1 '
The Watchman has 50 per cent morei
circulation than any paper published in
Dispsllches liuve been .flying all over
the conn try since last Saturday telling
of t he great things 'dune by Hull, of
Missouri, 1 McAllister, of Mississippi,
;.nd Sargenl, of Texas. About two
hundred ulliancemen were present, but
only three of them (named above)
were -lackers, .They resolved nnd
Vhereiised to a considerable extent, nndl
managed to get ojl a loj. 6i lie;. They
appointed-themselves a "committee of
dive". to air:mfi for another meeting
of soreheads tbis fall. '
In the first section they claim that
. they bine rebelled -on account of thel
sub-Treasury, laud oaii scheme and
the govern mental own'erslnp of rail
roads. The governmental ownership
of railroads was changed to "govern
mental control" at the 6caTa conven
tion, but Hall and his crew ignore the
fact. ' ' '
: Tt seems to. us4hat the most sensible
course tor himjind bis chums to pur
sue woirld have, been to withdraw from
the Alliance when they found some
thing they-could not swallow. But in
stead they proceed to try to burst up the
crgauizatioiHtisl like cranks will do.
The second section is for "debarring
jiersons from membership arid office for
opinion's sake:"' No doubr Brother
Hall is kicking on account of that very
section. He has wanted a position in
tjie Alliance, but there were, better
pien, or men known to be consistent,
and heot left. This, no doubt, ex
jbiins,lis conduct, '
- Again they charge that the leaders
have directed the attention of the
farmers from' the tariff issue to doubt
ful class legislation. This is. untrue,
also. A majority of-our people nrefkopes in- getting the road? If Salis-
earnest 1 li their wishes for tariff reform.
.rveiyotaie anu national meeting has
declared for it. One of the Ocala de -
- j. f il.:.. ' i u' i -in
maims is as ioiiows: - we demand the
removal of the heavy tariff tax on thei
the necessaries of life which the poor
of "our land are bound to have,"
The whole set of resolutions are
chaiji of falsehoods from beginning to
end.' We have no patience with such
men or their 'actions. -They are not
entitled. to the consideration "of honest
people, as their resolutions show, jeal -
ousy, wjckedness and slander iu every
!inO ' " -
it . .
1 oil want a pidm-e op the national
officers of the Alliance. ; Send $1.3 fraud
jct the Progressive Fanner and the
Watchman awLjn'ct 11 re. '
it is bad enough to disagree about
I matters of public im port, but when a
! iuaii will undertake to misrepresent the
business of another he becomes an ob
ject of contempt; A few; days ao
the Salisbury correspondent oil. the
Charlotte Chronicle stated iii the
coliuns of that paper that "the editor of
the Watchman was going to Raltigh
and that the people of . the town w,r
glad of the change, as the paper had
lost luany friends, or words to that
fcfP..f Pi,.. 1.-1 ? ,
Remarks it. tm
L , V " imuj.
rfeonte to nvpp. Rni tha r,.fo I
bear out statement that; the na-
per was unsatisfactory. When we took
cWeof the W.vrrmMv f ,.f n.
berirerl,;,rs cigUUr leu person, asked
ii.jL ii . 1 . .
ma! me paj-ui ue sioppett. inis was
done. Some of them liavi subscribed for
-U again. .We have atso added a number
'-tttnk ...... l. i 1 . rri
of . subscribers in town. The actual
1 11 fvch n K i It. 1 O". ...... l m 1
is three times as niuch Salisbury ad
iv TerUs;ng in the paper now as was last
December. it is plain that the
people of Salisbury have patronized the
: papar as liberally its the people in the
countrv. : A number of the best riien
iu Salisbury expressed regret when thev
learned that the writer was jroinsr back
to Raleigh. Our relations with theo-
pie of Salisbury have leen very pleasant.
Several of the best men iu the towu
-liave remarked thatthe Watchman lias j 1.
rnrpii tbf town smrl if en lprnciii moro 1
j? j a- 1 it i
.. " .'
months than any paper ever did before
-,The files of the paper are, here to show
for themselves. The Watchman ha
lor niry-tnne rears uen tne eadinr?
paper in Salisbury, aiid -wjijie it no
Jdouht has niade mistakes. lias
r and will continue to do more gmnl ft r
its pntrons, both town -arid country,
darted. The Watchman has plenty
of friends in Salisbury and plenty
of tjiem outside. It will be true to them,
they will-be to it. More than that, it
ivill live to burv its enemie'
' 1
"There is ' nothing " so conducive , to
meeesp, as interest ; and determination.
Well has it been said, thaHdessed is that
man, who has found his calling and is pur
suing it. This may nppry with equal
force to towns and cities. Some towns
seem'tobe dead and heedless of all pro
gress or advancement in any Hire what
ever. Why? Simply because the- in
habitants have na pride for- their iTome
and possess 110 interest for it welfare.
Such men are well termed "fogies,"
whose highest aim iu life is to suck the life
bloodlfrwm everythinj; within Uieir
reach, and leave the carcass for the future
generations t6 mourn' over. How is it
with Tarboro?' Let tis sec. Several
years ago, the town did look dead. Her;
inhabitants seemea to be laying imcK
on tneiri spoils, vnue uib ,uy
world all around them, was spinning on
and expanding each moment in to greater
and grander things." "
IS ot so now, Tarboro is lull anreast
with the times, and outstriping her sister
towns in more way than one.
Her present industries tej.l the tale of
progress and show ft dcterminatiod 'ori
tbc part of her citizens to succeed. The'
people of Tarboro have become greatly
interested in themselves and what they
are doing. They are vain enough to say,
they have great advantages.possessed by
few' towns" in the State.
We shall iust here refer to one product,
that is destined to place her right in the
forefront, almost . without a- warning.
We refer to our tobacco interest. At
the present Edgecombe could hardly be
termed a regular toboacco county, be
cause as yet she has not pulled from the
pressure of the cotton plant. But suffi
cient evidence can be obtained" to prove
that henceforth she will be a tobacco
county -and pne of the first type too.
Edgecombe has been 'termed the greatest
of the cottou counties, and it seems that
very soon she will hold this reputation
as to tobacco. And Tarboro is not be
hind w ith this great movement. She has
provided herself with tobacco warehouses
and in fact even thing that jsheccessary
to meet the demands of the time. Does
any one ask, where all this will end?
It wili end in the upbuilding of a town
we all will be proud of, an Eastern town
with a Western boom. With the present
indications, Tarboro in less than five
years will double her population."
The above was take from t lie Far
mers' Advocate, and can be applied
right well to Salisbury. it has as
many advantages as Tarboro and
should be far ahead of her in improve
ments. People of Salisbury arouse
from your lethargy; throw off this
mantle of inactivity and get a move
on you. Do y ou know that the Roan
oke & Southerati mad is going to be
extended south ? Do you know that
by its neutrality Monroe has lost al
''y sits here idly concerned and let
-mis opportunity pass oy it wilt un
1 doubtedly be in the same catesrorv
ti : 1 11 1 n .
I me peopie in me lower part or tne
county are very-active and we are de-
tefihined to haye this road it possible
What does all this mean? Sinipli
aN1 11 blow from which it will take a
J longtime, to recover jf ever.
What'has been said of Edgecombe
1 hs regards cotton, can well be said of
Rowan. " The present low prices and
j the future indications for the same.
plainly slrOTvs that the-farmer must look
FM CAmt Utrvi Xl LL -
I l w 1 ,-) ir iiLiiri riiiiif itiiii in:iri pnrrmi
and tobacco may be that crop. An) wav
k. g - - r
Rowan has as fine tobacco lands as
can be found anywhere.
One of pur exchauges admits a
financial faminebut absolutely fails to
suggest a remedy, though the sub-
Treasury willnotdo
Now the, proper way is to" bring for
ward -proof. hat the sub-treasury is
wrong'and then suggest a tetter' plan
;. j t- 1 ... . ..
. ' SnW lC 13 a better lIdn
IE 'ou d? tllls the Ppl will honor
V 1 'V UU 1 want
wrons leR,slat,on unless yen show
anal3'is and logic that we are fn
ernJrou cannofc a,ake 3'r opposition
thil" 72,000,000 Has been
Pltl ot ,n prenwums on government
botmds In -he I1iust three )'eilM forlie
lT n S T1"
IfVstem. lliese nreniinm r:i?irri fmm
. . -I- il . .
ystem. these premiums ranged from
G per cent, oh the 4 per cent, due in
1907 to 25 per cent, on the 4 per cent.
due in 1891.- The people pay this
euormous tribute and are hurt while
the bondholders are enriched ranidlv
let some people claim ours the b?st
financial systnr in the world. It is
ihejjestlov the bondholders.
In a letter dated July the eleventh
Mrs. Jefferson Davis has made known
hTff0 "he "M give lhe
UJ. u 10 "mond as
0 r.w. OLtitCS
have been clamoring for ihTs honor,
1 . '
iwb HAL iw 111 :il' 11 onir c-
tying elaims to his nativitv. ote.
. .
1 111 an v vptoMno tin ..l h..- 1
urn ici'fiec at inis iie-
Icision for around that cit.v h ,,.f
with careful vigihince for the welfare
"J -'-. l
of the Confenderacy. That citv is the
most suitable for the erection of the
Jefferson D ivi-moii anient
Spurgeo, the world-famed preacher.
is critically ill, and his death is looked
lnr at anytim?.
thari any that has been or nmy
j :Fked Douglass, Minister to Iliyfi.
hits returned home, anB has now re
sign?d his position, j It is reported
that uit will be a long time -before any
one will be appointed to succeed him."'
This is the venson : Hatians want a
wliibe min ster, and if One is not sent
thev will not like it. The negroes oi
tliU countrv. whose votes in close J
states is a paramount item, will kick if
a liejiro is not sent. Hence the above
Hannibal Hamlin, the man who
has figured' both in the legislature,
Congress, U. S. Senate and in the vice
presidents chair iu '09, is dead.
He has-been in public life for 45, years!
all of which time he has served his con
stituent!' most faithfully. His public and
private character has always been spot
less and clean. The nation looses one
of ber best sons.
The democratic editors of Kansas
have been holding a meeting and have
decided '"to prepaxt an. address to the
people-of Kansas and also -warn dem
ocrats of the nation against tin? Alii-
ance. Anotnei meeting will be held
July 27th. In the meanwhile the edi
tors will begui a regular warefare -on
the Alliance.
It i stated by a California paper
that 000 Indians of the Navajoes tribe
have taken possession of William Rad
den's range, and have driven out his
ranchmen and slaughtered his cattle.
If the' will not be peaceably arrested the
war department will bo called upon for
Secretary Blaine says the reports
concerning his bad health are all lies,
He is not taking any medicine and is
feeling as well as usual.
In Arieoua, Texas a white man re-
cievnd 100 lashes well laid on with :
black-sitake whip for insulting a wo
man. Thirteen persons were scalded to
death in a railroad accident near As
pen, Colorado, July 13th-
Five Good Ilcnsons Why tlic Snb
Trensury Plan Should bo
1, Because it destroys the "power of
money to oppress. ISo corner can be
made on money when the volume is
flexible. ,
2, Because it will prevent a general
depression in prices during the season
wftjMi the farmer is a seller.
o Because it bases money on the
most potential form of wealth instead
of basing it, as the government now
does, on the represeatative of the debt.
4, Because -it will benefit all classes
alike and break up class privileges.
5, Because its sole OBJECT is to' in
crease the circulation when there is an
increased demand for its use. And by
to increasing the volume to correspond
increased demand, prices will not be
contracted. Warehousing and nionev
lending are incidental to the bill but are
not Subjects.
Remarkable Coincidences.
The recomeudation of the adoption
of the new constitution by the State
officers of the Farmers and laborers
Union of the State of Kentucky.
The declaration of Hon. John Young
Brown, democratic candidate for gov-
ernor of the btate of Kentucky, that
uhe is for its adoption."
The withdrawal of the Courier
Journal, the greatest newspaper of
Kentucky, from the fight against it.
The report so industriously circu
1 teq by. the democratic press that all
the nominees for State offices in Ken
tucky are for it.
It;des seem remarkable that all of
these things should happen about the
same time.
Mr. Brown in his Frankfort speech
last' winter took occasion to say that
"the Alliance must be fought vigorous
ly. No concessions must be made to it."
But in his Falmouth speech it is nt
possible that he made a concession to
it, when he declared after having re
mained Kilent for nearly! three months.
that he was in favor of the new con
HuiiON, S. D., July 11. The Alli
mce Independent conference closed
yesterday. The question of re-organ-
iz ition ot an independent party of the
state to conform with the Cincin-
nali platform was discussed and rc-
fered to the independent Central
Committee for a settlement, which
partially menus that the Cinci-
uath platform will be adopted by the
Independents here. The organization
of the Citizens Alliances to work with
thf Kiiiglns of Labor is recomendd
and also patronizing of newspapers
that are frien llv to thp reform move
ment and the holding of country har
vest festivals in the State this Fall.
Congressman Livingstone, of Geor
gia, say?; "lhegreat bulk or our
people are producers, about 00 per
cent, are wage-workers. The propor
tion of rich to poor is as 0 to 91 per
cent. U ith this fact staring our Con
gress in the face is it no- ast u.idini:
that all laws touching taxation and
currency have been in favor of the,k0v
and against the "91?"1 The "94M in
the democratic party are awake and
ironsed. The platform and candidates
for "92 must be in their interest."
President Stokes, of South , Carolina
Alliance ha decided that the joint de-
bite on the Sub-Treasury bttween
m it 1 -r 11 111. 11
mini in ana ler.vii smui not it jn
public . ;
Secretary Xoble Will Not llesl?n The
Hansis Ail.uncs Harrison Will
Have a Solid Son thorn Dele
gation at the Next Reynb
lican Convention Oth
er News. '
CoiTcspon lenoe or llie Watchman. '
Washington, 'J"i!y 13, 1S91. Sec
retary Noble has gomiaw;iy, he said
for rest, and no. out will tell where he
has gone, and that has again started
the rumor that he intended resigning.
At thi interior department the officials
have all adopted tho know-nothing
policy, its far as the Secretary is con
cerned, but one of his family is author
ity for the statement that he has no
idea of resigning. ' .
Members of the Farmers' Alliance
do not' take kindly to a published in
terview with ex-Oongressmaii Perkins,
of Kansas, who" was here a few days
ago, in which he painted a most d le
ful picture of a tf airs in Kinsks, saying
in effect that the Stale was rapidly go
ing to the "demnition bowwows' be
cause of the success of the Alliance,
which he accused among many other
things of being in favor of the repudi
ation of private debts A Kansas Al
lianceman -who was at Alliance head
quarters here-fco-day said of the inter
view: "It is an Outrageous libel1 upon
the State as well .us upon the Alliance;
we do net : favor the repudiation of
debts and have never done so, and all
such reports as Mr. Perkins knows
very well, have been circulated by out
enemies solely for the purpose of bring
ing discredit upon the organization.
I am afraid that Mr. Perkins will have
to be classed among the soreheads. He
isn t the firt man who has been under
the impression that his retirement
from office meant the destruction of
the country's prosperity. If any mem
ber of the Alliance is in" debt to Mr.
Perkins it is safe to say that he isn't
prepared to sell his claim at a ruinous
discount, nor has he, so far as I hiive
heard, expressed any intention of leav
ing the State."
Secretary Foster's idea that the offi
ces of rive out of six of the Auditor's
of the Treasury might be abolished
without injury to the interests of the
country, is a good one and should be
carried, out, but it isn't very probable
that it will be, because it cannot be
done without the consent of Congress
and it is always safe to say, judging
from the past, that a majority of any
Congress will ha in favor of increasing
instead of decreasing government pit
ronage. It has not been many years
since the lafe Samuel J. Randall pro
posed an amendment to an annual
legislative executive and judicial appro
priation bill abolishing these very bu
reaux and others, on the ground that
their work was simply a duj4tcn.tion of
the work of other bureaux of the" treas
ury iii id therefore unnecessary. Mr.
tiandalt collected a mas of data show
ing that tlu adoj.tion of his amendment
would save 111 on-? "th.m a million and
a half f dollars .e:adi year,but as soon
as he began to push his amendment he
discovered that it would le impossible
to get it. throiurh the house, so he re
luctantly abandoned it. Nobody who
knows anything about t lie business of
the Treasury department can deny that
Mr. Ilandail was rid that Mr. Fo tr is,
right, nor does any bod' think that
Mr. Foster can succeed in getting a lot
of offices abolished, any better than Mr.
Randal! did.
Mr. Powderly's long open letter ad
dressed to Secretary Foster concerning
the recent conferences about seven
Knights of Labor discharged from the
bureau of Engraving and printing has
been much discussed here, and there is
a general feeling of regret that it
should have been written ;Jts tone is has injured rather than
helped the cause for which Mr. Povv
derly is laboring; and it looks too
much like a political attack upon
Mr. Forster to Milt 11 a iy of thoso wl o e
sympathy had been with the Knights
since the begining of the controversy.
Mr. Foster has declined to answer the
letter saying that he would not enter
into the controversy with Mr. Powderly
upon such a basis.
Secretary Rusk is going to iWiscon
sin this week for an extended vacation.
He will be accompanied by his family.
'The country will soon if now whether
the scientists are right in claiming that
rainfull can bo produced in any local
ity bv artificial means. Tl e Agricult irul
department has started a party for the
arid section of western Kansas
with all of the necessary p -.rap ha e i s
for making the experiment. Prof.
Dyrenforth,whoisit. charge of the party
is confident of success, and he certainly
has the best wishes of everybody.
Fourth Auditor Lynch, a colored
Mississipian, who has just return d
from the South savs that Harrison
will have a solid Southern delegation
in the republican national convention,
and that it caunnot be broke. If Mr.
Lynch is right it will differ very much
from any convention,. as Senator Sher
man and other Presidential candidates
know to their cost.
Fred Douglass who is now here on
leave, will not return to Hay ti as
minister, and it is doubtful whether
any One will be sent in his place for
quite awhile.
Not by a Blamed Sigbt,
The Charlotte Chronicle speaks of
the editor of the Salisbury Watchman
as "but little sliort of an anarchist,
and if he can create a third party or
raise the devil he will do it." The
Watchman in turn kindly refers to
the editor of the Chronicle as a "warty
freak of nature." Honors seem to be
about even, but these editors will meet
at the editorial convention at Winston
and kiss :tud make up. Axheville dti-
j Children Cry for Pitcher's rtoria.
Iits of Alliance News'.
Mrs. Wilkin of Winfield, judging'
from the -Allfanee picnics thinks if
the Alliance s breaking lip it is" break
ing into very large chunks.
i i
In twenty; years our farmers and.
producers have seen two-thirds of their
wealth absorbed by the money k;ngs.
How long will it I before the remain
ing third goes the same way.
Stick to the text, and don't allow
any of the old tariff to side track it.
The politicians even now are begining
to "cook" a platform that will say
everything and mean nothing. But
each plank in the Ocala platform, will
be let severely alone. More moi ey
and cheaper money is the password.
Allow nothing to change it.
Never before was such an effort
made to educate the masses as since the
inauguration of the Fauiers' Alliance.
The ieaders who are responsible for this
work are the objects of attack by the
city pi ess, and hoodlums and degraded
ollicekeepei s. Verily, the people sliould
react these attacks with a big grain of
allowance for the men wlio inspire
them. S
The farmers of the United States
iv.citved 848,000,000 less for raising 70,
000,000 acrs ot com in 183Gthan they
did for raising 08,000,000 acres in 1883,
though the former exceeded, the latter
110,000,000 bushels. In 1884 there
w:w sown 1,000,000 acres more than
1883, and 12 000,000 more bushels
raised, but to the farmers 820,000,000
less was realized. An increase in acre
age every year, but a decrease iu the
amount realized on the bushel.
The Farmers' Friend: The Alliance
is about busted. At the lat meeting
of Prairte Dell Alii anc only fifteen
applications were balloted on, ami
every applicant elected. At Allen
Center they have about twenty initia - mi 111c tiling. J. HIS ttUOUL 111US-
trates how the Alliance is disbanding,
and the Horton episode proves it, if it
needs proof. I
Items Hoiled Down to Save Space
From Mountains to Seasborr.
Greensboro is to have a $35,000 school
The Landmark has raised four dollars
for the Jetlerson Davis monument.
Mayor Smith of Oxford died at his
home on the lOlh iust. of erysipelas.
Jim Cook saw a News reporter in Con
cord and thought he had met the "devil."
Stanly News.
The orphans' home, to bo erected by
the Masonic Lode, will be located at
Ellison's monthly report for June says
that cottou is lower than it has been
hinee lbo2.
The man who committed double mur
der in Aslievii'c some time ago, has been
captured in Tex-a,--
George lloge, t lie oldest 'citizen. f
Salem, died last Friday, aged 'Jl. Jlis
wife survives him at bi.
C. B. Wcbciyof Statesvilje, raised an
onion that weighed 1 j pounds and meas
ured JSi inches around.
Senator Vance, in a letter to his son.
says he li s made. a tour of Ireland and s
now 111 the city ot London.
Mr. Elijah Willis, of Newbcrnc, one of
the oldest uruggists in the tale, died
Sunday morning aged 72 years.
Charlotte is building a city hull at the
expense ot '$1,000 per.week,and thestree's
are costing SoOO'a week. There is only 250
in the treasury'.
Capt. K. Mc Jones, a conductor on the
r-, & D. railroad, was struck with paral
ysis Tuesday, atleoting his whole left
side, lie is not abie to tpeak.
Benny Weinner, of Iredell county, was
killed y lightning lust week. lie. vas
passing through a gate and the post was
struck by lightning, killing him instantly.
A Mr. Turner of New York intends
building a forty mile line of electric rail
way Jrom Asheville to Itul lierloidlon,
which will be the longest line iu the
Nathaniel Wagoner was drowned in
the Yadkin river, near JJoonvillc, iast
week. lie was riding in a boat and it
upset. He drowned while trying to have
two other boys Who were iu the boat.
The Charlotte News says the much'y
interviewed individual, Col. L. LLloH ,
was in Charlotte Tuesday. The New
thought he looked like he wanted rest
and so did not daw the note book on
Mr. E. P. McKissick, of the Charleston
News and Couru;rt has abandoned jour
nalism and is in charge of the Battery
Park Hotel, at Asheville, the largest
in the State.
A colored girl at Biddlesville, N. C,
while driving a cow to pasture, playfully
looped the rope around her neck. The
cow became frightened and ran off, drag
ging the girl about fifty yards. The cow
was stopped by :some passers-by and the
girl wa nearly dead from strangulation.
Maj. W. W. IIampton,of Surry county,
committed suicide last week by jumping
in a well and drowning himself. He is a
relative of Gen. Wade Hampton. He
leaves an estate worth $25,000, togxthfer
with the farm oti the Yadkin river known
as "swamp pond."
News and Observer : A month ago a
respectable young woman, Miss Maggie
Motz, gave birth to a child. At first its
paternity was charged to Evangelist Fife,
but tho woman denied that and swore
that Robert Michael was the father. Her
brothers, Charles, John and Caldwell de
manded that he should marry her. A
row ensued, in which Samuel Motz, a
cousin, was accidently killed, and Charles
Motz and . Robert. Michael wounded.
Charles, John and Caldwell Mot? were
arrested and put in jail for the murder of
Samuel Motz, July 11th.
An eighty-year-old miser named Wm.
H. Bost, died in Cabarrus county Satur
day, leaving wore than $30,000 in his
hut. The money was found in old salt
barrels, in cracks in the house and wrap
ped in rags which were stuck around in
the most obscure nooks. Besides the
above he has i 1,700 acies of valuable
land, $15,000 worth of notes and other
property. Surrounded with all this
wealth he literally starved himself to
death. He eaed his conscience-by leav
ing of his hoard ?100 to Bethel church
where he was buried. He was the uncle
of our townsman, Mr. J. M. Swaringer.
Goldsboro Headlight .
; I - I
" i f- ' "' i
; ' - I
Family 10-Cent Diarrka Miimre
" Unequalled for the Cufro of
Dysentery Diarrhoea., Chol
era Morbus, Summer Com
plaint, Pains in the Stomach
and Bowels, &c.
We are now reccivinur the
Hargest and best assorted stock
wo-havo ever carried.
Head a few of our prices:
Pant goods, 10c. per yard.
Brogan Shoes, 1.00.
Dress Goods from 8c. to $1.00
per yard.
Men's SI iocs from $o;00 to
$12.50. 'i
A full line of men's and loys
The cheapest line of Groceries
in Salisbury.
If you wish to save monev,
do not buy until vou-tret our
We mean business.
College of Agriculture
Mechanic Arts
will t'epin Us third ?r?ion on ScntctiiluT .':!.
1S:1, with incr. a.-cl t.iciiities anil eiiji;i!fiit.
iu every depai tnu-nt. The pa.-t sjucceysiVi!
year lias given further evMciicc of its ijiractical
valitc, -mh1 its young men are already iu lc
manil for responsible osit'ur.s. Total cot
$100.00. Each County Siiprrintwuhnt ol
Etlucationj will examine applicants for admis
sion. For catalogues, address, ;
ALEX. Q. HOLLADAY, President,
Look at This !
Wciaro closing out the remainder-of -our
Summer Clothing and Straw Hats at cost. Wo
do this iu order to make room for our
Mammoth Eall and Winter Stock. .
Come and see us and you will get a bargain.
We have just rbceived a nice line of men's
and boys' Pants, dark shades at all prices. Also
a new assortment of shirts of all kinds at osr
prices. We still keep aull line of collars, cuffs,
trunks valises, etc. We solicit your patronage.
Yours anxious to please,
Walter A. Wood's Reapers and Mowers arc
Uic best on the market. They have been fully
tested here and have given satisfaction iu 'every
trial. They are durable and simple., Can refer
you to any farmer who haTs used them.
Call and spe me before you buy; examine ma
chines and hear my prices and. terms.
I am also agent for High Grade Fertilizers.
i u t imm & co.
Spring, 1891. '
We are now Plio-.vln- a mgniii.nt lino rA "
GfKKts for early s-ririjr. embracing h- lTl . nr'
textures. most t.isliiomble colors i, v 'H
l'l ilds ami Stripes, Camel's Hahvchi-M ,tVe!l
mas, s rvrtc , etc. ,s' nt'tri-
I'Lis premises to be the mast favorable sm .
ever known, and we now have in stock n n
L.icp I'rapery Wctsanac;roariis- k ?
tor volum- bauty of dest jn, exct-li our' J
any previous year. ur(,uor-j
or wiute woods, Erabroldciios and urta
display is by fnr the grcatm wf have fvtr 4,; ittr
A n cvori whort In the house- in nil of (l
pari nit nts. m iy now be wa r?w er-s ' L a
low for cash, and dTTerM f the j et-PK1 "m v Shr
Carolina at as low prW lis any houst- fa tU?
We bare made this Mall order fcstnoss - ,
stud v, with the ultimate ol-Je t fn vfrw of VrT 1
In? the a stein so I hat it whl affofir-fo w ''
reside in the n)0t remote parts of fiur 'sf-iti9 ,
convenleme of shopping in the om Hrv , , ;l
market in North (irollna. The bus:i,4 i -
ihrtMiph this channel has steadily incr. -iseddi
the season Jast closed. sUowlr a (freHi.r nm
tlonate increase than any former season. iV
win use every effort In our power to rn;i?iMv.n'
whirh we,are now enteritg even a crcaUr sm.,Ino
than the o-ae Just closed uutM
We cheerfully send samples: and would m
impress upon ou-r patrons the Importance wh..i
; wniimj lor dimples, to le as explicit a txissihic rr
that weenn send ihm suitable sampi. s iTtl
or a lot which may be entirelj dlffereut from what f
they want. ' i f
Our pririT Catalogue will be ready April f-st arid
wiil be in. died tree upon application. '
(Except Furniture and Crockerv y
on all cash orders of f .oo and over, we will n
liver goods frtsc to nearest Expret cfllce or miL
road aialjlon. - "
IL & 11. S. TUCKEU & Co.
2S:"m Kalelch, N r
Please mention the watchman when jou wrlie'.
Fire in the West Ward.
I wish to call the attention of m
liiemls to tho fact iiUt I Iuiyc deter.
mined to consolidate myubusint&s at one'
point. Therefore I have closed my up
town store and am doing business eTir
tirely at the store on South Main street
near the Salisbury Cotton Mills. Here
I have a full line of Dry Goods, Xoticns,
Shoes, Groceries ami. Provisions. Coun-
try produce a-specialty. J want an un
limited number of chickens ami eggs at
all times, for which I will pay the highest
price. Mr. A. A. Hart mart is with mo
and will be ph ased to wait ou his friends.
Rest ful ly , T. J. W. BROWX.
lie n kr.own that l.y mvitual consent
we, Y. li. lieisper & Uro , Jeweierrj Sal.
isbury, X. C, have this 18th day of May,
1S!)1, dissolved pai tu rship, and hereliy
nurke jmhlic announcement of the same,
and o-ivc -notice to .all persons indebted
to us that all accounts due must be set
tled by July l"th, ISlil, after which da to. '
nil lue and uunaid accounts will be hnfl
with our attorney for collection. -
Verv truly, "
- W. "ir. KLISXKR. -
"K. P.. Tho .Jewelry business will be
comlr.ctrd by me .it the old stand of 1 ho
above firm, and I hereby assume trlbdcbts
iim; bli:iljns of the linn of V. II.
Ilc'Hin r it, and wish to state that I
propose to do .a strictly cash business ami
give my customers lKMictit of the lowest
market price on all soods. All work i;
undi r my il n ersonal supervision and
I will try to even better, if that be jxssi
blc, the hih standard, and reputation
o'ur work bus niirtiiied. My object is to
pleasu, and' I"vi!l spaiejio effort to for-r
ward that ind. Thanking you for ji.-isi
fayors nr.d askint' a conlinuaiiec j tL
same, I am ,
Very truly yours,
I'wp energetic young inen-or ladies. Salary
$7.") er month, tseiid stamp for replv.
1 1(! FayeTtf villo St., ' Raleigh, N. V
J ., ' - !! ."

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