North Carolina Newspapers

    " - i t . - . y . - ., .;; i : I i . .
I 5 , ,j - - a-- 1 : x I i : ! -
--TlilRO , SEMES
SALISBURY. N. C, JULY 23, 1891.
NO. 38.
.Vofc. x
. v
for Infants and ChHdrcn.
t,rrmAiflitoBuperior-toany.prescripUoa I -Worm given SJoep, and promotes U-
known to me." H.: AAncnta, M.D., fl postion, .stsr
ill Scy uzioru uwuj u, . . .
"V!'80.., ' , ,tn r twlorso it. Few arc t!o
h iw ?i . " tn, n. work
' iiatl rastot DIooiaic2aaio lormtxi Church.
TTitUout injurious medication. -
For (vvoral veirs I hare rocomTnended
venir ' Cafitr.ria, ' anl shall always continue to
So as it had iuvariaUy pTjdud beneficial
Eownt T. Paedek. M. D., .
"The "Wlnthrop," lth Street and 7th Ave,
Kew York City.
TS CCTTAnajColTFAKT, 77 McSiuT Stekt, Kw Torx.
.mm mi I I I III II I'"
And w bis NKW STOCIvof
osdSj lotions and
i Milmery.
Written ror The Watchman. meiit which Irul so nmcli to I6 with
it the defeat of Mr. Inirnils lust Noveni-
i Wr.
Mrs. Lpase has twice been chosen
orator for the -animal, dinner 'of the
'Emmet Club of Kansas, whose mm-
: bersh'ip 'includes many of the most (lis
I tiiiuished men in the state. Hlie'has
I often been nr;el to accept a place on
. ..... t
itt o state ticket hut lias always nrmly
leclinefl to run for any political office
I whatever.
Unlucky Frhlaj.
Fridtty is regarded by many people as
an unlucky d.iy,thougii no good reason
exists why this uneviable distinction
should be conferred upon it. Indeed,
it is self-tfvident that one day of the
week must be just as "lucky": as an
other day, as our division of time into
weeks is purely arbitrary. ..Were it Jmv -tjiivoiiipncf we should bei?in
to reckon time the first day of the new
year, and number each succeeding
day from that epoch -up to Decnilier
31t, which would be the 305th day.
If this were done there would be lo
"unlucky" Fridays.
Our Savior was crucified on Friday,
and the Shadow of that awful tragedy
has rested upon the day ever since.
Hut it is the deed ana nor. .me a ay
which the Christian world abhors.
Because it was polluted by the crucifix
ion, it is no reason that the day should be
unclean forever.
Friday has been an eventful day in
the history of America. Columbus sailed
on Ins voyage ol' discovery on that, day
and ten weeks after also ofl Friday .his
ryes were gladdened by the sijjht of land.
Wliy-Shoull the Fanner Kisc s
Why should the farmer rise nt four?
To feed the drones and nothing more!
The world's so full of hungry knares,
That's why the farmers are smh shire.-:!
No time to re.ia, no lime 10 ihihk,
In fact, scarce "time to eat anil druiK.
Ah me! lie h TrTwocfnl plight,
And, if We think, 'tis hardly right.
The merchant mar ?lecp on and snore
.Quite sng in bed long after fmr;
The doctor, too, come3 howii ni ninr,
And simply wonders if 'tis fine J (
The lawyer, he can tell a lot,
And do his little like a shot;
The hanker only works till three, ,
So hc xan take his case, you see.
Then why is the farmer np and out
Before the god of Jay's about?
IJe, surely, never stopped to think,
Or he must he the missing link !
He feeds the world, he clothes it, too,
There's naught but what the farmers dp:
The mainspring of the world J3 he,
If he hut struck vc eoon should see.
The' fact is this: he works so long
That brain gets weak as arm grows strong.
And if he keeps his downward course
He'll be no better than a horse!
But up now,-farmers, take your stand,
Foe knows you're guardians of this land,
And if -you cease to rise at four
You'll thin the knaves it nothing more!
JaUv 11th, 18!1.
A GOV euxmextI trust.
l'liat is What the Whisky Rusincss
is Under the Present System.
When a man wishes to go info the
business of manufacturing spirits he
must file notice of his intention with
the collector of revenue of his district,
and execute a bond to comply with all
provisions of the revenue lawsT pay all
penalties or fines imposed for infrac
tion' those law?, and that he will not
allow any land, buildings or machinery
used in the business to be encumbered
by any mortgage, lien or judgment.
This is ecpiivalent to a deed for the
property and apparatus;' but Uncle
Sam knows the character of the per
sons engaged in the nefarious tralfic,
and taking it for granted that they
will not bo'honest if they can help it,
proceeds to put everything under lock
and kwy, bolt and bar. with salaried
officers of his own choice to measure
every gallon of product.
Having thus provided against any
possible loss, the moneyed partner then
issues a warehouse receipt which is ac
cepted at the b inks as collateral, and
upon which $50,000,000 are nov said
to be loaned. The government in this
manner holds the property and indorses
. . rn.t
at the banks tor the distiller. It the
Mi s. Marv Lease, the Ka"sfs pro
phut ot the Fanner's Alliance.
.The early coming to Georgia soil of
that remarkable woman, Mrs. Mary E
Lease of Kansas. aroused natural cUnos-.'.n-.A.i.r
rni- ntJOidp to know ' who
"j ..... 0 i ,
she is. other than at once the most idol- ;jfc. Auarustine, t:ie old n-t town 111
SHIRTS. ., f
: ' We ma!;o :i siHialtN
Consisting of -
us well us tlie iuost batwl wijmiuu
of thn.wlK.lw liorlliwi'st. Dimblless tn
Mrs. IiCiuio ami Mrs. DifftP m.ire (llian
to Hli v other pari lily l"'l'r Jnlill .1.
Iu'allsowes Ins ignominious ueieai
-Ki vi lies
over which the ntoples party in
-i; liuvi not vet. ceased their tl
.... J .-r . ' 1.1 I ! 1
iigs. The iNew lorli nun nas i ins
iv of Mrs. Lease and her lifejwofk:
"Mrs. Mary E. Lease is the daiiglitei
an Irish nobleman who has iucufred
the displeasure of the British govern-
ment bv reason or Ins love Tor ureianu.
and his disposition lo do all he could
to defend the Irish people from "unjust
rules. Mrs. Lease says his prjopeit
was confi-cated and a price set on h.s
head. Jle fled from Ireland to Ahierici.
durinrr the civil war. lie enlisted in
l -w-r I... !..
11-, IILOIHl--""""" 1, . r- . I I' . ...... ..I.
iUonleuerate rones, aim uieu .uni' n
United States, was found on Friday,
and the Mayflower, with the Pilgrims,
arrived at Plymouth on the same day
of the week-ihinker Hill was seized
and fortified on a Friday, and t'.ie sur
render of Saratoga was made on this
same dav of ill omen. Cornwallis sur-
on, hi ...i nf V ni ktowii on r riuav. 1 lie
being used a second time in! any case,
change school books as seldom as pos
sible, give grammar and arithmetic the
prominence due them, require commit
tees to have schools taught at the
proper time, not prefer fennUe to male
teachers, and appropriate;1 plentv of
funrls. f W.
Monticello, N. C.
Finance the Key.
The great questions of the day are
now recognized by a large majority of
the thinking - people of the United
States as the questions of finance, land
and transportation. Of i these the
greatest is finance, because it is the
kev to the others.
In all the history of the woild, when
the money power has sought to destroy
a nation, the first step necessary was to
control its currency.
This plan of the money ipower has
been consummated in the United States
and in the whole civilized wovld.
The first successful attack was made
on the United States in 18C3, when the
treasury was empty and tht whole na
tion prostrated by a bloody ; war.
1 A series of laws, seven in number,
were enacted which, besides addinsr
hundreds of millions of dollars to the
ui- ..t iu i. ..i . 1. . ..1 k:.
' i wcuiiu in U!U oiijiock, p;,lc nun -uii
v..ii.-ouu it-cuiju-ar .. jMv .i.t "ia- troi of the currency ot the nation.
thing of value, for which money had
been paid, the transaction woui(loe
more reasonable, but they represent
spirits which cost about ten cents a
gallon, with the tax added of ninety
c'.-nts a g!lon, which tax is not paid
until the liquor is withdrawn from the
warehouse and sold.'
Practically then the government in
dorses for the distiller to ten times the
value of the goods stored, and indi
rectly loans him the money by allow
ing him three years in which to pay
the tax. The amount of tax due and
undue last vear was SSl,0S7,O0O, which
added to tlie 50.000.000 loaned by tin-
banks on the wareho ise receipts, niaice
With the control of the currency in
- - - .
his hands and a few favorable laws,
which have always !ecn forthcoming
at his command, he has gotten control
of every branch of industry that is
worth controlling. It controls our oil
wells; it.controlvu4r railroads; it con
trols our maun Factories; it controls our
import trade; it controls our iron in
dustries; it controls our co',ton trade;
it controls our wheat and grain trade;
A Secret Manifesto Rearing oa tlkeat
! Crop.
Chicago, July 7. The Farmers
Alliimce is about to undertake the! ex
perinhent of oiganizLng the farmer of
the country ujon n scheme of eompel--ling
the payment of corner prices fop
the ISO! wheat crop; An official man-'
ifest6 has been prejred with great se
crecy and will hi? placed in the hands
of every member of the Farmers' Alli
ance calling upon hirw to withhold n
part or all ot his, and
nskinir liis
- i " r
friends and neighbors to do the sam
until! such a time as ..the necessities of
consumers at home and abroad will .
force the '-pay mejit oT prices satisfac
tory to Wie producers.
The various farmers' organizations
hayeia membership of nearly six mil
lionsj, and all ofMhem are expected to
fall into line with the Alliaute, and to
iuduce others not members of any of
the societies to do the same. ,
The circular is practically of the rel
ative) force of tin order froni Goropem
and-Powderly for a general IhIoc
strike, the farmers leing drilled up to.
an appreciation of the overwhelming
advantages of co-operation.
The circular is lengthy and wta
fortli with elaborate statistical detail
the' fact that the farmers of,. America
have Ixn skinned out f lt)(),tXX),IMH)j
in three years through the machitin
tioiu of short sellers, that Enr 1 lm
the shortest wheat and rye crop of th
century, and that, conditions arerofi
djntial.for a trust.
The farmers are directed to resedf
that a minimum price ofl?l.;i5 in N.V.
is moderate and conservative, and tlmt
they pledge tdiemvlves not to market
of mortgages on real .estate, which i?
rendu. eu ai luiMumi i.iu uu.m. .. - . . ...... -
ii i ii. , itu..,i ,,T.,. 'a total ot olol.lniAw advancetl to .iiri,.f inrfif:i(ro fur hvpi-v seven
l rl.rhf lh to bi.frp. and inde-! this wicked l.aitner by Ins opulent ,.0,je n the United States. hen it
rlM.,f w:,s ,:',de on a Friday. I fnend. Inis is the style o business folvcost;s ,ta mortgage it will have out
We cite these examples simply to I approved by the political shysters whw !in,ls and we will be tenants. Shylock
i m....v Jm.w.rtuiit events which ! find so many objectionable features in destroyed Egypt: he destroyed liaby-
have proved blessing to millions, oc- the : sub-treasury plan. ! OM; lie destroyed Persia; he destroyed
i ; n... i.iitl.inU-iii.r IIk'V find it impossible to provide lor l.onu.: ii is now destroying the United
and superstitious regard as "unlucky." the governmental care and stoiage of rftille3 an, tjlc wi10ie civihyd world.
At;U blovao of Iiulfii.iore. You :m; ouni'stly invitwl to call I tie horrors of AnderMmvill
iMls .oo ' l it:, i .1 ...I ci.o mUii
f ' ami n(71 kt stoc
It is onlv as we consecrate a day by
lofty thoughts and earnest endeavor,
hat it becomes significant. The days
possess no virtue in themselves; it must
im ivsn llioin by us. The seventh
day was not holy until Cod pronounced
it. so. .
It' you have anything to do on I n
dav, do it, and you will succeed just as
UMEOlU.ilUI Mli.
His brother and sons also- lost then
lives in the civil war-and sotheilaugh-
' .... i . . I . 1 .... l ;,,f t...
tei'J iuai v, loumi i uai. sut- n.m i:"i- niav, uo n, ano . i.. ,r-,.v . . t. j... .. . .
theV, -uncle and brother in the lano t. ilH von would on any other day f poses to throw " bitk flight
tbov li mi I ('oiik to emov ill
U II 11.111 I v.." i ... - j j
'ram. hut. him no tnmme m-iaKiug
i harge of the distilled product of that
grain. The government cannot loan
money on honest corn to half its mar
ket value, but can practically advance
the cash mi whisky made from that
corn to ten times its actual cost. This
ii one of the things a plain farmer
can't understand, but the Alliance pro-
the week.
Mat cli-Making.
After the machinery has been set in
motion, tin' lust step u to pi ac
advertise tlie largest stock of ' FU IINITU IMiln the Stale, and thelowet
prices or'iiiy deaK-r NokU. or South. 1 sl.alL4.10ve it by ufigires." .
Read These lrice. .
7 50
i A Rattan bodv P.aby (.'.irriage. Wire wheels,: only
Ceiinine Auti.'pie Oak Wl Suit (:10 pieces),
Walnut l'raine Wool Piush Parlor Suit (0 p.fees),
!Aj.iiNjtie Oik-Sideboard, with large glass,
Standing Uail Hacks ' with glas.
Antique Oak High l?a.d:Vooi Seat Ptockcrs,
Mexican (Jiviss llainniocks.. large size,.
; 'Mosquito Canopies, with ; Frames- ready to hang, -i
!rani.b'oo Ivis.ds, 5 feet high,
Ladiis Uattau t lockers;
1 '.-Aiitique Oak ('ei)tre Tables, 1 ( inches sqnar" t op,
Holland Window Shades, Oodo Fringe and' Spring Loners,
i'lal to nn Spring l?.oeke'rs,varj-et seat,
Sterling-Organ, 7 stos, walnut case,
Sterliu'' Piano. 7. octaves, . Hbony case,
I Irave just i ut in the Furniture, for three-largo hotels, and am receiving orders
from all over North ami South Carolina daily. .
One-price to all, and that the lowont known,- is my way of doing business. It
you buy an article from me and it outs not .conic-up as represented, return it at my
expense-and get, your money back. .
W rite me lor Catalogues.
blessings ol freedom. Thus early cast
upon her own resources she w s equal
to the ned laid upon her, and earned
her own living, besides finding time for
. ? 1 11
cf 11 lu finrl wu martini wine l ner am- ' : " .. . ?u:,i.
' ",: 1 1 iii.k m m si) it mac nne. uuu .. .., 4. 1
"'S ! J ,.lwiU, ,,-hiove- each movement .uiile Iwoi.j-
"r - -,: , rive sid Ls are cut. and at the same time
ment but alway looKeii mw. u u . , tw() s,ats in thc moYC.
something larger and better, llei in- , - , ,
the movement of the bid t through the
separator and over hented-pipes to dry
the timber. About lilty leet mmi me
Directions lor Canning
Small fruits, berries! currants and
I subject next year. Oj ii (Col. ) ltecur-1 cherries for canning shufiiid be seUctei.
e i . i . . . . ...
it is controlling our cattle: ranches; it the.r wheat at lower n ami then
,s controlling our coal mines; it iseon- pnngly under the-d.rvc torn ol
troliing all other mines; it Ls controlling M committees cons UtuL.l for the.
oar lumber trade; it is gettingcontrol Pl,ToSe peeping posted as to supply
of our lands. It now has hiuJn.illiot mand and s rmig nntsons are
icy will soon etevate prices to the de
sired limit. The move is likened. to a
strike with the difference that tlm s
working men los money every day
the strike lasts while 'the farmer
makes money, and that the outcome is.
always doubtful with the workingmen
while in this instance with the farmer
it is certain.
In the bodv of the circular is a letter
from Prof. C. It. Dodge, government
statistician filiating the crop of 18U1
at seventy-live to one hundred million
bushels, under the ."absurd" OKUW,
000 bushel bear estimate with a possi
bility of 125,000,000 bushels less. This
is Hodge's first estimate of the cn p.
Hie circular is decidedly sensational
in its .significance.
I ne kev to this power is the con-
irol of t he-currency. No wonder that
thinking men everywhere admit tiiat
the currency question is the great all
absorbing question. The People's
Press, Arkansas.
25 00
1() 00
5 75
1 50
2 00
1 IK)
1 50
1 50
?, 50
50" 00
225 00
eessant labors broke down herconstitu
tion, but even iH failing health she has
managed to accomplish much more
than many strong men can do.
She was born on Sept. 11, 1853. She
married anrtMs the mother ot four bright
children, each of whom is preparing to
enter the. work to which the mother
has devoted herself in her own winds:
.k'Vl... ,M..M-.iccrwl Ii mini 11 ! t V.
1110 ciiurw ytt- -...1 j. 1 1
If.. i- nrnnd husband and idiildiien make P:!n 01 YiU
... ....
..... ;.l..l nF boi- :iiil tlie abonnLT people
Compulsory Kducation.
Seventeen States, seven Territories
and the District of Columbia have a
mice law. .North
CaiolinaV first step in that direction
was the passage 01 tne act requiring
teachers to at tend the Institutes. . This,
in tliMorv seems nroner and wise, but
111 III- M 1 1 -
it Tall
with care, and only the niot perfect
used as well as the best sugar, write
Mr. E. K. Parker 111 Uouner-Journal
Butter Ten Months Old. I jiiwriPfl n nf Ind.tcr that
the s'if-sealing glass jars are prefer- I I had made and packed away fully ten
tl J. kt.wt.lar 4- 1 . I ..i I. . ...... tiri.i4 am r f tiftllAI- J 1 17 I Tn
dill, to any otliers. When ready tin
j -
cans should be set in a large pan ot
warm water, and set on the back ot
tha stove. The syrup may be prewired
I and the i'ruit "added. When tne caiis
iiv. i-i.:i iK' tlu'v should be filled as ful
tun wise, on. y, ., , ... . , -r
,s short, of exjH'cted results, and as possible and set asiue wneie no co.u ,f Kept iree in
wiU(.tinuetodo bo under existing ur wiU strike i.e.... Dirawnor. es, mat long n is
months ago, writes a farmers wife
from Paris, III., and I find itstill sweet
and gooil I don't know of any. way
that butter as old as that can be mud
to retain all of the sweet fresh flavor
of newlv churned butter, but if it can
m a rancid or old taste
I first
Ill Villi SI! IUI- IIIV-II'. .v. .. .- - , Lii4.v .'i.,., v i-j o
.1 : 1 1.1 .! l...-,.;o .lfli.i- li l'..,vrf nil?? ni t :i I nf the butter
er About inrv leet irom met i laspoeriies ami ui.itiiwiin.. ....... wiuuj
st artingpoint the belt passes under a j c lllc:lors and lecturers nig carefully picked over, should b, milk and put in a spoon ul of granu
. I ii ...l.-i :- I ". . . .... I . Lin .In. ..fl L..ti o mi ii s'.t nto.l nii'fnr !i on" with I hp salt, and
couple ot rouers, uincu pit- 11. uw.. . . - to ()t,, tj,! vastuess ot the i p.. i i'"1"'"."" . -.,
just .nouKl, lo bring Un-emU f tlm retlcc Mmvn ,ig, srl,o.,ls a.rl on tl-.e aud let conic to a l.oi , cor the f to... f the jar vy, h s.i
I- i I .... I . ...... . I... .imr ? il'n 1" 1 i r f . I I I ...I1..11 11 .m.l TP ' (11 :i
vti ii T wineii u niiiv
tnrougn .... k. ,. , I
..j. , -.. -,i ,1 i eoiiinu'ii .-iiw.
underneath, in contact witn me mei
.... . . ,
r,.l sulohiir. which is contained m
..... i l
A utile tunnel
nr ' t ii -i ,i , pi it ;i iimiml ot SULM'l nd niirk tilt DUiier (U)wii inniiv in
' 4h .,.!. r.,",..'.wl ,hould be added for every pound ol smooth layers, and fill in this way
OL I i iv- I . . . ' , " i ill . , - r I f il... I ,
an idol ot her and he aoonng peop.e - o . h a 1:u.k
to whom she preaches her new gospe 1vhicl iv,s thcni Tl,, finish
of peace, revere her as pro diet and ; J o
call her Joan of Arc. . p down the hall, still traveling on
she pays no attention to the; envy of o ;ib(mt a f( t
woman and the hatred of me.,,but He
to keep steadily aldng ; ,cr e en Unctf of two huudlvd Wl from the
oefieving mat so ..g-.t-, . . , f.lkes .nr p
" . i i I .... - i i- il i T 1 I .
' , . -i, i , i i I r..,;f Ac unnn n wf u t tfl .shou (l I ivifrhm tour inc u;s ol Liu? ion. i uim
il 1 illif nLitifitjl Till I I II 1 1,. .toii - " . . . - - - . - . - - .
nu ii i-oiv ; r : i i i . iIUiimllii . .. . .
f...flw... tho i-'"""', ., , .,.'.t ii.. I i... .M i'.i On. rviiin. I wet a niece ot cle;
ulk"u "-: i hi. iH'i-is ot tie moral or me i - . , . i .
Ldt is again depressed, aud the tips ot ..n ,u. (rami Model was to Canned - h( cherries, water ; and lay it on
it I . I . 1 .... I - . . rm I . Hi . i. a 1 1 iL'i i 1 11 iu I Wm
11 ami 10 Wt Trade t.
L.. !
muslin in - alt
the butter and
I . .. .. ,1 A II ... I . .1- :l .1 1 ... ... 1 .lii.l
o ...t .r the colonies Tliero are if Aiorc osu or other varieties. :iuu cuck lt uowu .u.m.m . .....
Hie wants ot the coionus l i.cie .tie 1 , . ;H . ,
,. tiling .i-.l-.te. he . , . m - , y - f,.m row-
n ! ! ?X 5 " M wh to Z p.un.l to a ,H..m.l't fruit wiU wik .t lb, lop. Aflor lh,t 1 . i nuke
Ztt '. -I Stly lS CesuHicient. Cok the fruit au.Hugur .stmng hn".;, hh-.t h,1 sk.n. ,
i i i i ,1 t ,1 nv-.v with thc in- logetlTOV for twenty minutes, ..nil can. anil when iwrf.K:tIy c. .1 and clear fill,
for the J-H.. e t o to . j MU c i K .at-Cut in piece, two the jar .villi hrine to thc lopjin.l cover..
'"i1" '' i !J 'Z v incUeVlon..; put over a slow ire, with tiKl.tly to keep out the ilust and t it
"'"'I in'; e SW e'e". vl P? Uti i.."-ool v T.,c 1... .1.o.,M al-
cmct 111 the & .i in a i i . ..... r ... )rlUo suid no
It won at then siowiy uuin V.H.-111, ...1.. v...... . .- ... , - - , -
II ltaspoei I 1C! UII utuiiiiu au'iuiu Kin. .. -
. .... . p f 1 ' . ..
CInirlottc, N. C,
1 ...
Hie s;
of hv
and rcson
a quality
the unique
01 ner audiences uyaiie pow.-i n a tal)le wneie uuy aie i.uv.m "j wU),n me intelligent ami sensioie, .mu
iiarkable vin'ce, which is full a boy andplaced in trays made for S()M10 are penny wise aud pound foolish
unit, very sympathetic aiid of the purprtind taken t the packing;' standanl of teaching is to be
which enables her to perform ro0ui. The belt completes a circuit . cov;ltel the? pay should be commeu
0 feat of singing jj.iss in a once n thirty minutes, and during the sur:lte, and on a par with wages for
..I L-m-nril tlioiisand matches are 1 -ii 1 1. .!.,.-in dthei- avocations.
111 out
himplo, 1 hirable. 1 nnts Irom - M inv i.vo sa5(1 tjiaf sjli; vvonl.l have
ar Mt'tal Tvno. (loos the work'oi made a great preacher, had not hei
. - ' . .' . ? ... .I,.,,.... ;.,t,.!lo,.f i-ib .llf'd : t ( tin re.traiuts
SlOO MacJime; rerlect Align- ' vv vvh, accus, d of h.dd- " , i' Vf,,,,, r,(.) to G0() txross of sul
Print.s Caoitals. Small Let- in,, tho views nf infidel, and Anarch t Li,,,,. niMtehes ner dav. The mate.
Figures and ()haractovs: 78 Mrs. Lease saysusheinvaribly preached VIUS pnluccl is superior in quality,
III I - - . . . : .. .in? ' I t- Mini 1 H
MILU 111 ,
i iterval several thousand matches are
finished. The imichiuery described is
found in an establishment in Uti-:a,
v ..,i.,.o fr. or three men can
;i . J rice coinn ete. !.
1 .'IT
Agents and canvassers wanted.
Apply-to -
J. ALLEN BROWN, :gt for W. N. C.
k. ' Salisbury, IV, C.
Is the Place to Get Monuments, Tombstones, &c-
1. -
- I ill MUCK Ul V rjlii4HUiN I i V 1 W 1 j 1 j I j 4.-" ' ill 1 1 v v " iv- t naj o j ,iu,iulvi
s.itisfactioii iii every resiect anil.posiH yely will not be umlersoUl.
Granite Monuments
. " - Of all ki'"1?' sjiccialty
- 2i.jj1 ' PliOlRlKTOH.
flu. ivlieinn of Jesus Christ and tin
patriotic principles of Washington and
I.Mirnln." Since her celebrated
speech at Washington invitations have
been coming to her trom diueient parts
of the country to speak, butJ Mr. Lease
says. "I have le nn&d the! philosophy
oE life to Work and Wait."'
Mrs. Lease is an active; Knight ol
Labor, and has been elected Master
Workman of one of the largest assein-
hli.'s in lhe United States. She 'roes
........ ... ...w g - ; f-'
about agitating and orgfuiz'nj; tin
woru-mrr iipnnle. aud. as she savs. t rv-
o 1 1 ' ' 1 1 "l
ing to educate them to a standard which
i. tamstantlv to urrow hiirlier.
. J O I ' 1
S' e writes much, both 111 prose and
M ..... I '-: I 1
verse, tor publications wnicij re uiiei
ested in general reforms, aiul is a mem
her of the Wichitarbar. aifouuder and
prouuder of several clubs) of the Ad
vancement of V omen,a nteiMber of t he
Prohibit ion Leeture liuri'aii, amfth.
aiolln 1 ol tb Clticu o Alliance move-
aud will light readily on being drawn
across the window glass, this is
claimed to be a crucial test, and in
ferior ones cannot be ignited in tins
n.i ...r.-Ivmo- in the packing room
r.l.e matches are first placed in small
.aner boxes, KM) m each -box. 1 ue
small packages are then parked m
' 1
piste-board boxes containing one
teenth or one eighth gross.
Isibor in other avocations
Teacher, from necessity, often
underbid one another. Co nmunities
and iiatrons, are praised at this for t hey
can then otten get l lie oest man 101
thu least money; many, however, do
not .cans much about the man so his
.,l;,,-v is low. The la-cv so long in
or three days after filling, and if leak
ing from Mie rim, they should be un
sealed, and the fruit cooke 1 dow-u into
j.iiu, or used in sonm other way, and
not-returned to the cans.
the Concord Standard
Wants to Know.
WIk-ii country melons will Icon the
!::::!;;: rt: i :Vjt,u -r , ,,,,, ,
mean tencners
"I am going to become a mission
ary'" she said,'as she gazed at him with
J ' . 1 I . ...1. ..... t.. ......-i I'-llllM
a wh v-uoii i-iie-asi-iio.-i."-'.' j
expression on her face.
Looking down upon her he replied:
"Don't you think you had hitler be
gin on a he-then ?
They were married in the spring
under the spreading chestnut trees.
i r4iiidna Cry for Pitcher's C-tcria.
..ii U- lo be paid. Vv e
,i K.". -.n-i. well o Mali tied to teach
omdit, really, to be no comparison bt
tween a competent and an incoi.iipe-
tMiit teacher. hi hi llitelligeni: pa-
br bo'ises numbered.
When some of our very delinquent
subscribers will call to sc- u--.
When cotton will bring ten cents
When the new factory will mat'-rial-
iort r ri'iay
ni.rhf A rooster committed suiciMe-
byinTnging hiunclf between the pick
ets of a fence. Th jury of in'pi-t
rendered the following verdict: "We.
the in rv, having sot -upon the body ot
the aforesaid rfKisU'i', do Iiml inai i
huii" heelt U:ca7.: of the information
H.ii and thar reseevtd th it the Meth
dis D'stnsdi Koul'iiince was in sehuii
then a id thar.
. . ?
tok, imai.
( Sigueil ) Pliminuth
trous know the value of the former, i.
nnmbers of others will say of tlie latter,
l"Ile knows euouglV to teach our chl
1.. ,..f of.oniin.f li Know that their
n reo. i en. "7i -
Idi.Mi will be taught wrong, an
that it is a harder tak- to -iiiiieai u
O ie so taught than it is to teach him
right at first.
Iu addition to the canvass ami the
incrensed pay of b aidieis alluded to.tho
school svstem would be materially
b-iufiHed by inaugurating a more
-.triu gent ev.oiiiiiatiou of teacher
foibuldin;' a-.v one v.-t of qo.- tio.
Wl..i Hi., will learn who the
editor of the Stanly News is.
When; rest is found.
Where Uncle Sam's surplm is g'ftio.
What damage the chinch bugs tire
Wh it the cotton crop promises.
Win, will be I he next governor.
Who will Im at governor 1'ampheflj of
Who will stop the-e .lull time.
Cb'ldren Cry for Pitcher's :Castcri
Old Nursery Favorite.
There was Tom, the Son of the Piper,
Jack Sprat, and Merry King Cole,
And l ho Three Wise Men of t.fotham,
W'etil to sea in a bowl; .
The woman w'io rode the hroomstick,
And swept the coUwelilKvl sky,
And the boy sat in the corner,
r.ating He: Christmas pie.
'p w... iv. re ome of the favorite?, hut
they have been supplanted Jy the'Tausy"
amt "Chatterbox" stones, i.iuie. imt
I'aunilciov," and "Five lattler repjKT-.
I lie Old fashioned pi4fsand. pliysics liavq
heen supersedet, aii'l Wisely, umi, o.v
Picice's Purgative Pellets, a T lndd,
h-irmless and tdfeelive . &ithurtic.
TI.ey are plea ar.t to take so gentle
in tiicir acimu mat .
eate child can U1p. thf jn. yet so etTectivo
that lh-y wilLcure the most olistiuate
(axes , .ntipatin, stomach, liver mid
l.ow. I troiibb s. They sln uhLbe in every
:.ui ei v. A a gentte hnfative, only Qui
lol a do-c

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