North Carolina Newspapers

    The Carolina Wateiiman. ; j
, 'f y ' j " ' T .. - --gr- -' - ' ' ' ' - , - - ' ' - t Kt . V j-
8ALlSl3tJttY N. C, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17', 1891.
NO, 4G
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! - : , r-1 '
- The us oT'Castoria Is so universal and
well known that it Beem a work
maU worMlt. Few are the
auae-yrch Matt, D.p .
New York City.
Uie rastof BloomfnrW Conned Church.
Trrs Ckhtacb
KiM WWms, gives una '
fritlUiy injurious tnsMiifeaUda.
" For several years I have recommended,
your ' Castoria, ' and shall always continue to
do so as it baa invariably produced beneflcUl
Edwi F. Pam. M. D-
The Wtothrop," 125th Street and 7th Ave..
Cowakt, 77 Men rat Street, New York.
Can you read that?, : 0
Do you Know what it means?
Written for The vatchinan.
The NcAV Fashion nml the Ohl.
the nctr fashion &nd Ihc old
Has often been talkfcrt ftnd told,
urtkB rt.idtr l.nlhvl find of Hu' rriiVS
V 7 c-
How they Used to do and hovf Uiry
alari went W fchurch, 8&yi Uife t4 hwn,
With mv syc3 ftnd tot kirnrs in H'.y han.l,
ViHi nv 'ij'ci-chrs. relied n ir trtV knerj
J . k . . k i 1 .1 'I 1 a . !
t . t .i uit i. .a
n!t ?rtv.s t''e bid frolil an, Uiai .8. noiRn j". .
Five miles V.e Wa'.KcU to nur..n, ut n
W ado 'i vlpc t.has'
wI.mi ?ct to ld cltii trtn .
We wo.tsit dovvn And j.Hi tiltr sliatis on
With a homespun dress and a scoop on our
mir lioad
Ve ahvrtvs wont to ohurch, she laughed
n lid S:lill:
nr. n.-prjUrt. nor had a ruflle on the
But now they wear overskirta and belts to
make them less.
Rut now savs the old man, as he pushed hack
a ...i o ,-lion- of tobacco and wined
back his l air,
The wnv we had our breeches, I. thought it
verv nent;
Rut now they have them w ith two pockets
on the seat.
This is the new fashion, they sny on? to .the
other, how do you like tliat;
With a slickened shirt, a standing-collar
and a stiff rim hat. U
Rut that is not all the fashion, not all t it yet:
They must blacken tlieir mustache ami
have a cigarette.
$30.00 Tea Set at
' : That's what 1
A 5.00 UinLMclla, at
Warranted three years.
A S t Clock at $3. Actuai'cost.
A S2.O0T Breastpin at ,
It is truo
s the old woman, it is very funny
not like
C'l V
to me
Ti...t tlm irirls now-a-davs arf:
cirls used to bo.
Thev arc a heap nicer, ami so l win vikc m ir
For their beau takes them to church in
the little dog-cart.
They have a little cap on their licaus wun a
And a corset to make them little and that
is tight I am sure.
They take part of the hair on the top of the
head, and the rest they curl,
And slick up their sleeves on the shoul
ders like a flying squirrel.
she. to dress so
How can they afford it, says
nice and so neat
And have a corset, and wear a
the seat. h ,
We walked to' church and they can ride in
Ti.i- lmiit of how thev work, but
were just as smart.
bustle on
1.00' Breastpin at
0 TCroastmii at
Everything under the discount head in same
1 am the loser and you unuvu it u
Truly yours,
you come soon
Carries the Largest Stock of
Rut oh ! savs the old man, I see how we w ere
Thev don't pay any morn for their breeches
than I paid for mine.
Thev belong to the Alliance and don t pay as
much as 1 uo;
Gollv.-old woman! let's join and you can
wear a bustle too.
15. A. FkhI'Kuman.
Faith, X. C, Sept. 8, libi.
31 nsi
Furniture,Pianos and Organs
Tmiiortuiicn of Hh inriUaiy
1 ;vl Klufatim.
A yiroininent educator lias said,
"Education lias manifestly a doulle
purpose, to aid an individual in gain
ing a living, and to make life worth
the living." To this we might add
that whatever is properly educational
contributes to this double purpose. It
wo fun s iniv that music does; tins, we
, m m - - .
shall have done much to establish
metic or reading is taught. To be of
uiv re:d use to the individual, he must
understand its principles and le master
of its noUtion atitl signs. As well ex
pect a pupil tO become eipert In "par
tial payment'' Kvtn no RuuwirtigQ ot
the arithmetic. MWm alia ft!gh or
to become a uHlshCd eitttUtmttiBt while
till iirnrii'aht of the alphabet, as to ex
pect anything satisfactory in music
from one Who Cannot read it-, llote-
.siiitrinsf lias liwn itnd In the lamentable
stumiinHg UlOcK tn tne way ot popular
appreciation ot the Value ot music as a
school study.
If music is to take its rightful place
In our schools as a valuable educational
force, it must, in its particular line,
achieve for the pupil the educational
purpose; that is, the pupil must have
acquired its fundamental principle?
and have leen trained in their intelli
gent application. That this implies
reading music at sight is evident, and
it is as true of vocal music in the pub-
he. schools as it is ot violin, niano or
' a
oriraii music elsewhere.
To attain such results we must have
teachers who have carefully studied
the !est methods of elementary in
struction in music. Too few have
given needful preparation for the
work. A good musical and literary
education is but the necessary prelimi
nary to the special training demanded
by this work, a work which should be
considered a special branch of the mu
sical profession and which certainly
requires as much special siuuy as uoes
any other of the special departments
in music.
More voices areruined, more throats
are iniured yearly in our public school
hv the screaming commonly termed
J . iii
sintrmo: than anv one will ever be auie
to compute: and this is largely if not,
wholly owing to the unscientific meth
ods of teaching. Smooth, clear, beau
tiful voices are among the rich gifts of
bountiful nature to a majority ot our
children, but the diseases of childhood
impair many, the Sunday-school and
day-school injure more, and even lar
ger numbers find their fate in the chil
dren's festivals and kindred affairs.
Smooth, soft singing is a legitimate
exercise of the throat, tends to develop
it, and is undoubtedly a great preven-
tative ot throat affections. V Hit pro
iipr lm:ithinnr f xivises it mav be made
j.v.. . r
a very effective aid to the cure ot cer
tain lung and throat troubles.
Which is the morj important, to
develop and train children's voices or
to teach them to read music, is a ques
tion' frequently debated. Hoth are
equally important, and should receive
equal attention. No necessity exists
for neglecting eit her, and the teacher
who is guilt v in this respect does but
half his dut W. V. Heath.
Earthquake in San Salvador
Niiw York, Sept. 10. A special cable
dispatch to the Herald from San Sal
vador says millions of dollars worth of
property and many lives were destroyed
in this republic by an earthauake Yes
terday, Whole towns were wiped out
and hardly a city ih the country, ex
cept tito-e along the coast escaped the
awful eltect of the lonvulsion. There
have been indications several days past
that a disturbance of more than usual
power might be expected.
At just hve minutes before two
o'clock yesterday morning the earth
began to shake. The wave had a stong
vertical oscillatory movement. Peo
ple rushed into the streets in their night
clothing and, while the shock lasted
only twenty seconds, before it had
passed away there was a panic stricken
mob making its way to the open coun
try outside the city.
The scene was terribly sublime.
Men, women and children were weep
ing, shrieking and praying in the
streets, walls of houses cracked, tottered
and tell; there was a deep continuous
rumbling as if of heavy thunder; the
sky was overcast and the air filled with
a hue penetrating dust, while the shock
lasted the earth rose and fell in long
waves and strong men were unable to
keep tlieir feet.
The panic-stricken people flocked
to the open ground outside sof the
city ; temporary shelters were thrown
up wherever possible,hut nearly all the
A Plain Duty.
In this issue of the Tribune we ex-
fdode another batch of subsidized pivss
ies about alliance and people's party
men and measures, and we again ad
monish the friends of the great cause
of industrial emancipation of their
duty to aid the struggling reform press
and to refuse further 'sustenance to
the enemy."
Thepiutocrac has fuliv realized
the importance of the press in mould
ing public opinion and it has only leen
through their liberal support of such
papers as would support their theories
and pretensions that they have so long
controlled the financial and industrial
policy of this nation in their own in
terests. The reform press has been
and must continue to lie the chief in
strument in educating the ieople to a
full conception of their rights and the
imperative necessity for a united and
determined effort at the polls to regain
In this groat work they l.vbor at a
tremendous disadvantage, having no
"fat to fry" from protected manufac
turers, national bankers, bloated
bondholders, wealthy corporations or
holders of fat offices, and being al
ready boycotted by city advertisers.
Yet th?y must, of course, while re
duced almost entirely to receipts from
subscribers for their revenue meet the
subscription prices of papers with
whom the subscription receipts are but
a b:o-atelle as compared with th
The Money Press vs. the Alliance
e re-
I . .i mi i . . l ..
men and many ot the women and " , J
children had only the sky for a cover, of the great plain people in whose be-
All through the" morning there have the reform press is waging such a
hof.ii slbrl.t l,,.L- l.,t MMnpnnnmnpL heroic fight against such odds is clear
: :t.. !.c .i. t ...u:..K ...a sn( ininerative: sunnort should be at
u ..n,,,,,; once and completely withdrawn from
The inhabitant, are afraid to return papers wh;ich circulate such obvious
r their lining ond .,r. nutii.ff them- Ulld mallClOUS talSellOOUS
are ma
selves as comfortable as possible in
their temporary camps. President
Ezta is doing everything he can to stop
the panic and care for the pople until
it is consideied safe for them to go
back to their homes.
The towns throughout the country
have suffered more severely than the
capital, even. Anaquito and Comagua
have been completely destroyed. Co-
jutepepi que, haiita becala, ban I edro
and Manaute were so badly shaken
that they are practically ruined, while
the shock was plainly felt and damage
clone by it at Santa An i and Susim
tepeque fully sixty miles from here.
It is impossible, at this writing, to
f'nrm anv idea as to the number of
lives which have b:en lost. Two peo
neonle were killed here, though there
were many miraculous escapes- from
death. Ir is feared, however, that
there have been many people killed in
the small towns. The loss of projverty
will run well into the millions. State-Chronicle.
One or two repetitions of the boun
tiful crops now growing or being har
vested in Kansas will kill Pfefferisni
deader than a smelt in that states
(Jleveland Leader, Kep.
Shades of the future protect Ohio
Think of the Seitz as the succesor of
Senator Sherman, a pigmv that would.
lose himself in one of the giant's shoes.
That is what the so-called PeopbsV
party proposes. Cleveland Leider.
"Such a political party must- neces
sarily be short lived in this country.
The farmers of the United States are
the, largest single class, but they are
very far from . Ieing the majority of
the people." Chicago Herald, Dem.
If Senator Pteffer, of Kansas, who -has
not combed his whiskers for
thirty, years and "Sockless" Socrates,
who probably has not washed his.. feet
for thirty years, again-come ito Cleve
land, Health-officer Strong ought to
be notified at once. The farmers of
Ohio are ashamed of two s.ich repre
sentatives. Cleveland Leader.
The grasshoppers are eating things
y-Y I 111 ti "1
up in Uino and tiie not wind is
shriveling the wheat in the northwest -
and the farmers' Alliance continues to
yell for more 1 piper money. What
the Alliance should do is to petition
the president to call -congress together
for the purpose ot passing stringent
laws against the grasshopper and de
claring hot weather misdemeanor pun
ishable by fine and imprisonment.
Uut the Alliance has its eyes smeared
with the green cheese of the moon and
can see nothing straight. New York
Sun. Dem. Printed in the "-Aijianco
Column" of the Erie Globe llecord,
Dem. Friend farmer, the above are -some
of the "arguments" used against the
reform movement by the tilth pumps
of monopoly. It is a fair estimate of
your intelligence? hatdoyou think
of an Allianceman who contributes
against alh-
ancemen and measures as those here
with refuted and which retuse to re
spectfully discuss or give space, for dis
cussion of alliance measures. ith
papers ot restricted circulation it is
practicable and highly effective to re
fuse trade to any merchant who ad
vertises in such" papers. Every man
who "sees the light" should also con
sider himself a special agent to extend three to six dollars a year to support
Hip p'riMihit.ion of irood reform papers such paper? We think his eyes' are
ivin' fir.-t preference to local papers smeared with the superannuated soap
where such are worthy. If the people
. . . i i i
can be induced to read and think, tin
success of our cause will be assured.
Iowa Tribune.
Ponder This.
How much more of your products
will the dollar of to-day buy than the
dollar uf twenty vears ago?. How
much more of your debts, your taxes,
vour-officers' salaries, -vour interest,
rmir null" ro-iH'ps or vour doctor and
iiwr will it nav ? That is the
wav to look at the financial question
j . ... i.. i i .1. ...i.i
Look at the relation wnat you nave to caru whether he lives or
Missionary Entertainment.
grease used by money bag politicians
to catch suckers. -s-l'ennsyiyrnia rar-
Happy Hoosicrs.
Win. Timmons, postmaster of Idaville,
Ind , writes: "Klectnc Hitters has done
more for me than all other medicines
combined, fur that had feeling arising
from Kidney and Liver trouble. John
Leslie, farmer and stockman, ol same
place, says: "Find Electric Litters to Je
the best Kidney and laver medicine,
made mo feel like a new man.' J. A.
Gardner, hardware merchant, same town
says: ''Klectric Hitters is just the thing
f .... i
for a inau who is all run down and oou t
dies: he found
The ladies of St. Peter's H. and F.
M. Society, Mrs. C. M. Miller, presi
dent, gave a public entertainment on
iV Saturday. Sept bth. lhe morning
uie i , i i i .i u
uawneti ciouuy mm i in ri inn,
rJ lie Same Old Trick. !IS nrwlucers, sustains to what you new strength, good appetite nnd felt just
. v. x-a fn n-i fnr tliH items which enter like he had a new lease on hie. Only
on as the Farmed Alliance etoPaHV
into your daily and veariy expense at
self a power m the land mys- J Have salaries decreased ? Has - ; t ' "
To be Found in the State,
After waiting some time tor the mam
exercise n ()f the aavKeVs. J. Q. Wei tz,
t.,ieJ,?,)' S. Hot brock and H. A. Trexler, the
1 V "w pustdr-C. M.Miller, by request of the
I Buy in
Large Quantities Direct from Factories
and Will Give Low Prices.
importance of elementary musica ed- l . spm(Hi afniA to venture
nation, for "whatever is worth doing nntJbat Lt er ifc briirhter and
at all is worth doing we I. ; the chnrch WJlg g0(,n file(1 with opie.
in the tiniest sense a ne w -ru. After WlitinJ? some time for the mam
our is on v reaiizeu oy me iuu
of every faculty natural to
and mind. .The impairment
natural function-or its loss-lessens . , , , the. chair, announced
I... I.i.f iminli flip fofilitv of the ex-I i p ,i i .1
mm " int i- - j - i hq ii w:iim(iint lopiit or t lie si ieaKei um
H M.M w Ea I . . i ... ".. I . : - ... ...f .. nit, : II iiiikii I l ' . . ., ' i
Ili 1 l III lC.O lSteilCe lO w hich a
WB .1 . !..:. ....1 f : nun Wvoa
were to oe uiniiinaitrn jiunt woi n..o
who shall estimate the cpnsequent
dwarfing of both bodily and mental
faculties? the lessened power of en
joyment? Few sciences have contrib
uted more to humaii v. From the ltfl-
As soon
made itse
. . i
tenons whispers and charges concern- iterest
ing its leaders and prominent members jower p
began to be heard.
Generally these charges took the
shape of vague heresay testimony,
coming from no responsible source,and
too thin and indefinite to be run down
and be promptly squelched.
All great reform movements have
thn-l-e.l in the same way. Their
"Wi'ito for Catalogue and Prices
Goods EictafBil if not Satisfactory. ,
Mention the Watchman when you write.
Havin'ff.crciitlv increased mv facilities for handling and
COAL tlie -coming season, 1 would now again respect
fully solicit anv and all orders entrusted to me, promising to
funtish you promptly with what you may want at "the lowest
liinrl-nt rvriro Tn nrdoi to ( htain advantage of the lowest sum-
...u.vrvv ... ...v ; quieting uithience and discipline 01 ui
mer prices, you should at once send me your orders. Keinemher; A "safeity-v5ilve,r it ipj a necessan
that I handle onlv the best arailcs ol screened oai, inciuuing appurtenance o
the Red Ash, suitable; for grates, "stoves, heaters, Ac-
Alsakeep oh hand at all times the finest grade of blacksmith
called on Prof. L. H. Ptothrock to con
duct the opening exercises. Mr. Char
iu Itiovvn dlivHri'il the opening ad-
dress. An essay on foreign missions
was read by Mr. C M. Miller; a lecture
on home and foreign -missions was de
Prf T. II ltoth rock: some
"J J. ... t
Liby abovthe cradle to the dirge alout of the gpeeches ana dialogues by mem
the bier, thrtmgh every phrase of hu- . of thesociety and a talk on mis-
man joy and human sonow, unnit 1B Uions by the pastor who had just ar
rived, occupied the forenoon. Ihnner
was now announced, and all went to
the grove and cat heartily of the good
things prepared. After dinner a very
encouraging report was read by the
ident. Next on the program was
by Miss Ellen Holshouser
and several young men, illustrating
giving. Then followed another dia
liriu hv twelve little girls, each re
peating a verse and holding
nin on a crown filled wi
Miss Emma Uideiihour and fouryoung
: 4K tf.jir
men, represenun me xwn, 'i
South and West calling on America
for help, awakened much sympathy
for the rwor heathen. But pi rhaps
the most" interesting feature of the
reduced ? Are taxes
Have mortgages been cur
tailed? How does the price ot land,
of wheat aud com, of cotton, of every-
thing you raise, compare with the
value of the purchasing agent, money?
Interest, taxes, mortgages, salaries and
professional fees are as high as eyer,
while wheat, corn, cotton and all agri
cultural staples are from 100 to 200
opponents have always attempted io per eent. lower. How can you nope
weaken the innuence oi uie leauers "j i for prosjenty while tins coiiuuion pie
' Is the Place to Get Monuments, -TomTDstones, &c
A lnrcTP stock of VERMONT MARBLE to arrive in a few days
vsatisfactiou iu every respect and positively will not be undersold.
Grranite Monuments
1 Of all kb"y a specialty
... C.:B. WEBB,
' Proprietor.
Mention the Watchman when you write.
H.u i,wt n:itnr:i expression ot emo
tion or sentiment. Its influence may
not be despised and its sphere-' is pecu
liarly its own. ,
In his admirable woik oiX "Theory
and Practice of Teaching;' David 'P.
IV'e says, substantially, that, though
not" essential, it is desirable to t he good
i...i,0r fhtit ho understand music, as
C4lf4cl . w .. .
..iww. hpc.nminfr an exercise in our
I u ii.-, iv - --r. . . , ,
best schools, with pleasing results,
where wisely' conducted;, that it. pro
motes good 'speaking and reading be
,.Miie it disciplines the ear; .hat it de
velops the finer feelings, and aids in
the o-overnment of the school by pro
viding a "safety-valve tor that restless
ness which would otherwise escape in
noise and whispering. ; - .
Admitting tlielruth of the forego
ing it is but hall the story. Nothing
aid of the value ot music except as
otor of other studies by its
influence and discipline ot the
l 1 . I lT.i.t-
a steam i iunei , imh.
. , l s . 1 1 I .
contributes nothing to the nioine
J 1 'A 1.. 1. I i. 'Ktkhl nrfc
r. is it true mat ioiv ni.-.
educational forcer' liy no
! Its thorough study tieveiop-
many faculties more lii'pidly, -more
thoroughly than that of. almost any
branch. Man ry, number, julgment,
accuracy, celerity, inventive skill all
these and more are necessarily exer
cisedi Music is a rare educator, and
for this season-not sts a "safety
valve'' for restless mischief, but for" Uie
. .O.i : 1 ... I
I guarantee fullest development ot the minu aim
for the growth of an appreciation ot
the more refined enjoyments of life it
rlnrvps si nlace amoni? the most nil-
porta nt studies of the common school.
But if we seek these results, we ma
not make "child's play" rjf this nol)U
pipne It must be taught as arith
- - f
making all sorts of charges against.
them. The surest way to defeat a re
f mu is to make its frietids distrust each
It is an old trick and an easy one to
work more or less successful. A wink
or a shake of the head when a man's
name is mentioned, an inquiry about
his financial condition, a question
about an alleged rumor, an intimation
that much might be revealed if certain
persons were willing to speak -all these
:ire laminar
vails ? . Are you so
blind that you
can't see that the holders of mortgages,
the drawers of sal ines and the receiv
ers of taxes are the ones most benefited
hv fbp enhancing value of money and
the reduced prices of everything it
buys. The drawer of a $o,000 salary
can buy three times as much of your
wheat as as he could when his salary
,. n..f.,l.l,'climl !inH hpnee it toliows
that it will take three times as mucl
,,f vnnr wheat to nay vour proportion
y . . . . i l j I i
ci ! ; r us h i a .at ion r it
j ' - --- - a
i dialogue
star to
p i. :
or nis
times thev accomplish their objects. sfrjkes u.s that we fanners are the most
.,.i .. ;f vohuiri's vpvv little ability. I .i.:., lnnrr-iniTiM-iin set ot fools on
;lim )cn in inj j ' i patient, ---r . . .
Iv a lack of scruple to work f..H ()f the earth to submit to tin
them. When every thing else fails, gt.lte (lf aff:u,s a minute. Just that
a pretense is made ot sympathizing the dollar you get for your products
with tin. obiects ot the reformers, ami
surprises expressed that the merits of
a. pr
day was twelve ot our tairest wrnug
ladies, all marching in, sinking "From
Greenland's Icy Mountain," and each
'hearing a letteV, which, aftt r repeating
their verses, they placed on a beauti
fully decorated cross, forming the
words, "All for Jesus," and marched
out. sinking. "All hail the power of
Jesus' name." After an excelh nt ora
tion by Mr. Charlie Brown. and a nice
noem bv Miss Lottie Urown, a eoliee-
l .1 f ,l,tl
... ... t:ikiMi. ;ver sevi-o uumuo
1 1 in ... , .
for missions. 1 hen loi-
lowed the closing address and benedic
tion. . ...'.,
The church was neautituily decora
ted, and the choir with Miss Lizzie
Trexler as organist, gave us an abun
dance of excellent music. The yoimg
ladies .specially deserve praise for the
excellent manner in which they acted
their parts. ' All pronounced the en
tertainment quite a success notwi,th-
. I .. . . .1 i ii r till. ll isnooointment of get-
SlilllUlM. .v, I " -
some of them have not been recognized,
ami the question is asked why they
have been kept in the background.
The Alliance is going through all
of th se direct and indirect attacks,
and its members seem to thorougmy
understand the tactics employed
t them. the enemies oi inn
reform 'organization will have
to revise tiun pan oi t.uii'-p
buys three times as much of them as i
ever did, but when you come to pay
your obligations of the above- named
characters it docs not go any further
than it ever did. Think over this
question and you must at once con
clude that the money question is the
one which overshadows all others, and
is the problem that must be solved and
that speedily. To .simplify the mat
ter, vou can state it thus as a matter
effect: Ik-cause interest,
t 1 v ' . 1 . 1
It is useless for them To continue mak- taxes, etc., have not decreased in me
..l,..r.r,. it' thev are not going to C:miP nronortiou as the value of agri-
....rmiPtbinir. The old common ' 1 1 1 1 r:t.l products ii the reason of the
. f . ni-ni i on sinned to. .f,r nf rl.p on c as and tiie
be innocent until his guilt is proved ,,0Veity of the other--banners Advo
Ik Ids "ood in these matters, and tbe c ite, Charleston, W. a.
lliancemeii are not such, greennorns
as to pull down every tried and trusted
worker for their cause the moment
ton-Mies of idle gossips begin to wag
a-rainst them fur there is a secret ami
fish motive back of all these attacks,
and the Alliancemen know all about it.
Atlanta Constitution.
What Congressman and where does
he live that has ever offered a better
plan than the sub-Treasury, or any
plan at all as a substitute for it?
Guaranteed Cure.
Wc authorize our advertised druggists
to sell Dr. King's New Discovery tor
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, tipou
this condition: If you are amiciea n
a Cough, Cold or any Lung, ' Throat or
Chest trouble, and will use tins remedy
a? directed, giving it a fair trial, and ex
perience no benetit, you may return imj
mttle and have your money refunded.
We could not make, this offer diTl we not
know that Dr. King's New Diicoveiy-
could be relied upon. It never disap
points. Trial bottles at Kluttz & Cos.
drug store. Large size 50e. and l.uu.
The New Version.
New York City Editor- "See here!
Don't you know executions by electri
city are the law now ?"
"New Man "Certainly."
"Then, sir, what do you mean- by
this old-time, chestnutty, moldy quota
tion, 'Give a rogue rone enough -and he
will hang himself. What do you
mean, sir ? We are not living iii the
middle agts." -
What substitute would you sug
gest? - , .-
"Say, 4het a rogu go on shocking
society and he will get shocked him-"-self."
Good News.
UlceratcU wire ith ;i xw.uM .son: of several
jfani' sl.niijliiwlwoli tie; I'lx-toih ihouiflit Incura
ble, aud amiiuUon v.m rouru.-n as me only n-nei,
th K-nl. s.:;ir. :lv al) M vv;i)k l.f for', liov lUU.-i
- .. .. 1... II Tt !
appoeniiy wen. 1 in; ur: m.un- .
and is-known tbrouKTmut suv.oin.ih as oi.e of tu ;
Kreatcur.-Htliat V 1'. IV. -tin; wouth-nut bl'XK.
lcloe. nas m uie.
Headache u realliy cure I by I'. whl.tli
tone.H and regulates 1. 1'; lireuon ana ucaiu an
TjppetitC. . .
The best sorlnc infdl:)n- In the World Is 1. P. P.
If you would be wed ami In s'""' Spirit u"1" '
. i ..... i . ..I ,,r. ... .tu 11 l:iL 1
I If we. ik ana i iuiu.ii i u j ii "
l T Ynr : snrln'' m-di:l I U( flir- aid U)U'. Up
ilia wncril allrriems of the s!.t iri tal:e
(Criokly Ami, Poke i:o"i ;n.o rH;:s mm;.
p. i. p
the speaker:
Plow Boy.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorial
Eucklen's Arnica Salve.
The bet Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Salt Rhoum, Fever Sous,
Tetter Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
C.rns and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles or no pay required. U
1 -v L'A nor
is guaranteeo i i," i..-.-
orlnonev refunded. Price cenLs per
box. tor sale uy i. r. i"- l" v"
The Lover's Lament.
Your face is like a drooping flower,
Swt el heart!
I see you fading, hour by hour,
led outlines waste away,
What power death's cruel hand tan
stav? , ,
" Sweetheart, Sweetheart !
Whv, nothing but Dr. I'ierce's Favorite
!-..,..... ;;t.n. It "unrarts strtMigth to the
-fail in" svstem, cures organic troubles,
and for 'debilitated and feeble women
generally, is uneooaied. u .iipe.s iue.
ajicholv aud m rv oivsness, and build up
oh flesh and strength. Caurantetd to
pve satisfaetion in every ra-e, r money
paiil for it refti'uded.
is a quick cure for Coma. auiiI.nsanT aro.
Jlilrfit.fs Kast Indian ( oni ivmi
tnns and Warts, tt Is jrrfat.
f r i.on.s. Bun-
An old nhyslcl-in, retired lo-in practice, hnvjn
had n!ac-d tnlils h.irids by an hut India niis-aon-
. . . . . . .. . t ,urmhtii ri vlv for
ary the lonnui.v i t;ui: " "-" - . 7
the sn-ely and pennant m cure of ('oiii.sumptloil.
I'.ronehltlii. laiariu. -isieu-.i .wi-
Inn" AffectlouH, ;do a jtoMi iv e -and ratllcul cuift
for Vervoiw Peblllly and ad Nervous i:omplu)nts.
lfter havlnir tested its uouih iful curative powers
111 thOUSitllilS or C.i s. il. s P li n inn uuij . "
it known lo his surferli. reUow . Actuated by thU
motive and a msiie u, ,e.;. ve uiit-iins.
will end free ot ch ir,"-, to :m whoucmtc n. mi
recipe. In oenna.r. Kren U or KnglWi. with lull dl-
recilons lr pic:t;ti in ana u.sii.i;. ui -j
ohln-ssliii; w Ith slin'i, n irnln t hhj paper, W. A.
Novka, i:u Powers P.ui:k. Uochcster, N V.
CWldrcn Cry for Pitcher's' Castori
2 ri
i f
1 1
u t
'- i
s if
; I'

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