North Carolina Newspapers

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i tie
NO. 10,
W'11 J " ."iJ'
i ins lit f r ffi hittt
llillt, LI
for Infants and Children.
Oastofl is st weTTadaptodto children that
I reoemmead It aa superior to any prescription
twQ to ma." H- A. Ascheb, II. D.,
r 111 Se. Oxford St., Brooklyn, II: T.
Castor. enreg CoTfe, Corjtipatkm,
Sour Stomach, DiarrbcBO. Eructation,
KIT 3 Worms, gives Bleep, and proaxntes J-
WiUkiut tnjorii
Th ns of Castoria ts ro unlversaPend
tta loorlta so well known that It seem? work
if reroeation to endorse it- Tew are the
tntltfamllles who do not kep Castona
- - New York City.
At Pastor IHoominsdale BetorBded Church.
Tbts Cswrirm
iotts medication.
For several years I have reewnraended
your Castoria, ' and shall always cootiniie to
do so as It has invariably produced be patina I
results. '
, EdWTK F. PlJtDEB, M. D.,
Tbo "vSTnthrop," 125th Street and 7th Ave.,
Iiw York City,
OttrAirr, 77 MtmaAT Strdst, Kkw Yoax.
If all the old year's days could speak,
I wonder what they'd say
The snowy days, the blowy days,
The flowery days of May ?
The summer days when shady ways
Were made for children's feet:
Yacation days, when for tliuir la3
The country was so ?wee?
If all the oM years' dis eonM speak
Just think of it awhik-!
Would their report bring bitter lear?,
Or the sunshine of a smile?
Ah, could they speak from week to week
Of honest work well done.
Of well used powers in study hours,
Of fairness in the fun?
Of thankful thought for kindness wrought
Where homes are rich and glad;
Of tender care to give or share
Where horae3 are poor and srA;
Of pleasant ways in dark, dull daj3; ,
Of little gentle deeds ;
Of earnest hours among heart's flowers
In plucking hurtful wecd3?
Can the year speak of patience meek
Where grief has stopped a while:
Of courage liold: for the weak and old
A loving word or smile ?
Methinks the year must pecm most dear
If thus its speech can be;
O'erful of joy for girls and boys
A year of jubilee.
Under dire;
:i-g on
and when he returned he was smiling
blandly, and his lips were moving as if
talking to himself. He didn't say a
word to hip. If he had I r.ould not
have repljed to him, as L was com
pletely knocked out.
vAfter that day 1 noticed a marked
change in Brown. He seamed to thaw
out to take more interest in life; and
I caught on to the fact that he was
writing private letters to some one.
One ihiy he added to my astonishment
by galling me -into hi; private room
and inquiring if it wouldn't be a good
things torus to pick up a silver mine
out in Nevada, providing wo got a low
figure and a sure thing.
"The next astonishing circumstance
happened n, week later. 1 was out on
the street at lluJO, an hour when every low suit, having a wife already, ljut he
man of the firm was iuvaria' !y closeted flushed up and looked confused, and
with hims-df, when I suddenly caught seemed about to declnre that he wm
sight of Jone going into a hotel. Be- going to elope, but caught himself and
liering myself to be the victim of an : g topped short.
optical delusion, I soon followed, and Ten flays had elapsed, and answers to
names of parties to write tcjind it was
agreed that if reports were favorable
the deal should b'-Jr-iosed.
the first tii-ie learned of t!:
thv mine. I hnd not only
site and k-uew the ip.'nv: t;
less, but had friends
ailet the f.ut.
firm, I wrote to the
rt a
Mrs. Aemple. Acti"g on my
judgment 1 also wrote to disinterested
While waiting for answers to th?c
T!ic Colonial Tlaiiters
i nation : ..itst n l'd atiimals, the occa
The following picture of our Colo- j wonal inarch ta.heip thettltrs f the ;
!niul forefathers, as faithful as it is - L i ' -
- ; ,
JU5T EHEIvTD, a 'full lino of Ladies1
Second stock of Fall .and Winter Dross Goods
just in. A -full line of Ladies'
and Gents'
- T)m H Aiil to sec my Stock.
Graijite and Marble Works
People of Salisbury and vicinity wantn
corfosDond with us. Estimates furnished
At wholesale and retail. Own-
tyj&ipzL ers of the celebrated
rlUUtdVILLt unAril 1 1
Keuees. t ina . Lrestinsrs, sc.
letters Hrown suddenly asked the two!
other members to congratulate him, as
he had decided to get married. They
had hardly done so when Jones an
nounced that he had also determined
on the same step. Smith couldn't fol-
I now for
" "i VlTHi,
in I he ; j it; ifitrii ftr tlii month.
: i nart nf :in :iiticle bv l)i. Kt'lUP
x v I
Hittle. Prof'-s-or uf Mhnrv
i UnivprsitT. ci: iii:-i
now invcit:.i; hi
our Statv ?.rn i--.
men nt the U)iY
? V 1 1 1
,-:": I
Yr': - '
Let Us
our historv
rrritten by som?
is in full symrwtthy with our ...chryacter
.' (i:fg
!.':- nt
hope th;;i
,aan a
)lttJ! Ill
as I looked about the office the clerk
beckoned to-me and said:
"Room 44 Mrs. Temple silver
She had been to the office to call on
nv letters were expected every day,
when I was ent to a town a hundred
miles awiiy on business which detained
:ne two days. Returning at 10 e'clock
on the morning of the third, I caught
anting monuments
Mention the Watchman when you write.
- .4.
S Haying greatly increased my facilities for handling and
storing CO A L the wming season, I would now again respect
fully solicit any and all orders entrusted to me,-promising to
'furnish you promptly with vhat coal you may want at the lowest
martcrl prtco. in ortiler to obtain aa vantage 01 me ioreoi eam
f finer nrices yon should nt once send me your orders. Remember
Uhat I handle onlv the best grades of screened Coal, including
itho Red Ash, suitable for grates, stoves, heaters, ivc
' I Also keep on hand at all times the finest grade of black sin
'coal. . r J.ALLEN SHOWN
it. - . . y
Ii tlL& Placa to Got Honunents, Tomtstoaos, be
A.Urj tVH arVfTRWOT MARBIJS to Rrrlro lis ferr oys I guaranty
BAtWactiou lrr every respect and positively will not be undersold.
Granite Monuments
' ' Of all kij a specialty
r Mention the Watchman whea'rin wrttv
aH0O n tm HP tiwmtrvt 17 YEAaJ f
laefltUM tat vcXta TOim Kim A5D yfoHwl for wnixxmjm
mx& aarlvalfi la
f. la AecMtaa: apon a
eixl for rbetr eMIAtm, PARENTS tW14 Bn4 tann THE BUST, fceeaase it PT. It
snsr reglr tso erpeAnr e?afw dollars nore at frst, but It will preva tho cheapest ln the i end.
CH HAP nltlm is verr dear, becamM it saeans ehesp teachers, chesp erirreaBdings, Inferior facil
hies, and offers KO pporttraitles for scaring POSITIONS tar its papUs and graduaus.
This Institution, owinrto its HIGH stsadardc? exeelleaee,haspjseed ia desirable posiuons more
younjr men and womea from JiarrTaad. Virglaia, Kortk Carolina. Boat Carolina and Georgia, than
all similar insUtatioas combiacd. Cstslo; se aad psrtlcalars maUed em spplicaUon.
Address, W. H. SADLER, President, and Foaader; er F. A. SADLER, Becretary,'
Ueatioa ifca Wau.tuia whtm y0 vrfte.
T am a vouncr lawver, and had the
reputation of being shrewd, and I do
honestly believe that had I remained at
the bar l might have been fairly suc
cessful, t had no idea of leaving it
until Hrown, of the;.firm of Hrown,
Smith & Jones, came to me and said:
"As you know, old Fos, our confi
dential man, is dead. We think it.
better to fill his place with a young
man, and 1 have to offer it to you."
JThe firm had a private bank and
dp!t in stacks. It also did consider
able caret irrsuTAnc, placed loan,
bought mortgage, shared notes, and
made .monev in other dignified and
ctabla ways. It had been doing
i . i . i
msmetf lor r.veniv vears, auu wtt
rated conservative and sound.
Th onlv curious tiling about the
firm was the trio com posi it. Hrown
was an old hach"i.o of nit v. lie was
tall, angular and homely, and the only
woman he i-.ould ct)dure was his land
lady. Smith was live yeais older and
married, but had no childreu. Ho was
short, fat and. taciturn, m ver speaking
to anybody when ho could help it.
His wifa never went into society and
Smith never entered a church. Jones
wks a little man, almost small enough
to be called a dvrarf, but with an
awful dignity about him. He was
over forty, a "single man, but was gen
erally supposed to be "looking around
There were rumors that some one pilled him "the Napoleon of toe
West," and if he had any particular
weakness, it was that of attending
Thursday evening prayer meeting.
No business matter, no matter how
important, cojild prevent his regular
attendance, although he took no active
part in the exercises, and was never
known to contribute a dollar to the
Having accepted the post I found
my duties to be almost numberless. I
opened the mail, sorted the letters and
attended to the correspondence. I
"checked" on the cashier, verified all
the balances, investigated all risks,
hunted up the standing of all would
be borrowers, and to a great extent ha !
charge of the entire business. In less
than a week I found that each one of
the firm had his peculiarity as follower
Brown would never open the mail.
Smith would never answer a letter.
Jo'ies would never sign a check.
It took mo a-eouple of years to fall
into the ways of these strange men,
but in unite of their eccentricities ihey
were very good to me, and trusted me
J- . 1 . T7 It'll
almost without limit, tiveryining naa
run along very smoothly, and nothing
whatever had happened to break the
routine, when something dropped from
a clear skv. Our private offices were
arranged so that l occupieu me nrsr,
which was also a consulting room.
Then each of the firm had a private
office back of that, and each retired to
it when not otherwise engaged. One
forenoon, about 11 o clock, while 1 was
alone in the front office, a lady entered.
It was rarely that a woman had any
business with us beyond the tellers
window, and I was considerably sur
prised at the presence of this one. She
was about twentv-tive ve irs oia, nanu-
some as a picture, and I soon had rea-;
son to declare to tnvself that her man-j
ners were fascinating. She took my
bret-h awny by inquiring if Hrown
vras in. So far at the legend of the
effic went, he ; had never vt been
interviewed by a woman, and I hesi
tated to. reply" to her direct question.
"1 have business of importance with
him," she continued, "and desire to 'see
him in his private office. It is the first
one on the left. I believe. Pray don't
trouble yourself to announce me."
She went to the door ai.d rapped.
Hrown opened it, and when he saw her
standing there he turned pale and stag
gered back. She entered and closed
the door behind her, and was closeted
with him a full hour. If I was dumb
founded at this action, I was almost
paralyied at his conduct as they came
out. He was actually bowing and
smirking and trying to be gallant he
the man who insisted that his landlady
should never employ a female servant
unle?s she was hunchback or cross
eyed! He followed her through the
room nd out to the door xf the bnnk,
Hrown and now she had probably sent sight of Mrs. Temple entering the Sec
word to Jones tcfcall on her. I would ond NationalJHank, where our surplus
have bet a hundred to one that Jones i was on deposit, and on which all checks
wouldn't have gone, even to close a ' c OVer Sl.OtXTwere drawn. It struck
deal in which thpre was a sure profit of : me that the letters written in the
$10,000, but there he was, sure enough, I name of the firm had arrived and the
and I began to feel annoyed arid tm- deal had been closed during my ab
easy. I vras at the office when Jones sence. I followed her in, and myjfcars
returned, two hours later. He not -were realized. Indeed, Jonesjcame in
onlv had a grin on his face, but he ; after me to identify her. It was make
i i .i . j. i ii
or nrcasc, arm as sue presented tne
check I said to Jones:
"Let her wait until I can run over to
our bank-'itiid return. IMr. Haspeth
felt so good that he actually whistled a
bar or two of a popular air.
If anything further was needed to
convince me that things were at sixes
an i sevens in the house of Hrown, (the teller), please-delay payment until
Smith & Jmes, the conduct of Brown ; a trifling irregularity can be arranged."
furnished it. On a certain Wednes- j Jones called to meand ran after me,
minnte lat. A3 if this were not rivinir at our bank I found three letters
enough he crne in looking flustrated I addressed to me from parties in Nevada,
and excited. An hour later, a boy J took time to read only four or five
brought a note which I carriea to n'.s hues of eaeh, and then, calling on
room.- It was addressed in a woman's Smith and Brown to follow, hastened
hand, and within twenty minutes after ' (0 th" other bank. We had a lively
receiving it he left the bank, evidently row I can assure you.QThe letters ad
to k-eo an appointment.- He had dressed to the bank made the mine out
hardiv gone when Jones came out to to be a big thing, butl those from my
me and began to discuss busmen mat- friends stamped it as a fraud. It was
tors. This had never happened before, finally agreed that the check should be
and I was reganling turn with surprise returned until turther investigation
and astonishment when he ooserved: could be made, and that evening the
"If we could pick up a silver mine adventuress skipped, to be heard of'no
known bv insiders to be worth a mil- more
lion dollars, and
130.000, it might
cut, eli
get it for about j I do not know how the partners et
a good invet- tied it among themselves, but I know
they had a private meeting, lasting
over two hours. Perhaps each oue of
them caudidlv admitted that he ha
matte an ass of himself, and promised
better things in future. All I know is
'that when the meeting broke up affairs
in the bank of Brown, Smith & Jones
I mumbled something in reply, and
- - .
lie took three or four turns across the
room and disappeared into his private
office. At 1 o'clock Smith came ill.
He had forgotten his u-ual dignity of
entrance, and w;; so absent-minded
that he hung up his coat un the wrong resumed their old-time routine, and the
hook. He fidgeted and then observed:" only allusion to the affair was made by
"I have bait a:i oil?r of mining Jones, who said: "ilr. Whitbeck,
property which promises greit things. am instructed to inform you that your
D-d vou ever hear of the Queen Anne industry and attention to business has
mine af Nevada? ' not escaped our observation, and your
I renlied that I never had, and after salary for the next fiscal year will be
sitting in a deep study for a while he $2.500." New York Sun.
-dso retired. He had evidently been . ' L .t.
to see Mrs. Temple, also. Mrs. lem
ple, then, was a woman who had a silver
mine to dispose of. Of all th men in
the world whom I should have hesi
tated to approach were the three com
prising our hrm. Ot all the penpi-
Panic to succeed iui mem I "iMu-iii
would h: the very last. I .couldn't
make it out. It seemed to me that the
natural order of things had been reversed.
Before the week was out Jones es
corted Mrs. Temple to the theatre.
Brown had taken her out for a drive,
and there were well-founded rumors
that Smith had sent her'a boquet. I
then eet to find who Mrs. Temple was.
No one could give me any information
Cyrus XV. Field's Troubles.
m . . SI I' I
' 1 he ingratitude of children otten
brings the gray hairs of parents in sor
row to the grave. The boys they have
watched over from earliest infancy
with tenderest solicitude, instead of
being a joy and solace to their declin
ing years, overshadows their lives with
deepest troubles and sorrows. Such is
the sad experience ofCvrus W. Field,
. I ! it. , T.l 1.
W.IO 13
known the world
over as the
Atlautic ca
famous originator of the
He is now nearly seventy-two years
old, with a reputation thnt is not con
fined to one country, honored and re
spected by his fellov-men and until
. . 1 1 I. ........ . . 1 t Sh... fa I rt VAIil.
beyond the fact that she was the widow rMiuj ii.m ... '
. . 1.1.1 fii.n A fw weeks aire lie had con-
siderable wealth, but it is now all gone,
of a Nevada mine owner, and that she
naa come east iur me i.u.jjw ., , f:r.ue u; some mining Pjy. . H wife, who had been his devoted
had char s and maps and diagrams of )anion'for ra(,re than fity vears,
lands and mines a"d to be we u, the
posted as to the business m hand. It . d afii lion progtraUd
was however, the general impression'"1" , . , . v .i
l a e w k sher or ventures,, the old man, an.l m a short to, the
will, a man behind her somewhere, and announcement bm Uom
,i ru ,a ili Rrr.-,. his son, the head of tvhat was supposed
it was turthsr told .me that urown, , ., . 1 1 c tl 1 u
SmiSh Jn, mdividnally and col- to be a hr.v.ns banking 1 irm. thrt h
. ... r t i j i i reo uireu a large sum or money to save
lectiveiy, were iniatuateu uu uer. , ... It i rnorted
I always wondered why she did ; that the loving father gave him the
attempt to secure mv "y k y to his safe-deposit box and told him
project, out, sat PiontuiY riuic. i" in t-Wfi the needed securities. It is
trusted that I suspected her or sne Rnn fnnk an the securities and
and civilizition. How
Yankee trickster and politician iiKe
Henry Cabot Lodge do us justice? We
bid Dr. Battle God-speed in his work.
The eastern planters or colonuw
aj-s were a race of striking virtues.
ait with many delects botn as to
character and conduct. They were
ligh spirited, brave, r.nd truthful.
hev yvere loyal to the rmglith cro'-vn;
but they understood their rights and
were always ready to defend theni. As
heir plantations supplied them with
nearly all the necessaries of life and
hey had a surplus sufficient -to fur
nish the guns and powder and shot,
he tea and coffee and sugar, the rib
bons, the laces, and other nicknacks
which the fair sex of all ages and under
every clime must have to gild the re-
fined gold of their natural charms,
they were in heart and habit indepen
dent. Trie country mansions were the
the theatres of generous hospitality
and kindness. There was not much
traveling when thirty-five or forty
miles a day over rough roads and dan
gerous ferries was the rule, but the
people were free from the feverish rest-
essaess engendered by our railroads
and steamboats. Visits to relatives
and friends on occasions of weddings,
natal days. Christmas holidays, and to
the great world at Norfolk or Itich-
mond, or the capnai vv miarojourg,
were productive of more thrilling
pleasures than the frequent and stale
modern excursions to soaside or to
mountain. These trips to the town
gave glimpses into the world of fash
ion. Theatrical companies aped the
acting of London and Paris, aud the
balls brought out powdered wigs,
bespangled coats, magnitudinous hoops
and gorgeous silks and nifties, which
would have passed muster in the cir
cles beyond the Atlantic.
The colonial planters were devoted
to horses, and boasted justly that they
owned scions of the best racers of hug-
land. They had frequent races, and
botlT sexes thought it no harm to bt
on them, the men hcavilv, often to
the impairment of their fortunes, the
ladies seldom venturing beyond a pair
of irloves. Foxes abounded so as to
threaten the existence of lambs and
nonltrv: orrcat hunts yvere not only a
sport but a necessity. These yvere
rounded off with bountiful feasts and
drinking frolics, thereby causing the
name of fox-hunting to be synony
mous yvith reckless dissipation. . Cock
fighting and gambling at cards were
considered respectable in these "goofi
h i davs. Urand halls assembled tue
young and the old for the stately mm
net and the lively Virginia reel, ,im
weddings wero celebrated with f'Ht;vi
ties which lasted for man v day. Thy
were a gay and fun-loving people.
The young men learned th? art o
horsemanship not only in fox chase
but by constant habit of visiting and
traveling oji horseback. So deep
rooted was this fashion that a traveler
of that day avers that he has often
8-en men walk live miles to catch a
horse in order to ride one. The use of
fire-arms war learned by practice in
hunting bears and deer, wild turkeys
and squirrels, and other game so num
erous as to seriously threaten the exis
tence of food crops. Shooting matches,
too, were common, the victor not only
winning the stake but receiving the
plaudits of admiring neighborhoods.
There was little or wnat we can eo-
a m SI
ucation. A few boys received colheo
training at William and Mary.
Still fewer were spnt to the great col-
dians, the rough, sports on hoise afi:l on
foot ail these, joined yvith watchfiil
criticism ami discussion of -their righwT
by charter i:d by inheritance, made a
e-u-dv. self-reliant, independent, proud
iiid daring people. Thev were as a
rule respectful to 4hos in authority,
friendly and courteous to their equals
kind and considerate to their inferiors,
but equally ready when angered by
encroachment upon their rights to re
sit fiercely, to avenge insults, to crush
insubordination even with cruelty.
Not So Here
Rarely if ever before in the history
of the country, has there been a iirne
when the proceeds of one day's labor,
or the production of one farmed acre
would purchase so-large an amount of
those tilings that enter into the living
of the niHSsea of the people. rPres
dent's Message.
The President in his mesange to !
Congress discusses the tariff law and
the effects of the McKinley bill, and
reaches the conclusion which we print
rom the message above.
But tho laboring classes can hardly"
see it as President Harrison has put it.
f they do, why is there so much com- .
plaint from so many thousands of
sources about hard times? Why do.
he day laborers all over this land bat
in eamestnes that they can scarcelj
ive and are really unaoie tppay tueir
taxes? V hv do thev-sav that-thev
are compelled to live harder and harder
every year in order to spake their hard
earned wages pay for the scanty meAlaL.
hey give their poony clad lamuitir
These constant complaints do not in
dicate that the "proceeda of one daV
abor will purchase any fair supply ot
'those things fcbai enter iota the lift
ing of the raasees of the people.
Then, vrhv do farmers of tevefr
grade throughout the land say that
hey are compelled tojcurtarl expenses-
and reduce hoswe luxuries, even wrier
their lands produce most abundantly r
Why does the large land owner sar
hat he will he compelled to lessen hi
force and let purt of hi land grow upr
or rent it otnr ny noes vne iraau.
farmer who does mcut of his work
himself say that he will have toaell
his stock and enter tnto some other
business? Why does the renter atf
that he must not rent anr mom, bat
give up his stock and tools and work
for monthly wages?
1 hese things do not look tike "the
product of the one farmed acre' would
purchase such an abundant supply of
"those things that enter into the living
of the mass" of thp people."
Surely -tho resident has not heard
the cry of hard times that has hAn so
common amongst all classes of laborers
and farmers for some two r three
years, or loi.g-r; and if he haa heard
it, to be sure he has attributed it to the
wrong cause.
Walk out among the people in a
disguise,- Mr. President, and try the
world as a common laborer or horny-
fhanded farmer a few weeks, and we
think you will modify your statement.
Scotland AVcA: Democrat.
thought she could yvork her cards
without my assistance. While each of
the three partners knew that each of
the others had been appreacbed on the
same subject that of buying the mine
neither of thm knew that the other
had been done for by her fascinating
ways. J nave mesuun-H i;iuu:im
for" stating three separate and distinct
First -that Jones expected to marry
Second that Brown expected to
marry her.
Third That Smith had become go
infatuated that he would have run
awav with her, leaving wife, business ; them mY feeL
auu an.
Well the proposition to buy her silver
mine came up at the business meeting
one morning. There was nothing in
the looks or words of either party to
lead one to mistrust that he had ever
met her or talked it over before. It
would have been proper to send some
"Xpert out to the mine to investigate
and rejKrt, but she hud given them tl)e
" Bucklon's Arnica Sal-re.
Tlio best salvo in tho world for Cute,
Bruises, Sores. t?all Kheura, Fever Sorea,
letter. Chapped rlands. Chilblains.
Coras and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures riles or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 rent per
box. For sale y T. V. KKtttz & Co.
The Editor's Delight,
Some inventive genius ha devised
l -
a new game, wntcn cannot oe too near-
tilv recommended. -It is very appro
priately called "The Editor's Delight,'
and is played in this manners Take
an ordinary sliPet of writing paper,
fold carefully and enclose a bank note!
sufficiently large to pay up all arrears
and one year in advance. Thdii, and
this adds very considerable to the in
terest of the gamer-send along a new
CI Tirirr orim imp tinu vni i i 1 1 i
leges or universities of England, but pu,J ul ? "h-'; "J
flTa ritpr nart were content w th CHSn- AWP an ee on me emior, niui
MV iSk i - - '
. . 9 1 flit "it
if a smile adorns hw face, the trick has
been well played, and found to hava
worked like a charm. Weekly Jour
lost them in' Wall street speculation
The. son, who has ruined his aged
father, is now an inmate of a mad
His physiciaae say the father look
forward to death as a release from his
troubles. Young Field has ruined
himself and probably brought death to
his devoted, but now broken-hearted
This sad history should be a warn
ing to all young men. It teaches les
sons that cannot fail to make deep and
lasting impressions upon all thought
ful persons who read it. The wise will
; heed them, the foolish I wiil trample
reading and writing and a little arith
metic. The writing was invariably
legible but much liberty in spelling
" a si lit
was allowable. Shakespeare spelled
U . ,. .ri nQv.iA in fniir ii : tformi t. witve
nnn hundred and tlllV years beiore. I yveakncs. Nnrvousne, IndlirfsUon. Rheums,tt8m
IUU mill. ic .u.l) yiuiuiiv nt v r- irw auu r. -
erful V. P. P., una then recommend it to joar
neli'libors. &ni yoa will know yoa bate Con
goopdrl. - '
... t m 1 i
and his examme of indepeuaencv was
followel in colonial times. If Wash
ington and his geuerals had not fought
better than they spelled, Clinton and
Cornwallii would nave shaken hands
over asubiucaUd country. In General
Sumner's will the country of "Isle 'of
Wight is spelled "llewhite." The gal
lant Murfree writes ot "legenary
coorsM (legionary corps). Uniform
spelling came in with Webster's blue
back spelling luok. The colonial gen
tleman was likewise, too. proud to be
willing to-submit hiniself to the strict
grammatical rules of the solemn pe
dant who pos"d aa the predecessor of
Lindley Murray.
But while there was little education
from book', there was a most valuable
When Baby was sick, sre gave her Castorts.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria
tVhen she became Miss, she eking to Castoria.
Wbn she had Children, aho gave then Castoria
Dsa Sir: This is to certify that I was a tnffertr .
wlta a plac on xay undtr )lp tor leorteen f sara.
ana was utiaf r (reameni 01 atnsrsas twiKtww,
bat they done me no good. I bad lost hop of b
In? cared br medical traatraent. t then w eat t a,
doctor living ia-Fionaa, woo irenvea ura oy arm.
After going to, hlni it got well, apparently, lr
awhile, but returned as bad as ever. 1 then coa
cludwl to try p. v.v. (Prickly Ash, Poke Root ant
Potassium), anp Alter Uklr.g Qve bottle (pint fluey
was currd. I atsw and It a good nvdtctn to give
trrxuX antM tlte. and to irlve oroDer dleeUon.
lours, ruosi iruiy. ... j. ai BittiLAnu.
1?rphli!fv Rhcumatlfim, Old Sores and UVers,
Scrottita ind oat'arrli nre exactly the discs that .
aro cured by that powerful medlGlne, P. P. r.
An old physician, retired from practice, hsvise
bud placed In his bands by an Kat-t India mlatiloB
ary the tormula of a etrapte vegetable rcinedj tor
the speedy ana permanent cure or (nmsumpuon.
training from the exigencies ox lite in I Lung AHecUons, also a potdUye and radical enre
n.,rr full nf natnl rpsonrerm I tor. Nervous UebtUty and aU Nervona Complain,
a country tun or natural resources, l -rtpr nv,nc.,,?tpanB wondermi curative nowsm
but reouinng for their development j in thousands of case, has reit it ms dty t
. ' 7 7 i , i , -J1obl I It known to uls Hullertng fellows. ActuatM by UUa
incessant watchfulness and incessant moUse and a desire to relieve human snfrerluc, I
TIip r-irrviiiT tha chain and thp will send fi'sj or ch4rge. wall who desire ir.tnu
toil. lhecarrynig tne fpcpe.mnennan. French or English, with fall aw
com Pass through thickets almost llll- rwt tons tor pterin nmlusln;;. SentbymUby
V ii i l adrtretii.i,' with Rtamp, naming llUpsrr, W. A,
, . . . L ik I M tr 1 1 c r . Miner w n'la. . . T . x . . v . r
peiiciiaute auu, awneiiio iiu"-v iaio- i oYissi, S20 rowers liioct, ivvnter, . i, .fr
aablet the felling of forests, the de- ;---7-r
feuceirom Uootls, the war of externii-J WVWfCn KiT ,W rWtST5 VWia
. i

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