North Carolina Newspapers

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'- SttioMl litiws-L. L.PoIk.pwsiaent.l
,,lor.t, Dakot J. II. 1 ectnrJr, I
i:e,,ur,r, Gvofgia, J- ,
i . is n a i
riinTvn N. "C:;" W- S. U.irnes, secretary,
jfciiiriUH. . , .
I.ertnror, iv i
CalHirms County X. V. ITMcman, presi
dent, "Concord; Dr. J. S. LAffert-J, scere
tary, Concord.. ;
" mvi'ln ai.iy-R.S.Orcon, president,
Jimes; V. -A Lindsay, fcecrettiry, I ho.nias
villc. .
CatavU County t. Wilfong, nn-si-rlent,
.Newton; J. T. Herman, secretary,
Kcvrton. ' -
: , -
ff '. C Reform Press Association.
I Officer J. I- R(3nh prrt'lnl; Marion
Jtut'ler, tice-presulenf; S. llarnc, sec
retary, ogrclvo Fanner, atc oran, Kalegh N. C
Itnral Home. .V 'ls4r "'
'I'arljoro, N. C.
lountoin Hoin''-.lourn:il,
Asl)"viim, N. C
Goh'iiboro, N. ('.
Trlnttj t'otlete, N. C.
Hickory, N. C.
Wlnttakers. N C.
AllUn:e :ien'iiiel,
(Jountrj LI to,
' 3 tattle r.
Each of the chore-named papers arc re
queued to keep the Hit standing on the firnt
pane and dl liters, provided they are duly
Uecfrd. A ny per failing to advocate tU
Orala platform will be dropped from the
Ul prompt lit. Oilr people can -now sec
that papers are published in their interest.
Tiie If intcMsviIle'McetiH4j.
Gorrospondcnco of the Vk.itciiraan.
It has been a great pleasure to me
. for tlie past two years to write up the
quarterly 'ctjuuty Alliance conventions.
' One of the reasons that I will give for
.always making a good job , of it was
that 1 have always before Ibis occasion
'been a consumer and 'not a producer,
but this time I had to become a pro
ducer and the other fellow a consumer.
I now see very plain howeasy it is for
the editors of this State who are the
self styled friends of 'Hie. farmers' and
Jaborers to sit 'in their office and tell
. the Farmers' Alliance that they are a
set of sneaks and thai they wovrld live
to see the day they would be hissed on
the highways. Tell them money "was
plenty if they would walk after it and
that they .were too lazy and they must
stick to their party, stop going about
, with third party petitions let m crack
-the whip, holler negro in the wood
lile, set your back band forward and
et your plow in a little deeper. L say
' can see how they can do all this and
iave an easy imp, for they are con
sumers ana not producers, and not one
hi them out of a thousand would know
i which end of t,he horse to liitch the
fdow is they were sent to the field, and
he mass of them have nojn ore sym
pathy for the fanner 'thau. they have
knowledge of farming. But I have
tfot off the tr.ick ar little. Thursday
the 14th was he. regulation day fcr
the meeting of the county Alliance
,nnd my home w4as the place that had
been 'selected. I ot up my flour" and
- blackstrap and sit down, folded my
arms-and Ffelt that I was ready for
them. On Monday before the meeting
I -imagined from the movements about
the house that the larder: was not full.
1 kept quiet all day Monday, stayed
about home and talked ? bmit garden
ing and the 'scarcity of money and all
about eeonor.iy. Thursday morning
Mrs. R. asked me where the beef was
To come from. I told her Mr. John-Bin-
wuuld'be in with beef. All was
(Juiet until 12 o'clock, when I suddenlv
picked up my hat and told Mrs. K. I
niust go to town. She had me then.
She says, yon ought to get up some
htove wood, and we are out of sugar,
hnd there is no butter and you ought
to get 'a cake of star soap. 1 knew she
wa looking for company and wanted
io take that old kit of lye soap out of
the company room. As I was getting
out she said you must get some soda
-iind you ouglit to get some rice or grits,
. Jy this tinre I was hitting the grit in
.lohn Gilphi style. Some of the goods
I -deliverd and some of them I deliv
ered abont the same way that chairman
Smith will deliver the vote of North
paroliua to Yir. Hill next November.
Wednesday night's train brought. a
fqujnd of dflgatesV Thursday tnorniDgV
i rain brought a conqiany "and by 10
o'clock h bataliion had come in by pri
vate, conveyance. Notwithstanding
' the drenching rain that was falling at
10i30, the puty Alliance was calkd
' io order, iti, Iluntersvple high school
building, Ivy iVesidcnt Vail, An adL
dress of . welcome delivered by Prof. II.
X. (jrey. Although not a member of
the order he is in full sympathy with
the reform movement imd will" le in
thprocess.ron ncxt'Novc'mber- 'T-resi-dent
Vail, in belialf t)f t he county -t
liance, replied 'in a f hqrt, well timed
ppeeeh. As Prof. Vinson was expected
iit 32 o'clock the large crowd was en
tertained until tliett bv random remarks
Jroiu Prof. M cElroy II. K. Keid, J S.
iJ.azx Mooreviii-: President.- Cl. H- A- hu-leg'ih-s ami visitors were assigned
For .ev, Caiawb-i: V.-Pres , E. A t nu'TK' ! hom.-s" for the night. The Alliance
Klmwood; Secretary and i rca3urev J. u. if. metl unti, S:30-Frid:iy morning,
fliinwer. SHhslniry. . ti . .:., TUraAnv wain
fflWI'-a -PP-1- A" -busing ore
j3I.icKn,er .u, i . president, the Alliance was transacted by 11 .60.
'Kami ETrcUry After the Wl breaking the delegates
" Vivv Cif m A
Davidson and others. The 1 o clock
fr-iii fnWftA tr deliver Prof -Vinson.: A
j pre;l(f nnd' everybc re-
waiatled to order, ihe door closed.nnd
. , tf) which ftf H delegation
answered. The reading of Jho min
ntP Kronnrht-iin some unfinished bnsi
utes brought'up sonic ununified bnsi
Iness which was gone .through with af-
. " . . i 1. I.k
tnrnAAn Srvinn. At UVe OdOCK uie
Tlie business was all transacted in a
harmonious business like maimer. A
request was made for all who stood
firmly on the Ocala and Sr. Louis plat
forms to rise to their feet, and they
with one accord ros.v If that looks
bad for straight democracy we cant
help it. Some of the New York He)--aid
editors of this county ought to have
sent word not to do so.,-.Some smart
Alex has said that the Alliance would
see the day they would be hissed at on
the highways. "The Lord pity the his
sing committee. We would rather be
a chimnev. sween in a bankrupt town.
I think we will have some of the dele
gates back before the next county
meeting here. I noticed Bros. B .rnejt
and Morrow, of Pineviiie, goin off
wiping their eyes. It is sau: tnat tuey
were heard talking to some of the - sis
ters about brother! V love, household
d t.ui-lr ntr t ;no t nino
the hosiers can note and it is this:
Some ot the-.sub-Alliances reported
their number just double what it was
at the January meeting. -
The next county Alliance will meet
with Davidson Alliance the second
Thursday in July -at 10 o'clock:
Davidson Alliance, take due notice
and govern yourself accordingly.
Richard Razor.
News Bri fly Noted.
The Massachusetts House of-Representatives
has passed a bill fixing
ten hours as a day's work for railroad
liaron Fava has orders to return to
his post at the Italian Legation in
Chief Engineer Chas. E. Devalin,
United-States navy, who was placed on
the retired list five years ago, died sud
denly at his residence in Washington I
yesterday morning.
The Arkansas River Packet Co.'s
steamer Joe Peters, which left Gar
etson Landing, Ark., at -noon Friday
sank in the river about forty miles
south of that city. The vessel with
all its cargo is a total loss.
A.Washington dispatch says: Ex
Gov. Hugh S. Thompson, of. South
Carolina, called on the President this
morning and formerly tendered his
resignation as a member of the Givil
LServjco Commission, to take effeetJMay
lo. lie has been appointed comptrol
ler of the Nework Life Insurance
The Question Settled.
"Why iloes a man's hair turn gray
before his whiskers?" asked a man
waiting his turn 'at the barber shoo
the other night. "Eecausehis lrair is
about 15 years older than his beard,'"
responded another customer waiting to
be served. Was his answer correct?
It is an old question and has puzzled
many. The theory that the difference
in the age of the hair and beard ac
counts for the variation of color ap
pears to be a very plausible one.
Websters Weekly. ' .'-
0?t the move
Liver, Stomach, and Bowels,
after Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets have done their work.
It's a healthy movement, too
a itahcrat ono. The organs
are not forced ipto activity
one day, to sink back into a
worse state the next. They're
cleansed and fesrulated mild
&nd qaki Without wrench
ihgsot griping. One tiny,
fiugar-c6atcd Pellet is all that's
needed as a gentle laxative ;
three to four act as a cathar
tic. They're tlie smallest,
cheapest, the easiest to take.
Sick -Headache, Bilious Head
ache, Constipation, Indigestion,
Bilious; Attacks, and all dc-'rangcrncnts-.
of the Liver,
Stomach nnd Bowels are
promptly relieved and cured.
nfnns S.2,
- o ta aati-'baidhs and Rnti-TrsT-i
chrnid be r-lthont. thp-ru Thai? wo
dumbusme, billons eoUo, andres
emodt &ro wondcrfnlln their clTscta rv
la LTtzins tlio system ot biliocsrxssO
I J3erllbed brcd.Iem and sistern, de
stibiec db dis etenin's discourse unj aba-
rice m other wonw, stinginess.
I Dars lots ob stiniy ft dies in ebery
kjermunity, bnf de wust cae of abarice
ebler I lieered of was d:it of a man in
Alabama. He tril ter piwn a coat oh
W and tedders dat had been presented
ivr inm oy ins usigii.uwrs.
j Y has hecred oh an udder case dat was
moAas bad. A -chile dr.rnk about a
riint ob kerosene by mi fake, and his
ittnauer. wiio was a tuiguiy ciose ou
liian, ran, a wick dovn the chile's froat
iind'ijsetl dnt infant for a lairifi.
I Yhs. .breddern and sistern, dars
gen Herman ob my erquamtance who
.im :tf eared tobny a lead pencil, bekase
lie caii t be puuectly shore dat .'Jo lead
reach crar fru it.
! Dar's a man hbben in western Tex;is
who Paris grcenedNi is tater bugs ter
deff, and den he rake up dar cereals
rind dried em. out obera s!ow fire in or
der ter git de Paris green on ten em ter
siell it back drug stpal
! De tiny man is allers miserable.
If he walks around he trimb'es when
he remembers dat he am warin out
!iis shoes, if he sits down he wears
oiit his nants. aad dat makes hiVi wish
he was dead.
! Fashionable folks are not all berry
extravagant. If yer looks into a ball
room yer can" see for yerself dat de
wimnien folks cut things down ess asTbf the'people and facliite exchange.
low sis possible.
Some ob de rich men am as close as
de closet. I read in a paper dat a faith
ful workman, engaged in some kind ob
extra dangerous work, hurt his hand
mighty badly.- When the doctor was
tendin tor do hand de foreman came
in a hurry and says: "Sam, what time
was it when yer got hurt? I want ter
know when ter dock yer wages."
Man ain't de only stingy animal.
Hit's true, man will run arter a dollar,
but de dog will run arter a scent.
Heahl Heah!
At de same time I don't berleeve in
a man hein too generous, for de horn
ob plenty will soon empty unless hit's
corked wid ereonemy.
Don't be stingv wid- what don't cost
yer nufnn, sich as perliteness and good j
ad w ice.
When you am in do" temple ob c!e
Lawd yer should cast aside all stingi
iiess. Don't bo like dat feller when he
is asked ter sing Ole Hundred churns
off Ninety and Nine, bekase he wanted
ier make 1 per cent, anyhow dese hard
Deacon Snodgra?s will please pass
de hat. Remember dat de Lawd lubs
a cheerful gibber
Texas S if Lings.
yA. Case for Compromise.
! l"C.h aides, dear," she remarked as she
noured his second cup of tea, 'Hell me
about the dodo, won't you please?"
: "About the what?1'
:"The dod."
: '-Dodo? dodo? Well, lealiy, I don't
know much about it. The 'dodo, I be
lieve, was'a species of waterfowi, now
extinct, or nearly so."
Is that why they are so expensive?
"Eh? Urn I don't know about
that my dear."
"But they are quite costly, aren't
"Weil, really I can't say. I don't
suppose they can be obtained at ail, or
at least not read1. 1 v.
"But what do you do wilh them,
dear, after vou purchase them ?"
- "Eh? What's thatv"
"Ilow do vou use iliem?"
"For heaven's sae, Nellie, are yoni
going crazy. Use what?"
"Why, the dodos, to be sure the
dodos-that you have been buying
"What do you mean?"
"See here. This little account book
fell out of your coat this morning as I
was brushing it. I am not a bit cu-
rious, Charles yon know that hut 1 1
just glanced-through this book, and j
couldn't help seeing that you've been j
buying dodos right along. Look!!
'Drinks and cigars, sixtv cents; dodo,'
82.30; dodo, $1.90; dodo, 3.10.' Now
it occurred to me that if you buy so,
many of those extinct birds you might
at least give me a chance to see one of
And thereupon that noble fellow
pressed his wife to his bosom, imprinted
an 18-carat kiss upon her brow and
promised that- he would bring home
the-aext dodo he bought, provided she
would surrender the account book and
agree to keep the matter a profound
secret. Chicago Mail.
0 -S
Its "Wonderful Effects on the Liver,
Stcms-cli, Eowele unci Kidneys.
r For Biliousness, Coustipation j;nd Ma
laria, take Lemon Elixir.
For Indigestion, Sick and Nervoua
Headache, take Lmon Elixir.
tor feleeplesaness, Nervousness and
Heartfailure take Lemon Elixir.
For Fevers, Chill3 and Debility, take
Lemon Elixir.
Ladies, for natural and through organic
regulation take Lemon Elixir.
-Dr. Mozley's Lemou Elixir will not
fail you in anv of the above named dis
case?; r.ll of which nrie from a torpid or
"diseased liver, stomach, kidneys "or
Prcj-ared only by Dr. II. Mozley, At
lanta, Oa. 50c. aad $1 bottles at drug
gists. -
A Prominent Minister Writes.
After ten years of great suffering from
Indigestion, with great nervous prostra
tion, biliousness, disordered kidneys and
constipation, I have been cured by Dr.
Mozley's Lemon Elixir and am now a
well man. Rev. C. C. Davis,
Eld. M. E. Church South,
No. 28 Tatnall St. Atlanta, Ga.
A. S HEIL10.
Attorney L.t 5Lxcrm
OiRce in Davia & Wiley'3 bank building
comer cT Main and Inniss'streets. Will j)rac
tice in Courts pf Rowan and adjoining counties.
Prompt and careful attention given to tl bns
iness entru?ted to me. Snccial .attention given
to collections.
"Tlio Conference Platform.
The following is a correct copy of
the platform adopted at St. Louis by
the labor conference:
1. We demand a national currency
safe, sound and flexible issued by
cue Ken -rat government only; a inn
legal tender for all debts, public and
private; and without the use o bank
ing corporations; a just and equitable
means of circulation, at a tax not to
exceed two per cent, as set. forth in the
sub-treasury plan of the Farmers1 Al
liauce, or some better system; also, by
payments in the discharge of its obli
gations tor public improvements.
a. We demand free and unlimited
coin aire of silver
b. We demand the amount of cir
culating medium to be speedily in
creased to not less than $130 per capita.
c. We demand a graduated income
tax. .
d. We believe that the money of the
treasury should be kept as much as
possible in the hands' of the people,
and hence we demand all National and
State revenues shall be limited to the
necessary expenses of government,
economically and honstiy administered.
e. We demand that Postal Saving
banks be established by the govern
ment for the safe deposit of earnings
2. Your sub-committee upon the
land plank, beg to submit to your ap.
provii the following: The land, in
cluding all natural resources of wealth,
is the heritage of all people, and should
not be monopolized for speculative
purposes, ami alien ownership of land
should be prohibited All lauds now
held by railroads and other conorations
in excess'of their actual needs and all
lands now owned by aliens should be
reclaimed by the Government and treWl
lor actual settlers only.
3. Transportation being a means
of defence and public necessity, the
Government should own and opejrate
roads in the interest of the people.
. Thw telegraph and telephone,
like the posted system, being a necessity
for the transmission' (f news, should be
owned ami operated by the government
in the interest of the people
While some parts of the above ad
dress may seem at a mere glance to
make partisan political distinctions,
yet upon careful study one will clearly
se? that it is non-partisan, and further,
will be impressed with the truth of its
promises, and the ability of the com
mittee who framed it. It 'was adopted
with only a few dissenting votes! and
the platform was adopted unanimously,
and received with -great applause. The
conference having completed its work
as a representative body, aud adjourned
sine die.
Simple in Construction. .
Pcrsnaaent in Duration.
3::isily Applied. Its Skill
ful Use Quickly Licarned.
p The Elect ropolsc ia ar. instrument for the
T5ASE1) on new theories or the cause and cure of
dleas-c, 1L c'oals v 1th the electrical and magnetic
conditions of the bocy and the ascsuriounulng It
In tlie atmosphere, contrulllnsr th-HC conditions at
will It m vet rl-etrici'y. I'iskask Is simply 1m
nalred vlta'.ity. The Klect ro;otse constant ly add
t ihe tj! a'.lty and only assists Nature, in Suture's
tcajf, to t t;row off Hit; t rouble.
A -Si'-p ipe hCKik". decerning treitment and con
tas'nln testlmoiduls from all H' Ctlons, and for the
cure of all dise.i s, mailed free. Afdress.
Washlr.irtoii. O. C. Cbariesion, S. C , Atlanta, Ga
come to you with a small atluir
that you may need, lii England, the
Continent aud mary foreign countries,
myself and wares" are well known.
Many American families in their re
turn, from abroad bring my articles
with them, for they know them pretty
well, but you may not be one of these.
Confidence between man and man
is slow of growth, and when found, its
rarity makes it raluable. I ask your
confidence and make a reference to
this Journal to indorse that confidence.
I "do not think it will be misplaced.
I make the best form of a cure an
i p i i -i
uusoiuie one tor mnousness ana
headache that can be found in this
year. The cure is so small in itself,
and yet its comfort to you is so great
20 minutes being its limit when relief
comes that it has become l)ie marvel
of its time. One and a half grains of
medicine, coated with sugar, is my
remedy, in the shape of one small pill,
known to commerce as DR. HAY
old in the markets of Europe, but is
new to North America. The price is
as low as an honest medicine can be
sold at, 25 cents. Send a postal card
for a sample vial, to try them, before,
you purchase.
C3 Fulton St., N. Y.
Mention the Watchman when you vriu
A Dcsirablo Wife.
A voiindriSitGJish traveler, while "in
urcett 1 mi to marrv her d-.inghter. xue
EnglisHmnti replied that he was not
riehl enough. The old gypsy woman
lau lined and stnu:
Y!iktJp''t ricls c4iou'di in tlie land
ot guiheat tiy, wiui o iiccom-
ale ncia, had heroine deeply attached
a vdnnsj ctrsv :;r!; itrQ imn-ncr
be a ni
i i 1
Froffi birth ia'bpy can own property;
at s.'ve i, lie is; i; ustelliKenf. an-wer..-
ble forici iiUK ; tt foiirteeii he, tf neces-
sarv. ebuld choose bis tfnardia:i s.nd
could tion tract !!ia:ri;-,e: at fourteen be
! js punishalde , for a f?tTsdeuieanor; at
eighteen he is qu:ihked ur m.iitirv
serviceis: at twentv-one he mre.v-declare
himself ifidependent of his father, and
is thenUdd enough to vote; at twenty
five hefis t-liiribb- to Ccnure-s; at thirty
to the tnited States Senate; at fortv
to the presidency: at fort'ive no is
exempt from militiirv duiv.r
i , 3sv.rr' 4.
II: B. Haauolpli.: P.rusv. vritci: -I vr-s
under lite c.ife vi rdr.e rtif-VrenT d-x-toi-s, t..f. n..f
one fijl i53 the good iioianic; lilcod Balia ha
done !:.."
IsTk :i zs'v i rr"! 'Si'rf.'sl
i xs. 4-. -- -r?." - : -' - '
h .; -i .-.'p. -J,yt - - -:. .'. ;1
m- y ,
- . -n z. : -.
r ,k t
-:7 . '. .y
'J - t-f
VP vi V. 1.'
r.. XA "
k---.- a;
i s: 1 1 r t
r'-: ,.
.-V -a -.
: ;? I'- .'
y y
...V-.: ..1
.J -Tiff f "r- t i-
-v -r. .... j-v'jc;
sold bj t, r. kut : z .t o.
. .'.ri.-i-
Li - -. f
- i
m-y2 ; !- f &-L:
; s n.;.'--v...v.-.
i i
r a
Bffi Mk
isW Fhtefj
4 53 ii D l? ."! ffQrl I v. -:-: s. l!air.I.l- crrrvatt:ro or the S;Mr.
ii 14 'H -'-t f'--'-."? I eh.l-.-i eel, i:ip.!oini Ois-aw. and all d. furu.;thr.,-.r
W V-j Li .1W A fj.? jj ' j li'-' li.-ri.ts, Ariiis. an 1 iYn, radically cured.
fcj aV? r-rv:t-'V' v"i ?f- a?J--k1'-M S-:pc:;!-i u-- !i;ir. Wlno MarUs. : d-s. .c . naln-
P?.. v'v - Vy-iTw iH e . V. fJ A R K :-.?, M . t-. ' ' N .' lo-rry, riaslivllle.
People of S:i lisl ;:ry an viciiwly .wniit-ing lnonmnents should
correspond with u?. Est i mates ftirnlshed gnUi?.
! M-r"i'i: t :-.o V."atehmin v;l-r. yo' write.
iteam, Air and Vacuum Pumps, "Vertical and Horizon
tal of every variety and capacity.- -
1 -
'u r . r '--
1 V-vA "'3
r - 1 .. -'r o- '- - "
Washington Iiifo ins. Co.
- January lsrr, 1S02.
Asset, : - - - ' -Reserved
for pnHc'ie?, N. Y.
Standard A er cent., ntW
ali .liabilities, - . -Nevr
It:?ir:vnee, 1G&1, -
Outstr.-dinrt fnsuntiire, '.-
$il,459,C2S 78
- 11,032.520 25
u.7r.,o.u '
- .5SO,C22
Paid t'oiU-.v-hoidfrs in 3 SI? 1 , -v
Paid PoIii-v-hoIJers since or-
ganizatiun, - - - 20.G.13.554 rf
Income, ISVl - - 2,G84,135 74
Assets Invited is Follows:
Loans pecurtu by mortgnres ea
l-U-nt F..-tp.t;-, tirn tit tu, ;
New York I'ity bomls, ; -
Un oklyr. sviucr bunri., -
RichiiKinJ. ( V.i.) bonds,
Lo.vus tr Pc-lit-v-iiuidtrs on Co.'s
Policies, -" - -
Co!bti-raI ioans.
Real E?ls (."est v:iiK', -
C-t?h i-i b;:t:kjUitl tr:ct Cb.'s.
bitert-st ;u- raei, promiuiirs dc
krrvtl ;oi;l in.irausit. etc.,
??,r,41,102 02
'271,812 50
273,739 34
2 '7,7:S'
11,459W8 78
For agrnek.- x oihr jiartuul:irs, a idrcss
.ks, L. AAM:'. iixntc A?t.,
Durham,. N. C,
Planters' Warehouse.
Tlio un-liTiignt'tl t:vko pleasnrc in annonn'c
inu. to the tobacco fanners of Rowan and ad
joiuivp; c(-ii!,tios that thty have o-.encd the
i'i.ANitUrf' WAKF.JiofSK, opposite the Court
iton.-e. in riMi: f-urv, n
vciir ;atroii:-.-'e.
'"'r.? it.ioc;ior: ill be sjHu-.d t, u,nke
your crop? t r.njr the vt ry Ingacst mark.-t prices.
(.t o i Fi.iuics tor hurst.ii ami Rood ruuias
ii; pniir t'l. receive c:Ul3 frm ail our
iiHMt'i anu ine purine jeiicrHUv, we are.
Respectfully, f. Ii. HE ALL,
JNO. BE A ill).
Capf. T. B. Beal! is the pioneer warehouseman of
Kowan eounty, aud has a thorough knowl'-dg-af:
tuo bubluess. W.31Q,
Morfolk Alliance Exchange
11 and 13 Commerce St.,
. jzorfblk, Va.,
Owned and controlled bv Alliuiicemcn
j for hatnlling produce,
I on t sell i.H'foro writing for
ii I ars to
T T 1 ( i n V " 11 r
V. O. B x 212.
n y? v y 7r.jJXX5z:2& who have
i. 1 ii i- Uv.i-i ..:..cs, ,c.a .S. N-urai'ta,
'N ik s-"!'.S i-roru-,. and l-vdnfi! Mci.I
s. s '1 t; vi ;i s?. ru Hot., I'iS(,ruc'i" and HUpi-;rr-
ir V
as M t'n- o;,;o and u. t
is ur.Tjir-ss l.c'.ioM". i;-ea. i tc .
lor V. xs boiK oi- i.iKi:." (se.,1
fr-'' 'vl; 'i p ii i
i :iri.-:o !o;,b, t " r J i i : : t (i Kxncrl. n.
.livliti !.-i::iriti!-b .ma iiom-st ito.r-is.'nt.:lil:.r..s
N . Ca- riy, Nuhvilb-, Tcua.
V- TT3 TtT.':y,!,0.-?ft,V,KAK' N K:'v. DEBILI-
S$-i tS j'H'ii . i- tril:.-d ai.'ay ti.elr , .ucr . ;
g ;;o!Y. MINI) ::d MANiiOOH. f-acs-
AiiAA :vr to: ri.-'.- t.-r.d.-s ux.n t I.e vr;:s ' r
lif-, n.-a'!a.-h'--, !: t ach-. Un a.. nil
F'l'Ca:.- s. :-. :,-. ' f ;,!. -Usui y, rijiph .-. n-on in-;
:: fiTccls K.i'lir.r lo co-iv iv
O !.! w:,.;.l'..' m ai- I r. sa ::;:..'. m-ii,: ;(..r 1-OvK i J-'.fj:,
( 1 1. .i; :n ' v. 1th p;.ni -ui.irs ol a home cur.-. Ao
r-.n,- w ;"!. Oil. PAaKtti, .'M .ttierry "5t . 2ia.Hli-
v "V.-'N mea aud wom-n sufTeriit'
.;!( r.iriii ( en ixic imsKas;.:'.
r.- a tr.-'ailse on their af
d) fr; . and learn how thr v -v
, !.y v.-rlfl':? !. i'A IJI-'El' C f.
i .
C ri
'A N . . ".. i ; .. t, N-.siiv'.i!.', 'r.- :-i.--. !!'; ;-
iii.ihy :! .sr' ra :e.r-r us. J'itajse fciate -
tojUhh' a:1 I ii.. ! .'?c :: ''il.
M. ;;;, I a; ,. ati f.iiii!; v hen vou write
wrl' e
on !-cr
T. L. ELLIOTT dvan7
CHAEL0TT3, 17. C.
Graniie and Marble Work
Ait AViK'lefcal'.1 aii'1 retail. Own
ers of the eelel-i'ited
in heueil county. Agents i'or
Fences, Finals, Cre: tings, &c.
Segular Horizontal Fiston.
t. 'y Jt3
f V. - .?'"-- '--
, tj . :, r '5T, ---"N Vi--yr --'-v-i;- r -'
f ' . u-'t ; - - - 1 - -i ---" i a
The most simple, durable and effective
Pump in;.- the" market for Klines, Quarries,
IteMneries, Breweries, Factories, Artesian
wells, Fire duty and general manufacturing
purposes. 22T&-nd for Catalo-ue.
iooT OF EAT 23d rni-K'r NV.vt VciiK.
Condensed sMsedu'c livx-ir-t Pf h
. . . "-1 ,
l.v. i!( hraor.i1..J.,..,
Hurkt vine ......
Keysvt'.Ie... J
Ar."ta.nviil-' j ...
recnsiorf)-'. r..
Lv. Go-dsborr..., ...
Ar. Ualfiijii
Lv. Kali.K'li . : ....
IJSimPV. ... i
Ar. (iie(nsito ;
!.V. WlaS' Oii-Sii.'K'.'U :
Lv. Cir-.'nft'HMo k . ...
Ar. Sallab'ujr:
Ar. StnesviUe.i.. ..
" liairSprl'igst ...
Lt. saiteoyry.. . i. . ..
Ar. CJj-iitiorie . i
'ivt-;iTbel.'... ..
" i ....j. ...
Lv. v"!i;iriolte
Ar. O-iluict.4.1
- ' i
i'. ? '.
I' i
I.1 T'st
- 5. -5
ue.ista ..
I'. 1
Lv, Au-i-.ta
" coairabia
Ar. rt! a riot iu
Lv. Atho.ta ,
Ar. cbiu'iotte
Lv. olf-iTiotio
Ar. Sabsy.try .
Lv: i.'.ol su-lrr-s ....
" As;K' i b' . .
" MfiTi'siMile .;
Ar. s i'1s.!.;ry ..... .
hv. ai is l. '.
Ar. Or'uu..-;ioni
Ar. ti!SHt;-S::.'i m.
Lv. t. rt t'nsj.r.'j. . . . .
Ar. Dur".)rtcir.-.
it tariyi,
Lv. s-h.
Ar. uoutt'-i-oro. . .
Lv. Orrci
1 a iivi . . ...
" Kcysbb
U'lt kr li'.f
" llUCat'iOWi.. .
- 0 IS.
U ci '
. 4 '.''j
1 in
i ;-,
4 'T
1 Dai:
ai .
Wa:-!ii!'i ri o;.t s;;ilr-v
; u. nv ' ea :s- ' r n': ,
lira oi.eiuJ-it I'euvo'.'a
I 'm
1 V:,.i;i
' r ;t.
-i' r.
; r. c.
. .w
! a. m., Oit-ens- ro 7.l- a. in , s;).j.i.
for 1 cnanocte .4.- pv. ai nv. s . ,-...
; tiiriibiv. !cavr -r ia:.t:i ji ; . .
ohl arrives Dan a. tnTlM. ',
V. aat.-'.jt-jv. s. a. u. 'I'hiou
New Volk to' . m,v nrloans, .t:- n, t-
ton and Menip-ts, !a Ati,u:ta y
No. s, leaMi-v "-ioblstr'; v. I". c. ,,i
Civ p. m., dat; . makes coi;:.. t Urn :i ! a; i V,"?-
ror Oxford ana Kesvblf. 1 ULflaI .
No8. 9 and 13 connectjit Kichrconl frcrn tin t
West rolnt and Balilmsre Call exctpt snnUi
On Trains v aad lo, lul:;r..!i .,.,r.
!i"t'U Atlai i i Jit. ii Now .ik ; 1,
smhI A!tii4tu. ;! d (irci nsL(.io ...
Liioxt lltf. i . .11.
ua liii!i.l : bi't'M 'n b! '. i .
I'ali !r'! aud i.nx risl'or . ar, i :
IS l. I'At;. '.:vv (,,-:. 'V.
Ma 1 iiiVKb , -aiislinr;, . w . '.-
SiCeOflS In I ..' Mil ;,Sl:l tM.:: ...
L. HKi.KLI.V . v . ' .
fcuitiii'. r'l r.f, a. ( ,
.nit-, ;. c
W. II. tJKti-.V, .1 : . ,
(til. M:' m r,
i i mi ! ;a;
S:L I i A AS. : lai. Atgr . Atl.o
) am
i "ii
T. I. Yin
h r your
-' "rk-
1 alio -
: whavintr atTd
' " v ,
Ven ,uu! t,-r
i i'l; and sl:,;ii
iivmg and nair-cutti;.;;. i -; -
.rp r.c.ors ataj. t.:,. .
ipoot:'.!.;; a : j i ( ia1: .
I .-id ics an.
siiarr-tn 's
Give hiiii
iiildnri at ii, ::
-tii ,
;ors at ironi
vail. i
t ' ! .
e. i
:.r !
it r 4 , A JL 1. 1 ' -
llt'"Ml:!s: :. Oaaill.
'I. i.isr..
.- : i.i.
..' . ;i
,;t.i.::'i1!u:.and ' . : r
- ;r. "y
i - ' V
! ?j(.r,jr u-,...,..
! ' ' .
I '
t. ilil, i v . A i ;-. 'tUii;
O-T" S 3C 2Z2J GrXTXf L 1321.
At tends A.o Uailroad Constructi'm, Hur'tfs,
n.nd ; of Ileftl I'stato, K , ; -et.
Wat; r tr.-. T'aMs for the I'rt iiii i.f
vvt in-
, kv-.; :u; a'.Vvi is to-tiiv ! :if M
.d' Mii chinerv. "nTTuirijr M:1' rl.ilvi-..
" h'tf
nil kin ir
Raleigh, N. 0.
O 7
Orjru-t! of the N. C. S!
Ivlit et !.v (.VI. L. Itt i ' ' I k
J T ' i'
r 1
1 pi
ii i
Vf!:i lif
vrar m -!';
kept iM-s to-1 he usr.:t!
1 1 O' l l
I hA th-- Wat'-hman wi
s. lit to
tiew-u.ersbers at i.;'0 f r'1 loth pj
lserj vm. -' ril u(r.v., , -!.;v. .
Crv-tt?, -n: T!;v!e.-Mar'.-;! -.-.!. - ..i".-,".::
ret 'a'in.'.iir coyluctr-'l for Mcr .--a-c """3
Ov OFrisc is OeoiTC L'. S. r.'.T-NT.0rf,
fti.d e o!iiH.'uif pa:'ni '. -L v
re-..:, f.-o:r. W.-ishfi:!;feu. . . , .
-fc-;.-d r.iod'.-l. ('rawhiT (-r j ""'1-. " L',"rr't
tioir. Vv'e advi, if it..!.!.-,!,!.: r t - t. j
Che.---'. Our fee n rt due t;1 ! " " c' r -.'u
A I'tw ph let, "How tat'f ! I
ra:.. -s i-f i. tn:;l cli -nt.i iu y" -V . '-'-'J
tOtou, cr-.t,-fre. Addro.,,
Or-r. patent OFncr, '.vaeh
UBvf5 Pi OH
,!,f-' - A- -AfSr '
f ii-. - , -I'm
iff v y
n . -si
r- .
1. k t"J
1 - i
k V r? ;n t 1
f v

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