North Carolina Newspapers

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NO 16.-
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"Dr. Saniucl Pitcher's prescription for Infants
ond Children. It contains ucltlier Optusi, Jlcrpliiao ar
other Narcotic substance. It is a iicumiicss Buitotuwo
for Paregoric, Crops, Soothing Syr:;ps, and Castor Oil.
it is jeasant. Its gzieraatco i llnriy years' use by
iriilicns of -.3Ioicrs. Cast or la is i lie Chileii's Panacea
tlic Mother's Frieiitt.
Better than grancbr.r, better than golcr
Than rank and titks a 'thousandfold,
Is h iealtliy tody and a taiml a1 case,
And simple pleasures that always pli-ase.
1tfer than gold is a conscience clear.
Tliough toiling fur bread in an liumble sphere:
Hetter than gold is the sweet repose
Of the sous of toil when their lstbors close.
littler tlmn gold is a thinking mind,
Tbat in the realm of buck? can find
A treasure surpassing Australian ore
And live with ihe groat and good of yore.
"Better than gold is r peaceful home
Where all the fireside characters come.
The shrine of love, the heaven of life.
Hallowed by mother, or sister, or wife.
However humble the home may be,
Or tried with sorrow by heaven's decree,
The blessings that never were bought or sold,
And center there, are better than gold.
fWia-o'.w?:i adapts tocV.alroTjtir
r If- 1-1'-. ' " "
::i h". ' iz.ori fit., -'-j n
Theicof .'Gtor!a' is fo OTiWrsal and
U, xntr Wdl knoTi thi-t it a wo:
f surjufvrfatioa ta eiukrso it. 1. -'W ar t.iO
taUiliffient faralliea vrho do not kot-p Catena
lAin-wui rewi."
,-, .-:r t It
"For EOTorc.1 yars I hnrc rvomrr-ndac
your CaRtona nr.d sl:Cl a'-vavs rontnuo tc
tia go as it Law iavai iauly ro-iaceil bcasilioiafc
ETn:r F. arrr, 'I. P.,
lffili Stroc-t aad Tti. .r 2,'ow Tort City
Ki& r-r."d
" W p p
!3 Gil El"
kid p,M.Tl a with p-ent J':kfji'l-;i '.r t';? Ci:"-" (i
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IT ""S A Ii:'"V you Dv-r j'oiiTppif asl faw
fly io ii't t'.in lf-st value iu V'-l" incnty.
K!-ojj:'!;"';--v if y;;r f 'ven - r. i;Wrc-:a.inir
faea. t no; prices E.cli;vi, i tkusaaaj
If ill tf"tM.V.
Srra..., L-yi-'' li'.i; Iwvcm .l;wk. ot-; :
$ TM, 6 l i.'.Ur SvrrUingt, R'i.v
X'-rcde ttt h.-re t-li-e r.l! t
K 3f
11 v ci Q i Q- i '.-5 i' A U;j
...! i si ai (':-si: vvee
luii ' t : V ':'0. -j 1 1- d ciuoes costing
J" 'v :;io?ttv!isl,easy t.i.4 "lurulstM slif.s aver soli
f . u -.-.i.'e. '1'hcy equal j2j iiUiivrtCvi Eiioes cciiiua
f ' v, r. H to R12.
ri-o. ,j.-l'i"if!-S5:r-e, rr'i-n hr f araers ec-1 all
-17. ;..: .-s vj..- v.. lit f. (-'.'!V li:-.ivx caJf. '.ir.;
e- i ,i. -. I.--:! .- ,--, o.wj to vi'viii ia, aad vUl
nswihan susv .'.. -r j.:skc. Thi-.r ar j:?Ah for sh.t-
i ie.. "Jcj lucre f: .g Eulc3h-W tliat worfciatfnictt
. trriftn'n'' tni?(.,if. ' -
iB;T,. ,vv! J ana Vonf'jft 61.T.'5 Scliosl
t'-i '" .I.oCjt &vo v;- ra L; t'u: b:J"S t;-i -.
Klit-re fhc ii-b. ! ! j'-al.;. .'-r-t-r.ola :if Usrl-x j.
fi ' linn:' ?vcU yi.'fO, -
,"tiiseo r.rev.vlc ttiv Lent : teuvjU c r fine Calf, aa
nTirer1. .iKt? arevi-rv t--tyl:.-h, fHi;.ir; p-We find dura-
f r rir i.'O to ".. ';i .vik. v wecouoniizd i
i. -1 tc-.tvvtari'-P :' J-jl::f thu.out. -
'-lKf iOK. V.. I.-. j.'J.;iUs' 11'iT! 3 .mtl Tr'CO 19
etyin-.K.l on thoJo'.ti- of-t'uc,h iv O':c for i6
wh'-i V".-. hr.T. ujvof i!t.uK r'!-.tto v.f i":to
Fti'ute rtr-r u&X or '. hera. c Ku'.wtitutlr.nsny
lran'iuTtant ft-;;-' t- ;.'ur.:c;:; .o l iaw lur ol
W. 1,. JUO;ai.fc!i, ii-fcc!itua, ills
f(, U... ..-.t .. , ......
".i -,-w:U live i-r.r j w.;ar f:r i-O-
From our regular correspondent.
Secretary Carlisle h;is made it a rule
to sen everybody tbat called on him at
bis office until this week, when after
much deliberation he came to the con
clusion that his pjorjiiscuous cull--rs
weie taking up so much of the time
that should be deroted to weightier
matters that it was his duty to follow
the President's example and deny him
self to general callers, -and an r.n-
ouncenient to that "rffect was made.
It i easy euoub to see Secretary
Carlisle if vour business is of a public
nature, but otherwise you cannot.
Theoretically it seems hard on 60 me of
his callers, but practically there was no
other course left for him to take. In
the prcpent state of the country the
ofticiai.dut.ies of the" Secretary of the
Treasury "are of the highest impor
tance, more depending directly upon
him than upon any other member of
the cabinet, and John Griffin Carlisle
lias never shirked or neglected hisdu
tr, although he iias often found it, as
he probably does in this case, more or
less painful to perform.
Democrats were surprised when
President Cleveland left VVahin-toii
for a few, da vs of rest and recreation
a! I!oj4 i-b:n-l, -Va.. without appoint
inr a new Public Printer, as the term j
tent, will have the manliness : to. print '
his latest order, directing the examin
ing bnnrd of the Treasury department
to increase the minimum for testing
the fitness of applicants tfor appoint
ment as chiefs of division from 75 to
80 per cent?
Secretary Grebam ha-i received no
j ofiicial communication 'from the Chi
nese government giving even the
slightest intimation of the intention of
J that government to adopt.nieHsures to
J "wards Anieric.ins residing in China be
cause of the Geary exclusion law, not
withstanding numerous more or less
sensational statements to the contrary.
The opportunity was too good for the
sensation mongers to lose; hence the
As was generally expected, the Pres
byterian Gener-il Assembly found Dr.
IJriggs guilty of heresy.
Dr. Brills Saspaaied
Washington, June 2. When tbe
Presbyterian General Assembly con
vened as a court at 9;30 o'clock there
was a notable decrease in the attend
ance, both on the fl or and in the
galleries, last night's vote of 383
(against 110) to sustain the appeal, out
of a total vote cast of 4fJ'J (to utiin
208; to sustain, in part, So) having
been the climax of the meeting of the
The members o!i the prosecuting
committee were in their accustomed ;
places but Prof. Brigg partv was rep
resented by Prof. Francis Drown alone.
The moderator first, announced the
com mi tier, the appointment of which
was authorized last night, to formulate
an expression of the sense of the As
sembly as to the vote taken upon the
appeal from the judgment of New
York Presbytery.
The co-jmittue was given leae to
retire f )r consultation and the Assem
bly, as a court ridpurrted to be recon
vened" at tin- call of the modeiator.
Th Assembly tiui: rosnun-d the
consider .tiou or leg-sl.itive bu.iness.
final judgment of the Presbytery of
New York is erroneous and should W
and is hereby reversed; and this-'Geh-"
eral Assembly, sitting as a judiciary in
the said caue, coming now to enU-r
juugtuent on the s;;id amended charges,
finds the appellee, Charles A. Brigg.
has uttered, taught and propagated
views, doctrines and teachings, as set
forth iii the said charges, on trary to
the. essential doctrine of llolv Scrip
ture and the standards of the said
Presbyterian Church ia the United
States of America and in violation of
the ordination vow of the said appellee,
which said erroneous views and doc
trines sti ike at the vitals of religion
and have been industriously spread.
"Wherefore this General Assembly
of. the Presbyterian Church of the
United States of America, sitting as a
jutiieatoiy in thi case on appeal, doe
hereby suspend Charles A. Briggs, the
s iid appelee, from the oflice of minis
ter in the Uresbyterian Church in the
United S'.ates of America until such
time as he shall give satisfactory evi
dence of repentance to the General
Assembly of the Presbyterian Church
in America of the violation by him of
the said ordination vow as herein and
heretofore found."
Who Fired tho Earn? .
Detroit Free 1'rcss.
A barn had been burned in the su
burbs, and a tramp bad been arrested
tor having set fire to it. After- most
or the testimony was in, the prisoner
was permitted to make his stateftieiit
"'Your Honor," he said, "if anybody
set this barn afire it was the prosecu
ting attorney
Tise-prosecuting' attorney was on
his jr(t in mi instant, and the tramp
heid up his hand yppealiugly- "Let
me j-oni:,"' he said, and the Court let
him yo on.
"Didn't ynii," ho said, addressing the
prosecutor "ihroTv a tramp -nit. of your
ei-oi;d Rtorv window yesterday even-
Highest of all in Leaveningr Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
of Mr. Palmer, the incumbent, expired j 0iajriU!111 iiak.-r, of the j ad alary com
mit t.e reported npoti the coiup.-nut
za1 by
. Win I'tff. I.nfsvm-r. M ... v :ii"-: I" s af
rHit?l wttli i'M. ;n:'! lui.-: ! :, tlw ).-. oi .m
. ;a iiiit ino lei for Pi.ii' y.;n 1 - . ! w m in
on-inc ati'l ' u ri-.l icf-e't i t inr. j-tit r..'Hi-l
MCUrp-ilrilil t lii.-d Dti: inu; V,',: i I i'. lia. !i- Si"at:t
tuc'souiufniiii v,r-li. 1 :ua veil Ui.wa bore-.
'i r w x -
(J " Z ...
"X w 1
i h A r
SavaniiaiiCa., April irJ,.18S0.
Having used three bottles of P. P. P.
fwimpure blood aiiUf geneiitl weakness.
"Mid having tlevived great benefits from
tile Same, having gained 1 1 unds hi
'..freight in four weeks, I take ttrtt pleas-
re jn .recouiiueiiding it lo" unfortunates
like' Yours truiv,
-.. Ofliee of J. N. iIeE!ioy,I)t uggit. f
trl.tiid:, Fia., April '20, iiSil. )'
lUcrs. lanpiuaii rros.avaui ah, (ia..
Dear Ssrs- 1 sold three totttes tf' i'. P.
P.. Isn Mze vevtcrdav. and one tMlio
iulj size to-lav.
.The PjP. P. cured my wife of riremua- T .
Uw wnier betore last. It caa.e l aciv on
tir the jMist winter, mid a half boitic,
tbOOsijc?, relieved her agaiiijtuid she i;as"
t kad a sy tnptoui smkmj.
I J4 a bottle of P. P. P to a frieud of
it,na nis mite gave 11 a teaspoon
t, xta in the evening, and UieTit
lllow tnnjfd over lik? he v. as dead,
t cext morning wns up holfcring and
"tb. . - Yours respectfully. -
. ' ' Savannnii,-(ia., 1,1-SiM.
ra. Lippman Bros., S.'.vaniiah,(.Ia.:
D'-ar Sirs I have snu'ered from rheu
matism for a long time, ami did i,il find
C;ire until I found l'P. P. .which eoin
pletely cured inc;. Yours irulv,
18 Orange St., SuVau-nuU.
A lleliabie Person in Every Town
to tke-.the Kxclusiye Agency
VI the
World's Columbian Expo--
sition lHustpatedr
CrcU Opinrtnnity 1 Jlaka Xoaey fjr
the Nest Year.
Ono "Chanca in si Liiricf i sssc.
'Inclose 15 cents in stamps for Samp
. y oil full pjaV:ieuU"irr.
FCti- At!. Cf-cy A!.!J EK?S O'SSASES -
Ti,,.; ,r..w'.l I f f
j ...:it l'i.-i i-f.i -
K f-rpori'L. jlccS', eczi..-.3!.
A t., 3 Vy 'T-
e OEI'T 'riH iZZmxt. $
several weeks ago. Whether right or
wrong the failure of any cue of the
score of applicants for this ofine t
'get the appointment is taken by many
io mean that none of them wiii get it,
but that. it. will eventually g" to some
o an who lias neverjnane or probably
even thought of making an applica
tion for it. It has been rmno'ed for
several wet-k tbat ireidciic Cleveland
!ihs been m .king qn'tet inquiiies of
some of his callers about various men
who li::d been r-uggested to him for the
Commissioner of Pensions Lochren
has decided, after mature consideration, j
that; to carry out his policy successful- j
y in the Pension bureau he must, have j
new chiefs in every division in the of
fice, and the present chiefs, some of nrp notm-iouslv inefficient, will
all have to go. Some of them who
have made fairly good records will be
allowed to remain as clerks. Some of
these chiefs, although they are Repub
licans, havy influential Democrats try
ing to save their ofiicial heads, but.
Judge Locbren says he .intend' to put
the office upon whet lie considers a
strictly business basis and that no
amount ot influence will change Lis
f IVlllts 1 v.ona,
by t h" com-
3"b& do -jron stiS'ey
rcatlcrlns lit--! mlratlv vrtueax tbm
ronsciy i3 as j-oir -liana y
fiiii IJw m Pis
Gfrtii ppotMTS.T i-r-tntrrc ell tti'.j trfubl;,
c -ivihlc yea to :jt. at. tl Cr-ost yar leod.
jirivci'.i I;c;;' :k 1; 2ca i iurnrt i:n
pf"oyt"ir.nt c i: o t-o "x'-iafU you bavoTi Uc-k tocll. -i'rlca, w
Cures all Female CJompUints and Monthly
irreTilarity', Lcucferrlioiaor'Wliites, Fain in
Back or Sides, strengthens tie feeble, bilda
up tba whole system. It La3 cured thousandi
tnd will euro you. Druggists have it. Sead
153 AU-n ST., GillC.C3, ILL- Y.&S&iCUrtrtii?.-.
That "inexperienced young man,1"
-I Comptroller of Currency Eckels, is very
r I vigorously administering the business
connected with bis office He says he
intends to put a stop to national banks
being used to bolster up outside wild
cat financial sen tines that would have
no standing or credit whatever were it
not for their supposed connection with
national banks. Nobody knows bet
ter than Mr. Eckels that it is a big
contract thnt he has undertaken, but. if
he succeeds he will certainly be a pop
ular man with the solid business-inter
ests or the country, which are natural
ly opposed to the dunfmy muskroom
financial concerns that always do so
much to demoralize legitimate busi
ness. Mr. Eckels emphasized bis posi
tion on this question by telling Mr.E.
A. Mears, the president of two M. Da
kota banks that failed this week, who
called on him to say thaL he expected
both banks would resume , business,
that the banks would not be permitted
to resume, and further that no ruiion
A bank with which he (Mears) wa
connected would be allowed to begin
business hereafter.
llow many of the Republican papers
ag ilriftt tin;
which was no: sustain d
mitice. The leport w; s auop-t u.
At 12:5 ) o'clock the vien. rai As
sembly took a recess till 2 o0 p. m...
previously adopting the report of' the
crir.mitt(!e on bills and over'ure-, r
afiirmmg thedeliyerauce (d'.t'.ie As.-em-hly
of 1S'J2 on the insjur.tuou ot the
Holy Sc;i'tuivs.
The committee appointed to tlx un
on Dr. liriggs1 sentence have agreed
upon their minute, and will r -port at
the opening of she afternoon sc-ston.
It is understood that Dr. Ibiggs has
refused to make any compromise ami
that the committee will recommend
that he be suspended.
At the afternoon sessim of the
Presbytnau Assembly, Uouei no.
i Craig convened the Assembly, as a
court to near i.ue m-jjwiu vl -v...
nrittee appointed to prepare the ex
planatory minute in the Brigg casi?.
Uev. Mr. Hoyt, cliairmau of the
committees before making the report,
called upon Dr. Biker, ciiairnrm of
the sub-committee, sent to interview
Prof. Briggs in the spirit of concilia
tion, to report the result of tint inter
view." Dr. Baker said the committee
had honed that Prof. Briggsvould say
somethuig which might relieve the
tension of the" present distressing con
dition but this had not been realized.
Prof. Briggs stated his irrevocable de
termination to abide by the declara
tions made in his address before the
Assembly in his defense and to con
tinue to teach the doctrines there
'ihe prosecuting attorney said he
, j hat can.;. lit a tramp in his house about
evening before and had
safitiie prisoner. "That
was me. 1 went, out on a shut roof
that, almost broke mv nect, and went
o o cliici. the
iiivd h.:n thr ug'.i a window.
1 ll.tiik-- .
on down whery t lit on the hired gir
she inadii a
and scared her so
break f..r the back yard, where sne
started a stray dog so that be started
oit wuh'a
in' uci'ii :i noiiceman s u
.setting him.
"The policcm m made a svije at
him wiih a club, and hit a horse stand
ing bv the curb-stone, and he rah
siwav. In the street h
wl for th.' st.eet, rnnniug
policeman's legs and up-
teivd a crowi
f woman and :the:i scue l a horse
hitched to a milk-wagcn, and he lroke
for home and there scared a cow, awd
she ran over ;. cat in the stable yard
watching a rat-hole, and the cat went
into the barn where the lantern was
hanging, and the hmtern was turned
over on to a pile of hay and set it afire,
and the man who ought to have bean
there was down town trying to catch
the h )ie tint scared the crowd that
scared his horse that ran away and set
Progress cf the South.
The week ending June 2d presents a
creditable showing in the formation
of new industrial concerns. In the
cotton seed business activity has been
especially marked, as five new com
panies are announced that intend
building oil mills. A new cotton-mill
company is announced and other in
dustries are well represented. The
principal items of the week are the
following, taken from the Baltimore
Manufacturers' Record :
The Bayou Lumber Co., of Camden,
Ark. with capital stock of $5,000.
A C0,000 electric light plant at St.
Augustine, Fhu,
The Standard Fruit Co., of Fort
Valley, G.i., with a capital stock of
The New York Mining Co., with
coal mines ia Maryland, entirely re
organized to push developments.
The--J no. U. Darkness & Sous Build
ing, and Mining Co., with a capital
stock of 'o,KK).
The Beeville (Texas) Oil MiJImg
Co., with a capital stock of 25,000 to ;
erect cottonseed oil mill.
The Brown wood (Texas) , Cotton
Cuinpr. ss (Jo., to erect plant';,; capital
stock oG000.
The Goliad (Texas) Oil Mill Co., tc
erect mill ; capital stock $20,000.
The Bryon City Lumber Co., ot
Houston, Texas, with a capital stock
of 2o,(HK).
The Planters' Gin Co., of Sin An
tonio, Ttxas, with a capital stock ol
The Valasco (Texas) Oil Co., to
erect, mill ; capital stock if 2 0,(KK.
Th" Perfect, Copy Holder Co., ol
Alexandria, Va., to manufacture; capi-taTstock$:U-0,00O.
The Mouiidsville (Y. Va.) il and
Gas Co.
The Meridian (Miss) Machine
Shops, with a capital stock of 20,000.
The IliUshoro (Texas) Water, Light
and Power Co., with a capital .-lock ol
The AT Marx Picture Frame Co., of
New Orleans, La , with a capital stock
of 10,000.
A v30,000 company to build cotton
oil mill at Crockett, Texas:.
A 100 ton cottoused oil mill at
Meridian, Miss.
The Croctaw Ice Co., of Denison,
Texas, with a capital stock of 50,000.
Tiie Niiler Bros. Fish & Oyster Co.,
of Sanaiifonio, Texas; capital stock
The Dublin (Texas) Cotton Bind
ing and Mfg. Cj., with a capital stock
of 650,000.
The Kenton (Tenn.) Creamery Co.,
capital stock 5,01)0.
half-pint. The liquors sold at three
dollars will cost half that tnncb at Ihe
distilleries, hihI will be the best obtain
able at that price. ' -The
Governor said that since he baS "
been investigating the subject he had -discovered
two things first, that'very
little honest liquor is sold in thi
State, most of it being compounded li
quor: and second, that the dealers i
this State have been using vessels front
two to eight ounces below the require
ments. He said that hehad also dis
covered that nine-tenths of the liquor
sold in this State is from sixty to nine
ty per cent, proof, when it ought to be
100 proof. It has been watered, M
well as doctored, colored and ugared.
"The whikey that will be sold-' by the
dispensary,'1 said he, "wilLdie from
twenty to thirty per cent, strongwr
than that now sold, and there will be
an absolutely honest measure, rikI an
absolutely pure article. I have col--lected'abotit-iweiity-frve
samples of li
quors from different parts of the. State, -
and when a chemical ar.alyis has bt-en
made of these we will sbow the people
what kind of stuff they have been
He stated that he was convinced
: hat nine-tenths of the whisky sold in
this State is not ovjer two orthree
months old, and has not bad time to
get mellow and lose its injurious prop
erties. When asked what Jie thought
about ther opposition -to Jhe establish
ment of dispensaries in the various
counties, he said: "The duly sun will
evaporate aJI that, and be fore January
the' will be established in every one of
the counties'
The Governor calculates that therf.
will be nearly a million gallons of "li
quors sold by the dispensaries, mid the
net profit will be not less than half a
million of dollars for the first year.
the barn on fire. And that's how it
happened concluded the tramp, with
a long breat h of ivhef.
A new cotton mill
Laurens, S. C.
The Columbia Smokeless
der !
Will ci
ich have b en criticising Secretary
CarlisD for lemoving Republican chiefs
ofl division and-inserting that their
D '-mocvattc -Wwssors were iucompe-
At the request of Dr. baker, lro
fessor Brig gave him the following
autograph letter:
Washington, D. C, .June 1, luJo.
Uevrtxeorge D. B.r, chairman, etc.,
Mv ''Dear Sir: -In accordance with
your" n quest 1 iuu-by state that your
com.nitt.--e called u.:n me and asked
it I bad anything to say to them res
pecting ril" disposition of the case.
-',A tb it 1 adhered to all
thereupon said tliar. l auoci
n is-tioas taken before the General As
semblv and had nothing further to
'vMhatthe appellee reserves ail
'. " ." i i the (Jeiieral Assembly
rigtllS anu
The Court was paralyzed. "And ! Co., of Alexandria, Va.; capital stock
The Carbon Coal and Coke Co., of
Mound.ville, V. Va.
The North Carolina Ltnd and Im
provement Co., of Rocky Mount, N.
C., with a capital stock of $10,000.
where were you all this time t was
the next inquiry.
"Me ?" h. aked innocently. "Oh !
was in the gentleman's kitchen eat
ing the hired girl's supper while she
was out trying to find the policeman
the dog upset 'so' hecould see what
had dropped on the hired girl.''
The case isn't settled yt.
Ths Tomb of J elf arson Tavis.
Richmond, Va.. dune 1. Crowds of
,eople visited Hollywood today to
view th grave of defierson D..vis.
Mrs. Davis and family ueut out to
. i 'i .a ,i L- lit. the casket. At 3
. ...n the exclusive ir"""""-:
SIH'UIO nil"- "
for any fuither action
-i i...,..
I 1 . :. IJiiUiHS.
(.5igue ; ,
L'r. l ovci s.i..i i n- l...
.j.etion which Mr. Hoyt
mitfee tock tin
would now report,
proceedings in the ca,,, pn-ce.s .
V-This iudiciaiy finds iuat the said
ai'ter rtcinn;
O Cll.C
tomb .was o-guu.
k Lee work of bricking up the
During the day a
I II 1 ,i Mr Tinvi
number oi peopie cauuu u
and her daughter.
All the flond designs in the Davis
spctir.n have ben turned oer to the
trustees of the Valentine ilji-seum,
who will have them embalmed, after
which they will, be transferred to the
Confederate Museum of Antiquitie-.
The late Sir James Anderson, of
London, ws w el i known throughout
bVorhmd because cf bis association
with the enterprise ot Uyiug the first
Atl o.tic cable. It was -fr this that
he W s knighted. - -
Tha Dispensary System.
A, Columbia dispatch says: Govern
or Tillman, had -some interesting
t!rrnTs to sav .Jxut the manner in
r "
w hich ihe South Carolina liquor dis
pensary system will -be conducted, lie
has ordered badges - for special detec
tives, who will make arrests, seiz
whiskies and see that the law n prop
erly enforced, as well as keep atl eye
on the county di-petisers und the social
Ciubs. The di'Ieient beeisT.sed in the
. Race Prejudice; North and South.
Jullau Ualyh, in Uarpta.- Weekly.
it is a cupous fact or. it seems m
until the reasons are studied that ojne
must go North to find the sharpest
and most unrrasoning prejudice
against Hie blacks. In a journey I
have just finished, through a majority
of the Southern States, I did not see a
single instance of brutality toward the
blacks by the white; but in Indiana,
not long ago, I found a whole county -where
the eople boasted that no ne
gro was ever permitted to stay over
night. There was not a colored Tami
ly or individual in tlndcouLty, which
was the seat of the White Cap terror
ism of a few years ago. And it wa.niu
Asbury Park, New Jersey, wiihi lift;,'
miles of New York (where the a 4.
negro rjots once took place), that thej
people protested against the pre-enc. ..
of colored persons on the "Bon Uw.d!
or sea-side promenade -of the village
()f course, there is a great difference
between the colored people of the
Black Heir. -and those in the N--.rtU
Down South they are and always have
been the laborer. Up Nortbthey are
sometimes lawyers teachers, trades
men, and persons of means. It was in
North Dakota "that the wife of an edi
tor boasted to me that she bad an X
tel'ant colored kitchen-giil. "But'
said ie, "if I called bfr a servant, he
would be very angry. We ha--lo urt
dresi lier 'Miss Reynolds' in order lo
keepber with us."
Ail the beer must stand on its own
m rits, and the market, and will be
so d at the uniform price of fifteen
cents per bottle,
-We will encourage in every way
possible," said the Governor, "nd hope
the Legislature will allow us to put it
on draught, where it can be obtained
cheap, and in a pafatable shape."
The cheapest whiskey will be retail
ed to the customer at three dollars per
gallon, down to twenty cents for a
The liiJjt'6nian s:ijs that ..
night oi the 18th uit., -oun; rn i-ere
iiivd two .-hots into a window ot the
residence of K. K. Proctor, Jr.. oi
T .. 1 tn 1... K.ilfc K.jrulf7 1111X1 ...
dispensary will be numbered, instead of l little cbiid which we in the led
asleep. Mr. Proctor has beo
prosecuting illicit liquor dealers and
this is supposed to be the cause of the
cowardlvi,attaek. About a r. ;v ago
1 his house was fired into it. ,kt w n
ner. There is much muinati j: i,..
Lumberton on account of the outrage. .
Ella Wheeler Wib-ox '
dress which has no ( ao u, .. -
eyes', strings or any -utiu-r l iHenings.
rcn Cry for Pitcher's Castorq?

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