North Carolina Newspapers

-Horth Carolina's Tribute to'JefE Davis. I
. The report jltljeKa!eigh demon
stration ipade .by th.e agent of tjie
Southern Aociated Press, yh.o pame
from New Orleans with the fnneraj
train, describes t)je floral pffexjngs .with
reat particularity;, and awarded tbem
the palm, saying that "Jthe floratdecQr
Rations exceeded in beauty anythiug
yet seen." Ilia opening is .as follows :
Italeigl? was reached t a" little after
noon. ,tqre r were ...closed,. ... 2Ian j
biases wyF& 4j?P$h monrnirig, and
bells began to toll as soon , as the train
topped. r gallyenty thousand peo?
pie were oat. tMilftaryi and?Teteran
organizations were formed in two lines,
and between them stood the' funeral
car shaped like a teftiple, draped in
black, with the-base ai'rd" capitals of
ts supporting columns in white."
The account of the Baltimore Sun
ppns this way: . '.'Raleigh's tribute
to the memory of Jefferson Davis to
il ly is pionounced by visitors "frm
.other Stales to have been one , of he
mrwt rittin an,d hearty paid-at any
point during the- journey of his rr?
niaius from New 'Orleans: AH busi
nes? was suspended. Ruildiiigs were
(decorated wih Confederate colors and
ags an4 a) I clause of people and .both
races thronged the streets and during
.the entire cereuieny paid mosjt re
spectful iittertion. - -
All accounts agree tha tli,e deuion
stration at Rtleigh was u most appro
priate one, and excel Jed in oiub re
spects all others n the route.
Discovtriej of Importance. . -Saw
Yor Tlmen.
Au interesting discovery has beeo
ude by tw ypun chemists of Lon
don which will doubtless hare a very
important bearing on the mahufacture
,of cotton. Cotton waste is transform
ed by a new process into nitrate of
cellulose, and cotton fabrics can be
aorered with a solution which will add
materially to the weight, strength and
value of th? material. Thin, light
weight fabrics can be filled up with
' this preparation, which cpxts little
more than sijsing and fullers earth.
The cellulose thus prepared also apr
olicable to many different purposes.
Thr cost js very little more than the
raw material, beug cheap and php pro
cess of manufacture in-expensive.
Anojther invention of moment 13
,oue which enables waste paper I. p. b,e
-converted jnto keg?, harrels, and ves
sels of tevery description. Jn making
kegs and barrels ingeni.pns machinery
is employed, which enables the manu
facturer to,tprn them out with solid
heads, if .desired, fher.e will be a large
.demand for the product in (the shape
.of kegs and barrels for powder, as no
.dampness can be contracted, since they
are water and damp proof. '
The Sputnern Presbyterian Church on
"Women Preachers and Dancing.
-rom the Proceedings or tbe General' Asbetobly,
In Session at Macoa, Ua. ' "
I "The session must absolutely enr
force the injunction pf Scripture for
bidding women to speak in the church
es, (1 Cor., 14-34) or in any way fail
ing to observe that relative subordina
tion to nien that is taught in 1 Cor., 11
13, and other pbices."
The feport from the bill? an4 over
tures pominittee was interesting. It
js on the request pf the Presbytery of
Columbia for deliverance as to whether
it ies within the ppwer pf the Church
session to ex-communicate a member
for daupin. The committee recomj
mends tht tlje pensnresj whiph may
be inflicted by a Chprch session, are
admonition, suspgnsjon nd exrcpnimu
nicatiou. I Tlje last is the extreme pen
alty of tjelaw, and ordinarily to be
. inflicted pnly ; after -iniller censures
liaveHjeen eniployed and failed, and not
.unless the offender has been proven
guilty of gross crime or heresy and is
incorrigible and. contumacious. Noth
ing is to be considered ds7 an offonse
which cannot be proved such from the
pcriptures a;iuterpreted in our stan
dards. These standards interpret the
Scripture us condemning lascivious
dancing an.d when, in the judgment of
the session, an accused perso j is pro
ed guilty of participating in fcuch dan
pes, and whp'n all 'other meanshave
failea' reclaim the offender,1 it is
clearly within the power of thesession
to ex-cpmmunieiite the offeuing mem
per. - -
was" heldrt rf u'ueraj jol r.ob.n Holfr
' ton, aged 21. wjio died of consunpfion
fit 0 p,iu.on Tuesday. This niakes tlje
fourthy(yinof npitt laidjo rest in the
, pemetery fhere whose eatb, was pror
duced bTcqtisqmption, superinduced bj
pigarettes, all the deaths occurring
; within the past four jeir. Thb ages,
;f .pf the young meu fange from 21 to 2i
years. ' -
Dr.ljriggs i weaTvj5ing. f Ifis Ijold
pes and confidence are gonp.- Nqv he
declares he believes all qf Qod's bjese4
book. He ouglt to, have said that
arlier. Wilmington Star.
r A; The FaU cf the Graduate,
l heolan, tbe old woman and
the children Vad rayefed te'n miles in
mox cart Jtpee'tbe yungr9au grarln
ate.' ft had cofiHhe man all the cash
in sight to giye hj boy the cl;ance;
And now he was going w e mm nis
iiuguisb himself. He arrived and
found his son in the hall, talking with
three professors. Te young man
glared at him in go'.d eyeglasses ami
vellow shoes. "I believe you jre my
father ?" he said with condescension
"but really you am uite disguiswl in
that old hickory-rstripe4 hi;t Pull
it off as soon as you can. l'U lend you
on of my white ones. And mother,
I must see your milliner. You look a
fright in that ban net. And that little
C3lton-head chap my jbrpther I be
lieve ? why don't you dye his hair ?
He's iir bad taste you know ? And,
father, send the ox cart home by your
footman. Pll hire a carriage, you
know. i)hf J've gotlots to loaru you.
Just wait till i get home !"
WhiJ.e the graduate was going, pn in
this style, the dumbfounded old , man
s)owly divesting himself of his home
made coat, und asslowry rolling up the
sleeves of his hickory -striped ishirt
Then he fell upon'tb graduate's neck,
and the latter f.ell upon the floor, be
fore th astonished Professors, "bit
on his head, old woman fshouted the
old man, "and band me that buggy
truee, Jimmy. W'y the darned onery
critter's done forgot his raisin'!
That's ' it, Maria hold him down,
while I frajl the life outen kirn !u
And ten miuutes later the graduate,
minus the gold eyeglasses and the yel
low shoes, was being Jru'ed home in
the ox cart, and his mother was won
dering if a flaxseed poultice wouldn't
help head.
The Farmer's Boy.
UT agree with Charles Dudley War
ner that a farm without a boy would
quickly come to grief," said Peter J.
Millsdou. "Just stop and consider for
aTmoment what a boy on a. farm is
required to do. It is . understood, in
the first place, that he is to do all the
errauds rto go to the postofiice,
and to carry all sorts of messMges. If
he had as many legs as the centipede,
it is, my private opinion that every one
of them would be thoroughly tired out
by nitfht. He is the one who spreads
the grass when the, men cit it; lie
stows it in the barn; he picks up the
potatoes when they are dug; he is the
one who totes all the wood and water,
and tires his back out splitting kind
ling. No matter where he is, in. the
house or out, there is always work for
him to do. Before he goes to school
in winter he shovels paths, and in
summer turns the grindstone. Yet
the farmer boy has a happy life, in
spite of all, and he is the stuff great
men are made of. If it were not for
the fresh, young biood of the country,
1 am afraid the city would run to
seed.'? Selected.
Twenty-eight years ago the 4-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Chauncey who live four miles from
Washington, Beaufort county, disap
peared,' and they cou'd find no trace
of him. Recently a youngr man of
hat name in Georgia entered into cor
respondence with Mr. and Mrs. Chaun
cey and as indications pointed to him
as their lpug-lost son he was acked to
visit them. He did so last week and
Mrs. Chauncey identified him as her
son by a birth-mark. The young man
remembered nothing of his parents or
how he was taken from them. His
first recollections are of his life in
Georgia. As he grew up he became
possessed with the desire to find -out
who his parents were, and his hearing
of the Washington Chauncev's
through a book agent led to his writ
ing them. It is supposed he was sto
len from his parents and set iown
among stranger in Georgia.
Th largest man now liring weighs
007 pounds He is tit' feet fire inches
tall and still climbing starwrd. His
pame i John Hanson Crai, has a wife
and three children and lire in Danyille,
Indiana, He is 37 years old. He
weighed 77 pounds at 11 months old.
1 MA youqg woman at Henderson ad
dressed a nqte to a beau and put it ia
the poitoffice. a It . never reached the
been bnt was sent to Washington. It
was directed envnie " instead of to
usual Henderson. The postmaster
seryed her right. This is North Caro
lina and not France, A little learning
is a dangerous thing." Wilmington
Yandalh, Mof, May 20. A terrific cy
clone struck Laddeniat a small town
ten miles west if here last evening at
C o'clocjc, killing Jaek Wills, of Far
ber, Mo., seriously injuring six others,
also completely, destroying five large
business louses and five dwellings. Be
sides thifj pany lersqns were badly
It is Well to Remember, ,
Thnlf slander, like mini, ttnes-auui-"""" iii'"-'"oii"' nr
111 - 'HI ,1 1
1. 11 n '
That to wait and be patient sothcs
many a pang.
That he who gathers rpses romt
jipt fear thorns.
Tbat alj are not princes that rule
jfith the emperor,
That correction is good when aomm
istered in season. . J
That it t;lkes a great deal of grace
to able to bear jtraise.
That there is 110 limit to the &ge at
which a man toay' make a fool of him
self. That yon will never hve a friend if
you must haye One without failing.
That to have wh it we want is rich
es but to be able to do without is
That the roses of pleasure seldom
last long enough to adorn the brow
of those who pluck them.
That a man who cannot mind his
own business is not to be trusted with
the business of others.
Washington, Junel. D.H. Morgan,
of Connecticut, the New United States
Treasurer, took the oath of office
this morning, and entered upon ti e
discbarge of his duties, relieving F. II.
Nebeker, of Indiana. The committee
appointed to cri.unt the 'money in the
Treasury assumed charge at 12 mid
night, and began to count. It will
take six weeks to count it. 0ving to
the extra work necessitated in trans
ferring the office of United States
Treasurer from Mr.Netwker to Mr.
Morgan, the figures necessary to pre
pare the monthly statement could not.
he complied today. Th debt. Ut -ment
will bft issued tomorrow June 5th.
XeirsOu$CiTer: It. will be agreeable
to those who have been know
that at the request of President Cleve
land, Secretary Carlisle has asked for
theresignation of many of the collectors
of Internal ' Revenue th'ovighout li e
countrv- The axe is about to begin if
work. June will be leafy June to
many good Democrats.
Hope, Ark, June 1. -.Howard
county was swept by a terrible storm,"
of wind and rain 30 tern ay afternoon,
resulting in the loss of life and great
destruction of property. County A?--sesor
Stewart, and two children are
reported killed in the.coilape of the r
home, many bridges and trestles along
the different railroads -are wrecked, and
several hundred feet of the Arkansas
and Louisiana Railnn.d washed av;n .
1 - hJMCw
Among the amendments to tiie coi -stitution
of the Sr-ite. of Calfornia
which are to be submitted to a vole oi
the people at the next election is one
restricting the suffrage to persons who
can read and write, vyit h the exception
of citizens who are over sixty ye.irs ol
age. Tins amendment is n'u to have
been framed in response to a popular
demand and to be certain ot raiih'cat on.
W. G. Johnston hxs been appointed
postmaster at Farmington, Davie coun
ty, D. V. D.i vis at Fork church, Davie;
0. A. Cozart, at Chesnut Uidge, Yad
kin; and Martha E. White at Snow
Creek, I rede! 1.
"I am here, gentlemen,'' explained
the pickpocket to his, fellow-prisoners,
"as the result of a moment of - ab
"And I," said the ineendiarv, "be
cause of an unfortunate habit of mak
ing light of things."
"And I," chimed in the forger, "c n
account of a simple desire to make a
name for nisself."
"And I,'added the burglar, "through
nothing but taking an advantage of an
But here the warden sepa
r.ited them.
Wbaa. Baby was sick, we paro her CastorU.
Wbea the h a Child, she cried for Castoria.
"Klien she became Mias, sbo clang to Castoria.
WheaJhe had Children, she gave them C&storja.
yiT Pamphlet ATA ILED
FREE uJon application.
1405 New Yorkftve.. Washington, D. C.
IV TO TTJt It A CK Acitrs.
Or you are aU worn out, really good for noth
ing. It Is penpral debilitv. Try
xnoirirs mo HITTERS.
It wffl cure you. cleanse your liver, and give
, " " a good appetite.
I - J. T ' .tT V. l.
fn eminent puysicum ui ew lor
Kies ilir"vv way our who, i;tns.
Sufi's . SscciVic S
A Tested Remedy
Fcr A!t
Eood mi Skio
A ; b 1
Blood Poison, Inherited Scro
fula and Sitin Caster.
As a tonic toe delicate Women
and Children it has no equal.
Being pcrelyvepetabl:, is harm
wJ less it3 ejects.
SA twarisf- on Plil m1 PVtn Ms-
tv;FT srECiricca.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta, G.
GL 5 O . Sl S
W W tSftS W -nf :
ou -: a(jv:nts.
Every Man
A Capitalist.
You can become a capitalist at
once by laying by ct small part of
your yearly income and invest
ing it in a Tontine policy of the
Equitable Life
For 20 you can instantly se
cure a capital cf $1 .000 (cr for
$200 a capital of, thus
acquiring an estate which you
may leave to your heirs, or re
tain as a fund for your own
Mipport in old age, if your life
be prolonged.
Such a step v.-ill prompt you
to save, will strengthen your
credit, will increase your con
fidence, w ill preserve you from
care and will give you lasting
The Pian is SirrsD.e.
The Security Absolute.
It is the perfect development
of the 1 i fe policy. To-day is
the right time to- get facts and
figures. Address
W. J. RODDEY, Manager,
For the Caroiinas.
What'stMatter lifliit?
If vou think tliure is anvthiur the
matter. with your watch, let us take a
look at it. Don't let it go on ticking
itself to destruction. A tew particles
of dust will, in a few w?eks, do more
damage than the ordinary wear and
tear of a year's time keeping. Our
guarantee is for Twelve Months.
Have you seen the beautiful line of
we are now offering, and the complete
selections of clocks, watches ami jew
eJr3'. We are prepared to satisfy the
desires of the most fastidious, in
anything in our 1 ue. ar.d a call will
convince you that we are
yyc. . K . - -, -3
We pay the highest cash price for
gold, and will buy in any quantities,
Very Respectfully,
Cry fcr Pitcher's Castcria.
The largest p-"s of c-ppr. ever
taken out of the Michigan upper
peninsula was brought to the surface
from the Quiiuy mine It weighed
about, nine tons.
Advice to Womex
!f you would protect yourself
from Painful, Profuse, Scanty,
Suppressed or Irregular Men
struation you must use
Cahtgrsvillk, April!,
Tlii3 will ceratr that two mo cabers of my
JminediKte family, after havin:? sullered for
Years irom iourl I rreirularSty,
teiiig treated withctit bCt b. phyaicwiis,
T.-erti at length cc. lpletely ci.irel by one botUo
of IJrndiif hi' Female 5-s:ulor. Us
ellsct ia traly wonderfuL J. NV. .Strange.
Eoo.c to " WOM IN " m:tIW FHKr., which contains
valuable lulonuatlor on all female diseases.
MM & Danville R. R. Co.
F. WrHaiclekoper and Reuben Foster,
lie cei vers.
So. v.
I.v iticiitnonrt ...
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LV 'J')lil?4 JO! 0
Ar K ti''.i.-i!
'i .1 I'M
3 J ". 1
.) 5.S i'.M -41 AM
S i") I'M j J '! AW
2 ri 1 tT IE rM
12 50 AM ,
i! 4U Ail I
3 Ail I
r- :? Ail
6 54 AM
4 .It' 1' it
11 10 VA
!5 AM
T 1 j All
9 U AM
50 All
11 04 A K
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-at oreeasooro
Lv Winsion-Malem..
Lt orcousoviy
Ar stiisuury
AT As. I it llii
Ar iloi S;,nn.s-
i.v ;b!j.j
at 1 u.ii ;.-(.
A r Sji.n l .; i'.'j Kg'. -Artir
c!: .n.e
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i. li i: K.L f
Ar i'j.'.iiuu:a
At' AU.4U-4.1
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5 fi. ''M
7 45: PM
; ; 4 V-ii
6 yj am
5 11 AM
A f. tu
I r 'A rx
- . J; 11 lUf
11 lUPi! IS 4'l P
1 : 6 AM ! 3 .'fi Pi!
3 IN AM 4 -IV KJ
; '.in a m 1 31 00 ;'M
Tl 3 1 PM
(J 111 AM
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1 I aT AM
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I it. :-M
4 io Vm
No. 10. o. i:.
I.v A'uusi t .
I.V Citi'lini'!:'.
Ar i u trioiit"
i AM.! n
Ar Cii ''.'?
',; n ' t ill lit -in l'tn
i.r,"j in a r,d ! in
6 i) .till 1 Nl
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7777. i -i'J pm
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s ;T iiiii-? -i ; ui - P"
10 l' ,i;n 1 1 i) i:n lo i
" ivTam tl o; a:n
lo '.io am 1 1 H"
y 11 j ill J aui
1 i. put 6 1 " inn
I.v (. h ir.n'j.e
Ar Salisbury .. ..
I.v Hoi s.n-ings
i.v iS'ievil t-
i.v Si. i i. s' (lie
Ai- ?it:l.-bi:iy
. i .'fiiu, -ni ....
Ar ViuMin-:iU-lil
lA (.f' ll:r
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i. i'lii i' pm .
i ,r t;:!M.-,"o'
I.V ' . : '(:! -Uo! 'i
Ar n ill.'
Ar K'.-viiV
Ar r.H' k-
Ar i;i.'ln:i':'.J
lr -In nin I ! : ( i:l in 4" l"ii
m pm 1 I am li 1 am
2 I". , i i 4 4 1 1,1
:s i-m 4 ")i r.i.i :-. "i : "i
Z : H i !ii 7 on am T 0" : 'ii
; n ,iiv I'xr."' t s-i'rlay.
I.r.iv W:t ! 'oi ; s :..- .r. M. 'laiiy. ivnsl A. "M.
,1 .Hi mi S.l!i-i.iv aliU V.on.l : ;i!rivc l.icli-
! u.. U i a M lM'A M. K- tr.'. l.ii.'-,- Ii-avi UKMi-
-.i'1'i ! i '. V. -litr.v fx-i-l-t Mll.ih.y: ar
t 1 1 ! W v: t !')ili' M : -1 I'- M.
I X. Z YaVlLL E.
I.'.ivo W.v -n.l V'ii.V M.'l i!-: lt'.ive KfW
! . i . j . i ' :ivt;v-.. iif.r 1 ti.o . I'M.: u".:.h-i-'
.v..!, 1'. '! . 'ji.r-.:t::s T.v.. I'. V., I.MIH'l ;.. .
1 ,-'ii:t i '." . M. INI iV'llinr l- .- -lli.:'
i ! 4. i i'. M. I. n!..! i:r!l,.'H 1. M
; I!-:i.l" rvo 1 I' M - r:' M
i' ! : "i 1". M.. 'i In;. Dial A . V.
i r. - i - f'M'i' i ilnily i-y.i-': m-.-a-.
M :. I ri : t;ri.!l!. 11.1) 'V. l.--
il .!'.;. t." pt Suti'l ) ; ai'i i
A .
. ." ).: i i-.:'.'y -r.f .'
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I . M. f. 1.1 n.l' . ' "in.. ...... ......
. M. n I ! 4 1'. M. li'-niriiiu-,' h'.ni' u1- -
i!. i : a ri
A. M. aii-1 ..'.. i M.Ui.i'V .-xo'-'i-t .-u'.i-
()f , I il -o A. .V. Jiml :i l"t J'.
. 1.1 .......1 f. .... e.t-..l t .
..S ' -111 I - f' -1: itt'i't in i i'".i:n"iu i. "it . t.. .
V'. si' I'l.liit ;!:(! !N-t m illy t-Xi't'pt Ulltlaj.
on n ,i.'i-'' -in I , l'ui'.:ii ia l'.ufT-t Sli-fp. r r-
twc.Mi Auanl-.i ant Nf.v Voil;; bft.vccii l .i.'.illf
an 1 i:uii . ,
on : ami rnll:i.iii nuff.'t Sltvpi r l-t.w-oti
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y,,:-'; f, s,-u- ; us. ,ui I N.-v.' VH'a m Auiisla,
I .. I ! ti ' ii :ilf ' ' I ' N "' ' ' n' I'i .,tiv.!',-"!l1?'l ''.
!;!: ! I al i.' i'H';i:a i'i IVilfl . Si. 'ifr!,"'twt'pil
.-v vk. Wa-hif.'i-'ii. siivl not s;n!ivs '.!a S il-
JVIilJ Jt l A-.' VI 10. i'lld 111 lilill. .-.ft .r: ft -
vv .m .i'i." M.: x; ii;'. ."V.vrvii
i -'. -vi ;,i l'U l.lal. i-i i --
t;'r l a;i l' I'uri.Muou! Ii, Va.. vi Al.iini.i A
f "i::Ki'tv; j. s. i;. T.:ovroN
SU .rival rati'-nt, Slli'O i::l I'laT l.t
u,. i v r laclnnijii'.l. Va,
..." . , ''!'nmii Tionrri.p A.-i-r.t-
Wa'sulnsrion !.'. "
ti nii.ivi'i.'f -i iipn'i I'nss. A'fpnt.
i i'nti' On. '
. ... -i . . ,.r..r Tr:tfli. Maiiat'er.
V.-ii.siiii.vuia.'l). C. WabMiiKion. 1). C.
Steam, Air and
sontal of
i. - ,'iw tit ...:
t ii.-.-4i.5
- m
TO 'ftFPfiT
n is 11, H d h v. S
a is hit
its allegiance
of th
And asks every
eminent, progress and enterprise -
for support. Its subscription
mice will bo
To Single Subscribers $1.00
To " of over T$n .'85
l-J jaa.T?.
In the ban
STL bOl i..- . - -
kinds cf u o Drinnl
i'Tj w3 p ? iD
: ' i f
U U h iJ u
Orders Sol' cited.
i n?!i.;r
, : ; v.. 'J.
. i :
ejj' .... LI 2:n --.t, .., "
I- U. ''I v;. il.M n VTf S..f.-t.-l
I . Stc . . :;-tt. r ';t-i. i -' t; . '! : ', i
I' KAl, -'M.Lt: i.'j . ii . S-l ' .: ...
U 1 ln.m -rtf. ll -i ... !
E.G. 1mACHA?v! AKS
Grll A "N 1 K. I.'owair -iu.irv (;.,..-
! lit- M 1 1 1 st one O u.irrl f s .'i'oois. A c
J. estate, I vl!l-ntlr.u' to inunufact nrc i..l!!!n
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Mectior the Wj;el;uinii
ev.ery Variety and Capacity.
Eeular Horizontal Piston.
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Tlio most simple, !ura!ne
foctive Pump in the market for M
Qnr.riies, Kelinories. I5rowLri!., J' " -torios,
Artfsian Wells, Fin .1 '"1 y ;)!.!
General Manufacturing purjuiM-s.
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Foot of East 2:5.1 Sirwt X-w V.-rlv.
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friend of good
per year payable in adrance.
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C i t i .U. S. F attn'T Office
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Opp. Patent Office. WAHiNaTOH. D. C.
fHdr Cry for Pitcher"? r-wa:
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- Yertical and Hori-
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e People,
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