North Carolina Newspapers

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NO 17.
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j: Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infanta
Trhi Jiren. It contains neither Opiani, 3Iorpaie nor
Voj-itoijc suw5iii"vv " '
,-oric, Drops, Soclliing- Syrups, ana La&or uu.
" . 1., ,.o-..,.-n f "hi rfv vars' uSO 1V
I , (- Votlicrs. Castorla i the Children's Panacea
Friend. -
It is
The Tragic Truce Flag.
"Do you recollect a flag of . truce
that came in to Carters Church in
October; 1803f when th Sixth Corps
was lying around ther? "
"Yes, und 1 recollect there was a full
ration of speculation about it ; but I
never heard what it meant."
The first speaker was Lieutenant
House, uf the Third Pennsylvania
"( -avsilrv. and he was interrogating the
the old man's sob, with, By this time James Piekerine and
s-mie fifteen other Union men, met in his companions had come up and re-
the schoolhouse. At the same time ( ceived Miss Ellen, who was overiovedi
rii ! l Mi l!. m J I
uoieman. witn nveot ms guenuas ana at heresc.ipe.
accompanied by Lieutenant Vanbora,
made their decent upon the Pickering
home-stead to carry off the yonng lady.
They were all mounted, and Vanboin
wus disguised so that he could not be
recognized until such time, as he was
to appear as Miss Pickering's deliverer,
"i'tie party rode up to the house, and
writer one day last winter on board a j the old man with his- accustomed po-
rnilwav tra n.
cdtiOcLiMrcn thr'c! - Cantor! a euros fA.IlcTC' inst'r.atiori,
v.'..rnw, a s----:, c-id-promotes dl
r to any j r(v.xnyi.:u.:i
vftr:ir.:i, -31. I .,
., Brooklyn,'!. V.
i-; tj) univorwil .anil
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I). V.,
ic-w York tHty.
'Tor ivveral yor.rr? 1 ha
your" C'isto: hi,1 1 t'-'-il
do so as it invuriui.'i .
rosuIU.11 125th Street and -
rg rccommT.ded
.. co:;!:.".!: J tc
oJuowl Ijcr.eacia
-r, T.I. r.,
li.-w York Gty
Tux Cextacb Coiipa-Tt, 77 SIuuoat Ktezst, Yopjc Crrr
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A trrr.uine epw?j ti'0? n' cf r:,irae
t&'J. eei-;r.h-a, nnoota ia..i-".o,- jlexihle. rnor com
fort able s-tyli A and flural!t?j!U any other sh- ever
po-a tit i!:e rnce. Kuaiicur.ttJiiudetlioes costing
- "tnia ?-5 nnndfwenns calf sho. The
ir."st i-ivll anil dtiraUk1 c:i'P3 ever Mid
ut the -.rice, 'l'liey tual uuo Unpolled aiioes cost lag
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-,-!; r-'ior, T7-T.Z. oy farmers find nil
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sol. -i. c.v '.i "Mon c-in t aiy. to vvaiic in, uid wiU. .
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i(ji ,'Sv f s r. ..-! (:' .-".5 end 5.00 VTork
c tgru i ::'."?u'k : nts iv ii tt v. ;ioro w ear for Iho
rioiiev 'i.-iTi 8iiv ot!:er inr'vt... . Tho; nro r.ia;l forser
v.'oe. 1ho ltn'rcasmr txltn show tlxas vorkiuguca
bnvefouiiil tiii: .
-t- --.r.!.,5 &!-a Vontlm SI. 7; Rcbocl.
t ..' y . .i . aro by toe roy3 sv-rj-t
;i?re. Tacmoai sci-s;W snot3sol;l r t tn? prU'f s.
M i.-sr-B r.,-'j icad
"Well," continued Krouse," ''I can
tell you what it all meant. There
w;;s a trsigedy at the bottom of that
flag of truce. I was one of the 4li
cers sent out to meet it and from one
of the Con federates while they- were
wyitintr for an answer from General
Sedgwick, at Warrenton, I heard all
about it."
W ill you please unfold."
'Weil, you t-ee, that Fall of 1SC3, as
well as at various other times there
was a little guerilla and bushwacking
business going on back iu Fauquier
county, and the life of a Uni5.i man
there was by no means a happy one.
The leader of-oue of these guerilla
gangs was Jim Coleman, a former Bal
timore plug ugly who had cheated the
gallows t'.to or three time, ai.d when
the War broke out was hiding about
Warrenton, Virginin, and the bright
ideaenteredlns head to go into the
robbery, and murder business in the
name of the " Southern Conttderacy
You can amagiua the ftyle ot a man
he was when Ltell you tliat Moseby
rtin him out of his cam i.) aud O'Nelt
and iiarry Giimour bitterly repudiated
him. Although the Confederacy
osieusibly refused to recognize him,
as authorities however complacently
shut their eyes to the outrages he com
mitted so long as ttiey were against
Union people.
"Out near Urban na lived a Quaker
t'os inHi- iioine.i PiCiierilis',-w no haJ two
i(l IMWl " " '
cluhireit, a t-Mii abuut twtiryrlvu. uuA
d.iughler two ears younger. lieing
nou combatant and tn atn g with like
kindness, all who came u uie.r house,
friend or it):, they were protected by
the Uaioh aiuiy when they h;.ppeneti
10 be ill power.
"Eiien Pickering was know n as the
beaut v of all that country side, and
liteness to all customers asked them to
iilitrbt and refresh themselves.
man, where's your sou ?'
roughly demanded Colemaii.
'James rode out this afternoon, but
I know not whither he took his way."
"Well, if he's not-here, where's your
daughter She'll answer just as
"Slle's within ; but I would like to
know now she can be interested in anv
business with thee."
'"It's none ot your business how she's
interested. We want to see her, tud
that's enough. You just walk her out
"That I shall certainly not do," said
the old man in great astonishment, for
it Was the tirst time in all the trouble
that any but respectful language had
been used towards hmi.
"You two," said Coleman to a couple
of his men, "go in and hustle the gal
out here ; we've got' no time to fool
"Well, you've got the gnl, I s'pose
we can go," said Coleman.
"No ; don't be in a hurry, I want to
know who you are and also w ho your
particularly silent- and billious com
panion is."
"I'm an officer in the Confederate
service,"' sir,"' said Vanhoru, and I want
to be respected accordingly."
' fsyon were treated according to
the company and business you seem to
l3 in you ought to have your neck
In the meantime James Pickering
ind his friei ds had been holding a
lasty consultation.
"You are a Uuion officer, "I pre-
same, lie said; auuressing lieutenant
;v rouse.
"Yes sir."
"Well, that man indicating Cole
man is one of the worst bushwhack
iug guerillas in the country, and I be-
ieve his companion, is one of his
"I tell you I ain't, "shouted Van
horn. "Fin an officer and a gentle
SfJ-j. Oil awl 01.7.?. 'SUci' iot
jt i no nose i.xmoi-1 -r uu u
during a hort t'av ot the
Vnrtb (".urn ina retnim-nt in ti e ueign-
borhood, one of. its otneers, a Lieuten
ant Vanboni, fell in love with her ai:d
b-sooght her to-run away with him,
ivnreseiting that he was wealthy, and
f.nninvilwl a leave of absence during.
VUich he would take her to Kichnioud,
marr'v her and send her" to his North
Carolina" home.' It is believed the
girl was disposed to favor his suit, but
utterly refused the elopement.
"Affairs were fn this shape when we
came up thrm-h the valley and so-ift-n-nod
n rmi ud Warrenton. The
JO Jl IliM
Twelfth North Carolina was one of
the regiments left, by Lee to keep an
eye out that no flank movement wus
made, and it was laying out in the
pine barrens and among the hills about
half way between Warrenton and
Urban na.
"By some means Lieut. Yauborn
and Jim Coleman were brought to
gether, and finding out the character
of his new acquaintance the lieutenant
conceived th idea of carrying off Mi.s
Pickering by force.
"Coleman was ready to undertake
the business if he was well paid for it,
but not unless Lieutenant Yauborn
be one of the party, so as to shield him
if he got into any trouble with th
Confederate aulhoriti-s. This the
roung man agreed to, and all their
plans were arranged
. . . - j
"Now in h grove of tnicK pine
somewhat off from any regularly
traveled road, and about three miles
from old Pickering's place, stood an
old school house that had, been desert-
fed for a more convenient situation and
which had fallen into decay.
"In this schoolhouse, upon a certain
occasion, the Union men, of whom a
few were scattered through this re
'ion. used to meet, and so far the new
use of the building had never been
"On the afternoon of the J5th of
October, Col. Glendenih, of the Eighth
Illinois Union Cavalry, under orders,
sent out a little party of a lieutenant
jand twelve n.e.i to scout in the direc
' tioa of Urbanna, without being ob-
' served if possible, and to find out all
i rj;i oi'i. z i.t l'i,.kly AL i'oit ilol
C.'i,fcl. 1 n.'V vcr r f-xytim, orr a -.o bcuuui
'.::. Itto fS3jKi3h 9 ootinls ctirton r.n'J.'?f,ivx-s costing
irotQ ?;:.' to f'iM:. I.iidk-'j vjiv v Ia to 'economize ia
tiHir'.'-o f':uiu. t about.
C.i5io. Vv'. 1.. i) wna p.nd the price la
rf'rr.veo on the boecm o' fach Fhoo; look for IS
n tH n vfui'l:-?'. r-eworeof iieaiTf attompTiii to sub
ftitutooUt.Ti.i9k ' l. -r tiio:;i. Sn?h u.bit i tin Ions or v-ai ' 1 1 iro"Lt ntiou by lav for oh
tair.fnu irionay !:' r tcl s rt -tcna-i.
V 1j. lOLHJL.tS, i-i'iickta:i Maes. Ecdty
Vv ' "-
5?.lilTaa-rf2vi, ' VT: Ti3, CA.
'T.ho-viiir. v.... wrlu-s: 1 wis at-
'"i"lSi'l;.!i.-. .Hid ti i.l 1 1 tin- u.-e Of
ti one !; fur nimvoars. i went to li.
m .iidtr..,j ,!if!'..c,i"(it'f;or'-.. . .fit fo;ii. l
"'Winvru-t! ;;ni tn!,- Ki' o i i;-i:. u luMix.
wisdwol!. I .".;si wcii Kv'.i'v.'ii lur
?AvAXiiAU, CtA., April 2G, 1SS0
K'liKl three botLlcM.f P. V. P.
pure hUiott iuid neue.ial weaUiiess.
javm UernxiJ -rreat henelU.s' hlm
"nhavib puaed 11 pounds in
'tta fuur 'weeks, I take lirvat pieas
aretfiiiaeiidiirj' it to '"unlbrUiuat'es
OffitWj.X. MeE!rov:'l)rmr-ist. )
Ori.untu, F la., April :.0,'tM)L
rtrs. Lijipmun Bros., Suvjiii: ah, Ga..
irH-s-l soUl three Ix-tlJi-s of 1. 1
-"osue yesierdav, and . one bottte
to-day. . i
:f- P. p. cured my vifejof rheunia
"ter before last.' It e;i;:-i e t.aek on
Past vi uter. and -a kill" laiitle,
Wt reReved her as;ain;aud she has
!tj-mpuui since.
(a botile of l P. P, to a friend of
'6 of his turkevs, a . sjimlt one
hii vifi i!ivi it. m l!':i!Kinn-
u',siti the evpuinrr. and the Ht-
0wtaroHl over like he was dead.
'oorniup; wus up hollering and
lours respectt uitv.
Sivnii'inh (In 17 1.S':)1
, ) - - i -
yppman Bros., Savan'nah,r.a.:
j,r$--I have sutlered frmn rheu-
") a U)iijr time, and did not find
5aiU Land P. P. P.,whieh eoai-
"'Ured me. Yoiti-s truly,
16 Orange rSl., tsa van uali. .
en. tr 9 r.a
s in ?
w li. EilEUM. ECZEMA, every
torm ot -na'ignant ERUPTION, be- $
sides belne eifxacious In toning up the
system end restyring 'e constitution,
when impaired from sy .causa, its
almost supernatural healing properties
justify us in guaranteeing a cure, if
direction are fallowed.
Otl3 1 rittt "Bwk .f Von4wi."
i BLOOD BALy CO., Atlanta. Ga. Q
minever lx rerJ ' -i :I Trtcn f ho bo-
clsonot act an rsr.ttiro iatcr.tl3 Uiey r
choroid. I"-itcat, tU. ra is tiaatlacaa, J
Y7cr-!it la tho fitJKaeir-e-fter oatrng,
fS ce'eiity M l bs-Tc-:-lnS nP ot,irted, lovr (T
VTrt.rit, 19 i- C cr.rK.V, cneoclaWltty
B,2d tc robot'iSvJca of c a. An go'.uiggj
Tmf Ifm Pis
will TClicro I nitjrtvo 5jKltT r-udyj
Lanpino&i. Ilic;,' s-r o wcr p trial.
1 airfis all Feiiiaie Complaints and Monthly
i T .nuu.1.,1,9 .VTV.1tnc "PntniTl
irrC'TUiarity, AJCUtwlluwavi nu.v.i....u . . - ,
Back or Bi'dos, strongthoas the feeble, builda pl0y COuld with regard to where tne,
ep the whole system. It las cured thousapJia.- , .if the eremv were
Ia T2.-if,tahaviL:iijnd a-ivauced pickets ot the ei.eury
placed. The same" aiieruoou umw
At this the old man sprang up, and
forgetting his nonconibative principles,
iiiiocked one or tne ruiiiaiis down as
he came up the steps of the poarch,
and piekiug up the chair on which he
had been sitting made a dah at the
other fellow, who fled. At the same
moment Coleman drew a revolver and
fired. The ball struck the old man in
the right arm, making a painful but
not dangerous woun l. The report of
the pistol and noise of the scuille, how
ever.'vouht Ellen Pickering to the
door, where '.:e w7;ts .seized, and despite
her struggle ami the sceams of herself
and her mothf r she i-as lifted on the
hoi'se in front of Lieuteuent Van born.
"iNow,1' shouted Coleman, "you men
scatter r.s quick as you can ; we two
can !;ke cue of the gall.''
"We don't scatter, Cap. until we've
gone through this old i'e How's place.
If we don't, wheie's our pay to come
- T r
O it of all this fi;s. '
"Well, do as you please, so long a
you don't get caught," an i with the
Lieutenant he rod; rapidly away in
the direction of the pine, barren, which
they shortly entered.
Tne Uuion men in the old school
house, were iu grave consultation, when
suddenly a wild female scream rang
out on the still night air.
"Mercy,"" said James Pickering, "I
believe that is my sister Ellen's voice,"
..,.,1 tiw.v nil MirauL' to their feet and
out of tluvhouse.
At the same time Lieutenant Kiouse
aM,l lo little o.irtv were coming
through the woods and heard the
scream. "Go-h !" exclaimed the lieu
tenant, "there's a woman fdepped on a, or something worse ; trot up
,. . "
O" .
James Pickering and his party
rushed out just in time tD see Coleman
and Vanboni riding by, carrying Ins
sister. In astonished anger he yelled :
"Put that lady down," as he had no
pistol, picked up a club and ran to
ward the robbers.
"Oh ! James save hip, "Ellen cried.
wi,;i roifman. drawin-r his revolver
v i i 1 1 v.
veiled :
"Keep ofE, you young shad-belly, or
I'll put daylight thr-mgh you. Push
on. Lieutenant, or we 11 have trouble
nu -Vies pursed fools, as he termed
Highest of all in Leavening Power..
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
This drew a laugh not only from
Lieutenant Krouso and his "men, but
from several of the Union meu standing
by, which so incensed the Southerner
that he drew his revolver and fired in
to the crowd, killius one of them
named Watkins, ttead.
This infuriated ihe Union men, audi
they begun to shout.
L-t's string em up. Hang the
murderer," and they began hunting
for a rope, when Miss Ellen cried,
"Oh '. we must hurry nack, for they
have shot father, and they were rob
bing the house when these twu car
ried me Away. 1
In a moment Coleman and Van horn
were snatched off their horses and put
under guard, while the whole party
ranailv made their way through the
pines towards Pickering's house. Soon
iueycame to the edge of the woods,
where a tall column of smoke rising
iu the evening air met their gaze.
"Hielieve" Miid James "that they
have tired our place.''
A few minutes' more rapid march"
iug brought them to the top of a hill
where they had a view of the tarn
house, which was indeed in flames.
"Come on," cried James, and the
whole party came dowu the hill at a
run, the cavalrymen keeping a bright
lookout for the prisoners. In the
farmyard was a snd sight, where the
grev haired old mother sat with the
head of her wounded husband in her
lap, looking :pon their burning home.
Few words were said. After saving
such of the property as they could, the
Union men still held the prisoners.
They had ropes with then, and there
was un pitying justice in their looks.
"Come,v said-James Pickering, beck
oniii'' the two men toward him.
.ivu ciuvpim' Save usl" they both
cried, turning to Lieutenant Krouso
Where is Your Bey? -
We do not leave home - at night !
when it is possible to remain there.
but when we have occasion to be up
street at late hours we have never
fniled to observe so m.v boys from eight
to sixteen years of age going to and
fro in crowds, and using language
that would shock the modest v of anv
decent man. Some parents say it is
impossible to keep their boys in doors
it night. We think it is getting to be
a serious matter when a parent can't
govern boys from eight, to sixteen years
old. We have had some of them to
tell us their boys would slip off with
out their knowledge. One offense of
that kind would be all a boy, who lias
the ri"ht kind of a parent, would
A New Church.
Among those who bv a strict con
struction would be heretics are Can
non Farrar, Lyman, Abbott, Herbert
Xewton. David Swing, and Dr. Brigg0.
Memphis Appeal-Avnhince..
It is mentioned that Dr. Uriggs i
thinking of a brand new church, if
he starts it these and other broad con
3 ructionists of the Christian Scripture
can unite. The first thing they ought.
to do is to determine-'-what parts of
the Bible they wilj, accept as inspired!
and without flaw or rrorv That is,,
if they think there is any such part.
If all the "learned divines" in the
North who are trying their hands at
the "higher criticism and are diligent
ly engaged in digging under the foun-
wish to commit. Leather-strap?, cow- dations of theHhristian Verities should
hides or shingles could soon care a j join the new church of the DouJS'e'S
boy thus inclined if properly applied, j and Diggers it will start with a formi
It has been said that, children, when j dable-arrav of talents and learning
young step on our toes but when old- j however misdirected and unsanctified.
er step on our hearts. A great deal of j hi this connection we note that a very
the latter stepping could be avoided if : handsome journal has been started Tn
the subject were taken in hand in
time. When a young tree is planted,
ho a ever crooked it maybe, it can he
straightened by proper care, but let it
grow sfor a few years and then try to
staighten it and you will fail. The
boy resembles the tree iu this particu
lar. Most boys need frequent chas
tising to keep them in the path of the
Let every parent,.. who has boys, try
to instill into them a high sense of
honor. This can be done, but it re
quire both time and patience to ac
complish the work. The world is get
ting loo busy to find time for boy cnl
culture. There are parents, we mean
fathers,, who seldom ever see their
children awake. They go from their
business late at night, and leave for
the same early in the morning. The
children grow to manhood without any
special training by the fathers. Moth
ers cannot do all the worlo
All business men could do just as
much business as they now do and
spend a third of their time with their
families if they would unite upon a
plan. The profits of business men are
consumed by the expense connected
with night work. Save your boys
while you can an
will save unity heart aches. Durham
Since the State of South Carolina
has gone into the liquor business, the
Railroad Commission is squeezing4he
railroads for reduced rates on the. .-tuff.
As we understand it a good deal of the
stock for the State bars is shipped in
"I have no disoosition to interfere,
even if I wa.s.sure I had any authority. . bottjes 0f convenient size to be handled
If you gi;t hung now it will only be jqUOr in bottles the rate is always
because the operation has been too hnirj,er than in casks because it is more
long neglected."
"But lm an officer and a gentle
man," yelled Vauhons. "They can't
hang me."
"L tlo'nt see why, even if you are
telling the truth upon either claim,
...i.:..! i..!,. iMil-elv to believe" and
liable Person in Every Town
--ake the Exclusiye Agency
uf the '
F'd's Columbian Expo
Won Illustrated,"
Wia OIlOillfl-Q? Tc F31R
"Plrt-ui tto -Hike Hloucy Jr !
the xt Yeari
Chance in n I4ne!i$ncV
eKWs. ur stamps fr Saiiip
Y an.l full p:;-ti-ut;ii-s
M)A'VI 5T "Utn'ftftn mi Stamp for lok. . 1
, ' -
V V"'
El m
15 5s jt.y .
: 1 1 ..
the Union men who were now idpmi
coming up.
Both put spurs to their horses and
had left the Union m-?n fifty yards be
hind, when right in front they heard a
"Halt!" .
Looking up they found themselves
envied bv twelve very unco.mproans-
;.,r if,kini? carbines. "Sergeant, get
down and assist that young lady to
f " au Lieutenant Krause.
TStlw, who the devel areou, and
u4n, vn doinc wth this young
, , i. u.a ovlentlv against Her
lauy ou " ' j
wiur , . ,
..i'. ,ne of vourd d business, be
n Coleman" but a slap from the flat
.T. n tenant's sabre made hmi
Ul IUC lJiVs-.
-l 11 Ilk. Ik
ilT " i, uw Mr. Ptouiulueck, you
Xjvun. 1 ...
..i;rv vour manner, or else i i
atyuish you in ba' a wmk.
troublesome to handle and more lia-
to breakage The Commission
has serml notice on the raiirads that
thev must come down iu their rate.
and haul bottles, benzine and other
truck of stimulating properties at the
. . . i i .
same ratesTit which they liaul it in
Krouse turned away in disgust; "come, barrels, at which the railroads are do-
rr i l.:. .- . :i. :..
men this is none ot our anair, .um some pretty vigorous Kicuing, as n n
and the calvary rode away, f ue ,iat,iral they should, u is some
and looking back as they got to the what remark-lile that the Railroad
nf the hill thev saw two motion- Commission did t take any interest m
them and r.itrx: until the State
we hon es .auuu's " v cucii miwi ....v
if the late peaceiul, wnt. into the liauor biiMiiess.
SUlUAini, tli.-v.- - . j j.
iaDDV home. minqton Star
-i -i
Thp nest dav the Pickering lanuiy
i i i "n-'tlii'n our lines and Two postoflices in Burke county, North
as admitted within otil lines ... ,l,.,ni.,i r,.seeiivelv "Jo"
. ..1 ,i,Mi.r M-iliUMii.., a.v ......v- , j
went North to see an asyim,, M .4Worl.v
friends there, deeming their lives no
nnr safe on their own property.
V1J. .
. i Ai . tiuee? we asuea.
"anu me u h
-Tluitwas sent in to cet from Lieu
tenant Krouse the parucu.a., ...
. i A 1 .uharo fhl bodV OI
aftair anu io leaiu
New York to advocate Mohammedan
ism in these free United States, hither
to suspected of having some Christian
leanings. Perhaps some of the hetero
dox kickers nny rind a pleasant refuge
iu the folds of bdam. 'Whft knows,
Wilminifton Mease nqe.
Carlisle Gives It Out Straight.
Secretary Carlisle was asked Satur
day by a removed official why he ad
been dismissed. The Secretary's an
swer, characteristically short and to
the point, was "I removed yon.
solely for political reasons. 1 w..n. d
your place for a Democrat."
Our dispatches of Tuesday tafpd
that when some of the chiefs orjlivin
ion, whose resignations had been ask
ed for by Secretary Carlisle, cefuipU.n-
ed, Monday, of the shortness of tin
notice, the Secretary repbed: "You n
ceived notice on the 8th of last No
How indefinitely better that th:m
keeping them in place or beating about
for subterfuges for their dismissal!
When the people decreed last fall tin t
the Republican party should go out of
power, the decree included not only
Republican policies but tle men who
I in after life u jJiave Wen executing them. It is-no:
worth while to look beyond ner tli
side of the 8th of Nevember for rea
sons for removing Republican office
holders. That these should go was a
p -xt of the calculation of the people at time. They decreed it and they
will! take the responsibility for all li. -niisSi'ls.
Tlit re arc occasions iu life when an
excuse, ;qart from tht rea.1 reason Jo;
ac t i n tnire n, is justifiable, but in ti e
matter in question "brutal candor-' is
;ll that tin' case ealls hw. I remov
ed vou, sir, .solely for political reason.
I wanted you.' place lor a ueijiocrai.
This reason tiwwghCltiarUMe- (Jt-
"The Head ol the Constr."
It U settled, so far iis talk ffitrthnt
if there is a vacancy upon the $yynm
-court bench in t he next tiiree jearfirii
eight months, Sscretary ot State Gres
ham will be named for the piac. II
I has a judicial mind. It has been trail
ed by years of experience with court
Mr. ClevelamLadmires. him. He has
an utter appreciation of Gresham'a
plain personality and direct routes of
thought. Charlotte Xeics.
"A Chun se "trentkman" very seldom
appears on the streets with his wife; and
under no circum-taiices could he be in
duced to ride iu t he same carriage with
.Trloi Hare, of Elkhart, Ind., claims to
possess air $$ hiil issued ly the United
the oldost specimen of
. it i :,.t,4- a urtiitrlit I vii flovi'i'imient ill Mr. Hare
Lieutenant V annorn u, - - u the (ult
but I believe neither boay c" UnUcdSlales money extant
found, and the general impression
that the fire lent its aid to put tnem gtar(ed ;l U)OVt,menl jor the rescue cf the
nnr of disDute." 6VttHrf Army Gazette, audes and chappies about town who
1 Ulllllv IU" mu.., ,
corder, and witmn a year lroiu lo oa ne
tur. exnects to have ;j,XMJ society men sin a
J. J. Adams, ex-treasaier of the Wuot of tolal ahstinence, but of
V rlrition of American Mechanics, leuiptraitce. and u.oderatmn. liis idea
tedCiauou Scran ton Pa is to do away with the American system
has been arrested at bcranl in , l , fieatilltr ;vllich he pis theeurse ot
-.i.rl with emljezzling all the tunds , f.oUUll v has made thousands
in his po'esiou
amounting to $u,OOU. ' upon th-juslmds of d; uakaids.
Paper stockings are a new German
invention. A Berlin shoe trade jour
nal says that the stockings are-made
of a specially prepared impregnated
paper stock, which, it is claimed, I188
an extraordinary effect on perspiring
feet. The moisture is absorbecPby the
paper js rapidly n8 it is formed, aid
the feet remain dry and warm, while
the constant temperature insintaTntd
in the shoes is said to be a great pre
ventative of colds.
Col. W. II. S. Burgwyn, of Hender
son, has been appointed bt'nk exami
ner for the district embracing North
Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia,

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