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Thfi inisterDdou pverJtljink of
" afraid pf fire, we always taW tfre jr$t
flat. Y.JIerfftffrr " -
. "Man " said Mr. Y ipkpirp oractf larr
Jy, "news wornarj a a being to bj
Rooked up to."
"Is that the reason foe Ijets her stand
., up when he has a seaf'-ri??
Journal, 4 1 ' "
Young Man So Mis Ella is jour
f))jiep filter ? ;VV hu eouit after lier ?
. oung grutKe,r-Nb(y iu"tc(me
s jetj l?u M "!hv tlje first felltmrthat
eonjes. an have- her. Tit-lid.
. Your wjfe is run dyyyu, that's all.
H'tk prescribed Jamaica ruin - mid lion
ey. That'll bri n g Jier a rou nd.M-1 . ,
"auialjca rum anr onejr? By
Joe, doctor, freiiW M)rter run
jdowu iav-self.M jP.wi & .
No,M said the poet, V do pot waste
jnuchi papr in compoition. I write
ill iny yer.e .on a ? Iat.v
V ' ttjjtelightfuJ,w -saitl Cynic us. -Yo
pan rub )?eni right put, tjien, an,d 80
destroy 'ail efjdeoee of your weakness."
Harwr$ Jiazav. -
Smith you needn't lpy roe that
Jogadon't Jinow as much as huinau
lyings! I took Ppntp to cjjurcli wjth
pt last Sunlay.
Jones f?
Smith-Well, fir, he slept
through the .yfrqle sennon. Wzj
He 1 am in great trouble, i kiss-
ed a girl the other njght and no she
won't speajc to me.
She pid you kiss her more ph&n
' pnce? V
. Me Q,no
She No wonder she is m4..-Y- Y-
nrw ;
j mi ! :
jCoafrtisea interviewed on Finanr
cial bnojecu.
The fPflfW has interviewed nearly
Jt the members of Congress by tele
graph on Jhe oljoyjug questions:
1. Po you, with the present infor
- matipnjfaVor the repeal of the Sher-
man Silver Jyaw f
2. I)o you favor thje ; jncome tax ?
3. po ypa favor the, repeal of the
tate bank tax ?.
The jyjrldiji reporting their an-
. wers says:
ft, Many pf tb,e answers dey iate so far
rom plaiu ''yes" ud r.oM and iuyolve
30 many cualifjcattons thatrnp tabular
statement woyUJ fairly represent the
opinionsthey express. The important
facts show u are that to the first ques-i
; tion: Do you, with your present infor
mation favor the repeal of the Sher-
'man silver law? There are eighty
pij representatives Who ay practically
."yes" while only .eighteen say "no".
- Pf the rest many who qualify their
answer so $torngly that tbey canuo'k
. fairly placed in the afljrinative col
umn, sh.ow plainly that their inclina
tions are in favor of the repeal. The
Buentiment pf the question seems to be
pyejrwhelining. t
The !fr ;-W ?'r6.ady polled the
Senate on the silver bill, and March 0,
last printed a tatyle showing that tlie
body 4pkJ for repeal thirtyrpjue,
against repeaj tweny-eigfct, nonconir
niitaj sixteen. J twill., be noticed that
several who were npucommittal then
are now in favor of the repeal. There
seems to be no doubt that nearly-two-
hiris oEtthe Senate, wil vte that way.
The pBwer question o! incpm.e taj. d
felops kn interesting situation. Many
who speak freely as to the Sherman
bill, evade or ignore this question, but
pi say squarely, they favor it, 42 say
hat they do pot. The Southern and
Western Congressmen are the most
numerpus advocated ot such a tax.
Qn the State bank tax question
ppinien is almost as one sided as in re
gard to the Sherman bill. Many dodge
t entirely, put sjxty say positively
. against repealing the tax, while only
hiry favpr the repeal.,
J Suggestions.
P.o fiojt marry a if you
cpiso its pwner. - , i
Qne can iave po greater ene. my
han a yiolent temper. .
V ugapty coupled with weal th f a
pauseating mixture. , !
The only article, ypu can take into
n other world i your character. .
pon't wait until your friends die be
fore ypu discover f,heir good qualities.
Gpp4 eal tepends more upon peace
p mnJ tjran upon powder anpV)i!U.
. Vyearing diamonds does npt ex?
mpt ptt$ frpin bing careful-alput
pneV yerbs. -
Stuml pppp ypur own fpundation,
yeur unpeptry pan neither raise nor
jower our pw personal pharacr.
Thp!yashingtpn cprrespopdept of
he jChieap fifpoi'd nys it is under
stood that Mr. Ifi B: Proughtqn pf
Raleigh, N. pas beep selected to
fill the impprtant position . of-,public
printer. ; '
F ''m our rejrular corropondeat.
yhile President Cleveland and Sec
rejary Carlisle believe, that the Sher
m;in silverlai regjop!il3le for the
prn unsettled financial status and
that its repeal is ilsolutely necessar
for the wellare and pro-speriv of the
country, apd that the- failure of tlie
extra session of Congress, to beheld in
September, to repeal it promptly will
precipitate a general financial panic,
thev arc pot doing the slightest thing
to force any Senutpr or Kepresenta
tive to vote for its "repeal against his
honest ppinipn, -nor will they; Jjut
they do ask that.every man, Congres
pjah and private individual, shall ;tudy
this question anew, not trom the point
of view of JiMt year or the year before,
but from the point of vjew of today,
with all thp 'attendant circumstauces
in the industrial business and financial
world, believing that such intelligent
study of the question cannot fail to re
sult in a practicallv unanimous vote
for its repeal as soon its the extra sesr
sion pf Congress irets together. The
practical operation of the Sherman law
has shown it to be a bad taw; that's
whythe President and Secretary of
the Treasury wish it repealed.
There is no truth in the sensational
rumor sent out from Washington ear
ly this week, that the British ambassa
dor had demanded of this Government
reparation, pecuniary and by apology
for the arrest of an office of the Brit
ish steamerNigretia at New Orleans
last month.' The arrest has been in a
courteous note brought to thelittention
of the State Department and an inves
tigation is now being made of the case.
If the facts show that reparation is
due it will be made promptly without
any demand. The originator of the
silly rumor must have been entirely
ignorant of diplomatic methods.
It is evident to even the most care
less observer that President Cleveland
is a much better politician now than
hevas eight years ago There is no
denying the fact that Democrats have
been a little nervous over the distribu
tion of the New York Federal officers,
owing to the" threatening attitude
which Tammany- and anti-Tamraauy
Democrats have occupied toward each
other. It was feared that any positive
recognition of either side by the ad
ministration would precipitate a fac
tion fight in New York that would en
danger, if it did not actually lose, tbe
State.- There is no longer any" such
fear. President Cleveland has proveu
by his selection of a postmaster for
New York City that he knows how to
selectmen who will be equally accep
table and satisfactory to Tammany and
anti-Tammany. Democrats. President
Cleveland lias been invited to speak at
the July celebration by Tammany
Hall, which shows how little truth
there is in the newspaper talk Kbont
Tammany Vnot liking the President.
The mueh-taiked-abotit new extra
dition treaty with Russia was officially
promulgated this tveek and notice giv
en by Presidential proclamation that
it would go into effect on the 24, of
the present month. About the only
material difference between this and
reciprocity treaties we have with other
countries is that attempts against the
life of the head of either government
or members of his family are not
classed as political offense, but are
made extraditable crimes. According
to the terms of tlie new treaty it may
be terminated upon six month's notice
by either government. Officials here
do not expect that the working of the
new treaty will bring about any of the
calamities so freelypredicted by those
who are opposed to it.
Ex-Senator Saunders of Nebraska,
who is the father-in-law of that high
flying young man, once kuowntolhe
toadies of the Metropolis as "Prince
Harrison," now plain Russell Harrison,
in compliance with a request, bis re
signed his membership on the Utah
Commission, and H. C. Lei,' who was
a prominent candidate tor, governor of
the Territory, has been appointed in
his place. 1 his makes the-Commission
stand three Democrats and two
Republicans, and, iu Tiew of expecta
tion that the Territory wiil be admit
ted to Statehoodlit the coming session
orOongress, it is not expected that
any-further charges will be made in
the Commission.
Secretary Herbert, accompanied by
a member of prominent officials and a
few invited guests, will go over to
Philadelphia tomorrow morning to
witness the launching of the battle
ship Massachusetts.
Ever since the organization of the
National banking system, pne of its
important laws-has been construed in
favor of the stockholders, but hereaf
ter this law willbe in favor of the de
positors and other creditors of these
banks. The law in question is tha
which provides for-the levying pf an
assessment, up-to 100 per cent" of the
face of stock held, on the stockholders
of banks, to make good any losses. It
I has been cnstomarv to wait nntil all J
, ,
he other asipts of a broker, bank hifr
been realised on before m iking tlrs
assessment; hereafter it will b? m;d
ks soon after a bunk closes its doors as
possible. s
Huch. in Little.
Singing practice wards off consump
tion. ' ' '
Some-of the stars move with a ve
locity of nearly u6 miles a second.
No Brittish sovereign has vetoed a
Parliamentary bill during the past 185
It is said that S2.000 varinties of
goods are now manufactured from
A patent h.-is bepn granted for a de
vice for tapering fingers and reducing
In Babylon it was proof of death to
stand a corpse up in the sunlight and
see if it would cast a shadow.
In 1847 all!' London houses were
compelled for the first time to be con
nected with sewers.
The word "preface" used in the be
ginning of books was originally a
word of welcome to a meal, and was
equivalent o "Much good may it do
you." -
Elongated ear lobes are considered a
mark of beauty in Borneo. Girls with
this feature reaching down to their el
bows are not uncommon.
We think we have some big church
es in America, but few of them havea
seating capacity of over 1,500 persons.
Compared with the churches of Eu
rope, ours are but mole-hills to ruoun-
u'ns. St. Peter's, Rome, seats 54,000;
Milan Cathedral. 57,000; St. Paul's,
London, 31,000; St. Petrionio, Bolog
na, 34,400; Florence Cathedral, 24,-
300. St. Sophia, Constantinople, 23,-
000; St. John's Lutheran, 22,000; No
tre Dame, Paris, 22,000 Pisa Cathe
dral, 13,000, St. Stephen's, Vienna,
12,400;.St. Peter's, Bolo-nu, 11,400;
Spurgeon's Tabernacle, London, 7,000;
Dr. Hall's the great church at Fifth
Avenue, New York but 2,000. -
Two fine horses, property of Mr.
Louis Lvnn, of Monzan ton.
r - j
killed by lightning Saturday.
Harry Hill, of Atlanta, the gent'e
man who belonged to "tlie best i'atni
ics in jcuigia, out wiiie goou an
cestry didn't keep him irom .being a
forger to the time of about S'2U,0U0,
was arrst.ed in Chicago List. week. It
vmains to be seen whether "best fami
ies" can keep him out of the peniten-
iary, where he deserves to go. We
lope not, but it's doubtful.
The Alliance store at Morganton,
which rejoiced in the name of Farm
er's and Mechanics' Co-Operative As
sociation, or some such high -sounding
title, and of which Litut iiant Goy-
ernor(?) R. A. Cobb, was manager,
has gone to pieces and is in the hanlls
of the sheriff.
At Middleboro, Ky., June 3rJ,
primary election was held in the coun-
y by the Democratic party. Excite
ment ran hih, jind a fight at Pine
ville, the county seat, John Jones and
Levi Hoskins were killed and two
others fatally injured.
State elections in New York, Ohio
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Iowa, Virgin-
a Massachusetts and Missouri will
lake place in November. In several
of these States a Governor will be vot
ed for; in others subordinate Stale
officials will be chosen; in still others
Twenty-four women graduated from
a New York Medical C
0, ..w., v.j .
CH!!drcn Cry for Pitcher's Castor
Then Ephy sraa rick, wo pave hor Castorla.
Wben he was a Child, she cried f or Castoria.
Then she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had CiuMren, she yavethem C&atoria.
! i
A jO-fins Pamphlet MAILED
J-'&EE tiem application.
Atlantic Electropoisc Co.
1405 New York Av Washington, D. C.
The R. & D, -Rail road furnished fre j
'transportation fr the
ahlf nS
from Uesti'omt, Yu.,tp their pestina-
tion near Morgnnton.
K&tnre should ba
assisted to throw
f hapnritles of tho
blood., Kothlns
does It so well, so
promptly, or so
safely s Svrifts
For three years I was troubled witti mala
rial poison, wHich' caused my appetite to fail,
and I was greatly reduced m flesh, and life
lost all it3 charms. I tried mercurial and
potash remedies, but to no effect. I could
get no reiier. 1 men aeaucu ij uv pgfA
A few bottles of this wonderful Pga
medicine made a. complete and permanent
cure, and I now enjoy better health than ever.
j. A. Rice, Ottawa, Kan.
Our bool; on Blood an,d Skin Diseases
mailed free. v
Swift EPEcnria Co., Atlanta, Ga
Principle of
Life Assurance
is protection for the family.
Unfortunately, however, the
- beneficiaries of life assurance
are often deprived of the pro
vision made for them, through
the loss of the principal, by
following bad advice regard
' ing its investment.
Under the Tontine Installment
Policy of
The Equitable Life
you are provided with an ab
solute safeguard against such
misfortune, besides securing
a much larger amount of in
surance for the same amount
of premiums paid in.
For facts and figures, address
W. J. RODDEY, Manager,
For the Carcliaas, Rock Hill, S. C.
WM'sttoMer withit?
If yon think there is anything the
matter with .yonr watch, let us take a
look at it. Don't let it go On ticking
itself to destnictioif. A tew particles
of dust will, in a few weeks, do more
damage than tlie ordinary wear and
tear of a year's time keeping.; Our
guarantee is for Twelve Months.
Hare you seen the beautiful line of
we are now offering, and the complete
selections of clocks, watches and ew-r
elry. We are prepared to satisfy the
desires' of the most fastidious, in
anything in our line, and a call will
convince yeu that we are
We pay the highest cash price for
gold, and will buy in any quantities,
Very Respectfully,
3 now Renul Wdm- hs rrnplwl thp
& ur; jj-"i5ii.un oi Milieu '"an. wiup.h
.uv for t0 electirtn r,f incident;!
. . ' - r .
ejectors hy districts.
To Young
EiskosGild Birth Easy.-
Shortens Labor,
Lessens Paia,
Endorsed by the Leading Physicians.
g Iiookto'MotJufrs''m&lled FREE.
Mml & Daniille E. R. Co.
P. V7. Haidckoper and Reuben- Foster,
. Ale 1 .
No. .
-Vj. 1 I.
I.v Richmond ..
Lv UurKeviiie .
i.v h.eyvllie ...
Ar Divine
tT Greeusboro .
12 50 AM
2 40 AM
5 AM
6 54 am
a 51 v
3 35 I'M
6 55 PM
8 00 VIC
7 20 AM
9 2H AM
t" 45 ru '
11 10 PM
( 15 am
T 15 AM
9 lb AM
8 00
11 04 AM
12 OS PM
4 ii PM
5 5T PM
11 Ham
- 3 36 PM
4 4 2 PM
11 00 PM
3 55 I'M
4 30 PM
Ar Kalei(.lj. ..
Lv ltaleigu
Lv Durn.niH
at Oreensooro
Lv WtnstOD-Salem.
L ureeusooro
Ar Salisbury
4 44 Vm
5 37 PM
7 45 PM
U 4 PM
6 59 AM
. 5 ISAM
Ariiaiesrille .....
Ar Aslievilie
Ar Hoi .Springs.. ..
Ew .-SAiisbury
Ar flaarlotte
Ai Sputiinburff...
Ar o.vennlie
Ar At'uDta
11 10 rx
1 56 AM
S 17 AM
9 25 AM
1 1 37 AM
12 2S VM
4 55 PM
9 35 AM
1 20 PM
4 25 TM
3 oT AM
,9 00 AM
C 00 AM
10 0D AM
LV I'llul'loliC .
Ar Columbia ..
No.10. .NO. 12.
NO. 3S.
lv Columbia .
Ar chariOtte . .
0 U'l JjIII. .
H 5tt JjUI..
6-0 am..
ii .w ui
3 50 im
7 .in pin
Lv AU;lDl;l...
Ar Cliarioite .
LV (. hariotto
Ar Salisbury
9 ji pia s 115 am 12 4" pin
6 4U ii.a i im pm st5uu
"c7-5Tni 7 4" pni s l ua
S 17 am ' 9 15 pa '.' ,-1 t in
I.V ilOtSjMillS
Lv Asiievilic ..
Lv StaiesvlLe .
Ar allabury ..
Salisbury . . .
12 39 pm
x 45 pin.:
7 47 pm
8 37 pm
7. 8 27 am 9 52 pm 9 29 pm
.. lo in tin ltj2i pai l i a p u
Ar Wibston-Salciii
Lv Greonsbor
Ar Oinliain
Ar lialelgU
Lv L'nleigb...
Ar (iold.-,boit)
11 30 am tl oft am....
102o am 11 35 pm....
12 il pm , 35 am....'
1 1 9 piri 6 to am
1 s pm s 45 am.
a 05 pin 12 05 pm.
Lv Oreonsboro
ArTanville ...
Ar KtsvlllP...
Ar I'.uikovl'.le .
ArKiclunond ..
10 2 am 1135 pm !ii4op;n
12 l pia 1 J" am 12 "1. am
,2 4" 'ill 4 '" am 4 M ; m
3 25 pm 4 51 a in :f 51 m.r
5 ;i0 pm 7 oo am 7 oo am
t r;illy except Sunday.
Leave West Point 7 .50 A. M . dally, airl s.5f A. M.
dall except Sunlav nl Mondayi' nrrlvo i;ieli
liioiid 9 an t 1 1 4 i A M. HtUirnini; U-hvv 1'lcn
inond ; anU.45 I'. V . rinl'y except Muuhiy; ar
rive West I'oKit r.t a and 6.oo V. .M.
Leave KUhmoud 12.4'. 1' M.d.ilb; leave Kyr
viile H.45 I'. Ji.; nrilvf Oxford fijHi P.M.; . ii-ti-i-boii
C '.5 1'. M , Duruam 7.' I". M- liaiub "0
M , selina 1."5 A. M. Ileturliliif; le-tve elina H w
P M , i.alelsrii 4.4n 1'. M. dally, 1-urli.uii f. i.O i. Al
jliul ison 1.2. i'. M xr. ra s.M !'. M,; arrive
Kev.rvilie I).' P. l"-i.m;.i:Kl ." A-
Vi.xeU i rain l-ine. Oxf .rd dully except Sunday
9 25 A. M.; arrives LurJ iic 11.55 A. At. L.mws
lnirham 7.4" A. M. d,.i. ixeept Sund.i ; anived
OXl'Td 9.2 A. '. ...
.d:iiii:):ii'Hr:'inr l-:ive Oxfoid (lniv exper t Sim-
d.U .. At. !Klll.i.- M. ai lixe ;inii.n.
saw A. M. andl2.Hi 1. M. Keturnln leave Hen-ei-soa
10 3i A. M. and 2.25 P. M. dally except .mui-
d.iv; arrive Oxford' A. M. and s.t5 I'. M.
os 9 ai 3" conned at, i.teliaiond from iind to
Witt l'ulritaal liailluiure dJlb except Sunday.
On Trains 9 and :fi, Puilraan r.ufTet Sleeoer Oe
tween Atlanta and New York; between Danvule
aoVV7and1k 1' Iluffet Sleeper betwech
laclimon.l and Dauvllle, utmtnir at. Danville with
Wasiili'trtO'i ae.d soutnwestern V.-silnuled Limited
for Mlinis,- carrying Pullman Sieeper from New
Yorkt'j New orieans, and New York io auusui,
and Dining Car New Yorv io Voi.tiromery
Trains it ."id lM'ullmanHutr.!. Sleepers between
New York. WaMiink'ton, and liot ..Sprlnyrs via SU
lsbiirvand Aslievlae, and I'til'mai. Si-epe:s
l weca Waslim-ion and Atlanta; and between
i:r..t'iishori) auu PortsmoulU, a., via. aumu a.
EiSi&Kkv: s.b. Thompson. n
u;erit.tendenr, sure Pit.-ndent
lireeeidio o. X. C. I tr hmund, a.
W. A. TV UK., oeneral Passenger Agent.
Wasalmnon. 1. ' '
S. II. IIAKDWICK. Asst. GenT Pass. Agent,
Atlanta, Ua.
WasUliiP ton, j). C. W asUlagton, u. C.
1M,T.,;..:..I .1 . i .
Steam, Air and Vacuum Pumps, Vertical and Hori
zontal of every Variety and Capacity, -
W it
rjrijjg A g 0AMER0N STEA11
i iftirmt kiM.mflixtti
The Carolina
IT fill MB. Illfll
Renewa its allegiance to
mocracy -the Ganse
of the People,
And asks every friend of godd gov
ernment, progress and enterprise
for support Its subscription
price wiil be :
To Single Subscribers $1.00
To " of over Ten .85c
, i
1 mM
Q2f Wmm
In the hands of an old experienced
Printer, is prepared to execute all
kinds of Job Printing, and at
prices that will compare
favorably with any
li 1 1
r. 1 1
p :j2 ?, k js
Orders Solicited,
3 i la. L15l,IIP CM I 4Hr Sfpr: M.i fl5....v,t GO.OO
L. '. 'i'th iini-r Una. li g.i , S Ihvr! LSI 11; l 30,03
iiikal sisai.K 'itiv. 12 s: in st 3 so
MKAI' Idmiii'rliM, li fr.. H !.. !,!tSI: X.v OO
fTJ i JTty 1? i.avlr.g iioujfiit tlie
VTlk. A i' 1 IL I j. Uow.-n Couiiiy ; - n
Uf Milisione quarries. 1 ools, c, ot K. K. I'll Lip-s'
esiiiu-, I v I'l i o'n inuf in manuiueuirc inillstinn'S ,.
mili-siindles and onab: i: His for gnnciitr,' euro
nnd wheat, correspondence MdirUed. Ad ireoh,
35 ly 4.T. WYA-l T,
Fa it li. l;ou au t.'O. N,'.
Meet lor the Watchman.
Regular Horizontal Piston.
i,il p;c-, ! ; few m M y fPCJ
L.'.-r 4.... ! ..
The mtjst simple, durable and ef
fective Pump in the market for Mines,
Quarries, Refineries. Breweries, "Fnc
tories, Artesian Wells, Fire Duty and
General Manufacturing purpose?.
JSend for Catalogue.
Toot of East 23d Street New York'
ur year pay ablein .adv
i Zri.i .Jt.-M. w;-u
Caveaisi, ai'ii Trade-!ark- obtained, and all Patr
ent bcnoM coDUueted tor modcratk rets.
Oua Orncc s Opposit? U. 3. Patent Office
and ws can .-ciir pai-nt ia leas tiaie lhau tflooo
remot lrora W.Hhiitn.
Send mo: !, draw'ing or photo., with descrip
tion. -We ndvi !, if i.itciiishlo or not. freo ot
cfca'-jre. Our : r;ne :iil ;tenr. in -cun!J.
A Samphikt, tiLin;!i !'!.tr," w
r.aine ot a t'::d cla uiTi in jour o:j'auty ob
town, bunt true. Adlre-s,
Opp. Fatemt Otfficc, Washinqton. D. C.
11 IMI BUUMaW MB sag B
Chiidna Cry for Pitcher's tori
. -

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