North Carolina Newspapers

lias double tho cir--eulation
of any
other wecMy, pul -Eshed
m me city..
NO. 44
i Jae Carolina WaiekinaiL
. v ' What is .' .
imrmsM III
is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's
an(l Children. It contains neither Oium, Morphine ncr
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
' f rdothcrs. Castoria
"b . . . ..-..-t
Ziotiier s i-neuu.
I reeoBj''npa'l it as siTior to aii i--escTiiUou
taown to '"- IL A. Abcues, ?I. D.,
j:j ho.. "x.'.iri St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
"TheKsc f C8toria is ro nsiversal and
Hj BU-iiiW. w.U"k-oowjUh..t it ser ini a work
of wyiiwJjcirtoM-ftrso it- "Jw are tho
The Cause and ItsLesson.
ITAy did bo pommitKiiieule ? Oh! fur
titttinereinon tHat tliousands of others are
B ihe verge of tlie same J-in, or iaimmo
diate danger of insmity. idiocy,
orwrne otlier equally unforHiiiMt- result ot
m nervous ail'a-tion. He knew he w:is
: gfflicted whk a m-rvoiH disorder, btit was'
? orele aipparenljy imliikM-ont t the o:it
tome; or he m rj 4ihv- I;s-mi-1 liis-dja:i.v.j
fcr recovi-ry by treat iiu with f-ihysicuns
fho ltad lit" If or no kti .vle'.le oi such af
fections or hy .lclii'uig himself with worlh
fejiwwalltd'H. IIis case w:is a sail
one, but n wotve ili:m that of a iy other
wrvoiis sHllerer, who Ins- nervous or sick
fcwnache, biliousness di..iness, irritability,
' ' Bsbacdolv, fulin mesa ;y, -hot Uislje.s,
fainting, sUrple-iv , nervous Mlyspejhsia,
sexual debility. rLi -jy. etc.' Tiie same or
imilar w.isei aen v's a e l'.kely to result to
anyone who Ins ;i it of- tiioc advance
- wni)loins of an. a :":d t ud. I o n.St hesitate
iii getting rid of-theai hy intelligent treat
ment. Dr. Fraukl'iM Miles the celebrated
iecialist, has stu lieil nervoin diseases over
1Q rears, aiil has dis-overe l tin only re-
' liable remedy "for tlietn. Thouinds of vol
untary testimonials prove" the, virtues of Dr.
Miles' Restorative N. rvine.
AWnxo ltirker, of CUaton, V. Y. writes: "I
ri. to alflir.ic I with extreiae nervousness iJiat
Iwwon the terse f itis.i iitv. My'.lianis trein
ble4f) that I eoull w irecly feel myself. I u-ed
twelvt trttles of lr. Miles'" Kestorativo Xerviiu-.
and wat cured. It is wiili pleasure I recommend
. tbli wonderfur rvineVy fir nervous tr iilliles."
"I ha.l fH'cn a p'reat nilTerer from chronic
hiadtfhe until I began. Hbout four months ajro,
(o iue Ir. ViU's' Rcstorutive Nervine ami Pills,
nfnee which time I hive not bad a headache.
SerenJ of my friemls are nsinn Ir. M'.le' Kt-m-
. edi, and riml I did, to lmore Ih in
jiju ckim fur tliera. Mrs. Mary Kister, Lo
W. II. Capwell, editor Tribune. Plymcnth. Pa.,
writei : " My wife was cured of sick headache of
many years' standing by the nse of Dr. Mills'
Ewtorative Nervine. She hasrecom mended it to
hw, and tliey all prais1 it highly."
Dr. Miles' Kaorative Nervine is sold ly all
druiRistaon a positive sruaramee. or sent direct
by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, lad., on
" receipt of price, SI per bottle, six bottles for",
eirets prepaid. It is posit vvely free from opint.f
- wdineious drugs, nr. Miles' Pills, "50 d iiea,
8eant. Free boot at druggists, or by uiail.
- for Sale by all Druists.
Life Assurance
Is protection for the family.
Unfortunately, however, the
heneficiaries of life assurance
are often deprived of the pro
vision made for them, through
the loss , of the principal, by
following bad advice regard
ing its investment
Under the Tontine Installment
Policy of
The Equitable Life
you are provided with an ab
- solute safeguard agaihsfcf uch
misfortune, besides securing
a much larger amount of in
surance for the same amount
of premiums paid in.
For facts and-hgures, aefdress
J. RODDEY, Manager,
cclM, Rock Hill, S. C.
SHOE CO.. Ioc'd. rsnttal. 11 .ODfl nfifi.
QeUvered free anywhere in the U.S., on
receipt ot Uaeh, Money Order,
Or Postal NntA fnr 1 AO
Eanala every way tha- boota
eold la all retail stores for
2.60. We make this boot
ourtehree, therefore we guar
antte th if
and if any one fa not satisfied
w o wm refund the money
W or send another pair. Opera
I wl A ioe OT Common Bense,
0i l i'ClV widths C, D, K, & EE.
iW'X"" wjhi jit you.
'SUr- s.-X& loader
Oexter Shoe Cifif sf
1 .IQ I
i Y1!t t
V 1 -"- .-ST-'r"
.... r
i . ,--: l
prescription for Infauts
ii the Children's Panacea
lsirvrla cures Colic, Const-p&Uoa,
1 v.'.r Htoraictt, Diarrbooa, Erucatioa,
Kill; Wotqis, es Rlecr, c-id proaiotea dl
V."itiiout iuj'jriou3 nacIicatio
"For T?eral ' yo&fis I ka recommends
Xr ' Castoria,' and shall civrays coaUnua t
lTj(o as it lias iavariaWy produ-ed beneflcia
Edwhi F. Piar-rs, M. D., -TXth
Struct andJTJ a 2"tt York Ofty
Tee Ckntack Compatv, 77 Mcrsat Ftrvxt, Kew York Crrv
tut tirt-r
ill -vs ,.
Thcro re. c'r.-rl - v '.
JtU'S V. llh h -C:l '-'.' .
a net nroilt i.?-5i'.M.'- "
but we ie':l a rc-t i. " ' '
our ladies', rniwes r. :.L.
ten ci t::: :i pair, n--l 1:1 r
15 Cv-nts p.iir. We !
each if l!: ; lif:y ! - t . ':
th-y ti:::y : ' ) --i.:- f '
earn v ' i , :i
yearly i!:vl.'.,--.'!'. ..C
a year on !h ' t
i ?'.ia:e. 'i !. ' i' ' '
tha i 5'') -'- r-:i:r . ;."
' loss tlun tliis p:l( : r. ! :.
lion ;;.--.?C- -1 i'1. i " '
We have cvrrl.'- J f:
is inereaairii C-A'.j. i. ':'-'
hoSiler arc : T. a. V.';: l' I
N. V. I! -i-!. CULvv- ; '.;' '
T:ir.i.T. PJill.-u: it. l!.ir:S..- ', ;
C.--W Mi.-h. ; 1'. Ku:! A
Write f r a i rospcc:.
our etockholj ;-r, :c, rf
Urdt-i-3 taken for one or :a
a share.
1 y a
. . : ,t .
:' f )
i :
I r
.1 f
.n .
. '. r.
t :c e
:i-.K i of
112, 1 i J: ltt rf"rrl
j tU.i-lbTC.X, HASS.
(( cl
Cures ii I i.V'y. A1 ; ... ::
G' A, Ij:sut- r.isr, t-;;rav;
Sv,c!lJi-rs. felilf Jo-i.r-. ft.
feaS- i' -jjHjj.u.vJ)., a4i( vie-..-.
thomcrt Powerf al and Petrrt :n: S .; j cmi
tr lstast ia existence. L;.: Cl Toe.j r V.
'' Mca"u'd TcUct. T'u-i Oi'i. 3:n Cre --rn
Face Qeaittificr. Ldi-s will CnJ it s rce.-i
dolicsto ami higM'Y perfumed ToiUt Rt-.i c'
the market. Jt is absmute poro llakis tho
Fkia soft and vdvoty sisd restores the lo: t ccrli
p'axion; 1 6 lasTiry for the Gat h for !r.:-.r.ts
It clays yitr.hinT, cleanses the eealp cn l pi'Oiaotca
tho tTowtb of leer. I rice 25c. For sale ty
ALISbl'ltY, N. C.
i .? t , ev
tv V
Cavccf-i. and "!'ri.!e-
et-t.v.'.oi. :? :i': rat-.
ent bn-ir-.-'f- csti.lact'-.! i'-jr
and c eau n'ftna :)a--t'.t
Mcocasr: rEs.
U . 3. Pptfnt Orncs
it: -'Cvis iiaic tLsu laooc
resaote irom v a-innjfeii.
fctad nrtdel, dran :r. or i-nnfri., .v'.iii !?rr:p
tion. 'W advie, if jieteti.?! Ic .r 7i:-c. free of
eLurj. Our iee nui df.eTT'i ri&r'eai 5 fi-cn-ed.
A PawrHLET, SIaW t- Crotiiia rstf-rts,' ith
names of &ctctd di'-m ia yCl.: iita'.c, ouiity
town, sent free. Adurers,
Orp. Patent Office. VVask.huton. D. C.
lieiiubie; better taaa Taaiy or Pennyroyal Iills
cud aii elm ilr.r medicines. TJuezcetled for Irregulari.
. '.N-j.fe SiiecesETuily uvdla ihouiandsof enai.3. li,"
-rre rc!n..Hlv, guaranteed, bevcir fails. Price JJ. A
'0ucnu.'-Ji-doaii.u.;r.i. l,AKE82i: fei'JKIClFI
S-.'-'J-l-SG Si-Mket fct., Chicai-o, III.
Sared ir lifa
JwTW V7j that bs ht."ug
rr-e- h$ A ar,a imt b-
, end
r;ifr.- ao.-tnp.x can eave
r,. on in time, Dr.
Ficres-3 Oolden Medical Discovery will cer
tainly cure.
It siust I deno through tho Hood nM
the ' Discovery." is tho most pc.tent blood
cleanser, sti erartb-rerccrer, and flesh-builder
that a knev-u to medicni sciencej. Tho scrof
ulous affection cf the lanrs that's - called
Coiinnnpuoc and every foWof Scrofula
and Wood-tails, all yield to it For Weai
Lungs, bpittmn of Biood, Bronchitis, Asth
ma, and s;d severe, bnerbig coughs, its an
unequaled rem. It's tha ony one thafa
ptatanteecK If ii doesn't beneS't or cure,
m every case, you have your money i-ack.
aaeapT' &t "7 pri3 fc?
Yoa piy orHy for value received.
Scrnethin?: els?,i that' ps-rs the deal-T b
ter, may bs CiTered as ' as good. Ter
taps it 13, for tu; i; cau t be, for-you.
ri Cm t-; fc- tr m
rv -ss -'Kt
) n 1
Poisotb H03 Had Two Pitted Out
in New Yorls.-
y Z
If He!! Scnl Ona of HUOood Boat. Ost
TUejf TU1 Rnn-Jlendowa Talkief
Moiutrchy K.-paiiJ- !aut n
Kvptjrcd :n niood.
Nr.w York, November 24. Miaister
Mendonca. who h'as len entrusted by
President l'eixoto with the titlinr cmt
af a llraziiian fleet. -onKentHl this
morning for the first time to tell
some-thin? of the mission of the Nitch -
eroy and her sister ship, Americe the;
peaceful .Britannia of three weeks ag-tv j
lie first corrected the impression that J
?hc Niteheroy would proceed at once !
to and be followed by tho
Arieriex !
"As a matter of safety, in case tKa
Tx'fs.'Is shonid be attHcked," he sraLi,
the commanders have been instructed
to proceed together to the placs ol
rer-.r'e.votts. The Nictheroy, which
xvill dor;:irt from nit thus co;w;t soma
time this nfterr.otvT), will raovc fcloiv".,
nXt'-l overtaken by the America. The
. work on the America is now nearly
j corapleted and I have f;ivm ii;struc
' tions to bavi hur pat to Rea tomorrow.
If h:r jfuus -are not all mounted then
tho work can be coir.plctd ut sea.
She will go at full 'tipeod and beinj
now able to go cihcn and one-half
knots, trithouq'h she was only a rcvcd-t.'en-knot
boat when wo btuirht her,
she will probably overtake the Nic
thcroy in " twout;-fi)'ar hours."'
'1 hisstat;i:i?ntseemeJ to indicate the
possibility of a fipfht, but the ar-tute
f- out.h American who has fcueeee-dcsd in
tUtirjy out a narvy in t:;is coiiiilr"y with
out iticnvrin the dispb. a' tire of L'noie
uiri. e:.p'air.-jd that th;re ir, to bj no
t;o-htin7 unless th- Xiclheroy arvtfthe
Am"ri .a are attacked.
''Kven iu this event I have instructed
them to run," he continued, "but al
thoiuh the sea is lar;.-e there are
pi.sity of co.vnora to it, ai.d it is always
vv'l in times of war to b. prepared.
1 do not think, however, tiiat Mello any vessels be would care to send
nor tii to meet ouf.hnprovcd - ar ships.
Tiie Xictheroy V and Am-riea ai
more than- a match for any of his ves
'hels except the Aqnldabau.
Mr. .'.-!!'h).-iesj also thonyht it proba
ble that th. Xie-tii'M-oy America
wca:i '). tu '.t t
patrol the coast an !
kk: -rent -rehr .,":!ni
tint the l' sule of the fence i;
a -vanta.qreous. T n::iister said that
h ; was positive tiiat Mello has not de
clared for a monarchy.
Ar.d tlif Cotn;-i:i;.- Care Tafin a Gold Tiled
Cr.N ; ::!.iA, Il.i.., November 24. In
the pres. "ice of (W) railroad men to-,
liijfht, Lng-h-eer iieiijamLn Young-,
Fireniar. Ciiarlei:. McDowell, Conductor
Andrew Odum. Krakei lan Fred. Stacy.
Epr ss Mere:iger Cornelius Boyle
and t'. h'r.unders. tin ex-employe,
i. ."re each prsenteti by officials of the
1 Hr.ois Central rail road and the
A . riean Express Company with a
i-ohl n:cdai aud three shares of stock
i:i tee Illinois Central railroad. This
wLn the vature of a reward for the
f-u!l;nt service performed hy tliese
men in defeating the attempt of t:
gng of bandits to rob an Illinois Cen
tral express train near here on the
i.i;rht of rieptember 20th. It was on
this occasion that ex-Brakeman Saun
d is performed such good service with
his do .1 bio-barrelled that
le!li-! Mis siid'::i;i'erR.
New Albany. l.r.. November 24.
Joseph II. Kraft, a merehaut of this
city, vvho lives a mile and a half out
on the Paoli pike, was sent for tonight
br.rriedly by his wife, who informed
him that she had discovered a scheme
to kidnap their only child, twelve
years old. Kraft and a party of
friends secreted themselves near tho
house, and when Stephen Whiteman.
Charge's Comptoa, Mason White and
another appeared in obedience to a
certain signal to capture the girl,
Kraft shot into them and killed Ste
phen Whiteman, who gave his pals
away. Their-object was to secret the
child and force a large reward for
her return. The others were arrested
aud placed in jail. Mob violence is ex
pected. Th Unlil'ner flowaliu
CnrreAOO. November 24. There is a
possibility'that the principal world's
fair briilditigs will be retained another
year. At a meeting today between
the officials of the exposition and
members of the South park board of
commissioners, representatives of the
exposition promised to prepare a
seheriulc of buildings at Jackson park,
which they have the authority to turn
over to the park commissioners and
the latter promised to decide what
s ivm of money they would accept from
the exposition iu return for a release
from all ordinances contracts or bonds :
which relate to the
restoration of
Jackson park to its original condition.
lJirctnna-V!s Agnin.
Nkw Yoek, November 24. Under a
lowering- sky that threatened at every
moment a deluge and amid chill au
tumnal winds that whistled and
whirled and beat against the upturned j
ct ATkA ,,ii;.ct;, 1iaj
. t-, . . . ,
men at 1- lee t wood taw the iamous
black stallion Directum J,vin a J-5,000
match race from the western bay
mare Alix in three straight heats, the
last heat being trotted in 2:08, the
fastest mile ever done in November.
Cochran Made No Defense.
Phixadeiia. November --Tho
trial of Henry b. Cochran, late s chief
weigner. 01 xne rni.aaeipoia mint, toou
piace today before Judge Butler and a
jury in the United States district
court. Cochran's counsel made ko
defense, and a Terdict of euiltv waj
rendered by the jury, without leaving
vne pox.
anJ St robe 1 Had a Riach Exp.-rlone
at Keaafort.
Cor.tTMBiA. S. CL. November 25. Con-
stables Swan and Strobel arrived here
: today, the former bearing evidcuco of
-o u X l.tiy UlltUiCa V-l I wi
of beer on a boat, and the draymen
rcfnrfnS to hl it, tbey nudertouk to
roll it to the jail themselves, antl .while
tlvrir-g- to were fallowed and hanasse.1
bv a i hi. . ,vere three hourB in
j g'etting' it to the jaiL Brickbats an J
other missiles were hurle l at thcia
freely. One brick struck Kwaa in tho
! rig-ht eye, inflictiug serious injury.
It is believed that the attorney R-cn
eral is preparing for a Avholesale arrest
of the uiobbers, end the military is to
Iw used if neeessarv. ,.It is said that
that the constables, offered to pay SI Vj To?siffllt eleven ring-lcaJers are ir
1 to some of the howling mob to assist I Jatland a lr-r.Co posse of armed citizen
them in rolling the barrel away, but
it was indignantly refused with curse-s
and abuse from tho negro men, half
grown bovs and women who ovun
kicked aai ciuTed the ciiicei-s. .
it is epide:,:g.
SmallpBi nfurcrs from Cuit-sli;
Una. r
Sti'ci Qouruntlne.
V.iuzzvi., Tr.wx., November 25. Mey
er Vv". A. Koder, of Bristol, Va.. bas in
fctructed the police to koep tho six
smallpox refutes, at their hoino.s till
the council can take sonio actioa.
These refuges tnrae h-re from Salt
ville, Va., where there are now paid Uz
be seven cases of siriallpox, thoutrh
some sav it is black measles. Tha
Constitution's correspondent has been
informed that Mrs. dasher, who wjvf
buried here two weeks niro. died c-f
sciallpox at Saltville. News comna
here from Pulaski aud Clark Summit
that there are still several cases at
each of these places, though no deaths!
have occurred. A special
ville Mays that excite-mcnt
ritns hifjh,
and thut it is foare-'t tb i divaso will
b.- nnr.-ml nil i;r f 1 n .
country. The Saltrille " informant
thinks it could have been stamoed out
long ago it the physician-; had not,
been blow in pronouncing it smallpox. '
FROM ! HAY. A if. i
The Qaeeii Has Vi t !Jcon U.s:crcd
to li r 1 hron?.
San Fkaxcwo. November 24. The j
latest reliable information from Hon
olulu is to the. eire.-t tbai. there has
been no change made in the govern-,
- a, j . . .1 - - i . lr.'il' l
, -
" l" w
(.re-.t.-ntials. I lie ltniirebion jrc ails
that nothing will be do.u
by t!ie nee.-
mi iister until eon'Tss tabes so:ii. a,--I
t i--.n in the rmttte!-.
The quee.i has made a soeial call
upon Minister AViHir., but at lust ue
covnt.j the call hud riot been returned.
The provisional proY -rnnieut is confi
dent of its ability t. maintain the
fiaister Willis says tb.r.t nny trouble
precipitated by eith.r side will be
stopped at once by the United States
A KUl Introduced 5i th. of Comnaona
to Cite Ti4.ui TlHt Ilt.-.Ht.
Loxdox, November 24. The discus -
riou of thc parish council.;' bills in tbs
house of commons yo.terday t vcnii-'j
has attracted much attention.
Menry Fowler, president of the
government boctrd, announced i
he in-
troduction of a r.ew c In use, permit-
ting all women who pay taxes to
vote at all local electii.i.a. The di-
enssion which followed revealed a cu-
rious coniliet of opinion as to the ex- Fowler's concession and
Mr. Chamberlain's threatened opposi-
tion to such widening cf tl;e scope of
the bill, which ia beintr fouirht tooth
and nail by the tories in spite of Mr.
Balfour's well-known leaning towards
t T CJ
woman's suffrage.
No New Wan Bad Mews.
WAsm.VGTiiN', November 24. When
th Associated Fre:-s Bulletin came in
from tran Francisco announcing that
the steamer Alameda had brought no
news of special interest, and that
there had been no attempt to return '
the queen to her throne, was showed
to Secretary (ires-ham, he said: "That
is surprising to me, I expected to hear
by this time that she had been re
turned." !
Tho Kon-l''ott Mm Desert.
Sayre, Pa., November 24. The
Lehigh pople have moved a few trains
today, but -the strikers have induced
nearly ull the non-union men which"
Superintendent Fimneil brought here
yesterday to desert the company,
Maay of them have boon eent home at
the expeneeof the strikers.
To Aid The Red Cross.
Wabhikgtox, D. C., November 94.
Secretary Carlisle today ordered th
revenue cutters Morrill and Boutwell
to render all possible assistance to
the Red Cress Society in carrying sup
plies to residentsof the various islands
aionj? tiie South Carolina coubt deso
lated by the great c.y clone.
Lare Sum of Mo.t-j- Missing.
Mtjncik, Isn., November 22. The
5100.000 packa'ro f money shipped
from ths Uuited States treasury to
tiie Citizens' National ban on the 1 : tii
! has not arrived and, like yesteruay,
the bank doers are open, but no busi
ness is tiac; acted.
Senteucrd for Th-lr Crime.
P1TT8FIELO, Ii.l... November 24. Dave
Hogan and John W. Ellis, who brutal-
1 i lv tortured and robbed an old rrencii
-i 1 . . , . . . 1.
wame uric i. u ui , " - -
criTen sent -nces of life imprisonment
: lTl'1" - T 4
and imprisonment for twenty years
Ssnotlierotl in Smokf.
Fi.vsin::o, Mich., November 24.
George V'rist!ey, a 15-year-old boy,
who was locked up Sunday for bouie-
i breakldg, this morning tried to escape
frora 'by b
: STnotlred to ,
urning it down, la e was
Bwalitfretj by an Kr:iiiuak.
1 Losrox, November 21. A telegram
from Constantinople states tha: tha
town of Kuchen, l'ersia, has bt?n
swallowed up by an earthquake auo
1 fciiAL more tuau i,uvj iits 'i-v
At Woslthz Plant er Y7hips a Negro
Wotnar, -
The Sltfriff tld Out at ths Head oX
Two Hcndrfd Men en Futs U.
Slctlneers to Uoni
IZlcvon Arros.'cd.
Orsr-TKA, Am., NovoTnb.-r ZZ.A ne
' uprising' i-ccurred in thii
county this morning twenty-live miles
from, the citv. '
are scouring tha neighborhood for thj
Yeste'Uiy Mr. .Tef? VTi-tley, aj
wca1 iy cltiiion redding twelve miles
a-oinan for aba.iinj and usuig- prolano j
lanctiarre to his wiie. One hundred or!
more nogrooa in the neighborhood r
;n artn:. M;d s'rore veag,.?anc2 on y.r.
V.'naller. (Jr-,n ttire;it.s b;s
it.'j were made and half a hundred ne '"ys anl means committee made pub
reas secrete! thems-dves ia ambush ; l:c a11 tho 'schedules of the new tariff
and Waited for him to return f rom : " jL1 exce"pt the interQal revenue fea
Opolika. All the ne-roes were heavil y j tllves at 11 'clo(ik toy
armed and wero bold in their threats lhe suar schedule was made pub-
of voti'fTenes.
They remained secreted nenr 'Ir.
n . ; i v i s , a iiomo ail rt:o:i T..i-a
- i ii ... , i , . . .
morning citizens in the ne'-hborbooi
-'t ifl of the aiTair and several
! ''.-.'in.Mi -!.' nt.t Iji l)nl'l-i .... I
r , . 0.
! "ineti emciciy
I informed t be ot
;e rs
'A pa-ieee Kit:
y -;J men
li? li-.-enrins
-I quickly j.,t together
! a vr.iiab'.c, and. bended by iiharilf W.
l t.-son, hastened to the teen.
Arrivi:!' "Uiere x .
found tlie iie-
' ?
rors cnr.eoaied in dui'oroat places
t ' and before they ' realirvl th.. s:tvti:
cleVOil of them Were sr.lVIv h.-5
"ilTed. Tho negroes arreted are nil
' armc-d, s
bavin" j. ra'i -
ami two
rerolvers concealed on th.-ir
persons. A slani
the rest and tircy e;
.tii was made u
aped for tho ti:n.-
beiny. A lar-e po.-.s- i- still : eaveh
inc; for them, however, and miny
otlier arrest; will bo made before
iir. Wliatlcy was with the sherij?"R ar.'J one t;o;-ro made
strike him r.fter he was
1 an"dtu-red.
i'oth the whites aud the negroes
i thorou-hly uroitsetl an i biood.bed
; Tet feared before tbc- t:;:itt
t:;:it tcr en .is.
tt:a, .!.i.a.
November 'J.'. X i ne-
teen of the wonl.l-b-s as- a: .ad us
ili'V. Wi:o
i t;:;.:eo
the negroes twelve miles
iil.a Vi'cduesdaj' evening,
belov :,;
are in ii
i r.nd ati wur.v. more wfll s.hare sam.-i the
: fa te Ix fore" tomorrow night. A jo.w
; of armed deputies, who remnir.ed n -ar
i ;.jr. YViiatlev's residence b- .t n : -ht.
' i--t.-.i u..,. ,
; t he. n here t-jls afternoon. Mr. What-
ley'o home is still closely
Tcv ere HUed Vp In the Eiiifn? of . ili
j Bmlta.
i Ilxorcvii.r.r., Tr.xx.. Nove:nber'it
ensat:on was created here to,'. ay by
tiie an . s.'; of Chief Atl:in:-.. Liculcrttnt
Hood and Sergent ilieks. of 1
-.: . .1 . . ...
j U.1CC V j Itl L ill.: 1 I V.
ehurged with being- aecessori
e.- ic me
killing of Will Pmith. the young man
who acted as a decoy for the oGicers in j
tin? Knoxvfila and Ohio exnress r'b-1
bery caso. Smith was shot prcsuma -
bly'by Barney Qulun, the olllccr who
engineered the case. Thc otliecrs
named accompanied Quinn on the ex -
edition to enpture -oung Heeding,
the instirator of the robierv. They
took part in tho desperate tignt in tae j Washixgtox, November 27. United
express car. ! tt&tes Treasurer Morgan has submit-
The warrant was sworn out by ted. his annual report to Secretary
Smith's father. The men were ar-j Carlisle. It shows that the net orJi
raigned before a justice of the peace ' fiary revenues for the fiscal year 1893
this afternoon and a died for . a eon- were ?385,S10,fi28, an increase of 830,
tinuauce. They were piaced nntier a ; s-M,S44 over those of the year before.
50, 0jO bond each to appear in court . 'i'lie net ordinary expenditures were
December lit. i-53S3,47,r54, an increase of S38,4.'i4,623.
ad Pat Several
Polk- Raltt Thoir II iuu n-i
Vudor Arrt
. . . , . . r in l m
I'akis. ovemoor zi. -xne poace oi
St. Etienne have raided a number
, haunts for French and foreign anarch -
ists, who are supposed to bo hiding,
and have an anarchist mani -
festo, which is said to have been dis -
tributed in many parts of France and
possibly mailed to foreign countries,
defending the dynamite outrages ni
Barcelona, aud Marseilles ana proaic -
lag that other tnd t.imilar outri des
would soon be porpetrai-ea in
Several arrests have also been made
: and the police throughout the repub
lic are taking every precaution to pre
vent injury to public build nigs.
! Aeting upon instructions received
i from the government the police are
compiling a record of all persons -
, ported of being in any way conneeteu.
with anarchist societies, and they
w ill, for some time to come, be kept
. under tho strictest surveillance.
XJoph Not T-irte I'.
Tehee iiavik, ma..
Uer 2!
Senator Voorhecs sail there ues no
warrant for the statement that .10 wtrs
S preparing a savage attack upon ls-ke
i Smith, to be delivered in the
se 1 .i - it .
He said he did not approve o.
secretary s pension po'-0.-- a"
I-..-,,-?tVi r it. wfs costing '.:'.oi-e to
pendpensions thuu to t-ny th-:n. Ke
did not believe- in tpi;miing for
r.-al '.rents to stop a - i-nsion,
; pcrhaps he might tay something to
that e'ii'ocl iu the senate.
A Premium
. Washington,
olScial speed oi
cruiser Columbia
.Vortli Trying 'or.
Novtm't:er 25.-The
the I'm tod
c-1 . ...
. wa ri-p'-'-rteel to
secretary of the navy by Hear Admiral
BeJknap, president ot tuc tr.Eiud.u.
They found the fehip fully bllca t.ic
contract reoitirements in every respect.
iag her builders p prwr.av.-.i o
at the rate of J r
n:;i ' er
. kru
ot over tne tJkliii- .k--l
j -
Highest of all in Leavening Powers Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Coal. Iron and Un;r Made Free-Very
tattle Canjc Is Blade la the Ski ear
Bounty th Flrt Year, but It
Will Bo Abolished.
Washington-, November ' 27. The
lie todav. It leaves raw s?ar on the
rrc li-t as at present and reduces the
duty on refined sujjar from 1-2 to 1-4 of
' ccnt Pr Poull(1- It does not repeal
the bounty outright, but provides for
its repeal in eiprht jears from Janu
ary 1, lS(JT)7T)y reducing- it one eighth
i-aeh year, which is a reduction of 1-4
of a cent a year in the bounty of 2 cents
a pound.
Members of the committee arg-ue
tiiat the reduction of 1-4 of a cent per
nouud on refined sug-ar will reduce
the price of the article. Just that
:.;uch to the consumer. As to the re-
lofthe bounty the members gen-
i e: tnoug-nt ii snouiu De repeaiea
;it oaco' but t,ie republican party com-
l utted the government to it for a
term of years and it was deemed un
inst to destroy the industries built up
under ii at one fell swoop. The com
mittee, therefore, arranged it to make
j the repeal gradual.
I in the new bill the following articles
have been taken from the dutiable
Ik' and placed on the free list:
j Iron ore, Coal, Coke, Cotton ties,
; Lumber. Wool, Binding twine,
j T.ead ore and many other articles, par
' tleulavly raw material. The duties
i of the McKiule3r bill have been re
; dueed all along the line. The duty on
r'.ce is reduced about one-third, and on
. oole.i goods und clothing about one
i third.
i J a.
i WiC auiy ou ciars remains as ia
! thc odvalorcai duty the same as in
1 lhc IcKinley bill, 25 per cent, but
' t-ie dut-'' of Per pound has been
reduced to S3. There is a cut of 30
per cent on cig-ar tillers, and theduty
oil wrr.;ip?rs is reduced from ?4 a pound
As is shown above cotton ties are on
the free tist. The duty on cotton
birriniT, which is now 2 cents a
: pound, has been reduced to 20 per
A cent advalorem on bagging imported
;v to be exported when covering goods.
the duty is refundad when the same is
exposed. A cut of about 30 per cent
h,as been made in cotton mill machin
ery, and indeed there is a cut of 30 per
cent or more all along the line in the
machinery schedules.
The internal revenue portion of the
: l 1,as not been completed and prob-
i bl" not be for a week.
! Com Fignres from th Report of the C.
I 8. Treasurer.
j There was, therefore, a decrease of
j !7,772,779 in the surplus revenues, re
! ducing them to &2,341,rj74.
Including tne public debt, the total
receipts were $732,871,214, and the total
nv S57 7 V0O7.003. The
of...... fl,n,3R arnmint.fld on .Tnn 30.
: 7sfiT35I,f-5, and on June 30,
-Jb9 to 7433335.
j 2r 62tting apart those sums of
; f,oll gjjver an Tjnited States notes,
j 'vjiic' were held for the redemption of
j certificates of deposit and treasury
. Rot3 were ieft a reserve or pen-
i pral fund of SlS7,ei2,740 in 1S'j2, and
. sl3jlG5 3ttl in 1393,
IIopcs Entvrtaloctl That Brans wUs
Soonrgels Aboot Orer.
Birt-xswiCK, Oa., November 25. No
new cases of yellow fever were re-
ported today. One patient, Lucy Par
sons, colored, suffered a.relapee. Six
patients were discharged, three of
whom were whites Mary Lancaster,
Frank Keddick and Blank Hanson.
Thc colored patients discharged were:
Mrs. Armstrong, Henry SuttoD and
Virginia Mitchell.
Twenty-one pr.tieT.t3 are under treat
ment, seven whites and fourteen r.e-rrroer.-.
The ratio mortality is 5.7.
The weuther b:n b en most favorable
:in 1 eneourasrin? r.U d?v. The ther-
I moiu-jver tonight at o cIock registered
taincd that, the on l is near.
Tli- Sonlbfrn I'.ai?L.nll -ii'x lat!on Suit.
C::atta r o'ir; A. T?:nn., November 23.
John V. Nicklin. preld. nt of the- South
; ern lia.vk'l A?'o.-lntk-n und pres-
I- :C--"i;
of the Ir. t:- Sr.,i:i:ern it-ague, left
1 1 ikis mo
1 1-
aiug I"-"" e.iaeon to rt-pre.-t-ni
the ihfereits of the; on trier n 1 hi :-!:
' Association clubs i:i 1
nit brorrght by
join a:n Alt
, e of tiie ob;
the Macon team to er
mover, formerly :;is!
league KJikhig
j fund to Mr.
I watched wii h
! result wii! have :;
. ae o oa; e e... a
1 Lite south.
ie i.i'. in'1" te.i
1 1
u 1
The Robbing of Indian Graves In
the Northwest.
White Men Stat Coins and TslwbUt
from the Dead or a Once-Powerful
Tribe Visit to the Scene mt
These Depredations.
Particulars of the despoilmenl oi
tho graves of Indians in Clatsop
county were obtained from the dep
uty clerk of the state circuit court.
Clatsop cemetery is located on. the
Ohanna river between Grimes and
Gearhart. Nin Indians, the rem
nants of the once powerful Clatsop
tribe, are camped near by. But
this has nothing to do with tha
Nine years ago Julia Marchelle,
the daughter of an old Indian woman,
died and was buried in the cemetery.
In accordance with the Indian cus
tom money was deposited' in the cof
fin. There were about twenty-seven
dollars in cash and some old coins, e;
Ever since Miss Marehelle died, her
mother, an Indian woman of about
ninety yearsK has visited- her grave '
dailj One Sunday morning she
made her usual visit and was sur
prised to find the fence broken down.
This she thought was done by the
wind and she paid no attention to it.
But when she knelt over the grave
she imagined that she heard dole
ful sounds issuing from it.
She then made a -close inspec
tion and found indications thut
ghouls had been at work.' She then
returned to the camp, and soon-after
informed County Judge McGuire of
her suspicions. As there was no
cause to doubt her statement, Judge
McGuire decided to make an investi
gation, and he went to the cemetery
with the constable and two or three
others. Several graves were exam
ined, and a file was found on that of
an Indian who died year$ ago. This
was the first one opened, and it was
found that the coffin had been robbed
of what money there had been de
posited there, and also that the
bones of a boy, who died some time
ago and was buried near by, had
been put in the coffin. About two
dollars anjl fifty cents in silver and
a watch had been placed in the boy's
coffin, and these had been taken
away. On old brass chain and some
campaign medals of William Henry
Harrison, bearing the date of 1841,
were found in tho coffin.
The grave of Julia Marehelle was
then opened, and it was found that
it had also been despoiled. All the
money and jewelry that had been de
posited there, except a five-dollar
gold piece, a silver dollar, a gold
ring, three brass rings-and six Har
rison medals, had boen taken. Be
sides these nothing was left except
the remnants of some silk handker
chiefs. The old Indian woman refused to
touch any of the coins or trinkets
taken out of the graves, nor would
she allow them to be placed in when
the bones were reinterred. eSo the
discoverers divided them mtoong
themselves. Oregonian.
The Young Irish Priest and His Crit
ical Hearer.
In a certain church in Ireland a
young priest was detailed to preach.
This occasion was his first appear
ance, and he took for his text: "Tho
Feeding of the Multitude." -
He said: "And they fed ten
thousand people with ten thousand
loaves of bread and ten thousand
An old Irishman said: "That's
no miracle; begorra, I could do that
J myself," which the priest over
The next Sunday tho priest an
nounced the same text, but he had
it right this time. He said: "And
they fed ten thousand people on. ten
loaves c f bread aiuT ten fishes."
lie jwaited a socond and then
leaned over the pulpit, and said;
"A nd could you do that, Mr. Mur-
'And sure, your
f, I r-ould.'
;ov could you do it?" said
i t re, your reverence, I could
1 1
it v. what re as left
A benduy." Ticl-ITits.
oyer from
vTicn Daby was Eick, we gave her CastorU.
When bhe was a Child, she cried f r CaatorU.
-Then she became Miss, she clung to CeMorU.
When she had Children, she gave them Castorifr
- t
4 . .
t '

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