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'. ,- Carlos JIamtth, D. D.,
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Edwin F. Pab: iL h.,
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. ! - - "
Correauondent bf the W wichman.
WashilKtfjft IX C.j Jnne 4, 1894.
v The positive' and emphatic denij'l
of ScpaffsJ ffoorfiees. Jones. Yesi,
Harns and icPher8on, Democratn
tnemlWJ of ftjhe Senate finance com
mittee, of each ami all of the sensa
tional stories jwhich have been print
ed cdncefaingjhe sugar trast and its
alleged iliflnee in the making of the
stfear 'scoeduli of the tariff hill, has
ti iL? 1.. iL
convinceq au air-minucu pcwic mat
the alleged stlgar trnst scandal had
no firmer foundation ; than the idle
gossip of irresponsible persons, based
entirely upon' conjecture; 'lind there
is little" room for doubt that the in-
vestigaing cdmmittee,will so report i
at the J close lrfthe taking of testi
mony, and that the report will be
sighed by every member of the com
mittee.: Present indications are that
the Scotch verdict, "not proven,"
will be rendered ou the charge that
certain Senators speculated in sugar
stock while S the" character of the
sugar scheduled of the tariff bill was
in doubts on account of the difficulty
of obtaining convincing evidence on
that subject, f It is generally regret
ted, outside of? the Senate, that the
committee should have raised the
old question of the right of the Sen
ate to compel newspaper men to
give the source of-information re
ceived by them, in connection with
this investigation. No good can
come out of it; and, as Senator Hill
aptly said, much harm may.
The last concerted effort of the Re
publican Senators against the tariff
bill is now being made against the
sugar schedule; This is not because
they are so much opposed to the
sugar schedule as a matter of fact
a number of them are knowc to
favor it but f because they believe
that if they cat put sugar on the free
list enough Democrats will refuse to
vote fb? the entire bill to enable them
to defeat ; it J f But the scheme will
not work. It I is now as , certain as
anything not; jyet done can be that
democrats enqugn to make a major
ity can riot be drawn into this trap,
although the are a number of Dem
ocratic Senators who would like to
see sugar on the free list. As soon
as the sugar schedule is adopted it is
believed! that the Republicans will
agree to set a day to vote upoq the
bill, as they admit that if they can
not beat . the i sugar schedule they
cannot beat the bill.
i r-'
The southern Democrats in the
r A- , - -
, '. : ' .
- ' ' 1 '
t i ' '
' i' .. ;1 - - .
It shall be our effort to give the read
ers of this paper the weeks news in
, condensed and in readable form.
house ate making a determine fight
to secure the j repeal of the tax on
State bank notes. The debate had
been going on all last week and will
probably continue for a week or ten
days longer, the unacted upon ap
propriation bills having been tempo
rarily laid aside. . The result is in
doubt, depending, many believe, on
the attendance when the vote is
taken. It the attendance exceeds
280 the probabilities are that repeal
will be defeated, as the largest claim
made by the friends of repeal is 140
votes. But inasmuch as those who
favor thWrepejal of the tax are more
interested in securing it than those
who oppose i are in preventing it,
the chances at? in favor of the re
pealers mustering their full strength
on the floor of the house when the
time comes to vote and winning, i:
they car get the 140 votes claimed
Some very interesting and instruc
tive speeches have been made by
Democrats both for and against re
peal. Tjhe Republicans have not up
to this time taken a conspicuous
part in the debate, although, they
are soliqly opposed to repeal. Rep
resentative Bick, of Georgia, made
a strong aud bold speech in favor o
repeal, in, which he took the ground
that the' general government had no
right under the constitution to im
pose such a tax, and stated his be
liet that the United States Supreme
court had flo more right to bind the
action of the; house than the house
had to bind the Supreme court.
' is r 1 1; '
The investigation of the alleged
armor plate - frauds by the House
committee on ftaval Affairs has so
far brought Out nothing startling
The committee; will visit Homestead
I a - i , s
to see it anvthin e more than was
found bat Ibyl Secretary Herbert's
naval experts' can be learned.
fecting the mail facilities of the conn
try. and that the expense of a tele
graph system would be out of all
proportion to the benefit that would
be derived therefrom by the people.
President Cleveland and Secre
taries Gresham,1 Carlisle, Smith and
Morton attended the Memorial Day
exercises at Arlington l as guests of
the Grand Army of the Republic.
Keaater Patrick Walsh f Gearaia aathe
Tarifl. . ; j '-
'The course of the Senators on the
other side in debating every item of
this bill deceives nobody. Their pur
pose is plain, and cannot be veiled
behind protestations of sympathy
for the various interests affected by
the ntntndments which have been
debated. With few exceptions these
interests have been trifling compared
with the tremendous interests affect-
ed by the de!ay in the passing of the
bill, and the people everywhere who
are clamoring for the settlement of
his question in order that -the busi
ness of the country may proceed,
know full well v that the Republican
party is to blame for the delay in its
enactment. The object of the Re
publicans is known of all men.
"The Republican Senators know
that the passage of the Wilson bill
will inaugurate an era of prosperity
and growth in this country and a
revival of business throughout the
and that will be disastrousto Re
publican hopes. To escape this they
wish to postpone the passage of the
bill until after the approaching elec
tions, or until a date so close to that
time as to make it impossible for the
improved conditions to be felt before
the elections.
"The people are not theorizing.
They arc hungry in the midst of
plenty; they are unemployed in the
home of progress and development.
They are the victims of a condition
which is the natural result of a
policy that the Republican party is
responsible for, and the reform of
which they are now opposing by
artifice and every method of . delay
known to the parliamentary tactic-
lan. aj the theory tnat snutting
out competition from other countries
will protect our home marketfor our
home people, theMcKinley tariff has
excluded millions of dollars' worth
of, goods, for -rwhich our own pro
ducts would have been exported in
payment; and just in proportion as
others have been crowded out our
own goods have been shut in, and
we find millions of bushels of wheat
being fed to hogs, which, under a
freer tariff, would have found a
profitable market abroad."
WiSfi?8 of Salisbury will find the Advertising cohims of
01 thfcT r.r .",vfAJiet' meauim.,ry wmcn t.o reach the p
l P 'attractive style.
rates are reasonable and Advertisements set
Gen ral News.
Whistling in the streets of Berlin is
an offense punishable by a fine.-.
"The Iowa Populist have nominat
ed Gen. James B. Weaver for ' Con
gress in the seventh district.
Senator Garman is said to be a
very .sick man. Overwork is the
cause of his illness.
Queen Victoria celebrated her 75th
birth day last Thursday. She has
been on the British throne 57 years.
Gov. Robert E. Pattison, of: Penn
sylvania, has been nominated for
President by some local conventions
in the above State.
The needle was unknown ins jt pre-
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov!tkeport
nsv no,
i -I-
AVery Meaa Trick.
The Wilkesboro Chronicle tells of a
sharp tick a citizen of Wilkes played
on his neighbors some days ago. He
WaS dlVpirlV n vcrU and iti. i.
. r . -j-a m I co o nuvu
senv lorm nnu xxu, lourangan went to his work on the morning in
... w. a.. f- question found the welL had caved
uuucm lurui. anne rtoievn nrst ;s ti u. . t- i
, . , , - i . "' uuuS ujj ms nai ana coat
broueht them to England i fromf-.j i.
. . " x "u uear uy. jrretry soon a
Pans. I 1 Jt A. .
uiiguuui sicppcu uy xo see now nc
The Pollard-Breckenridge"' case was getting along and findiae the
comes to an end because Col. Breck- well caved in and the hat aud coat
enridge failed to carry, up his appeal hanging by, naturally concluded his
in the time alio wed ,by the law. friend was at the bottom of the well
Chas. H. J. Taylor, colored, has He gave the alarm and everybody in
been confirmed by the Senate to be the neighborhood came in and went
recorder of 'deeds in the District of to work to get the man's body out
coiumoia. vnen the dirt had all been taken
A lawyer and a newspaper rfian out, the cheeky well-digger crawled
fought a duel with swords in Boston out from his place of concealment
recently. The lawyer come out and coolly thanked them. The man
worsted with some ugly but not that can play the game of the above
serious wounds. The editor escaped is a success.
with a few marks.
a r j a: . l r .i
BU1U luuuuauiuu ua uccu jouuu Coleridge's Visions.
lut u. xjaonas Uolendee once read rn hi frWirf
erection ot another light house. An Cottle the oubiisher. frnm rh
North Carolina In the War.
Hon. Walter Clark, Associate oi
the Supreme Court of North Caro
State Treasurer Tate, Hon. John C.
Scarborough. Superintendent of
Education, and several other gentle
men of prominence from the Old
North State, are at the Metropoli
tan, en route to the battlefield of
Antietam. .They are a delegation
anoointcd bv Gov. Carr. to locate
a '
the positions of the North Carolina
regiments that took part in that
anguinary conflict, and will leave
this morning for the scene of the bat
tle. In speaking of the battle, Judge
Clark, who is chairman of the dele
gation, said:
"The battle of Antietam or Sharps-
burg, as the Southern people call it,
was one of the bloodiest of the entire
war. It was fought on September
17, 1862, the day after the capture
of Harper's Ferry by the Confededer
ates. Engaged in it were thirty-two
regiments of North Carolina soldiers,
and about one-half of them were kill
ed or wounded. Two of our gallant
generals, Anderson and Branch, the
latter the father of Congressman
Branch, lost their lives in that en
counter. According to the official
records there were about 90,000
Federal troops and ;30,000 Confed
erntes, Gen. McClellan commanding
the Northern and Gen. Lee the
Southern armies. The fight took
place on Wednesday, and Thursday
nieht Gen. Lee moved his troops
across the Potomac. Friday the
Federals rrossed the river at Shep-
ardstown and attacked with vigor,
rbut were repulsed with heavy loss
"North AJarohna's devotion to tnc
South rrn cause can not well be over
stated She furnished more than
one-fourth of all the men in Gen.
r amrr 1. L t I
appropriation oi ouy,uvv nas oeen etbook a Hst of lg different works
made for that purpose. ! . ' not one of wh- h h. r wrnfn
,IMU.u8Wu.4 w ava manv Years he meditated a
cost l.ouu.uou to disttoy the, con- DOem on the nt 1(.rsaUm hv
tagious disease of plemo pneumonia Titus, . and among other projected
from the cattle of this country. works were t nn rrn
Loxey s cavaicaae oi war. steeas Laws a -Historv of German Hee
nas got oacK to Massiinon; wmcn LettreSjn a "Book of Morals," in an
wouiu seem xo inaicate mai swer to Godwin, an "Essav on th
cruei war is nearly over. Writtintrs of Tohnsnn ntid (lihh
Tw 10 iliA Cattni'Asi Tnsnn 0 '
it ia aaiu iuoi ourtiui jcvivia a Poetical oantomimp and n "UnH
luaMugmaujr ,ncuUSlntuc F'M of COmedv." "I should not think of
and displaying the great quantity ot devoting less than 20 years to an
brains he pOSSeSeS. eoic DOem." he writes "ten vears to
Gov. McKinley has had to order collect m v material sand warm mv i J. . I J
uut niC atatc noops iu SUPH' mind with universal science." Five
armed body of miners who were on were to be spent in its composition
At Halt's near Afacon Georgia, tastes and inclinations were un
nappenea a wreck on the division ol doubtedly catholic, but persistent
the Central Railroad. Number of effort in any one direction was ill
people injured about forty only a suited to the genius of Coleridge,
lew tataiiy injured. and he was content with his books
At Stickle Hallow mines Union- and his opium and consequent glori
town Pa., a bloody fight occured ous dreaming. Chambers' Journal
between an armed body of miners
and seventy-five armed deputies Five a Deficit of $78,000,000 for the Year.
miners were killed end others Washington, Mav 31. The official
wounded and three deputies were Treasury statement to be issued
wounded. June 1st will show that the expendi
rharv T TVnew is n declared tures of the government for the
candidate for President of the United eleven months of the current fasca
States. He is a rich railroad Repub- year have exceeded the receipts by
lican $72,000,000, the aggregate stand-
ThePonnlists of the Eighteenth inS in und figures: receipts, $268
0 I sr snt. 04n rrr
- Cerbett nd Jcksa.
New York, May 31. The interna
tional heavy weight championship
oatue Detween "Jim" Corbett and
Peter Jackson will positively not
take - place in, England. Corbett ,
states that he has declined the" Na
tional Sporting Club's offer of a
$15,000 purse and will only consent
Ovtight the colored champion in
a cablegram to-day to George Welty,
the theatrical manaeer. from
J , ,M V s
bett himself. In the cablegram Cor
bett also stated that he had decided
to accept the $35,000 purse offered
by the Jacksonville Athletic Club, of
Jacksonville, Fla., and authorized
Mr. Welty to sign articles of agreed
ment. The California n a
fight Jackson for the purse and $10,
000, the battle to take olace. in rw
tober or November. Ccrbett says
he will not return to America until
uly or August and will require at '
laast three months in which to train
for the contest. Corbett savs that
the battle must he foo4it nri.
Marquis of Queensbury rules, the
gloves to be the smallest allowed by
tne club; the other details to be left
to the club.
Ohio district have nominated Jacob
S. Coxey, the Commonweal leader,
for Congress. This is Gov. McKin
ley 's old district.
A Democratic club in Springfield,
O., has passed a resolution to turn
Senator Hill's picture to the wall.
And the probabilities many
will be turned t o wall.
000. These figures indicate a total
deficit for the twelve months of the
: fiscal year of about $78,000,000.
The rail roads have gone into a
rate cutting fight to the finishes. A
few roads had reduced their rates
secretely and .when found out it
mOre I l,t,4- n in-il fi rrVi - ro-
duction of freight and passenger
A Wyoming woman aids the cause rates.
of woman suffrage by producing
statistics showing that in her State,
where it prevails, the marriag and
the birth rates have increased, crime
has diminished, and drunkenness has
been minimized.
Clause Sptckels is going to Europe,
and says that he has retired from
active life and is not interested in
sugar. The Wolrld observes that he
has certainly raised enough cane to
make his old age comfortable.
John L. Sullivan and Paddy Ryan
boxed three very short rounds
at the latter's benefit in Boston on
Mondav nicht. There were about
Has a Right to Reduce Wages-A Strike
lull Li .
Cincinnati, May 31. Judge Taft
todav decided that the receivers of
the Queen & Crescent (Cincinnati
Southern) had the right to reduce
the scale of wages or lessen the num
ber of hours, thereby accomplishing
the same. result. Immediately after
the decision was rendered orders
were issued by the labor organiza
tions involved, ordering secret meet
ings for to night, It is generally be
lieved in labor circles here at mid
night that a strike will result, as the
stated (Vom the stage that he would reduction ,s w8trtK per
give 25 per cent. 01 the receipts to
About Yonr Boys.
f Treat your boys as though they
were of some importance if yoa
would have them manly jand self
reliant. Be careful of the little courtesies.
You cannot expect your boys to be
respectful, thoughtful and kind un
less you first set them the example.
If you would have your boy make
you his confidant, take an active in
terest in all thaitiie does, don't, be
too critical, and ask for his views
and opinions at all times.
Don't keep your boys in ignorance
of the things they should know. It
is not the wholesome truth, but the
unwholesome way in which it is ac
quired that ruins ; many a young
Don't act as though your boy
amounted to nothing, uor be con
tinually making comparisous be-
tween him and some neighbor's .son
to his disadvantage; nothing will
dishearten him quicker.
Don't think that anything is good ,
enough for the boys, and -that they
don't care for nice things; halve their
rooms fixed up nicely as possible; let
them understand that they are to be
kept in order, and the results will
justify your pains.
Furnish your' boy with good
wholesome reading matter. Have
him read to and with - you. Discuss
with him what you read, and draw
out his opinions and thoughts on
the subject. Help him to think ear
ly for himself.
Make,home a pleasant place; see
to it that the boys don't have to go
somewhere else to secure proper free
dom and companionship.
Take time to make them feel com- ;
fortable and contented, and they
will not want to spend their even
ings away from home.
Pick your son's associates. See to
it that he has no friends you know
nothing about. Take an in t erst in
all his troubles and pleasures, and
have him to feel perfectly free to in
vite his friends to the house. Take
a little pains to make him and his
friends comfortable and iappy. He
will not be slow to appreciate it.
ronf Tf the strike noes occur it Will
embrance every branch in the operat
ing department.
Postmaster General Bissell doesn't i Lee's army of Northern Virginia,
endorse the idea of the government
running the (elegraph lines, of the
country in connection with the Post
Office department, andhe has writ
ten a letter td Chairman Wise, of the
House. Commerw tommittee, giving
his. re4n8ie thinks the Post
Office department has all that it can
do justice to in! extending and per-
and at least one-third of the total
losses sustained by that army fell
upon North Carolina troops, which
is, I think, the best tribute , to the
fighting qualities of the 'Tarheel'
soldiers. I think it, a conservative
estimate to say that 120,000 North
Carolinians went to the front, a
the sufferers by the late fire in that
Pnehlo Col.. Governor Waite. in
an 0AA nasserl Congressman TheElkin Times says Tuesday
Bland, whom he claims sold out sil- morning, May 22nd, inst., a battle
ver in 1868, with Voorbees and Car- occurred between some moonshiners
lielo in their surrender to the foes of
silver. He advocated coining Mexi
can dollars, to be used as legal ten
der in Cplorado.
Sundav School Teacher "Have
you made anyone happy this week?"
and constables at Pilot Mountain.
Twenty-two shots were fired from
both sides and one male killed and a
woman and man were captured
four other men escaped.
The commencement exercises at
greater number than was furnished j she had the sweetest, prettiest
by any other seceding btate. I ever saw." Nooa xsews.
Washington Post, May 30.
Little Girl "Yes'm. Mrs. Highupp Greensboro r emaie t owege win iuuic
has a baby, and it's a awful squally, off June 6th and 7th. Bishop ilar-
J ' .1 1 .1.. n 1 " t
! redfaced little brat; but w'en I met grove preaencs tne odudldu,Mic
I Mrs. Highupp yesterday I told her sermon; Bishop Fitzgerald delivers
hahv the Alumna; address and Senator
Jarvis the literary address.
A laiiy.
A writer in the New York Press
undertakes to- answer the question,
"What is a lady?" This is the re
sult: "A lady is a woman who is honor-'
able, truthful and refined; who re
gards the comfort of others first;
who never forgets how important
are little courtesies to the happiness
of life; who is loyal to friends and
betrays not a trust; who scorns to
think a mean word or perform a
mean act; who. reverences age, pro
tects weakness and maintains her
own womanly self respect.
""1 '
, '-1 y-.
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