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A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of the People and, for Honesy;anGQvernmentar Affairs.
VOL. II. Np. 41.
Salisbury, N. C, Wednesday, October 3rd .1906; '
Wm. h: Stewart, Editor.
I I : - , A H 'A 1 I I I 1 V W AA
New Bom Infant In Well, Farmer Hods
Spider in a Pear.
Lexington Dispatch, September 26th;
. W. R. Gallimore, of this place,
recently visited his great-aunt,
Mrs. Ruth Gallimore, of Silver
Hill, who is quite a remarkable
old lady. Although lacking but
four years of he century mark;
Mrs. Gallimore en joys fine health
She insists on doing her own
: washing ajad cooking, and Jier
eight and hearing are a good as
, can be.
The First Lutheran church is
rapidly being finished by Contrac
tor Harbin. It is hoped to have
everything ready for service some
time next month, r The time de
pends on the arrival of the hand
some seats that have been ordered
from Grand Rapids. This week
the workmen will place the beau
tiful art glass windows, of which
there are twelve.
Robert Harvey died last week
and was buried Friday at Fork
Church; Davie county, by Rev.
Wilson Merrill. Services were
held at the home by Rev. J. N.
Higgins. Mr. Harvey was about
61 years old. He is survived by
Mrs. Harvey and ten children, all
of whom wer& present when he
died. He was familiarly known
"Bob Harvey" and was liked
by every one.
J. F. Nance, of this place, cap
tured a very curious spider recent
ly under unusual circumstances,
and he brought the beast into the
i- office TFriday, where it was in-
7"ipected with fear and tremblings!
;vHegotit out of a pear over in
Randolph county. It had bored
into the fruit and had eaten pretty
much all there was inside. The
thing had a shell on its back after
the style of turtles, and traced on
the shell is a beautiful design of a
butterfly. It isstrong and vicious
' and no doubt poisonous.'
Saturday morning a white in
fant was found in a well in the
mill settlement across the South
ern railway from the Nokomis
r cotlon mill, oh the property of
Daniel Smith, who owns half a
: jlozen houses" there. The child been thrown in the well at
birth. It was well-developed and
would have weighed probably
twelve pounds. The general opin
ion was that it had been in the
well something like two weeks.
Decomposition had partly set in,
and, when taken from the water,
the body began, to decompose rap
idly. The first intimation that
any one had that there was some
thing in the water, was on Thurs
day, when 0. H. Hindale, whose
house is nearest the well, drew up
. a small piece of skin. Six fami
lies had been using the water op
to then, Saturday morning the
Italians who work on the railroad
had gotten some water there, as
was their custom. When well
cleaners came to clean the well
. out, the child was discovered by
- means of a glass. Saturday after
noon the coroner, Dr. Julian, held
: his inquest and the verdict was
: left open, 'there being no evidence
brought out that pointed to the
guilty person or persons. How
' -Ever, we understand, that a clue
has been discoyeed and the po
' lice are working ondt. The feel
r . ings of the people jy ho have been
drinking the water, may
agined. ' .;";;
be im-
T nnAnflrTin. 'i hvdrant this
V- - A ' V Jw.,xflt..-'-. J -n J
y: 'morning andlihe water that came
" out-was green," declared a citizen.
' He was of the opiiiiion that the
K standpipe and reservoir should be
iV; inspected and thoroughly cleaned
? V but again. We pass the hint up
"vfcto the powers that be.
Capt. Carlton's Find. Dogwood Blossoms
In September. Minister Resigns,
Statesville Landmark, September 25th.
S. 0. Irvin has placed in the
First Presbyterian church a hand
some memorial window in mem
ory of his adopted daughter, Miss
Jessie Fowler, who was so long or
ganist of the church. The window
shows the ,Good Shepherd caring
for the lambs of the flock and
contains the name Jessie FoW
ler. All the: remaining win
dows in the church are to be re
placed by new: and handsome
The contract offered by S. H.
Garrison, one of the applicants
for the position as mail carrier
between the postoffice and depot
to succeed Mr. Taylor, resigned,
has been accepted by the Post
office Department, but Mr. Gar
rison has decided not to accept
the position.
Rev. S. H. Williamson, late
pastor of Front street Presbyterian
church, Statesville, and Shiloh
church, Shiloh township, has ac
cepted a call to the pastorate of
Euphronia and Pocket Presby
terian churches, in the vicinity
of Sanford, Moore county.
John F. Shaver, who lives on
Fourth street, lost a good horse
Thursday afternoon, the animal
dying soon after it was taken ill.
An examination was made to as
certain the cause of death and an
8 penny nail was found in the
horsVs entrails. Failure to - di
gest the nail caused death.
While out fox hunting Satur
day morning, Capt. P. C. Carlton
found a dry land terrapin with
the date of 1806carved on its
back. The inscription may have
been placed on the terrapin in
recent years as a joke, but Capt
Carlton says it had the appear
ance of being very old and as
terrapins have been I nown t?
live many years there are reasons
to believe that this one has reach
ed its 100th year. A large tor-
tois, which was overlKX) years of
age, recently aiea in a Lionaon
Zoo, .
While out driving on the Long
Island road, in Falltown town
ship, one day last week, W. E.
Sloau saw two dogwood bushes
covered with blooms, He carried
the blooms to town as an evidence
of good faith and left one with
the Landmark. Dogwood blooms
in September are unusual. Tbey
belong to the early spring. Will
some one who knows tell us "how
A. K. Klingender, of States
ville, who has been with the Row
an Chair Company, at China
Grove, for several months, is now
located in Salisbury and is con
nected with the G. W. Frix Mu
sic Company.
Iredell can boast of at leest one
giant. Burley Wilcox, who lives
in Hope township aud who is on
iy 16 years old, has reached the
height of 6 feet 9 inches and is
still growing at a rapid rate.
How to Gore a Cold.
mm m -m . Mm
The question ot how to cure a
cold without unneceesary loss of
time is one in which we are all
more or less interested, for the
quicker a cold is gotten rid of
the less the danger of pneumonia
and other serious diseases. Mr.
B. W. L. Hall, of Waverly, Va.,
has used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedv for yean, and says: 4
firmly believe Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to be absolutely
the best preparation on the mar
ket for colds. I have recommend
ed it to my friends and they al
agree with me." For sale by
James Plummer, SuHsbury, and
1 Spencer Pharmacy, Spencer, N. C
Severarof the Coast Cities are Daraag
. ed to tbe Extent of Millions.
The dispatches of last Friday
gave an account of severe storms
which raged along the southern
coast Friday night. Pensacola,
Florida, and Mobile, Ala., suffer
ed great damage. The dispatch
from Pensacola is as following :
The worst hurricane to visit this
city in its history and almost
equaling the Galveston disaster,
raged here furiously all last night
and this morning, and today.
with a gale still blowing, the city
presents a ' wrecked appearence
and the damage is estimated at
$5,000,000. The loss of life will
be heavy among the mariners,
but so far only ope body has ben
recovered, a man named George
Morgan, a fisherman. Other
bodies are reported along the
shore, but have not been recover
ed. Commencing at 7 o'clock last
night the wiud blew at 50 miles
or three hours, then increased to
75. From that time until 5
o'clock it remained about 80 and
90 miles an hour. The tides,
rom the bay packed into the citf;
for blocks, destroying homes and
making rivers out of streets.
When the gale was at its highest
this morn iLg women and children
were running frantically about the
streets in darkness.
Every house along the water
ront for a distance of ten miles
has been destroyed and the won
der is that the loss of life is not
greater. The tracks of the termi
nal railway to the navy yard and
barracks have all been destroyed,
as also the trestles and bridges.
The Mobile dispatch, same date
is t a similar effect.
Loss of lite, variously estimated
at from five to 50 persons, many
people injured, 5,000 houses
damaged, the business quarter
devastated, and a property loss
of fully $3,000,000, is the effect
of a tropical hurricane of the last
48 hours. on the city of Mobile.
The storm struck Mobile at
midnight and raged for many
hourB, the wind reaching a veloci
ty of 90 miles an hour. Water
from Mobile Bay was blown into
the- city by the gale and for a
time stood seven feet deep in the
wholesale quarter from Royal
street to the Alabama rivr
The loss of life is believed to be
mainly among the negroes, al
though conditions are so chaotic
that information's indefinite.
Mobile has been placed under
control of the militia. Nobody
is porrflitted in the streets except
newspaper men and persons wear
ing badges. . j
Rochester Pape s Bolt.
The Rochester Morning Herald,
ever since its birth a Democratic
newspaper, in this morning's is
sue announce? itself as an inde
pendent newspaper and advocates
the election of Charier E Hughes.
The Union ana Advertiser, of
this city, hitherto Democratic,
in its issue today, avers that "it
owes no allegiance to the candi
date of the Democratic conven
tion at Buffalo, W. R. Hearst."
-Rochester, N, Y., dispatch.
Quinsy, Sprains and Swellings Cured.
"In November. 1901, I caught
cold and had the quinsy. iy
throat was swollen sole mid hard
ly breathe. I applied Chamber
lain's Pain Balm and it gave me
relief in a short time. In two
days I was all right," says Mrs.
L. -Cousins; Otterburn, Mich.
Chamberlain's Pain Balui i9a" lini
ment ami is especially valuable;
for snrains and swellings. For
sale by James Plummer, Salis
bury, N. C, and Spencer Phat
macy, Spencar, N. C.
Tbe Session Ad)ouras After a Interest
ing and Profitable Meetings '
The Concord .yresbytery .l'et in
the First Presbyterian ohhEch in
this city, on last Tuesday night
and adjourned .Thursday night,
Rev, W. Fi Collingsworth, if
Morgan ton, wasVchosen modera
tor, and Revs.f ( M. Richards'
and A. T. Graham were selected
as clerks. , St -.
Rev. M. B. Porter, of the
ville Presbytery was invited to situ
as a corresponingperv
Revs. J. H. (F-Aff$AlljB
and Edgar Tufts were excused
from attendance' at this meetings
A call from Philadelphia church
in the Mecklenburg Presbytery
for the services of the Rev. John
Wakefield, was, ead,.and plaoed
in the hands of Mr. -Wakefield;
who tendered his resignation -as
pastor of theCaiinoliville audf;
Whitehall churches;lty.: ":
Revs. R. .E-.eighb Wvi
Duttera and E. F. Tatum, were"
invited to sit as visiting brethreu.
The reports" of committee ap
pointed to install a number . of
ministers in their charges, were
read and adopted.
After some discussion ;the artir
cles adopted 'at -Chariot t e in
March 1906, were. adopted. .Tie
articles, in substance, were ' for
the purpose of ; amicably: ad justr
ing differences existing ibetweeh
the Northern and Southern Pres
byterians, and it is stated ,t hat
their purpose. does not contenpK.
pJate actual uuioh in one body.
The resolution was introduced by
Rev. Geo. H, 3(?rnelisont of Con
cord. He spoke in its. favor, and
Rev. J. A. Scott led the debate
on the other side. The. resolu
tion was adopted by a large ma
jority. On Thursday night Rev. Rob
ert Coit preached his trial ser
mon. His text was "Create in
me a clean herat, O God ; and re
uew a right spirit within me,"
Psalms 51-10. The matter of Mr,
Coit's sermon proved him a close
student and a deep thinker. The
statement of his propositions, his
arguments and his peroration
were all systematically arranged
and delivered in an earnest, elo
quent manner.
The Presbytery voted unani
m6usly to accept Mr. Coit's trial
It should be borne in mind that
while the sermon was. all which
could be expected, any sermon
preached under, similar circum
stances, by a beginner in the min
istry, ought not to be taken as a
test of the ability of the .preach
er. Mr. Coit's position on this
occasion was a somewhat embar
rassing one, he had many disad
vantages to contend with, which
it is hardly needful to point out,
and it is geatly to his praise that
he more than met the expecta
tions of his friends.
A brief service iu memory of
the late Dr. J. Rumple was held.
Rev. J. M. Wharev read a short
biographical sketch of the de
ceased pastor, who was so loved
by his congregation. Rev. J. C.
Kennerly and Rev. W. W. Pharr
both spoke briefly, tenderly and
feelingly of their personal rela
tions with Dr. Rumple.
Rev. F. M, Beatty, of Moores
ville, was ordained, and he will
leave shortly for Cardenas, Cuba,
where he will engage in mission
ary work,
J. E. Robinson, of Yancey
county, read his popular lecturer,
this being part of the require
ments for candidates for the min
istry, After some routine business,
Presbytery ad j urned to meej in
Hickorv in April next." Rev. W.
F Holliugsworh remained over
Sunday and preached at the Pres
byterian churoh.
Coiernor at. Ricbfield. Uore Ataut
v ' That Road 4latter;s . '
Stanly Enterprise, September 2Tth.
W. . M. Ivey, of New ' London,
called us up on the 'phone Tues
day and said: .'Please; say to'
those; people who made affidavit
to the Tndex last weekTthat the
piece of roadv they retarpd to was
altogether a different que to triat
mentioned by me. The road I
"tfpoke about was the Aibemarle
roail from New London to Albe
martej and that part between the
Junction and Kendall's creek. It
has not been worked since H. S
Trott was appoi' ted Supervisor.
Now. Mr. Republic a n, c o m e
.' ;As a word of gentle warning, it
might be well to say to certain re
publicans who, are talking too
freely on matters that have ma
licious origin, and are unfounded
on fact, and which true gentle
men would refrain from drawing
even int a campaign j - that it
would be well for them 6 guard
their home closets: lest a more hor
rid skeleton be therein concealed
than they would find in their op
ponents. .' .iv'v'
K Chairman JV TX3an3pbell's ap
pearance in1 tbwn- early Tiiesd ay
morning called ;f drth the follow
ing question from a wag who saw
Jhim: "Wonder if his visit . had.
anything to do with the dance .of
the ghosts aud hobgoblins on Mon
day night? . j - ''- ;
The many friends of the, Rev.
R. D. Sherrill will be" g!ad to
know that he is again with us,
having returned yesterday. His
health is much improved. His
congregation gave htm quite a
"pounding" upon hs return.
The Governor at Richfield was
a red letter day for democracy. gallantT young Democrats
managed well, an immense crowd
greeted the Governor and the peo
ple gave him a good hearing.'
Jilter Meets His Match.
Some women are broad enough
to be president of these United
States. One of these is Miss Ma
ry McDonald, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
She was engaged to be married to
a young man named Thober. A
day or two before the date of the
wedding she discovered Thober
was a scamp but she kept her
counsel. On the wedding day she
appeared, in her bridal outfit and
at the proper moment, in
presence of all the guests,
drew back the folding curtains ff
the room and in walked a young
woman with her mother; the
young woman had been ruined
and deserted by Thober. The
minister was on hand. "Marry
her, she does not want you, but
she wants your name," said Miss
McDonald, and Thober had to
walk ud to the rack. When the
ceremony was over Miss McDon
aid took Thober by the arm, es
corted him to the door and told
him to go and go quickly. Then
the guests had a big wedding re
past; but Thober got none of it.
This is the neatest and . most sen
sible j )b we ever heard of. In
stead ot marrying the mau to re
form him, this young lady had
sense; she was not even content
with decliuing to wed him, but
she made him atone, in so far as
she could, for the wrong inflicted
on another. Greensboro Record
A Lucky Postmistress
is Mrs. Alexander, of Caiy, Me.,
who has found Dr. King's New
Life Pills to be the beat remedy
she ever tried for keeping the
Stomach, Liver ad Bowels in
perfect order. You'll agree with
her if you try these painless pu
rifiers that infuse new life. Guar
anteed by all druggists. Price 25c.
Four Brothers Die Within i few Months, r
Candidates Will Talk..
Concord Times. Sept. 25th. " "
On the 23rd of last March four "
brothers, J ames, Laweon, Robert
and Julius Carter, were living
near neighbors in the Southern
part of Cabarrus count?. Since
that date airfouri of the broth
ers have died. James died m
March, Lawsonobn June 13th,
Robert oh June lSth and Julius
on August 30th. These were el
derly men and "good, citizens.
Messrs. James, Robert and Law-
son were veterans of the Civil
W. L. Winecoff, of No. 11
township, tells us that he has a
cotton stalk which he pulled from
his field which is over 8 feet high,
and has. only five or six bolls
cotton on it. . He says there are
a number of stalks nearlyas high
as this one, but have very litUtT
fruit on them.
A petition has been circulated
and. signed by eVery resident on -
Mill street, to have the naihe of
that street, changed from Mill
street to Franklin Avonucv The
notion will be presented to the
board of alderman at their next
meeting. - - .
"John Bulla received Monday
morning by express ; from Ala
bama, four, gray foxes. They will
be given their liberty in the course
of a few months and then the fox
... -
elub will give them a chase. f
Concord Times, Sept. 28th
J. B. Anderson of Albany, N.
Y., was- in Concord Wednesday
on business connected with his
chair post factory, which is lo
cated about four miles below Mt.
Pleasant. The plant started up
yesterday. The output at pres
ent will be 1,000 posts a day, but
it is expected that the capacity
will soon be increased to 2,000.
The posts are made from oak
wood. About 25 men will be giv
en employment,
J. A. Lippard and family, who
left Cabarrus county about a year
ago for Oklahoma, to make that
State their home, have' returned
and will live and die in old Ca-:
barrus, Mr. Lippard was not
pleased with Oklahoma, hence his
Chas. M Suther, who has
been superintendent of the Er
win mills at Durham since this
mill was built, has resigned his
position and, we learn, will re
turn with his family to Concoid
about the 10th of October.
The county candidates are pre
paring to start out with the sher
iff on his tax rounds the first of
October. They will speak at all
points where the sheriff stops.
McGlellan Bolts Hearst.
Mayor McClellan gave out. a
statement this afternoon in which
lie said he would not vote for
Hearst for Governor.
"I am a Democrat and accept
the action of the Democratic con
vention. I will be a Democrat
while my party has the name, but
as a Democrat and as mayor of
this town, I am unalterably op
posed to Murph and to every
thing ha stands for,
'I recognize the humiliation I
must endure in common with
other Democrats Nevertheless I
will vote the ticket of my party in
this State, bnt never fcr Hearst.
Him I will not vote for." New
York disptch.
A Guaranteed Cure for Piles,
Itching, blind, bleeding, protrud
ing piles. Druggists are authorized
to refund money if Pazo Ointment
fails to cure in 6 to 14 days. 50c.

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