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NO, 6.
Salisbury :N O., 23rd, 1 907.
Wm, H . Stewart, Editor.
Brothers Haf 8i Row and ooe Stabs Ue
! Other. Contract Awarded.
Stiualy Enterprise. January 17th.
: An altercation occurred between
the young -eons 'of Bort liOwder
and Mrs. L. L.Xefler on Saturday
at the mill. A Young Lowder used
a top Blat to one of the machines
aqd severely pounded the other
Jboy about the side and chest, and
jRave him a stab" between the
shoulders with a "knife. It was
thought awhile that the Lerler
boy could not survive, but he
seems to be getting along nicely
and will recover.
.: Contract has been awarded L.
A. Moody for the erection of the
Dew building for the Albemarle
Koimal and Collegiate Institute.
Mrs. D. L. Parker and sons
Hubert and Kenney returned to
their home at Spencer Friday af
ter spending several days with
relatives. Mrs. Parker was in
Providence hospital at 'Washing-
ton undergoing treatment during
past six mouths, and her health
is greatly improved.
Rev.1 John . Kirk was hefe on
a brief visit Tuesday. In the
death of hia mother, Mrs. W. A.
Kirk, near Ric.ifield on Snuday,
Mr. Kirk has he sympathy oi his
many tr ends at this place.
County Commissioner J. A.
Hahn. of Cabarrus, was here Mon
day importuning the Judge and
Solicitor to allow his county to
work prisone - s sentencpd to a term
on the roads from this couaty.
The Wisoassett and Eflrd mills
it--" ' '
deolared a semi-annual v dividend
of 4 per cent at their, regular
meetiug Tuesday. Both mills
were found in healthy conditions
The case against the negroes
oharged with murder of the Ly
erly family which was set for trial
court here, this
week has, by
consent been
for trial at
the next term of
court in Iredell
Some Workings of the Exeaptlon Law.
As an example of the workings
of the exemption law for bank
rupts, we give an instance noted
in an exchange. A firm that
went ' to a near-by town a short
while Pago and opened a mercan
tile business, - soon made an as
lignmen t. with liabilities amount
ing to $2 400. The stock was ad
judged to be worth f 700, and as
tach member of the Arm is en
titled, under our antiquated ex
emption law, to $500, the' stock
was turned over to them, and the
creditors got nothing. Now if we
had a law compelling creditors to
chip in, in such a ease and make
up the diff rence between the val
ue of the property and the amount
of exemption, it would, be just as
sensible, just as fair and just as
favorable to business as our ex
enption laws are now. These
laws were enacted in a time" of
stress just after the war, when
they i were imperatively needed.
They are not i.eeded .now, and
are nothme more than a shield
for rascals to hide, behind .tex
f :Tfee Oiiariali WeDai
is; not necessarily one ofperfect
form and features. Many a plain
-woman wno could never serve as
an artist's model, possesses those
Tare dualities that all the world
admires; neatness, clear eye s
clean smooth skin and tha
sprightliness . of action and step
that accomnanv good health.
uuyaiHanj yv-.-- -w,w.
-r -
trie Bitters restore weak women,
give . stmng nerves, bright eyes,
s movth; velvetyk in t - beaun f ul
complexion. I Guaranteed by all
aruisti.' :i 50c. " :j T
Pastor Installed at UcKlnnon Presbyteriaa
Cbtfrcli. Deaths Reported.
Concord Times. January Uthl
Rev. John W. Lafferty was in
stalled aj pastor of the McKinnoi.
Presbyterian church Sunday; at
11 o'clock.; The installation ser
vice was conducted by Rev, G. H,
Cornelison, pastor of 4 he First
Presbyterian church. Rev R. J.
Hunter, made the charge o the
pastor, and in the. absence of Rev.
J. McLain, Mr. Hunter; also made
the charge to the congregation.
Miss Hermina Quantz, who has
had a position at the telephone
office, has reaighed. She went to
Salisbury last Saturday, where
she has accepted a position as
I stenographer.
Chas, Harris died at his home
inNo. 11 township Saturday
night, aged 88 years. He had
beensick several days with pneu-
monia. -
Travis Cagle, of Forest Hill.
accidentally shot
himself with a
pistol Saturday night, the load
eatericg the right leg. "Dr. J. O.
Walker attended him.
Al. Cauble. a (negro convict,
who escaped from the chain gang
ast June, was captured ' Saturday
night on Happy Hill, and return
sd to the gang, (
The friends of H. L. Paris will
be glad to learn of his improve
ment in haalth in Asheville, where
be has been for some time.
W, C. Carpenter, formerly cf
Concord, has just organized a
general merchandize store com
pany at Gaffney, $. -0.
Mrs. FiJ 1 more Mabrv died at her
hom in CannonriUe Saturdav,
aged 28 years. -J
. . .
ine intant of R, H. Webb, oH
night. , j
A. C. Coley and Miss Lola E.
Linker, of Cannonville, were mar
ried last week. '
Bridge as 8ad as Craps.
Society women and their hue-'
bands are indignant at the charge
delivered today by j Judgf C. W.
Pite, in wnica ne practically or
dered the grand jury to indict the
players of bridge, euchre and
society card games for prizes
Judge Fite said : "All society
gambling is gamblipg, and to my
mind a man who gambles i. a
parlor is just as guilty as a negro
who shoots craps. Any one who j
plays a game of chance for stakes,
be it mcney or a chafing dish, is
as guilty as a negro that plays
craps. J waut yon gentlemen
to investigate the question of so -
cial gambling. : You have it in
your power to require any one in
the town cr county to come be-J
fore you and testify against any
ope ele, aud you can get all the
evidence you need. The cambl-
ing tha goes on in drawing-rooms
and in which society women have
part, must be stopped in my ju-
dicial circuit." Cartersville, Ga..
r long Life the King!
is the popular cry throughout
fiuropeau countries ; wnile in
America, the cry of the present
day 13 Long live Dr. King's New
Discovery, King of Throat and
Lung Remedies !" , of which Mrs;
Julia Ryder Paine, Truro, Mass.,
says: "It never fails to give im
mediate relief and to quickly cure
a cough or cold,' Mrs,;Paine's
opinpn is shared by a majority
ox tne innaqitanis oi xnis
,,1,. jBwyjr. umes- wci&
"MU m y.w...i
for coughs rand colds dt'8 the on
ly sure cure, . Guaranteed by all
druggists,. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free,
Conductor Blair cf Atlantic -Coast Line
? Fatally Shoi: OdIbi Straggle.
A sensational tragedy occurred
in Sone of the leading residential
sections this afternoon , Conduct
or -McCullev W. Blair, of the
Coast Line, whose run is between
her and Laurens, being shot to
death by his wife, a hands .me
youHg woman, in their pretty
home on" Marion, street. Four re
ports were heard, but only two
shots took" effect j one. Which caus
ed deattu in the abdomen, and the
other a flesh wound in the left
hip, both ranging downward. Mr.
Blair died in half an hour. He
said there had been trpouble be
tween himself and wife. .
Mrs. Blair has been arrested
but remains at home under guard.
She appears to be nervous and in
a-state of collapse. Mrs. Blair
says her husband came home in'
a drunken state aud started the
row, and attempted torstrike.her.
She warned him not to "strike Her,
holding a pistol in her hand.
He came upon her and Attempted
to take the weapon from hr and
in the struggle was shot. . It has
been known for some time that
Mr. and Mrs. . Blair had not been
living happily. Mrs. Blaira
home is in Greensboro. Mr Blair
leavta several children by the wife
who struck him down. He was
a man of excellent reputation. .
It is alleged that Blair accused
his wife of infidelity and that-the
shooting followed. Mrs. Blair
was placed unde 'arrest,, but bw-
mg to ner. prostrate . condition
she was not removed f romher
Blair made an ante-mor-t e"m
Utatement, in which ;it is aVeged
tnat ne iauacsed His wile's cnar
acter. bne was Jmiss Jfitnex Jiar-
f- nf a , n rn N n
while his wife is SO. Columbia,
S. Ci correspondence Charlotte
Observer, 17th
uapt. ana Mrs. 15 lair lived in
Salisbury for some timet, but left
! this city several years ago. They
were well known here. Mrs.
Blair was a sister of the wife of
Engineer West, who was killed
in the .bstian bridge wrck, uear
StatesviHe, iu ;1891. Ed
Reeeiie Back Pay.
spencer, ; Jan. . iy. lne em-
ployes of the .Southern Railway
Company all over th" system to
day received back1 pay from Sep
tember 1 of last year at the rate
of 2) cents per day on account of
an increase of wages given the
machinists effective fopr months
ago. The sum pa!id aggregates
many thousands of dollars and
tne machinists will hereafter re-
ceive $3 20 per day according to
an agreement reache d by, an arbi-
.- -
1 tration board appointed following
the strike of 'last October. It is
stated ithati but few machinists
received checks L r less than $100
for December labor, Special to
Charlotte Observe?.
From the Antilles. Obamberlalns Coagii
Reoedi Benefits a City Coupclloan a
Kingston, Jamaica.
Mr. W. O'Reilly Fi eartv. who
is a member of the City Cowici
at Kingston, Jamaica, West In
dies, writes -as follows: "One
bottle of Chamberlairirs Cough
Remedy had good .enect on a
cough that was giving me trouble
and I think I should . have been
more! quickly relieved if I had
continued the remedy. That it
wai leneuciai and quick, in re-
Ueving me there ie no doubt and
it is my intention to obtain "an
other bottle.'! For , sale by Jas.
Plummerj Salisbury," and ' Spen-
oer Pharmacy, Spencer, N. 0.
One of Salisbury's UostProgressIre ant
Public Spirited O'tlzens Anaoancis
His CiBtfJia ,
SafbuxyjJ N- CM JanV22di 1907.
In a re$feut interview
with the
Evening ifjsV reporter,
I stated
that I expected to be a candidate J
for Mayor T nqw, make this for-
mai announcement to say. that 1
1 SSf 1" iF. - -vT-"-9F-' . .U ' . . r. , 7-.-:. - ,! . ' . t . mm
am a Democrat, believing in! the
principles and usages oi tne jar-
tyaud Tenter the race, subject
to the action ; of the Democratic
primary; and convention which
will be called by the Executive
imf city, l am proud to say,
hast iu the general progress of j the spoke for themselves. He explain
South, attained such proportions ed that one gun was his, the rest
tht she . a"w among the best in
our Beoiioji. ana jl regard ner pos-
sibil itles8 second to none. It is
an honor to be her mayor, audi in I
asking tife suffrage of her people,
L do 'so, Reeling that those who
bestow tliit hono? are entitled to
my profound respect.
Xcamfito Salisbury forty-six j
years ago, a very small boy, and
have known no other home. Her
interests has always been mine,
and every movement now on foot,
orwJbicOjnay -be projected, iot
the, Advancement of this city, and
every part of it, will " receive tny
zealous, support. I have always
had at heart the best interests of
this community and offiyery rin
dividual in it, and I promise that
whether elected or not, I will cjpn
tinue,tpflabpr, for Salisbury and
herjple ;J
My pnrpoierias. been, is, and
tlways iBTill teV to uphold all con-
ditions wnicb maintain our pres
ent prosperity and the : safeguard
ing of ur busluBBs and political
interests: la the accomplish-
meut of this purpose, I have no
enemies to punish, and I seek the
respect and co-operation of all.
Very respectfnlly,
eoieraor Wis Too 4'Fnsh.M;
London, England, Jan. 21.
After a conference between the
officials of the foreign and the
oolonial office the latter, cabled
Governor Sweetenham of Jamaica,
asking for bis version on the situ
ation which Iftd to the withdrawal
of the American warships.
The Foreign office suggested the
propriety of securing the gover
nor's statement without delay as
it was felt the incident might
cause irreparable miury to tne
friendly relations now existing
between the two governments if
not promptly explained.
The officials of the Foreign of
fice said: "It is uuexplafnable,"
adding :; 4 We are sure none re
gret it more than we do."
An official of the Foreign office
said the greatest appreciation was
expressed every where when it was
announeed that Admiral Evans
had dispatched the vessels and no
criticism was heard anywhere of
the landing of armed men.
Its difficult . to - find justifica
tion for the Governor's letter,"
he said, adding : "We shall
make every effort to have the af
fair cleared up without delay and
we hope the Americans will with
hold judgment until this can be
Lnalier Oal. ;
ifoushee and Uurrent have pur
chased 4,000,090 feet of timber in
Yadkin county, at a rate of $15
per thousand feet. The timber is
said to be of a very fine quality.
Mr Current "is one-cf Rowan'i
County Commissioners. ; and has
been ciuite' successful in the lum
ber business. ;
A Walking Arsenal. Preacher hart In
...'"-- tnnaiay.
Lexington Dlapateb, January 16tb. '
: Saturday night Policeman Ford
arrested' one C. O. Herndon. ) a
foreman bp the double track work
who had been discharged Tuesday
of last week. The charge against
him was that he enticed laborers
to leave Lane Brothers and Jones
to go to a point in Virginia and
work on another railroad. After
the arrest he proved to be a walk
ing arsenal, having four revolvers
and many knives of various sizes
on his person. He was placed in
jail and tried. The evidence was
not sufficient to convict him of
enticing laborers, nut tne guns
and the knives being- property
pawned witn mm oy negroes wno
owed him. The mayor placed him
under a bond of $100 to answer at
court. Herndon said he had been
working fXilroads for years, that
his father lived near Grover and
that his brother was a merchant
at Grover, Cleveland county, N,
C. He gave bond, leaving proper
ty as surety.
Dr. C. M. Clodfelter met with a
very laughable experience Monday
night, and it might have been se-
nous, but it wasn't, and tne laugn
is on him. He had a call to the
country and when a mile or so
from town thought he would cut
off some by, leaving the main
road, and was swinging along at
a good gallop when he ran into a
man's yard, the proximity of
which was made known to him by
a clothes line wire catching him
under the chin and lifting him
from his horae. -He rested his
chin on the wire an instant and
then sat down on the ground with
more spesd than , grace. Mean-
time the horse stopped and began
grazing on the tender blades of
grass which this lovely January
weather has coaxed odt u4bre
Gates Spry, white, has been
dodging the officers tor several
days. He is charged with vagran
cy, in that he does nothing and
lives on the earnings of his family.
He put up a small cash bond, but
forfeited it, and has been hiding
out since then. -
Rev. A. L. Bolick, pastor at
Holly Grove, sustained painful in
juries last week in a runaway as
he was going to preach the funeral
of Mrs. Hunry Palmer, His horse
was frightened and ran when he
was about three-fourths of a mile
from Beck's jchurcb . Mr. -Bol ick
was thrown out and his shoulder
dislocated, and- he was painfully
bruised. He was able to be in
town Monday, and asked us to
state that he would' probably- be
able to fill his appointments at
Book's and Lebanon next Sunday.
Negroes Endorse Prestdent's Action.
Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 18.
Speaking for the 50,000 negroes
who compose its membership, the
Grand Council of the Nationalln-
dustrial Association of America,
in convention here today adopted
a resolution endorsing President
Boosevelt's action in; dismissing
the-negro soldiers at Brownsville.
Bad Stomach Trouble Cored.
Having been sick for the past
two pears with a bad stomach
trouble, a friend- gave me a dose
of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They did me so
much good that?! bought a bottlt
of ; them and have used twelve
bottles in all. Today I am well
of a bad stomach trouble. Mrs,
JoEnT Lowe. Coop e r4 JMa in e
These tablets are for sale by Jas.
Plummer, Salisbury, and Spescer
Pharmacy, Spencer, H. C.
lilss Long and Congressoaf Hatkett to
bo Wedded Soon.
SUtearllle Landmark, January 18th.
Fire, early Wednesday morning,
almost completely destroyed the
large building and. plant "of the
StatesviHe Flour Mills, located
near the depot. Tbemill build
ing proper, a -fouvktory brick
structure, and the large sheet iron
grain elevator, Nearly 100 feet
high, adjoining the east end of
the building, and which at that
time contained about 20,000 bush
els of wheat, were entirely - de
stroyed. The mill warehouse, lo
cated west of the mill and just
across a narrow street from it, was
slightly damaged by the fire and
a lot of flour stored in the house
was damaged by water. The es
timated Jopb to the mill people is
$75,000, with about $58,000 in
surance, $12,000 or $15,000 of this
being on the warehouse. -
The following invitations were
issued yesterday : Judg e a n d
Mrs. Benjamin F. Long request
the pleasure of your company at
the wedding reception of their
daughter Lois and Richard
Nathaniel Hackett, on Thursday
evening, the thirty-first of Janu
ary, one thousand ninj hundred
and seven, from seven until nine
o'clock, 440akhurst," StatesviHe,
North Carolina!
The marriage, which will be
prvate, will take place at 6:30
Thursday afternoon. The bride
eJct is the eldest daughter of
Judge and Mrs, Long and is an
attractive, accomplis h e d and
popular young woman. Mr. Hack-
ett, who is tha UongreBsman-elect
from this district, js. known all
over the. State., 7 rf
The Landrnjarkhas urged the
people to Volant ; Trees r A lady
who had aome youn trees, called
up. the ojKca yesterday to say the
tree ''nad ' been brbken by boys
v-swwging , on them. Sometimes
rees are damaged, by children
who are simply thoughtless, but
the punishment for the act ought
o be sufficient to remember next
- mm . m
time, in other cases trees are
damaged by boys who are simply
vicious and who want to destroy
something. In this case the-pnn-
ishment should be as severe as
possible- so severe that the vi-
cionsness will be curbed, if not
eradicated. ; The people who are
careless . enough to hitch horses
so they damage trees should also
be given a dose that will stop that
P. A. Pos ton, who sold his in
terest in a business here about
three months ago,' has decided to
locate in Salisbury and he and
Mrs. Poston expect to move there
the first of next week, Mr. Post
on has two or three Salisbury of
fers under consideration and, will
accept one of them, but "has' not
decided which one.
-N. T. Summers, who operates
a saw mill in Sharpesburg town
ship, will move his mill to the
Lingle farm east of town and saw
the timber on the" place for the
Gaither Lumber Company, f
t Quality Appreclalad.
, We frequently hear from peo
ple who purchased Weaver , Or
gans many years ago and were so
dilighted with the -musical quali
ties as well as their durability
that they are anxious for a piano
of the same quality. By purchas
ing the" Weaver ; Piano and-no
other,, the same high standard of
excellence will be assured , and the
organ . will be tasTen in exchange
if so desired. Ask for a cata
logue and a proposition.'
Manufacturers, York. Pa.
' - - . . . - -':' .
. -:" - ' - ' - - :
- - vi
' '
v - t "
- ,v.Mi -if-irii'iiii ''t
''. -
4 .
n il,.

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