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A Good Roads Association. Will Strangli
Oppose a Dispensary.
Lexington Dispatch J&nuftry 83rd. :
At the suggestion of a number
of citizens interested iu the pro
gress of Davidson county, a meet
ing has been called for Saturday.,
the 2nd of February, for the pur
pose of forming a Good Roads As
ociutioD. Wade H. Phill i p s,
Esq , . has been asked to issue, sev-i
eral nundrad postals inviting a few
of the leading men of each town
ship to attend, but .-every citizen
who can possibly come is includ
ed in this invitation.
yesterday R. H. Miller died
uddeuly about 1 ; o'clock M his
home on Depot street. Th cause
of his death' was heart' failure,
from which he had been a suffer
er jforseveral years. Ha had
been indisposed all day Mon
day 3 and yesterday forenoon he
spent iii bd. . A few moments be
fore ber died he had transacted
som business with a tenant on
his large farm near Lin wood.
The1 first snake story of the sea
son is attributed to Jesse Tussey,
who lives two miles from town.
One day last week he was clean
ing up a field" apd burning corn
stalks, when he unearthed a nest
of many stiakes. He shot at them
four times and killed eight, and
thinks that there must have been
-something like one hundred in the
colony. s, ..
The manufacturers of the- town ,
i with others, have petitioned thr
corporation commission to have
the Southern enlarge the freight
depot and build ' more extensive
freight! sheds,, since the freight
handling facilities of the station
are entirely inadequate! for toe
business of Lexington. N
The funeral of Esq. W. H. Bad
gett, which t took . place Wednes
day at Cool ! Springs, was largely,
attended, although 'many friends
did not hear of the death in time
to attend. Several people from
Rqwan were presents
monaay mgnt a meeting, oi tne
minister and leading laymen of
the town, for the pdrpose'cf op-
posing i the 1 movement for a dis
pensary- Sunday night - in the
Methodist church there will be a
mass meeting, and addresses will
be made on the subject of the dis
pensary. .
t -
Wednesdany , afterno a n V a 1
Manuey, of Salisbury, fell from
a st-am shovel at Lane Brothers
camp, above town and cut a se
veregash in his scalp, which re-
quired several stitches, it was
not a serious wound.
- A ; temporary organization of
the Commercial Savings Bank
will be effected tonight by stoek
hoiUers, at a meeting to be held
in Hedrick's Hall. -
: Drloksl Carbotle Acid.
High Point. Jan. 23. The 20-
year-old daughter of Nan Steven
sbn, white,' 'commuted suicide
here this morning by .drinkinga
bottle of carbolic acid, at her
home in the 'eastern?.- part of the
city. She and her mother had a
quarrel an hour or so before and
this is giveti as the reason of the
girl's acto She was in the. throes
of I death when first found and
died before the doctors could ren-
der any relief .---Special to Char
lotte Observer. ; -
l I Tbe Price ef Peace.
The terrible itching and smart
ing, incident to certain skin . die
eases, is almost instantly allayed
bjr applying Chamberlain Js Salve
Price ,25 cents. For sale by Jas
Plummer, Salisbury, and Spencer
r&ariQAC Spencer, U.
Prisoner 6ifes Officer tkt Slip , Baptist
C&nrca Galls Pastor.
Concord Times, January 82nd.
On last Sunday the congrega
ion of the First Baptist church,
of Concord, extended a unani-
mous call to Rev. B. Lacy&oge,
of Jackson, Ga., to the pastorate
of that church. It is understood
hat Mrl Hoge will accept, and it
seems pretty certain that he will
do so, vMr. Hose was foririerly
pastor of this church for three
years, aim lett here nve years ago
to accept the pastorate of a cburch
in Macon, Qa. '
Policeman Bras well last Friday
took to Albemarle a w hits' man
named Charlies tMcSwaim, - whom
he had arrested here ; for selling
whiskey iu Albemarle. While the
officer at Albemarle was 5 going
around with 'MoSwaim to get up
his bond, the latter gave- him the
slip and got away. He has not
been recaptured.' He tried to get
away from Mr. Braswell, but did
not succeed.
Karl Johnson, who returned to
Concord several months agoT from
Oklahoma, where he had lived
some time for his health, will re
turn to that state about the first
of February. Lewis Strieker,
who has been here severed weeks,
will return with Mr. Johnson.
Geo. M, Misenheimer, a well
... "V
known citizen of No. 5 township,
who lived just above town, died
Thursday night , of dropsy, with
which he had been suffering some
time, tie was i ( years oi age.
Mrs. N.' L. McClelland died at
uer no me tn w asmngton county,
Ark :J)eomber 29th. : She was
formerly of Cabarrus, .an! JWs a
sister of Mr?. A. N. Herns, of
Rocky River.
T. C. Fisher of Salisbury, was
here Sunday.'
Coheord Tima, January SStb.
Geo, E. Wilson, who was chair
man of the stockholders' meeting
of the Odeli Mills "on " the 17th
has appointed the following gen
tlemen as the committee to inves
tigate the affairs of the company
and submit a plan for reorganiza
tion: S. Wittowsky. of Char-
otte; Geo. W. Watts, of Durham,
and Ben N. Duke, of New York.
These gentlemen are all well
known in the financial world,
and the appointments will all no
doubt meet with approval.
J. W. Holt, of Greensboro, the
new superintendent of tho Brown
mill, has arrived and is in charge
of the mill. His family will ar
rive next wek. - Mr. Holt is not
a stranger in Concord, as he was
several years ago.
Clyde Shankle, of Norwood,
has arrived in Concord to accept
the position of night ticket agf-nt
at the, depot, succeeding John
Suead, who resigned this Week. '
Laeor Meeting EBdslB Shooting Two;
Two men are dead and another
will probably die as a result of a
shooting affray at a labor union
meeting here. , Vincen zo Scata,
Sr. , was killed instantly ; Tomasco
Cheche died of his wounds today ;
and Vincen zo Scala, Jr., who was
removed to a hospital, is njt ex
pected to survive. - The three men
were, attending a meeting of the
plasterers' and mason's union and
a dispute arose over the black
listing ot an applicant lor mem?
bershiD. Sioatsbur. N. Y. dis-.
patch. -,
Olscrlalaatlig Pjano: Aitlsts ;f -
Find in the use of ;-the Weaver.
Piano every day new 1 charms and
hew faecinatiens. ' Sold only by
IG.JV, Frir CbVi Salisbury, JfrQ
of the Bills Wfcicfi Hare
. Final Reading. ;
To provide that no criminal ao
tions shall be tried at the spring
and fall term of court in Heit-"
ford except when defendants aire
iu jail. - . f
To include Swain county in the
act regarding assessment of rail
road" companies, in stock law ter
ritory. .
To Include employes in -. the
State departments, receiving less
han $400 a year in the act allow-
ing 15 days hoHday each eari -i
To give the State two challengea
for each defendant iu trials of in
dictments in less tttan capital
cases. : - - ; : '
To cede exclusive jurisdictiou
to the United States of lands on
which stand federal buildings.
To empower com mittee on nub"
ic service corporations to senai
or persons and papers and com
pel tistimcny under oath of wit
nesaes summon.ed. "
To include Rcwan and Ruther
ford in the Landlord and Tenant
Act of 1905.
To make. ten years' separation
of husband and wife when there
no living issue, ground for di
vorce. ..
To authorize tjie running and
marking; the State line between!
his State and Virginia.
To make the annuity tables
competent evidence in actions for
damages for death or permanent
injuries. ,
To amend the law of 1905 with
reference to trials of real aotioi s
n Hertfofd.
To include Alexander, county
iu he a at i-jog law of 1905,
Ditches. Fillsd WitaiBeen-
Wmstoi, -Salem, N. C, Jan. 21,
ITjvViiue fficf rs recently szed
ard destroyed a blockade djstil-
f ry and about 800 gallons of beer
near' Uiltmow, Yadkin county
The still has a capacity of 100
gallons, add was Herug operated
at full speed." When the officers
arrived they found eight ;.men in
charge, three of whom were ar
rested, but later released, theoffi-
cers being convinced that the men
were only visitors to the plant'.
The ditobes around about were
filled with "the beer. Winston-
Salem dispatch.
. Accepts Proposition of House.
Washington, Jan. 23. The sen
ate has accepted the proposition
of ;he house of representative to
increase the salaries of senators,
members and i territorial delegates
to $7,500 annually and those of
the vice-president, i he speaker of
the House and members- -of the
President's cabinet, to $42,000.
This action was taken ly a vote of
53 to 21. and followed a discussion
ot nearly., ttiree hours An a-
mendaaent connnniff tffe increase
to cabinet officers and the pre
sidihg cnlcers of ' th& 'senate anid
House was votJ down as was also
a proposition to' postpone the in
crease until, 1913. -
From tbe Antilles, Chamberlains Cough
Reiedf Benefits a City; Connellinan at
Kingston, Jamaica. . s
: Mr. W. O'Reilly Ftgarty, who
is aTmember of the City Council
at Kingston, Jamaica, West In
dies. . writes as follows: "One
bottle. of Chamberlain's.
Remedy - had good 'effect on
cough, that was giving me trouble
and I i- think I should - have been
more quick y relieved, if I had
continued the remedy. That it
was ;inefic ial, and,, quick
1 levin g me" there . isp p loubf jttnkl
iis my i intention to obtain an
other bottle; ' ' .For salr ly Jas.
Plummer, Salisbury, and Span
oer PharmacyV Sgeuoer, N. C;-''
Bill Sgrefid toby Rsose Ctsmittee Profits
for LargrAppreprlatioii."
C Washington Jan . 24r. An a p-
propriatiop of about $95,000,000 is
provided for in the naval approria-
tion bill agreed upon today by the v
House commiuee on navai anair.
The bill provides for an addlonal
battlesh ip of the type agreed n pr n
i 14 the naval appropriation bill
fast year . It also makes provi ion
or twef jtorpeda iboat deSyerr
bd appropriates $2,000,00Q f r.
bmariijiesThis $2,000,000
ilditional tahe$lt00Q.QpO for
bmarines -provided m the bi t
last yusar. which has not -yet oeei
expended. Provision is made for
out ,8,000 additional sailors, and
900 additional marines, '
The new battleship provided for
ipi the bill is jtcr be a sister ship of
the monster -"authorized by Con
gress last year, which the bill ro-
jriired;- should "be a first-clas
battleship, carrying aB heavy; a r-
imor and as powerful armament b
any known vessel ofits class, to
have the highest practicable apHp.i
and greatest practicable radiu f
action." The cost of the vy
battleship is estimated at $10;
000,000. I
Dails Once Alded'England.
By a 'coincidence Admiral Davis
happens to be an ofi&cer ; to whom
England heretofore has felt the
deepest gratitude, as his course
while the American member of
tbn international arbitration
Court at Paris upon the sinking
of the British fishing vessels iu
he North Sea by the Russian
fleet, practically wasiecttive in
sbapittg a decision favora'-le to
Qt& at Britain. Some phases of
the arbitration wffre not sealed, at.
i .
the time, as thev might have
proven irritating to Kussn. it
is knou that Admiral Davis'
staunch . support of the British
contention turned the scales at
the decisive moment. His, views
were accepted oy .tne Austrian
admiral and this, with the Vote
of the British member. Admiral
Baumont, made a majority which
determined :the character of the
final decision. London dispatch.
For Frasdalent Use
r" inlander a . r iizg e r a J ci , a
wealthy attorney of this citT, w ho
was indicted at the last session of
the Federal grand jury on the
cnrge ot. using tne mails wito in
tent to defraud, appeared before
Judge A. B. Anderson today and
entered a plea cf guilty. He was
fined $1,500' and costs. The in
dictments related that the alleged
fraud was in relation to the "1904
coiouy- located in tfeorgia. it
was-related that this colony had
been established at St; GoOrge,
Gerrgia; that Mr. Fitzgerald had
the town of St. George surveyed
and planted aud bad sold a large
uumber of lots, v From th stains
so made it was alleged Mr. Fitz
gerald received about $70,000 of
which $35,1 00 was hot accoun - ed
for. Iidianapolis dispatch. -
Long Life the King!
is the -popular cry throughout
European countries; .while : in
America, the cry of the present
day i3 Long kve Dr. King's New
Discovery King of Throat and
Lung Remedies I ' V of which . Mrs.
J u I ia Ryder Paine , Truro, Mass . ,
says ; ;lt never mis to give im
mediate relief and to quickly Cure
a cough or cold." Mrs, Pame's
opinion is shared by a majority
ot the inhaoitants ot tnis coun
try. !4fw Discovtry cures wak
lungs jind; syre u throats after all
other -ieniediea- hav failed; and
for coughs and colds it's the on
IvdreJcureiGuaraiiteed bv- all
druggists, 50o and. $1 00
bottle free. ' 1
Celebrates 40tb Wedding Anniiersarf Iji-
snraneo Adjusters it Work. ': -
StatesTlUe Landmark. January ttnA.
.Lee, Elliott, "an aged citizen'of
Shiloh township, whose "sarious
illnessjwaa mentionedin Friday's
Landmark, died Friday about 12
o'clock at his home in NewStir
ling neigh borhod. .
The insurance adjusters are ex
pected to begin i tomorrow the
work o f Ja J j us ti n gthe.loss by the
Statbsyille Flour Mills fire.: .'
Tuesday, Januaryi- 22d, 1867,
just i 40 years ago today and on the
ame day of the week, John ; Wes
ley Nicholson and Miss Mattie 13.
Cblverb'were married- This eve
uiug attheirhome onBell tstreet
Mr. anddrs Nicholson will cele
brate the event by entertaining a
number of. their friends at a 6:80
o'clock dinner.
C. B.vWebb was at Newton Sat
urday and sold a beautiful monu
ment to- the Daughters of the
Confederacy of thatv place, to be
erected to the Confederate dead of L
Catawba. The monument will be
very much like the Iredell monu
ment at the court house, except
on the four sides of the cap will
be crossed cannon, sabres, mus
kets and flags The monument
will be erected in the northeast
corner of the court house yard at
Newton and will cost $2,150.
Frank Brumlty, late editor of
the Mascot, who moved his fam
ily to Concord his old homV-
.. weex, is associated with Har
J P- D -aton in the job-printing
business. Mr. Deaton, who was
for some years editor of the
Mooresville Enterprise, returned
toConcord, his former home,
some months ago"and set up a Ijob
printing plant. : -
.Tl e walls left standing by $he
recent fire at the Statesville Flour
Mills were thrown down Saturday.
Fire continued to smoulder in the
grert pile of burned wheat uutil
Saturday, when enough water was
put on it to apparently extinguish
Miss Mifinie Sherrill went' to
Salisbury Saturday to Spend a few
BtateiTllle Landmark, January 85th.
Iredell Superior court, Judge
Fred Moore presiding, will be
gin Monday. The State docket
has about the usual number of
cases of minor importance. The
case of the murderers of the Ly
erly family, which i was an
nounced had been moved here
fmm . Stanly county, and Set for
Wednesday cf the or the first week
will occupy considerabe time if
tried, but up to yesterday, Clerk
mm - m m - w
Martness had received no papers
in the case.
jonn iiartness, wno was so se
verely injured in a runaway acci
dent in Sharpsburg township
Monday, is getting along as well
as could be expected. He is still
at the home of W. C. Johnston
Where he was taken after the ac
cident, and it will probably be
some time'hefore he can be moved.
C. W. Bo8hamer, who has been
in a nospitai, in rniiadeipnia
for treatment, returned home a
few days go and will be here for
several weeks. His friends will
be glad toJknow that his health
is improved.
- .
Wif Suffer From Rhsuoatlsp?
Do you know that rheumatic
pains can oe reneyear , it you
doub this just, -try one applica
tion of Cha in ber.l a i n 's Pain Bal var.
It will make rest and sleep possi
ble, and that certainly means, a
great deal to any one afflicted
with rheumatism. For sale by
James Plummer, Salisbury, and
Bptacer pharmacy, hpencer, ri
Richfield Incident.! , Death of . an old
Confederate Veteran. "
Stanly Enterprise. January Mtn.
A "would-be" rogue played a
very clever trick here 4ait week.
Homer L. Ritchie being manager
of Richfield Livery Company, on
last Monday balanced his books, r
and counted the funds amounting
td $43.10 and placed same in hir,
safe in the drug stor, pushed the
door shut but. failed to lock it. '
After a few hours he thought of
it and onexamining found that
-the money was not there. '.Inves
tigations were made at ones but se
cured no clue as to the guilty one.
But to. the surprise of all,-, on
Thursday' at noon the" bag con
taining the money ras found be
hind some wire just in front of
the drug store. It was taken in
and counted and found to contain
all that had baen stolen and 25
cents besides. It had evidently
been brought Iback and dropped
there only a fewmihutes , before
found. Richfield cor respond-
With a coat of yellow paint, a
50-foot extension, and an improv
ed, interior, the depot presents
an air of newness.
Col. John B Simpson's life
went out with the ushering in of
the New Year. While it is late
to make , mention of this - item.
' w
yet ip is one of; those cases where
the newspaper man failed to learn
earlier what has' been known to a
great many. Col, Simpson lived
with his son-in-law, Frank Mil
ton, of this place, his death oc
curring on January 2d, rhe Col-'
onel served with" distinction in
the civil wal, and was alwavs
fond of meeting his comrades in
their, annual gatherings. " - : '""
News reports last weekverified
the f former statements that the ;
3outh-bound Railroad' will as
suredly be built. We, suppose it
is still coming.
Thomas Love, one of the most
influential and best known men
of Western Stanly, died Sunday
after an illness of several weeks.
His remains were interred Mon
day in the cemetery at Love's
Grove church.
Hoyle Vanderburg la . seriously
ill aid not expected to live. He
has been growing gradually worse
for several weeks.
The contract was let last week
for the building of a Paesbyterian
church at Porter.. The building
will be. 35x45, and will cost $1,
050. The people of the commu
nity are very enthusiastic in their
efforts to have a church.
England Regrets tke Letter.
Tbe Evening Standard, summing
up the prevailing sentiment says :
'Sir Alexander Sweeten harm
committed the gross and uu par
donable blunder of , writing a let
ter to Admiral Davis whJghJJbore---
1 1 a 1 i i r j .-
suit. .Civou ii no receivea vexa
tious provocation from the Amerir
cans 'no shredlof justification: can
be urged for his letter, London
diapateh. - : ; " t;
, Tbe CbarofBg Woiaai
is not -necessarily one of perfect
form and features. : Many a plaiu
woman who could ipever serve as
an artist's model, possesses those
rare qualities that all the world
admires ; neatness, . clear ey e s,
clean smooth skin a n d th tut
eprightliness 'of adtion and step,
that aceompany good health. A'
physically weak woman is never
attractive, even to herself. Elec
tric Bitters restore weak women?
give strong nerves, bright eves,
smooth, yelvety - skin, beautiful
complexion; Guaranteed Jbj all
drufssts. f we,
'"'' sfi'-irijci' .37.;

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