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Vol. III. No. 8.
-Salisbury, N.-C, WEC.MESD.AV.r February 6tis S907.
Wm, h. Stewart, Editor.
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A!bm3?lesr Srcwlh. Town
Bonds ftf4ffipfi:mi
sis. -
EUnTy Eutgrpri-. January Mst.
Oii-g to th.- continued serious
iliinjes of M s.1 Dnncan Morris,
her' physician. Dr. W-h it ley, deems
ifc ncefsai v th-it take huspUal
tnsjnt. As fir ? tit liorcondi
is such tlnt si.? is unable to
An evidencH of Albemarle's
growth is readily sern fr .-m thp
fact ttiat from a sii gle viw-' point
110 le89 than twenty-throe new
resiaenpe: that am now yt process
of ' const ructiou are to be coutite.L
Thiii was observed by Mr. Belk a
few days aijo, tby viewpoint being
Hearne Heights. This number
'perhaps represents not over one;
third t-f the building fi cavity s o
going on in Aibeujarle,
At th- mtjug i f the town al
dermen Moudliy night; it : v-as &c
cidt-idto ask the L-gis!-iTuro
ameiid the charter of A'. ma
so ttiat the town may at a tuurt
day vote upon the q .. estion .i 1
suing $50,000 irr-4)oud.i f-jr ijji
proVeuiHnts r Also, to'pr ovid t i
n. annoial ;t.x listter whcS.- i ui-
ness it will ln3 to have a spvi
;of all twn prop-rty ni'-d-
boad also ordered IbM
wells'" on Second u i : c i
Mam atreetn be fllb d.
A! P'tition has -benxsost .'
) Hon J. B. Efird .fruin the loca!
j chapter U D. O's, asking f-r
, increase in p ii-.ion t' thw old sol
diers. Mri Efird has' responded
by reciting the fact that tlv rn in
now pending a bill calling f r ai.
irotease 225 000Mrv: fi rd
is bu the committees of appropria
tions and fiance, and he assure
the Danghters tht he will at aH
times do anyth ng in his pvwer tc
benefit th old soldiers.
In referring to the little Affray
between tha s1"-n cf H. H. Low
der and the Wid w L-flr, we in
advorteutly stated that" the Low
I dj boy itabbod the L v boy ij
the back. It was the Lefl-jr boy
who used the knife. Both boys
have recovered from the injuries
Ha is Always Cold-
f-; -
Among ih btt arnva.s here
this- waek wa Frsn.k M Bonn,
traveling man f r a Michigan fur
niture h ousel BHinis is to t)e piti
ed, for he is ( ffiiotHd with n. v-ry
strange disea.n wnich the doctors
are unable t ' cure, ai d which ren
ders it impossible for him to keep
warm, even during the hottest
days of summer. '
" j The year around he is obliged
to wear five suits uf undar c'oth
iug, a heavy .overcoat, a p ;ir o
' large ' .boots and sweral ivairs of
.socks. . Despite all .of this Iei
always cold; He rarely contracts
a c dd and possesses a hearty ap
petite. He sleeps undr right
blankets,' a number cf q it. nd
does tot take (-ff his cb.--ncs N t-
withstandios this lie is n ne t.e.o
While at home hi-? gas
bill is in the neighbor hood of $90
a month,
j He has been at a number of re
sorts to obtain relief for hi dis-
ease, but received no heip what.
ever. PhyMciaus are unable t-
i J ' .
jdetermine the cause ot his con -
New York Woild.
Everybody Should Know"
C. G. H iys,
a prominent
business man of Bluff, Mo., that
Buckln's Arnica balve is the
qu.ckest and surest "healidg salve
ever applied to a s -re, burn
'wound, or to a "case of piles I've
used it and Know . wnat I m tain
know . what I'm talk
" Gnarnot.ep.d hv t 1
ing about
druggists. 25c. "
Sslisbary men to
n Mil f numcil
Establisli Luiskf Plant.
Concord Times. February 1st,
A large quantity of cotton was"
on tho market yesterday, andjt.
was probably the, biggest day ot
the season. Th price was 11
cents, and 1 Weigher ProjVii did
not have an idle moment aH day.
The trade has just been made,
through W. M. Smith, f r th
!-raitfcfer ff real estate, tn the
Souther b r;iiiroad just above the
ica plant from Morris Bros to A. 'E "Davis and F. 0
N i b k ck , o f . S a I h bu r y . The lot
'jld i- 261x150 feet, and will bp
u-e;l for the erection of a luir ber
jjUnt Work ha already legun
on it, and it is exoeetfd to be in
i p ration in CO dtivs. The new;
c- mpany will furisioh all k.-uds of
r ugh and dressed lumber, doors,
:i.hf .Winds, etc. Mr. Niblock is
-irf a-jd will spUid nil bis tiun
'"pu'j."rinte!:fliiig the reetioif of
lb- plant and piut.ii g"i;. n opera
tion, '
M. W. ALlman, of Rckwell.
in Coi'Crd last Tu'-adty, .arid
:i the misfortune t b- hi
oocket b-k coi.t.'iuing $85 in
i I is. and some other small
i.a; E;iv He paid h s. bill at Can
o & Fn-tzer C . ai d went at
)jie to I he Sb.prirt's fp Wt j pa
s -me t ixps. hn hw wnnt t
iq ' in p cknt b ilk. thr", it
was iriwi.: Th'jb. V utuiu-d
two $20 bills, three 10'p ; d three
o's. Mr. Allmai lo k d,.f.r hs
wallet everywhere i. hr.d l en,
but did not recover! t.
MissDair Johnsuu-.dahUrof
"A'rTS'od JninS'di.-aiiU R Jph
ander, both f,f No. 3 t wuhip,
will be mar-ied February 10.
George Hill, who was indicjt d
for the killing of Ransom Kridt
a y?ar sgo, was arraignel iu c-un
inst. Wednesday, r..nd in less than
an hour tne-jnry returned a ver
diet not guilty under instruct
i n of the court. Hill was charg
ed with manslaughter, but no
evidnc way produced which
could incriminate himr The case
has, been continued from court to
court, there were no witnesses
whatever of t he killiu of Krider.
Ve regret to note that Dr. P.
J. A Hai.ies, of Mt. Pleasant, is
VHiy ill .of heart trouble Dr.
Haines is 80'y.ii'a of age an'd has
l.ift'U a hale and hearty mun f r
his age. We hope soon to note an
improvement in his condition.
Lewis Boyd nud Miss Ella May
Gray were married hist Wednes
day night. Th". ceremony was
pert' jr med by. Rev. J. XV. Long at
hi.x res:der.'e. Th bride is a
d -lighter of M. M.Gray, of Caiir
H ;glGted Colds Tiirea-aa
(From the Cticao Tribu t.)
" 'Don t tr.-fl with ..a cold,' is
2o..,l adviee for p;ud-iit men and
Au'ijen- It no y I. ' vital in tb
cie of a chiui.. Prooer fo)d,
c: O voi i'iiat ioo, ... i dry, warn!
ci t-i!:g -i r-.; the )''Op -r s,-euirds
;ie n .t cot-i-. If t'-ey are main-
tallica tnroiign tne cnangoaoie
w- .thr of autumn, , winter and
s-prn g, the chance -of a surprise
fs-'on r., inarv colds will m slight.
But i h ordinary light oi!d will
ificome eeverefit n-i.(-ted, and a
- j we:! esnib iaaed ripe old is fo trie
- . 1 , . t . , J
t tne bee. 1 fie grvate-it mfeu'JCe
1 (hi,d r(o nt tbl,: ,..a.5.;n (,f iht
Whether it i a child r aduit, the
col i slight or s-'v-'rf'
treatment tint cm bo adopted, is
to give Gha'mberlain's Cough
Reni-dy it s sate and s-ire.i
' Th ? great p 'pu' -r
sod in- -s.-e. se
. saje "f thi9 pr-.'pam' so-. h-H en
: attained by lis? r --i irkable c
u rea
'T'of ihi ailimnt. A c!d !f vr r -
' pu'ts in pneumonia ;v Is n it . aiv-1
- 1 en. For sale by lames P utniiir, : aiiteed to tst.-ver disappoint the j Mountain Ted will d r tin? for
1 1 ulUbn'rv X r C, a i d SHiK!er.l taker, bv a;i drtiffiists. PnceiVou. - 85 -cents". Tea or Tablets.' '
j Pharniaqy, Spencer, N, C.
Ha Ei'i-r.ce a'fsC OtferdMts in tSs
s -Lyr:i Murder Case. :
Statesviile, N. Jan. '8k
The case ngaiiiBt Delta Pij ling
ham, Henry Gillespie and George
Irvin, was settled today when-the
jidgn rendered a - verdict of libt
-The case wafe practically end d
yesterday evening,. and late last
night the officers ook the negroes
to the outskirts cf vtown, gave
them enough money, to get away
on and advised them to set sail
fur South Carolina.- When re
leased, howevtr, the three' negroes
chose a different route and the
last time they were seen theyTwere
were iiustlin-up the railroad on
fout bouud presumably for Ashe
ville. ' '- ,
No new witnesses- were examlu-
i - m ......
med today as it was .announced
tbere would be:
The testimony of all the wit
nesses examiuud yesterday after
noon' snowed that the. guilt, of. the
murders of. the J.yerly - familv
letted entirely on the thrHe -negroes
who were lynched at Sali3
burv. and there was nothing in
any of the testimony 'to implicate
the thre3 negroes on trial in the
nvd'ey of muislrs. :.
Th judg statedjn -the crowb
ed c n-t this morning trjat
he :xr Solicitor Hammer had
een a'-d to find anything to c n
vict- - it lit.T ; f the three negroes
on a1 d e he would give them
-.heir liberty
It is thought the rral bt-guh
y. st -rd Ay vs mora for the ur-
iJ" .u h;'-" "
implicated, th ai any t hing else.
rfkeiial to Charsi -e Nti.
.. - - -re.
Cir) Pawns Hnr Wt;
In order to get $10 withwhirh to
4P-t a ifi.-k gill f liend ir. Couici:
B utTs to return to her home in
this city, pi'dty bo5'ie Morgan
t diy m T' g ged hi r body to v
paw i'hrok' r. Her friend wrote a
pitiful 1-Mt-r saying th '.t she wa
in the lut -trsgo of consumption,
andfdoiig"'! to return t h r home
tn ppend her last h-urs, tmt she
di b'not havo tbe $25 iieeded- '
Dattio hfcd $15. . She hinp: i'
a -pi 4ii to get the rest., ni- rr?i;
iug her own body a 'ter f-he is dead
to Mose Lvich, unless she repays
the monev wiih interest SI:
understands that in ease she falls
to p-iy her body is to be sold by
T,ho pawnbroker to a medical c 1
lege ror dissecting .iirposes.
Des Moines, la., di'putch.
Mifis!i;pi3n Isaac W. Ksyna Dead.
' The Nnvy D-pa1 tiuf nt whs'- ad
vised t'-day of the death on Sun
day, Jii. i0, on b"avd h 'United
States ship Ch ir e n ux -bigda-!eual).5jy,
Cu'ilV-nra, d' Midship
man Isaac -W. ' H. iy ne. Midhip
man Hayr.e w:a npp"i;.t d-to ti;e
naval academy fr.-m lis; I' n;ih
S-uth Carolina disrrict oii June
8r h, 1901, nod was detached from
the academy oivJan. 80 h, 1905,
iii.d asignfr-d to the K:ir?nge. He
later served on the Lancaster and
the Fiauklin and frgin the latter
ship was aligned to the Charles -
ton. ,iasniugi.on .uibpai-cu.
indorsed I) ths CoBBty.
' Thoxmost popular remedy ii
Ots go couetv, and the brst friend
of my" fumily,' wrirs Win
Dieiz, editor and publisher of the
t-!e very betrOtsie'jfo. Journal, Giib-rtsviH , N. i
Y,, 4 is Dr. King's New Discovery,
It has proved to be an infallible
cii e for c -.Mitt h 9 ad cold?, making
. i i- i. e i
snort w v i v.d? woysr. or i nem.
We alwavMkn.p a bott le in the . quul.ty, a .untiwal ton;c, cleanses
house. . I b.:i-y) it to be,the rat'onr 'system- redblis the cheeks,
v ; ualde pre- Tsp' ion known "for brigbj?ns th eyes, give' fl v r to
Lung and T;j r-i diseases," Guhi'-IhII you "Vat Hollisjtpr's R -ckv
50c and $1 00.
Tiiui bottle free,
H3??ilRfs Ef timi f rem Vaticus Por-
: . tioP: of North Carolina,
A. Amon, l-ueiiiefs man and
retiring sheriff and treasurer, : ( f
Cliut i), Stimp'son county, has
failed, with liabilities am ir ling
t? $80 U;0, assets about $10 00
"Rev. C G. Wells, former pas
toral' the Firt B iptist church of
Stal-svilie, has' resigned ajs pas
tor the Baptist chirch at Kiti-
stofi w here he has beer: for the
pas;$ two years. ' . '
TSievRS broke in a Charlotte,
shojy out) night last week and stole
700ennies and 100nickles, w hich
gav'p,hem plenty of small change'.
-population of Durham is
closto 25,000. There are 4.559
holies iu the city.
Tii-I buiiditj? used for the con-
fiuement of the iusane inmates of
the-poor. house at Elizabetn City,
svas. timed .Thursday eve iingr
an4o.of the inmates were .burn-"
ed tideath. : -
A k naf-reh ant named R'ai u ey ,
fouKjpj)ej from Garyaburg, was
fouiicfdead' ih?,,-iits .bed a jfew
morrungi ago, witn, nis nr-adf-so was exposed
I hei; is ncLue t the criminal.
Thrjias Bell, of Iredell county,
whjjdriving near th railroad
trrtcfs: at Statetville recently with
a lojjd of lumber, lost controbof.
hiuirnles and' they dashed down
th!ju$'ck, A. freight train came
ttlongtrom - the rar 'and struck
the wagon, knocking Bell, lumber
and wag u off . The team kept
Hoing, and Mr.'-Bell was t:ik n to
the hospital, painfully, th(ugh
not: -seriously hurt.
frphJ-, In tit ute 1 xjated he
weeii W'Mltworth and Madis -n,
Rockingham c untyv was destroy
ed bv fire last week." .
Il- the vicinity of Washington,
N. C, . there is excitement over
finding an alligator's nest with 60
eggs in it.
Pocketed the Senate.
fiit-gomery, Ala., Jan. 31
Tt;e House iesplution commending
President Ro-sevelt fur dischar
ging the. negro soldiers Hir the
Brownsville incident wrvs pocket
ed ioday by tho Senate when it
was refe-red for the third time to
the commute'--on rules, with the
understanding thai, it will slay
tUere. Bfforu its reference Sena
tor Moody niade a sharp reply
.criticising the President for his
alleged ovei throw 6f the constitu
tion .on many occasions. .. He as
sailed tho President .sharply for
his "uncDnstitutional aid to the
Pai ama g vernmeift.'ii.timatiug
that Washiugton supported a re
volution alio" declared there was
grave doubt if the President had
authority " to discharge soldiers
.from the army. '
" We go too far in end Tcing the
acts of such an fliciai," said
Senator Moody,
Cigarette OsaSid It.
High Point, Jan. 31. It wus
learned for the first time todty
that a lighted cigarette si the oil
j j1USf; uflre (belong n to the
hi-,.,thr., Rni!wv 'k n m,, ,Mi or n
ago. "A nf gro employed about the.
depot went into the Lioue and
shutting the door, commenced to.
i jight . a cigarette. The who!
; ,uSiui BS cuught on fire and th
grit on lire ana tue
negro had "to : fist? for 'his life.
Special to Charlotte Observer,
's the highest standard
i T. WvGrimeD rug Co.
.a'Cpjp Sti?! at Latga. Fourteen
Lexingloii Dispatch, January 30th.
Souk; days g a cheerful idiot
or a vry e: teri-risii-g span- fi'lr
; 3 'i.t ll i. -r i y !p efffc-ct that
Ovm;:o;; ur d in WVsi
Vuginii. Ii wa a fake, tiOthinV
more?. Tl j pen-tenti;irv-'nuthori-ties
have informed the Dispatch
that, th-y-h ,ve had no v,:ord frm
any odir in regard t f ie cap
ture. Supt Mann, of the peni
tentiary, knew nothing more oT
it than w hat he saw in the papers.
Crump, like Will Harris and oth
er desperadoes, has heem captured
several' times but has never shown
What the Charlotte Ohserver
calls a ''skift" of snow , visited
the coui try Sunday afternoon,
and the weather man f th" Dis
patch checkfd off one of the 15
snows that George Beck prophe
sied would come durieg the win
ter, because of the number (rf fogs
in August. There are yet H other
snons to come. H.w many will
bo "kilts'' is not known just at
present. x
.L'hn Fritts, who lives near Ty-
r , in modest noto s ates in an
jlT-hand manner, that he has put
nway hi 19-me nths'-old hog, and
idd?d t a sort of postscript that
A weighed 796 p nj;d. This i
ur prize hog so.far. jTt is 'M most
tsidgas the biget that has been
Jnlled in the State this winter.
I there another Davidson farmer
ho can f qnal it?
-D.'ii'fc know about the David
son farmer, but one i f our Row
an faruiers has done slight"1; bet
ter than this during the season.
Two! suits have been filed this
iv-ek against "th Southern. In
oho, Martha Carrick,'. colored,
administratrix of Joseph Carrick,
who was "kilied on the Swearing
ere- k bridge somi weeks ago, asks
for $2,000 damag-s. B. G Rob
bins risks $500 damage f'T the loss
of his barn by ' re on Christmas
Several accidents rccurred- last
week no thn railr d works near
town. Mozell- Reed, white, a
driller, vhiie -ng-.ged in hie work,
was severely bruised by a small
cave-in of reck and dirt, but he
ras not seriously it jured, though
rendered unconscious for a while.
A uegrv, ' while handling . rails,
dropped his'end of one, and it
broke his ieg at the ankle.
IViiC'Mm'n Crews, of Spencer,
wus here Sunday after & negro
wall ted at .-peiic-r Tor destroying
h Misehodd g -ods." Jailer Johnson
had arrested him and held him
fertfie Spencer authorities.
James F. G; anger of Coolee -
mee, died suddenly at his resi-
dence in that place Monday morn-
mg oi he-jrt lamrro, m tne otn
year of his age lie -was in nis
usu-a co. -d' health ur.til the fatal
attack. Ho was an ex Confeder
ate so'dier and. a good citizen.
Hrt leaves a wife and several chil
dren Mid giandehiidr-m to mourn
tiis h.3-!. His brothers W. B. and
D. W. Granger are residents of
this place. P-ace to his ashes.
MocksviHu Courier.
WliattQ sio When
Tho right thing to do when yon
tVel bilious i"t to take dose of
Chamberlain's Stomach a;. d Liver
TabVtf. They wiU clea-i89 the
tom"-h and regulate the 1iy-r
and bowelg; Try it. Price. 25
cpnt Samples free at J-miPS
Plummer, Salisbury, an i Spen
cer Pharmacy, Spencer, N. C.
Thry V i!l Imbibe. More Teliptiona Trou
bles. Wedding Anniversary.
tattTile Landmark. February 1st.
Hon, P. Z. Lmney, who is go
violently' opposed to the Appalach
ian park bill, ot somebody, has
impressed many of the people
About Taylorsville . with the idea"
that the measure is ruinous. A
Taylorsville citizen who was in
Statepville yesterday (ays that
some people who loan money ar
refusing to accept real Restate as
security on account off' the park
bill. They seem to think if the
hill passes the government will
confiscate the laud. Their fears
are groundless. The land will not
L be confiscated if the bill is passed
and the bill isn't going to be pass
ed at this session-of Coujress.
Thos, T. Goodman, a well
known citizen of Mooresville, died
suddenly of pneumonia at his
home in Moorebville Sunday, aged
58. Mr. 'Goodman was a native
of Rowan county,"a.son of the
late Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Good
man, who kept a boarding house
in Mooresville tor many years.
Mr. Goodman had lived in
Mooresville for nearly 80 years.
At their handsome home on Da
vie avenue Saturday evening, Mr,
and Mis. M. O. Williams cele
brated the ninth anniversary of
their wedding by entertaining a
number of friends and relatives.
The real date f Dr the anniversary
was the 27th, but this happened
to be Sunday.
The Bell Telephone Co, has an
option on the; Taylorsville line
and will buy it. The independ
ent people, have expected this
deal and were aware that nego
tiations were in progress, but hare
made qo efforts to stop the trade.
Many people on the Taylorsville
!in have h.eeii dissatisfied with
i.he-managem.ept'of the line and
have been anxious to build anoth-
er line to StatesviUe, which will
be done.
Whether liquor is more easily
obtained recently, or whether
those who imbibe are just taking
on a little more is not known, but
more folks who were carrying a
havy load have been seen boufc
the streets recently than for a '
long time. They are not noisy
and don't get arrested, but a num
ber have been seen the past few
dys who were just able to navi
gate. "That horse," said T. D. Mil
ler, referring to the antics of his
staid and dignified bay last, week,
"had beelP'a PsaJm-smger for
years; apd the fact that he went
back on his training is evidence,'
continued Mr. Miller reluctantly,
''that you can't always depend on
even a Psalm-singer."
U7k;i "d t fvi-
1 -Mills a few days ago his right
fiai:a came in cootat-t. with a 20-
j pPnliy .pike, which penetrated the
flesh t(a conaiderable depth, in-
J fliotmg a painful wound ana dis-
abling Mr. McNeely for a season.
The Limit of Life.
The most eminent medical sci
entists are unanimous in the con
clusion that the generally accept
ed limitation of human life is
many years below the attaiument
possible with the advanced knowl
edge of which the race is now
p ussossed. The critical period,
that determines . its- duration,
seems to be between 50 and 60;
the proper care of the body-during
this decade cannot be too
Wrongly urged; carelessness then
beins fatal to longevity. Na-itnr'-'s
het helper after 50 is
Eiectric Bitters, the scientific
tomei medicine that revitalizes
every organ of the body. Guar
anteed by all druggists. 50c.
- '.Ss'--:'.-
f v
:':'.- '- -':
ll (
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