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Another pretty wedding in
Faith today, January 30th, ly'J.
Ms Sallie Raney and Luther A .
TTriUhnnser were married at the
home of the bride's father, -P.. A.
Raney, Rev. V. Y. Booz-r officia
ting. The attendants were Mar
tin Shive and Miss Cora Barger,
John Peeler, and Mis? Ida Julian,
L. A. Raney, a brother of the
bride, I came in from Bristol,
Tnn,, to attend the wedding. A
big dinner followed. Mr. 1L Is
houser owns a house and K t u
Faith, where he with his young
bride will make their home. This
is another family. We now have
eveuty-two families living hi
Faith, j. .-
i I
.The most granite rubble stone
that we every saw' hauled at one
place is beiug put down by, the
oord on the side of the Mount
pUaiadt big road. It would pay
anyone' to drive out from Salis
bury to see it and take the pic
ture. It looks like an army camp
L. A. Raney came heme today
on a visit from Bristol, Teun.,
where he has charge of one of the
large five and ten cent stores for
Si H; "Kress & Co. Mr. Raney
old out his dry goods auct took a
position with Messrs Krees & Cc.
Since tnen he has been promoted
by them to higher positions. Mr;
Raney is nue of the best and
most successtul merchants that
ever did business in Faitn. He
sailed n our office to see us and
says there is plenty of snow at
February is here, but some of
th old people say winter la not
yer yet. .
Muci sickness such as colds,
grippe and coughs, is reported
this week.
J. A, Peacook has been
rv sick for some weeks but is
onvaWscsnt, we are glad to say,
L. I. Eller has the grippe. He
is ajjratty large fellow jbut the
f ripps will catch large and small.
Oh, hello, yes, we forgot H. A.
Wilson,he is as good looking as
Ttr. 1
Another wedding again last
wtek. The parties united were
Lester Btck, of Davidson county,
and Hiss Pearl Peacock, of Rowan
eounty. P, D. Linn, Esq., o5
ciated; We wish the young cpu
pie much joy. They will remain
tst Ihis place.
u Venus, you can come op with
your jweddmgs as much as you
please, but you will never eaten
lis now. Trading Ford has been
a record breaker this winter.
. .j i
I Stanly Boy, are you dead or
what is the matter? We don't
hear from you any more. Come
oa bud and be in the gang.
- I i -
Ground hog day was a little
, tloudy. Can't say how the weath
er will be but we look, for some
old snaps yet.
! Rev. Davis preached his firet
5 Sermon at this place Sunday. He
xi an excellent' preacher.
. We heheve in all good thi,ngs
but there is nothing like tr piece
of pound cake on a wedding dpy.
i Let all the writers do their best
this year as the Carolina-Watch-
man still stands in front.
. Sam Skobt.
Train 6oas Into River. ,
Raleigh, Feb. 1 .The Seaboard
Air Line bridge over the Rdanoke
river, near Norlina, N, C, gave
way this afternoon .under a dou
ble header freight J rain bound
I South from Richmond. Both 16
J bo motives and 12 freight cars
dropped into the river. j Eugin
eer Curtis Constable; whose hojae
ilwai Union Hill, J., : was so
I badly injured th at he died while
being brought to this city. Fire
! jaan Rififan was killed. ;
February 2nd.
The old saying, everv cloud
has a silver lining," may be true,
but along now the cloud is so
large that we can't see'any room
for liaing or anything else.
Well, wo think the ground hog
has bidden us farewell for six
weeks, so prepare for any kind of
weather, good, bad or indifferent.
Bro, Lee made some remarks
about receiving some postal pho
tos. Well, we are in the same
row or stumps we received a
beautiful postal photo a fewgHays
ago. We are sure it is a good
likeness of some of our friends
but we are somewhat indoubtas
to which one, as the likeness was
a rear view as if the original was
in a hurrv to eo somewhere. This
card was signed "yc.ur friend.
12 12, box 90.. Can some one help
solve the mvstery? Help us out
Bro. Les.
Capt J. M." Proctor passed
through our village Thursday last,
eu route for Salisbury, his future
hom. Well, if he don't enjoy
city life ahy more than youtt
truly, he v$ll be going down E,
Inuiss street toward "Gold Knot
In some places some people
have very strange ways when it
comes to correspondence, ,Jfor in
stance the letters are "ceiled."
We feel sorry for the one, who re
ceives this missive, for it is hard
work to tear down ceiling.
Olah, the little daughter of L,
I, Cauble accidentally swallowed
a nickel a few days ago. No sen
ous results, however.
John H.iFricK kiHed three fine
hogs a few days since.
We notice that our merchant
H. A. Earnhardt, has started to
clear off a new ground.
As Bro. Lee has expressed a de
sire to near from us -as well as
somo others, we will do our best
to comply with said expressions
or desires. Ditto Bros., all o
you. Get a. hump on yourselves
and see if you can't help -fill up
the best paper in the county.
Mrs. M. Cauble's colt, "Sallie,
has been " somewhat under "the
weather for a day or so, but. is as
lively as ever again, we are glad
to note.
Some one that is capable ough
to take up the veterinary Jine in
this community, as on some oc
casions we need a . good horse or
cow doctor. Robert Miller hat
quit the business for good," we are
iuformed. Quite a number wil
be sorry to learn of Mr.- Miller's
Messrs. M. A. Catvble and W
A. Agner paid us a (flying-driv
iug) visit a few days since. -Glad
to seo you brothers, come by
Lifo insurance is no doubt a
great help to some " of the heirs
but the average,man needs a fire
insurance policy, for future pro
Guess ' Bro. Anson Cauble wil
no have plenty of mail as he has
purchased a new mail box for pa
per?, etc.
Mrs. M. J. Cauble is improving
We hope to note in our next tha
she has entire'y recovered.
We still are, as we alwavs have
Virginia Officers Get Their Man.
Sheriff Broadwater, of Seott
county. Va.. accompanied by
another officer was - here la s fc
week and took back with tifm
Wes Wilkey, a, lugro arrested htre
some days ago by , local officers.
Wilkey broke jail where Ke was
confined under sentence of death,
having been convicted of murdeT.
There was a reward of $200 offer
ed for his arrest. , This money
will be paid to -Chief Miller, who
will divide with the other oira,
- February 4tb."r
The oldest dangbte r of M r.
and Mrs. W. H Earnhardt hat
Jacob Holshouser, the oldesii
man in ourcommunity, is poorly
He had a very bard chill Friday
morning. ' -.
If our friend Dandy will kind-
ly call aroundwe will visit our
school. It is the dutv of every
man and woman having children
iu school to visit the school oc
casional! 7; and those keeping
their children out of school should
visit frequently.
Miss Gardner Thanks Tits Watchaan. '
Salislmry, N. C K January 18h,
R. F. D. No. ?.
Editor Watchman,
Dear sir: It is with pleasuie
that I take this means of thank
ing you and my friends for the
nice gold wafch awarded to me on
Christmas day. I thank you for
the impartial way in which
you managed the' contest, an d 1
thank all my friends for the in
terest they have taken in . me, the
more so under the circumstances,
havicg the sad loss of mymotber
and having six little brothers and
sisters to take care of. It gives
me.great pleasure to know that
my friends have not forgotten me.
I wish f or Thk W atchman much
success and ail or mv friends a
happy year.
Yours lincerely
Beulah E. Gabdner.
Strange Dlsappearann it east. '
Gastouia, Feb. .1. The disap
pearance of $1,200 in currency
from the Southern Express offioe
at Lowell sometime Saturday
night is still a mvsterv. The
money iu qutbtion was shipped
to the McAden Hills Saturday
afternoon, on No. 12 by the Firs
National Bank, of-Gastonia. '.The
The money was-received by the
agent, C, C. Iuman, at Lowell
and it is understood that he plac
ed the packet in his pocket for
safe keenintr. It could not bo
found Sunday morning.
O. M. Sadler, division agent o
the Southern Express Company
Gillespie Sadler, route agent,
and a detective have been in Low
ell this week, and have alao made
visits to Gastonia.
Mr. Inman has been agent a
Lowell for two years, coming to
this State from the west. He is
in addition to being agent for tfct
express company, tel e g r a p h
operator and depot agent for tht
Southern Railway. He ieatill
holding these positions. It is un
derstood that Mr. Inman ad
yances no theory as to how the
money disappeared nor voices any
suspicion as to who got it. De
tectives are makiug-everv effort
to unravel the . mystery, but so
fair without success.
Greensboro-, Feb. 2. Frank B- -hannon,
sentenced to be hanged
for the murder of Foreman S.
Beachmau, at Hilltop last July,
will be banged Friday, Ftb. '8,
Bohannon is bearing bravely and
is not nearly so much worried
over the hanging as the officers of
the county who -Will have go
"swing him off." He is in good
spirits and talks freely. A art4
of Ms life history has I eeu writ
ten by a fellow prisoner and, it is
understood, may be published.
Special to Charlotte Observer.
Transplanting an Eu,
In a Vienna hospital there ha
just been effected a remarkabr
surgical cuie of fdtal bindus'.
The surgeongrafted into the y
ofa blind mm eirouiar seetkm
of the cornea lobe of an ey rt
moved f rom a boy. Those plant
ed in the right eye had suhser
quently to be taken put, becao?e
they caused a painful swel ling.
Those . grafted irr xthe left eye,
however, have now been growing
for a year, and the man can see
perfectly with the aid of ordin ary
jlagisy ienua dupitb;
Wreck at Bar&cr
"There" wae a . wreck:jtBarbtJ
astrFriday nit"!cJVoar T111?
collis'onfsstwe-? f reigh t tTains
Some cara coiitaihing : cdftoh ; ere
set on fire" and it ,is Btatpd, bat
hese were destrpye3f Several
othwr qar;were smashed up1 baly
and tbe wreck wil I probacy .prove
a u ' expen sive one.'v " -'
U1UH5 Talid Pia bos. :
are an abomination in sny com-
munity. Most cheap piano are
metallic when new or will: soon
become so. The Weaver riano,
Never. That's one reason why it
is economy to pay more f; jr a
Weaver Piano than for mopt oth
ersSold only by G. W.-Frix &
Co., SahsburyN. C. -
I Yields Per Acr
many actual
of cotton
.M7 nn whiflh no fertilizer! were
mod and piotures of fields on which
"other snakes" of fertilizers were
used. Besults of these crops were
dltmal failures. There are much
'brighter proepeota" ahead for the
progressive farmers of the South.
Two and three bales to the acre are
,onl7 ordinary yields where
Virirdi-Cro!ina fertilizers
are used with proper cultivation.
Make your cotton mature early, and '
"thus escape the boll weevils and other
riamAirinff inseota. You can easily do
this, as well as increase the number
OX DO US tana ineir size; on your piauw
by r4entifully using' Virginfk-Caro-Una
yertiiizers. This method will
tremendously "Increase your yields
vt aore." Don't be fooled into buy
ing a substitute.
f VlrfiJtJ-CaillnaClinrdclCe.
I- Richmond. Va,
Morroik. va.
Durham. N. C.
Charleston. 8. C
Baltimore. Md.
Atlanta. Ga.
Savannah. Oa.
Memphis, Tenm
gaxsTeport. La.
Loans Doubly Secured.
If you have any money idle or
bringing you less than 6, list it
with our Company at once. We'll
lend it f orTyou, First Mortgage on
Real Estate, taking the mortgage
and note in your name, and in ad
dition give ypu the
of pur Company that both princi
pal and interests will be paid
as they fall due.
We assume all risk and stand
between you and possible loss.
Our guarantee has more- than
$20,000" back of it; and, loans
made through bur Company have
paying you all the time:
McCubbins & Harrison Go.,
- Paid in capital $20,000, Loans,
Real Estate, Fire and Life Insur
ance, Salisbury, - N. C.
Are YouDru;
Of course you're not, un
less you have put in years of
study. That's what we have
done. That's why we can to
day positively guarantee the
quality of the gpoda we sell. "
If you are not drug wise
you'll have to depend upon a
druggist's word for the qual
ity of your, drug purchases.
, Yoa can depend upon nsr
every time formality, puri--ty,
accuracy and perfect- ser
vice. May we be your drag
gist? - .
: ; 115 N; Main St. 1 -
IsiililiY !
We have just rqceiyed a large ship
ment; of new; Qod8 to which we
invite your spleeial attention:
40-ineh White Law ns, . . . . . 10c yard
40-inch White Persian Lawn 15 yard:
46-inch White Persian Lawn
18c to 25c yard
Glasgow White Linen Goods for
- Waists ana Suits 10c to 18c yard
"India Linen in ail Grades. -Wtite
Curtain Goods. .5o to 15c yard
New Style Plaids for Skirls v
and Suits, 25o to $1.25
50-inch Mohair in gray and
blue, good quality, 50c yard
We have new goods com
ing in almost every day and
will be glad to have you call to see lis.
T. n.Kesler, Manager,
Opposite Court House. Salisbury, N. C.
Are Things
Probably a Gift ol this Kind would
be more Appreciated. At any rate
be sure to come in and look over the
Mammoth Stock
pets, Bugs, Household and Office
Furnishings, 0 Chinaware,
Lamps, Toilet Sets,
etc, carried by me.
We have a large and varied Assortment in Quali
ties and Prices. You are cordially Jnvited
to give me a call. Very respectfully,
West Innis? Street.
X)ne of ll;c.Best General Line of Furniture
. in the State can be found at
. 108 Wet Inniss.ivhere you are
Invited to call when in need of such goods.
)it Goods Co.,
that may be of
of Furniturer Car- O
able i lls
! 1

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