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CAROUtIA WftT5HnaniwtWomH fnilsHer Lif;
6 Midi Ralla vorKaf hf f!haf.
nut Hill, committed snjcide" by.
sh 7otiiig yesterday morning abfnt
6:80. Miss Everhardt had pre
pared breakfast as usual for ber
father and brother.' JVhen she hsd
done shis she wrnt . to the . room
where the to were asleep and-securing
a shofgun discharged one
barrel into her - stomach. .. The
brother of the girljdid not hear the
shot, but strange to say, did hear
the sound of the gun falling to th
floor after the shot was fired. He
discovered his sister lying there
mortally w.unded, and death jen
sued in "a few minutes. No cause
has been assigned for the rash act.
Coroner Dorsett went out to con
duct an investigation and the re
sult of this is not yet known.
r C. 'W. Hayes, who has been
connected with the shops of the
Southern at Spencer for several
year's has gone to Anderson, S. C;
where he takes the position of
master mechanic. He will still
be with the Southern.
H, S. Trott came up-from New
London last Friday and spent the
day her?.
George Finlayson, a nephew of
JYN. Maxwell, of Salisbury died
at Cooleemefr last Thursday night
Mrs. Hannah R itz was the vie
tim of a slight stroke of paralysis
on Thursday Her condition is
not regarded as serious.
Better gt in on the buggy con
test. You can be a candidate
yourself or wrrkf-r s mf on el so.
just as you please D n't miss it
T. M- Kssier has gone to New
York to purchase a Spring stock
of goods for the Salisbury Dry
Goods Company.
J. B.. Haywortb, a former re? -dent
here, has returned from a
residence in Spray.
Wade Barrier, who will have
charge of the business here of the
Donnell Manufacturing Compn
. came up from Concord Sunday.
Nathan Q.'Gaskell. who is con
nected with the Globe Depart
ment Store, was married in Dur
ham Sunday to Miss M -llie I rig
gers, of Keystone, West Viigi aa
The remains of the late W. E
Davidson, who died in BaltiaKr
Monday night, passed througt A
here last night en route to Ashe
ville, where the interment will
take place.
Tablet to be Presented.
Next Sunday afternoon at tht
First Presbyterian church the
ladies will present a tablet in
memory of the late Rev. J. Rum
ple, who was pastor of the church
for 44 years. Rev, J. M, Wharey
will conduct the presentatii n for
the ladies and it will be accepted
fciy Hon. Theo. F Kluttz.
Instil'ailen of Pastor at Mt. Hope.
The installation of the pastor
elect of the Crescent charge, will
tak place at Mount Hcpe Re
formed church on March 10th, at
2 o'clock. Rev. Dr, Baninger,
of Mt. Pleasant, will preach the
sermon. Revs. Dr. Dattera and
'J. L. Bowers w 11 give charge to
pastor and people. The regular
service will be hld at 10:80 by
pastor-elect J. M. L L erly.
" is now in New York buying -
We are tryii g to make room for the new stuff that will way U
begin to roll iii. Wh herewith give a few prices to convince 0
you that we mean business : ()
Men s SI 00 -Underwear, now boO
MenV50c TJidrwear, now
Men's 25 Und1rwear, now 19c "
Lap Robes, $2 00 sort, now $1.50
Lap Robes, $2.50 sort, now $1.75
Lap Robes, $3 00 sort now $2.25
Boys' 98c to $1.25 Snits 68c
Boys' $l.f,0 to $2 00 Suits 98c
B'.ys' $2.00 to $2.50 Suits $1.48
Men's, Youths' and Boys' Overcoats at a -big-Redueti m.
A Recent Bill.
A bill has recently passed. the
lower house of the legislature that
provides lor the creation of the
office of recorder for Salisbury
But little is known here ofthe
provisions of the bill, but it is
presumed if it goes into. effect it
ill provide a good fat job for
some one, and this some one will
prebidover the municipal court
and try petty offenders agiinst
the law. We have n t yet heard
that the bill has passed the Q3ii-
ate. Representative Murphy, of
Rowan, introduced the bill, lhis
measure docs not meet with popu
ar approval, but it is not likely
i h?it i his will worry those who are
Ijriuianiy responsible tor the in
troduction of the bill.
We are particularly st ro. g in strong footgear On bargain
Q counters are still left a few pairs of odds and ends that .you
8 can have for 98c to $2.48 per pair. Special attention is calhd
-to the fullowiug lines of shops handled exclusively byus :
Men's genuine bar? tan leather solid as a brick wall, Hick
0 ory calf shoes; MenV fin shoes made by Whitcomb " Noi e
fV better for style and wear. MnN, Women's andOtuldren'SElkin shots.
Women's and Chrildren's "Gadman" shoes. Every pair guaranteed 10
be tbso.utely solid leather by
rent Meetings.
Rev. R. K. Neighbor, pastor of
he First Baptist church, contem
plates arranging for the purchase
f a " large t-ut which is to b
s-d 1 r religious meetines. The
iithich he has-in view will ac-
Miim-date something over one
h- uaiid people and its t stimatd
cost- is BoOO. It is t be filled
with benches, lights, etc. Mr.
tNeigiib r win endeav r to secure
some well known evaiigehst to
hold the openirg mentiiig. Per-
missi n has ben asked to -plae
the tent on the ground formerly
occuoied by the tabernacle, which
was torn down by a storm iu April
1905. It is tnougrt that the
member of the diffe. nt denom-
inatious of Salisbury .'win be giad
to assist in defraying the expense
cf the undertaking.
Hamilton Pianos.
The Piano that won the silver medal at Paris in 1900
- - The Piano endorsed by musicians and artists.
A teri years warranty goes with each Hamilton Piauo.
Hamilton Pianos are not so high in price as you might
The Hamilton Piano is veneered on the inside with
Bird's eye maple. Cheap pianos are painted on the inside.
The Hamilton Organsare winners.
You should gst prices and look at the Hamilton Piai-os
and Hamilton Organs before yuu buy any other instrument.
I do not pedal organs andplanos through the com try,
but if y u will call at 126 west Inniss St., Salisbury, N C,
you can see these instruments,
"Write for full particulars as to how to get songs enti
tled: Songs of the Sunny South, Colored Aristocracy ai;d
the Famous Ellington Two Step, absolutely free of charge.
Yours truly,
126 W. Inniss St.;
Salisbury, I. C.
Order by T.lail
Quick ancTSatlsfaotory Sorvioo
Guarantocd -
loth, i ith-Fand Q 5ts.t
Opening Display This Week of Now Spring Hodols
in Women's Ready-to-wear Garments.
Suitable foi Local Wear or Adaptable for Southern Climates.
Au authoritative presentation of high-class apparel, showing
latest Parisian idas and colore, in v ' ' ' -
Complete Costumes Dresses, Tailored and Dernl
tailored suits, Baby Irish lace, Linen and Lingerie
waists, Princess gowns in organdio, mull, batiste,
nets and lawn, hand embroidered and lace trim
med, wraps and traveling coats, etc.
Ment.on is particularly made of the splendid collection of
44 Demi", or Fancy Tailored Suits, Princess Gowns and French '
Waists anl Blouses.
The Princess Gown is pre-tminently the correct style for
spring and summer, and the soft, sheer, clinging fabrics are"
most wanted. Laces for trimmings are yery extensively used,
th - heavy laces beii.g greatly in evidence.
This stim idea is very elaborately1 carried out in the new
French W -lists, heavy laced and hand embroidery beingused"
in profusion.-g
In the LaceWaists and Baby Irish is most wanted These
are shown here in a splendid variety of new patterns, and most
of them havethe German val. laces used as trimmings, the
elbow sleeves predominates.- -
,In the f'Dmi,' and Full Tailored Suits the thin wool fabrics
are u?ed almost exclnsively voiles, chiffon Patiamsis and the
plain Panamas ar.d they are muchly trimmed with braids;
laces and embroideries, in Persian effects, etc.
The Eton Jacket, the Pony Coat and the Plaited Skirt are
the leading styles for spring, and they are majie in a wide va
riety of adaptions.
Thf present display is of unusual attractiveness, embracing
as it does mokt comprehensive assortments of ready-to-wear ap
parel in both tropical and medium weights.
An inquiry as to the spring styles will be answered same day
as received. - -
Descriptions of the new suite, waists, shirts, etc., sent on
oooopoooooooQiooooooooooooo o?oa?io
Died Away From Home.
Miss Kate Shuford, a lady of
Newton, died Thursday afteiuc on
at the sanattriuuj here. Sh came
here for the purpose of having en
operation perf- rmed. She went
through with the operati'u quite
well, but soon grew worse. The
remains were sent to Newton Fri
day morning for interment.
A Ylctlm of Pneumonia.
Sidney F. Shore, who had been
ill several days with pueumonia,
died Sunday afternoon. There
mains were shipped to Enon, in
Yadkin county, for ii. torment
and were accompanied by Mi and
Mrs. G. W. Garland, cousins .(
tne aeceaseu, uuring tne resi
denc of Mr. Shoro in Salisbury
he. was connected with the reve
nue service.'
Coal Missing.
It is stated that a quiet investi
gation has been in progress at
Spencer, by detectives and others,
in order to locate about 100 cars
coalhich are reported missing
and f r which there is nothing to
show This coal is said to have
been shipped to Spencer and re
ceived there, but to whom it was
delivered, or when, no one seems
to know. It is rather Strang-
that so much coal as this could
disappear without some one know-
ing the circumstances under which
it took flight. Perhaps time will
clear the mystery.
Are Things that may be of
For Catarrh, 1st me send you
free, iut to prove merit, a Tual
size Box of Dr. Snoop's Catarrh
Remedy, It i a snow white,
creamy, healing antiseptic balm
that gives mttant relief to Ca
tarrh of the nose and throat.
Mike the free test and see. Ad-
diess Dr. Snoop, Racine, Wis.
Largf jars 5u cents. Sld by
Grimes Drug Store.
A Preminent Citizan of Steele Dead.
H. N. Goodnight, a good man
and splendid citizen of steel
t.Ottrli.hiri A in A nf hio Vi rm a rov
Mill Bndaft. Mnndsv nfffht. Mr i buildings.
Goodnight was a natveof Cabar
rus and, came to Rowan many
years ago. He had accumulated
considerable property and was an
officer in the Thyatira Presbyteri
an church. His funeral and .in
terment will take place today.
Fire ar Cresent.
There was a fire at the Cresent
Academy early on Sunday morn
ing which resulted in the burning
of the boy's dormitory. The
huil ling destroyed contained eight
rw-ms and was valued at $800
Hal? this less is covered by iu
eurance The president, Rev J.
M L Lyerly, will rebuild the
structure a soon as possible. The
origin of the fire is not known.
A xUinber of young men were oc
cupvii'g the building at the time
ot the fire. By their strenuous
wt rk they managed to prevent
the iire spreadii g to adjacent
Q Mammoth Stock of Furniture, Car-
Draw Your onn Conclusions
Probably a Gift of this Kind would
be more Appreciated. At any rate
be sure to come in and look over the
pets, Rugs, Household and Office
Furnishings, 0 Chinaware,
Lamps, Toilet Sets,
etc., carried by me.
We have a large and varied Assortment in Q'lalir
" ties aiid Prices. You are cordially ihvittd
to give me a call. Veryrespectfully,
West Inniss Street.
as t our Carriages and
wagons, but how are
you going to know un
less you see them and
try them?i; TOeser few
lines are meant tp' In
vite you MerI' Will
you come? You wilt if
jrou wisli to serve' your
own best interests.
a make an excellent har
ZP ii ess combination.
0 Yours for the purchase
y price (a moderate one)
49 if your investment in
O i9 hore goods is made
O iff here. Prove it? Cer-
O 49 tainly first time you
9 see us.
. Twenty million peasants are
starving in Russia and thirty mil
lion are on the verge of starvation
The failure of crops caused the
t .trouble. Aid ib being sought in
t he-V ; j i ted States for ary ing
'jBuiiianj. "
Mary Dark circles under the
eyes indicate a sluggish circula
tion, torpid liver and .kidneys.
Exercise and Huhstir's Rocky
Mountain Tea will make you well
and beautiful- 35 c?nts, Tea or
Tablets. T. W. Grinies Drug Oo.
Boarders Wanted!
The Salisbury Houe, 120 South
Loug Street, is priared tf) ac-i
commodate a "a r d e r s.
Rooms nnely furnibed, table!
well suppled and prices reason a-j f)
hie. 2-1BM.
Children late for Fchcol, husband late for work.
Everything twisttd. All because the Clock went
wrong. H
DfsrTt. tinkPT with it. Brinff it to nnr Tin 1? Hna X
pital. We will diagnose its cape in frhort oidtr.
Adjust it a little here and there Clean it up spick
and span, and away it goes again, endowed with new
life and vigor.
The cost? Oh! not very much.
Notning near as much as a new clock- Nothing
near as much as the confusion caused by an Uncer
tain Clock.
Give us a trial with your work.
Salisbury, Spencer, " Clarion, N. C.
you, your friends and
4tbe man in the street"
is any one of our niany
vehicles Carriages.
Surreys, Runabouts,
Mantels, etc. "They're
built that way." Also
built to last and run
easy without running
into much money.
Notice our Cash Prices for the Next 30 Days.
115 E. CotmdJ. Stietr
9. '::

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