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Dr. Smith bis Become!" v
Dr. M P Smith, the ye? erinary
surgeon, who some time since was
bitten by a dog and went to Rich
mond for treatment, has -recovered
from the effect of his injuiy.
It will be remembered that he was
called in to loofcSat a dog that was
acting peculiarly, and in exam
ing the animal he waB bitten nqd
the hand.
Mica Axle Grease
Eest lubricant for axles i the
world long wearing and very ad
hesive". Makes a heavy load t'raw like a
L !it one. Saves half the wear on
v. iron -and team, end increases lie; capacity of your outfit.
.:::yonr dealer for Tika Axle
A Per Cent
We pay 4 per cent, on mony n
savings department, adds: g
interest to the principal every vO
days, and offer every sate guard t
the depositors.
Wjilso loan money or reul es
tate and personal security.
D. R. Julian, J. D. Norwood
President. Oashj r.
P. JEL Thompson, J. A. Peelts-,
V -President. lenr.
B! Suit Ovsr 25 Geets. - ;
A law suit involving 25 cents
has just been tried her; The
case grew -out of a 25 cent tele
phone charge, y
The Western Electric System
was the plaintiff ami Kriox Wal
ters the defendant. A stranger
used the telephone in Walter's
livery barn to talk to a neighbor
ing town and the telephone com
pany alleged that Walters guar
anteed the toll charge. The tele
phoning as done in September
and when the bill was presented
Walters refused to pay it. In the
meantime ' the operator inth
telephone office had moved t
Kentucky, a distance of 850 miles.
Several continuances were had.
The deposition was taken of he
man who did the talking, The
trial took place and judgment wss
reudered against Walters for the
25 cents and the costs, amounting
Jo $111,80. Spencer, la , dis
The corporation commission has
obtained a judgement of $500
against the Seaboard Air Line for
failure to properly bulletin a train.
This is the first time a railroad
has been punish- d under the new
ruling about stating when trains
. re i xpected to arrive.
Piano Cofiipsltiors.
Even our c tnp ttto s take off
ihe.r hats to tile W Evtr Piano
nd ar -knowledge its rich charac
ter of tone and the perfection in
ev-rv detail f i s io tr .ctic.n
b-.Mii only i.v Cj W. Fnx & Co.,
S&lUL-ury, N. C.
,t less tiian jVlariuiac-
turers Cot..
and save 5cts to
l.OO pn the Pair.
We must close out some lines of Staple SHOES at
much lees than they are worth to make room lor our g
recent purchaser. -If
vou don't need Shoes new it will ray you to take
Advantage of these prices and lay them away till you f
do need them, fepecial r rices on Big Lots to mrs
popular price foot WEAR j
M.G.McCURDY, manager,
North Main Street. Salisbury, N. C.
One of the Best General Line' of Furniture
in the State can be found at
108 Wet Innips where you are
Invited to call when in need of such goods.
Marley Treadaway, of New
Salem township, was killed las;
Tuesday by a large limb from a
tree striking him on the head.
Mr. Treadaway and James Helms
ere cutting crossties and a tre'
.vhiob they had cut down lodged
gainst another tree and a limb
roke off striking Mr. Treadawav
n the head. Mr. Helms Eelpi
Mr. Treadaway up and assisted i
netting him home. The injured
Han live?l for several hours aftei
lie was hurt. Mr. Treadaway wa
about 21 years old. He married
Miss Mary J. Helms about two
months ago. Monroe Enquirer.
When are Your Boys?
.Where are your boys ! We are
asked again and again. They are
scattered up and down the State,
and for the most part, are doing
well. None of them, so far as we
know, are running for office, but
the great majority are making an
honest living, and adding their
share to the strength of the state
It is not policy here to persuade
the boys that they are about the
size for governors, senators and
presidents ; but rather the world
is waiting for honest, sober and
industrious boys who ar willing
to work and who are not ashamed
to -confess that they are poor.
Oharity and Childreu.
Death of Claude Th mpson.
Claude L. Thompson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Thompson,
died a the home of his parents
last Thursday afternoon, tuber
culosis being the cause of death.
The disease developed several
years ago and while every effort
was made to check its growth it
proved of no avail. Mr. Thomp
son was a pharmacist, and previ
ous to his last illness was con
nected with the T. W. Grimes
Drug Company. The deceased
was a young man of fine charac
fcer and p sse-se i in a marked de
cree the faculty of making friends
The funeral wan held Saturday
corning at the residence of F M.
Thompson. Rev M. M. Kinardl
sstt r of St. J hn's Lutheran
,hnrch, officiating. The pall
earer were W ill Johnston, Wal
-r Grimes, Linn Bernhardt, W.
H. Wilkins, Jenkins Peeler and
Fred Palmer.
With New Goods, Low Prices,
Fair Treatment and Good Work.
We are bidding for your patronage
and your repair work on
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Optics.
Salisbury Jewelry Co. j
104 N. Main Street
E. J. LEBEN, manager.
Short is Hs Accounts.
Auditor Carter of thb Southern
Uailway Compauy, was here for
ieveral days last week checking
lp the books and accounts of H.
V. Leonard, the former ticket
igent at the Salisbury depot. It
is stated that a shortage was dis
covered, and while the amount of
it was not definitely stated, it is
rumored that it will reach about
$1,000 A number of Mr. Leon
ard's friends are of the opinion
that he may return ' and explain
the occasion of his mysterious
George A. Fisher, who has been
assistant ticket agent at the South
ern passenger depot here for some
time, has been adp minted agent to
succeed former ticket ngent, H.
A Leonard, who disappeared sud
denly eome days ago. H. L Lipe,
of China Grovr, takes the posi
tion of assistant agent.
Tobacco is Mde OTffiELT froi
Grown in the Piedmont
Flue Cored
Quality Only
Of the
Hundreds of imitation brands are
on sale that 'took like Schnapps to
bacco. The outside of the imitation
plugs of tobacco is flue cured the same
as Schnapps, but -the inside is filled
with cheap, flimsy, heavily swbefened
air cured tobacco. One-cfiew of
Schnapps will satisfy tobacco hunger
longer than two chews of such to
bacco. The color, size and shape
of the tags, plugs and packages of
certain imitation brands of tobacco
have been made so much like
Schnapps that they have often been
accepted by buyers under the belief
that they were getting Schnapps.
Sufficient proof has been' secured
to establish the fact that certain
brands are infringements and n vio
lation of the trade mark laws, yet the
trade will continue to be imposed
upon by these infringers until the suit
already entered and now pending to
protect Schnapps is decided. A
great many of these imitations are
Brands Have Schnapps
the Outside
claimed to be "just as good " as
Schnapps, but there is only one gen
uine Schnapps. Be sure the letters
on the tag, and stamped on the plug
under the tag spelfS-C-H-N-A-P-P-S
and then you have it the most
wholesome tobacco produced, with
just enough sweetening to preserve
the mild, juicy, stimulating quality of
the leaf tobacco. Expert tests prove
that this flue cured tobacco, grown
in the famous Piedmont region, re-
quires and takes less sweetening than
any other and has a wholesome,
stimulating, satisfying effect on
If the tobacco you are chewing
don't satisfy you more than the mere
habit of expectorating, stop fooling
yourself and chew Schnapps tobacco.
Schnapps is like the tobacco chewers
formerly bought costing from 75c.
to $1.00 per pound ; Schnapps is
sold at 50c. per pound, in 5c. cuts,
strictly 10c. and 15c. plugs.
R. J; Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
TT4 A O tl O
111 J II
have been the standard
because they are made
from honest materials.
See that the trade mark
is on every bag. None
genuine without it
F. S. ROYSTER GUANO CO., Norfolk, Va.
Music LoVou-d'S
Stokes Milleh
Wil iam C. Stokes and Miss
Lula Miller, both of Morgan town
ship, were united in matrimony
by J. W. Bas.inge.r J, P, at Jars
residence iiar Garfield, on Febru
ary 22nd at 1 oclock p. m.
A Humane Appeal.
A humane citizen of Richmond.
Tnd., Mr. U. D. Wxlliams, 107
West Main street, says: "lap
peal to ail persons with weak
lungs to take Dr. King's New Dis
covery, the only remedy that has
helped me and fully comes up to
the proprietor's recomme.n d a-
tion. i It saves more lives than
all other throat and lung reme-
jdies put together. Used as a
i cough and cold cure the world
lover. Cures asthma, bronchitis,
'croup, whooping cough, quinsy,
hoarseness and phthisic, stops
hemorrhages cf the lungs and
builds them up Guaranteed by
all druggists. "50o and $1.00.
Trial bottle frfco.
When you go to buy an organ or piano for
your home don t let an
agent persuade you that
some other is "just as
good as the WEAVER." f
Come to, us and buy a
Weaver and be Satis
fied. Organs eoss too
much to be experiment
ing. You kuow the
Weaver is good. If you
don't, ask your neighbor who has one. They
are easy to Play, prices are Low and terms f
are Easy. Write us for full particulars Now.
Yours tral,.
0. W. FRIX & CO.,
Main Ftreet, Salisbury, N. C.
5- sr 3
m h w
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