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Published DTry W4aady at 1X0
Wnt IbbIss etrwt -
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out la adrsaes
Entered as second-clss matter Jaa.
19th. IMS; at th port oQee at Bali
burj, N. a. oader tha art of Control
of liarea trd. 1MT. -': V
Sa.ix8BUBT, N. C , APRiL-8rdf '07.
- The people through o at the
county are much interested in the
present " mayoralty contest. If
they could vote there would be
no doubt about Mr. Vanclerf ord
receiving an overwhelming ma
jority. If the third term rule is
to be broken they feel that the
Democratic party will be, easily
defeated at the next county elec
tion,: When " any one man gets
above the laws and regulations of
the party it is but natural that
conservative persons become dis
gusted. During the last two weeks or
more, we have experienced a most
unusual sp9ll of weather for this
time of year, March was as gen
tle as October and as warm as
July. The flowers budded, bloom
ed and withered in the short peri
" od of a week. The high tempera
ture brought them forth very rap
idly and the heat and "dryness
caused them to pass away quickly.
This was followed Sunday by rain,
snow aud a freezing tempearture
which , destroyed considerable
vegetation. ,
" Judge Montgomeiy, of Concord,
who was one of the attorneys for
, the White brothers at their trial
fnr the killincr of Rnsiell Sherrill.
is said to have made a very warm
!"t1a. Batata thft Stata -XSrninnil '
wwm w w w w - .-. w - - -r tt J
urging mat iae ;.vy oiws-pfl par
doned, in tne course i tt nis re
marks the Judge, aecordine to a
Raleigh dfsnatch in the Concord
Times, ''emphasized the high po
sition and high character of men
signing. the petition for the pat-
don, urged the seven tv years of
their mother, that Mrs. Thomas
White is a physical wreck and
that the public is satisfied, etc."
This is all very well, no one can
object to Judge Montgomery doing
all he can for his clients. We,
with many others, feel strong
sympathy for the families of
Thomas and Charmers White, and
it is not at all pleasantvto con
template the deep sorrow of these
wives and the mother over the re
sult of the rash act of the two
men they certainly hold dear.
But there is another side to this
picture which should have been
held up to the gaze of .the Council
ot bcate at the same time ; per
haps it was, we do not know.
But it ought not to be forgotten
that Russell Sherrill had a moth
er, and that these two high-toned,
chivalrous gentlemen shot iim
; down before that mother's eyes,
and while she was pleading with
them, as only a mother can plead,
to spare hislife. Is this mother
to have no svmDathv: must her
anguish be overlooked and passed
by as not worthy of comment?
1 his feature of the tragedy is the
blackest, the -most horrible one
connected with it. Could the sort
of men their friends claim ,the
Whites are have killed this boy in
the presence of his mother while
she was begging 'for his life? Such
a thing is lnconceivaoie, it is not
with in thA bonds of reason to evun
dream of it. In this county
where all the facts and circum-
stances oi tne wageay are Dest
known, there was.a ; strong senti
ment against this pardon being
granted, the gen eral opin ion being
that the. Whites escaped lightly
and deserved .to serve their sen-1 white children in. the factories,
tence down to the tmallest frao-1 That you endotse the failure to
tion of a minute. ; . .imake reports as the law trects
: . ."' .' I Thatyou endorse the jumble
Auss manna jtitcnie ana u. i.
waiKer, oi uaDarrus counwereA
married last Thursnay afternoon, f
Rev. E; L. Ritchie,' of Spencer, .a ?
brother of the bride, officiated. f
you -vote; for
A1: H.Boyden for mayor; - -That
yon endorse rthe'hreaking"
of the third term rule, r t?
A ; Jhat Jyou endorse" the e'ndanger
iig of the existence of 4he Rowan
Democracy ,J " - ' " -
That you endorse the - reckless
and extravagant expenditure' of
public funds, ":-
That you : endorse r keeping7an
embezzler in office, ' - ;
That yodendprse payings said
embezzler a larger salary after he
became short m his accounts than
the ) town charter allows to be
paid , ; '. '.-" : x y-' S: ':, ,-
That you endorse the embezzle
ment of town funds, taking this
as a precedent, by any and all of
ficials in the future, - ,
That in making such, endorse
ment you are upholding dishon
est men and discrediting men who
are striving to be honest and' live
That you are fostering dishon
esty and discouraging honesty
and oprightness,
That by such endorsement you
are assisting in lowering the mor
als of theentire community.
That by such an endorsement
you are putting a premium on
trickery, .corruption, , drunrkon
aess, vice, lewdness and gambling,
That you endorse the violation
of law, the placing of the poor on
the chain gang without a fair tri
al and an immunity of the law by
the rich and favored few,
That you endorse base ingrati
tude to faithful friends,
That you endorse a man who
goes back on his word when it is
given in good faith,
That you endorse petty tyran
ny, spite, demagoguery, vindic
tiveness and snobbery,
That you endoise the methods
that have been used here to over
ride the will of the people,
That you endorse the governing
of Salisbury and Rowan county
by the legislature,
That you endorse the issuiug of
bonds without the consent of the
That you endorse the existence
of the many mud holes on Iuniss
and most of the other' streets,
That you endorse spending all
the money on a few streets and
paying no attention to the rest,
That you endorse the nabbing
of poor negro crap-shooters, who
are sent to. the chain gang, and
the ignoring jf the; regular "gen-
tlemen1 gamblers, ,
That you endorse hypocrisy,
such as was exhibited when the
town attorney, and an alderman
were reprimanded for eating in a
saloon after closing hours whiqh
law the mayor had beena habitu
al violator of,
That you endorse the fining of
a poor man $5 for being drunk by
a mayor , who was guilty of the
same offense before night of the
sa me day,
That you endorse the control
ot the city s anairs by a ring or
clique of self constituted bosses,
That you endorse the confisca
tion of the citizens' property to
pay for cement pavements in front
of said property, that re used by
the entire community,
That you endorse the buying of
votes- and personal favors with
city funds, by promising to im
prove this or that street, N
That you endorse the borrow
ing of money, with private ; en
dorsements, counting on Jusing
i;he lash to carry a bond issue to
repay the amounts so borrowed, -That
you endorse the idea that
it is a great crime for good inen
to die in office, but; an honor for
a party oss to do so,
That you endorse ijossism
That you endorse , the perpetu
al candidate, ; C - .
That you endorse imperialism
and anarchy, : . '.'
That you endorse the slavery of
me vcown s oooxs ana, nnauces
. That you endorse one man rul9 ;
That you endorse Ta d
ship over a free people, --
Kemero br r wh en
iua you ,endorse: the using oi
a Lpublif ofBce to punish personal
r That ou-- endorse
in office, ex,
sg That you endorse the dictator?
ahip;of all.the interests mthB
city, especially ?the selection aof
city officials, by the whiskey ring,
rAnd remember, : that when you
endorse. f life tenure, in i ffice that"
you need hot educate" your boy
for such ra. nositioii' There will
be jfew-to fill.- Ybu might also re
member that when you endorse"; a
note, or other diocumentr-ihat you
become a responsible factor for
its existence, jand if it is cri minal
you become particeps' criminus.
The outrageous conduct ;of the
present mayor has been, -boldly
pointed out and every well mean
ing man has had an opportunity
to investigate the truthfulness
thereof. These things no one has
had the courage to deny, so they
stand as undisputed! facts before
the community, ahd,np one knows
the truth thereof j better ian
those who are wearing the button
with the man who looks like some
one-had stuck a piece of limber
ger under - his nose. The most
charitable view that can be held
toward such men is that they are
ignorant of the qualities of their
candidate or else they lost their
perception of right and wrong, at
the age of ten, when their moth
ers had blackberry jam in the
A CrlQlnil Attack
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25c at all druggists.
House Entered bj Robbers,
Last Friday night the housejoij
Mrs. C: A. Rice, on-KortrrFultoB
street, was entered by one or mojee
robbers. A hurried -search Iwas
was made of the premises but they
secured nothing of value. Mrs.
Rice was not at home at the time,
having gone to spend the night
with her sis ter Mrs. L. A. Frazier.
Out 8f Sight.
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Grimes Drug Store.
Report of the condition of th " ,
r " at Spencer, N. C, at the close
of business March 22nd, 1907.
Loans and Discounts. . . . ; . .
Overdrafts, secured . . .-. r. . .
unsecured, . . ? . . . .-. . ..
Furniture and Fixtures. .
Due froni Banks and Bankers
Silver coin, including all mi
: nor coin currency. .... .
National bank notes and oth-r-
er TJ S. notes.. . ...
: Total . ...
Capitalltock paid in,. . . . . 7.
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and, taxes
Deposits subject tocheek
501 83
,7525 00
$ 5,000.00
,t. f.i r;-r.r: Total. . . . . . $44 553 39
State of N. O.j County of RowanA S. S:
t I, J. K, Dorsett.cashier-of the abote
hamed bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief. ?
. - Jas K. Doksett, cashier.
Correct Attest : 7 -J-. ; ; ; i . -.-
. - Jisi D. : Doksktt, V.c'
. ' . 8. C. Sasskk, : . Directors,
..;; c S. C; Dobsett, . T i a. r . -Subscribed
and sworn to before me,
this the 28th day of JMareh, 1907.
A. Gooiuax, notary public. ,
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f actor v service 1
nnrntP(t -
V '
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sample direct tofhe D D D Company, Suite A,
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. ' ... ; ' :
. " ' Report of the Condition of
at Cleveland, in the State of North Carolina,
at the close of business Mareh 22nd, 1907 .'
Loans and discounts. . ... ... J ...... . $10,595 1 9
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured,
353 04
Jf'urniture ana fixtures,
Demand Loans,,.. ....;...,....
D le from banks and bankers .
Gold coin
-Silver coin, including all minor coin
National bank and other U S.notes,
Expenses, less undivided profits,....
683 33
7,500 00
3,953 18
616 00
905 31
374 00
67 -12
$25,449 46
Tot&lf . . .
Capital stock .,. .,
Notes and bills rediscounted,....
Time certificates of deposit
Deposits subjectto check
Cashier's checks outstanding
! 5,000 00
2,000 00
1,8l9 56
12,468 74
.161 16
Total............... ....$25,449 46
State of North Carolina,. County of Rowan, ss:
I, H. T. Kelly, cashier of the abeve-nam-ed
bank, do solemnly swear that-the above
statement 13 true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. H. T. Kelly, cashier.
Correct attest: R. M. Rosebro, 1
- C. A,, Brown. .. dire' tors?
J. A. Lyerly, )
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 27th
day of March, 1907. -
W. H. White notary public.
Report of the. Condition of
The Bank of China Grovey
at China Grove, N. C, at the close of
business March 22nd, 1907. ; :
Loans and discounts $40,883 43
Furniture and fixtures . . .xT. 600 00
Due from banks and bankers 7,048 75
Gold coin....... 14250
Silvei coin, including all minor coin
; currency 783 40
National bank and other U. S. notes, 2,909 00 i
Total.. $52,367 08
Capital stock, . ... .
... $ 9,750 00
surplus Fund
600 00
Undivided iproflts, less current ex
penses and taxes paid.. ;..
1,060 52
33.131 41
684 13
iStJeposJts subjectto check.
vashier s checks outstanding
i: ; .. .Total,5... .....r.. $52,867 8
r State of North Carolina,, cbttnty of "Rowan, b8: I
i, wcv tsmora, casaier oi tee above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the
meui is true to the best of xny knowledge ttnd-
Deiiei. w . u. Bii'ruKJJcasnier.
Correct attest: C. B. Miller, )
J. L. Boatain, directors.
McF, Ritchie, )
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 28th
day of Mareh, 1907. .
J, L. Sifford, notary public.
The Publisher's
Claims Sustained
United States Court of Claims
The Publishers of Webster's International
Dictionary allege that it is, in fact,the popu- -lar
Unalwidged thoroughly re-edited in every
detail, and vastly enriched in every part, witn
the purpose of adapting it to meet the larger
and severer requiremejjta of another genera
We are o'f the opinion that this allegation
most clearly and accurately describes the
work that naa been accomplished and the
result that hsia been reached. The Dictionary,
as it row stands, bus been thoroughly re
edited in every detail, has been corrected in
every part, and is admirably adapted to meet"
the larfrer and severer requirements of a
generation which demands more of popular
philological knowledge than any generation
that the world has ever contained.
It is perhaps needless to add that we refer
to the dictionary in our judicial work as of
the highest authority in accuvacy of defini
tion ; ard that in the future as in the past it
vwill be the source of constant reference.
CHARLES C NOTT, Chief Justice.
The above refers to WEBSTER'S
fthe highest award) was given to the Interna
tional at the W orld's sdr, St. Louis.
Ton iiifll he interested incur
(peciinen pages, sent free,
Before YotrParchasa Any Other Writs , -
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notice to Customers.
For every bushel of good
No, 2 milling wheat, 401bs of
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A fine water power enables
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Jan. 30th, 1907. 6t.
Rothrock Roller Mills.
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tptcial notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
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J K ......... . , 1

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