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"This nation I today1, is in estate.
of civil war.. In many a : city the
t.own ha 11 is J sarrisoned rebels
who from the shelter of that! for
tress aro terrorizing and iplurider-
Subscriptlon Prto $1 pwjw atrietly
eaaa ta adranca V
BatoMd aa seo4laai nattM Jaa.
Itth. ltOf, at tha post flea at Salla
bary, N. O. vadar tha act of Coagnaa
of llareb tri. 1M7.
Samsbuby, N. C, June 12th, '07
The Enoch. Arden business
seems to be working overtime in
our neighbor county, Davidson.
We do not know it all about the
reliability and sufficiency of the
various faiths, creeds and isms of
v : f
religion, but we are firmly con
vinced of one thing, and tnat is
if there is nothing in the Chris
tian religion, beginning with the
foundation of the world, enduring
tiJl now and with splendid pros
pects of "making good" till the
lasttrumpt shall sound, there -is
certainly less than nothing in the
isms of recent human manufac
ture. The Latter Day Saints, thf
Christian Scientists, the Holiness
Sect and such like ad infinitum
for instance.
We do not know much about
jails, but from what some citi
zens say, men who have builded
and know substantial construc
tion when they see it, Rowan's
new jail, when completed, will
of the
Hkdbice, Jno. "A., one ,.
ing the people. These mercenary I most prominent . and highly re-.
politicians are as hostile tQ the spected citizens of this -county
public good as any man who ever died at Georgetown, D C, last
nlarched in the uniform of an ar-1 Wednesday morning.- A daugh-
my acros tne field of battle. ; By ter of Mr. Hedrick ; was to have
diverting the taxes of the people been graduated from Vassar Col-
from civic maintenance and lm-j lege today and Mr, Med rick was
provement to their own tiain, they on his way, intending to be )res-
are killing as many peop relent on the occasion. He was ta-
the course of a single , year of ken ill while in Washington and
their maladministration as are was conveyed to a .nospitai.
killed iu the progress of a cousid- Georgetown where he died. The
erable war. They are poitomng remains wexa broaght to Ihta aiy
men and women f n the foul to the residence of 0. Barker,
street and tenements for which I The funeral was held at St. Luke's
they are responsible. They1 are Episcopal church Saturday after
corrupting the souls of youth by noon. The deceased, while iu no
vices which they support and en- sense a demonstrative man, or
courage for their own profit. We one who cared for notoriety or dis
look to the graduating classes of play, was well known all over the
our colleges for reinforcements county. He was a man of ster
against this common foe, against ling worth and the strictest integ
this subtle and audacious enemy rity. He was one of those men
whose leaders are disguised as wno do more tnan tne worm is
gentlemen and christians." aware of, to help thos6 arouud
These sentences formed the key him and to assist in building up
note of the baccalaureate sermon his oommunitv. He was much
preached to the graduating class interested in the casuse of educa
at Columbia University by the tion and he has been of great
Rev. George Hodges, dean of the service to our schools in many
Eoisconal Theological School. wa vs. In his death "his chil-
not be as good a building as the I children to be found everywhere died Friday night at his home,
old one. We hope they are mis
taken, for it would indeed be a
shocking offence to the good peo
ple of Rowan to learn that $19,
000.00, or more, of the taxes
wrung from them had been so
needlessly wasted. But the fact
" . 1 -mm
is mere never was a need tor aj
new jail building. The substan
tiability of the present jail build
ing is almost beyond the power
of man, to improve.
Last Thursday night the Board
of Aldermen elected a number of
city officers. In the selection of
City Tax Collector they turned
out one much : better than they
elected, but in entire keeping with
,ihe downward trend of Salis-
bury's reigning faction of schem
ing peanut politicians. When it
came to the selection of water
commissioners, M. A. Shank wae
slated for such a position by the
who elected the tax collector.
before taking'the vote,
we are informed, the Msvor an-
proached one of tire-five, which
was necessary for a choic. and
stated that "we can't afford
elect that man, we must haver a
man who can sign notes ad help
to raise money," or words to that
effect, when the Baid Alaerman,
A. Parker, who has openly and
persistently , opposed Boyden and
his methods for years, in common
vernacular "tumbled," and Mr.
Shank was defeated. That was
a very good reason wfi'y Mr. Shank
should have been elected. The
man who is put in office for such
purpose?, should he attempt to
saddle any debt on the city,
ought to be forced to pay the bill.
Freed of Murder Charge.
Danville, Va., June 7 The
foutyonng white men and boys
charged with the murder of Ellen
Elliott, a negro woman, who was
killed while masquerading in male
Temporary Injunction Issued.
Atlanta, Ga., Juae 7. Judge
Pardee in the United States Cir-
cuirCourt of Appeals late today
granted a temporary injunction,
restraining the Georgia railroad
commission from putting into ef
fect a. reduction of 10 per cent, in
the freignt rates of the Seaboard
Air Line until a final hearing on
June 27. On May 10th the com
mission issued a circular chang
ing' the Seaboard from class C to
class B, reducing4ts rates 10 per
pent, effective in 80 days.
New York dispatch,
- - B'
Cairo's Curst of Blindness.
The first thing that impresses
the stranger in Cairo is the num
ber of blind m-jn. ' women and
dren have lost a kind father, the
county, a valuable citizen and
many persons a warm, sincere
Nib lock, Thomas, a well known
farmer of Scotch-Irish towuship,
in the shops and on the streets, death being caused by a caucer
Opthalmia is very prevalent in ns affection of the face. The
Egypt. Because ef superstition deceased was a prosperous farmer
concerning "tne evil eye,' . toe eujujeu mw rweeub ami b
native mnthera of the middle or teem ot all who knew him. He
lower class do not wash the eyes wasan old oonteaerate soiaier,
of their babies at all. Watching serving with honor and credit in
the flies buzzing unheeded around he civil war. Mr. jnidiock was
and nnnn these blind children, a I the father of F. C. Niblock, of
stranger has ens to buy a fly-
whisk. These are for sale every
where and are quite attractive
with their ornaments of beads and
this city. The funeral was held
Sunday from Third Creek church,
Nobthey, Mrs. Thomas J
sister of Henry C. and Frank
palm-leaf fibre. Blind beggars Trott, of Salisbury, died at her
greet one at every corner. Jfiveu nome in Charlotte Sunav after
m the high class Egyptian lami- nopn wjth typhoid fever. The
lies there are many blind. The funeral was held yesterday at the
lower classes of Egyptiars are Second Presbyterian church in
s muwii w uaouOTou -vuao is i unailotte. me aeceased was a
the lower classes in the large native of Rowan county and her
citifls and, although it is against eariy Hfe wag Bpent at the old
the law to sell it, one will have home in the South Biver neieh
the nasneesn places -pointed out borhood. Mrs. Northey was mar
to him. and the men who smoke riad ahnnt f?v vaan rn ShA
the drug are seen everywhere
They are distinguished by the pe
cuiiar appearance of their eyes
which become red, swollen and
baggy underneath, and by the pe
cuiiar color of the skin, which re
sembles somewhat the skin of a
e opium smoker. Leslie's
years ago.
leaves a nnsnana ana a young
child besides numerous 'relatives.
Stole Cake of Pill Soap.
After spending six hoars
prison cell, Mrs. Anna Poleski
years old, a scrubwoman, was
The home of Mr, and Mrp.
Jacob A ThomaBOD. on South
Main street, was the scene ot a
beautiful wedding last Thursday
evening, when Miss Sarab Thom-
ason was united in wedlock to
Wade Rankin, Rsv. J. M. Wharay
Pflof the First Presbyterian church
omciatmg. Atter the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Rankin left' for
leasea yesieraay anernoon irom trip to Jame8town and other
the Tombs, where she had been points. The bride is a very pop
sent oy Magistrate moss, charged nlar vtmni. womaD. d Mr. Ran
by the United Express Company kin is an employe of the South
with having stolen a cake of pink em.
soap, valued at l cent, from its
cm i :i j: t .
UT x t xl x. 1 I C
toos we soap to waan ray tnan feo consider lightly the evi
hands, was. 'the somewhat r-1 dnce of disease in your system
markable excuse of the woman. Don't takejiesperate chances on
I : 1 XT . TT ii
nanaht nint-hnnilpil Rftaliiina ordinary meaicmes. use noins
-o r o I r I r : nn ok
vox 'B uukii y muuuvaiu ion, uu
the enormity of her crime, she
bowed her head sorrowfully
News of the sensational arrest
reached Wall street just after the
attire on the suburbs of the city market opened, and pink soap
on the night of April 20, have
teen freed. The case against
John Talbot, Cscar Neatharly and
Tom Walker were nolle prossed
today by Commonwealth's Attor
ney Thomas Hamlin.
The action of Mr. Hamlin was
due to the acquittal last night of
Joe Baugh, who was regarded as
the ring leader and who confessed
stabbing the woman, inflicting a
fatal wound. The boys claimed
that the woman fired on them and
that they acted in self-defense. .
preferred took a sudaen jump.
Magistrate Moss, before whom"
Mrs. Poleski was arraigned in the
Centre-Street Court, was reluctant
to send her to thr Tombs,
v f '
. . V. . . ...I ... .
"Don't you think that is a
pretty small matter to make a
criminal charge of?" he asked
Superintendent Charles E. Jef
fries. v-
"That may all be. Your Honor,"
replied the superintendent, 'but
we are desirous on making an ex
ample of her. There has been al-1 case regarding certain newspapers
unmw i. mnfth niifarinr . im rresiaent nas receivea an
our building lately." ' Jt fb k 1. XL 7-
. . , J , - ti Istromer, which is entirely satis
Magistrate moss naa no aitern- factory to him" and this he has
ative but to have the woman I turned over to the State Depart
locked up. Tearfully protesting ment with a statement that he
w. .h Hid not intend to. Btfiftl has no objeotion to the reissuance
. ' . x0l, u .J of the exequator to Mr. Ekstromer
the soap, she was taken across the I.. iL ta .
T-MM nf S4,a - Rh romain ?.n lopaxsiBBU Wining
there until Mwris Eogel of 9 -Al- -Washington dispatch.
bany street generously gave 1300
bail for her. New York Wrla.
cents. Tea npr Tablets. T, W
Grimes Drug Co.
Eieqoator to be Re-issued.
If the inclinations of the Presi
dent are followed the exequato
of Ubaries A. A. ijikstromer as
vice-consul of Sweden at St. Louis
which was withdrawn some time
11 1j !
ago, win ne re-issuea to mm
Mr. iSkstromer mcurrea tne per
son a i displeasure of the President
by addressing him a letter which
was regarded as impertinent and
di o trteous. It is in re'ation to
the ire'usal of Mr. . Roosevelt. t
receive a committee of citizens
from St. Louis whacame to Wash-
ine to make representations in a
coTTcn oirr aACKxnsnY. ,
K , :,. i . d m it nv 1 fHATl
handling cotton It the best thins; there
is for that purpote. Your eottotfshould
tu n . n T.sit: Tbiib tod Diet
rtvbich lowers the price "of it It should
be 'put up in PSaS Ui tao inacuiu
ery shouW be"the-siMPMtT and kasisbt to
operate. We. furnish the Pkbchatio El-(
syatok under, the Murray patents, the
Mukray Clbamiko Fbbdsb and a Double
things and it'g'ihe simplest made: We build Thb Ehoihb that goes with it
and are responsible fo the whole. Write right now. ' , ; -
, 6-12 4t v TJTPOSXA OO.. dwurlotW ST. L
When - you feel the need of a
pill take a DeWitt's Little Early
Riser. Small pill, safe pill, surs
pill; v Easy to take pleasant and
effective. - Drives away headaches.
Sold by James Plummer nd all
, Here's 6ood Advice.
O. S. Woolever, one of the beit
known merchants of Le Ray evil le,
N. Y., says: "If -you are ever
troubled with piles, apply Buck
len's Arnica Siilve. It cured me
of them for good. 20. years ago."
Cures every sore, wound, burn or
abrasion. : 25c at all druggists. . .
Only two weeks until we have to take inventory
and our counters and shelves are filled with goods
that should have been traveling at least four weeks
ago! Some of them have overstayed their welcome
and we have decided to give them almost a FREE
PASS." '
Now don't wait until the goods are all piciedover
and then come expecting to find goods advertised a
month ago. We can't keep them at these prices.
Qq cream cotton voile, worth 12ic.
Qq big lot figured lawn, worth up to 10c.
98c for al1 1,25' 1,50 and 1,75 shirt wai8ts
This lot includes some of the best patterns that
we have shown this season.
Men's shirts, all in new and neat pat,
terns, well made and worth 50c. any
where. ..
1fn Big lot men's summer caps, in the new
xila grajr plaid effect. AH this season's goods,
but we didn't buy them to keep, worth 25c.
JQq for men's straw hats, worth 25c.
Hundreds of other things that are equally as
Dry Goods Co.
Opsoslte Court House. " danager.
11th, FandQts-
f Dm G-
June Brides, Bridemaids and host of other women are think
ing of dainty white frocks.
The largest, best and most complete stock of White Cotton
Dress Materials possible to assemble is here to select from
representing the best of our owmcountry's products as well as
those of England, Ireland, France and Switzerland.
French Lawns, 48 inches
wide: sheer and dainty.
25o to $1 per yard.
Paris Muslins, with a lovely
silken sheen ; 48 inches wide.
50o to $1 per ytfrd.
French Organdie, b8 inches
wide. x
50o to $1 per yard.
Persian Lawns, the imported'
kind ; 32 inches wide,
25c to 60o per yard.
45 inchps wide.
37io to $1 per yardr
Pearlirie Lawns, an old .reli
able frabb, but comparatively
new to this, market. One of
the finest products of the Eng
lish looms and finishers. 47
iuches wide.
50o per yard.
Persian Lawns, : 48 inches
37o per yard.
Swiss Products.
In Switzerland, owing to nat
ural and climatic conditions,
they weave, bleach and finish
in the superior way that you
are famil'ar with in embroider
ies from that country.
Swiss India Linens, 86 inches
30o to fjOo per yard.
48 inches wide.,
OOo to 75o per yard.
Swiss Alpine Batiste, sheer
and exquisitelv soft finish.
50o to $1.25 per yard".
' French Batiste, 45 in. wide.
37iO per yard.
French Ifaiusook, 46 in. wide,
COo to per yard.
Dotted and Figured Swisses.
'' 40o to 75b per yard.
45-inchr pure linen Suiting..
' '-. ' ' '
OOo par yard.
86-inch Irish linen, pure lin
en and light weight.
45o per yard.
" 36-inch Irish linen, round
thread. -
.f50o per yard.
-72-inch pure" Irish linen.
'Hats 1 0 c an d 25 c:
r We ha,ve sold several hundred of these Hats,
- but we can hardly miss them from the lot, for
we had about 2,100 hats. So we still have
lots of hats yet. 'New lots put out every day
and just as good style as we had at first. Get
a new hat.
Price 1 tic and 25c.
25o Hose for 15c.
Another case of those 25e lase Hose; just as'
pretty as we ever sold at 25 cents. These are
a little imperfect or seconds, but you can
hardly notice it, A great bargain -
Price 15 Gents.
It pays to trade at
ii ii
CHIP TOBACCO is one of the best and largest plugs of
flue-cured goods ever offered the consumer at 10c. It is
manufactured by a strictly INDEPENDENT firm, a con
cern depending solely upon the good will and patronage of
the people at large; a patronage only desired upon the
strength of the superior quality of their tobaccos. That
it has earned this appreciation is amply proved by the
tremendous and rapidly increasing demand for CHIP. In
fact, wherever their tobaccos come into competion with
other makeSf-whether with the people or before judges of
the world's great expositions, they are invariably winners
Call for! CHIP and save the tags as they are" valuable.
A copy ot oar 1907 premium catalogue, which la one of the largest
and most attractive ever gotten out by a tobacco manufacturer,
will be mailed to any address in the United States on receipt ox
Only 4c in postage stamps or 8 of the tags we are redeeming.
HancocK Bros. Co., Lynchburg, Va.
Piedmont-Bedford Concentrated
Iron fi Alum Water
RcprcMatinf the Famaus Bedford Alum & Iron Springs of Va.)
contains 17 of the most powerful Mineral Tonics.
An 18-oz. bottle contains all the minerals in a barrel of
the average water. We furnish the minerals, you
furnish the water.
We have certificates both from the public and from emi
nent' physicians, telling of its virtue in Dyspepsia,
Rheumatism, a large variety of Female Diseases,
Chronic Diarrhoea and Dysentery, General De
bility, Anaemia, Malaria, Ulceration of the
Throat, Diabetes, Piles, Chronic Eczema, Ner
vousness, Chronic Constipation and many show
ing the wonderful cures in that dreadful disease, Scro
fula. Db. T. L. Kablbr, for fifteen years a resident at the Springs, says:
For Scrofula, that fearful destroyer of human health and happiness, we have
in this water a remedy which neither science nor fortunate accident hi hitherto
found an equal. It is in this malady, and some forms of secondary and tertiary
Syphilis, that this water when carried 0 its full alterative effect, displays Us highest .
curative powers. -In all forms of diseases peculiar to females, this water will be
found to sert a curative influence second to none in Virginia.
I have given your Concentrated Water a fair trial, and say with pleas
ure I have been greatly benefited. For some years I have suffered more or
less with Indigestion, followed by Constipation- and other attendant ills.
Within the past two months I have found such relief from your remedy
that I have improved in strength and weight; have eaten what I have not
dared to do for a long time, and have done harder work than I have been
able to do before for years :
. . " Presiding Elder, Lynchburg, Va.
Since 1894 I have been afflicted with Chronic Diarrhoea, About six
months ago I commenced using your Concentrated Iron and Alum Water
with the most wonderful and satisfactory results. ' For three or four years
past I have been deprived of the privilege of visiting friends or going to
church, as my trouble kept me in constant apprehension having lost almost
entirely the control of my bowels; but now I am happy ta state that after
using about a half dozen bottles of your remedy I am entirely cured, not
having used any for the last four months. I can confidently and most gladly
recomnaend your remedy for Chronic Diarrhoea. -.-
Capt. RUFTJS AMIS, Virgilina, Va.
I was an intense sufferer for some months with Indigestion, and could
get no relief .from the ordinary remedies. During the "month of January I
began the use of your Concentrated Water, and one bottle has 'entirely re
lieved me. I can now digest any diet and am entirely free irom suffering.
I take great pleasure in giving thisestimonial. '
Rev. H. Jlf BLAIR,
Editor Nj. C. Christian Advocate,
1 . - Greensboro, N. C.
I have used and prescribed waters from several Iron and Alum Springs,
but none of them begin to come up to your Concentrated JVater in all that
goes to make the ideaf alterative, strengthener, appetiser and restorative.
It is at once a fine tonic and flesh-builder. Have advised several recently
to try it, and always with fine and quick results. In January I had a bottle
tmt from one of your dealers! to a lady; with the understanding that if it
did not at once improve her digestive apparatus, I would pay the $1.00 myself
She not only willingly paid the bill, but used a part-pf one-half dozen more
" bottles, and is now completely cured of a long and annoying Stomach
Trouble. This seems to be the case with all who try it. ' :
' . - S. I MILLIARD, M. D ,
' , Rocky Mount, N. CE .
?A J. IL ECHOLS CO , lyncMirg, ;
Sold nd recommended by T. W, Grimes Drag Co., Chest
nut Hill Drag Co., H. M. Cook Pharmacy. : - . ;

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