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Christiana, Dec? 9. There
will be preaching at Christ
iana next Sunday, Dec. 15th.,
by Rev. Geo. H. Cox D. D.,
at 11 a m. Sunday school at
9:30 am.
Rev. W. W. Rowe preached
a much needed sermon to the
boys at St. Luke's last Sun
day Dec. 8. It 'was plain
and to thepoint,- yet told in
such a way that no one could
take offense.
The public is "cordially in
vited to'hear the joint debate
between Crescent and. New
London, at New London,
Dec. 13th, 7:30 p.m., as was
advertised in the Watchman
last week. It is a well known
fact that the Crescent boys
-. have the., most difficult side,
and it is watched with in
terest to see if the New Lon
don boys will put it to them,
as they surely ought to do,
because they have the easiest
side. Some one has-eaibl "If
they are any debators at all
they will -surely beat on that
Last Sunday morning, Dec-
ember 8th, the sun had !put
on its best appearance, and
had dispelled every cloud
and had started on his jour
ney across the heavens that
he might behold the beauti
f ul ceremony that was taking
place in the home of Rev. W.
W. Rowe, of Rockwell. Miss
Sallie Holshouser and John
C. Peeler were 'being united
in the holy bonds of matrix
- mony. The two -contracting
parties are well known in
Rowan county and the State.
We wish for them a long and
happy life.
Yes it is "Poor old Xerxes,'
he is in a very deplorable
condition. Yet of all people
on earth we had counted
Ruth as our most loyal 'friend.
The sad news of his ever in
creasing difficulties came like
a mighty subterrestrial elec
tric current. Yet in his griefs
he can look sadly around and
same. Take for instance that
young Democrat who escort
ed Ruth to Sunday school not
long ago Had he been a Re
publican he "would have never
permitted her to go home
alone Xekxes
C .A Wagoner and Luther
Wagoner have gone to Troy
to spend 'a.week hunting in
that section
Will'Bame, superintendent
of the big quarry on the Phil
lips' Mountain, is confined to
his bed by illness
" William Gardner, the dep
uty sheriff, has opened a reg
ular beef, fish and oyster
stand here in Dolph Gant's
old store house A good thing
for o ur settlement
D A Lefler has a wagon
load of fine apples he brought
from the mountains
Miss Vernell Stirewalt is
visiting her aunt at Ebenezer
C F Allen of Salisbury, is
here., running two teams,
hauling granite j
GC Miller is visiting his
parents at Dunn's mountain
The , Stirewalt boarding
house has ten regular board
ers and-is doings a very good
business '
W-S Barger has gone to
Caleb Hess will farm on
John A Peeler's farm again
k next year
Miss Hattie Hess and Miss
- Laura Lyerly are visiting
their relatives in Concord
j. Adolphus Grant has built a
j colonial milk house of granite
andis;now hauling granite to
build an old time colonial
granite wall around his resi
dence, aboui three feet high
WML sperman killed
two hogs that weighed 372
and 3T2 lbs, respectively
Faith Council, No 100, Jr
OUAM, has elected the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing!
Jr E x C, P A Peeler
C, W S Barger
V C, J D A Fisher
R S, J R Ludwig
- A R S, R P Stirewalt
F S, E A Brown
Treas, G A Brown
Chap, J L Peeler
I S, CJ Shive
O S, B A Lefler
Warden, J H Wilkerson
Conductor, M L Hess
Representative to State
Council, E A Brown
Trustee, P A Peeler
Gold Hill, Dec. 9. The
"beautiiui snow has come
and gone, It began early
Wednesday "morning and
snowed all day, it was the
first fall of the season and by
night was about 2 inches
deep. An old tradition has
it that the number of snow
storms during the winter
may be determined in ad
vance by the day of the
month on which the first one
came. On this theory, only
four falls of snow will hap
pen this winter.
L. D. McCarnes, B. T. Mar
tin, Levi Hill and others
have organized themselves
into a syndicate known as the
"last chance" mining com
pany and have taken over
the upper part of the Gold
Hill mine and propose to work
it on tribute. I am informed
that they have already struck
one rich gold vein; that they
may find King Solomon's
mines, or its equivalent, is
my earnest wish f oi we cer
tainly need something to re
vive' this old mining town.
C. A. Helderman has
bought a lot from W. V.
Eller near the depot and, we
learn, is going to build a
dwelling house on it in the
near future, it is also rumor
ed that he is to take unto
himself a better half this
spring or summer.
M. J. Misenheimer and'son
have accepted a position with
H. C. rrubb in a distillery
at Salisbury.
R. D. Coleman and M. M.
Vandeburg have suspended
work at the Troutman mine
until the weather is more
favorable, when it is stated
they will resume development
Dan Crowell and family
have moved into their new
house recently erected for
them on Spring St., near the
Southern mine.
Clementine Brady has built
a new barn on the site of the
one recently burned by an
incendiary, in which she lost
a cow and a buggy, also - her
horse was seriously burned
but recovered. This is sec
ond time in a few years she
lost her barn by fire. 7
Mrs. Paul Earnheart and
daughter visited at J. G.
Mooses last week.
John Eagle and wife are
visiting friends and relatives
Beulah Shaver and Clyde
Jenkins, who have been sick
with -typhoid fever, have
about recovered and unless a
relapse occurs, will be out in
in a few days.
Howard Ludwick is quite
sick at this time, he has chills
and jaundice and is threaten
ed with the fever.
Miss Dora Eagle is visiting
at her brother's, Dave Eagle,
who is clerking for J. A.
Arey, our enterpring mer
chat. Mike:
DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are the best pills made. They do
not gripe. Sold by James Plum-
mer and all druggists.
Dec. 3. Seems as if some
one is out of potatoes who
believes in barter, for some
unknown party or parties
went to Jno, H. Frick's a
short time ago and got a
couple of bushels of Irish po
tatoes and an place left a
large cat tied to a rain cradle
in such a way that the cat
never came back.
Mr. M J. Cauble has kill
ed another nice hog. It
weighed about 150 lbs.
Mrs. E. E, Proctor, of Sal
isbury, visited her mother,
Mrs. M. J. Cauble, this week.
Jr. O. U. A. M. Council
No. 196 met Saturday evening
the 30th ult elected the fol
lowing officers for the next
term: C, N. B. Drury;
L. D. Earnhardt; R S, G. M.
E. Lyerly. A R S, Jno. H.
Tippett; F S, A. L. Lyerly;
Lreas, F. L. Agneri Chap, b.
A. Earnhardt; War, C. F.
Frick; J S, R. A. Sink; O S,
D. C. Trexler; trustee, 18
months, W. L. Cauble; trus
tee 12 months, Jno. H. Tip
pett; Representative, t. L.
Agner; Alternate, J. H.
Tippett; janiter, W.F. Rufty.
The foregoing set of officers
are, we think, very capable
of . fitting their respective
places with one exception,
viz: the C. we won't vouch
for him. Meeting again Sat
urday evening the 14th in
stant at 7:30 p. in. sharp.
Hope to see a house full, well,
full house would do.
We understand that there
will be a Christmas tree at
D. M. Baptist church. Will
state time later. All who
subscribe will receive pres
We think it would be ad visa-ble-f
or some one to see after
our school here. A teacher
has been employed to teach
the school and from what we
can learn he is perfectly com
petent, but we hear that- the
committee is wanting to get
rid of the teacher. (The com-
mittee snouia ana aoes con
sist of three: C. L. Kesler,
Jas.Horahand W. T, Loflin.)
The first two don't for good
reasons, have much to say.
So it is all one man says.
This should not be. Some of
the patrons are anxious to
see a good school and . it
should be if properly manag
ed. Baetlette.
Friend. Morgan, Greatly Grieved.
Mr. Johnston Plants an Orchard-'
Pool, Dec. 9. A. L. Lemly
has moved from our town to
J. C. Bean's, where he will
farm hext year. We lire
sorry to lose "Bud."
Thos. P. Johnston, of Salis
bury, has bought the Park's
land and is planting outl,000
fruit trees. Jle has 500
Buckingham apples, 50 Keif er
pears and the balance in
various kinds of fruit trees.
He has posted his land, and
if he don't watch, the rabbits
are "gwine" to gnaw his
TT 11 . T- . . . i
waiter .Burrage jmiea a
wild turkey last week that
weighed 18 lbs. It wasn't on
posted land as it was "a fly
ing" when he shot.
Neely Lisk
visited at A. B.
and mother
Lisk's Sun.
There will be a Christmas
tree at the school house near
Pool Wednesday night. Dw
cember 25th, 1907. Every
body is invited to come and
help out the cause.
Alex Ribelin was accident
tally shot last Thursday
morning by J ames M . Morgan.
They were out hunting and,
Morgan fell and. his gun fired.
The load going in Ribelin's
right arm - and shoulder.
Drs. York and Poole were
sent for, but decided it would
be best to take him to the san
itorium at Salisbury. He was
taken there .Friday night
and died Saturday night.
Rihfilin was a. vrmncr mart
about 25 years old and leaves!
a, wne, muiuer aau xnree sis
ters to mourn his death.
Morgan is almost prostrated
with grief over the terrible
affair as they were the very
best of friends, he staying
with him constantly from ihe
time he was shot till he was
buried. Ribelin was a well
liked young man and had
beeiL married only a short
time. Itemizes
Subscribe to The Watchman.
There has been a great deal
said about the new ten dollar
gold piece, on which thr mott,
la God we Trust," has been left
off by order of our strenuous
President. Some people are very
emphatic in their dispproval of
the mottoless coin. We are not,
however, worried so much as to
any particular motto as we are in
the ways and means of getting
hands on the yellow mintage. If
any one becomes in possession of
any of these coins and his senti
ments' will not permii him to
cleave to' them, we will be glad to
come to his rescue and give him
script subsciption receipts for same
By the way, now is the time to
pay up your arrears, if one of
which you-be.
The Postmaster of Gasconde,
Mo., Daniel A. Bugh, says of
DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder
Pills. VI am doing so well, improv
ing so fast in health that I cannot
say much for your Kidney and
Bladder Pills. I feel Iiie new
man." DeWitt's Kidney and
Bidder are sold by Jams Plum
mer and druggists.
nnmrannnnMMnniiKlv-anbTenluiT doubt.
that Catarrh of the now and throat can b cured.
I am furnishing patient through druggists, small
free Trial Boxes of D. Snoop's Catarrh Cure.
I do this because lam so certain, that Dr. 8hoop
Catarrh Cure will bring actual substantial help.
Nnthln? cerbvinW. if n-on vincln as a uhysical
test of any article of real, genuine merit. But that
article must possess true merit, else the test will
mndAmn. rather than advance "it. Dr. Shoop
Catarrh Core is a snow white, healing antiseptio
balm, put up in beautiful nickel capped glass Jars
at 600. such soothing agents as uu jrocaiTPiuB.
Thymol, Menthol, etc., -are Incorporated into a
velvety, cream like Petrolatum, imported by Dr.
Shoop from Europe. If Catarrh of the nose and
throat haa extended to the stomach, then by all
meanralsouse internally, Dr. Snoop's Restorative.
Stomach distress, a lack of general strength,
bloating, belching, biliousness, bad taste, etc.
surely call for Dr. Shoop's Restorative.
Tor catarrh only of the noseand
throat nothing else, however, need be used but
Dr. Shoop's
Catarrh Cure
Pursuant to tKe provisions contamJ
in. a certain Moitgage and Deed of
Trust registered in book No.- 25, page
348, made by J. N. Troutman and. wife,
for the protection and benefit of the
undersigned, on the 4th day of March,
1905 ; default having been made in the
payment of the debt, which said mort
gage was given to secure, the under
signed will sell at the public sale for
cash at the court house door in Salis
bury on
Saturday, the 14th Day of December, 1907,
next, the following property: Begin
ning at a stone a new corner, and runs
thence South 3 degrees East 17.50
chains to a stone ; thence N. 83 degrees
E. 8.40 chains to a stone ; thence
degrees W. 16.50 chains to a sassafras,
a new corner on Barringer's line ;
thence 8. 88 degrees W. 10 chains to
the beginning, containing fifteen and
sixty-two one-hundredth acres more
or less, in Gold Hill township about
ten miles S. E. from Salisbury on the
west side of and a short distance from
the Mt. Pleasant road, adjoining the
lands of M. M Ketner, John Deal and
others, known as part of Monroe
Troutman lands and being the same
land conveyed by Geo. H. M. Trout
man and wife to J. N. Troutman, De
erbJIh, 1904. Conveyed by the
said J. N. Troutman and wife to satis
fy the debt provided for in said mort
trustee and mortgagee.
Whitehead Kluttz, atty.
Commissioner's Sale oi Valuable Farming
Pursuant to the provisions of an or
der obtained from J. Frank McCub
bins, Clerk of the Superior Court of
Rowan County, in the special proceed
ing entitled J. Samuel McOubbins,
Admir., of John A. McCubbins, vs. J.
S. McCubbins, W. C McCubbins et al.,
appointing the undersigned Commis
sioner to sell certain lands for the pur
pose of making assets, I will expose
for sale at the Court House door in
Salisbury, on
Monday, Japoary 6th, 1908,
at 12 M., the following described tracts
of land :
1st. Beginning at a stone on H W.
McDaniel, T. C. Correll and J. F.
Campbell's corner, thence S. 88 deg.
E .14.85 ch8 to a locust, thence
S, 1 deg W 22.35 chs to a stone, thence
S H deg W 7.75 chs to apopular on east
side of branch, thence S 18 deg E 12
chs to a stone, thence S 22 deg E 4.44
chs to a potlar on south bank of
branch, thence N 85 1-2 deg W 11.24
chs to a stone on H. G. Sane's line,
thence N 8 deg W 47 51 chs to the be
ginning, contaning 56 acres, 10 rod.
2nd Beginning at a sycamore on the
north bank of 4th creek, thence N 1 1-2
deg E 13.70 chs to a pint?, thence N 16
deg W 2.86 chs to a stone, thence N
8 deg W 5.11 chs to a stone on H. G.
Sane's line, thence S 85 1-2 deg E 11.24
chs to a roplar on south sideof bnnch.
thence N 22 1-2 deg W 4.44 chs to a
stone, thence 84 1-2 deg E 21,50 chs to
a stone on H. G Lippard's line, then-e
S 2 3-4 deg W 17,44 chs to an. ash on
north bank of 4th creek, thence with
the meandering of the creek 47 chs to
the beginning corner, containing 64
acres, s
3rd. Beginning at a stone on J. F.
Campbell's corneis thence S 1-2 deg W
7 75 chs to a poplar on east bank of
branch, thence S 18 1-2 deg "E 12 chs to
a stone, thence S 88 1-2 deg E 21.50
VeeN fsTdef
G. Lippard's litie,
E 27.06 chs toV
stone on J; A. Camnbell's corner and
A J. Lipnard's line, thence S 83 W W
14.-50 chs to a black iack. thence N 62
deg W 2.75 chs to a stone, thence S 49
deg W 11,72 ohs to the beginning cor
ner, containing sixty acres. This lat
ter tract is the dower tract assigned
and set apart to Mrs. Amanda McCub
bins and, will be sold subject to her
life interest therein.
Terms of sale : U cash. M in six
months, 3 in nine months, with inter
est on deferred payments. Title re-
milieu, until iuu nurcnase nnee is
TJus November 80th, 1907.
Job L. Bendleman, attorney.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cer
tainly' cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis,1 consumption". And
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and weak lungs.
There can be no mistake about
this. You know it is true. And
your own doctor will say so.
The best kiQd of a testimonial
" Sold for, over sixty years."
Made by J. C. Ayer Co., Iiowell, Iffaao.
Also manuwraren w
the formulas of all our medieineaT"
Keep the bowels regular with Ayer's
Kins ana inus nasten owww.j.
ures Blood, Skin Diseases, Cancer,
Greatest Blood Purifier Free.
If your blood Is impure thin, diseased, hot
or full of humorsvifyou have blood poison,
cancer, carbnncles. eatintr sores, scrofula, ec
zema, itching, risings ana Dumps, scaDDy,
mnm.T. skin, bone Bains, cata-rh. rheama-
tlsm, or any blood or skin disease, take Bo
tanic Biooa saim, is a &) oon an soreo neai
aches and tains stop and the blood is maae
pure and rich Druggists or by expre s $1 per
large Dottle sample iree Dy writing uiooa
Halm Co Atlanta, ua. a a a is especially ad
vised for chronic, deep-seated cases, as it
dares after all else fails
Eugene H. Bean,
Attorney and Counselor
at Law.
Office: Over Wachovia rBank,
11-13 Salisbury, N. G. pd
$600,000.00 Capital.
Oyer Five Million Dollars Assets
intesest guaranteed on money re
maining three months in the Sav
ing department, yet you can get
juut uiuiiojr w lieu juu wauii it. ,
Wachovia Loan & Trust Go.,
Salisbury Savings Bank Building
(The Lusitania Ocean Wonder
omasned all Kecords by-thunder.)
There's a Record Breakine-
demand for our Log Wear
SHOES. It's time you steer
ed to lis to Investigate the
reason tor their popularity.
It goes without savins? that
our line of Shoes possess ex
ceptional merit, otherwise
there would be nothing to
boast about, The strongest
line of farm shoes ever shown
anywhere. Moderately priced
North Carolina,
I In Superior Court.
Rowan County.
Lillie Dartie )
Murtle Dartie )
Action for Divorce.
The defendant -above named will
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced against
him in the superior court of Rowan
county to obtain a divorce from the
bonds of matrimony on the grounds of
infidelity: that the said defendant
will further take notice that he is re
quired to appear at the February
term, 1908, of the Superior court of
Rowan county to be held on the 3rd
Monday before the first Monday of
March, 1908, and answer or demur to
tho complaint in said action, or the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for
the relief therein demanded.
November the 1st, 1907.
Clerk Superior Coart Rowan Cnnntv
P. S. Carlton, atty. " 6t
Sale oi Valuable Land lor Division.
Take notice that the undersigngd
will sell for division on -
Saturday, December 14th, 1807. at 12 M..
Sixty-five and One-fifth (65 1-5) acres
of good farming land, situate in Provi
dence township, about 5jniles south
east irom Salisbury, JN. (J., and near
Onion Lutheran ehurch, and being" a
part of '.he Julius Mahilev lands, more
particularly described as follows : Be
ginning at a stone, Geo. Basinger's
corner on Cox's line, and runs thence
JN d Hi. 45.80 chains to a stake on
Earnhart's linanear a spring: Ihence
a new line S. 68 E. 14 50 chains to a
stake; thence S. 22.50 chains to a
stake in a field : thence . 75 E. 5.80
chains to a stake on Cauble's line;
theace with said line 8. 28j - W. 19 85
chains to a stone, Cauble's corner on
i xuers
(popular price foot WEAR )
Barringer's line; thence with Bar
ringer's line W. 12.50-chains to ther be
ginning, containing 65)4 acres. On
above described land is located a
dwelling and large barns and out
houses. Dated this November 14th, 1907.
P H. Thompson,
3 . W. Nsayb.
We pay 4 per cent, on money-in
savings - department, aaaiug wjo
iuterest to the 'principal every 90
days, and.offer every safe guard to
he depositors. .
Wb also loan money on real es
tate and personal security.
D. R. Julian, J. D. Norwood,
"President. Cashier.
P. H. Thompson, J. A. Peeler,
V.-Peflident . - Teller
With all the emphasis of which type is capable" we want
to direct your attention Cbristmasward. Tt is but a matter of
days, now when we will be in the thick of the Holiday distribu
tion. Our buying was done long ago, and everything is now
ready for your looking or your buying.
A a l-i a fi fa fVia aaa an n iron Ml find out disolavr lavish, and
suggestions are just about numberless. We are expecting- our Q
U; n4- PUIofmoii fra1aart1 if mATlt W1I18 Wfl Will ff6t it. A
The big city stores have no advantage over us, except in
unnecessary duplication. Our lines take in ALL the just-out
jewelry styles, all the charm and novelty that belong only to
JEWELRY. For price reasons, too, w can aaakt it worth
your while to purchase her. '
The Honey Saver,
Big Shoe Store.
X " -f Bargains
0 Wp pr This
a --M - Week.
iy 3Lool CJntt IFojp IDFJta 0
9 During September we will
& offer for CASH a Dumber' f
Two-Horse Wagons at coBt,
COST! Think of it. If
$7 you need a wagon now or
expect to need one later you
fe9 will make money by pur-
9 ""Dum6 nuili jli y uu will
fe investigate we can show you
wnere you are saving at
least 15 percent., and a lit
tle later, more than that
We offer for CASH only, at COST, are "the Mitch
ell, Virginia and Barber. These wagons have
& ga.-nda "Pton through MERIT only, and our
y u.u ,UBW1UC1D Biauu aH a monument to this
g fact. Convince yourself as to the saving in price
& and quality of gooda Qff ered . - -
The reason for the offer of -Two-Horse Wagons at COST
y ib lunii wo ubbmh ro n annnr.inna hunHI,nn 4. 1
j -
Gratis! g ggl6S
,K& fail! PiI Y
115 E, Council Street.
Bismarck Capps
Room No , Court House Annex,
Practice-in State and Federal courts.
Handle collections, loan money and
handle promptly allbusiness entrust
ed to our care.-
Charles W. Woodson, M, D.,
Medicine and Surgery.
OJ3Eer8 his Professional Services to the
Public. Ofbce Phone 600; Res. 336 J.
OFFICE: WacbOYia Bank Building.
William B. Smoot
"iiuiiuK iiwu-uorse wasons - b
En CarriaS68. MantelfMTiie and J
Our Stock I
op 6;
is large and oompased of the
latest styles and are offered
at prices to attract the most
indifferent purchaser
ABB APPR- - ..
r 8
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
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