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    THE CAROLINA WATCHMAN. A Foolish ftung Uaa Jailed ForSteallng.
W1L XL STBWART, Ed. M pub.
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Entered ms meoafrelua matter Jaa.
lfta. IMS, at tha port offlee at Salis
bury, N. d, nadw ta act of Ooaama
of Marea M. 1OT. : -
Salisbuby.N. C., Deo. 11th, 1907,
Our frieud, W. Thomas Boat
has received and accepted ajpropo-
sition from the Durham Herald as
city and associate editor, to com
mence work January 1st. Mr.
Boat is an exceptionally bright
young man and he will add con
siderably to " the readableness of
the Herald, and, while his many
friends regret to see him leave
Salisburv. thev wish him much
success in his new location.
Better Farming.
Th& U. S. Department of
culture is soliciting the names of
five hundred farmers, in this
county, who want to grow fifty
bushels of corn and a bald of cot
ton per acre.
A meeting will be held at Sal
isbury, Rowan County, at 2
o'clock, p. m., Saturday, Dec. 21,
1907, for the purpose of discuss
ing the methods to be employed
and to secure the names of all
who wish to co-operate in the
work. Progressive farmers will
not let tnis opportunity Tass un
heeded. Yours very truly,
. C. R. Hudson.
Special Agent U. S. Dept. Agri
We are induced to believe that
this movement is one that will be
of great value to every farmer,
he who is on the farm and he who
intends to farm. Every farmer
interested in betteringtis condi
tion, in raising bigger and better
crops by cultivating fewer acres
with less labor and at less expense
than heretofore, should make a
point to attend this meeting,
A young white man, who. Jiad
just rarnvecr in irgalisbury vlast
Wednesday; night, was arrested
Thursday morning on a charge of
theft. Mis name is Geo. Rose.
his home is in Richmond and he
is a barber by profession.- He had
been sent a ticket by the proprie
tor of a Salisbury barber shop.
who expected him to gf to work
Thursday morning. He was tak
en in at Mrs. Barrier's boarding
house on West Cbuncil street and
during the night entered the room
of Sidney Barrier and robbed his
clothes of $11.85. He was sus
pected, officers were sent "for and
arrested him. He tried to settle
the matter by returning the
amount. 'His case will most like
ly go to the Superior court and a
chain gang sentencejnay follow.
Rose was given a hearing before
Esquire H. J. Overman-Thursday
afternoon and bound over to Su
perior Court in the sum of $50.00.
Rose is still in jail, but hopes to
secure bond.
Most likely the young man was
brought up in idleness and has
been made to believe he was en
titled to a living, very likely some
over indulgent parents have paid
him out of simihar troubles be
fore and so he continues to steal,
knowing some one will come to
his rescue, or hoping something
will turn up to cheat the law out
of a justly deserved punishment.
There is just one remedy for this
kind of a boy, and that is for pa
rents, not reformatories, to have
their sons thoroughly understand
that the bread they eat and
clothes they wear must b? paid for
in some honorable way,, by labor,
or some professional service. Then
they have a just right to such
things and under no circumstan
ces before. Parents learn your
boys to work or prepare to weep
over their misdeeds.
i. 6ood News For Rowan Farmers.
! Wfu, know our Rowan county
farmers 'Will be pleased to learn
that feLe JJ. S. Department of Ag
ficulture is thinking of taking up
co-operative farming in this coun
ty. Mr. ,0. R. Hudson. Special
Agent of the Department, iwal
here Tuesday, and, after investi
gating conditions and securing
She opinions of prominent farm
ers and business men, expressed
himself as well pleased with, the
sentiment that seemed to "prevail
in regard to thework,- The rec
ords kept of this work for several
years ; in other Southern states
show conclusively that farmers
who have had this assistance from
the Department are more prosper
ous than formerly." '
The work is carried on by the
department s men wno visit in
dividual farmers regularly during
the year, and advise, suggest and
aid him in every way possible-
especially giving him the benefit
of the latest development in the
agricultural world.
Phifer Quinn, son of Mr. and
Mrs. M. C. Quinn, has a position
as electrician on the battleship
Jlearsarge. The ship is one of the
fleet that will round the Horn for
the Pacific Ocean which is a for
tunate circumstance for Phifer,
MrTand Mrs. B. C. Beard and
family have removed to Augusta,
Ga., where they wilLin the future
Dr. I. H. Foust County Supt.
of Health, left here for China
Grove Tuesday afternoon, where
several cases of small-pox were
Badly Mixed Up.
Abraham Brown, of Winterton,
AT" T 1 11
in. i., naa a very rearKanie ex
perience; he says: "Doctors got
badly mixed up over me : one said
heart disease ; two called it kidney
trouble; the fourth, blood poison,
and the fifth stomach and liver
trouble ; bat none of them helped
me; so my wife advised trying
Electric Bitters, which are restor
ing me to perfect health. One
bottle did me more good than all
the five doctors prescribed."
Guaranteed for blood poison,
weakness and all stomach, liver
and kidney complaints, by all
druggist, 50c.
cheok a cold quickly, get
your druggist ' some little
Candy Cold Tablets called Pre
verities. . Druggists every where art
now dispensing Preventics, for
they are not onlys af e, but decided
ly certain and prompt. Preven
tics contain no quinine, no laxa
tive, nothing harsh nor sickening.
Taken at the "sneeze stage'' Pre
ventics will prevent Pneumonia,
Bronchitis, La Grippe, etc. Hence
the name, Preventics. Good for
feverish children, 48 Preventics
25 cents. Trial Boxes 5 cts. Sold
by Grimes Drug Store
.Report of the condition of
at Spencer, N. O. , at the close
of business December 3d, 1907.
Loans and Discounts $32,573.04
Overdrafts, unsecured 151.33
Furniture and Fixtures 1,100.00
Due from Banks and Bankers 12,854.91
Silver coin, including all mi-
norcoin currency 587.34
National bank notes-and oth
er U. S. notes 6,300.00
Total.. ... $53,566.62
Capital Stock paid in.. ..... $ 5,000.00
Undivided prohts. less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid 3.417.67
Notes and bills rediseountad 2,500.00
Deposits subject to check 31,975.89
Due to IBank and Bankers.. 67306
Cashier's checks outstanding 10,000.00
i t-x r . ... . .....
Mothers endorse it
Children like It
Tastes so goo
- t ti t r - mm mmhjmimMt mm
Nearly H Other copgfc' atf fit. consSpatine. specially those containing OpIaUa. Kansedr's Laxatire Cough Syrup mom tha towels, contain no Oplataa.
Loans Dolly Secured.
If you have any money idle or
bringing you less than 6, list it
with our Company at once. We'll
lend it for you, First Mortgage on
Real Estate, taking the mortgage
and note in your name, andln ad
dition give you the
of our Company that both princi
pal and interests will be paid
as they fall due:
We assume all risk and stand
between you and possible loss.
JUur guarantee has more than
$20,000 back of it; and, loans
made through our Company have
paying you 6 all the time. -
McGubbins & Harrison Go.v
Faid in capital $20,000; .Loans,
Real Estate, Fire and Life Insur
ance, Salisbury, N, C.
Total $53,566.62
State of N. 0., County of Rowan, S.S
: I, J. K, Dorsett, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the-above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief.
J as. K. Dobsktt, cashier.
Correct Attest:
S. O. Dok8btt, )
W. C, Gatewood, Directors.
S. C. Sasseb, )
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this the 5th day of December, 1907.
W. A. Goodman, notary public
Sale ol House and Lot Under Mortgage
: Pursuant to the provisions of a cer
tain Mortage Trust Deed executed by
Will Mitcnel and others to P. S. Carl
ton Trustee on the 23rd day of October
lyoo, and duly registered in the Omce
of the Register of Deeds of Rowan
County in Book 28 page 468, default
having been made in the payment of
the debt therin secured, the uudersign
edwill sell at public auction at the
Court House door in Salisbury, N. C
Saturday, the 14th Day of December, 1907,
at 12 o'clock M., one house and lot lay
ing about one and one fourth miles
North East from Salisbury, N. C. on
the South side of the N C. R R. in the
Sugar Springs settlement, adjoining
the lands of J. VV. Kesler, W. H
woodson and others: .Beginning at a
stone corner on the line of J. W. Kes.
ler, thence S. E. with said Kesler's
line, 177 feet to a stone : thence S. W
71 feet to a stone on Shaver & Wood
son's line, tbence with said Shaver and
Woodson 'saline N. W. 165 feet to a
stone, thence with W. H. Woodson
line 4 ieet to tne Deginnmg, Deing a
part of the land deeded by W. W.
Reeid, to John S. Henderson, Jan. 1st
1890, and registered in Book 71 in the
Registor's Office of Rowan County,
For back title see deed, in Book 92 page
zzU; also will of Cornelius MitcheJ
recorded in the Clerk's Office of Row
an County. This November the 6th,
lU7. Terms Of Sale: Cash.
P. S. CARLTON, trustee
Our Great Unloading Sale is Now in Progress.
Our reason for holding this Unloading sale is because we have more goods on hand for this
time of thw year than we really should have and we have only five weeks to Cnristmas to convert
the greatest part of this stock into Caph, Your special attention is called to our extra ordinary
heavy stock of Ladies' Coat Suits, Ladies' Skirts, Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats and Fine
Furs. We Mean to Cllt deep into our Prices. To be frank we need the 'money worse
than the Goods, sq our loss jyill be your gain.
i Our Motto: We Advertise Nothing but True Facts.
Ladies' Cloaks.
50 Ladies' longTan Kersey Coats, worth
$10 to $11.50 at... . $7 95
50 Ladies' long tan Kersey Coats, worth
from $12.50 to $15 00 at . $10 95
25 Ladies' black, long. Coats, wortn $7.48
at $5 75
10 Ladies' black Coats, worth $10 00
at $8 25
25 Ladies $10 Cravenette Coats at $6 25
20 Ladies' $6 Covet Coats at $4 25.
25 Ladies' all wool Covet Coats worth
From $11,50 to $18.00jit. : .. . .$10 48
50 Ladies' long Coats in fancy mixture,
worth from $4 00 to $6.00 at ... . $3 95
50 Ladies' fancy Coats. Jworth $3 50 at
- $2 50
25 Children's Coats from 6 to 14 years,
worth $1.50 at $1.15
25 Children's Coats, 6 to 14, years, worth
$2.50 at $1 75
50 Bear skin Coats in red, white and blue,
' worth $3.25 and $3.75 at $2 50
25 Bear skin Coats from 2 to 6 years old
in redpwhite and blue, worth $4 to $5
at $3 25
Ladies' Fine Man-tailored Skirts
No. 452. Black all wool Panama, worth
$15.25 at $11 25
No. 4626. Black.all wool Chiffon Panama,
worth $17.00 at. . . $13 25
No. 4635. Black, all wool Chiffon Pan
ama, wort $17 50 at. $13 50
No. 4657. Black, all wool Panama, worth
$10 48 at $7 95
No, 4660. Blue Chiffon Panama, worth
$16.00 at. .. .7. $11 75
No. 1033. Blue Panama, worth $6 50 at
$5 00
No. 1797. Blue Panama, worth $5.00 at
4 C5 4
a es
- 3
I .1-1
o "3
ca o o
lO . 00
t- i-l OS
A XI 33
03 03
a1 &
co co
: ..$3 75
No. 4667. Brown Panama, wortb $7 0fr
at t r . . . 7 . . . . $500
No. 4645, Brown Chiffon Panama; worth
$11.00 at ..;'.... ....... i . . . . $8 25
Ladies1 Silk Waists.
Our 7.00 Plaid Bilk waist at 5 00
Our 8.00 Plaid silk waiBt . 6 25
Our 5.50 and 6.00 BUok lilk vtist 4 25
Our 4.00 Brown iilkrwi at, ... . 300
Carpets and Rugs.
10 Union Ari Squares "9x12, regular
price 6 00; special for this sale, . 4 25
30 Pure wool inerain. 9x12 drueeetts.
regular price 11,00, special 9 00
15 Smith Fine Axminster 9x12 art
squares, sold everywhere at 25 00 and
27 50, our special pnee.- 2175
50 Fine Axminster Rugs, 30x65, worth
3 00 at 2 25
25 Moquette rugs 26x57, worth $2 1 39
3 Roll pure wool ingrain carpets, regul-ir
price 77c, special at 57c
2 rolls wool ingrain carpet worth 50c,
at .37 1-2
Comfortables Comfortables
Bale, full-sized colored Comfortable,
worth 2.98 at 2 25
Bale, full-sized colored Comfortable
worth 2.25 at 1 69
Bale, full-sized colored Comfortable,
at 1 48 at 1 1$
Bale, full-sized colored comfortable,
worth 1.75 at 139
Bale, .full-sized colored Comfortable,
worth 4 25 at 3 50
I mm www
mi HH All 50c dress goods at . . . ; . ; 43c
No Goods charged, taken back or sent out on approval at these special sales prices; neither
can we pay for alterations on Coat Suits or Skirts while this Sale lasts.
Remember sale begins Thursday, November 21st.
1 X
Come and get your Wants, of Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Gents Furnishings, k, at Panic
UB, entire Stock of beautiful and Fashionable Clothing joins hands
with the Panic Sale prices to make this indeed Salisbury's
greatest bargain event. Everything is included. . The most exquisite
Ready-to-Wear Apparel, Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gents Furnishings,
Etc. Bear in mind that Smoot Brothers & Rogers make no misrepre
sentations. Every statement made to the people will be carried out to
the letter. The confidence of the public has been won through our ad
strictly adhering to their promises.
-. t - - i-
Money Saving Opportunities.
Coupled With
for the
They denote a Saving of one
fourth to one half ; on your '
! 4 n' - v - ; - - - - ' 1 ' w.'.iiA s.-:. - . .

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