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that we have
Christiana, Feb,
jq Sickness
is quite common in our comma
We learn that A. L. Lingle
is reviewing his law course prepa
ratory to taking the examination
this fall. It will be recalled that
some years ago Mr. Lingle took
up the study of law under one of
North Carolina's most honored
and successful lawyers, and had
about completed the course when
he went into other business. We
are glad to learn of this, and hope
he will succeed for he is one
among us and one in whom &
client can put full confidence
MrfLingle is an able and recog
nized orator of the first distinct
Dr. Lverlv: "Lee give me the
principal parts of Amo."
Lee: (Lee to Park) "what verb
did he say?,"
Park: "Damfino."
Lee: "Damfino, Damfinare,
Damfinavi, Damfiriatum.
Since we Iftt wrote, several new
branch lines have been added to
the Independent Telephone Com
pany. This company is gaining
ground everywhere as it has noth
ing behind it, to in nyway make
it disagreeable or burdensome to
the poorest man. It has been in
Rowan only a short time, but has
made wonderful strides towards
putting every man in touch with
his fellow man.
There will be an exhibition at
Rowan Academy this spring when
school closes. School closes Fri
day evening March 6. On Satur
day following the exhibition will
take place. On Saturday night
the St. Marions will give a public
debate. John Peeler and Miss
Vida Trexler are teaching a very
successful term of school there.
One of the most remarkable per
formances ever known to' man
kind only recently came to our
notice.. It is a case of Charley
Lyerly of Granite Qnarry4 He
. was very fond of . a girl ; yet heJ
couldn't keep his heart down in
his stomach, where it belonged,
, when he tried to tell her. So he
got a graphopbone with suitable
records and gave it to her. Now
all day long he has the machine
to plead his cause and tell of his
love. Wonderful indeed is the
genius of man.
We learn that there have been
changes in the Nazareth's orphan
home at Crescent. Prof, and Mrs.
H. F. Frick of Crescent, have been
placed in charge instead of Miss
Abbot, who has been conducting
it. "
Pool, Feb. 10. R. Jones Reid is
quite sick with cold and grippe,
we learn, and does not seem to im
prove very last, we nope to see
him out soon.
The little child of B. F. Lem-
ley is very-sick and does not seem
to improve. ;
Love Morgan is kept in with a
severe case of grippe and cold.
Mack Morgan is erecting a new
dwelling house on the place he re
cently bought. A. B. Lisk and
JarveyMorgan are doing the work
for him. "v-
The patrons of the Pond school
ready for you
We still have on
district are getting out lumber to
r3 a new 80n00 house. They
had the misfortune to lose a lot of
lumber by fire one day last week.
All the flooring, boxing and a lot
of other lumber was lost by the
kiln catching on fire.
Oar school is Ave weeks yet and
will go out March 18th, '08. A
play day may be given at the end
of the school.
We learn that Robert and
Reather Morgan, sons of J. W.
and J, N, C Morgan's will leave
next week for California where
they will join the U. S. army
w ' m m
uoys, you better loot betore you
leap, as all places are not like
We are having some bad weath
er along now. Guess the ground
hog and the last legislature are
responsible for itr as the almanac
got wrong, about the weather.
Mr, and Mrs. Robv Crook have
returned from a trip to Troy, N.
C. where thev visited relations
for a week.
Duke Morgan will erect a new
dwelling near here
soon, we are
Mrs. Grant Burrage, of Salis
bury, who has been visiting rel
atives for a few days, has return
ed home.
John L. Williams is on the sick
list and is confined to his room.
J. L. Surratt has purchased a
new talking machine and says he
has some good records with it.
GiBSlderable Sickness About. Building
Telephone Lines. School Closed.
Union Church, Feb. 10. School
at Union Academy was to start
up Monday morning, after two
weeks stop on account of some
little contageousnees, but after
dud consideration it was decided
not to have any more school this
winter. There is much sickness
in this community at present.
P. A. Hartman is confined to
his bed with grippe and ome
othe maiady. We wish him a
speedy recovery.
Wm. P. Rufty has made good
money hulling peas for D. L.
Arey. in four days he got 1U or
more bushels for his part.
Mrs Minerva Poole has moved
to her summer residence on the
farm of A. L. Lyerly.
C. M. Lyerly is building him a
large potato house. He must, be
going to raise them bthe load.
John Barger and family visited
at Alfred Goodman's Saturday
night and Sunday.
" Mrs. Minerva Poole is visiting
her son, Wesley Poole, who is
quite sick with bronchial trouble.
Wm. Rnfkv went viaitino- anW
would not say where she was
going. Lm't that funny?
A. L. Lyerly has about com
pleted his phone line by install
ing all ceder poles. J
P. A. Hartman & Company
have all their, poles up for their
new line. It will soon be ready
for service :.
L. A, .Mahaley has come, home
from Crescent Academy, where he
had been attendingiohool.. -j
hand several hundred pairs of
G. A. aiid C. J. A. Lyerly visit
ed Charlie Poole last Saturday
night and report a "good time.
Some of our neighbors attended
the sale at Harper & Rrp.'s last
Saturday in order to. buy some
.bridles, but 'instead of bridles
they bought collars, Hurrah for
Two prophet passed though our
village, Saturday. One said he
would live seventy-five years yet
and is now about forty. The
other' said he planted some, cedar
posts and said they didn't last
but a few years. We think they
have, exaggerated. Our sympathy
is extended to the bereaved
prophets. The Hustles.
Mrs. Peninger Dead. Telephone Company
About Ready For Business.
Woodfeaf, Feb. 10. A. C. Gib
bons is building a fancy two-story
double L house on his farm near
here and will soon be one of our
Mrs. W. D. Penninger died last
week after a brief illness and was
buried at the Methodist church,
the funeral being conducted by
Revs. Spence and Hypes.
' J. R. A. Bailey, who was
is rec
in! to
ly married, has moved
nice new Residence.
The Woodleaf Telephone Co.,
hopes to have all wires connected
and everything in shape by the
15th of February, if the weather
Owing to the bad weather but
little farm work has been done
during 1908.
Mr. Editor what is the matter?
There is seldom a month in which
the Watchman does not reach us.
It is the largest bundle o7 papers
that comes to Woodleaf, the Post-
mastersays, and we feel (awfully
disappointed when we have to go
two weekswithout the paper.
We are unable, just at this time,
to say why The Watchman should
fail to reach Woodleaf every week,
but will make it our business to
look into the matter with a view
of correcting the irregularity.
Ed. Watchman.
Yes, there are some sneakdogs,
but the men who were up forhunt
ing were gentlemen, and it has
been proven by the written per
mits that were sent them to come
back to Woodleaf and hunt. Come
up again gents,-we are glad to see
you any old time. '.
A reading club has been organ
ized at our High "School. It is a
very good move and ' we hope it
may accomplish much good.. It
meets every Wednesday night.
Mrs. Minnie E. Brown has
bought her a hew top buggy. It's
leap year. i
The health of the community is
good. One-of-the-boys.
tain fa the head pUn anywhen, bs Its ckhss.
Fain la congestion, pain li blood pressure nothln
elae usually. At least to says Dr. Sboop, and to
Brova It he has created littlA olnk tablat. Thai
- 5ned Br- Sfip'a Headacha Xabletr-
epaxes blood pressure amy from pain centers.
IU effect is cb&rmlns. nla&xlntrlT daHffhtfnl. flottlr.
thqngh gafelj. It mrriy qm3lt flu blood etreo
JKIOB. . ;
U you have a headMhe.iVi blood preMora.
: If lfi painful period with women. aameanta
If Ton ara aleeolaaa. nrflMi atnom. if
eonrestlon blood prenure. - That Burely is a
I In lul IrvTW a V T- TT J 1 . .
it In 20 minutes, and the tablet! simply distribute
the unnatural blood pressure.
Bruise your, finser, and doesnt rt ret red. and
fwell. and pain youT OX eonrse It does. If s con
rettion, blood pressure. You'll find it whera pain
is always. If simply Common Sense.
Va sell at 28 cents, and cheerfully reoommend
Dty Shoop'a
Men's all wool Socks, worth
Stitisfllli Uu iDjirsl.
A. Privett, lumber inspector for
theGaither Lumber Co., of States
ville, was found tying noar the
railroad track betwcm Salisbury
and Spencer Satur.:y mrrnirg
about 4 o?lock, by a railroad man.
He was unconscious and blood was
flowing from a gash on the right
side of his head. The railroad
man administered simple remedies
and finally managed to get the in
jured man to the Whitehead
Stokes sanitorium whera he now
lies in a serious condition, suffer
ing with a fractured skull. From
the appearance of the wound it, is
thought that it was made by a
heavy blow from a - monkey
Mr. Privett was identified by a
business card in his pocket and
the depot agent at Spencer wired
the Statesville agent to notify the
Gaither Lumber Co., and Privet t'e
family. The message was received
Saturday and Wm. Gaither went
to Salisbury and spent Sunday
with Mr. Privett. Mr. Gaither
says Mr. Privett has about regain
ed consciousness and the physici
ans say his condition is favorable.
Privett claims that he was knook-
i ed down early fcBM-suficbt bv an
unknAwu mOnd rxrtibd of about
$8, tKftthe mofoey he had on his
person. V
Mr. Privett's family consists of
his wife and two or three small
children who live in west States
ville. He has been with the
Gaither Lumber . Co., for some
time as lumber inspector but was
in Salisbury on personal business
when the accident occurred.
Statesville Landmark.
When the baby is cross and has
you worried and worn oat yon will
find that a little Cascasweet, the
well known remedy for babies and
children, will quiet the little one
in a short time. The ingredients
are printed plainly on the bottle.
Contains no opiates. Sold by
James Plummer and all druggists.
Capital $20,000 00
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
Two. Valuable Farms For Sale.
We offer for sale cheap the
Captain Wilson Farm in South
Rowan and near Mill Bridge ; con
sists of about 120 acres including
one of the very b-jst pieces of bot
tom land in the State; has plenty
of . timber: two stood dwelling
houses, and is located in the best
farming section of Rowan county ;
it is known as the Old Wilson
For price and terms apply or
write to our office.
We also offer for quick sale a
46 acre farm three miles out of
Salisbury; has good five room
new dwelling good barns ; pas
tures and lots fenced ; would make
splendid dairy farm. Can be
bought now for $1,500. .
4 Per Cent.
We pay 4 per cent, on money in
savings department, adding' the
interest to the principal every 90
days, and offer every safe guard to
the depositors.
We also loan money on real es
tate and personal security.
D, R. Julian, J. D. Norwood,
- President. Cashier.
P H. Thompson, J. A. Pexlxb,
V.-President. . - Teller.
25c to 35c. They are still goin
: Sile cl Valuable Lands lor Partition. :
By virtue of an order obtained from
the Clerk of -the Superior Court of
Rowan County in the special -proceeding
entitled D A. Beaver and Lafayette
Beaver vs William Earnhardt and wife
Alice Earnhardt et al., appointing the
undersign ?d Commissioner to sell cer
tain lands for partition, I will expose
for sale at public auction for cash at
the court house door iaSalisbury , N. C,
Saturday, March 7th, 1908,
at the. hour of 12 M, the following de
scribed lands: " '
Beginning at a Ptake, corner of No. 4,
then north 25 chains to a stake on di
vision line, corner to No. 4 thence
W39t 5 chains to poplar on division,
thence south 25 chains on the old line
to post oak, thence east 5 chains on the
old line to the beginning, containing
12 J acres.
Another lot, beginning at stake,
thence north 25 chains to stake on di
vision line, corner to No. 10, thence
west 20 chains on the division line to a
stake, thence south 25 chains on line
with No. 5 to stake on the original,
lmce, thence east 20 chains on the old
original line to the beginning,coiitairi-'
ing 50 acres, the same being lots Nos 1, !
2 and 3 in the division of the lands of A
John Beaver. '
This Deo. 31st, 1907
commissioner. ,
Charles W. Woodson, M. D.,
Medicine and Surgery. -
Offers his Professional Services to the
Public. Omce Phone 600 ; Res. 336 J
OFFICE: Waciiom Bank Building.
FOR SALE. Hour: Perfection,
Straight, an Pancake; Hack-
wheat Flour, Meal, Chops, Corn,
Wheat and Oats,, Mixed Feed.
Shuping Beos., Rock.
HAVE one dozen each of fine thor
oughbred S. C. White - Leghorn
and White Wyandotte Conker
eli for sale, also eggs from the
same breeds. Leghorn eggs at
$1.00 for 15, Wyandotte eggs $1 50 for
15. Bhould you wi h nne chickens buy
your eggs ana cockerels from me.
D. A. HODGE, Propr.
Eoute3, - - - Salisbub7, N. C.
$600,000.00 capitai
Over Five Million Dollars Assets
intesest guaranteea on money re
maining three months in the Sav
ing department, yet you can get
your money when you want it. J
Wachovia Loan & Trust Co.,
SaHsbury. Savings Bank Building.
"I could swear if I tried
That there goes a bonnet
"With my tail feathers on it!'
Something to erow about is
our Sample Shoes at 67c on
rthe dollar. Have-1 von seen
our new arrivals in our Long
Wear Shoes? - If not you're
behind the times. -Better call
on us today and maka your
selection before the holiday
rush. Our stock the lar
gest in the city to pick from.
V C8
at 15c a pair. -
We are still giving away those splendid ppigket knives to
all who pay a year's subscription, in advance, to The Oaeo
lina Watchman, Pay up and get one for a Christmast gift.
Southern Standard of Satisfaction
- k. --
Nature made ity and made
it right, the just-right cooking-fat
for all purposes, the
economical substitute for butf
ter. There's no indigestible
hog-fat in it. It's the pride
of the South, her leading
agricultural contribution to
international food-purity. ,;
During September we will
offer for CASH a number
Two-Horse Wagons at cos.
COST! Think of it. If
you need a wagon now or
expect to need one later yon
will make money by pur
chasing NOW. If you will
investigate we can show you
where you are saving at
least 15 percent., and'a lit
S'tle . later, more than that
We offer for CASH only, at COST, are the Mitch
ell, Virginia and- Barber. These wagons - have
gained a reputation through MERIT only, and our
76 5"Jiu customers stana as a monument to this
g tact. -Convince yourself as to the saving in price
g .and quality of goods offered.'
g The reason for the offer of Two Horse Wagons at COST
a . ib that we desire to discontinne handling two-horse wagons
and confine ourselves to the sale of One-horse Wagons fine
p uuium graae uuggies
without fail. '
115 E, Council Street : - S
and Carriages, Mantels, Tile and
Our Stock
is large and compased of the
latest styles and -are offerfd
at prices to attract the most
indifferent purchaser.
ARE AFTER, see us at once
- - - N. C.
1 "44
3 ''C-C-- .

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