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I Wife
r r TtrTn'r,ii 'ii f
PrbL James wrenn la iprepar 1
inff to hold a kifmess in Charltitfcal
' 1 1
-'Jsv cits: isra .r-; - s- v
next juonaay ana -rae.saav.i Mrs.
J. igitfli
derson.f burtoriilrwili 'take
pat7havihg the" parts of Diana
ana Caeopatra respectively.
Pjlast .hnrjdjaxj, John
O-iwQconuptsja ,boating
iln his addres before the mem-
"hers of the Virginia Legislature,
Governor Glenn said that if his
BraJmeroUiing, Qo.J3 andlm(-thi
'were closed to utterances
engagea in anajwoauoorwun; vv .
3 .-Khjta44-WhQhn
threatening an .his- attitpde; so
muehBothuti hi Arrest : was, . later J
cased ,
ly "conduct. - - '
The ryadkin - passengers v train.
frhich has been leaving at
is cow nern ior soutnoonna
No.jueh arrive at (jS
if, the j latter v ia not late. iEliis
will prove a great convenience' to
passengers frorn tho north ho
want to take the4 Yadkin train .
. iJno. 'M. Beall, -who with his
family, has v been ' Visiting his
father, Capt. J. B. Beall, has " re
turned to his poBji pi . duty. His
family will , remain in Salisbury
for some time.
f against the liquor traffia he would
ireajgn his gubernatorial position
tomorrow xand renew, his ' fight
against the monstet..; drink, , as a
private individual. ' '
''A small blaze, in. the boiler
:r66m of the Vanderford Hotel,
Friday f, ingjit. caused an alarm
of fire' and some excitement for
the 1 time, It was extinguished
however before the firemen ar
rived,; VrsX JBachard Henderson , who
ha bwm crftieally for tome time
pat m linproved so much, thaUand carried to Gold HUl yester
eteran Struck bi a Train Montfaj
MWfl have received sT. W; Wood
K Sons' Seed Catalogue, to ivu. J
It is one of the ; handsomest : And
nQst' complete of seed . atal0ges
This catalogne:,K parfeiQnlaylyalf
qable in the inforaio that, it
gives - about sputheri seeds an 'i
southern crops, akL' should be ' in
the hands of - all; wr garderfers
and farmers.. It will - be mailed
free, upon request to T. W.. Wood
& Pons, Kichmopdr Va '
r'" i-
i Monday ? evening while ' Wiley
EaQliftrdii vanl old , veteran and
one of the county's -heading farm:
ers, twas walking beside the -rail-,
road track j just this side of Rock
well, be was struck by the ' even
ing passenger train, which' leaves
Salisbury at 4 o'clockj ,and died
from the results at 8:30 on the
same evening. Whether Mr.
Earnhardt heard a signal from
the engine ' is not, known, at any
rate he was unaware of the ap
proach of , the train and as he
walked beside the track, in pass
ing, the step on the engine, which
projects some, struck him in the
back of the .bead, knocking, him
unconscious,, in which condition
he remained until death, relieved
his sufferings. He was picked up
bv the train crew and carried to
Rockwell and was later brought to 1 Lo Calicoes at
Salisbury, on the next incoming 1 10c Dark Outings at
train, and taken to the Sanitar
ium, where he was given the . .best
surgical and medical attention,
but to no avail. ' Mr. Eamhafdts
remains were prepared for burial
S p-e ci a 1
Messrs. 1Ft M. -bompsonand
D J illerlfitf b ktst'Thuisday for
Florida to pejje!j8merj
Rev 7dhnWaefied, f Tmerl j
of this placejrasninsialed super
intendent olBjarium Springs Or
phanage last;i.,Wedoeadaj;, vice
Rev. R. W J Boyd, who resigned
on account fpf ill' health. Mr.
Boyd ill' be field Agenfe-for the institution-;
. -
A. H". Price, Esq., formerly as
sistandiitectv'attorneyffor the
Western district of North Caro.
lina4 whox has -been located in
t Jaclo9jiUec ;Fla.f -forthepast
yeajfs WiUiijsturii to Salisbury to
resume the practice of law.
KeCraige, son of the. late
Kerxjaend Stahle Lin u,. son
of T.?X), filmEsq,, have been
lioensecltQ practice law by the Su
preiiJeMlfPfth Carolina. ,
It fis trymatkale fact al.
isburyi now has-' an occasional
dru- 4 ..:
It erworejni wilroad circles
LEIWIW iWwee.n past County Superintendent of Health.
WashiiiWni' atod: Atlanta -will! - tr, j ntiank to all those A larre number of trivial cases
1 Lot Cotton.Flannel at . . .
1 Lot Cotton Flannel at . . .
lOo Cotton Flannel at
10c Grey Skirt Flannels at
10c Flannelettes reduoed to
J Lot Light Outings ......
Big Bargains in Embroider
ies at. 5 and 10c
day evening, where the funeral and
interment will taVe place today.
Mr. Earnhardt was about seven
ty years df age and spent his life
on the farm with the exception of
four vears' service in the let North 1 Lot Blankets at, per pair,
1 Lot Blankets at, per pair,
$1 25 Blankets Reduced to,
per pair,
$2 00 Blankets Reduced to,
per pair,
her recovary now seems certain.
Owing to a defect in the steam
heating of the opera house last
Wednesday night "The Heir to
the Hoorah'-' company failed to
b-oon if. a onoooomont f.n tfio i aa rt.
. . . , ,i ,v . , , Carolina Regiment during the ci
rr iin t.monr. rT, nil r.hnaa vhn hH I a . "
. I m I tn r I I a mi) a o rrri mri raw. o
purchased seats for same. r.-iUr, u.- S t.. t
i lUlblil Ul U1CU1UC1 Ul kJU. A oioi o uu-
A. H. Pool, engineer on the Uheran church and a bravesoldier.
Southern yards here, who has been He leaves a wife, three children
connned to His nome for some Uwo boyB and one girl, and two
time witn a masnei root, is aoie brothers to mourn his. loss. Hib $i 00 Comforts reduced to.
to be but , again, we are glad to brothers are Robert L. Earnhardt,
learn. nt SoUahnrv and Henrv Earn
Subscribe, for THBWATGHMAN andOa One.
Salisbury's Oldest; Largest,
rPT Cck vrl 4 v o AAA Am X mi
.VW':--'.TM JMost'.Bellable and
Most WidelyRead Newspaper, has just completed arrangements whereby, it ' can present
to every one paying ONE DOLLAR IN ADVli0f dpTaVfuIi; yeaW subscripibn;. one o
tie handsome and fiubstahtial knives illustrated belowV
THE WATCHMAN, one'.fuil year. . . .$1.00
Your choice of any one of the good strong
knives illustrated below, retail price, .50
Total retail price,
Our price. for both, "paid in advance,
Order by. Number.
$1 19
$1 49 Comforts reduced to $1 ,19
10c Bleached Domestic and
Cambric reduoed to. . . . 7C
4c ftH
f-f 1
4c Wi, .
- m ' A It- "PI
B ' ' 'U! J ':" 111
I Sit p
These Knives Retail for 50 cents anywhere and are fully worth the price and Guar
anteed to equal any knives, of equal retail price and, with careful use, will outlast
most makes. 1
Mm. M. E. Blalock. of Nof- hardt, of ttola ilill.
. - ' I . n 1 : 3 j a v "7 i-t . n it . ... . .
wood, daughter of the late R. H.r "amui" u . ,. . . aiJo vv e give a iuu year s supscnption to TtLJ VV A'A'UttM AN and your choice of one of
Cowan, last week, sold her inter- Rowan SUDSriOr C0Wt In Session. Good Unbleached Domestic 5c iubbj kuivto w evry uu wuo paya a year s.fiupscriptlonnJN AJV AJNUU.
iun.iviiivi It it is not conveniftnt. for vnn t.n rnll nt nT ffloQ tvh ,i
est in the Cowan farm, on the hnar:nr nnrt nnn,1 flnv1 R1 Tintinr ttt 191 IRn :n 7"" v vrv"A Vt- xuuiubiiiK uuc ouiiar, aiiu
Linclonton road six miles west of Monday with Judge Council pre- Cotton Batting, two for
Salisbury, to J . M. Yost, of that B;;;nr Tn hi. Mm the iade
neighborhood, the consideration spoke of the necessity of-a modern 10 baleB 8ewinS ootton for
being l.ttUU. me tract contain- oourt hou8e for Rowan county aud 2 Spools Machine Cotton for
ed 75 acres. . also to Dhvsicians failins to re-Ur tj:-
i . " " i .vieu b, uauicB nuu vuuu
. .. i i j ' t . a .t i
The managers of ,r the Yadkin port oqnxagious atseases me ren's fast black hose for,
per pair, v.' . . . .
. I . - i.
ahoisttyihancd. in Salisbury in--un U',nMinm. t.h fair nn the criminal docket have been mw fowellg-lpt, eaeh.
iiA ' W- -' - I " WWJSfc W-Uk M VMW Wa - - - v '
tearCfeatlotte, i We trust this laBfc October. They mailed with disposed of none of them being of 1 Lot men's And boys'caps
is tm it wotild bringanum- the 0hecksalso a note explaining special interest. . The grand jury L , . gmau bovs' suspend
uerjcoBBiatuAooBruw w their deiay in payingthe pre- returned true oins ior muroer in ers at, per pair
L--P m;-r.Vr.o nrx ononnnt. nf .ho TcnnrriB the CSB9 OI 11QQV DOSlian WDOI '
irr , ,.i ' i i a.i w u tTavmis o ;i Ladies' Heavy Knit Vests
m H nerona n.nn Hi tti m htt. i rtT r. no Auon Riinn nfiincr nPHT.rnvea i huul j? isu& uiu i uu"vu -
giipson hafOLiRvexi the contract J by fire.
forUhe erectiocN)fi an auto garage , A
on the corner ofte anEiBher-l ,aQQ : :MiafD1, . who killed Charles Neal near town
stress. John KeSfierly, the conl aftliabtirv ftnd SneW. It i8ia January, all the parties being Ladiefl, Knit shawl
we will mail the knife to your address.
IREMEMBEK, this.offejp is made only to those, who pay $1.00 in advance
If you are in arrears,. you can get a knife paying up 'same and one year in advance.
feend-ypur order by maiU inclosing money, order, check'or $1.00 bill, or call at office.
the eiyrotoii
i ? ''
for Backacht-WaakKIdnsji trj De Wlfft Kldnei & filadder Pffit-Sure andSafs
For sale by James Plummer and all Druggists.
tractor, is placingj. toaterial and thotlght thal a good any 0f them nees-
theffreaperta, Thbuild
infilfbV a tubwtantial - brick
The grand jury is composed of Bi8 Line,. Ladies' Handker-
aya m . AivAti lot.inn imp. or a
- . tne toiiowing gennemen :
Detective R. L. Earnhardt left McOombs, Jr., J. C. Kluttz, R . B. duced to SI 89
Tuesday evening for Gold Hill tj;iw pmi n t Rurr Jr a. L ,
It tie home of tne Dnaes whefe he wln spend a few days on Lowder John A. Locke, C. Q. , , . 0o
motferJMrs. J. F. StansOtomj special cases Iwhich he is t.l. fl. B. tnhie. J fi. Jnl-
MiiE BVidge, this countyl
Wednesday afternoon, Misil
Enrin Was married to Prof-'Wj.
LeiJiniODd. of Spartanburg, 81 G.',
BeCWalsh, of Thyratira Preyr,
:ing after.
Sew Adiertlsements,,
ian. J. T. Yarbrough, M. E. Mc- U 0 and $2 00 LadleB' and
Knight, W. H. Burton, T. J. Lof
tin, J. F. Livengood, R. S. Walk-
W. B. Summerset, -the furni- er, 0. E. Ludwick and L. A. Ed-
terian : church performing ne "D - " "
?v m - in fn r- n i'i tt i ; j. i ;
ceremony, iney
will live" inr . Belk-Harry Co, Jbas just closed
r a-xt )7 T?r,TToi have a lot of good good at reduo-
Arcanum celebrated its 57th an- tion sal. prices.
nivmsacy Monday night . by Grimes, the druggist, says what
spee$he and reireshsiti The he has to sayin a new ad this week
SDealtorsI wen t aoo. xaeo, jr. Road what he says.
KliftW,fJieT. Jf "7"W. The Snmmsreett Undertaking
ffibr TH.Pso. a8 We.. Scheie lUl
f. ji. inompson a weaiiny reai
ni-oiwint. Jas. tv.M Mckenzie,
jonn a.
estate dealer of Salisbury, was
here yesterday and left this morn
ing at.l:20 after making a busi
ness deal that is colossal in land,
Mr. ThomD8on ; has b&acted a
Co., is ready to serve you when in Uracle with South Boston laud
need. They will please you. owners whereby he comes into po-
ThoEmmre Deoartment Store sessiou ot 1200 ocrea of land near
. v I . -T . JJ?
children's hats reduced to 39c
$2 50 and 4 00 ladies' hats
reduced to. $1 00
$4 00 and $5 00 Ladies.' hats
reduced to $1 50
Choice of any hat in our
Store for. $2 00
Grimes. Says:
The B, uerbau(nd
Col, ZP, Smith, editor of the n hifih does business in the Rougemont. It will be uaed
American, the national organ t of buildineon the 1 corner speculative purposes and it is not
We are almost giving away
furs, are certainly loosing
on them. Special price
at $1 00 and up.
and Chil
dren's Coats
thetfunior Order '-United Amen- , Q M , ,fiank BtreetB the intention of the Salisbury syn
ad areas I . . . .. . ,'. 3.1. hmld a nib tlinm A
3ttU2",1"1"jW" r- -tjias an interesting aa in ioaay s - j : - - Ar nil 1qflinr anld at a bit?
on te 5rincrnesf the order at Wat0HMANj anffer some Bpien. large portion of it will most likely Are old at a
tne oourj nousgi ibu bu. . article at very low figures, oe usea ior iew, yoais
willlipeak on the.samB Bubject at Tnia firm is entirely reliable and ranch, the exact purpose of the
alunnitTht- .-..i-- v u men not yet being: disclosed.
0F-j-sT . wuswony. iu-- Mr. Thompson was accompanied
Chas. A. Kluttz, thraugh his of good treatment and ra square fey Walter MoCanless.ex- Trinity,
.nnMAU' J&s. Horah, iLq, nas deal, bee its aa, 1910. Youne McCanless ib a
w rr t-. r rv . - I i
inttltot snit'against the owner Jaoob Kidman-wants to eell I honeman
of ftey'. Theatre W ej.cj overcoat, , BHit of clothe, an ge the old ones poTnt-
;ka nlft.v. the Ham-'-TLree . .u:n i 1
"014?tr. 5 J i a pair socjtB, gi Buiuoiuiug oioo. er8
Ladies' Suits
In the newest and best
styles. 'Special ( prices
range from $5 98 to $20 00
Mofliaynight. He was forcedly GaBee nim and buy yourself rich.
rhifhht cTaheVd V. WaUace Son8 probab,y
wniw nf -B the largest clothing dealers in the
a ootipon. - gtate, have a change of ad in this
Ctfwaif Ba.iknow.xat: pftpej; , They are offering most all
izen&f GleTelaM:--i6wipdie4. ; mens and boys' furnish-
at lJi&nie near oieveiuu; j. uw-1 . at cost, you means an oppor-
It is not necessary to add that a
man with money enough to pur
chase 1200 acres of land, -has too
It will pay you to visit our
store whenever you come to
dav'Uof pneumcmia, after.;; an !
;iinoMr rf fthnnt a week. He
wasoul? 50 years old and leaves
a w&iind five children. He wsas
burfeiaV Christ's church, near
tunity to save money.
Suffering and Dollars Saved.
E. S. Leper, of Marilla.N. Y,,
sayi " am a carpentar nd have
mnch sence to tell what the con- fcailSDUry, as we are naving
sideration was. Durham Herald, special sales every day.
Stop that tickling Cough I Dr,
Snoop's Cough Cure will surely
stop it,, and with perfect safety.
If is so thoroughly harmless, that
Dr. Shoop tells mothers to use
nothing else even with very young
babies. The wholesome green
leaves an'd tender stems of a lung
healing mountainous shrub fur
fnish the curative ' properties to
5Ti' ! j.. I. ' i l 1 1 k
Mri? John Ildie&tftlff 1 tT W .Dr.hoop's CoughCnre: It calms
7 HtV?&-- dr..lBneklen'B vAimca iSalve., It has ftn(,l,i. h insitive
herne in Wmm me sufferingid dollars. Itnhialmemprane. No opium,
nSrnlrrjp nothing harsh
llSav. iHhWr found.. Heals . iburns,,used to injure or suppress
The Empire
The public is entitled to it. It expects po
lite attention and we make it our special con
cern that patrons shall not be disappointed.
Don't hesitate to come in. Should you mere
ly want a stamp or a glance at our directory.
We are glad to hare you get in the habit of
coming in when you want anything, no mat
ter what it is. You will be sure of pQlite at
tention. Come in and ask us about ;the things that
you see displayed in our window.
We want your trade. Largest, Stock, Low
est Prices at .
126 N. Main St.,
, N. C.
r cr fV-Tj .ml,ii .flrAa. n fiers. tevar sores, eczema uemana vr. onouu b.
leayejl nusoauu uu - "Z . ;rl AwMrr:a. a t , ftttlof . .flrimAa, Dma Co.
Con Mai and Bank Sts7
'' . '.I
,5. -.4 .-f-

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