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Salisbury, N,C Feb. 12th, 1908.
Prize Winners.
The winners of the twelve prizes
given by the Belk-Harry Co., dur
ing their ten day sale are as fol
lows: First prize, pair of Selby's $8.50
shoes, E. S. Miller, of Mt. Ulla.
Second prize, dozen 15o hose,
Alice Mowory of Salisbury.
Third prize, W. B. Erect Form
Corset, J. W. Sides of Salisbury.
Fourth prize, pair of blankets,
F. D. Link of Salisbury, R. F: D.
No. 7.
Fifth prize, pair of President
suspenders, Miss Mary Cauble, of
Sixth prize, pair of Ejstoa. $1
shoes, W. H. Moulder, of Spen
cer. " .
Seventh prize, ladies $5 hat, P.
A, Sloope of China Grove.
Eighth prize, pair of ladies
gloves, Mrs. G, W. Smith, Salis
bury, R F. D. No. 2.
Ninth prize, $2,50 hat, Mrs. C.
P. Mulder, Salisbury.
Tenth prize, pair of men's $3.50
pants, Mrs. Lottie Moore of Salis
bury. Eleventh prize, $1.50 umbrella,
Miss Nancy McDaniel, of Salis
bury. Twelfth prize, Teddy Bear, J.
M. Yost, of Salisbury, R. F. D.
Jt Cal. Hyde, of Cleveland
township, died at his home near
Barber Junction last Wednesday,
of pneumonia, and his remains
were interred at Third Creek
Presbyterian, church "the following
day. He was twice married, hav
ing four children, two by first
marriage and two by 'his living
wife, who is a daughter of the late
Rey. B. S. Krider. These have
the sympathy of many friends.
The Sodtbero Car Company's Building and
- contents Destroyed Sonday Kight.
A Hig-h Point special .of Satur-J
day to the Charlotte Observer
he' bijggst fire in the iistory
of the cityTn dollars and cents oc
curred here last nig-ht when the
main plant of the Southern Car
Company was destroyed by fire,
together with all machinery.
The loss is between $80,000 and
$100,000, and covered by only
one third insurance. There were
23 cars worth several thousand
dollars each almost ready to go
out, and these were also destroy
ed; The origin of the fire is now
unknown, but it is believed to
have started m the cabinet room.
The plant is located almost a mile
from the business section of the
city, and by the time the fire
company arrived the mammoth
building- was on fire all over and
there was no chance to save it.
Work was then directed to sav
ing the new addition to the main
plant, where a number of -cars
were also in course of completion,
Notwithstanding' ' the" lateness
jof the hour the whole city; seem
ed to be out to ; witness, thetbig
fire, .which burned ' for : several
hours. -.r ., 4; - .
which it
Russia is Preparing to Oppose Tarklsb Ag--;
- :; gression in Persia. : ' ;
St. Petersburg, Feb. 8. The
Russo-Turkish relations have en
tered upon a menacing jhase
Alarmed at the -unchecked Turk
ish penetration of Persia and the
mobilization injArmenia, the Rus
sian government has decided to
execute a formidable military de
monstration in reply on the"
Turko-Persian frontier, despatch
ing there a compact expedition of
60,000 select troops from central
Russia with full war equipment,
and it is acting "with uncommon
rapidity, witli-a view to overaw
ing the Turks by a decisive exhi
bition of force.
The war office has drawn up
plans of theexpedition and sub
mitted them hurriedly for legisla
tive enactment to the douma Fri
The Salisbury Conclave of feep
tasoph has installed the following
RmiifflowlrWiBfiw ConioliliilBflrf
Whereas it has pleasiad .-; AP,
Financier T. J. Rabe.
Provost W. F: Sides.
Prelate-MrA; Corl. ,
Inspector Joseph Kramer.
. Warden W. L. Palmer.
Sentinel-R. S. Latter. ;
TrusteesE. K. James, W.
Huff and E. W. Burt. f'
other buildinsrs and a string- of
box cars standing on the side
track were saved by the firemen
orthe loss would have been at
least double what it is. The cars
caught fire twice, but ' were
promptly put out. A large black
horse belonging to the company
was driven from the stables only
to return at once and drop dead
from the heat.
The Southern Car Company
was established in 1903 and the
buildings were of brick . It was
capitalized at $250,000 and was
the only company making electric
cars of its kind south of Wilming
ton, Del. The officers of the
company are: President, J. EJ
wood Cox, vice-presitfent, E. A.
Snow, secretary and treasurer, E.
B. Briggs. The loss is a heavy
one to the stockholders and High
Point also, in that it was the only
factory of its kind here.. But out
of the ashes will arise a better
arid larger plant, thia being given
your correspondent ly Mr, Briggs
today.' ,
officers whb'sf'ere rc46WlWtea'4
friend" and brbther," 'H. H
der, therefore Be it 1 "V
i Resolved, That Winona Counoil
No. 18, Jr. O. U A. Mm-bow in
humble submission to this divirie
Providence, and,
Resolved, That in the death of
JBro. Lowder this council, and its
members, has lost . a faithful
friend find br ther, and
Resolved,-That we extend to the
family our most profound sympa
thy, in this, their hour of sadness
and grief , and further
Resolved, That this council set
aside a page in their history of
the council, in loving remem
b ranee of t bis tried, true and loy
ai t rotner, and tnat a copy ol
these resolutions be furnished the
amily and the Salisbury and Al
bemarle papers for publication.
I T. D. Brown, -J3om
J. H.' MoKenzib
( 0. B. Webb.
O. inir to the scarcity' of cash,
I ar.: off ering firstclass photos
lowerthan ever before. I hate to
cheap, but I need, tho
money and. want to introduie our
worKj mi. j ljinser is wail
ing tu do your - ou tdoo; work, of
all kinds, viewing, grouping, etc.
High grade enlargements And
pud for othr porposBi. THi fi fftam assembled is virtnally clos
ed session. A representative of
the war office briefly and impres
sively outlined the Turkish pre
paration of which Russia is fully
informed and asked for an open
credit for the maintenance of an
army oi oy,uuu. ie met tne cry
of economy by saying that Rus
sia had expended blood and treas
ure in Manehuria. in vain, owing
to the initial backwardness inar
mameut. The empire's prestige
in the middle east, he said, is now
also in the balance and Russia
must be prepared to defend it.
M. Guchkoff, leader of the
Octoberist party, in a speech said
that the majority in the douma
were Russian patriots and willing
to part with their "last shirt" to
defend the fatherland. The com
mittee in a high pitch of patriot
ism passed . the appropriation
..At the same session the war of
fice obtained sanction for a fur
ther item of $10,000,000 to create
floating batteries along the Bal
tiG eoast, which owing o the
weakness of the navy, is at the
mercy of Germany.
Rowan County Is For State Prohibition.
Rowan county, now cursed with
the liquor traffic will give' a ma
jority for State prohibition- and
Lee county, the" baby of the nine
ty-eight in North Carolina, will
roll up a great big majority. Such
is the news from men who know-
T. H. Vanderford, of SalisburyJ
was here yesterday, nd he says
that Rowan county will give a ma
jority for prohibition. "It is go
ing to be a fight." he saidS "but
the prohibition forces will win
We have called off the local fight
in Salisbury for prohibition, and
vul lend erery energy V war4i
carrying Rowan for prohibition in
the State election of Mav. The
State will go for prohibition by
figures something like 50 000 to
60 000 andRowan will do its part."
JNews ana Observer, Uth.
The Jumping Off Place.
uonsumption had me in its
grasp ; and I had almost reached
the jumping off place when I was
advised to try Dr. King's New Dis
oovery; ana 1 want to say r ght
now, it saved my lite. Improve
fment began with the first bottle.
and after taking one dozen bottles
1 was a well and happy man
again," says George Moore, of
iinmesland, N. C. As a remedy
ior cougns ana colds and hgaler p1
weak, sore lungs and for prevent
ing pneumonia New Discovery "iB
supreme, ouc and $1.00 at al
Druggists. Trial bottle free.
For Only $1,00 you can get a setting
of eggs from O. O. Harmon
nice large White Wyandotte, the
great winter layers. P. O,, Mt
Ulla, N, C, 2-12 eow 12t pd.
Blit Men may come and men may
go, bat I go on. forevpr.'
Rothrook's Roller Mills. Gold
Hill; N. C. 2-12 3m
55 fir
Walking Stick Souvenirs, made from.
the original hewn Bills of the old
Mansion House, burned Septem
ber 6tb, '07, had be purchased at
J. H. Reid's or PurceU's drugstore.
De Witt's Carboliztd Witch Ha
zel Salve is Dest for cuts, burns.
boils, bruises and It is
especial ly good for piles. Sold by
James Plummer and all druggists.
Mortgage Sale. "
virtue of the power of sale vested
in me as mortgagee and .trustee in a
certain mortgage executed by William
Broadway and wife, Henrietta Bioad
way, on She 30fch day of March, 1906,
and recorded in Hook 27 at pace 494 in
h Register of Deeds of Mortgapes of
Kowan Uounty ; said mortgage being
to secure tne payment of
certain promisory note and interest
executed by -the mortgagers, and de
fault having been made in payment
of said note, I.D. O. Lingle. by virtue
of -the above mentioned power of sale,
will sell at Public - Auctioii, to the
highest bidder, for cash, at "the Court
House door in tne city or (Salisbury, on
Uondaj, the 17th day of February, 1908,
at twelve o'clock, M., the following
described property :
Beginning at a stake Earnhardt rear
ner ana runs tnence H 214 & 2.80
chains to a stake a new corner, thence
S 86 E 3.50 chains to a stake on old
line, thence N 4 W 2.85 ehains to a
stake, thence N 8Q W 3.50 chains to
the beginning, containing one acre be
the same more or less it being a lot of
land deeded by lln Hall to s the
said William Broadway Marsh 80,
1006, also all of our household and
kitchen furniture 2 beds and cook
stove, sewing machine (New Royal.)
D. O. LINGLE, trustee.
r Iq Flglit PreW6HlB
That the liquor dealers of North "
Carolina intend or jat least strong- V
ly want to fight the enac.tmnt..QjL
prohibition ih the ; coming " State '
election is' made' manifest byf a
call to arms that has" iust beeu"
made. The local- liquoreei
association has issued a call to' i
other liquor dealers in theV Stale,
especially in towns like Sal wEury
and Winston call for a" meeting'
to be held in this city 'Monday
February 10th, the object " being 1
to organize a State association,
to affiliate with the National '
Liquor Dealers' Association, and,-u
fight "agai st prohibition.-Avfli
mington dispatch, 8th. ' q-zjii
Cures Blood, Skin Diseases, Cancer,
Greatest Blood Purifier Free. ;rid
If your blood 1b Impure tilja. dlseaaed.lifrt .
or fall of humors, If you have blood poison,
cancer, carbuncles, eating sores, Bcrofola. eBnv
zema, itching, risings and bumps, scabby,
plmp.y, skin, bone pains,' catavrn', rhenma-jf,
tlsm, or any blood or sktn disease, take Bo
tanic Blood Balm. (B B B) Boo 9 all sores Ileal : '
aches and pains stop and tbe blood la made.
fure and rich Druggists or by express $1 peri.'
arge bottle Sample free by writing Blood
Balm Co Atlanta, Oa. B B B is especially ad-: f
vised for chronic, deep-seated cases, as it
cures after all else f alia v-'ODV.
Mortgage Sale.
to m. ti. Miner, ;ntry Taker for
Rowan county:. The undersigned J.
B. Kerns and W . B. Strachan, both of
Rowan County, North Carolina, enter
and lay claim to the following de-J
scribed piece of parcel of land in Salis
bury township, -Rowan County, State
of North Carolina, the same being va
cant and unapprropriated land, and
subject to entry, viz: In Salisbury
township about one and one-half miles
east from Salisbury, N. C, adjoining
the lands of John 8. Henderson on the
north-east, west.-south'and by theChil
son heirs on the east containing about
lo acres, said land is on the south side
of the Bringle Ferry public road, con
taining by estimation 15 acres. En
tered this 29th day of January. 1908. 1
Witness : Walter H. Woodson, 4t,
Timber and Farm
Lands Wanted.
Give full description in very
particular. Proposition will be
investigated withm two weeks if
description is favorable. Give
price. Address
"LAND," care of Watchman
By virtue of the power of sale vested
in me as mortgagee and trustee in a
certain mortgage exected by Adam
Barnhart and wife, Rachael Barnhart,
on the 8th day of October, 1904. and
recorded in Book 24 at page 556 in
Register of Deeds office, of Mortgages
of Rowan County ; said mortgage being
given to secure the payment of a-certain
promisory note and interest exe
cuted by the mortgagers and default
having b en made in payment of said
note, I, D. C. Lingle, by virtue of -the
above mentioned power of sale, will
sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at the Court House
door in the city of Salisbury, jon
Monday, the 17th day of February, 1908,
at twelve o clock, M., the following
aescriDea property : -
Beginning at a stake, Adam. Barn
hart's corner, thence south, 8QU de
grees 9.50 chs to a stake, thence south
14 degrees west to a stake 4,50 chs,
thence north 86 degrees west 8.35
to a Btake, thence north 4 degrees east
4.50 to the beginning, containing 4
acres. Also another lot beginning at a
stake on old corner,, thence south
degrees west o 50 chs to a stake, thence
south 86& degrees east 3 75 chs to
stake, thence north 4) degrees east
5 oU chs to a stake,, thence north 86
degrees west 8.75 to the x beginning
containing two acres more or less
Being lot No. 5 in the divison of land
of'Ephraim Heilig. See 'Book No. 94
page 131 in Register's office for Rowan
D. C. LINGLE, trustee
When you need a tooth xtnoto!L'v
When yen need a tooth tretsdt v
When you need a tilling,
When you need a crown, "
When youneed a bridge, ' c -
When you need a plate, h 'xyuii
When you need any kind of , ;
we are doing the uusinkss, be
cause we are doing first-class work
at prices you can afford to pay.
Dr. L. S. Fox,
122 No. Main St.,
Phone Noi 805,
OfficeHours : 8 :80m to 12 :S0prny
. 2 to orlo p mi
a Trade Marks,
Copyrights &c
Anyone sending a sketch and description inny
quickly ascertain oar opinion free whether an,
invention is probably patentable. Commnnica-'
ttons strictly con9dential. Hand book on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securinspatenU. ,
Patents taken throneh Munn & Co. receive '
tpecial notice without charge, in the .
Scientific American.
A handsomely Ulnstrated weekly. Xianrest cir
culation of any scienttfio toarnaL Terms, $4 a "
-year; f our months, $1. Bold by all newsdealers. ,
Qrandi Wflce A25 F 8t. WubtnstOB. IX X,$-T 'j
We have just finished inventoring our stock of Clothing, Hats and
furnishings, and find we have still too heavy stock for this Season of the
Year. We must reduce same, the knife goes in deeper, every suit in the
House being marked down in plain figures. Prices lower for such qual
ities than you have ever soen in the town before. Come in and buy a
fall supply. You will save money. Every article in the House at cost
excepting Stetson hats reserved.
Hats at cost
-r -
Shirts at cost
Shoes at cost
Neckwear at cost
Hosiery at cost
Suspenders at cost
Gloves at cost
Suits at cost
Fants at cost
Fancy Vest at cost
Boys Suits at cost
Knee Pants at cost
Overcoats at cost
Eaincoats at cost
Night Shirts at cost
Pajamas at cost
Overalls at cost
Work Shirts at cost
Corduroys at cost
Underwear at cost
Rubber Coats at cost
J u;:nll
i wiiaJiii

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