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Mrs. Heori Earnfiarif OiefeU 8r!ffi Tie&e WHo Are In Arrears Host Pai ep or
. and.Fewr Still SUUIng Abroad, MafapIrWiil liiailejggS
Gold Hill, Feb, lb: Tito - two pA of3So
stamp mills in our town have been gehV iplearegbin
ran day and nig1ht ?tctnerpait prised some morning to find r that
week regardless of the cold weath- theyare not receiving their paper
er that has prevailed ; as per cnBtomV TheyCar behind
Geo. McCarhes has recovered with their sulisc'siption, - but they
from his recent attack and is" don't think it ; makes any differ
again able to e out, his friends ence-thai, it is a matter which
will be glad to learn. - oan just as well be attended after
i everything Jelse is settled. In a
Mrs. Amy Earnhardt, wife of few weeks, according to anew pos
Henry Earnhardt, died last Sun- taj regulation, papers cannot cred
day a week and was interred at it subscribers more tharr three
the Holiness church cemetery, montn8 and as consequence
the result of heart trouble. Her many papers'are striving" hard to
daughters Mrs. Nell Scully of .New get their subscription list on a
York, and Roxie Holshoaser.of paid-in-advanceis. We desire
Lynchburg, Va.. were present dur- in this connection to reprint a
ing her last illness. It is reported card which Postmaster Reynolds,
that Henry Earnhardt and his 0f Winston-Salem, ; has caused to
son. Will Earnhardt, will sellout be published in the Union" Re
their farms here and migrate to publican. Greensboro Industrial
Arizona. News. : V . '
La grippe is still afflicting its To The Publics There has been
tims here, and we nave a few some intimation to me tnat tne
4at 7:80 p, m.; We hope to pee a
good attendance as we expect some
good speeches -- by some of: the
brothers. E ubject :! "How jshall
we- increaseour"
Bro. : S. A.r Earnhardt, addressed
the order at the last meeting.;' He
.spoke on ".Brotherly Love.' His
discourse was listened to very at.
tentatively by ; all. , It Us ': to. be
hoped more of the members will
take an interest in these discourses
and give us some interesting and
instructive talks on the various
subjects. Come out and bring
other members with you nd have
a good meeting. . Baetlktte.
i?ea of fever which seem
doing nicely. -
The pictures taken by my
friend, who recently purchased a
odak, reminds me of the song en-
led "all ooons flook , alike to
to be I newspapers in cutting off their
subscribers who have not paid up
was due to the newspapers them
selves. This is not so at all. This
is done under a ruling of, the post
office department which classes
the patron of a newspaper who
does not nav as not a legitimate
rvin Shaver last week made his subscriber, therefore not entitled
ai trip Mumming on cigars fco the UBe of the maiis , - t
obacco. I don't kaow wheth- Tne newspapers have had no
he results will justify another nand in tni rujinj, 8o far as I
isl of the same by the "knight know. All thev have to do is to
of the grip or not. obey and the general publjc should
Jno. S. Russell contemplates at once come to. their papers' as-
selliug fertilizer here this spring, histance by paying up all past
Will Jenkins, who is probably
taking fever, had two hemorrhages
yesterday, but is somewhat im
proved today.
The Southern Mining Co., has
had a survey made for a switch to
be built from the Southern Rail
way line to their mine so as to get
dues, for unless they do their pa
pers must be discontinued after
April 1.
" C.JA. Reynolds. P, M.
We "are inclined to think the
nostoffice officials are going a-lit
tle too far in this matter, but we
are unable to cause a change in
their coal, wood, etc., delivered at the ruling and are therefore oom-
the mine. polled to submit. Yet there is no
The ground is again white with reason why we should lose a single
snow which is the fourth snow of subscriber for such a "reason. The
the winter and I hope the . last. ruling goes into effect April 1st.
Mike. 1 which gives two months in which
one might pay up his subscription
I alt . A A
Use DeWitt's Little Early Ri- account. All gooa men expect to
sers, pleasant little puis, x-aey i pay tueir ums uywjr, u uj uo-
are easy to take. Sold by James iav. Come in and settle before
Flammer and ail druggists. we send out anv bills.
Kev. Mr. Holland nas arnvea Dunn's Mountain, Feb 10.
fromJAlaama and preached his Winter is at iaBt upon us, the
first sermon at St. Mathew s liu- ercmnd hok seems determined
theran church last bunday.
Jno.' Morgan lis sick with some
thing like blood poison at this
writing. . . ,
hold his own for a few "weeks yet.
The school at this place has
been closed for the past week on
account of some of the children
Hurrah, for Liberty school, having a breaking out on tneir
teacher and students. Thy are hoodies, better known as the itch.
going to have an old-t me exhibi- Necessary remedies are being used
tion if nothing prevents. to cure this malady.
The Bean Mining Co. is work- The nw desks for the Dunn's
ing the Graf mine ,on . a small Mountain school have arrived at
scale: but is expecting to put on last and are in place. They make
: The SecoBtl: Temptation, f
The nearest approach to the
temptation of Christ by the devil
that the world has ever seen per
haps, is pictured in the diabolical
proposal of Satan's strongest
agent in' the jrorld, ; the liquor"
power to" Christ's servants, the
ministers of the gospel, in a letter
sent to all preachers throughout
the country a few days ago. It
takes these men of God up on the
mountan, as it were, "shows
them all the kingdoms of the
world, and asks them to join wit.h
the liquor power in taking and
holding these kingdoms for Satan
This letter sets forth the most
sacreligious and blasphemers
views of the attitude of God and
Christ toward this vile, damning
stuff that iscaosing such untold
misery'and woe on earth and that
is dragging so many millions of
souls to" an-eWnal hell. These
emissaries of the devil have the
bold effrontery to ask God's min
isters fo join with them in perpet
uating this awfnl curse on the
human race a "National Model
Restriction License." The pro
posal is too disgusting, too horri
ble to considet.for a moment.
There is one thing, however, it
hoped this preposterous offer
will accomplish, and that is to 6tt
he Ceri3tian people of our land
thinking. When the Saviour was
ed up into tne mountains his
Arch-enemy knew that he was
very weak from fasting. Is it not
very probable that this enemy of
souls, through his emissaries, sees
the week condition of the church
oday sees how so many of hat
ministers hesitate to tackle this
hydra-headed monster, liquor
sees how so many, many of her
members ally themselves with the
iquof power and fight for perpt-4
nation of this damnable traffic
see how her press stands almost
silent, utteriug scarcely a word
against this evil? Christians, it
it any wonder these emissaries of
Satan are bold? 0, that the
church might put off its lethargy
might purge its membership
and bestir itself to fight this great
est ot all evils 1 O that her mem-
more men soon.
Miss Anna "Peeler bas resigned
her position as clerk in" Mr.
Tyack's store. Luther Eagle has
succeded her,
Mrs. Annie Earnhardt died Feb.
2nd at the age of 69 years, 7
months and 10 days. Mrs. Earn
hardt was a consistent christian,
she leaves a husband, six children,
three brothers and a sister to
inourn their loss. The interment
took place at the Holiness church
the school room look very nice.
It is to be hoped these desks wil
be tiken good care' of. ' lhe par
ties disfiguring these desks should
be held responsible fer same.
Jrank L. Agner, Sr. J. C
No. 195, Jr. 0. U. A. M., will at
tend the Btate meeting at Win
ston-Salem the J 8th, inst. Jno
H. Tippett, Sr. "P. C, will go as
Lewis I. Caubleis making al
necessarypreparations to move to
The funeral services were conduct- his new homeKnear Lower Stone
ed by.Rev. W. C. Cruse.
Geo. Trexler and P. M. Tyack
are having telephones put in their
homes. ' .
Geo. Canup is opening up a
large new-ground for fafm. this
coming summer
church Mr..Cauble has purcbas
ed the Harris Bost - plantation
We wish all the success jpbssible
to a -man who . works hard an
farms on a bigjseale. The good
will of his friends here go with
him, and we hope peace, and. hap
Derjahipmigbt heed'tfie command
of- tne Lordrl Come ; out from
among tbenrand be. ye separate,
and touch not thtf Unclean thing ! '
v - FAITH.
Sidney R. Wyatt,:of the' U. S.
A. writes back home that they
have' arrived at .Fort Williams,
Maine, -While on the water be
got' sea sick. He saw one man
take off his. coat and hat and
stretching ouThis arms, said good
bye and disappeared in water.
That was the last - seen of him ;
another fell overboard and that
was the last seen of him.
David D. Peeler is very low at
his son's, George'Peeler's.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobs, of
Salisbury, are -visiting at Mr. an
Mrs. L. M. Pealer, of Faith.
Some northern people were out
on the granite belt looking over
the fine granite around Faith Sat
urday. "
Prospects for a lot of granite
work are good for the coming"
summer, many inquiries are
coming in asking prices-on -different
kinds of granite work.
Several-men are at work open
ing up their quarries preparing
for the summer work.
Mills Cannot Afford to : Spin -Cotton at
Y-AlocaL cotton dealerreturning
today irom visiting the mills ,iii4
North anthCaroIirindS
reports ., that ;m any - of the mills
were going to shut down ; entirejy
on account. of the continued tow
price of yarn, . ... . ;. " ''
' -This gen tleman stated that the
mills claimed that they were - los
ing thre cents a pound on cOtt n
bought at the present price and
sold at the present price of yarns.
There is absolutely no price what
ever for cottorT at the present
from the mills.
It is the opinion- of those who
are well posted on the conditions
that the yarn market will be bet
ter in a few days just as soon as
the commission feel sure that the
production will be considerably
- NeighborEood Favorite.
Mrs. E. D. Charles, of Harbor,
Maine, speaking of Electric Bit
ters, say 8: "It is a neighborhood
favorite here with us." I de
serves to be a favorito everywhere.
It gives quick relief in dyspepsia,
liver complaint, kidney derange
ment, malnutrition, nervousness,
weakness and general debility. Its
action on the blood, as a thorougbr
purifier makes it especially useful
as a spring medicine. This grand
alternative tonio is sold under
guarantee at all drug stores. 50o.
Safetv to lour otoc
in Choice Selection:
Of Graift
i Jar of
CI Wlkes Good
ii Goods1" on the
outside of a sack
is an absolute
guarantee that the
grain on the inside is clean
and sound. Our cleaning
process removes all frash and
grit, and our careful inspec
tion insures quality. Sound
and clean grain is as impor
tant to the health of stock
as good food is to you.
We have been selling
good grain nearly half
a century, and the-
quality "bas always
been the best.w All mer
chants know this. You
can buy "Wilkes Good
Goods1" at general stores.
Sound grain means sound stock.
won if m
Hammer blows, steadily ap
plied, break the hardest rock.
Coughing, day after day, jars
and tears the throat and lungs
until the 'healthy tissues give
way. Ayers Cherry Pectoral
stops the coughing, and heals
the torn membranes.
The best kind op. testimonial .
"Sold for over sixty years J'
We had seyjeral cases of apron GingJaam in short
lengths, bought for our sale, but it was delayed on
railroad and didn't get here, except for the last two
days, so we still have some left. It is worth
8c, but we will sell, while it lasts, at.
Another lot of same Gingham, but 'run a
little narrow. It goes at
: The persistent .eating ot improper food and too
much food causes fermentation and the production of
gases and add substances, finally failure of ttrength
Irritable temper and chronic dyspepsia.;. ' j,-.'' "'
Is an improved wheat food, furnishing all the ele
ments requisite for the nourishment and growth of
the human body. Made from the whole grain of the
wheat, the only cereal designed by nature for man's
.proper subsistence. .
- Palatable NutriHdus Easy of Digestion and Ready to Eat
Cm b served hot Pit h a hot ovea for i few mlaates; er cook k holtteo auk.
Wo H paekagt M'SSr.
Ail Gtroeers . .- : paetan .
ersett Undertaking Co
Are Fully equipped With the latest Hearses,
"dnmrch Truck and all supplies necessary for con--ducting
funerals, and have a complete stock of all
grades of
Coffins. Gaskets and Burial Robes.
Their Mr. R.VI. Davis and Mr. T. W. Summer
sett can"be reached by rjhone at all times, night or
Reputation Priceless
"Good name in man or woman is the immediate jewel
of tho soul." That is the proposition concerning repu
tation as applied to human beings. But inanimate
creation has reputation behind and it is either good
Gowan's Pneumonia Cure has been long enough before
the people to secure a rating in the world's agency for
reputation and- that rating is Al.
It has made good. It has proven all its claims. It has
never disappointed. It does all that is claimed for it,
and the-claim is that It CURES anything where inflam
mation is the seat of the-trouble. Pneumonia, Appen
dicitis, Croup, Colds, Coughs INFLAMMATION does
those things, and Gowan's puts it on the go. Being
external it is as safe ast is certain. ' Keep it in the
house. -
pinesa will abide with him in the
Rev. Jas. Wilson will preachiit J future.
Liberty next Sunday at 11 p. m. While working with the desks,
We think the leap year is going at the school house Saturday last,
to bring in big .harvests to "seme
of the bachelors, as we saw one
makiag a trip to the piney woods
last Sunday evening. '
Just as this item is being pen
ciled it is
snowing "to
beat c the
Grippe is sweeping the country,
. Stop it with Preventics," before it
gets deeply seated. To check
early colds with these little Candy
Cold Cure Tablets is surely sensi
ble and safe. Preventics contain
no Quinine, no laxative, nothing
harsh or sickening. Pneumonia
would never appear if eafly colds
wre promptly broken, Also good
for feverish children. Larcre box.
48 tablets. 25 cents. Vest pocket!
noxes o cents." Sold by Grimes
C. L Kesler had the misfortune
to get hit near the. right eye by an
old desk. He is badly disfigured,
Mrs. M. J. Cauble and Mrs. N.
B. Drury visited W. L, Cauble's
Sunday last.
Our merchant,. H. A. Earnhardt
ih woariuff a broad smile now. It
ia a big boy.
Mrs., "Murray Trexler -is visiting
her mother, Mrs.-H. A. Earnhardt
. Horse swappers are plentiful,
several having visited James Ho-
rah for, the purpose of trading a
6-year-old for hiB fine dapple gray
horse, 5 years old.
SD, M, Kesler is buijding a new
Jr. 0. UrA. M , iCbuncil No
Made by 3. 0. Ayor Co.. lowju. mmam.
Wa have no -eeoreta ! Wo publish
the formulas otfall ouipmedicinea.
DllinnenASS. const! Ration retard re
covery. Cure these with Ayer's PH!s
Plant Wood's
Garden Seeds
Our business, both in Garden
and Farm Seeds, is one of the
largest in this country, a result '
due to the fact that-
(U Quality is always our JJ
r) iitsi consiaeraxiun.
V We are-headquarters for
Grass and Clover Seds, Seed
Oats, Seed Potatoes, Cow
Peas, Soja Beans and
other Farm Seeds.
Wood's Descriptive Catalogue
1b tire best and most practical of seed
catalogues. Air up-to-date and re
cognized authority on all Garden
and Farm crops. Catalogue mailed
free onjequest. Write for it.
T. 7. WOOD & sens,
SEEDSMEN, - Richmond, Ya
I We are headquarts on Shoes of all kinds. - &
, We have a big stock of Men's, Women's and X
'children's cheap, coarse shoes, to finish out the
winter with. Jk
Constantly in use while awake, subjected loathe
most exacting work, and the most delicate of any of
the organs of the body, is it any wonder thg,t they
-sometimes rebel? ' -
If you suspect that your eyes are rebelling, you
should have them attended to AT ONCE. ,
Only a Graduate Qpticiaff with, every needful ap
pliance should "be permitted to examine your eyes. 4l
little misfake may mesh a big mistake in time.
We examine eyes accurately, fit glasses correctly,
and charge for nothing but the glasses. Giv us a
trial. ? - -
Piedmont -Bedford .Concentrated
Jron & Alum Wateri
i Reprennting the Famous Bedford Alum & Iron Springs of Va.)
contains 17 of the most powerful Mineral Tonics. k
An 18-oz bottle contains all the minerals in a barrel of
the average water. We furnish the minerals, you
furnish the water. -
We have certificatesJboth from the public and from emi
nenfphysicians, telling: of its virtue in Dyspepsia
Rheumatism, a large variety of Female Diseases
Chronic Diarrhoea and Dysentery, General De
bility, Anaemia Malaria Ulceration of the
Throat Diabetes Piles Chronic Eczema, Ner
vousness, Chronic Constipation and many show
ing: the wonderful cures in that dreadful disease, Scro
fula. Dr. T. L. Kabiss, for fifteen years a resident at the Springs, says:
For ScrofvZa, that fearful destroyer of human health and happiness, we have-.
in this water a remedy which neither science nor fortunate accident has hitherto
"found an equal. It ia in this malady, and some forms of secondary and tertiary
Syphilis, that this water when carried to its full alterative effect, displays its highest
curative powers. In all forms of diseases peculiar to females, this water will be
found to exert a curative influence second to none in Virginia,
' I have given your Concentrated Water a fair trial, and say with pleas
tire I have been greatly benefited. For some years I have suffered more or
less with Indigestion, followed by Constipation and other attendant ills.
Within the past two months I have found such jelief from your remedy
that I have improved in strength and weight; have eaten what I have not
dared to do for a long time, and have done harder work than I have been
able to do before-for years. . - , '
Presiding Elder, Lynchburg, Va.
Since 1894 I have been afflicted with Chronic Diarrhoea. About six
months ago I commenced using your Concentrated Iron and Alum Water
with the most wonderful and satisfactory results. For three or four years
past I have been deprived of the privilege of visiting friends or going to
church, as my trouble kept me in constant apprehension having lost almost
entirely the control of my Jhowela ; but now I am happy to state that, after
using about a half dozen bottles of your remedy I am entirely cured, not
having used any for the last four months. I can confidently and most gladly
recommend your remedy for Chronic Diarrhoea. ,
' -' - - Capt. RTJFUS AMIS, Virgilina, V.
I waj an intense sufferer for some months with Indigestion, and could
nn raiifif from the ordinary remedies. During the month of January I
an the use of your Concentrated Water, and one bottle has entirely re
lieved me. I can now digest any diet arid am entirely free from suffering.
T'fokft prvsii. pleasure in giving this testimonial. s
- . Rev. H. M.. BLAIR,
' Editor -tf". C Christian Advocate,
" Greensboro, N. O.
I have used and prescribed waters'from several Iron and Alum Springs,
but none of them begin to come up to your Concentrated Water in all. that
goes to make the ideal alterative, strengthener, appetizer and restorative.
It is at once & fine tonic and flesh-builder. Have advised several -recently
tq try it, and always with fine and quick results. InJanuary I had a bottle
sent from one of your dealers to a lady, with the understanding that if it
did not at once improve her digestive apparatus, Iould pay thef 1.00 myself.
She not only willingly paid the bill, but used a part of one-half dozen more
bottles, and is now completely cured of a long and annoying Stomach
Trouble. Thia aeema to be the case with all who try it. i
- ' Rocky Mount, N. O.
Sold aDdeMmmended bytT, W, Grimes Drug Co., Chest
nut Hill Drfig uof;H. M. Cook Pharmacy. .' ".
i . Drug Co.
U 1 196, will meet Saturday evening

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