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if - Titfr only Ba
1 1 2 ith Royal 6raf 8 Creafi of Tartar 11
H : made.from grapes r jS, : -
w Insures healthful and IKs i I
ii:iiis(1iii)! Road Bull!:
Rftlnv nnns: flther mmi-Mm
p BelDg Done. Other
f iThe-Kdard of Countyi-Ctfmmis-
Rimers mec iu , jregiua jmou mji jr
Hartman; Harris, Current . and
Chairman Smoot present.- ;
a44H C5.' Miler wBre; .exou8ed
iYoni road doty ad.potttai;i
i 'Convict camp No.1;! ; now locat
ed! Heat Tihej old ..Gobble nill&was
ordersd after finishing , to m'acada-
tSrae miles on the new-: Con
cord, road. arid-their go from .there
id, the 'Sherrili, Ford road;
iOrderad that fiOo' ner vard be
paid" for rpbk' hauled on the in-
jocilnton rbad at established camps
tnd to; .:paid.jwhen:iiB'ed
J iOrdered that 0, H. Kltittz, be
appointed committee to .lnV4ti
Some Startling Facts About the Ylces of
Intemperance. What a Murderer Said.
Prisoner at the bar, haveyoa
anything to say why sentence of
death should not be passed upon
you?" . i : - '
A solemn hush fell over the
crowded courtroom, and every
person waited in almost breathless
expectation for the answer to the
judge's question.
The judge waited in dignified
silence,' and the situation had be'
come painfully oppressive, when
the prisoner was seen to move, his
head was raised, his - hands were
clinched and the blood had rushed
into his pale care-worn face, y
Suddenly he arose to his feet
and in low, firm but distinct voice
said: "I have 1, Your Honor,
you have asked me a queetion,
and now I ask, as the last favor
on earth, that you will not inter
rupt my answer until I am
through. I stand here before
this bar convicted of willful mur
der of my wife. Truthful witnes
es have testified to the fact that I
wasTa loafer, a; drunkard and a
wretch: that I returned from one
of my prolonged debauches and
fired the fatal shot that killed the
wife I had sworn to love, cherish,
and protect. While I have no re
membrance, of committing the
fearful deed, I Have no right to
complain or to condemn the ver
dict of the twelve good men who
have acted as jury in the case; for
their verdict is in accordance with
the evidence.
"But may it pleaBe the court, I
wish to snow nat 1 am .not atone
responsible for the mtirclet qf my
wife." ; ..
This startling statement created
a tremendous sensation. The
indge leaned over his desk, , the
lawyers wheeled around and faced
the prisoner, the jurors looked at
each other in amazement. The
prisoner paused a few seconds, and
then continued in the same firngi,
distinct voices i i i : 1
"I repeat; your honor, thai I
am not the only one, guilty. of the
murder of my wife. The judge on
this bench, the jury in the box,
the lawyerS within this bar, and
most of the witnesses, including
the pastor of the old church, are
also guilty before Almighty God,
and will have to stand with me
before His judgment throne, where
we shall all be righteously judged.
If it had not been for the saloon
in my tow,n, I never wpuldhave,be
come a drunkard; myWieiWptil4
never have been murdered, " I
would not now be here, ready to,,
be hurled into eternity Had it
not been for these human traps I
would have been a sober man, an
industrious workman, a tender
father and a loving husband. But
to-day my home is destroyed ? my
wif e murdered,. myvlittlejchildren
God bless and 'care f or Ahenv-
cast on the mercy of the ; world ;
while Tarn to . be hanged; by the
strong --arm . of the State. -.. God
knows I tried to , reform, but as
the open saloon wasin my path
way my weak, diseased will-power
was no match against the fearful,
consuming agonizing appetite for
liquor. For., years L,was "a sober
mkn. For one year my wife and
children were happy and our little
Jbome was a paradise, f I was oh
From AH Partsf oUhirStateil Items. Con-
Fridayt . in ; Newborn, ;; an
known--ii eizro . tknbcked J down
Jifrs'J: ,aWon when:he was
wUhinaf f ewfeet of hr. home,
and snatched her purse contain
ing about-$' . ' -: ; ." .
Convention of the
King's Iughyrwhich met in
Raleigh :Iast Thursday, have de-
pjded- to provide for the -erection
oi' ".a cottage at -the Stonewall
Jackson-Training School. .
The" cool : weather last week
greatly Tetaded the ripening and
gathering of! strawberries : in. th
Eastern part of the State.
; Stokes Monship, of Hamlet, las
Thursday . accidentally , shot, and
killed Spurgeon Ewing, a colored
Simmons has been
who signed remonstrances against
reopening the saloons of our town.
One-half of this jury, the prce
outins attorney on this case, and i
the judge who sits on Tthis benoh,
all voted for Baloons; " By their;
votes and influence saloons were
reopened. aadtheyhaye made me
what I am." '
The impassionate words of tiie
Lprisonefell like coals of fire upon
the hearts of those present, and
many of the spectators and some
of the lawyers were moved to tears.
. The judge made a motion as if
to stop further., speech, when the
speaker hastily sard s
"No, no your honor! Do hot
close lmy lips'; 1 am nearly
through. I beganmy downward
career at-a saloon bar legalized
and protected ; by the; voters, of 3
this town. . After the saloons you
have allowed have ?;made me
a drunkard and a murderer, I am
taken before ahoiher bar 'the
bar of justice and now the law"
power will conduct me $o thei
place of execution, and hasten my
soul into eternity. I shall appear
before another bar th judgment
bar of God--and there you, who
have legalized the traffic, will have
to appear with me. ,
"Think you that the' Great
Judge will hold me, the poor
weak, helpless victim of your traf
fic alone responsible for the mur
der of my rwife. Z :May m my
drunken, frenzied, ..irresponsible
condition have murdered one, hint
you have deliberately voted or
the saloons which have murdered
thousands, and they are in fall
operation to-day with your con
sent. You legalized the saloons
that made me a drunkard and a
murderer, and you are guilty with
me before God and man for tie
murder of my wife; Your honor,
I am now done ; I am now-ready to
receive my sentence , and -belled
forth to' the 'place of execution.
You will close by asking the. Lord
to have mercy on my soul, - Iiwill
close by solemnly askip God to
open you blioc eyes b yjfpu
gsjte the new. bridge and? road at
Chain gang No. . 1 was ordered
repair! Stokes ferry road beyond
tilwn creek. .. "
( . . - -. - ' . :
jThe taxes on P. . C, Shaver's
property in Morgan township was
reduced from $600 to $500.
r R. A. Dover was allowed $1.00
per month" for support. :
1S. H. Elliott was allowed $25 00
to repair the Wilkesboro ; road,
from the nine mile . to fork's of
road at blacksmith shop.
' Mrs.- Patterson, keeper of the
County Home, reported 14 in
mates, 10 whites and 4 'colored.
" " Supt. Hartley reported 82 con
victs in his camp, 10 white and 22
colored, all in good health.
'I Supt -Garter' reported- 28 bon
yicts in his camp, 2 white; and 26
colored, all in good health.
. Ordred that Jno. Rinehart be
employed as blacksmith and ma
chinst at Camp No.2, ,at $50.00
per month.
Ordered that the road supervi
sor in Cleveland township be au
thorized to open a road around
Roseman's pasture instead of
through, as this, is on higher
ground, and will; "make a s better
road. : :: l :;;"; --; ; - '
Mrs; Alice Joyner' was allowed
$4.00 for burial expenses of Mrs.
Bettie Garnet. .
C. L. Raney was refunded his
poll tax.
Dr. C. M. Poole was paid $25.00
for rock hauled by Wm. Hooks.
It was decided to build a dairy
at the County-Home.
By the request of the Board of
- Elections, the school election to
be held May 16th, at Granite
jQuarry, was. rescinded. .
K It was decided to leave the mat
ter . of . macadamizing the Gobble
Mill road, from Spencer to Salis
bury avenue, oyer until .next
- Joe Oats and wife were allowed
$4.50 per quarter for support.
r $50 00 was ordered paid to the
Salisbury Fire Department for
the services rendered in saving
Klhe court House from 'destruction
hy the recent fire.
A, M. Rice, township tax col-
lector,' reported having collected
$40,734.54 in taxes and all as paid
to the County Treasurer except
The former of der, to Qp'en a pub
prominently mentioned as a can
didate for Chairman of the Dem
ocratio National Executive Com
mitteei ln an interview, however,
Mr. Simmons states that he is not
a candidate. i" . , ' ; - -
indjvidnaUrjesgsibilftyJ'sl t)iaj
you will cease to give" your sup
port to this dreadftri traffic
ri Ho roa-d,bv way of th"e;ynce Mill,
rHwI raV&ed 5tale trMht o way
- HOWS' THIS? - ' V
We offer One Hundred .Dollars-
Reward for any -tease of Catarrh
that cknnoi By '7SSHs
Catarrh Curo.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have
known- F, J. Cleneyifot th3astl
ID, yfcars, :na mJt Per
fectly; honorable in' all bijslhess
transapuons and financially able
to carry put airy 6 by gatiomfmadf
by? his fif m. . ? r T f
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Hall's. Catarrh Cure is taken, in-
terhallvi acting directly upohithe
blood and mticous surfaces of j the4-(
system. Testimonials sent - f reev
Pride 75 cents' J per s. bottler Sold" feoa
Take Hall's Family fills '.for
Execotor Jleticelo iiedj(erl :
: Having qaalified as Bxecutdr of 'Zfhe
last Will and Testament of P.' W.
Brown. deceased; thltfls itpftoj;iflall
persons haviog claims against saidv de
cedent to exhibit thef earner tor' thef -tm-dersignedjprqpely
"proven on or before
the 4th'day ofApxil)l(O0ior, this ncmee
wiUbe plead in bar of their rtecovery.
... This April 4th, 19Q8r: 1 bU
Executor of W Bown
feould tV be 1adyif
It was ordered .-that a road be
op9qed',frnIt Wilkesboro road
about the three-mile post, through
the Geo. Pink ' Farm, .'.Belmont
Land "C6b. property by ' way of
the Fair -Ground, tor ; the new
Mocksvilla roady provided the pe
titioners open road, build bridges
andfepjeparB coingHo
theirMejpllPrng such
matters. ' - -
is no entirely iree irom aisease,
6n he high elevations fevers pre
vaii J while on the lower levels
jnalaria is encountered to a great
er or .less extent according to alti-J
tude. rTo overcome climate aflec-,lassitude) miliaria, jaundice,
biliousness f eVer and ' ague', and
ereat alfeAr
fier j'thel atttidotd foi veejy; forta
df-bodily etesBAexJroSBiess,
Sold, .tmder ;A guarantee -at . all
uiuk oouioo, i jjvut
I Joficeo Applitjalioir lor Mint
f Notice is hereby given, that appiKja-
tion will be made to Gov.r B,JB; Gl(nn,
for ther pardon of Will Fishe. who was
convicted at 'November tdem; J07iof
Rowan Superior court, for assault and
battery, and sentenced by Judge Jus
tice to two years on the public roaas oi
Kowan countv.' this jaarcn zist,
1 tVUT A rpll .
In "the municipal .election,
Thursday, at Fayetteville, a bond
issue of $100,000 was Voted for
the purpose of paving the streets.
; Night riders,; last Sunday night
destroyed the tobacco plant beds
of O. Fishel, a prominent, farmer
of Friedberg in Davidson county.
Within t the next two - months
the Seaboard Air Line will spend
upwards of $X),000 for the im
provements of its terminal at
Wilmington, Three mammoth
warehouses will be built fronting
thejriver so that the largest vessels
may be" unloaded at a minimum
expense. :
A ; great prohibition rally was
held in Charlotte last Sunday aft
ernoon. . Gov, Glenn and Dr. H.
W. Battle' of Kinston, were the
speakers. They 'had more than
three thousand hearerB.
Work has been resumed on the
Blewitt Falls water-power deyel
opment near Rockingham, after a
suspension- , of several "months
ThiB is the second largest water
power in the State, and' when the
plant is completed it will furnish
the electricity for a large number
of varied industries. -
The order which had been agreed
upon by-the Officers of the South
ern to have all of the conductors
running South from' Washington
lie over in Salisbury, instead oJ
Charlotte.. has .been, withdrawn
This was done because of a disa-
salaries between
the railroad
Ttie Commencement exercises oi
uxrora seminary win occur on
Mal7th and 18th. Rev. R. P.
Kerr, of Baltimore, . wll preach
tne paccaiaureate sermon, ana tne
baccalaureate address wilTb&'made
by Mr. T. W. Masob; -Nor thamp-
tonV-Co. ; . r
virtue of an order of thefiunerior
Oourtjof Eqwan Cpunty in the special
proceeaing entmea Bal lie -JS.- -thunn
ana . others vs is . Bingham ; and
others" the undersigned Commissioner
Will expose at public sale to the high-
esB uiuuer ior casn, at tne court House
door in Salisbury, N. O, , on ; v ';
Uonday, tbe 1st day of Jane, 1908:
at 12 o-clock, m. , the following describ
ed real estate in Franklin- township
and Rowan county to-wit : '. . . .. 5 v
First-Tract--Known as the school
noose- -tract,: adjoining the lands of
Henry Mpn.roe, M. D. Simerson, JkL..
Cauble and others,, and containing
2k acres, more xr less. ; v fc -'-Second
Tract On the west side of
the Mdcksville road,vin the front of
old Chunn; house, ' adjoining Henry
Monroe and others, containing 31)t
acres, more or less. f
Third Tract-Khown as the Chunh
residence tract, on east side of Mocks
ville road, adjoining the lands of J as.
A..Hudson and of others, and contain
ing 100 acres, more or less, on which is
located dwelling house, .tenant house
and other farm buildings. ; . .,
. Fourth- Tract Lying west of the
lands of Jas. A. Hudson, and between
the roads leading to the Hudson house
containing 42jJ acres, more, or less,
and"a house and barn " , r
Fifth TraclLying between the road
from Barnes Hudson's to Salisbury and
tne xaakin river, adjoining the lands
of L.. A. Wagner and others, contain
ing 115 acres, more or less, partly river
Dottom. '
eixtn Tract laying up the river
from the fifth tract, ad joining lands of
Jas A. Hudson and others, containing
115 acres, more or less, partly river
All.of said lands being known as the
home place and adjoining lands ' of M.
L. Chunn and Oaroline Chunn. For
information or. description : see map
posted at court" house door or apply to
the undersigned; Two or more of said
tracts may be soy. collectively it found
to be advantageous.
This the 25th day of April 1908.
Richard L. Thomison, Com.
B. B. Milller, Atty.
0 Wth the prices whicht you , are getting
0 for vour Drodiiftts. Tf. in oh
the inoney you receive for what you sell,
you should need a few pieces of Furni
ture, we would advise you to go to the
Big Furniture Store. This store is lo
cated in the Empire Block, near the
0 Central Hotel. You will find there the
Best Prices to be had in Salisbury. If
you doubt this statement you can veri
ly it yourself, if you will4e the time
to see them before you buy.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Invention is orohablv Da
Hons strictly conSdentiaL Handbook on Patents
gent free. oidC3t astency lor seenring patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
ipeciol notice, wit bout charge, mtne
rimillTlinr nmnrrn
a runNiiunc, UMhrtio
greemenV over
the ooudiTctors- and
,t ALL WR0h V; W
The Mistake Is Made fy. If uy Salisbury
citizens. ; . ? -.
the cause of
Don't mistake
TA be cured you must know the
cause, i ; . '
t It is wrong to imagine relief is
curd. . - - - f " -
Hackache is kidnev.a'che. '' "
You must cure the kidneys.
AT Salisbury rAaidencfrfcellH" vnn
h J. C. Williams, 811 No. Long
St.,1: Salisbury, N. Q., says:
Bim-yery grateful for the benefit I
derived from the niwi 7hf Bnnh'a
Kidney Pills and hive- npT hesi
JanCjr in endorsing them. . I : suf-
f erred for a long tim$ from kidney
trouble and often was' in absolute
misfy from the pains across': the
small or my back .4- My . head
ache a great deal. Iasfclaneuid
Lid?nad no energy or ambition
to rjerform my work. I was final
ly aSyised to try Doan's Kidney
illijaniprocured a box from the
tifialisburyi Drug Compjany. They
proyjea w oe gust wna i neeaea
ftndBntirelv? disnosed, of my
lrouble.,, ' ' "f,,'
For saTejr lpealers. Price
,50 jjentf.t Poster-Milburn Co.,
i aeDiyie mowenecwveFpuffaloJSfiw: York; able Agents
ative and-blobd Dun- If;
Remerubet-' the'laftme--Dban's
and take no other.
Made Waeohs.--Took first
at the Yadkin Valley
avm, juaae at crescent. Jor
aley Jl H. McKenzie, Salis-
mttlii. G.
; .r;,.. :
falkffi: Stick SOUienlrS. made from
M trffrbriginal hern bUIs of tha old.
laauBiuu xj-uuoc,, uurueu avyiaux-
bet fab, '07, can be purcnased at
Scientific Jftttcrkatt.
A handsomely illnstrated weekly, Largest dr.
culaf Ion of any pcientific Journal. Terms. $3 a
yoar; f our-roontUs, f 1. Sold byall newsdealers.
TttUNN g Oo.siBroad ,.fjew York
When you need a -tooth extracted,
When ycu need a tooth treated,
When-you need a filling,
When you need a crown,
When you need a bridge,
When you need a plate,
When you need any kind of
we are doing The Business, be
cause we are doing first-class work
at prices you can afford to pay.
Dr. L. S. Fox,
122J No. Main St.-,
:, c 'Phone No. 805
Office Hours : 8 :30 am to 12:30 pm,
2 to &:15 p m.
We have everything in Furniture, and are also
headquarters for ;
We make a specialty of church carpets, Lodge
Carpets and all large carpets. Some of the Targe
carpets we have put down can be seen at the First
Baptist Church, Spencer Methodist, Holmes Memo
rial and South Main Churches, Fulton and Spencer
Masonic lodges. When in the city drop in to see us.
You are always, welcome, "-
Carriage and Wagon Builders.
: ' WITH THE .' ,
W. d.A5ouGHB0T,;Jrfslntr
j: TilOlfLiNN, Vice-Presidefitt
W..H.Whie, "Cashier.
Capital - $50,000.00
Surplus, - - $40,000.00
Directors : John S. Henderson,;D,
A. Atwell, T. O. Linn, H, N.
Woodson, Burton Craige, W, S.
Blackmer, Walter H. Woodson,
W. -B. Strachan, A, H. Price,
W, C. Ooughenour. ,;v
Every accommodation extended eon-
- - J A JIL 1 1 .
Biaittmc wiw
': W. H. WHITE, Oashtor.
Where to Go to Buy
We Bell the celebrated Geo. E. Nissen & Go's Farm and
Log Wagons, fully warranted.
Old Carriages and Buggies! repaired, painted Tand made
as good as new. w
New Tops made and old Tops repaired. New Cushions
furnishedand old Cushions repaired.
' New Dashes furnished and Old Frames Re-covered.
: Rubber. Tires a Specialty; steel tired wheels changed to
Rubber Tires. . Old rubber tires repaired,
? ; All kinds) f Wood and Iron Work done at short notice,
' We haye skilled workmen in each department.
Surreys, Buggies and Wagons for Sale. .
" Harness of all kinds made and repaired. Call and get
prices. ,
O ror uirts oi value and Merit
O ' - . GO TO
Q. m
When in need of goody reliable
single or double wagon or buggy
Home-made Harness don t fail to
hunt up our place on tne corner
Innis and L ee Streets. ?
; We also do Hret-clalBs repairing
on short notion and at reasonable
.. .. .. i . , .-. . j
prices. '
Our .line of Saddles, Collars,
Bridles, Haltsrs, Whipsj Brushes,
Combs, Robea. iHariies - Oil i and
other horse supplies is always
complete and ready for mspec-
ion. t.
We solicit a ; portion . ot your
patronage and inyjte you to . call
and see our stocs. .. ; ; -
If your horse is injured in any
way -get a Dome ci our .norse
lmment. JSo curej .no payg ' g
Hartllne & Co.
;EISHEr:. riJ;HRwdr.Pweir
Household and Kitchen Furnishings.
Look over tbis List and Consider their usefulness.
See them and Consider their Cheapness and Beauty.
Kitchen Safes. v
Art'Squares, ; -Book-Racks
and .Cases,
Beds wood, iron and Jbrass,
Baby Carriages,
Clothes Baskets,
Chairs of all kinds,
Ji'i 5 f otchildren,
for office, -Desks
-for office and ladies,
.Dining room furniture,
Dining Tables,
Dinner and Tea Sets,
Hall Raoks,
Hat Racks, . N
Kitchen Cabinets,
Lamps for Table and Hall,
Leather Furniture, "
Lounges, -
Mission Furniture,
Mission Clocks,
Mattresses, '
Odd Pieces of all Kinds,
Pictures and Picture Frames,
Parlor Suits,
Rockers all kinds and sizes,
Toilet Sets, , . ,
Umbrella Stands,
Wardrobes, .
Wicker Furniture.
Q , - Remember the-Substantial gifts ofthe best and moat
q, lasting and also remember that you are inyited to trade at
O West Innes Street. . - - ' - - ' Salisbury, N. O.' O

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