North Carolina Newspapers

In a communication just re
ceived from Stockton S. Hall, a
native of Salisbury, now located
at "Clayton, Qa., he says that he
has just recoveeedlfrom a three
months illness. His many friends
here will be glad to learn of his
V. Wallace and Sons, the big
clothing dealers have an ad. in
this paper. They are offering
their large stock of clothing, fur
nishings, etc,, at greatly reduced
prices and will be very glad to
have you call on them.
Motorman Allsbrook, of the
street railway line, was painfully
injured the other day by a blow
on the head from the brake lever
of his car, which struck him as it
was released from his grasp.
The Neave Music School gave
its usual closing concert last Fri
day eveuing. It is needless to say
that the delightful and artistic
performance of the pupils ionly
added more laurels to those al
ready won by this well known and
efficient school.
T. W. Summersett went to
Wriehtsville last week to attend
a meeting of the State Embalmers
and Funeral Directors Associa-
tion. He was accompained by al arre8ts were made, Mrs. Mc
Mrs. Summersett, . Can less did not identify any of
mi the men as the one who figured in
MUg wwn,
being conducted forcibly by Revs,
J u Tr w mw,,uoa181
uuw'tt' ignuourf oi
the Baptist church, will continue
curing tne wee, irood congre-
gations are in attendance at these
meetings ana an invitation is ex-
tended to all to come out. . , ,
A white man, said to be from
The Salisbury fire department Charlotte and giviDg the name of
and the Southside reel team will Muncy Stearnes, is in jail charged
be represented at the tornament with having stolen a grip or valise
which takes place at Wilmington from g. H. Brown, on Saturday,
this week. The boys left for that Mr. Brown was at the depot wait
city Monday morning. ing for a train and set his grip on
Ben Lowenstein, formerly a reB- the ground. Stearnes quickly
ident of this city, but now engag- snatched the property and made
ed in the practice o( law in Dur- off with it, not delaying his de
ham, is reported as being a candi- parture. He ran down on Kerr
date for the Democratic nomina- street and S. J. Poarch, of Spen
tion for representative in the leg- cer Was passing along and sus
lslature. Ben's Salisbury friends pecting something wroLg he grab
will wish him good luck. bed Stearnes and held him until
t . . . ,
oiiituio uiuu, jutsq,, iias xucubuu
in Salisbury and will be associat
ed with his father, T. C. Linn,
Esq , in the practice of law.
The United States Recruiting
.OP t- 1 1 1 . ' 1
TV flaB "eenu nT
for abonfc a ve&r. haa been closed. I
o,, nffiMr i nhara fcoa Vioan
transferred to Winston-Salem
where he will have charge of the
office in that city.
Pj. M. McGraw was attacked the
other day by a large btill dog and
shot the animal in self-defense.
The dog was killed.
Wednesday afternoon to the in
coming Yadkin freight train, in
which a couple of cars were derail
ed near the Salisbury Cotton mill.
While farmers in the county
are not complaining about the
vield of wheat this season, it is
stated that in some
grain is quite poor.
sections the
TT1 I A TT." 1.1. Tl 1 1 ..J
r unon xxeignw raris. uaa wpwucu of thig m0nument 18 a duty en
to the public and the people are cumDerent upon every one who
now afforded another opportunity
to allow their nickels and dimes
to escape.
A number of new water mains
are being put in by the city.
Water, as a beverage, may soon
become quite popular in Salis
closed this afternoon in order that
, ......... i
A crraaf manv nf th Htorea are
the merchants and their employees
might attend the races at the
Yadkin Valley Fair "grounds. A
large crowd is in attendance.
The University of North Caro
lina has an ad. This institu-
tion has had a verv prosperous
yeari The fall term will open
Sept. 7, 1908.
A Big Contract.
A. recent issue of tho New York
limes contains tne ionowmg item
of news which will be of more
than passing interest here.
ine jjoara oi w aier ouppiy tnis
afternoon formally awarded the
Mtfhmiai tv,o P.otpViii onZAnnl
to the T. A. Gillespie Co.,
rue engineers
' estimate of the construction was
$5,814,000. There were five other
The tunnel is to be four and
one-half miles in length and in
several places 700 feet deep. The
contractors are given four and one
half years to complete the job.
NenrHlgliwai Robber Holds
Broad Daylight.
up lmj III
A vnnncr urkftA
either nn..n '
o uian, wno was
wbmtZTa V 61ge for a "Plendid buggy will close
HT81 Sfttnrday evening at 6 o'clock p.
S2 rditin0f m" Person then having
8aterf ' bld effort largest number of votes will
hi. Itl mTg recuDerate awarded a splendid buggy, now
o'clock n frtUne- AbUt 8 on exhibition at the BurbefBug
M w u h!,m0rniDS mentioned gy Company's place of business on
Mrs Walter McCanless happened East Inniss street,
to be passing along West Kerr This is not all, for at that same
street, and near the residence of time the subscription price to the
lnos. P. Johnston she was held up paper will resume its normal
b J nf 7 9K ? Pl8tl aDd price' Per y6"' So if you
oea of $7.25. As she passed the wish te take advantage of the cut
young man he grabbed her by one rate come in at once and attend
arm and snatched her purse from to the matter. Geo. H. Lyerly
her. He then displayed a pistol leads in the voting, but it does
in a very threatening manner and not necessary mean that he will
warned the lady to say nothing of be the winner, as other candidates
the affair until after 7 o'clock the have lists of names which they
ensuing evening, and this warning expect to bring forward before the
was accompanied by threats of close. Don't give up the fight for
wouiQ nappen it she disre-
garded it. Mrs. McCanleas de-
cided to act upon the man's sug-
gwnuu uu earn noimug ot tne
matter until after the time limit
i i , i ... I
as soon as tne omcers were in
possession of the facts in the case
sney made a thorough search for
the bold robber and though sever
the adventure. She describes the
man as being quite young and of
very respectable appearance.
It is probably just as well
Lhi8 individtiai tnat he was
apprehended at the time.
Charlotte Han Jailed.
the arrival of an officer. The
prisoner showed considerable fight
and he quieted down only after
the handcuffs had been placed up
on his wrists.
Winona Council Makes a Sift.
Winona Council, No. 18, Jr. O.
U.A.M.,abranchof the largest pa-
I. 1 1 1 ? J 'X If
I triotic order in America, did itself
proud at its meeting last night. Up
on the recommendation of acorn
mitteet previously appointed, fifty
dollars were voted as a donation to
the Confederate monument fund,
Tne voucher will be drawn.present-
aA to fVia rnrmriTYt Ant, p.nni mi &nd
V V v w " '
payment will be made by the
treasurer of the council, Jas. H.
The above is in every sense a
il -1 J - Tl - 1 -
very wortny ana commenaauie
act on the part of Winona Coun-
a 1 1 1 2 t 1
oil, ana one toav every council iu
and one tbat every council in
the countv .noma1 na?ie" a,u"
plicate, mis oraer is ainwouy
a rjatriotic one ana tne erection
I A . -
loyea hl8 native land and admires
the motives that actuated the
Southern soldier, who appreciates
hia hraverv and has a snark of
gratitude for the sacrifices H
made. This noble order does it-
elf honor in thus assisting in the
.M.MAw.-k j-sf v no iioanrirn i iiinii ii
I e ii 1. 1
J - .
i A m ttti om nrxr rT t. iih mi 1 1 1 1. 1 1 m I 1
Patriots who did so much for this
Ronntrv in its time of need.
country in its time
A Novel Entertainment.
A somewhat unique entertain
ment was criven at Soencer one
nicht last week. It was in the
form of a dinner, served at the
public school building, and was
tendered in honor of those and
that was nearlv every one in
Spencer who assisted the prohi
bition forces in the recent cam-
paign. There is nothing unusual
in the mere act of eating or ain-
ing but the novel feature of the
affair consisted in the fact that
the usual order ot tnings was re
versed and the men acted
waiters. They did their- part
at nobly and were warmly commend
ed. After the feast a large num
ber of the guests visited the
moving picture show and were
pleasantlyentertained there.
The manv friends sot Thomas
- MoKMizifi win TfiffrAttnlAftTn t.hfttN. C. Sold under guarantee at
Ihe is seriously ill with dropsy.
The Contesting: Candidates for the Bum
Will Round up the Campaign Saturday.
rpi tit - a j
XUB aicnman voung congest
your candidate until the laBt
counting takes dace.
Those voted for, up to the close
oi ousmess luesaay evening, areune nome uniegB it was a small
aB lollowB :
it t i a
Nnfi ii'iKQ
0 L Basinaer Richfield
No.' 2, 11,067
Ivy L. Hoffner, Rockwell, No.
2, 7,842
T. H. Kirk, China Grove . . 4755
Rev PW Tucker, Granite
Quarry, 2812
Geo. D. Peeler, Salisbury,
Route 6 : 2185
E F Eaton, Cleveland.,
kj. jii. nines, w ooaieai . . .
Ross Wood, Cleveland. ."?. . .
L. M. Lipnard. Barber.No. 1.
B. A. Elliott, Salisburv.
W. M. Ruth, Salisbury 875
' t m
No. 1, 872
R. J, Hart, China Grove,, IMo
8, ".;SaiQ
H. A. Stirewalt, ChinaGroylplfo.
l. rmt
L. A. Wilhelm, Clevelan?5No.
- . .. r Mn 1
D. B Efird, Salisbury?;'. . . ..
H. O. Sloop, China Grove,;
3 i
Junius Furr, China Grove..
W. D. Graham, Mt. Ulla. . .
Bing Hart, Mt. Ulla.. .
J. E. Barber, Barber, No. 1,
George Goodnight, Barber,
E. D. Bostian, China Grove,
R. M. Leonard, Chestnut Hill
W. H. Bost, Barber, No. 1,
Jno. C. Goodman, Crescent
P. J. Cress, China Grove. . .
A Warning.
Insurance Commissioner Young,
of North Carolina, has issued a
warning to the people of the State
concerning certain insurance or
ganizations. Two companies are
specifically referred to and the
I . . m ryi-n inn At. a 4- h ATT
Commissioner states that they
have not been licensed to do bosi
ness in the State. Any business
they do under existing conditions
will be illegal. Those interested
will do well to give their business
to established companies of stand
I ids and renutation ana ta&e no
stock in any "wildcat'
Election Of Teachers.
. meeting of the
Bchool board teacherB were elect-
I '
, f enfminff term. Prof . L C
Griffin was re-elected snperinten
, . d win be ft88igted by the
following teachers :
Mrs. T. E. Johnston; Misses
Anm'o "PCizAT. Sftllift Barlow. Nita Janet Crnmn. Josenhine
T..tia TTm.. Mah a
n-o T.fc- Eft,. Ethel Max-
T.i t t-
fl T Lnoiifl Linn. jeB8ie
T m. nhanman. JnniA
finll. Sr1i Khittz. Annie
i . w
Rabe, Eleanor Watson, JUugcnia
1 i r
I '
Hams: messrs. a.
H. Jarrett,
N. V. Taylor, C. E. Betts and H.
n t -a
C. Reid.
Miss Mittie Lewis resigned and
Miss Mallette was granted a year's
leave of absence.
m m
Rowan Stone in Demand.
An official of the Chicago Street
Railway Company, who has been
prospecting among our granite
quarries, has awarded a large con
tract for granite to one of our
local concerns. The contract
llg for 80 Q0O yards and will be
uged iu Btreet work If the 8feone
fills the bill and stands the test, it
mav mean much for the granite
- iudligi.rv 0f this section.
The Best Pills Ever Sold.
" After doctoring 15 years for
chronic indigestion and spending
over two hundred dollars, nothing
has done me as much good as Dr
King's New LifeTills. I consid
er them the best pills ever sold :'
writes B. F. Ayscue, of Ingleside,
all drug stores. 25c.
Frank Smith, Colored,' an Ei-Comict (Tails
In a Doctor fif Wound Received
Burins Night.
Last night, about 3:20 a. m.,
the editor heard a noise about his
residence and, listening, heard
the door to his dining room open
and shut. He arose, armed
himself and, without dressing,
proceeded to investigate. The
dining room door has glass in it
and, between this door and a win
dow opposite, the form of a man
was seen. Having made some
noise, the would-be burglar be
come aware of our presence and
came toward ub to the door, open
ing it and while coming out to
ward us we fired a' 32-calibre pis
tol toward him. He continued to
approach, but turned on the rear
piazza, went down a pair of steps
into the yard and left in a trot,
we having in the meantime given
him another reminder of being
loaded. Examination was made
and nothing had been taken from
Generally when one finds a bur
glar in his house the first thought
is to kill or get killed, consequent-
ly we did not wait to ascertain
whether the intruder was armed.
nor did we wait tor mm to snoot
first. If the unfortunate man
was hit and was fatally wounded
we regret the affair very much,
but feel that we acted in self de
fense and in the defense of those
whom we Jove and whose protec
tion is in oar keeping.
Early this morning a colored
boy called at the home of J. M.
Brown and asked for the loan of a
bicycle on which he wanted to go
to Spencer and inform the peo
n1 of & nficrro who had been shot
r o--
Later Dr. I. H. Foust was called
to attend Frank Smith, colored,
an ex-convict who han been shot.
Dr. Foust went to the negroe's
home and found that a bullet had
penetrated the intestines of Smith
and that he would die unless op
erated upon. Smith told Dr. Foust
several stories, one that he was
shot at the passenger depot early
in the morning, another tbat it
occurred at the city hall at 5
o'clock and that a white man shot
him. He did not give any reason
for being out so early, and his
wife could give no account of his
whereabouts or proceedings during
the night. She did not know
he went out and when he
camein. omitn s case seems quite
mysterious from his view point.
The matter was reported to the
police and sheriff and the negro
was placed under arrest for bur
clarly. He was taken to the san-
ltorium for treatment.
On the evening of the 9th, Miss
Edna McCubbins, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs Sam'l J. McCubbins,
and Harold A. Kouzer, were
united iu marriage at the First
Presbyterian church, Rev. Byron
Clark officiating. After the cere
mony a reception was held at the
home of the bride's parents on
South Main street, which was at
tended by a large number of the
friends and acquaintances of the
newly wedded oouple. Ihe pres
ents were numerous and handsome.
Later. Mr. and Mrs. Rouzer left
ou a hort bridal triP their deBti
nation being a secret to all except
The bride is a well known and
popular young belle of Salisbury
who numbers her friends by the
score. Mr. Rouzar is from Way
nesboro, Pa., but has resided in
this city for about two years,
being connected with the Frick
Company. The best wishes of a
host of warm friends, go with the
young couple.
There was a very pretty heme
wedding at the residence of Mrs.
J E. Stansill, at Mill Bridge, on
the evening of Tuesday, the 9th
. i if! wii. in . j 1.1.--
bride of Joe C. McCanless. The
ceremony was performed by Rev.
0. W. Walsh, pastor of Thyatira
Presbyterian church. The young
couple were driven to this city the
same evening and left for a visit
to some of the northern and eaBt
pro cities. They will reside at
Granite Quarry, May happiness
attend them.
Congressional Contention,
Notice is hereby given that the
Congressional Convention for the
Eighth Congressional District wil
be held in Salisbury on Tuesday,
the 23rd day of June at 4 p.m., for
the purpose of nominating a can
didate for Congress and attending
to such other business as may
come before it.
T. H. Vakdbbfoed,
Good Accomplished During
backer's Yisit to Salisbury.
The Beries of meetings at the
First Presbyterian church in this
city, conducted by Rev. J. Ernest
Thacker, of Norfolk, Va.f came to
a close on Sunday night, The
meetings continued for two weeks
and resulted in great good, there
being a number of conversions,
probably about 70.
Dr Thacker is a forcible, ear-nest-and
eloquent preacher, pre
senting the plain, simple gospel
without any frills or furbelows.
There was a noticeable absence of
everything in the sensational line.
There was no appeal to the emo
tions, but the speaker presented
the great truths of the plan of sal
vation in a calm, but earnest
manner, and spoke at all times as
a man of his calibre might be ex
pected to speak to an audience
composed of rational, intelligent
thinking men and women. There
were hone of the methods of the
popular evangelist, no jokes,
questionable incidents and like
material used to attract and cap
tivate people, but all was solemn,
dignified and highly impressive.
Dr. Thacker would impress his
audience with the fact that he
had in mindthe lines of the poet
Cowper :
"He that negotiates: between God and
man ;-h$tiM5gg&'
As God's ambassador the i
corns';'.:- . .
Of judgment and of mercy, should
"ware-' '.
Of iSjghtpess in his speech
'Tis pitiful
Bhoula - win
To court grin, when you
a soul; .
To break a jest, when pity would
smre -v- . '
Pathetic exhortation; and to address
he skittish fancy with facetious tales,
Whdn sent with God's commission to
the heart " -
At the close of the sermon on
Sunday night Dr. Thacker spoke
of a young map he had known at
Davidson College 22 years ago.
He referred to him as a man of
noble traits, fine ability and pos-
sessing in lull measure tnose
characteristics which make man
oved and lovable. He stated that
the young man wasnot prt paring
or the ministry, and there was no
evidence that he would ever enter
the ministry. Some months after
leaving college Dr. Thacker learn
ed tnat nis mend, nad entered a
theological seminary and was pre
paring for the ministry. He said
he watched his work and his prog
ress through tha years since they
had been at college together, and
now this same young man was the
pastor of the First Presbyterian
church in Salisbury. The speaker
made a strong and tender appeal
to the congregation to give their
pastor their best effort and sup
port in his work.
Fortunately for both pastor and
congregation there is a Btrong
bond of love and sympathy exist
ing already between the two. Dr.
Clark is not a favorite alone with
his congregation, but with the
community as well. He is an
able speaker, a'deeply consecrated
man and one cannot come into
personal contact with him with
out recognizing at once his power
to attract and hold men.
Dr. Thacker did not come to
Salisbury with the hope or expec
tation of a pecuniary reward, his
effort3 were entirely for the salva
tion of souls and the spiritua
nourishment of church members
but those who attended the meet
ings & enjoyed his preaching were
not content without giving some
token of their appreciation of his
abors, so a collection was taken,
without his knowledge, which re
sulted in a purse of $160, and the
presentation to him of the same
as a free will offering.
The prayers and best wishes of
the many who had the privilege
of hearing Dr. Thacker while in
this city will follow him to his
A New Macadam Road.
Rowan county is building a sol
id macadam road from Salisbury
to China Grove. The work is now
complete with the exception of a
few miles just abova China Grove,
but the roadside is lined for quite
a distance along the route prepar
atory for the work, and the ma
chinery and road force are doing
an excellent pieoe of road build
ing. On this side of China Grove
the work will probably be extend
ed some distance this side of Lan-
dis, connecting there with the Ca
barrus line. When complete this
w?ll nxra Cnnonri and Salisbnrv
will give Uoncord ana Salisbury
a complete stretch of the pretti-
at macadam road to be f ouud
Young Lady Formerly a Resident of this
City the Victim of a Fatal Accident.
An Anderson, 8. C, special to
the Augusta, Ga., Chronicle of
the 9th, gives the following ac
count of the death by drowning,
of Mis& Kate Knoblock. The
young lady was formerly a resi
dent here and was employed for a
time as bookkeeper at the office
of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. :
Yesterday afternosn Miss Knob
lock, Lyle Black and another
couple drove to the pond from
Florence. Thev secured a small
bateau and rowed ever the lake.
Shortly before 6 o'clock the cou
ple with Miss Knollock and Mr.
Black landed and these .two went
out on the water again. The boat
had only gone about 20 feet from
the bank when something, caused
it to capsize. It is thought that
it hit a snag.
When the boat capsized Miss
Knoblock and Mr. Black were
thrown helplessly into the water,
at that spot being some eight or
ten feet deep. Miss Knoblock
could not swim and she immedi
ately went under. Mr. Black
made heroic attempts to grasp
her and tow her to the shore near
by, but he was powerless. She
sank again, and again, each time
grasping the young man in such a
way as to prevent his getting hold
her to carry her to the shore.
Mr. Black stuck to his duty until
he became exhausted, and had not
some triends from tne bank wit-
nessed the capsizing and answered
the calls for help Mr. Black also
wou.d have lost hie life. Hie nn-
conscious body was brought to
ha shore by friends.
William Bame and Solomon
Yost are both confined to their
beds, not able to be up.
Mrs. E. C. Hoffner and son,
ivoy, are visiting at JNoan Mor
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lyerly are
visiting at T. R. Liugie s.
Mrs. J. I. Barger is visiting her
The children's day exercises was
well attended Sunday. Rev. and
Mrs. C. B. Heller deserve a great
deal of credit for training the
children for this annual entertain
John Rhinehardt moved today
to near Sumner Siding.
Mrs. Milas Stirewalt
IS eating
new roasting ears.
We are having lots of rain and
the best of seasons.
.feeler, Bame and Uo. nad pay
day Saturday when several hun
dred dollars were paid out to the
granite workers.
J. R. Ludwick has gone to Wise
to cut granite. This is about
eight union cutters gone there
from Faith.
We have lots of fruit this year
It will soon be getting ripe.
NotIC6. Having decided to retire
from business, all of those in-
debted to me are urged to come
forward and make settlement ol.
or before July 1st, 1908.
6-15 2t. Ja&t-H. MoKenzik.
Sale ol Real Estate Under Hotpp.
Pursuant to the provisions of a Mort
gage Trust Deed, executed by Ander
son Phifer and wife, Bella Phifer, and
John Jrhifer, to K. L,ee wrignt, regis
tered m the Register's Omce of Kowan
county, Book 24 page 510, given to se
cure the sum of $310,00 and interest,
and default having been made in tne
ravment and interest, the undersigned
will sell at puonc auction, ai ine viours
. T . ... . ii i i xi n l
House door, on
Monday, July the 6th, 1908.
at 12 o'clock M.. for cash, to the high
pst bidder, one tract of land lying and
being in Cleveland Township, near the
town of Cleveland., ana Known as a
nart of the George Phifer land and
bounded and described as follows :
Beginning at a stake, George Phifer's
corner, thence with his line 3.3 E, 50
chains to a sycamore bush, -near the
bark of 3rd Creek, George Phifer's
corner : thence N 89 W 25 chains to a
stake, near a large white oak, former
ly Knox oorner ; thence r 10 L to a
stake m tne center oi tne puonc roaa ;
thence with said road to the beginning,
containing 115 acres more or less, and
being the lands conveyed by J. W.
Steele and E A. Ramsay to George
Phifer, registered in Book 58 page 507
in the Hegister's Office of Rowan couth
ty , to which reference is hereby made
for full description, and being the
lands, according to a judgment of
Rowan Superior Court at Sept. Term
1904, declared to be the property of
Anderson Phifer and John Y, Phifer,
less 3 acres conveyed to Stokes Phifer,
and 18 acres to the other Phifers as
heirs-at-law of George Phifer, and ref
erence is hereby made to said judg
ment and record of the court for full
1 particulars, etc.
This land is supposed to be worth
n 2oo to $1,500 and is Iconsidered very
J valuable. Now is the time to buy a
j bajune the 5th jim
4t R. Lib Weight, mortgagee.
nanirfacturing Plant '
At a meeting ; of the stockhold
ers of the Crescent Mfg. Co,, I
was sleeted as agent to dispose
of said plant, and jOn the
First Day of July,
I will soli at the plant, at 11
o'clock a. m., at public sale
the entire plant of the Cres
cent Mfg. Co., Crescent, N.
C, consisting of a
40 HP. Boiler, 40 HP. Engine,
saw mill and all machinery to
make first-class doors, sash and
blinds, cut moulding of all de
scriptions, a lot of doors, sash,
blinds, a lot of mouldings, 10,000
feet of 1-inch flooring, finished.
Lot of rough lumber, also build
ings and l acres of land, more or
less. Terms of Sale: CASH.
Cre$cont Mfg. Co.,
6-2 4tpd Agent.
Sale of Residence Property on Newton
Heights, Spencer, X. C.
Under the provisions of a certain
mortgage deed of trust made by J. W.
Young and Ella 1, Young to W, O.
Maupin, trustee, on the 4th dav of
November, 1907, and recorded in book
31, page 564 of Rowan county Record
of Mortgages, and pursuant to a decree
of the Superior court of Rowan county
I 1 . . m . -m - . .
m ine action entitled "Worth Main
Street Realty Company vs. J. W.
Young and others." default ha vine
been made in the pavment of the in
debtedness secured by said mortgage
deed of trust, the undersigned trustee
will expose at public sale to the high
est bidder for cash at the court house
door in Salisbury, N. 0 on
Monday, July 6th, 1908, at 12 O'clock M.,
that certain real estate described as
follows :
On Newton Heights at Soencer. N.
kj, oeginning at tne w.
intersection of Salisbury Avenue and
Jenerson street, and runs thence with
witn sam alley in a southwesterly di
rection ana parallel witn salisburv
avenue 179 2 5 feet to a stake, thence
it a southeasterly direction and paral
lel with Jefferson street 194 feet
to a stake on Salisbury avenue,
thence with said avenue in a north
easterly direction 179 2-5 feet to the
beginning, being lo;s 6, 7, and 8 in
block 6 as shown upon map of Newton
Heights made by the North Main
btreet Realty Company, and being
known as the residence of Dr. J. W.
Young. This the 28 day of May, 1908.
Commissioners' Sale oi Valuable Farm.
Under and by virtue of the Superior
tion entitled Simeon J. Overcash, Lula
Honeycutt, M. E. Shehan et al vs Ma
son Li. Uvei-casn and T. JL. Overcash.
rendered at May term 1908, we the un
dersigned commissioners, appointed by
mni n i. LI a?
BH.1U uuuri, will BOll Ub pULUlU HUULlOIl
at the court house in the city of Salis
bury, N 0., on
Monday, July 6th, 1906, at 12 O'clock IU,,
to the highest bidder for cash, one
tract of land containing 58 acres, about
seven miles southeast of Mooresville,
on the R. F. D. No. 1 from Glass, ad-
ioinine the lands of S. M. Furr. W. A.
Kimmons.J. A. Kiley, Dock Craven
ana others and lies m Atwell township
and known as the home place of the
late Paul S. Ovarcash, and described
by meets and bounds as follows : '
.Beginning at a stake in Weather-
spoon's line, thence with his line N, 65
poles to a stone, corner of No. 1, thence
with line of lot No. 1, N. 71 W. 93 poles
to a pine in an oia neia ; thence with
line of said lot No. 5, 46 poles to a stake ;
thence east 23 poles to a stake ; thence
9 poles to a blackgum, corner of No.- 3 ;
tnence witn line oi said lot east 119
poles to a pine ; thence S. 28 W". 48
poles to a stake in Edmiston's line ;
thence with said line N. 76 E. 34 poles
to the beginning. For further par
ticulars and more accurate boundaries,
reference is hereby made to deed regis
tered in book 56 page 252 in the Resia-
-ter's Office of Rowan county. Four
teen or fifteen acres in timber; five
acres in meadow : ordinary farm build
ings with water, etc.
The foregoing lands will be sold un
der the orders of the court and who.
ever buys the same will get a good
court title. The sale will be left onen
10 days for a 10 bid. Purchase monev
must be paid within 20 days from day
oi saie or connrmation.
This May the 28th, 1908.
L. H. Clement and R. Lbb Wkight.
Notice ol Service by Publication.
State of North Carolina, ) In Superior
Kowan county. court.
Jos. H. McNeeiy, plaintiff, )
vs. y
Walter Geo. Newman defendant, )
Notice of Summons and -Warrant op
The defendant above named will
take, notice that a summons in the
abovic,entitled action was issued on
therd day of June, 1908, against said
defendant byJ.F. McCubbins, Clerk
of the Superior court of Rowan county,
and complaint filed claiming the sum
of $324 32 due said plaintiff by account
and breach of contract, whieh sum
mons is returnable to the August term
of Rowan Superior court, at Salisbury,
N. C., being; August 31st, 1908. The
defendant will also take notice that a
warrant of attachment was issued -by
said J. K. McCubbins, Clerk of the Su
perior court of Rowan county against
the property of the said defendant, to
wit: One tract or parcel of land lying and
being in Gold Hill township, Rowan
county, bounded by metes and bounds
as follows : Beginning at a stone. Mrs.
J. L. Rothrock's corner, in the middle
of the Main street ; thence with said
street, S. 45 degs. W. 4 poles and 19
links to a stone ; thence 8. 56 degs. E.
23 coles and 17 links to a stone on L.
D. McCarnes' line ; thence N. 5 poles
and 12 links to a stone, Mrs. J.L. Roth
rock's corner ; thence N. 56 degs. W.
19 poles and 8 links to the beginning,
which- warrant of attachment is re
turnable before the Judge of Superior
court of Rowan county in Salisbury, Ni
C.,on the 31st day of. August, 1908,
being the time and place for the re-x
turn of the summons, when and where
the defendant, is required to appear
and answer or demur to the complaint,
or the relief demanded will be granted. -J.
F. McCubbins,
clerk superior court.
John J. Stewart, attorney. 6-3 At.
' -'

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