North Carolina Newspapers

    Carolina Watchman.
A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of the People nd for Honesty in Governmental Affairs.
Salisbury, N. C, Wednesday, July 1st. 1908.
Wm, H. Stewart, Editor.
Vol. IV. No 28.
Clevelind Passes
Peacefully Away at His Home.
The following extract from a
Princeton, N. J., dispacth of
paper :
Grover Cleveland, twice
Wliat People of Our Enterprising Sister Ex-President 6rom
Town are Doing to Occupy Themselves,
Lexington Dispatch. Jane S4tn.
Dr. F. L. Mock, who success
fully passed examination before
the state board last week at Wins-
i. mill lnnnfn a UlVIIT. t.Vl 1 S
nty. He graduated from the Q ueQ ' "
..J,,,JL niwJ 8:40 o'clock this morning at his,
home, "Westland," in this quiet
colleee town, where he had lived
No. 46, the "shoo fly train, is . . retirement as the na-
the most interesting aggregation L10nig chief executive, almost 12
of engine and cars on the South
ern, and is a yery popular trajn,
Owner Refuses Handsome Offer for His
Farm. An Agricultural Curiosity.
Statesville Landmark. June 28 rd,
O. L. Woodside, a farmer of
Concord township, has on exhibi
tion in Statesville Saturday a
bunch of oats, which grew from
one grain, that is a wonder. There
last spring.
too. It rung from ttreensooro to
Charlotte and back, passing down
about 4 o'clock in the morning
and going back about 6. There
are only two caw and the en8me Leath
An Old-Timer Attends the Charlotte Con- Young Man Playtniiy poihis uinea bun
lention ae a Delegate. -. . at his Sister ana mis Her.
- . I .. . - :
concord rimes., Jnne3-2. A most distressing tragedy oo
The first cotton bloom of the curred early last Saturday paorn
24th will be of interest to all the season was sent us yesterday by mg at the home of 1. tt. Mctee,
readers of this paper: . A. J. Linkerf No. 1 township. 717 South Jackson street ;
Presi- This is pretty early. - uituae mows, oow w
Anderson Winecoff, who lives "stMissAurora ,wno was
. 5io years old, were naving a niay
in iaSb UOncUJU Uiuuguu J uv".., na
the first load of home-raised
watermelons last Friday.
The Presbyterian church build
ing at China Grove has been rent
ed to the fcrerman Keiormea nd ue eiT dropped to thd floor of the oats, He thinks the gram
people. dead. A charge of shot entered which produced this fine bunch is
HnintTC Smith has been em- the face of the unfortunate girl a new variety and he hopes to get
hv t.nmftCh and kidnev ailments ployed to survey the government just below the eyes, making k hole it started in this section by saving
I - . . - - l.i i 1 i 3 T 1. V. w..-n I 11 J
of long standing as the cause of lot on which the postomce buna- tnrougn ner nea. WB BWU
I I w A - . A- I .
While Mr. Cleveland had mg is to be erected, and tne wor lnsnantiy. While some bed clothing was be-
years ago,
An official statement given out
and signed by the three physicians
have heart trouble, superinduced
are 56 large stalks in the bunch,
frfl scuffle in iaroom of the house, (all heavily laden with grain. Mr
The boy seized a single barrel shot I Woodside will save the seed to
omn Rtandinonear bv. and bomt- nlant next year. He says the
O 1 o " ' I
ing it at his sister, pulled the bunch was about waist high and
kriorcrAr. There. was a loud reDort had a richer color than the rest
rn i
- is comioal. It is an old style fel- m health for the last will be done afbnce.
i 11 I C t r ' Kn( it. I r - I '-
low, small
The boy hurriedly
mother and told her
iounu niB ing fumigated in a bath
wnat naa
room at
sanatorium, Sunday
mill l uuu v
Miwu veais nuu iuu uu.v tu. ut-nia. Martina rsnmoT.v at i.
pulls the tram m on time every g .q . deftth came -- - happeued. Mr. MoGee was sent morning about 10;16f tne alcohol
pep. Down at Spencer the rail- nexpectedly. Some three weeks Sihat wy member con- for and notified of the affair while lamp n6ed for fumigating explod
ed men have a lot of fun out of a hewa8 b ht home-from . . ,. . . -nff7 nriviieees of neighbors at once came into ren- ed and iu an in8tant the room
I " w I
46's crew, xney can e.wu . , , hi conditi0n
the "calf." But No. 46 is the for a time was 8uch that the hotel
prepared mustard, just the same. he wag gtaying wft8 kepfc
Monday night the Mayor sent open after its regular season be
Buck Hargrave to the roads for cause he was too ill to be moved,
"vagrancy," and Fruit" Ayers gut when Mr. Cleveland was
fn tha same for drunkenness, pro-ihrnncht back to Princeton he
fauity, resisting an officer and
w -
Dther things ; but yesterday each gamed five pounds in weight,
came across with the necssary J Although confined to his room
rnin And were released. They are onnt.irinonalv after his return to
der any assistance they couia. in flame8. Fortunately the
Mr. McGee stated that he was firQ wa8 diS00Vered promptly and
not in the habit of allowing the as extineuished before any dam
gun to remain loaded, but mat a age of consequence resulted. An
few days before the acciaen ne aiarm wa8 Bent in and the hose
had loaded the gun to shoot a on regDonded nromntly but
Col. J. N. Brown, who was one bird He failed, to get a shot and fihA SfiTV;ca Gf the firemen was not
in tne
ago, lett yesieraay w aboauu tu house, lie feels sure tne Doy was
convention this year. A. J. Bost, unaware that the gun was loaded.
writing whiskey prescriptions
after the prohibition law goes
into effect in North Carolina,
shall have his license as a physi
cian revoked.
, I -f tn t.hft I JfimOOratlC I 4-0 nnlnnil f Vi Q ffiin whon
ahnmaA H1CTI1H of lmnrOVemeUt and!"4 6 UeglBUbOU tu 6"
' O I o J. rUn.14--A K naa ra I . , .. , i .. iL.
convention au vumiuiuo w tw hft retnrnea it to its mace iu mo
The Doings of Our Neighbors Down the1
Yaakln Railroad.
Stanly Enterprise, June 1 5th.
R. E. Neighbour, of Salisbuiy,
expects to begin his tent meetings
in Albemarle on July sixth. The
tent will be erected next Tuesday
on the vacant lot on South side
of the Central Hotel. Mr. Ruby
will be here on that day, and twill
begin the training of a choir for
the meetings. It is expected that
great interest will be manifested
in the meetings and that the large
tent will be full of hearers at each
Pet" Lowder reported to us
the first cotton bloom, on Mon
day, June June 22. Mr. Lowder
expects a good crop of cotton,
Mrs. Will A. Smith, who has
been in bad health for sometime,
was taken to the hospital at Salis
bury a few days ago to undergo
an operation. Mr. Smith is very
grateful to the many who have
made it possible for him to give his
wife, this treatment.
C. B. Mize, foreman of the con
struction work on the new Metho
dist church, arrived from Char
lotte Tuesday, and is ready to be
gin work. The- old church has
been moved back, and will be used
efctatto doesn't 7Zno yeste, of Bost Mill who was also a dele- Coroner Dorsett was notified and Jf"
mean that there aren't some white day that Mr. Cleveland's condi- gate o the 188o convention, will he called a jury together and fnly ttJ
wwr loaflmr. rA nneineaa on the not be able to attend this year. made a carefui investigation of ty, east of town
folks who are loafing.
Friday while coming to Lexing
ton through the country Mrs. J.
W. Fitzserald, of Linwood, was
t.i.-n aroused uneasiness on tne
Dart of Mrs. Cleveland. Un
the case. After considering the
C. B. Buchanan, of Hickory,
has been here for some days hav
ing the building lots at Oak View, on9 js completed.
Allison proper-
cleared off and
improved. He is also laying off
From All Parts of the State. Items Con
densed for Busy Readers.
Baxter Liles, a young farmer in
Wake county, was killed by light
ning last week. With - three
brothers he was working in, to
bacco when a severe storm came
up. All hurried to the houBe ex
cept Baxter, who stopped under a
pine tree a very dangerous thing
to do in time of storms. Light
ning struck the tree and killed
Frank Carland, a citizen of
Limetone township, Buncombe
county, aged 70 years is mail car
rier, and latetly he says he has
been "annoyed." A rope was
stretched across his road which
threw him flat, and while sitting
on his porch the other day some
one shot at him and barely missed
him. He asks for protection of
the officials.
George Brummell, of High
Point, is in Guilford court on a
charge of bigamy, he having mar
ried No. 2 without a divorce from
No. 1. He claims he was not
knowingly at fault, having had
reason to believe that No. 1 was
dead. She arrived at High Point
and raised a row, and they settled
it between themselves, but she
I 1 J 1 1 1 ' ! J
by the congregation until tha new came anQ flaa aim Kn""'
Over in Cabarrus county a bull
It 1 . . j t m 1 j. J
J. A. Hunevcutt. of Leo. died belonging to jonas iuorBlriyBu
the 17th instant after four
We learn tnat several yuuuBr- v.. nrenaratorv to havme
-. '- .-.i it. 1 j.1 1 1 1 i- j-l I am Wanna the mrv THTiTl rn- I - r r j
doubtedly aflected byne neai, men are avauaDie lor wie vacauwy w - j -y -ther auctiQn Bale some time
Mr, Cleveland showed
! failure and Mrs
r I ... I J ; 4- a tia offoft that, the
signs 01 made at jannapons oj wi ---- . month.
1 . m . 1 a. a n r rn n - -
niavoiftnrt t.e e. oi Taxr w i,. Hntchens to deceasea came w uoi uevu j
Tmnrnroman fa
"17 TTnnouftiitt,. nf this nlftp.e.
being made on the property and ' ' ' '
days illness, and was buried at
Love's Chapel Friday. Fe was
the uncle of Messrs. P J. and R.
y-.. I 1 Ik. n a. n .TV1 H7 Y HTM U I . . 1 I 111 - I1B 11 U I I t U UinnB Ull7bHUUWU 1 -
x na wn.B r.KHii ucio iium iwn v it i w o a
was auite sick.
home on No. 7 that afternoon and
o o I .... i r 1 l aV-
nr Trirwnntl followed Dr. Bry- seennnff a man for this place, be- a gun m tne nanus oi ner uruiaie.
no dlnVerons results followed her ant from New York and when cause it is regarded by the Metho- The funeral was held bunday
no dangerous results followed 0arnochaD) aa a fruitful field The ap. afternoou from the residence the
fehev reached
tmflnt, will- in all Drobabilitv.
, V-J ,4.l,Q PJ.. W10Y01" - V J ' I f '
vionnmpnreyBUuu .. Mlled .n Daring eve. be made this week.
-H ornaiiania With fi. $1U I .. -.1
r I ninrr M ra 1 AVA Ann Tfl LTi aggUlKU ml i U ; l. nneefAi attcT
I ""JfS " " ' I I MP HT.Orill WU1UU UBSCCU VI"
a euai- if w - tno conntv last Monaay am con
H many attacics mr. oievaiauu uau giderabe damage to cotton and
3ullered. wheat in many sections the worst
Mr. Clveland became worse our
felt assured
gold piece of the new s
Vind with a buzzard on
without "In God we trust."
ran across the money back in the
Bpring and put it in his vest pock
et to save because of its new
design. Later he lost it and had
forgotten the loss until one day
last week when his colored man
found it in the garden. The man
was pulling up turnip salid, and
-. i- j. i t i.-
as he pulled up eacn y morning. The last time he
shook it to knock the dirt loss I . rooo
from the roots. Presently he
put on sale. Cemetery and Stock
ton streets are being extended
through the property.
The fine farm near Statesville
which S. A. Fowler, of Newton,
was so anxious to buy and for
x t r ci. -II u The plant will develop 1,200
that of J. W. Shemll, who lives
ilnmam bem e done in Nos. 1 and
O a
2 township.
Local eroceryman report a big
advance in the price oi Jaw,
meats, jtc. It is said that the
quotations on these necessities are
higher than for many years
During the storm that swept
a Dart of this county Thursday,
ing the night and Mrs. Cleveland
wrh railed to the bedside of her
husband. The distinguished pa
tient sank into unconsciousness
I from which he recovered at times.
only to suffer a relapse. This con-
inued throughout the night and
earlv morning. The last time he
became unconscious was about
two hours before he died. Death lightning struck the cabin of Geo
was peaceful. Just before he died Kiser, who lives on Marvin Dulin's
Mr. Cleveland sought to say plantation, in No. 2, and instant
.Amnfttino Knt. hia words were in- Mv Villed two children, a girl 4
audible. years old, and a boy aged 14.
bryan pats tbibute. The family had grouped together
ana. The
Lincoln, JSeb., June zi. me - . .
7 I .1 f J.l, AkiM.An ara. ahftlr
ed by lightning, but soon recov
orad- The Darties killed were
interment being in Chestnut Hill
The members of the famuy are
utterly prostrated over the sad af
fair, and they have the warmest
sympathy of the community in on the Taylorsville road near the
their great bereavement. State Farm, and Mr, Sherrill has
notified Mr. Fowler that he will
Miss Annie Ferguson, of States-
Judge Cray Says Don't Want Second Place viiie, was elected second vice-presi
around on Vick Dry's premises
and Dry shot and killed it. -Tucker
got a warrant for Dry, but
Dry left. The two had been mad
at each other.
Wilson F. Perry, sentenoed to
I J r - - y 1
Wort hfla nommenoed on the ouo AUi iUiSJ. ounpu uj
electric power plant on Little jumping from the train when the
River. This plant is five miles Bheriff of Edgecombe county was
S. J. Smitherman and sons-in-law
who DroDose next vear to build a
9KO fWV. . tnktnn mill in Trnv.
horse j g-OB uu tu xvaiDigu.
power, and rroy will tasie it an. I iuh oiubi uj buiub uij jruuug
Trrnr Mont.crnmerian. I men in Concord ordered a keg of
ed off at Garner and was retaken
i there last week one night as he
Iwas in the act of taking 'a tram.
pulled a large chunk, and outj
from the dirt and mass of roots
rolled the lost money. Mr. Hum
preys had sowed the bed early in
the spring, and the piece slipped
nut of hia nocket then. Me was
to rfc it hack, "but" he said,
"it looks like I ought to have got following tribute to former Presi
$20 if I sowed $10." dent Cleveland was written to-
nicfht bv William J. Brvan, and
Dispatch readers will recall tnat aalya
v t TTT.Ti.- will appear in next weeks
months ago Jev. vvaibei . , . -
dent of the North Carolina Nurses'
Association, which was in session
in Durham last week. Miss Sump
ter, of Statesville, passed the ex
amination before the board of ex
aminers and is now a registered
Mrs. Rachel C. Kimball, widow
of berries, even the poorest among
us may feast and be happy.
Holcomb, a native oi mi. death of ex.PreBident looked more flourishing than they he 8ttid
was indicted tor using GroVer Cleveland brings to a sud- do right now. Vegetables are
language in a meeting at barters- i,annmBrftl rareer Lhnndftnt. With peaches and
ii- f r arrxnrt 1 n . hi
Vine, vra., w iino dwuuu -
, T 1 T - J.
pulpit and preacneu. knowQ wQrld . du nothlDg 0f the constant offering
$200 and appealed to the higher ing the present generation Like
court He maintains that the every commanding figure, he had
woVdsused by him were not ob- zealous supportersland earnest op
scene and werenotintendedtoof- ponents, but those who differed
fend any one. He is a Methodist f rom him were as ready as his
evangelist and married a daugh- warmeBt friends to concede to him
ter of the late Sam Jones, of Car- elementB of leadership to an
tersviiie. i . j-Qa TTa w.a1o.
. ... .... I HlH TH.IiH 111 LU U1UU ml" xv . w
lirSfl 01 Lmng. Uinn flvArraadvto accent re
I I11UL1 ftiBVV- "f M.
Last Weduesday a negro con- l nnria;bilitvforwhat he did. Few
vict named James Crump, who is mfin' have exerted a more positive
serving a term on the chain gang, - fl enee UT)0n those associated
attempted suicide. The man ob- with them. We are not far
tained possesion some way of the enough from the period in which
necessary instrument of destruc- n-g wor wa8 done to measure ac
tion and proceeded to cut his oarately his plaoe in history, but
throat. He succeeded in inflicting tne qUalities which made him
a laree and painful gash upon oa.
o ra a nait. OT the nation's
himself, but it is bolieved he will herjtage, and universal sorrow is
on the Democratic Ticket.
Federal Judge George liray
would not under any conditions
anr.enfc the Democratic nomina
tion for Vice President. A defi
nite announcement to this effect
was made tonight by former Con
gressman L. Irving Handy, who
will make the speech at Denver! of the late Thos. . ivimoaii, dieo
placing the judge in nomination yesterday morning at the home of
for the presidency which task he her daughter, mrs. n. xrout
nerformed four years ago, When man, in west Statesville. Mrs.
- I - -a Jk 1 1 t 1
Mr. Handy was asked tonight re- Kimball suflered a tail aooutnine
garding the acceotance by Mr. months ago and has been confined
Bryan, of a suggestion, of W. B. to her room since. bhe was par
Brinton, of Dixon, 111., that tially paralyzed some time ago,
The gardens of Concord never judge Gray be his running mate I but did not suffer
Mr. Dearman. wife of C. A..
Judge-Gray would not consid- D died of tuberculosis
. wr I
er the nomination ot vice rresi- , vesterdav morning at her
dent on the ticket with Mr. Bryan . . harmouv neighborhood
..,! "
or with any other presidential .nan.d ftnd eiffht children
.... . , -r I n o
candidate, it tne uenver conven- anrvixra
tion should nominate him tor
his office he would immediately'
decline the honor, and somebody
else would have to be named.
The judge would look upon the
office of Vice President as a place
with all the deprivations of a con
vent and none of the consolations
of religion." Wilmington, Del.,
The new opera house will book
one of the most attractive plays
on the boards at its fall opening.
The management has closed a con
tract for "The Clansman," T6m
Dixon's well-known play, and it
has been booked for October 6
The new seats are being placed in
the opera house, which, with the
new curtains to be provided, will
make it quite a handsome interior
and a distinct credit to the town.
the stuff that made Milwaukee
famous, and it arrived all right
and was put in an ice ohest until
Sunday- should come. Sunday
morning, however, the keg was
missing. An all day search was
kept up until it was found neatly
buried. They had got so thirsty
hunting all day that the beer ap
peased their wrath, and those
who stole the keg were forgiven,
felt at his death,"
The Remedy That Does.
Dr. King's New Discovery is
the remedy that does the healing
others promise but tail to per
A New Band.
Another bandhasbeen organized
by a number of young men here,
Mrs. E. R. Pierson, which will be known as tne sans-
Anrmrn Harare. Fft. "It IS I DUrV XauQ. X6 Blftrw UUU uuvic
curing me of throat and lung favorable conditions and we may
trouble of long standing.
form," 6ays
Average Length of Life.
The man who lives till he is
nrwre than a century old and the
nhild rho dies in infancy are
alike in the law of averages
They balance each other's ohances.
as it were.
Of 100.0C0 people living at the
age of 10, only 95,614 will live to
the age of 21, only 82,284 will be
living at 40, only 49 will be living
t Qfi. and onlv 9 at 97. At 80
the average man may take it tha
he has under 85 years to live ; at
40. tinder 28 vears : at 50, under
21 years ; at 60, under 14 years.
la ea'w&nd all of these cases
how he lives will determine
1 whether he will have a longer life
or a shorter life, but the average
will infallibly work out within
space of ninety years Cassell'
Saturday Journal.
that be allowed to express the wish that
other treatments relieved only
temporarily. New Discovery is
doing me bo much good that I
feel confident its continued use
for a reasonable length of time
will restore me to perfect health."
This renowned cough and cold
remedy and throat and lung heal
er is sold at all drug store. 50o
and $1. Trial bottle free.
it will meet with a degree ot suc
cess some similar organizations
did not achieve. "The young men
have their instruments and will
practice twice a week. The offi
cers of the organization are : Presi
It Prevents a Somewhat Peculiar and Com
plicated Case, But Why Not?
A form of the damage suit in
dustry little known where the
stock law prevails, is quite an
item where stock can get on a
railroad track, especially about
the time a train is coming along.
A cow or steer that would hardly
bring $10 in open market is worth
at least $100 after it is killed by
a train.
In South Carolina the Seaboard
Air Line railroad has suffered
from that sort of a thing until
patience is exhausted and the
worm has turned. The division
counsel at Columbia has brought
suit in the Circuit court of Lex-
Just Exactly Right.
'I have used Dr. King's New
Life Pills for several years, and
find them just exactly right,"
says Mr. A. A. Felton, of Harris-
ville. N. Y. New Life Fills re-
the least discom-
Ponl IT TUrnharrit: Sfift. and : lieVO WltUOUt
t p. H. Meronevi Director. '. fort. Best remedy for constipa-
t t vranfnTA Prmtinai mnnifti. : tion. biliousness and malaria.
an, N. V. Taylor. . 25o at all drug stores.
State ofOhio, City ofTjlbdo, )
Lucas County. j
Frank J. Chaney makes oath
that he is senior partner of the
firm of F. J. Chaney & Co.. doing
business in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforessid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of
each and every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the use of
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
8worn to before me and sub
scribed in my presence, - this 6th
day of December, A. D. 1886.
(Seal.) A. W. tflxTCASON,
Notaey Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, and acts directly on the
blood and mucous surface of the
system. Send for testimonials
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
Death of Naval Officer.
A message received here this
afternoon by Dr. S. Westray
Battle from Carlisle Winslow an
nounced the death of Lieutenant
Commander Francis Winslow, U. ingtou county, S, C, gainst San-
N retired, at Norfolk, Conn., ders Meetz, a farmer of that coun-
yesterday. Lieutenant WinBlow ty. With great solemnity, dig-
was a native of North Carolina nity and impressive phrasing, the
and had visited Dr. Battle in complaint states that on the 13th
Asheville several times. A broth- of last April, near the station of
er of Lieutenant Winslow is now Lephardt, a certain bull, which
commanding "one of Jth9 large the plaintiff is informed and be-
oiiiiM. nf the United States navv. lieves is the property of Mr.
Asheville special to Charlotte Observer,
It Can't Be Beat.
The best of all teachers expe-
aT -m.r TT I fl ? 1
nence. U. m.. naraen, oi onver
City, North Carolina, says: t4I
find Electric Bitters does all
that's claimed for it. For Stom
ach, Liver and Kidney troubles
it can't be beat. I have tried it
Vice-Presidential Nominee Stricken
Goes to Hospital for Operation.
James S. Sherman, Republican
nominee for vice president, has
been ill for two days, his illness
will necessitate his remaining
here till tomorrow. Mr. Sher
man on his way from Cincinnati
to Cleveland Saturday night- was
seized with a billions attack.
Upon arrival here he went to the
home of Myron T. Herrio, former
Governor of Ohio, whose guest he
was to be over Sunday. He was
o impelled to Jgo immediately to
his room. He was unable to see
anyone either yesterday or today.
The physician who was sum
moned tq attend him ordered that
no one should be admitted to the
room and that Mr. Sherman be
not disturbed. There was noth
ing to alarm at any time in the
distinguished patient's condition.
His physicians tonight had no
doubt that Mr. Sherman would be
able to continue his journey to
Utica temoraow as the attack is
at an end. The preseat plan is
for him to leave Cleveland ' at 8
o'clock tomorrow morning for his
home in Utica, N. Y., accompani
ed by his secretary and one or two
friends. Cleveland, O., dispatch.
Meetz, did stand on the track
in front of a Seaboard passenger
train, moving at a high, though
not above schedule rate of speed,
and in spite of whistle-blowing
anrl ftfViaT m on r o nf wiirnit or re
Best the World Affords,
wantonly, willfully and wickedly "It gives me unbounded pleas
failed, refused and neglected ure to recommend Bucklen's Ar
to get off the tracks, to the njca Salve," says J. W. Jenkins,
great danger to the satety and , ChftDeii Hill.' N. C, "I am
. m a 1 1 . ' BT i w '
it can't oe neat, x nave tnea it lives oi u ui;w uu PWuBx. convinoed it's the beBt salve the
aDdM:H:rSt tiiTc! worldaffords It cured a felon
l0ine.'.' Mr. Harden is right; it s Meetz ha8 lifld with a on my thumb. and it never fails
the best of all medicines also for gu-1
in a
weakness, lame back, and all run against the road to recover $95
down conditions. Best too for from the road for the killing of
chills and malaria. Sold under the bull. And the end is not yet.
traarantee at all drug stores. 50c. I Statesville Landmark.
to heal every sore, burn or wound
to which it is applied. 25c at all
drug stores.
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