North Carolina Newspapers

J. Elwood Cox, Republican can
tlidate for governor, nas an-
n unced his intention to make a
speech at Spencer daring the cam
Owing to representations made
by a number of our lpcal physi
cians that such a course would be
advisable, in view of the preva
lence of scarlet fever, the opening
of the city schools has been post
poned until October 15th.
Rev. W. M. Noacker has been
assisting Rev, W. H, Causey in a
protracted meeting at Concord.
Rev. M. M. Kinard, Messrs. W,
T. Snider, J. D. Heilig and B. B.
Miller left early in the week for
Savannah, Ga., where they go as
delegates to a mejting of the
United Synod of the Lutheran
church in the S uth.
Miss Dimple Leonard and John
J. Avers, the latter of Lynchburg,
Va , were married last Thursday
night at the home of the bride's
father, on Monroe street. Rev.
E. K. McLarty officiated at the
Joseph Bullabaugh, who re
sided iu Franklin township, died
at his homp Sunday morning. Tb.9
funeral was held Monday after
noon at Gay's chapel.
Burglars have been operating
recently in ' Spencer. Several
houses have been entered and the
thieves have secured small sums of
cash and other articles.
A large- part of
Railway officials
the Southern
visited the
shops Sunday.
Miss May Jones, of Hickory,
and Geo. C. Fisher, of the Salis
bury postuffice force, will be mar
ried in Hickory this morning at
the home of the bride's brother,
P. P. Jones.
Last Wednesday Miss Cleta
Lofliu and Chas. H. Chandler
were married at the Baptist
church in Spencer. Rev. J. M.
Dunaway officiating. Mr. Chand
ler is one of the engineers ;of. the
Southern Railway.
Mrs. D. A. Gray, of Little
Rock, Ark., who has ben visiting
her father, Rev. J. N. Stallmgs,
for several weeks, returned to her
home yesterday.
P. A. Cauble has disposed of his
grocery business here and will
shortly moye to Black Mountain,
which place he will make his fu
ture home.
F. T. Meacham, superintendent
of the State farm near Statesville,
will have a fine exhibit of horses
and farm products at the fair
Col. Walter Henry, of Char
lotte, addressed an audience at the
court house last Friday night.
Mr. Henry represented matters
from a Republicn standpoint.
The talk is said to have been a
Very good one.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Talbert, North Main
s'treit, died last Friday night.
The funeral was held Sunday af
ternoon from St. John's Lutheran
The registration for the Novem
ber election now opsn and will
remain open until the evening of
October 24, If your name is now
on the book and you have not.
changed your place of residence,
you are not required to register
The county is filled with speech
making now and those who are
interested can hear all about it.
There is no question about win
ter getting around soon. In the
mornings and evenings overcoats
are much in demand.
W D. Wilkerson. until recent
ly with the Empire store, has en
tered the employ of Max Moses &
There was a .beautiful and in
teresting Harvest Home service at
the Reformed church Sunday
night. Miss Early, who sang a
solo, and Miss Schaffner of Cres-
cent Academy, wno gave some
readings, added much to the in
terest of a pleasaut and profitable
That proposed Salisbury rally
of the Democracy has? been post
noned to a later date, due notice
of which will be given.
The Men's Societyof the First
Presbyterian church held a social
meeting in the lecture room of
the church last Thursday evening,
Methodist Baraca.
The Baraca class of the First
Methodist church has elected of
ficers as follows: J. KLink
president; O. W. Spsncer, vice-
president ; Wm. James, secretary ;
D. R. Shields, assistant secretary ;
A. B. Saleeby. press reporter ; A.
L. Smoot, teacher; T. H. Stiff,
assistant teacher.
Married in Spencer.
Miss Fannie Blalock, of East
Spencer and T. C. Gaskill, of
Winston, mrere married at Spencer
last Sunday, Rev. R.,D. Sherrill,
pastor of the Methodist church,
officiating. After the ceremony,
which took place at 8 o'clock p
m., the couple drove to Winston.
The China Groye Club.
China Giove coms to the front
with a Democratic club, with the
folfowing officers : Dr. G. A. Ram
saur, president; P. A. Sloop, first
vice-president ; Gaither Blackwel
der, second vice-president ; Ever
ett Corriher, secretary, and Prof.
P. E. Wright, assistant secretary.
Preaching in Presbyterian Churches of
Chestnut Hill and Spencer.
Rev. Charles Friend, of Belle
Haven, Va., is expected to arrive
in this city Friday and will preach
at Spencer Presbyterian church
next Sunday at 11 a. m. and at
Chestnut Hill Presbyterian church
at 7:80 p. m. .All Presbyterians
of Spencer and Chestnut Hill are
urged to be present and meet Mr.
Owing to the fact that my
friend and neighbor, M. G. M.
Fisher, of Faith, is a candidate
for the office of County Commis
sioner, I have decided to withdraw
from the race in his favor. I high
ly appreciate the consideration
shown me by friends and hope they
will see fit to vote for Mr. Fisher
iu the coming election.
J. Calvin Lingle.
Another Change.
A number of hew men have
been employed at the Spencer
shops during the past week or ten
days and some of those who were
laid off for an indefinite period,
have been taken on. On Monday
the shop force commenced work
iug on tne 10-hour basis, which is
certainly quite an innovation and
no doubt means that business in
railroad circles is looking up some
what. It is hoped that this im
provement may not be merely a
temporary arrangement.
A Good Attraction.
John L. Sullivan will be one of
the attractions at the coming fair.
He will give a series of exhibitions
in his line which will be of inter
est. So far as the active work in
the prize ring is concerned, John
L. may be a back number, but he
is without doubt the most popular
prize fighter we have ever had in
this country. Sullivan has his
faults and no one knows it better
than himself, but the majority of
people have liked him fdr his big,
warm heart, and because he is
such an able exponent of an art
in which all who are inclined to
athletics admire. Don't fail to
visit the big fair and meet John.
Death ot Will Johnson.
Early Sunday Morning Will M.
Johnson died at his home on West
Lafayette street, death resulting
from an attack of typhoid fever.
The deceased was a son of Thomas
P. Johnson and was well know to
the citizens of this community,
having spent his life here, His
long association with the drug
business of James Plummer and
his subsequent connection with
the Wachovia Bank, brought him
into personal contact with many
people, all of whom, who learned
to know him, esteemed him high
ly, He was quiet and unostenta
tious, but nevertheless made an
impression upon those with whom
he was associated. He leaves a
widow and two children to mourn
his loss. The funeral was held
from the First Presbyterian church
Monday afternoon, Rev. Byron
Clark conducting the usual ser
vices. W. F. Sides and John Kenerly
were fined $5 each in the mayor's
court last Saturday, for disregard
ing the speed limit with their
Will Seek Damages.
Readers of The Watchman will
remember the case of the negro
woman, Delia Moore, who was re
cently killed by a street car in
the outskirts of Spencer. From
the best information obtainable
at the time of the fatality, the
woman deliberately jumped in
front of the car and was killed
before the car could be stopped.
The mother of the woman has
employed a lawyer at Rock Hill,
S. C, and will sue the company
for damages. The Watchman
knows very little about law, but
it is under the impression that
the law requires our street cars to
be provided with fenders in front
of the car. Not a sort of make
shift underneath which may or
may not do the work in time of
danger, but a real fender which
can be depended upon to pick up
a person on the track and render
it almost impossible to run over
them. If any of the Salisbury's
Spencer cars are provided with
such fenders they have escaped
the eye of this paper. It may be
urged by counsel for this woman
that had the car been equipped
with the sor$ of fender contem
plated by the law, the death of
Delia Moore would not have re
sulted. This may or may not
have an effect upon the dscision
of thy jury which will try the
casa, should it get court.
Paul Seiis Dead.
The remains of the late Paul
Betts, who died at Sherman,
Texas, last week, were shipped to
his former home at Mt. Pleasant
for interment, reaching there on
last Friday. The funeral was
held Saturday afternoon from the
I utheran church'in Mt. Pleasant.
Rev. M. M. Kinard, A, L. Smoot,
E. Moose and others went to
Mt. Pieasant from this city and
were present at the fuueral. The
iceased was takeu seriously ill
some time since with appendicitis,
but apparently recovered his usual
health. He was later seized sud
denly and died. Mr. Betts was a
brother of Prof. Betts and a most
estimable young man-
Yice-Presidential Nominee Here.
John W Kern, of Indiana, the
nominee of the Democratic party
for vice-president, was in the city
a short while yesterday morning
and made a brief speech. Mr.
Kern's time was limited, as he
was passing through Salisbury on
his way to Greensboro where he
was to "talk in the afternoon.
Quite a crowd was at the depot
when Mr. Kern's train pulled in
and yielding to the enthusiasm
which prevailed, aud the repeated
demands for a speech the gentle
man went to the rear of the train
and spoke to those present a few
minutes. While he did not have
time to say much, those who heard
him think he said a great deal.
He talks like a man who has no
words to waste. He gets right
down at once to the heart of what
he wants to say and then says it
in vigorous and impressive lan
guage. Mr. Kern mide a fine im
pression here and our people hope
to have a talk from him later
when he has more time at his dis
posal. Lee Merriweathsr to Speak.
It has been announced that
Hou. Lee Merriweather, of St.
Louis, Till make some speeches in
this State during the campaign
and will most likely speak in
Salisbury. Mr. Merriweather is
making speeches in different sec
tions in the interest of W- J. Bry
an, and appeals more directly to
the working people than any oth
er class of voters. It gives The
Watchman pleasure to state, up
on what it considers excellent au
thority, that Mr. Merriweather is
not in the "agitator" class. He
knows, however, not only what
the cause of labor wants, but he
knows just what it needs as well
as any man in the country. He
is an able, interesting speaker, a
man of the highest integrity and
one whose motives cannot be ques
tioned. He slftuds hiffb in his
own State and Chairman Eller of
the State Democratic Executive
Committee made no mistake in
securing his services in North Car
olina. To quickly check a cold, drug
gists are dispensing everywhere, a
clever Candy Cold Cure Tablet
called Preventics. Preventics are
also fine for feverish children.
Take Preventics at the sneeze
stage, to head off all colds. Box
of 48 25c. Cornelison & Cook.
Bigger, Better and Cleaner than Ever.
All Good and Worthy of the Best.
The Becond annual fair, of Ro
wan and adjoining count'es, will
be held in this city Tuesday.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
October 20, 21, 22 and 23. In a
conversation with Mr. Jackson,
president of the association, he has
assured us that the fair will be on
a much larger and better scale
than the one of last year, that
more and better exhibits will be
had, that a higher 'and cleaner
class of attractions will be offered,
and, that more entries for speed
trials have been made than for
the fair of last year, which was
only a beginning, but from which
valuable experience in the way of
conducting and managing ot fairs
was secured. The list of attrac
tions as enumerated in a large ad.
on another page, to which your
attention is called, consists of
some- of the very best to be found
anywhere Take the Strobel air
ship exhibitions for instance. This
will appear at most of the fairs
this fall and is being advertised
as a great specialty in Richmond,
Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston and
Charlotte, but is the same and no
more than our people can see right
at home.- The Sullivan-Kilrain
boxing match is something seldom
seen outside of the larger cities.
The Johnny J. Jones show is
a splendid, high class exhibition,
expecially fine are his trained an
imals leopards, wolves and lions.
Owing to the large number of
entries in the speed trials and
stock department a contract for
the erection of an additional 100
stalls was given out Monday.
Another convenience arranged
for is the building of 500 feet
mo.e of railroad tract in the fair
grounds and the leaving of the
trains from the new passenger de
pot, which will run every 15 or 20
Taking all in all the Rowan fair
seems to be on a par with the best.
It is our fair and as Buch deserves
our'encouragement and patronage.
Make up your mind to take the
family and see the fair. The
money Bpent is not" like giving it
to a circus to be carried away, but
the most of it will be spent in our
midst and will return to the pock
ets of our people.
The poultry exhibit will be ex
tra fine. Exhibits from all over
the country have already been
Fcust Co:k Nuptials.
Cards have been received by
friends of the couple which read
as follows :
"Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Henry
Foust will give in marriage their
daughter Lillian Stevenson, to
Walter Miller Cook," on the eve
ning of Wednesday, 14th of Oc
tober, 1908, at half after 7 o'clock.
First Presbyterian church, Salis
bury, North Carolina. The honor
of your presence is requested."
Mr. C-ok is a member of the
drag firm of Cornelison & Cook
and deserves to be heartily con
gratulated upon his successsful
wooing of the accomplished and
charming Miss Foust.
Cards have been received here
bearing the following announce
ment :
"Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tazewell
Fitzgerald invite you to be pres
ent at the marriage of their
daughter, Loulie Doggett, to Hil
ton BradBhaw Rufty, on Saturday
morning, October seventeeth, at
eleven o'clock at their home, 14
South 3rd street, Richmond, Va.
Mr. Rufty is a son of M. C
Rufty, of this city, and has been
a resident of Richmond for about
ten years. The many Salisbury
friends of the young man congrat
ulate him upon his aprroaching
More Room Required.
The indications are that the
coming fair of the Yadkin Valley
Fair Association will surpass the
most sanguine expectations of
thoso who are financially mterept
ed in it. - The entries so far have
been so much more numerous
than had been anticipated, that
contracts have been let for one
hundred additional stalls for
horses and cattle. The space for
the agricultural exhibits will also
be increased. This work will
begin at once and will be rapidly
pushed. The list of attractions
is already a fine one and it is rap
idly growing,
Still They Come. -
Our Democratic friends through
out county certainly have a large
sized hustle on themselves and
the effect of their good work wil
certainly show itself at the polls
on election da,y. A Democratic
club has been organizeoaSalem,
with the following officers : J. E.
Briggs, president; N. A, Lippard,
1st vice-president; E. M, Sifferd,
2nd vice-president; John Al
bright, 3rd vice-president ; W. T.
Briggs, secretary and treasurer.
A New Road Being Opened.
The public road recently sur
veyed from the intersection of the
Statesville and Wilkesbc-ro rad,
three miles from Salisbury, to
Spencer, by way of George Fink's
farm and the Piedmont grounds,
is being put in order for use.
The Fair Association, the Pied
mont J and Co., and Geo.
are having a substantial
bridge bui t across Grant
just in the rear of the
grounds. This bridge will be 250
feet in length.
Advertising For Bids.
The government is now adver
tising tor bids for work on the
driveway to be built from South
Main street to the National cem
etery. The bids will be opened
on October 16th and the contract
awarded, should the bids prove
satisfactory. It is believed that
a sufficient sum is left from the
appropriation to insure a drive
way. A considerable portion of
the money has already been ex
pended in buildiug the tunnel
under the Southern Railway
A Gall.
All Democratic clubs that have
been organized in North Carolina
during the present campaign aud
those that shall yet be organized
are called upon to send their
names, together with the names
and addresses of their officers to
John W. Tomlinson, Chairman
Committee on Organization, Chi
cago, 111.
This will, upon the authority
of Chairman Tomlinson, insure
each club receiving from Demo
cratic National Headquarters lit
erature, badges, buttoi.s and
weekly letters from Mr. Bryan
during the month of October.
A similar report to State Head
quarters will insure support of
like character and our best efforts
to supply their meetings with
speakers when desired.
A. H. Eller, chairman
State Democratic Executive Com
mittee. Raleigh, N. C, Sept, 28, 1908.
The gin of
Night Riders."
Calhoun Pruilt, a
prosperous farmer of Varrnnes
township, eight miles south of
Anderson, was posted last night
by supposed night riders. The
notice warned him to close down
the giD, aud threatened that the
night riders would burn it if the
command was not obeyed. Mr.
Pruitt came to the city this after
noon and brought the notice with
him. It was written on part of a
political circular with an iudeli
ble pencil and the writing is with
out doubt the work of some very
ignorant person. The incident
created some excitement at the
scene, but the gin was not closed
down. People iu the city do not
know what to think ofit.
The notice reads as follows:
"Notise" Calhuue Pruite If you
gin any more cotton you will be
burnt out. We mc,an bisiness.
From advause. "Night riders."
A.ndersn; S. C, dispatch.
It Tastes Good and
Creates Strength
the famous cod liver and
iron medicine, without oil.
Vinol is much better than
cod liver oil and emulsions,
because, while it contains all
the medicinal value they do,
it disagrees with no one.
As a body builder and
strength creator for old
people, delicate children,
after sickness, and for stub
born coughs and colds Vinol
is unequaled.
Smith Drug Co.. Salisbury
Tests of Fitness.
One of the leading railroad
companies in the East has decided
to establish a rule for physical
test before employing men which
will be as severe as that required
for entering thj army or navy.
This decision is based on the new
Federal employers'; liability act,
passed by the last Congress, the
railroad taking the v position that
in order to avoid the payment of
heavy damages it will be neccs
sary to require a higher degree of
officiency among employes than
lhe traveling public will be
pleased to learn of the new rule.
As a general proposition, railroad
men are a ruggedlot.butthe reports
of the Interstate Commerce Com
mission show that many accidents
are traced to the physical ineffi
ciency of railway trainmen. It
will be better for mankind if em
ployes charged with the transpor
tation and care of human lives
are required to show a clean bill
of mental or moral health before
hey secure or are allowed to retain
their positions. Omaha, Neb.,
An Old Law Firm.
Ex-Judge Alton B. Parker ad
dressed the class entering the law
school of Fordham University in
the theatre of St, Francis Xavier
College yesterday.
"Don't, I beg of you, make
your highest aim monoy," said
Mr. Parker. "If money is the on
ly aim of your career, then you'll
find there are other endeavors that
will bring you larger financial re
ward than the law.
"One of the oldest law firms
known to the' world," continued
Mr. Parker, "was that of Marshau
& Son. This firm practiced law
2,000 years before the time of Ab
raham. There was found in the
tomb of these lawyers the bill of
sale of a ring for a marriage. The
document was O. K. except that
it needed only a United States
revenue stamp to make it valid.
"That the lawyers of that date
weTe willing to have such legal
secrets buried with them instead
of giving tbem to the morning pa
pers makes a good showing for the
legal profession of that time."
New York Times.
if eaten daily, there will be a daily
action of the bowels waste re
moved nutriment retained. It
is made from the whole wheat
For sale by all Grocers
Report of the condition of
at Spencer, N. C, at the close '
of business, September 23, 1908.
Loans and Discounts $28,952.00
Overdrafs secured, $118.80.
" unsecured, 67 38. 186.18
Furniture and Fixtures 1,100.00
Due from Banks and Bankers 10.191 80
Gold coin 500.00
Silver coin, including all mi
nor coin currency 90.40
National bank notes and
other U. S. notes 5,308 00
Total .... $46,328 38
Capital stock 5,000.00
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid 3,541.74
Deposits subject to check. ... 37,286.88
Due to Banks and Bankers.. 499 76
Total $46,328.38
State of N. C, county of Rowan, S.S:
I, J. K, Dorsett, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief
Jas K. Domett, cashier.
i Correct Attest:
M. L. Smoot, )
U. L. Moxk, VDiiectors.
W. O. Gatkwood,
Subscribed find sworn to before me,
this the 29th day of September, 1908.
t Y . A. Goodman, notary public.
The relief you get in properly fitted glasses more than pays for them the
first few weeks. A small saving of nerve force is of more value than the sav
ing of a large sum of money.
The Eyes control a large per cenfbf ths nerve force of the human body.
We match broken glasses and mend your broken spectacles frames.
Office hours: 9 o'clock a. m. to 3 o'clock p. m Up stairs over W. H. Huff's.
store on Main street.
Stomach troubles would more
quickly disappear if the idea of
treating the cause, rather than
the effeot, would come into prac
tice. A tiny, inside, hidden
nerve, says Dr. Shoop, governs
and gives strength to the stomacn.
A branch also goes to the Heart,
and one goes to the Kidneys.
When these "inside nerves" fail.
then the organs must falter. Dr.
SIiood's Restorative is directed
specifically to these failing nerves
Within 48 hours after starting the
treatment patients say they real
ize a gain. Sold by Cornelison &
Appointments ineluding All the Township
Have Been Made for Democratic Speaking.
The Democratic candidates for
the various county offices have
arranged their itinerary and the
times and places of speakings are
as follows :
Trading Ford, Thursday night.
Oct. 8.
Mt. Ulla, at Saw Mill, Wednes
day afternoon, October 14, at 2
Hart's Store, Wed lesday night,
October 14, at 8 o'clock.
bernhardt's mill.
Graiiite Quarry, Thursday
night, October 15, at 8 o'clock.
Barber's, Thursday night, Octo
ber 8, at 8 o'clock.
Cleveland, Monday night, Octo
ber 12, at 8 o'clock.
China Grove, Tuesday night,
October 13, at 8 o'clock.
Cowan's school house, Wednes
day night, October 7, at 8 o'clock.
J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of
State, will speak at this appoint
The Republican nominees are
invited to meet the county Demo
cratic candidates at ail their ap
Democratic clubs will be organ
ized at all these places after the
They Take the Kinks Out.
"I have used Dr. King's New
Life Pills for many years, with in
creasing satisfaction. They take
the kinks out of stomach, liver
and bowels, without fuss or fric
tion," says N. H. Brown, of Pitts
field, Vt. Guaranteed satisfacto
ry at all Druggists. 25c.
Advertisements under this head will toe
charged for at the rate of one cent per word
each insertion.
COW for Sale. A young cow, will
drop calf this winter. Call at
Watchman Office.
Job Printing of all kinds neatly and
promptlv executed at the
Vatchman Office.
Knives. We are still giving a good
knife to those who pay a year's
subscription in advance to the
Carolina Watchman.
Wanted, For Cash: ah kinds of old
books, papers, relics, furniture,
etc. We sell school books at half
price, or exchange for others.
Send list wanted or for sale.
Southern Book Exchange, Ra
leigh, N. C. 8-26 lOt
Rheumatism Cured without medicine.
By following instructions a cure
is guaranteed or money will be re
funded. Best of references fur
nished. Call at this office, or ad
dress Wm. H, Stewart, Salisbury,
N. C.
.Corrected weekly by D. M. Miller.
Apples, per bushel, 35 to 50.
Bacon, sides perfi), 11 to 11.
" shoulders, per lb, lOtoll.
" ham", per lb, 15 to 18.
round, per lb, 10 to 12.
Butter, choice yellow, 20 to 22
Chickens, per lb, yz to 9.
Ducks, 20 to 30.
Guineas, 25 to 30.
Eggs, per doz, 17 to 20.
Corn, per bnshel, $1.00.
Flour. straight, per sack, $2.30 to $2.40
" pat, $3.00 to 3 20.
Hay, per. hundred lbs, 60 to 80
Honey, per lb, 15 to 20.
Lard, N. C, per lb, 10 to 12.
Meal, bolted, per bu. c1.00, '
Oats, per bu, 65 to 7
Potatoes. Irish, pe- bu 50 to 60
Wheat per bush. 90 to $1 00

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