North Carolina Newspapers

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IK. IMS, at U post oO at Salte
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of Mare trc. 1OT.
Salisbury, N. C, Nov 18, 1908.
Has &none made any guesses
yet on the next postmaster of Sal
isbury, or the U. S. District At
torney for this district? We
dont mind saying- in strictlconfi
dence that Jas. H. Ramsay will
probably be postmaster under the
Taft administration. Salisbury
could not get a better one.
There is evidently something
wrong with the people in various
sections of the country. It has
been a long time Bince one heard
of so many murders and shoot
ings as have taken place lately.
Many persons seem to have a Inst
for blood which they are willing
to satisfy at any risk. What is
the trouble, are we to degenerate
intoa nation of murderers? .
The Watchman does not know
who was the aggressor in the re
cent street duel in Nashville,
lenn., in which Ex-Senator Cor
mack was killed. It knows one
thing, however, that no one who
knew.the dead Senator will believe
for a second the preposterous story
told by the Coopers, that Carmack
tried to hide behind a woman
when the shooting commenced. E
W. Carmack was not that kind of
a man.
There is an element of fiendish
ness and atrocious cold blooded
ness in that Waynesville killing
which is really appalling. From
the published reports of Tihe affair
it appears that there was a mis
understanding between Jas.
Moody and a young man named
Vaughn. Seeing Moody on the
street Vaughn went to him and
was in the act of offering an apol
ogy for something he had said or
done, when Moody pulled a re
volver and shot him. It is a mat
ter of much regret that Moody
made his escape, but the officers
may yet capture him.
It has been stated in more than
one newspaper of the State re
cently, that a bill will be intfbducr
ed in the next legislature to grant
communities .the right of local
self-government. The Watch
man does not believe-that such
bill will be introduced, but if it
should be, it is rf the opinion
that the bill will meet a speedy
death. The introduction of such
a bill would simply mean, in ef
Tect, an attempt to override the
will of a .very large majority
of the people, expressed at the
election held last May. The
voters of North Carolina voted
overwhelmingly in favor of a dry
State, and the man or set of men
wno introduce sucn a measure as
the one mentioned, or support it
,after it is introduced will simply
sign, me aeatn warrant oi any
hope of future -preferment they
may have. A measure of this na
ture might be brought ftp later on,
in case we maysay, that the pro
hition law proves a failure. So
long as the State has voted dry
we believe that all those who so
voted, together with many who
voted on the other side, are anx
ious to give the law a fair trail
and it is the duty of every good
citizen to see, as far as may be
possible, that the law has this.
True, it is only an experiment
with the people of North Caro
lina, but they have said at the
polls that they were willing to
try the experiment and they
ought to be given every facility
for testing the matter thorough
ly. The Sunday School Institute.
The institute for the instruc
tion of Sunday school teaehers
will be held at the First Presby
terian church. There will be
two services today, one at 3 p. m.
and another at 7:30 p. m. To
morrow there will be three
a. tn.,
p. m. There will be much of in
terest to Sunday school workers,
at those meetings.
Son of Henry Wattsrson Meets Dea'h by
: Unusual Accident.
Harvey W. Watterson, -a Iaw
ye, and younger" son of Henry
Watterson, editor of The Louis
ville Courier-Journal, plunged to
his death from the nineteenth
floor of his office building at 37
Wall Street late today. . His body
Bhot downward for 110 feet and
fended on the roof of a ten-story
building adjoining. Almost every
bone was broken and the head
crushed and death was practically
While there were no eye-witness
es to the tragedy, evidently it was
entirely accidental. Mr. Watter
son's hat and overcoat were on his
closed desk. Presumably he had
attempted to lower the window,
and either stumbling over the ra
diator which was in- front of the
low sill, or losing his footing in
some manner unknown pitched
foward and down to death on the
roof below.
1 Mr. Watterson was SU years
old and married. He was.' junior
member of the law firm of Wing,
Russell & Watterson.
Shortly before 4 o'clock Mr.
Watterson left the office library,
remarking that he was going homt,
and passed from . the library
through the office of F. R. Bagg,
the managing clerk, into his pri
vate office, the door of which
closed and locked automatically
las he entered, xsagg was tne last
person to see the young lawyer
A few minutes later tht. superin
tendent of the building rushed in
and informed Thos. E. Wing, sen
ior member of the firm, that he
believed Mr. Watterson had fall
en from the window and looked
down from the window. The
mangled form was seen lying be
The body was removed to the
Watterson home, after the coro
ner had declared that the death of
Mr. Watterson was due entirely to
A peculiar feature of the case
was that Mr. Watterson's watch
and cigarette case in one pocket,
and a pipe in another, were not
damaged by the fall. New York
Comes t& Salisbury,
Ellis Pugh and family left Mon
day for Salisbury to make their
future home. Mr. Pugh has a po
sition as foreman in a cotton mill
there. His Lexington friends
and there are scores of them re
gret to see him leave town and
hope he will decide to come back
some time. Lexington Dispatch.
Want Ret. E. K. McLarty Again.
At a recent meeting of the board
of stewards of the First Methodist
church the members of that body
united in a request to the confer
ence at Asheville this week, that
Rev. E. K. McLarty- be. returned
to this charge. At the quarterly
conference, held later, the follow
ing were elected :
Stewards: Hon, L S. Overman,
GK W. Whitlock, T. H. Stiff, T.
H. Vanderford, H. N. Woodson,
W. B. Summersett, H. T. Simp
son, A. R. Lazenby, W. H. Craw
ford, P. N. Peaco:k, L. Gas
kill, W. T. Burke, L. LGas!!,
N. W. Collette,!). A. Beaver, 0.
A. Montgomery, James Plammer,
R. L. Shaver, Leroy A. Smith, M.
L. Jackson, M. 0. Rafty, W. B.
Recording Steward. W. T.
District Steward : T. H. Vander- j
Sunday School Superintendent
W. B. Summersett.
An Interesting Occasion. v
Frank R. Brown, president and
Bismarck Capps, secretary, of the
Salisbury Township Sunday
School Association, have sent out
the following :
"You have no doubt felt the
need of better equipped teachers
for our Sunday schools. The
privilege to hear this vital ques
tion discussed will be offered to
the Sunday Schools next Thurs
day night on the 19th at 7 :30 p.
m., in the First Presbyterian
church of this city. R,ev.- H. A.
McCullough, State Secretary of
the Teachers Training DeDart-
ment will present the subject.
Please announce from the pulpits,
and at the Sunday schools tomor-
The speaker is a gentleman well
qualified to discuss his subject in
an able and instructive manner.
-The First Baptist church, whidh
has been without a regular pastpr
since the resignation of Rev. R.
Neighbor, has extended a call to
Rev. J. L. Motley, of Atlanta,
Ga. It is not known yet whether
Mr, Motley will accept.
Dr. 3. M. Poole, who has had
much trouble with his eyes lately,;
so much, in fact, that he waB un-;
able to give attention to his med
ical practice, is much improved.
Harry Morton, a fireman, had
the misfortune a few n'ghts ago
to fall into a cinder pit near the
roundhouse, in the Southern
vards at Snencer. Me received a
painful wound on the head.
A Sunday school has been or
ganized for the Hebrew children
of the city. The services will be
held in the rooms occupied by the
Merchants' Association.
Sheriff-elect McKenzie went to
Greensboro last Friday to bring
home his daughter, Miss Mary
Wood. She is a student of the
State Normal and is very ill with
typhoid fever.
Tne scarlet fever situation here
is reported as being well under
control. There have been very
few fatal cases and there are no
new cases developing.
The official programme for the
JNortn uaronna uav exercises is
in the hands of Supt. Kizer. Any
of the teachers in the county who
want a copy of the programme
can secure it by calling at the of
fice of the superintendent. The
day will be celebrated in the pub
lic schools of the State on Decem
ber 20th.
The excavation at Main and In-
niss streets, on the Bight of the
Old Mansion House, is about
ready for the foundation for the
building which is to be erected
Miss Belle Reeves and J. W.
Teal were married last Tuesday
afternoon by D. M. Miller. Esq.
Sam Massey didn't became hi
larious over the news that the
governor had granted him a re
spite until December 4th. . He!
merely said, , Much obi tged,",
borne of the members of the
JNortn Carolina Corporation Com-
mission visited apeucer last week
and looked over the shops
Ihe JBagley Council, Daughters
of Libertv. had eighteen ! candi
dates for initiation last Saturdav
- mf
lhomas Kothrock, a native of
Rowan, is now located at Fort
Mackenzie, Wyo. He is cunected
With the hospital corps". He has
many friends here who wish him
much success in his new location.
Dr. 0 D. King, a well-known
physician of Albemarle, died last
Thursday morning. Bright's dis
ease was the cause of death. The
deceased was highly esteemed by
a number of friends in this city.
J. R. Price, Esq., an attorney
of Albemarle, was here last weak
An nnainofio i
We havo recently received a
very much appreciated letter from
A. H. Caldwell, a native of this
city, now located at Brevard, N.
C. Mr. Caldwell is .roadmaster
and trainmaster of the Transyl-
vania division of .the Southern
railway. Mr. Caldwell is mak-
nga record for himself in the rail-
road world and is giving great sat-
lataction to the higher officials in
his splendid and able management
of the nronertv in his hands
Mis mauy friends hore will be
giad to learn of his success.
A Full Forte may be put tO Work.
For a img ttae there has been
uusmetaDie speculation as to
J t- 1 1 J 9 . I
when the Southern Railway Com
pany would restore its Soencer
Shonforcp in it fnrm.r
- L I
: ' ii...-ri ; ,
cxv,u, auu mere iias neen various
iKuiuiB auuai w wnat me com-
pany would do and when it would
be done. The most rel able in-
Wtioa on the came
.ucuiuci uay irom general Man-
ager Ackert himself, who was in
the city for a short time. He
stated in substance thi if
7Z-T.. fcrwr . " . !De
conumon oi DUSiness lustlbed
a step, that most of the
wno were laid off some time ag-o ehial membrane. Mothers should,
would be put to work by the first for safety's sake alone, always de
ofthevear. Sorb a itirrac, i mand Dr. Shoop's. It can with
tti o v,;D uZ , u
iU V1U
meaumucnioiine ousiness men
of Salisbury.
Justices of the Peace and Constants tor
the Various Townships of Rowan.
The following is a list by town
ships of the justices of the peace
and constables elected November
3rd, to serve during the next two
years, provided they qualify be
fore the clerk of the superior court
within due time:
Justices: J M Brown, T D
Brown, J C Kesler, Jno B Kerns,
D M Miller, John Crawford, O W
Spencer, F M Higgins, C M Hig
gins, J D Heilig, W D Pethel, W
L Ray, J K DorBett, D J Miller,
T M Earnhardt. Qpnstable, B F
Justices of the Peace r G H
Houck, J S Fleming, J W Deal.
Constable: H A Overcash.
Justices of the Peace : Edward
D Bostian, John R Brown, Dr
John V Maduras. Constable:
Hazelius S ilostian.
Justices: C J Fleming, John H
Davis, Rev A T Hord. Consta
ble: John Gaither.
Justices of the Peace: J Cicero
Miller, Geo Thompson, W B
Hartly. Constable : H C Keuerly.
Justices of the Peace: Alfrad L
Peeler, W F -Jsey. Julius Earn
hardt. Constable: John A M
Justices of the Peace: Geo H
Pless, Geo A Slough, J C Lingle
Constable: James B W Yost.
Justices of the Peace : . W
Sifford, L E Fisher, W T Sumner
Constable: J S Cauble.
Justices of the Peace: John W
Miller, W C Correll, J "W Basin
ger. Constable: Walter M Ba
Justices of the Peace: John K
Goodman. S M Hart, R C Knox.
Constable: Scott E Miller.
providence township.
Justices of the Peace: H
Agnfr, A L Kkutz. L D H Brown
Constable : David F Agner.
Justices of the Peace: F N
Bryau, J Lyerly, S A Rndiaill.
Justices of the Peace: Joe S
Hall, Chan S Betker, Samuel T
Baker.. Constable: Chas Good
Justices of the Peace: D C
Click, R B BaUey, T B Terrell
Constable: J M Benson.
Election Board Decides a Case.
The County Board of Elections
met at the court house Friday
morning at 10 o'clock to deter
mine which candidates for justice
Lf the Pea
were elected from
Sooth-Irish township in the clec
wwu tuti oru oi iMovemoer, tne
following named gentlemen hav-
U"g received in that election the
same number of votes, name'y;
F. N. Bryan, Jonathan Lyerly,
. A. Rndisil and W. D. Mo
Laughlin, The Board of Elec
tion declared that Messrs F. N
. . - 1 -
- Bryan, Jonhthan Lyerly and S.
A. Rudisil were elected.
A delightfully entertaining con
cert was given at the graded school
huildiag laBt Thursday evening
by the Salisbury Choral Societv
A large and
was present and the music was
&he o,
some time during tne holidays
A ' 1 . ...
1 lcfe""g. tight Coughs, can be
1 I 'II 1 , ...
a prescription Druggists are dis
pensiug everywhere as Dr. Shoop's
uougo Kemeay. And it is so
very, very different thau common
UUSU "ciiieB, no opium, no
ZTtL tlX?
leaves of a harmles, lung healiu
mountainous shrub, gives the cur
atlve properties to Dr. Shoop's
have the Dower to calm t.h mit I
vuugu ntineay. inose leaves
Li;cfMO n u "T " " " "T'i
uu not 1 BUO U1UBD BOllBllllVO U 1 UL1-
"661 freedom be given to even
tneyouuge8t babes.
self I and see.
i - . . u - . i - i . - -
Sold by Cornelison ; ood m,lidii.n? ? : Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va7V "J
J Strict middling 9c. II VS mm "L. ,hk tsFTfOS
Stains and tinges. 7 and 8c. . hm LECTRIC MMODsxfflO
Preacher Charged Witb Uurder.
Detective Hurricane Branch to
night arrested Rev. Ernest Lyons,
at Reid's F6rry, Va., on the
charge of murdering his predeces
sor, Rev. Jas. L. Smith, who has
been mysteriously missing since
August 1st, and for whom detec
tives have been searching for
Smith, an exponent , of the
Sanctified" or ''free love" band
was mentioned in connection with
a woman, whose reputatoin was
questioned. They had a difficulty
snortly before Smith's disappear
ance. Last week a body was-found
fl atiug on Nausemond river, and
was buried as au unknown? To
day it was disinterred and posi
tively identified by the clothing
hand a finger riue. The autonsv
brought out the fact that death
did not result from drowning, but
from a blew which fractured the
temple. Detectives say Smith's
body was first buried and then
thrown into the river. Suffolk
a., dispatch.
Postoffice Robbed.
The postoffice in East Spencer
was robbed last Wednesday night
and the thieves secured abou
jpy.uu in money and $2.UU in
stamps. The office is located in
the store of Esq. C. E. Fesperman
and he is out a quantity of mer
chandise of various kinds, just
how much, he has not been able
to determine. The thief evident
ly had his nerve with him. He
entered the residence of Mr. Fes
perman and going- into his room
be secured a watch and the key
of the store lrom the pockets o
Mr. Fesperman, who was sleeping
soundly. The perpetrator of the
robbery is beyond doubt one who
is quite familiar with both Mr.
fesperman s residence and his
store. The officers believe they
have a clue to the g-uilty party
duc tney are not giving out any
Bishop Cheshire at St. Luke's.
There was a large congregation
at St. Luke's Episcopal church
last Sunday morning. Bishop
Cheshire was present and admin
istered the sacrament of confirma
tion to a class of seventeen. This
is one oi xne most solemn and
impressive, as-well as one of the
most beneficial rites of the
i i . ii i
cnuren ana tne audience, many
of whom were not Episcopalians
showed a marked degree of in
terest. After concluding this
portion of the service the Bishop
preached an able and highly in
structive sermon from 1st Samuel,
12-22: "For the Lord will not
forsake his people for His great
name's sake; because it hath
pleased the Lord to make you his
people.'.' m
The sermon was devoted large
ly to an outline of the history of
the church, the part it had play
ed and the mighty influence it
had exerted upon English speak
ing people. The Bishop stated
that that was the first sermon of
the kind he had ever prepared
during his ministry.
Grand Excursion to Richmond, Va., No-
fember 25th.
On account of Thanksgiving
game between universities of North
Caroliua and Virginia, the South
era Railway will operate a spe
cial train to leave Charlotte 7:45
m.. November 25th, arriving in
Richmond about 6:00 a. m..
November 26th. 1908; returning
leave Richmond mid-night 'same
date. Train to consist of first-
class- day coaches and Pullman
Tickets to be sold at points on
branch lines to connect at junc
tion points. Following round
.rip rate : From Salisbury $4.00.
Far detailed information see
arge flyers, or call on your dep t
agent. R. L. VERNON,
Trav Pass. Agent.
Corrected weekly hy D. M. Miller.
Apples, per bushel, 50 to 80
Bacon, sides per ft, 11 to 11.
shoulders, per n. 10 to 11.
ham, per ft, 18 to 20.
round, per ft. 10 to 121.
Buter, choice yellow. 20 to 22'A
Chickens, ner lb. 8 to 9.
Ducks, 20 to 30.
Guineas, 25 to 30.
Kggs, per doz. 17 to 20
Coin, per bushel, $1.00.
Flour.straight, jr sacjt, $2 30 to $2.40
pat, f 3.UO tr. 3 20.
57. hundred lbs, 60 to 80
oney, per lb, 15 to 20.
Lard, N. C, per lb, 10 to 12,.
Meal, bolted, per hu '1.00.
Otita. per bu, 65 to7.r
Potatoes. Irish, pe bu 60 ro 80
Wheat per bush. 90 to $1 00
II T I'l l'fnnn PL eAIIA If I o I . istered mail or Lxcfrttw m ;
Test it your-! , corrected oy m. u. Quinn. II TT lUlini f i 1
Walter Exum, the negro who
stole an overeoat from a Mr. Kes
ler last week, played in hard luck.
He wasrrested, and in the may
or's court he was -given a choice
between th9 chain gang rand a
whipping. He chose the latter
and it was administered by Capt.
Cauble. Exum is. quite young
and the whipping may be what he
needed most. .... -
Keep an account of each farm
product, in order to know from
which the gain or loss arises.
Dr. Seaman A. Knapp.
it streiig 9n3 and vitalizes
Vinol ton' ; up the digestive organs,
aids assimilation, enriches the blood,
and rejuvenates every organ in the
body. In this natural manner Vinol
replaces weakness with strength.
We are positive it will benefit every
old person who will give it a trial.
If it don't we will refund their money.
Smith Drug Co., Salisbury
Ambitious young men and ladies
should learn telegraphy; for
since the new 8-hour law became
effective there is a shortage of
many thoussnd telegraphers. Po
sitions pay from $50 to $70 a
month to beginners.- The Nation
at Telegraph Institute of Colum
bia, S. C, and five other cities is
operated under suoervision of R.
R. officials and ail students are
placed when qualified. Write
them for particulars. 11-18 2t
The Queen of fashion's
Richest and choicest creations are most
elegantly and perfectly reproduced on
the Standard Rotary.
The World's Best Sewing
iliac hi ne
The ouly machine which makes abso
lutely perfect lock and chain stitching
on the same machine.
When you are in need of a sewine ma
chine, you no doubt intend to give the
matter intelligent consideration and
should buy one which will last a life
time, the Standard Rotary
You Owe It to Yourself
to learn how the Standard Rotary will
do more and better work, in less time,
and with more real comfort and pleas
ure than any other machine made.
Send for circular.
The standard Sewing1 Machine Co,,
For sal e hy Atlanta, Ga
Salisbury, NC.
Sale oi Personal Propsrty.
Thursday, DecemDer 3rd.
On the above date I wiil offer fo:
on my premises near Fisher'a old mill,
at auction to the highest bidder for
cash, the following articles of personal
property, to wit;
1 superior disc gram drill, 1 chamn
ion reaping machine, 1 deering mower
and rake, 2 two-horse waeons. 1 one-
tiorse wagon, 1 surry. 1 bncev. 1 ridiner
cultivator and also a lot of plows and
hand cultivators, some household and
kitchen furniture, 1 brood mare, 1 pair
mules. Any of the above nronertv mav
be bought at private sale before above
date, should any one wish same
Wood's Seeds.
Seed Wheat, A
Oats, Rye and Barley.
We are not only the largest ifleal-O
era ui oeeu vxram in tne ooutn, but
we sell the best, cleanest and
heaviest qualities. Our s tocks are
secured from the best and largest
yielding crops, and our warehouses
are fully equipped with the best
and most improved machinery for
cleaning. If you want superior
Plant Wood's Seeds.
Prices quoted on request
II ' . If XyWsl inv.tanuu..:--- .
mvwuj. - - -- - mm mm .rt.t . ..rtrw mm -m . snrifl aiiu . mm -
f ''7. -r - u .i
Ideal food for children.
makes the chUdren plump ind
strong and prevents' soitf itpmr i
ach and consdparioft. ;5est? ;
food for growing: c!dregViin-ir
valids and the ageSd.'l"?t'.V'
For sale by allrGrcasra
Mortgage m.
Pursuant to the provisions of a cer
tain mortgage deed of trrst made the
21st day of December. re06,.by GfcT'W
Frix and -wife, Lily Orr Frix, for the
protection and benefit of Alexander
Lyerly, and duly registered in book'10,
page 62, of Rowan county Record of
Mortgages, default having been made
in payment of the debt which Bid
mortgage was given to secure, the un- )
dersigned will sell at public sale to the
highest bidder for cash, at the court
house door in Salisbury, North Oaroli
na. on
Monday, the 7!!i day of December, 1908,
an 12 o'clock m., the following A roper
ty: One lot lot in .the West ward of the
city of Salisbury, beginning at a stake '
at the Eastern intersection of Monroe:
and Jackson strrots, and runs thence
Southeast with Monroe street 50 feet
to a stake, thence Northeast parallel: "
with Jackson street ls5teet to a stake s,
in Ji M. Maupin's kne, thenceparaJ r
lei with Monme street 50 feet to ft-.:
stake in the edge of Jockson street,;'
thence Southeast with the edge of Jack-
son street 23g feet to the beginning ; .
same being a part of lot No. 6 in divi- T
sion of the Blackmer property as ap-
pears on the Ramsay plat. See Rowan ?
county Record of Deeds, Toook 109. page
118. " I
This the 2nd day of November, 1908,
Abxandeb Ltekly, ixustee.
B. B. MiLTiEB, attorney. c
Mortgage Sale.
Default having been made ii
ment of the debt secured by
mortgage deed of trust ex?
Walter E. Montgomery to .
man on the 22nd day of Oct
and duly registered in bool
522, of Rowan county Record! (
saiu murigii me unuersignea wul '
sell at public sale to the highest bidder J ;
.3 a il J ? i . .
ror cash, at the court house door in vi
Salisbury, North Carolina, on
Monday, the 7th day of December, I9QJL
at 12 o'clock m., tbe following props
ty: - iJ-
Beginnijig at a stake in the West
.1 - A.t a i d
f Bv
one-Hiird feet from the touthweai
stone corner of the " intersection 'ofy.
Wharton stroet nnd attiA ronrl anA rOTlft f.. ,
thence south two and three-fourth t'e
crees east with the the' west edgeo
said aoad fifty and one-third feet to a
DiaKc in wesirjeuxfe pi earn roaaf n5" y
ami til RA f!om-ODjnreiiulflft faot tCiA''
stake, thence north 10 degree west ou
refit to a Rratfi- tnRAjfvnTi h
degrees east 143 feet to the beiinnir,n.
same being lot Nb;$$ib1rifa:'SnitfcJ?
Loan & Trust Company's may of nror) ' t-
"j uujwuiiig iuc ureal DiJUin VVrWI
me cikj u oaiisDury. qee Kown
xnis t&e 2nd day of November.
Ej o. xiOSHMAW. trni
Default h
payment of
by a mort:
by G. G
18th day
corded! in
counuy Jc
ant to t
the ursder
to thet
court h(
at 12 o'cl
That certain
the' lands of Sn
Crissey Graham
mg 40 acres more
the land upon .ffhich '
Kex now residesi 2:
Also 1 bay horse called Oobblej
mare called Dinah; and I mtfose'
ored mare mule called LitreThe 1
payment having been madeonsid
dabtedness the 24th day of Fetoi
This the 2no d ay .of November'
Hi Ai KSSgBiZirr:, 1? Admwk'ol
jj. jj. nxixyjujtj, attorney,
There is no
Farmers wives
best of everythi
Flour. Rothrock
will not disannoi:
aays" ana will pp
as a profit.
. . . .
tki wcoi u cn
i I

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