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We get in something new here almost every day and we are continually throwing out special
our store. We vant you to visit our store often. We want to impress upon you the fact that
keeping in touch with the very best store in this section.
We are connected with a 3hain of stores, buying in big quantities and
can make it to your interest, as well as ours, for you to do your trading
Blankets and Com
' forts.
At the prices we ate selling
Blankets, we ought to
sail all the Blankets sold
sold in this section. . We
bought oar Blankets di
rect from the mill and
is a special deal for our
store, we bought 20 to
83o cheaper than the
regular price.
Cotton Blankets at 60c pr
Full size 10 4 twill cotton
Blankets excellent alue
and very heavy for the .
. price, white, tan and
grey. Price 98c
Extra size 124 twill cotton
Blankets. You never
bought therefor less than
$2 00, white, tan and
grey at $148
North Carolina Grey Wool
- Blankets Of ull size 10-4
regular $3 00 value, spe
cial. . $2 00
North Carolina Grey Wool
Blankets 11 4 at $2 48
N. C. 10 4 White Wool
Blanket bound wide,
wide ribbon, regular $4
Blanket at $2 88
N C. 12-4 Wool Blankets
at ..... $448
Jdmfortaat 75c. 98c. $1 48
and up
tnants in
ods, taken
jck and in-
of almost
'we nave in
ungjit about half
J0 Grv Wool Dress
Goods sold for 75c. Our
8Pecial price only.. .. .. .
Fancy Mohair, Sergen Pan
Panama in all best colors
and also mixd-goodSfiiT.
y&WSdes at.
, jj vaiue jancy
worsteds 42
tion of
ods at..
aranteed Black
real prettv quali-
Jide. Special at.
jWe guaranteed satin
imiDff at
llf iool 36
olacjk. blue
. V
li ii -. tVODecial
Qi r policy is one price to everybody and that
youldre getting the best
7 i-ft
Ladies and Children's
Underwear of all
Ladies nice
vest at. . .
Ladies extra
heavy ribbed
heavy fleeced
vest at
Ladies red or
white wool
u jst at
Children's union
Suits at
25 and 48c
Infants . bleached co.ton
wrappers at...... 15c
Infants part wool wrappers
at 25o
Infants wsol bands at. ... . 25c
Boys' knit waists at 15 and 25o
Box of violetto toilet soap.
3 cakes to box for .... 1 0c box
Children's and La
dies Cloaks.
We have never had such
pretty cloaks at such a
low price.
Children's grey mixed
cloaks 6-14 years at .... 98c
Better cloak at. . $1 48, $198
and up
Children Bear skin coats,
red, white and blue, regu
lar $3 00, cost at $2 00
Ladle's 50 in long Black .
cloak trimmed velvet on
collar, at $2 98
Ladies' long cloaks, a regu
lar 500 value, black, tan
and brown, at $3 48
Our $5 00 specials. Ladies'
cloak covert and Kersey
material and workman
ship and styl9 the very
best in black castor and
Brown. You would hard
ly match these for less
than $7 50, Our price. . $5 00
Our $10 00 Special cloak
made of real pretty qual
ity chiffon Ladies' cloth,
nicely made, trimmed
with satin in black, tan,
castor and brown. Price
$10 00
A nice Corset worth 38c .
with supporters attached
for only 25c
"Belk-Harry Co" Special
Corset Supporters on side
and front medium length
at 48c
Full stock of W.B. Corsets at
1 00,1 50,2 00 and 3 00
your money will buy
T. YyiH!
Bargain io Clothing.
We have never be 311 so well
prepared to sell clothing
so cheap as now. But we
bought in cheaper this
year than ever before.
Lot of men odd pants,
worth $1 75 and $2 00 at
$1 25 and $1 50
Better grade of men's odd
pants at . $3 00, $3 50 and
$4 96
Men's and Boys' Suits,
Boys' Black or Blue Knee
Pants Suits at 98c
Beys' Grey Mixd Kio
Pants Suits at . $ 1 48
Better Suits for Bov, at. $2 00,
$3 00 and up
Youth Sutts, 15 ti 20 years
at $3 98
Youth brown check Suit,
regular $6 50 value at. . $4 98
Youths brown worsted suit,
made latest cut cuff or
sleeve, regular $8 50 suit,
our special at $6 48
Men's Suits at. . $2 98 and up
Men's Black Thibet Suits
worth $7 50 at $4 98
Men's Black cl:y worsted
Suits, made lutpst stvle,
regular value $8 50 Our
Bpecial at $6 50
Men's worsted snits nice"
neat pattern do ible
breasted, value $10 50,
special $7 50
Men :s grey or brown worsted
Suits, made lutst cut
cuff cn sleeve, regular
$12 50, special .... $9 50
We also show a swell Hue of
men's nobby suits, made
latest cute and ptc. . $12 50.
$15 00 and $20 00
Men's Rain Coats. have
two special at. . $10 00 and
$12 50
Men's and B ys' Hats and
Caps. Big stock of caps
all styles 25 and 48c
Men's and Boys wool Hats
latest styles and shapes
at. .. 98 and $1 48
Men's Better Hats at $2 00
and $2 48
John B. Stetson Hats at.. $3 50
Men's Apron Overall at 50c
"White Oak" Apron Over
all made of good heavy
heavy Denim and well
made, Price 75c
Sweet Orr Ovfrall at $1 00
the very lowest we can
and as cheap as anybody.
r , . : :.
usually get a big reduction in price, and, for this reason, we know we
here, where you will get the Best to be had for your money.
Men's Ribbed Undershirts
aud Drawers at 25c
Men's 50c heavy fleeced
Shirts and Drawers, spe
cial 39c
Men's'1 grade wool fleeced
Shirts and Drawers, at.. 75c
Men's Red and Grey Wool
Undershirts and Drawers
a 98c
Boys' heavy fleeced Shirts
and Drawers at 25 and 48c
Men's Work Shirts at 25c
Men's Bull Dog Work Shirts
full sizes at 50c
Men and Boys $1 00 Wool
Sweater special at 50c
Men's Negligeee at 48 and 98c
White pleated bosom shirt 98c
25c Necktie four-in-hand at 15c
PrettieA selection of Ties
at... 7. 25 and 50c
Men's and Boys' Suspond-
ers at 10c
Men's 20c cross back Sus
penders at 15c
Nice selection Men's Sus-
'peuders at 25c
Men's 10c Socks all colorsjat 5c
Men's 15c Grey Wool socks 10c
Men's 15c White foot socks 10c
Coat Suits.
We are showing a pretty
line of coat suits and ours
are not expensive, Price
$10 00 to $20 00
$18 50 Value, serge coat
suits made latest style,
satin lined, Price.. $12 50
$22 50 Value Ladies' Broad
cloth suits made latest
style, Price $18 50
Gloves and Mittens
for women and children
Children's mittens at 15and25c
Ladies wool or cashmere
at 25 and 48c
Centemeri kid glove for la
dies are the best we have
a full stock of this $1 00
grade in black, tan, grey
and green which are the
best least glove made for
the price.
Aa usual we are having fine
trade in millinery gwe
have a big stock ofjthe
very newest thing in mill
inery and at reasonable
price. So reaonable that
all can have new hats.
possibly sell it for.
Bargains which makes things lively every day
familiarity with BELlf-HAKRY CO.'S me
Shoes for men, wo
men and child
ren at very
low prices.
We sell the "Elkin Home
Made" and Godman, all
leather shoes which we
have a big trade on.
They are cheap, but good
honest shoes. You will
be safe in buying your
winter shoes of us. You'll
Bave money and get good
Children Kip Shoes Cap toe
13 to 2 69c
Children Kangaroo Blucber
Shoes 13 to 2 at 7. $1 00
Navy Calf Godman school
shoes 5 to 8 at! 85c
Navy Calf Godman school
shoes 8 to 11 at 98c
Navy Calf Godman school
shoes 11 to 2 at. . . $1 25
Women Kip Shoes at 75c
Women Kip Shoes better
grade 98c
Women all solid Kangaroo
cap or plain toe regular
$1 50 shoes at.. $1 25
Wo men $1 50 pat tip bluch
er kid heavy sole at. . . $1 25
Women patent tip blucher
kid shoe, extension sole
Godman 'b make, Pi ice. $1 50
Women's heavy kid shoe,
cap or plain toei, good
solid Bhoes heavy sole
good medium weight shoe
Godman's make, Price. $1 50
Godman fine kid bluuher
patent tip blucber at
$2 00 and $2 50
The Selby's fine ehoes'for
ladies, none better at the
price in patent, al l styles,
tan and kid. Price
$2 50, $3 00 and $3 50
Men's cap toe satin shoes 1 25
Men's everyday shoes at
1 25 and 1 48
Boys Kangaroo Shoes at. . 1 25
Men's Bltreher cap toe
everyday shoes at
2 00,2 50 and 2 98
Men's Box Calf or
vici blucher cap toe at
2 00 and 2 50
Men's Patent Shoes
'Royal Cress" Shoes for
Men, Box Calf, Gun
Metal and patent at 3 00
Fellowcrat Shoe at 3 50
Ralston Shoes for Dress at 4 00
Work Gloves.
Tan Leather Gloves lined
Bast 50c and 98c Work
Glove to be found.
can trade here with the
Staple Cotton Goods
at Bargain Prices.
All Best Calices, light or
dark color, same other
get 6c for at 5c
Nice smooth sheeting, yard
wide at 5c
AAA Sheeting at. . 6 f-2c
Bed Ticking at. . . 10 and 12c
Good Feather Ticking at . . 14c
Twill Canton Flannel worth
7c at 5c
Better Conton Flannel at
8, 10 and 12c
7c Grade of Apron Ging
ham for 5c
Heavy Hickory Shirting at 10c
Outing pretty style light or
dark at 5, 7i and 10c
Pretty selection of the pop
ular bordered flanneletts
at... 10c
Pretty flan nettes p. t 7ic
Model Outing, grey, blue
pink and brown at 7 and 10c
Scrim far curtain at. .... . 5c
Pretty pattern in Swiss for
curtain at 10 and 12c
16c Blue Wool Flannel at. . 10
15o Red Wool Flannel at. . . 10
Better Red Wool Flannel
at 15, 20 and 2c
White Wool Flannel at
15, 20 and 25c
Pretty embroidered flannel
at , 50c
N ce selections of the wide
popular Rushing, white
and colored at 25 and 48c yd
Child's extra heavy Ribbed
Hone at 10c
Extra nice heavy ribbed
hose at 15c
Big stock of Children's
Hose in "Black Cat,"
"Red Raven," etc, at.. . 25p
Ladies Hose best can be had
at 10, 15,25, 35 md48c
Hand Begs at 25 and 48c
stock of Furs of all
kinds and prices. Our
several stores got together
and the manufacture
made us some very low
prices and we are selling
them very cheap.
A very pretty Fur at
98 and
1 48
Extra nice, large furs at
1 98 to 5 00
Better Furs with Muff to
match up to $38 50 set
almost any price you
want. !
satisfaction of knowing

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