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How dear to tills heart Is the stock
ing of childhood when fond recol- .
lection presents It to view! On
Christmas St. Nick came from frost
whitened wlMwood with every
loved toy which my. Infancy knew.
The wide spreading chimney, the
sled which stood by It, a horse and
some books I remember them all
a doll for my sister, and baby honse
' nigh 'it, and : then the full stocking
which hung on the wall the Santa Clans
stocking, the bountiful stocking, the
Christmas morn stocking which hung on
, the wall I The well stuffed envelope I
hailed as a treasure as early that morn
" lng I opened my eyes and found there
the source of an exquisite pleasure, the
purest and. sweetest that nature supplies.
How ardent I seized it with hands that
were glowing and Jback to my white
sheeted bed went with, all, then soon,
with the emblems of love overflow
ing, was happy in what to my lot
did befall the Santa Claus stocking,
the generous stocking, the Christ
mas morn stocking which hung on
the wall! How sweet through
its round open top to explore
It as poised on my knee it
.Inclined to my vlewl Not a
hot, tempting , breakfast could
make me Ignore it for
longer at most than a
minute or two. And
now, far removed from the
loved situation, the tear
of regret will Intrusively fall
as fancy reverts to my youth's
habitation and sighs o'er he
stocking which hung on the wall
the Santa Claus stocking, the plethoric
stocking, the Christmas morn stocking
; which hung on the wall! But grown people
find there's a later sensation as grateful as any they
felt long ago. It comes when they witness the glad
exultation which on Christmas morning their own off
spring show. And now, dear old Santa Claus, let me
petition your favor for children, both large ones and
small. Bring all the bright hopes to the fullest
fruition that rest In each stocking which hangs
on the wall the wealthy child's stocking,
the poor urchin's stocking; yes, fill
every stocking which hangs
on the wall!
Novelty Invented by German Woman
Approved by Kaiaer.
If nature's supply of Christmas trees
gives out, as some people have feared
it might, there will still be Christmas
trees as long as a German woman In
this city remains alive. Out of green
beads, wire and tiny waxen ornaments
she constructs miniature trees which
nave been thought pretty enough to
grace the court of
Ludwig of Bava
ria In his time
and to amuse the
children of Kai
ser Wilhelm of
Germany. That
was when the in
ventor was living
in her native
country. Since
coming to Amer
ica she has made
them for various
well known peo
ple. One of the ad
vantages of these
trees, she says. Is
brad chsistmas that they are al-TEEE-
most Indestructi
ble. They may be bent, crushed,
packed into small compass, and when
they are wanted again it is only neces
sary to straighten the branches out
into the original shape.
When the Inventor was a girl, fifty
five or sixty years ago, in Munich, she
went to one olr those schools where
German girls are taught to do, as her
daughter says, "everything mlt the
hands." It was having to make
wreaths out of beads' that suggested
to her the notion of making bead
Christmas trees. She set to work and
fashioned Innumerable tiny loops of
green beads, each at the end of a long,
slender wire. She bound the loops to
gether in threes, making trefoils, and
the trefoils Into' branches and the
branches into a tapering trunk, the
trunk being formed of nothing at all
but the individual wires massed to
gether. Then she trimmed the tree
with candles and those tiny waxen fig
ures which the Germans are adepts at
making and fixed It In a pot of sand
and melted wax. Her parents were
quite proud of it 'Her father, who
was director of the Hofgarten In Mu
nich, showed It to his royal master,
and King Ludwig Immediately ordered
one for the Christmas festivities at
After coming to this country she sent
one to President Roosevelt and was
grieved and surprised to find that he
could not accept it
"I expect he thinks he gets some dy
namite," said the daughter. New York
It Was Seven Feet High and the Lar
gest Ever Made.
Reproduced below is a picture of a
mammoth Christmas cake, said to be
the largest one ever made. It was seen
last Christmas In a shop in Levton-
stone, England. Some idea of its size
may be gauged when It Is stated that
it stood seven feet high and weighed
no less than 1,660 pounds.
Those who may dealre to turn out
a rival cake may be interested to learn
that the following Ingredients were
used In its manufacture: One hundred
and fifty-two pounds of butter, 152
pounds of Bugar, 825 pounds of flour,
110 pounds of raisins, 110 pounds of
sultanas, 110 pounds of currants, 3,000
eggs, 35 pounds of citron peel. 35
pounds of lemon peel, 35 pounds of or-
ange peel, 40 pounds of almonds, 30
pounds of milk (15 quarts), 120 pounds
of almond paste, 100 pounds of Icing
sugar, 5 pounds of fresh lemon lnoe
21 pounds of mixed spices, 1 pound of
nutmegs and 1 pound of essence of
Fortune For Toys For the Poor.
The poor children of Pittsburg and
Allegheny are to benefit through the
expenaiture of an estate valued t
$31,000, left by the late George B.
utt The will provides that the es
tate shall go to the wife during her
lifetime and then is to be divided
among his children eauallv. If the
children all die before their mother- at
her death the estate Is to be spent for
the purchase of gifts and nlavthina
for poor children, especially those in
institutions. It was the wish of the
decedent that the money be emended
In small sums, to distribute it over as
large an area as possible and benefit
as many children as possible.
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Are now in Force
At A. W. Winecoffs store, 126 South Main street, Salisbury, N. C.
This sale should prove of exceptional interest to all women, men who
are thinking of outergaraients either, for Dersonal use or mft rmrnnsps
We start our Clean Sweep Sale a full month earlier than usual because
of the very much larger stock than wee ever had before; we ve prepar
ed for the great crowds that will undoubtedly respond to this timely
announcement bigger stock and lower prices than in any previous sale
await you".
Ladies' Long
15.00 Quality, 9 gg
25.00 isleg
20.00 12.99
12.50 969
11.00 ygg
10.00 7J9
800 598
5.00 " 369
Children's Coats from 49c UP
Big Lot Furs from 49c UP-
Ladies' Shoes, $2.50 quality, 1.99
Ladies' Shoes, $3.00 quality, 2i35
Men's Patent Leather Shoes,
S2.50 quality,
Men's Shoes, $3,00 quality,
Men's Shoes, $1 50 quality,
Men's Shoes, $3.50 quality,
10 and 12ic Flannelettes at
All 10c Outing at
One Lot 6c Outing at
Rixudide Plaids at
Lot A. A. Domestic at
1 piece White Table Linen at
1 Eed
50c Table Linen at
65c " "
1.00 " "
85c " "
7c yd
4ic yd
5c yd
19c yd
19c yd
39c yd
43c yd
89c yd
60c yd
Profit and Gost Unrecognized. The showing
ot new prices, bordering on give away.
Christmas Caution.
it customary to ; hang up one
stocktU' or de intiah pair on Christmas
eve?" said Mr. Erastus Plnkley.
"Only jes one," answered Miss Mi
ami Brown. ' "If you hangs on to de
mate you lsn' takln so many chances
on somebody he'pln hisse'f- to foot
wear 'stld o leavin' presents."
Washington Star.
The old fashioned way of dosing
a weak stomach, or stimulating
the Heart or Kidneys is all wrong.
Dr. Shoop first pointed oat this
error. This is why his prescrip
tion Dr. Shoop's Restorative is
directed entirely to the cause of
. these ailments the weak inside or
controlling nerves. - It isn4 so
difficult, says Dr. Shoop, to
strengthen a weak Stomach, Heart
Origin of the Christmas Tree.
There is a legend in Germany that
wnen ifive plucked the fatal apple Im
mediately the leaves of the tree shriv
eled Into needle points and Its bright
green turned dark. It changed its na
ture and became the evergreen, in all
seasons preaching the story of man's
ran. pnly on Christmas does It bloom
Drtgntly with lights and become beau
tiful with love gifts. The curse is turn
ed Into a blessing at the coming of
the Christ Child,- and we have our
uuristmas tree.
or Kidneys, if one goes at it cor
rectly. Each inside organ has its j
wutiuiiuig or lnsiae nerve. When
i. 1- m . .
sues nerves ian, then those or
gans must surely .falter. These
vital truths are leading druggists
ooijrwuwo to uispense ana rec
ommend Dr. ShoopVRestorative.
Test it a few days, and see! Im
provement will promptly and sure
ly follow. Sold by Cornelison &
uu uUULS WMT U n
126 South Main St,
'V. r""' .--V

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