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WM. H. STEWART, Ed. and Prop
Publiihed every Tuesday at 120 West
Innes street.
. Entered as second-class matter Jan.
19th. 1905, at the post office at Salis
bury, N. 0., under the act of Congress
of March 8rd, 1897.
Salisbury, N. C. 'Nov. 80th, 1909
I5-Cent Cotton Soon Will Become a Matter
of Manipulation.
' In a review of the cotton situa
tion, A. Norden & Co. say:
Up to the present, the advance
has had at least some appearance
of being well founded, in the ex
pectation of a famine crop, versus
a prospective normal consump
tion of 13,000,000 bales. But as
it becomes evideent tnat the crop
is well over 11,000,000 baies, that
the shortage of American cotton
will be partially made up by an
excess over last year of about 1,-
000,000 bales of India cotton, and
that the curtailment in manufao
turing will reduce the the urgent
needs to say 12,000.000 bales, so
that spinners may get through
the season without encroaching to
any extent on visible and invisible
supplies carried over from last
year, which encroachment they
would still have before them as a
last resource, the warrant for 15-
cent cotton will no longer be
legitimate one, but will become &
matter of manipulation versus
natural conditions, with prepara
tions of another crop coming near
er day by day. Wall Street Jour
"North Carolina Day."
December 17 has beed appointed
by State Superintendent of Public
Instruction J. Y. Joyner as "North
Carolina Da v." to be observed in
all the public schools of the State
And as plendid programme has just
been gotton up and is being dis
tributed to the schools, dealing
with the history and resources of
the 16 mountain counties. It is
an admirably printed pamphlet of
68 pages and comprises the follow
ing subjects of study :
Gaston's the Old North State."
'The Land of the Sky," History
and the Names of the Counties,'
"Indian Names (a poem by Kemp
P. Battle), "Cherokee Indians in
the Revolution. "King's Moan
tian, Boys," "Heroes of King's
Mountian, Shelby, Cleveland and
Sevier;" "Ho, For Carolina,'
"James Robertson and the West
em Settlements," "A Daughter
of North Carolina," "David Low
xie Swain A " Declamatioa,'
""Racing Waters," by Mary Bay
ard Clark ; "The Western Carolina
Railroad" and "America."
. The programme was prepared by
R. D. W. Connor, secretary
of the State historical commission
at the request of State Superinten
dent Joyner.
red Stierrlll, the Slayer of One Alexander,
Both Negroes, Captured In Knoxville.
Fred Sherrill, the murderer of
a negro bytne name Alexander,
at Bear Poplar, Atwell Township,
August 16th, was captured by
Deputy Sheiff J. H, Mingus at
Knoxville, Tenn., early Monday
morning, bnerm Mcis.enzie naa
obtained a clue some time ago
and made strenuous efforts to lo
cate Sherrill, but failed. Last
week, however, he obtained infor
mation that Sherrill was still in
Knoxvilie, whereupon he imme
diately dipatched one of his most
trusty and efficient deputies, J. H.
Mingus in persuit, which resulted
in tne capture as aoov s&atea
Deputy Miijgus arrived in Salis
bury with Sherrill Monday even
iug and he is now safe in the Row
an jail.
This is a decided relief, it being
he first negro murderer who has
made his escape that has been
captured for seveial years and
goe9 to show that Sheriff McKen-
zie is always on the alert, always
prudent and safe. With Sherrill,
there is Ed. Davis, the s" .yer of
Conductor Wiggins, John Jackson,
the slayer of Officer Monroe, aud
John Powe, who recehtly fatally
cut his wife's throat at opencer,
all at large, a great menace to the
Deao of the countrv. All should
be at least confined to preven
further outrages, but wnen ona
takes into consideration the simi
larity in negroes, the indifference
of officers and others concerning
negroes, the small means provided
for the hunting and capturing o
criminals, and the disposition o
negroes to shelter criminals o
their own race, it borders on" the
marvelous to learn of one's cap
ture. Yet this is what has been
done, a thing of credit to auy
sheriff. This gives hope of the
capture of others and the deter
ment of thoBe who are so ready to
shoot on small provocations.
Sherrills crime was committed
last August while he and his vie
tim, Alexander, were sitting at a
table. Thev had a quarrel which
resulted in Sherrill shooting Alex
ander three times and killing him
Sherrill made his escape nd has
been at large ever since.
Col. John R. Webster Passes.
Reidsville, Nov. 28. Col. John
R. Webster, aged 64, Confederate
soldier, tonce Speaker of the House
of Representative and editor
Webster's Weekly died early this
morning as a result of the second
stroke of paralysis which he suf
fered just a week ago. The
funeral will be held from Main
Street Methodist church Tuesday
at 2:30.
Colonel Webster was a vigor
ous editorial writer and his paper
had a wide reputation for the
brilliancy of its editorial page.
Four years ago he had a stroke of
paralysis and has since been feeble,
but his mind was clear uutil the
last and only a few days before
the end he announced that his
paper would be continued.
A brother, W. A. Webster of
Archdale, and a sister, Mrs. Bar
row of Winston, and his wife, who
waB Mibs Lillie Morrison survive.
Postponement ot "Sanitary Sabbath."
Sundav. November 28th, had
been selected as "Sanitary Sab
bath" fDr North Carolina, but the
date is postponed until late in
March to allow the state board of
health to furnish ministers with
literature giving information
important sanitary points..
The booklet arranged by the
North Carolina Association for
the Prevention of Tuberculosis for
distribution is still in press,
Many ministers are changing
location at this season of the
year, others are preparing for
their annual meetings, therefore
to suit all religious bodies it has
been deemed wise to postpone the
date. -
C. A. JULIAN, M. D.,
Secretary North Carolina Asso
ciation for the Prevention of Tu
Forced Into Exile.
Wm. Upohurch of Glej Oak,
Okla, was an exile from home.
Mountain air, he thought, would
oure a frightful luog-racking
cough that had defied all remedies
for two years. After six months
he returned, death dogging his
steps.--- "Then I began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery," he writes,
"and after taking six bottles I am
as well as ever." It saves thou
sands yearly from desperate lun&
diseases. Infallible for Coughs
and Colds, it dispels Hoarseness
and Sore Throat. Cures Grip,
Bronchitis. Hemorrhages, Asth
ma, Croup, Whooping Cough. 50c
and $1.00, trial bottle free, guar
anteed by all druggists.
Dies on 100th Birthday.
A Richmond, Ind., message the
17th says: At the close of a big
celebration in honor of the one
hundredth annivessarv of his
birth, John Fletcher Medaris o
Green Fork, Ind., died to-day
Medaris all but collapsed cjarli
in the day, but by grim determi
nation lived until the birthday
party was over. The entire pop
nlation of Green Fork turned out
to honor Mr. Medaris,
Medaris had been a citizen o
Wayne county for 80 years," His
father died in North Carolina, and
when he was 20 years old he start
ed with his mother and severa
brothers and sisters overland for
Indiana. Until eight years ago,
when he went to make his home
with his daughter in Green Fjrfe
his entire life had been spent on a
One Oosii
Children cough at night? Give them Ayers Cherry Pec
toral. Often a single dose at bedtime will completely
control the cough. Good for any one with a cold or cough.
Good for easy cases, hard cases; .ood for acute cases,
chronic cases. Ask your doctor to tell you, honestly and
frankly, just what he thinks of this old.standard remedy.
No alcohol in this cough medicine. . c.erG).; Lowell Mass.
Kguagi ... " : - . FSJftl
A lazy liver makes a lazy boy. An active brain demands An' active liver: No better
laxative for boys and girls than Ayer's Pills. Ask your doctor about them. He knows.
At a Meeting a Delegation was Selected to
Present Salisbury's Clelms.
Salisbury is making a vig
orous effort to get the Luth
eran Seminary of Mount
Pleasant, S. C,, moved to
this place, and at a largely at
tended meeting, held Friday
night under the auspices of
tho iioara ot iraae, a com
mittee was appointed to solicit
funds, locate a site, etc.,
and a delegation, accompa
nied by Hev. M. M, Kinard,
on behalf of the Lutheran
churches of Rowan county will
appear before the commis
sion in Charlotte this week
and press Salisbury's claim,
and, in view of the fact that
Rowan is the home of Luth-
eranism in JNortn uaronna,
they hope to secure the school
for her.
The Charlotte Observer
eays the reason for changing
the location is the inaccessi
bility of the present site,
which is on an island across
the bay from Charleston.
The seminai y has been estab
lished 40 years and has been
at various times at Salem,
Va., Lexington, S. C, New
berry, S. 0., and Walhalla,
S. C, What is desired now
is a permanent location.
The Lutheran Synod in
eludes all the churches of
this denomination in North
Carolina, Virginia, South
Carolina, Georgia, Florida,
Mississippi and East Tennes
see. There is a total lay
membership of 50,000. The
seminary which it is proposed
to locate is for graduates of
colleges only and will be the
feeder for the pulpits of the
50,000 parishioners. It has
at piesent two professors and
there have the assistance of
three Charleston ministers
who" lecture. Another pro-
feasor will be elected and
$50,000, it is planned, will be
spent in equipping with build
ings. First will come a cen
tral administrative building
and later a library, a dormis
tory and four homes for pro
fessors. Rev. A. C. Voight is
dean. There are at present
14 students.
The Kesler Hardware company
began on Monday morniDg the
removal of their large stock of
hardware, etc, from their old
quarters to the storo two doors
north on Main street. The room
has just been painted aud pat in
shape for them aud will afford
them'a much more commodiouB
room for their large business.
Why get up in the morning feel
ing blue,
Worry others and worry you ;
Here's a secret between you and
Better take Rocky Mountasn
Tea. Gornelison & Cook,
Gruesome Find Saturday.
The discovery of the dead body
of an aeed colored woman bv a
negro while rambling across an
old field Saturday afternoon in
Mallard Creek towuship solved
the mystery of the disappearance
of Jane Douglas who escaped from
the county home at night October
26, four weeks ago . She was ly
ing prostrate oh her face about
2 miles above the home .
Coroner W. A: Qresham found
yesterday afternoon , that death
resuaea irom natural causes.
Charlotte Observer.
Daily Becoming Less Wearisome to Many
in Salisbury
With a back that aches all day,
With rest disturbed at night,
Annoying urinary disorders,
'Tia a weary way, indeed.
Doan's Kidney Pills drive weariness
Are endorsed by Salisbury citizens
J. M. Trexler, retired, 512 No. Long
St., Salisbury, N. C, says: I have no
hesitation in recommending Doan's
Kidney Pills, I consider them to be
reliable remedy. "I suffered a great
deal from backache and I bad dull
miserable headaches. The kidney se
cretions passed very irregular ana
plainly showed by their natural ap
pearance that my kidneys were out of
order. When Doan's Kidney Pills
were brought to my attention, I pro
cured a box at McPherson & Go.'s drug
store and after using them, felt better
in every way. My kidney's are now
in a healthy condition aid the pains in
my back are a thing of the past,
lor sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
t&ke no other.
His many friends here are de
lighted to welcome home Phifer
Quinn who comes to visit his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. C.
Qaiim. Mr. Qainn went in fhe
navy some two years ago and was
on one of the big ships of the
fleet in their cruise around the
world. He comes now from New
York where he has been located
fcr the past six montba, being
one of the naval electrical class
B.iao for Prohibition.
William J. Bryan is going to
conduct a prohibition campaign
in the United States, and the first
gin in the battle is fired in the
Commoner this week. He will
positively announce his conversi
on to the county option theory of
prohibition and will open a com
paig'.i in Nebraska, which he
expects to spread all over the
cauntry. All of this information
is contained in a series of prohibi
tion articles which Mr. Bryan
has already; written and which
will be printed, one each week,
in the Commoner, Each article
will be somewhat stronger than
the preceding one.
News was4 received here Satur
day of the burning of the house
of J. K. Valley, at Cleveland, on
Thursday night ehortly aftrr mid
night. The family who were
sleeping in the house at the time
escaped, but nearly all of the
household effects were burned,
For Weak, Run-Down Peoples
" I was run down and weak from
indigestion and general debility, also
suffered from vertigo. I saw a cod
liver preparation called Vinol adver
tised and decided to give it a trial,
and the results were most gratifying.
After taking two bottles I regained my strength, and ant
now feeling unusually well." HENRY CUNNINGHAM
Elder Baptist Church, Kinston, N.C.
Vinol contains the two most world-famed tonics the medicinal,
strengthening, body-building elements of Cod Liver Oil and Tonic
Iron. Vinol contains no oil, and is by far the Best Strengthening
Tonic obtainable. We return your money without question
if Vinol does not accomplish all we claim for it.
SMITH DRUG CO., Salisbury.
1 1
S $83.00 T WMT AMP Ml $69.00
nil ii uuiiULiniiuim i uu
In lieu of all other
discounts and re
bates this card presented at Draughon's Practical Business College,
JRaleigh, N. O., on any working day between Thursday, December 2,
and Tuesday, December 28, 1909, will be accepted as $9.00 part, pay
ment on a $14.00 Life Scholarship, or $14 00 part payment on a $83-00
combined Scholarship. The scholarship must be purchased and paid
for at the time card is presented. We have more young men and
women to prepare for high-grade positions, and therefore we make
the above Christmas Gift to every wide-awake young person that
reads this card, Now is the time for you to get busy and secure
your Scholarjhip. .
Our stores are packed with a big lot of all kinds of
winter goods; bought early and before the advancei in
prides. Full stock of Dress Goods Millinery; Shoes,
Coat Suits, Cloaks, Men's and and Boy's Clbthmg, Hats,
Caps, Underwear, etc., at Bock Bottom Prices.
Below we Mention a Few Articles:
Ladies' Long Cloaks. 8 LRJool Flannel. t
6 50 value, Ladies' long conIt 2 ' Better flannel wfriti ' and red for. . . . . .
cloaks in tau for only..... 3 98 v 15&20o
farBiKtl0tf lftdi6B lDg wak.liUinaCaS; R " "BxVraica"WVhVtoflunel.. 25o !
ter. black, green, etc. Worth 10 oO and J i j
12 50 reduced to. 6 98 O -
Nice stock of ladies coat suits nicely SJ nnAee (QnAfle
made of good material, at.... O UPOSS ;.WUOUi
$12 50, 15 OO and 20 OO Q Nice j)TeBi Goods, panama, etc , for
! " O only... 25c
UndePlVeaP. O 54-inch grey wool goods worth 65c, foi
Infants cotton vest for..... 10&15c q od1vv -38c
B jys real heavy fleeced shirts and draw- Q "
er8for 25o 0 Shoes.
Women's nice soft fleeced ribbed veBt Q y "
full size for 25c q Look over our sample shoe counters.
Women's extra heavy fleeced shirts and Q Lots of very cheap shoes can be found on
pants for... ..... 48c q themi jq CLEAN UP, Childrens for
Women's red and white wool vest Q 48c and up.
or ' 98c q gtoefc 0f men's and boys' heavy
Men's extra nice rifled undershirts q work BnoeB g00d honest shoes at very low
for 25c r
KJ prices.
Men's heavy fleeced shirts and drawers. Q
Worth 50j for . . . 38c Q . -
o Pen and Boys.
OOPSetS. O We have some extra good : bargains in
Nice corset medium length and worth d men and boys clothing.
38c for only 25c g Boy8 8Qit8 at 98c and up.
Ertralong corset supporter on front 0 Men's suits for .....$3.98
and side for only 48c . ,
, . IWB . O Extra good value in men's suits for
Full stock of W-B corsets all the popu-, X crt 0 rt ,
lar.stylesat 1 OO & up g $7.50, 8.50 and 10.00.
YOU are welcome at our store. Come make this your headquarters'
Leave your coats, etc., and we will sell you goods cheaper than anybod' else.
illiJJJliilJJJ o)n
Store lat sells Satisfaction.
A satisfied customer
is a customer who will
return to buy again. It
is our aim to make our
customers friends of our
store. We want them
to feel that they have
an interest in the store
and that we are always
ready to serve them.
The great department
stores of the present
day were not built by
onetimecu stomerg,
They made friends of
their customers and
those customers made
great stores possible by
their constant and con,
tinued patronage. WE
FACTION, and there is
a reason for it.
H) i)
, n HE MUM
NOVEMBER 22nd we will
give with each cash pur
chase of $1.00 or more a
coupon redeemable at our
store in
Each of these coupons will
be worth about 5c. to the
person holding it and may
be used to purchase articles
in the department desig
nated. No coupons will be
given for less amounts than
No coupon will be given
except for SPOT CASH
No coupons will be given
where . articles are taken
out on approval unless Paid
articles are paid for when
taken out.
Who is he? Have you
any confidence in him?
Then trade with bira.
This idea that you can
buy your goods cheaper
from the mail order
houses of the North and
west is all wrong. It is
a false idea of economy.
Any home mercha n t
will duplicate the article
you buy from the mail
order house and usually
at a lower figure.
with your home
chant and keep
money at home.
home merchant creates
a market for your pro
duce, helps pay your
taxes, builds up your
towns and make your
real estate for valuable.

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