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A xjN r from Royal Grape Cream of Tarfar Afv
ijil v----madairomGrapes-r' . . S) .
Makes Finest Purest Food ("
Poor Milk Scpply in Part U Blame for Death
of 375,000 One-Year Olds.
The American Academy of Med
icine's committee on the Confer
ence on the Prevention of Infant
Mortality, at New Haven, Conn.,
sends out the following :
If the babies of this country
don't get their rights it .won't be
because they lack friends among
the grown-ups. One important
universaty is to add a department
of child study to its course, and
in connection with it everything
pertaining to the life of a child
will he collected and collated.
Another instance is afforded by
the American Academy of Medi
cine, which has arranged for a
conference of physicians, sociolog
ists and educators to be held at
New Haven, November 11-12, on
the prevention of Infant Mortal
ity. At that meeting every as
.spect of the problem, from the
medical, philanthropic, educa
tional and institutional points of
view, will be gone into by specia
lists who are giving their lives to
the study of the subject.
But to return to the rights of
the babies. Take the single ques
tion of milk aB it relates to their
health. Every city that lays any
olaim to being civilized has a milk
commission now, or a board of
health that says to the dairyman :
MThe gobblins will catch you" (or
what amounts to that) "if you
lont keep that dairy of yours
scrupulously cean, and those cows
In apple-pie order." The time
was when milk was milk, and that
was all there was of it . But that
was before some indiscreet scien
tist put a drop of milk on the
slide under his microscope, and
then went ahead and let the rest
of the world into the secret of
what he found there. After that
even the low brows knew that
things rarely are what they seen.
They learned that skim milk not
only masquerades as cream, but
that nice, innocent-looking white
milk might be a whole storage
warehouse full of germs. If you
were so inclined you could go to
that warehouse and get almost
anything you wanted to , investi
gate in the germ line harmless
ones by the thousands, analagous
to beneficial organizations;
deadly ones as malevolent as any
Black Hand association. Tuber
culosis germs, for instance, or
those of typhoid" fever. Epidem
ics of scarlet fever and of diph
theria have been traced likewise
to apparently innocuous milk.
One of the bug experts acquired
the card index habit, and took a
census of the bottom of the tube,
and great hordes when the tem
peratare went up. Then he re
corded on one of hi' Hts of paste'
board :
1 n. ft. milk at temnerature of
room, 800 bacteria.
Twenty-four hours later he
madft ont, two more cards. These
read :
1 c. c. milk at 50 degrees for
twenty-four hours, 80,000 bac
1 c. c. milk at temnerfeure of
room for twenty-four hours, 10,
000,000 bacteria.
A nontimeter measures di) of an
inch . It requires only patience
paper and pencils to compute how
many cubic centimeters there are
in a nint or a quart or a gallon of
milk, and from that to estimate
how many bacteria there are in
the quantity selected. An inter
esting point in this connection is
that only about ten cities are on
record as requiring the milk to be
kept at 50 degrees until delivered
tcTthe consumer. The inspection
of dairies to insure cleanliness
and the bacterial inspection of
milk are being required however,
by an increasingly large number
of other cities. In New York
and in a number of other cities
the limit is 100 000 bacteria to the
cubic centimeter, for milk commis
sions which supervise the sale and
distribution of milk intended for
the babies fix the bacterial limit
at 10,000 or less to the cubic
centimeter .
It is estimated that fifty per
cent, of all deaths of children
under one year of age are due to
gastro enteric disease. And the
evidence points strongly to the
impure milk fed to the babies as
the chief cause of this unnecessary
waste of baby life. Compared
with the money expended to pro
tect the purity of other foodstuffs,
the sum required to insure an ade
quate supply of clean, pure milk
for the thousands of babies who
must of necessity depend upon
cow's milk, is a mere bagatelle.
Dr. George W. Goler, of Roches
ter, estimates that it is possible
to obtain a supply of milk for the
summer months (July and Au
gust) which can conscientiously
be labelled food and not poison,
for the babies in a city which. has
a population of 200,000 at an
expanditure of about one thou
sand dollars. The estimate is
based on the amount it cost tbe
city of Rochester annually to
maintain its milk depots...:
iminary feature of this iuperviBi-
ou of the sources of the baby's
milk hat been the selection of
some farm within reasonable dis
tance from in which the
dairy and cows are kept under
cleanly wholesome conditions.
The source of , suddIv selected.
and the milk contracted for. a
portable laboratory is erected "On
the place, and the . establishment
is'put in charge of a trained
nurse, who supervises the milking,
the sterlization of the utteujsils,
the preparation, bottling, pack
ing and shipment of the milk.
Packed ju ica, the milk is carried
6o the city and distributed from
four cenrers in aB macy parts of
the city. -
During the ten years before the
estabhshm nt of the milk depot
the total itumber of deaths of
children under one year was 4.675,
T7 4 DAW t
rrom iQvt, wnen yie wont was
began, to 1906, the total number
of deaths of children of that age
was 3,421, a reduction of over 80
per, cent., without taking into
consideration . any incease in
population during that period.
The milk depot, or dispensary,
under the supervision of physici
ans and the care of trained nurses,
has become a recognized necessity,
and where the municipality has
been indifferent to its obligations
the responsibility has been shoul
dered by philanthropic mdivduals
or private charities. Classes for
the instruction of mothers in the
proper care of the babies by the
regular inspection of the babies
by the physicians anduurses, have
added immeasurably to the per
manent benefits from, the milk
stations. .Maternal nursing is en
i i . . .
uuurageu whenever cnat is possi
ble, and some of the stations -fol
low the lead of other countries in
supplying the nursing mother
with nourishing food if she needs
it, and if she cannot provide it for
The problem of milk supply for
the babies is one that has to be
solved all the year round. The
mortality from the gasto-interti
nal diseasesris heaviest daring the
summer, but tbe babies need pure
milk quite as much in the winter
as in the Bummer, and the munp
cipalities that fail to insure it for
them are virtually asleep at the
switch. The eventualwrecking of
countless baby lives is inevitable.
ine uiBy f atners wno make no
provision for the supervision of
the sources of the milk supply
are not only virtually asleep, but
recklessly extravagant. D r.
Uoler's estimate is $500 a month
for a city the size of Rochester.
Put opposite ths amount tbe
economic loss due to the appall
mg waste oi Daoy lite, it is
estimated that 875,000 babies
under one year old died in this
country last year. Econom'os
put the financial value of each o
these babies at $90, so th.t the
total loss, expressed merely in
dollars and cents, amounted to
$33,750,000. And yet physicians
say that at least one-half of thh
waste could have been preyented
by the adequate supervision of the
sources of the milk supply.
f U
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Burglar Comes to Grief.
There was a hilarious time
around the home of T. H. Davit
in Washington, state, early Sat
urday morning when the man o
the house was awakened by a
noise and upon investigation
found that a burglar, in attempt
ing to go down a chimney, had
lodged and couldn't budge, al
though he was trying his best to
get out. He gave his name as
David Fulf ord. Mr; Davis imme
diately telephoned for the police
and they came on the jump
Meanwhile Col. Fulford was. las
'ily calling for help, shouting
that he was suffering, and implor
ing his unwilling host to pull hin
out. Soon a lot of citizens gath
ered and began the work of dis
lodging the burglar. A rope was
let down from the top and Fulfon
told to grab it, but he to"
weak to hold on. The chimney
was torn -down to the roof, bu':
still the man was too far down to
jjet hold of. Finally a brick ma
4on was summoned and he, by feak
lug down the mantel and enlarg
ing the fire-place, managed to ex--ricate
Fulford. The burglar pre-,
eutecf a sorry spectacle when 1 e
finally emerged from the chimney,
where he s,.ent four very excitiDg
hours. HiftclotheB were'torn, his
skin scratched, and he was cover
ed with soot from head to foot
He refused to tals: and would give
no reason Jor lodging himself in
a man's chimney like thatc JHe
hired him a lawyer, waived exam
ination, and went to jail in de
fault of $500 bond.
DuringVChange of
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How the Waitress Paraded tbe Drummer.
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name is .Ella and I know I'm a
tittle peach, and have pretty blue
eyes, and I've been here quite
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