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R9T. and Mri.' M M . Kkard
will eelebiie theijr twenty-fifth
wedding v auuivetaary , or aiWr
wedding,' next Ttiftiday erening
fro n half V after five f to seven
o'oloak. Dr. and Hri. Kiuard
have tent out-invitations Accord-
inzlv and those who. attend' willi
no doubt have a very enjoyab e
evening. .'.'.
Sparks Shows, - exhibited in
8tatesvilie Monday and a num
ber of the tttachea spent Sunday
in Salisbury. .
H. W. McAllister is building a
brick storehouse adjoining his
b ook of stores and other businei-
buildings on, Cheslnut llill.
The caMnet-makTers shop- of J.
0. IIutohinsDn dc Son is running
in full blast , these days.
Hutchinson now has on hand1
aeveral orders fsom other cities,
eome from Greensboro, points in
Georgia gnd other places. He re
cently completed and shipped to
' Cincinnati mjra than a half doz
en orders Some most excellent
work is turned out by these gentle
men. '
The order of Eagle? a Slil.urj
will hold their annual outing and
barbeoue at Granite Quarry to
morrow. It goes without saying
that all who attend will have a
very pleasant day.
The fall session of Livingston
College, colored, opened today.
Ciy EngineerJohn W. Web ,
has jut issued three permits for
the remodel i ng of three buildin
in Salisbury, as follows: A new
front in the store room south of
the main entrance to the Grubb
theatre, new front to the Holmes'
building opposite the Watchman
office, and the re-arrangement of
the store room in the Ford Hotel
recently occupied by a moving
Whitehead Kluttx, Esq., left
Saturday night for New Jersey,
and made his first speech of the'
National campaign in Atlantic
City last night. Mr. Klattz will
make a number oi speeches' while
gone, including one before the Y.
M. C. A.
Wheeler Whitlock is making ar
rangements to erect a dwelling on
North Shaver Street.
J. R. Delp and family, of
Bristol, Tenn., have decided t)
make Salisbury their home in she
future. Mr. Dslp travels for the
Cox Hat Company, of Bristol.
-;The funeral of Mis Mary Shive,
aged 15 years, who died at her
home on Chestnut Hill Friday
mght.of an attack of pneumonia,
was conducted from the home
Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock by
Rev. M. M- Kinard of St. John's
Lutheran Church. The interment
took place in the Chestnut Hilt
Cemetery. Two sisters of the de
ceased are now very ill. -'
A ne-year-old child of "Mr
and Mrs Henr Turner died at
the home in Spencer early Sat
urdayunorning, following an ill
ness of two weeks. The funeral
took plaoe at the- residence in
Speucer Sunday afternoon being
conducted by Rav. Gebrge H .
ox, pastor of the Lutheran
Church. The ink-rmeut was in
Chestnut flill Cemetery.
and Mrs
denly Monday morning at the
home of its arand father. David
Beaver, at Organ Church, in the
county, where its mother was vis
iting. V
News has been reoeived in this
ity of the very sudden death in
Houston, Tex , of C. H. Winn, a
brother of Mrs. J. W. Felk of Sal
isbury. He was a prominent
architect of Houston. His baby
died. in this city a out six weeks
agj while Mrs, Winn was here on
visit to her relatives.
Friday night in the First Meth
odist church parsonage. Rev.
obn W. Moore performed the
marriage oeremouy tor uieve
Fultz and Mils May Ivey, both
parties from Naw London. As
Boon as they were married they
went t Concord.
By, and at the house of Rev.
L. Brown, Grover 0. Waller
and Miss Aunie Barger were unit
ed in holy matrimony on the 29th
of. September, 1912. We wish
thm a happy life, a religous and
financial inocess. X.
The marriage of Miss Margaret
Grace Elliot, of Greensboro, and
W. H. Sullivan, of Salisbury,
ill take place in Greensboro
next Tuesday.
Eicjclltt Ksoeksd Daws bi Ash).
There came near being a serious
accident at the corner of Main
and Counoil itreeta Mondav after
noon about 1 o'ofook, when a ool-
ored boy driving a car belonging
to the Robinson Grocery Compa
ny ran into a boy from Spenoer,
Epue Safrit, who works at the
Brown market. Toe otr ran over
the boy, dragged him about 20
feel. He was rfght badly out and
bruised but no bones were broken
He was taken to a. physician and
was not considered badly hurt.
Tne boy was riding a wheel and it
was badly broken.
Pabllc Se.ilci Employees Play Bali.
The JM. u. rublio service em
ployees of 8alisbary and Green i
boro Dlaved tue tnird ot a series
of bail games at Spencer Saturday
evoning. The game resulted in a
score of 7 to 12 in favor Of Salis-
A banquet'wss prepared for the
mtors ai d at 7 o'clock special
cars carried the orowd to the fair
grounds for the event. Here
splendid r.epast'was found in wait
mg and all did what they oould
for is yet considerable rem lined
All bad a goad time.
Laymen's Hissioaary Movement.
The place for the convention o
the Laymen's Missionary Move
ment in Central North. Carolina
wbich is to be held in Salisbury
December 4 and 5 are now being
perfeoted. .
The territory that Salisbury
convention is to cover is to Char
lotte on the Sooth, to Norwood on
the east, to Wiston-Salem and
High Point ou the north and half
way to Asheville on the west. The
advertising committee will send
out the invitations to the minis
ters to be present and ask them to
isoure as largeVa delegation as
possible f rom their congregations
H. A. Rouzer, manager of the
Rowan Hardware Company, is tb
leader in this work, in- Sahsbary
t si is ted by Capt. R Henderson
0 j1. J hn S. Henderson, Dr. J:hn
Whitehead. M. C. Qainn, all the
ministers and others. L. D. Pad
gett, State seoretary of the move
ir ment, i giving considerable time
... am aua pians
the infant son of Mr.
G E . Ooley, died sud-
Things Being Talked Aboot aa Done id onr
- . Neighbor Tewn; ;
Walter Broad well, a painter, fell
off- a. c h urch at M isenheimer
Springs Thursday and broke 'his
leg. He is now at home and get
ting, along as well as possible con
sidering the nature of hia afflic
tion. Thursday night while a number
of gbests were spending a sooial
hour at the bom of Mr. and Mrs,
C. M. . Bobbitt a surprise was
sprnng in the way of a marriage
announcement A card was hand
ed around announcing that on
October 25th Miss 'Ruth Brick
hcuse, a neice of Mr, and Mrs.
Bobbin's, to Simmons H. Hay
wood, of Treuton, N 0 . The cer
emony will tak place in the Meth
odist Church at Spencer.
A fall legislative and county
ticket Tias bee;, put out by fhe
Sopiahst psrty in Spenoer snd in
eludes the following ' nominees :
For Congress, eighth district,
Walter H. Jenkins of Rowan;
State Seuate, E. P. Deal of Spen
cer ; Legislature, Thomas H.
Stewart and H. 0, Bueck o4 Spen
oer; trial justice Rowan County
County Court, John Ridenhour,
Salisbury; for sheriff, W. 0.
Crowell; county treasurer, C. W.
McCam; register ot deeds, C M.
en kins; township tax collector,
. B Dnevant, f Spencer; for
county commissioners, G. W.
Davis, Cicero Ridenhour, 0. E.
Kneeburg, J. F. McCarn, Sr., and
A. L. Cousins, mostly of Spencer.
Effective Tuesday morning the
working, hours at the Spencer
shops were slightly changed. The
employes will g: to work at 7 :15
m., instead of at 7 a. m,, as
brmerly, and will be given from
2 to 12:45 p. in, for dinner, in
stead of a full hour as formerly.
he new order will be in effect for
six months:
M. E. Holt, of Spencer, was
taken seriously ill at Greensboro
Monday and his family notified
that he was unable to return
borne. Me is under the oare ci a
Bill Olodfelter is in bed and
dol Hoskins is under bond as a
result of a free-for all fight on
Five Row, near Spencer, Monday
night, in whioh a number of col
ored menare said to have taken
part. Clodfeher's condition is
said to be serious.
Blind Tigers Being Shook Up Soma; v
Recently a man -was ''up in tla
ocuuty court-'for'; being drunk on
Sunday . He . was iouua guilty
and ned $10.00 and ' cost. Un
wittingly theSlioitor askid v the
defendant where he gtt his liquor.
iThe man stated that he bought it
rom the blind tiger cohduoted by
Albert Ramseron Fisber; btreet
a,nd went oa to say that he bought
it there whenever h wanted it.
Judge Miller ordered ar-warrant
or Mr. Ramsey, sent tor mm and
found that he was said J to be out
of town, bo the trial is now await
ing Mr. - Ramsey's return. Since
this the informer has been paid to
Gave, cr has bepn intimidated and
breed to leave.
Another blind tiger ' that can't
iL.n... rii-L iii-
see. xnown as unerase wuu, wtu-
out the roses, conducted by George
Stacy and H. C- Lents, including
. - - T i vt .
the roustahout littxe nearne, ooi .
ored. was in court Monaay morn-
ing on a oharge of merely violat
ing the Prohibition law. Stacys
trial was posponed several daya tc
ffive him time to fi ad parties to
swear contrary to theiacta. Mr.
Lenta was found guilty, mnd f400
and sentsnord to f onr months on
the roads, and a case ofsuspe'ndbd
fakement since June zth was
taken up and a fine of $400 'was
imposed and four months on the
roads added. Mr. Lentz took an
appeal atd is out on bond, r Luke
Hearne, colore 1, forfeited a $50
bond and left for parts unknown.
For Fourteen Years. Restored
To Health by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Elsrin, HI. "After fourteen years of
smTerinfir everything from female com
plaints, l am at last
restored to bealth.
'.'I employed the
best doctors and
even went to the
hospital for treat
ment and was told
there was no help for
me. But while tak
ing Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound I began
to improve and
continued its use until I was made well.
Mrs. Henry Leiseberg,743 Adams St.
Kearneysville, W. Va. "I feel it my
duty to write and say what Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has
done for me. I suffered from female
weakness and at times felt so miserable
I could hardly endure being on my feet.
"After taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and following youx
special directions, my trouble is gone.
Words fail to express my thankfulness,
I recommend your medicine "to all my
friends." Mrs. G. B. Whittington.
The above are only two of the thou
sands of grateful letters which are con
stantly being received by the Pinkham
Medicine Company of Lynn, Mass., which
show clearly what great things Lydia EL
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound does
for those who suffer from woman's ills.
If you want special advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Mass. Tour letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in striet confidence.
Wr Sit
A Log On The Track
ot tne tast express means serious
trouble ahead if not removed, o
does loss of appetite. It means
lack of vitality-.' loss of strength
and Eervo weakness. If appetite
fii!sl take.JUleotno bitters quick
ly to overcome tne oause by ton
ing up the atomsoh and curing
toe inaigeBtion. Micbasl He?
shaimer of Lincoln Neb., had
been sick over- three years, bu
six bottles of Electric Bitters pu
mm ngut on nis leat agaiirr
ruey nave neiped - thousands
lney give pure blood, strong
nerves, gbou digestion. Only 50
centaab ail druggists.
Clarence ShuinaB Held for tforier.
Clarence Shuman, of Salisbury,
who conduated a blind tiger here
or some time and Jived a fast
ife, went out to Hot Springs, Ar
Kansas, ana, mere, it is puegea,
shot his wife. He is no in jail
awaiting trial for his life.
daughters of thi CoDfederacy Kest Hera
The State Convention of the
Daughters of the Confederacy will
meet in Salisbury next Wednes
day, Thurs lay and Friday. Homes
i - .
are oemg arrsngea ior ana re
quests are-being made by the Sal
isbury Daughters that dscorations
be made.
A very interesting program has
been arranged and is being print-
-J fT I
ou. iae commiiiees nave all
been appointed and the . visiting
laaiea are to be snown every at
tention by the Robert P. Hoke
Chapter, the local organization,
and others. The address of wel
come on behalf of Sslisburv will
he delivered by Hon. John S
Henderson. Thursday afternoon
tue .Elizabeth Maxwell State
l I 4. 1V a T" a
unapter, u. a. n , will give a re
ception in honor of the U. D. O's.
Boosavelt Goes for E. C. Doocio. -
E. C. Duncan, Republican Na
tional Committeeman from North
Carolina, was attacked by Colonel
Roosevelt in his spseoh here yes
W T Ii
mr. nooseveii opened his re
marks by stating that the Pro.
gressive party was a new party,
that it had no connection what
ever with either of the old parties
and then he laid:
Vln the primaries in North
Carolina last Spring I won, csrry
ing counties by 2 t 1. T to
and eveu 10 to 1. The Nationa
Committeeman, Mr. Donoan
took part in stealing the nomina
tion from me. Mr, Duncan was
not engagedVin highway robbery
It was not as nervy as that,
was the sues thief business Mr
Duncan and the other 40 or 50 ob
score shady men on the Ntiona
Committee did the bidding of the
men behind them, men like thore
in the Tobacm Trust. You know
the part the Tobacco Trust , has
played in North Carolina and so
A ! '
. About five hundred people were
out to hear him and the crowci
was Very quiet and attentive to
- Sept. 31. Cool weather at last
Fall is here.
Sinoe the good rain the farmers
are busy plowing and sowiLg oats.
Cotton is being picked rapidly
and some is being sold.
C. H. Kluttx is hving a steam
boiler and engine attached to his
cotton gin. He thinks perhaps
it will be cheaper than gasoline.
Li. H. Eller is wearing a smile
all over his face this week. Its a
Lester Bsok looks twenty years
younger this weec than usual.
Its a boy.
9am Peacock of the Simpson
eacock Co., of Salisbury, and
wife spent Sunday in Charlotte,
raturmog Sunday night on 38. '
u. a. reaooca, oi i raaing jj ora,
and Miss Minnie Goppley spent
Sunday in Charlotte returning on
Nj. 12. They spent the entire
day taking a view of all the prin
cipal places of the city. Oh you
Sam I f
The bed bug season is about out,
but golly, don't fotget the mos
quitoes . They are here in swarms,.
Lookout for obills and fever.
We are not going to vote unless
Bryan, Wilson, Teddy or some
other great man oomes along and
tells us who to vote for. We are
abcut stood. Sam Snort.
Magnificent Coffee of ' tKe Old French
Mayket Npw on Nearly Every ;
Dining Table in the South!
There was joy in thousands of Southern homes
when it was announced that the genuine old French
blend of. Frenbh Market Coffee could now' be had
everywhere in the South. -
For over a hundred years this famous old blend could be en
joyed only at the old French Market in New Orleans. r But the
building of the French Market Mills and the invention of the new
hermetically-sealed can, made it possible to ship real old French
Market Coffee anywhere, with all its delicious aroma and flavor
unimpaired. - So that now it is found on almost every din
ing table in the bouth and has become the,
Roasted by our unique hygienic process.
" ' (New Orleans Coffee Co, Ltd Props.)
September SO, 1912 A series
of meetings are being conducted
here this week la the Baptist hall
by Rev. Ray Davis whioh are be
ing largely attended .
Rev U A Brown, a member of
Oresoent council, No. 184, Jr. 0
U A M.. preached a moat exosl
lentaermon to about one hundred
Juaiors and enough other peopm
to nil the church twice full at
Rock's 3rove Methodist church
last Sunday.
tfawer wagoner, who som
time sgo went to Bessemer C ty,
Ala., where he was contemplating
moving ii expected .to return' at
any time and will not move to
that place.
The faotory houses completed
nere some time ago are being nil
ed by. families from Salisbury and
other points who will work in the
mill here.
Geo. Misenbeimer has resigned
his position as flraman at the
We have opened the largest and irnst thoroughly up-to-date dental parlor in the
city. Wewant to be rapidly acquainted, show the paople that we do aa good or bet-
ter -work than the average dentist, and WITHOUT PAIN. As an inducement to
prove this we will for a few days do the highest class at the following low prices:
Guaranteed 15 Years
Sets of teeth ..5.00
Gold Orowns and Bridge
work $3, $4, and $5
White Orpwns.. $3 00
Gold . Fillings . . ,75c up
Enamel Fillings $1.00
Amalgan Fillings.. ...,50c
Cement Fillings . 50c
Examination - Gleaning - Painless extraction Free.
These are not our . regular prices an! we only make this offer to establish firmly
the Philadelphia Painless Dentists in Salisbury so that wermay do your friends' and
families' work year after' year at our regular prices.
All we ask is that you tell your friends of our Painless Methods, and exactly how.
you like our work. All Operators have had many years actual experience and are
skilled in our Painless System.
Philadelphia Painless Dentists, Inc.. EfflS
M VT .1 "m k 1 I
'PHONE 763.
iRslsreace: Our Work anil Wachayia Bask.
Rockwell Farnitnre Go., and ac
cepted a position at Whitney as
fireman on a steam shovel.
Mr and Mrs Avery Linker, of
Albemarle, risited relatires and
friends htre last Sunday.
Miss Nora Klattz will teaoh
school htfre this winter as princi
pal and Miss Effie Miller and Miss
Dsisey Trexler will be assistants.
Clarence A. Boat, of this place,
had the misfortnne to loose bu
parse containing one five dollar
bill, two one dollar bills, tome
small change and some valuable
receipts, while coming home from
Salisbnry last Sitdrday evening.
The Juniors of Rockwell Conn
oil, No. 170, are preparing to have
their hall repainted cntside and
inside. Rocker.
his remarks.
There was no
Be Happy!
Happy (he girl, or woman, who has never suffered from
any of the diseases of womanhood! Or, if she has been a
sufferer, happy is she if she has learned of the wonderful
benefits of Cardui, the woman's tonic!
Cardui Is a gentle, ionic remedy, for women's ailments.
It Is a natural medicine safe, harmless, purely vegetable.
It has been In successful use for more than 50 years. It
has cured thousands. It should do the same for you, ,
MU WomaKTonlc
Mrs. Mary Neely, of Denver, Tenn., saj, I mink
there is no tonic on earth, as good as CdrduL I used It
with the very best .. results. I had backache and nearly
everything a woman could suffer: with, until I took CarduL
Now, I feel better than I have for two years. I shall
always recommend CardiaV to other suffering women. I
can't praise It too highly. As a medicine for weak, tired,
worn-out women, Cardui Is safe and reliable. Trylf, today.
Wrtttto: Laifiet Advborr Dept. ChttooBMeHdii Co, Chatfraoota. Ttan.
tar Special Instractioiu, and U-ptzs book. -Home Treatment for Women.'cnt free. JU
J. O. White & Co.,
Carriage & Wagon Builders.
Farm and Dray Wagons, Delivery Wagons, Open
and Top. Dast Quality and Style.
Automobiles and Gasoline Engines repaired and
Supplies Farniehed.
Old Carriages and Baggies repaired, painted and
maue a8 gooa as new.
X 'New Tops made and old Tops repaired. New Cns
x hions furnished and old Cushions repaired.
Kabber Tires a Specialty; bteet tired wheels chang
ed to Rubber Tires. ,
All kinds of w ood and Iron Wnrk ' A
Dr notice. . , -
Q Automobile and Bicycle tires Vulcanized .
Q We have skilled workmen in each department.
A Surreys, Buggies Wagons and Automobiles for sale.
Q Harness of all kinds made and repaired. Call and
jj get prices. Respectfully,
I 'Phone 143,
5alisbnry, N. C.
Get An Early Hatching Start Poultry Is Money.
" . Genuine White Indian Runner Ducks
The 20th Century Egg MachinesOver 250 Pure White Eggs a Year
Dry Land Ducks. Breeding Brds, $5.00 each, $15.00 per" trio on
a limited number. Eggs $20, $3.50 and $5.00 per setting. :
PETALUfIA CALL i 102 N Delaware St Iiuliaiiapolia
J .'h
5'y: J . . ' : ,: -., ,7 -X ' ' - 1 - -'7:". 1-7 ,
J' -
'7 rr i

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