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H, Stewart,
Published Every Wednesday,
120 West Innes Straet.
Watchman.. ..L yr $ .75
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Advertising rates reasonable.
Entered as second-class matter Jan.
lfttk. lfiofi. at the nost office at Salis
bury, N. O., under the act of Congress
of Mareb Brd, 1878.
Salisbury, April 29th 1914.
Whitehead Kluttz Esq., Speaks to the
D. A. R's.
The Washington Herald, of
8atuday contains the following in
teresting remarks by Whitehead
KlutU, Esq., of Salisbury, being
extracts from an address made
by Mr. Klattz before the national
convention of the Daughters of
the Amerioan Revolution then in
let tion there:
Demanding that Mexico render
peedy satisfaction to the honor
of the Stars and Stripea and that
peaoe and order be re-established
in that connferv. Whitehead
Khittz. of Salisbury N. 0.. form-
-r nM.ii.n( nf th s.n.t. f that
State. in addressing the congress
Af'tha nanhtAN nf th A morgan
Revolution, last night deolared "It
ii a time when partisanship should
leop, when cavil should oease.1
Inspired with patriotic fervor,
the delegates paying ?rapt atten
tion to the speaker, Mr. Klattz
pointing to the large Amerioan
fla? suspended in the center from
the lofty ceiling of the hall,
"America, united, stands back
of tbe still, strong man in the
Wh.te House sorrowfully taking
mi his or rim. unwelcome task, the
task of ilercales cleansing Augean
stables. '
"We have been patient, fore,
bearing, like a peaceful giant,
with insult and outrage. But
farther patience with the barbar
onr leaders of Mexico would be a
crime. We oannot juitify before
the world an attitude which lays:
We know onr neiihbor's honae
is afire, bat we will not and you
.t.atl t m
The words of honor are wasted
on Mexico today; no arguments but they are run-down, thin, nerv
bnt blows are raooirni.ft-1 tharo us. tired and devitalized.
ojotMuro in b w miiy, it is woe
that only the' hell of war can end
tho hell of Mexibo. If ever war
wore holv. then this war ia holv:
to rlflthrnnft a. sataita Kaom tn aa.
t.hiih nrfldfin lion nf .rnh.
liberty in lieu of license, to open
... J
the ways of light and progress to
a darkened land.
Pnparlug For Sigbt Seers
Panama Canal
At The
lor the thousands Who Will
visit the Isthmus to view the
completed Panama Canal
ample provision 1 is being
made. Special sightseeing
trains are scheduled to. leave
Colon and Panama on alter
nate mornings through the
week, reaching the opposite
end of the canal in time for
lunch. Passengers may re
turn on the ordinary train
ii they desire. Excursion
trips through the lake, from
G.imboa to Gatum, are made
on a sight-seeing barge
which has been converted for
p issenger service by the ad
dition of a main deck, slop
jiig from rear to front, and
p ovided with comfortable
ei .its, while above, an upper
d ek may be reached by
st .ir ways. Nearly 300 sight
Si re can be accommodated
o i the barge, which has a
full equipment of life pre-
servers and safety appliances.
Ti e fare for the trip on the
lake is fixed at $1.50, and a
like sora is charged for the
railroad tiip along the shore,
fr ;ui one end of the canal to
the other. A picture of the
b;i ge is a feature of the May
Popular MechanicSj Maga
Straight at It
'here ii no use of oar "beating
a; und the bush " We might as
w ill out with it first as last. We
.want-yoa to try Chamberlain's
C uh Remedy the next time you
ha 7o a cough or cold. There is
ii" reaio.i so far as we can, see why
y. u should not do ao. Thu prep
aration by. its remuiii-dole cures
hat gained a world wide reputa
tion and people everywhere speak
of it in the highest terms of
Put Sale by All Dealers.
Thousand Delegates at Big Contention inlWar Deparmen! Swampsd "With Armf Ap-
Durham, April 25 A thousand
delegate! to the Barao'Philathea
oonvention are now in the oity,
and the indioationsare that more
than this number will come. The
registration office at the Loo h moor hna hpon ftrritvrlAd till Haw
, , 7
n P90Pie WQ0 waDea De
signed places to stay aunng tne
convention. A dozen olerks have
ben basily engaged every miDnte
of the time getting these delegates
to their h jmes and it is even then
imDOSsibla to keen an with the
arrivals. While hnndreds arrived
on the moraine trains, and the
greater part of the delegations did
not get here until this afternnoon
Every afternoon train was
orowded with people weiring the
insignia of the two organized San-
day school classes aud aB a con
sequence mist of the trains were
runnins a little behind schedule
The first session of the oonven
tion met at the Academy of Music
this evening, when an address of
welcome was delivered by Mayor
W. J. Brogden, who represented
the oity. Riv, B O Craveu de
livjred the address f we come in
behalf of the churches and E. J.
Sohantz for the citv union. The
'"PouBfi were made by Mies Cars
Byrd of Greensboro for the Phila-
fenea8' and A" h' Smoot of SftllB
buty for the Baraeas. Following
these there wre one-minnte talks
by the 8tate 'ffioM of both
At the Y. M. 0. A. last night
floating receoticn was tendered m
which the delegates to tbe conyen
tion were, given the opportunity
t become acquainted with one
another. The lobby of the Y M.
C. A. and every available space
was crowded with the visiters and
the Darham people who are mter-
ested in the oonveutiou. Light
refreshments were seived
it is expected that the treeting
in Darham will be one of the4 moBt
interesting ever beldby the two
organized Sunday school olases of
the State.
VinA TTmHTi in a Riml. tt
How many women do you know I
are perfecUy well, strong and !
JieaJthv SS a. wnman oTirmM ho? TVionr
may not be sick enough to He In bef
I WAm Ci-Tl am ar htlA
and So much is expected of them.
that they constantly overdo and suf-
'er from headache, backache, nervous-
ness nd kindred ills.
bllcl1 women need VinoL our deli-
cIous cod Ur and iron tonic with-
mif rU ar'hinh irrlll i J.
"7h ZZZl
tone up the digestire organs, make
pure blood and create strength.
Mrs. Walter Price, Biloxi, Miss.,
says: "I was in a run-down, condition
for months, I had taken several medi
cines but they seemed to do me no
good. Finally Vinol was recommend-
to imnrove until I am Btronz and
as ever."
Try a bottle of Vinol with the un
derstanding that your money will be
returned if it does not help you.
P. S. For pimples and blotches try.
dut Saxo Salve. "We guarantee it "
Smith Drug 0)., Salisbury, N. C
: -. t JDH . :
Typical Scenes at :fve Redpath Chautauquas5
Washington. April; 23.
Appiicauons ior Army com-.
A P , A
missions poured in upon the
War Department today while
Senators received telegrams
from men offering their ser-
vices,Senator Ashursts stated
he had several messages from
Auizonams, "most of them
want positions as captians,
colonels, or majors, dut no1-
body wants to be a private
Senators Jones and Thomae
said they had telegrams from
men seeking to serve as pri
vai. Senator Lodge received
a protest from the Massachu
setts Federation-of Churches
against war with Mexico.!'
Many applicants to the War
Department are former sold
iers, men who have resigned
their commissions in the reg
ular service or who were offi
cers in the volunteers in the
Spanish War. Some are offer
ing to raise regiments of
"rough riders."
Steam Dried Hay
Each year finds the farmer
more of a mechanic, as ma
chine after machine appear to
take the place of the decreas
ing supply of manual lador.
The up-to-date farm now ha?
its machine shop and farmer
machinist The farmer com-
L plains that for five years past
F 1 1 1 - J3 A i
ne nas Deen oDiigea consiani
ly to purchase new labor-saving
machinery. On the other
hand, had it not been for
these new inventions, many
would nave been obliged to
go out of business.
The latest thing is steam
cured hay, which makes the
farmer independent of cloudy
or rainy weather in haying
The green grass is hauledto
the hay factory, unloaded at
one end of the plant and 30
minutes later' emerges at the
other end perfectly cured,
ready for barn or bale press
i In case of rain, a canvas cov
er insures arrival at the barn
without wetting. The farm
er has about given up his time
honored trip to the "grist
mill",and here comes the hay.
! Frequent showers make good j 8
f cttq aa hn t nrt n rt Vi A-f tVi in 5 a nn in w !
ed in the process of sun-d ry
ing. The steam dried is in-
dependent of weather,
moreover turns OUt a
lUUUaUU KsCL LI W Ul 1. ii 1 LI tC4.
Maud Muller might get a job
checking the loads, but there
isn't very much romauce
about watching the steam
guage a lot cf conveyor belts.
H. H. Windsor, in May
Popular Mechanics Magazine
Look to Your Plumbing
Yon know what happens in 8
house in which the plumbing is in
poor condition, everybody in tbe
house is liable to contract typhoid
or seme other fever. The digestive
organs perform the same function
in the human body as the plumb
ing does for the house, and they
should .be kept in first-class c on
dition all the time. If you hav
any trouble with your digestioi
take Ghamerlain's Tablets and
you are certain to getqaick relief.
dFct Sale by Al! Da'r..
..... .
. ;i f-
w,' Jgcn e. MaHc. SpsaltlJlg
. B,rj UMH nil nr'3i in,
. Aprl lh groand hog is a
things f be- past and Bpririg is
here aMt. sfs
Theaisre3 are planting corn
vad Tight a'oug Every
body if; jivwa gsFen statt thit year,
so weVf easily determine the
,1 : N h. -
Jad4 ?f;xlir i qaite Bick.. He
has boihjg for eooie tim.
Mb. Tlrr issq'iHe an old man
and Jcovery may be' glow,
but wfJifeQ -will soon be bet
ter, m q
A p itiLote mtiog
will be
on, the
R v. P.
a -i'lthqJ
seoncf S'iay i;i May
W. T kj if A'hemarbs will
a8Bist.,-iCS:p4tor, Riv. E. M.
Avettj. ' n K.d?iict-.iiig th9 meeting.
Ther3 iihbV;all diy servioe on
SnndaiJaiS each day and night
thereat ie& :
Thbito'l closed her last Fri
day af i 3 .ider started for
hr hf , eDftvd?ori on Satur
day. rtfA iwa no exhibition
this .r-rnvt of c( the stu-
de:i-tsl4i)r.. uimkW.
v. o
thisi i 'iv'ls a bie entertain
ou ascen
The exer-
sijn ii'!HffiV 2is6.
cise wf' V 3'Yja entirely by tbe
Woodif !X Aslre1 dinner will be
served, f'oiick and the public
is liivtf vvh wish to bring
a babkl1' j-j.d i s )"an'd it will be
appreo, 't those who can't
bring aiiiaAetuBt oome anyway,
von w: rgfi Ispmethiug to eat
We ex' hive a big time and
pvery ty-ijly, is ; welcome. There
will bpip4j, music, potatoe
racaBj'-sJcaejracos, boat races
and otJjrTmes and amuiementt,
tmi, r ifi-r luvitatioa is aiven
by G Ipicok,
m a n d H o f?i i d c a
CDnnsel com-'
Sam Snobt.
Salisbi K v',pltf-Shoulil'N.ot Neglect
.c.jiriidneifs. ; -
No kie Haiffpent is animport-
4-1 " ' . . J - - -
ant. lit x&t overlook the sushtest
atkacht cviriiiary irregu!aiiy.
Niturei?a" be5' warning yj
approaefe dropey, grv-J
B!gbt';;TiBe. Kidney disease
is 8eldomv.-al if treated in t me,
btrt negjejfhay pave tbe way.
D )u't itgl a lame or aching
back anchldijr. Don't ignore
d zzy spell&jrregular or discolor
ed urine'.hv "Jaches, weariness or
dfprs,8ioi, yra feel you . need
kiduej.hIp; eg'n using the relia
ble, fioiy-ld rjmedy, Doan'
Kiduey ,:PilFor 50 years, Doan'e
hve be-o. fgfud effective. En
doraed.byisbury people.
Mrs. A-3d -Yatea, 507 E. Ceme
tory StSaburf, N. 0., says:
"One of th'amily had various
symptofeus okiduey complaint
Her kidWyerere irregular in ao
tion andtshr -jad backache. 8he
did nrt Voepel. Doan's Kid
ney PilvocU as a tonic t?o her
entire By.and made her fell
Pficp all dealers. Don't
iimp'y asi.Hn"a kidney remedy
xei Diatj.jney Piih-rthe same
r.hat Mvte'B recommends.
Foster-Mf.i Co., Props., Baf
ralo, N.;g:-7
Special April Goods
The Store that sells for cash and for sm ill profit.
This why you find it, pays to trade with us.
Matting Rugs
27x54 inoh Matting Rags
worth 5o our special
15o Plaiu cloth window
48s Window shades, on
rollers for
48o Lace curtains f:r
Extra good value in lace
73 Curtain scrim for
7o Colored ourtaiu goods
nJJ guaranteed to please any reasonable person, done as quickly,
treatmi to all and
The Cauble pasture quarry
is commencing to boom again
under the management of
Supt. Swan. The dirt has
been cleaned off the ledges,
and preperations are going
ahead for a busy season.
Chas Damico arrived n Faith
this week from Naples, Italy,
to mate blocks at the Cauble
Garfield Gavigan arrived
at Faith from Baltimore, Md.
He is an expert tool sharpener
and has a position with the
Harris Granite Co.
We understand Ben Grady
is expecting to make his home
with us permanently.
Miss Julia Overcash, who
lives above China Grove,
found hen egg that measures
six inches around the small
way and eight aroud the long
way. If any one can beat
that trot out your egg.
Word has been received
here of the death of Mrs
Mary Morgan, wife of A. A.
Morgan,of Morgan Township,
who died April 17 If she
had lived 1o the 27 of April
she would have been eighty
four years old. She was laid
to be found at
New Cotton Goods.
-' New crep cotton goods, cr ne good
are a'l the go this sea'on. Wh.ite &
colored worth 20. and 25c for . . 15c
Cotton Poplin ail colors for 15 & 25c
Sairtett always sells f r 25s Iookp
life silk but wpars bstter for. 20c
"Yajrd wide Joponikn pilks for 25c
Foe lard silk worth 75 3 for. . . 48c
Gents Furnishings.
Men's work shirts some stores
wonld ask 50c fr, our price. . . . 39c
Man b "Ball Dog" and Long John
work- sbirTTor . . . . 48c
Special lot of man's negligee shirt .
$1 .00 v!u onr spciak'.. ..: 69c
shades for
4 , . 39c
75, 98c
prices reasonable. Wm.
to rest at the cemetery at the rJ. T. Carter's by the little
old Morgan mustercrround J girl who are learning to play.
She leaves a husband' two
children' six grandchildren
an four great'-grand-children
Lock Shupmg who lives
four railesaboveSalispury has
the finest Angora goat we
ever saw.
Venus has heard of one in
dian mound. Will explore it
as soon as he gets time-
Venus got a beautiful pic
tureof a crowd of lit tie boy in
front of the Salisbury public
school puilding at '1 he County
commancement. Any one
can get one by sending ten
cents in stamps to J .T. Wyatt,
Saiisdury, N.C., R. D.3. box
Mr. Misemer, the music
teacher, is at B C. Eagle's
giving music lessons on the
organ to his little girls;
We were recently enertain-
ed by some good music at
No. Six-Sixty-Six
Thia ia a prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will break any case, and
if taken then as tonic the Fever will not
return. It acta on the liver better than
Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25c
Salisbury, N.'C.
The kind that is
H. Stewart, printer
fheyare getting along fine
with their lessons.
Union church cemetery is
some old tombptonts. One
bears this inscription; Sophia
Walt Dn, born Decetaper 28th.
1795, died Octobei 9th, 1895,
age 55 years 9 months and 9
dayftv Venus.
Strengthens Weak aud Tired Women
"I waB under a, great strain
nu'sing a relative through three
mouths' sickness,'' writes Mrs.
J. C. Van De Sande, of Kirkland
111., 9ud "Electric Bitters kapt
aie frr m brnaking dowu. I will
never te without it." Do yoa
fesl tired and worn out? No ap
petite aud food won't digest? It
ieu't the spriug weather. You
need E!eo6ric. Bitters. Start a
month's treatment tcday; noth
ing better for stomach, liver atd
kidneys. The great spring tonic.
Relief or monev baok. 50o. and
11 00, aty ur Druggist
Will cure Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cut8, Burns, Old
Sores, Tetter, Ring-Worm, Ec
zema, etc. Antiseptic Anodyne,
used internally or externally. 25c
- ' " r4J4 . . -,- - '.. - . J
! .'- - . : s -r- .v . . .- " , J
J . ' -T4 . . . ,

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