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    tllfe CAAOLirlA YATCHMAH.
Salisbury, April 29th 1914.
Iltkt Your Ciadidati Till
- Stands. .
Where He
"Every time heretofore that weroad8f and thatif aobunty cannot
bare sent a candidate to the Leg
islature from our county," said a
publio spirited citizen to the writ
er yesterday) "we have been buying
a pig in a poke. We didn't know
where he stood about anything .
In fact, a oandidate seemed to
think it his chief purpose to keep
the people from knowing where he
stood instead of to let them
know." .
"But we are going to change all
that this year," he went on. "I
don't know who's going, to be oar
Senator, but one thing sard, ie
has got to tell the people where
he stands. He has got to give ue
bis platform."
It is "to be hoped that voterB in
a thousand counties in the Sooth
are feeling the same way. Oar
farmers need to give less atten
tion to electing candidates aud
more attention to selecting them.
Have a county platform if possi
ble, but if you can't get that, at
any rate make every candidate for
the Legislature give his views on
all snob issues as we suggested
last week, and then vote for him
aooording to whether his platform
is good or poor.
The only real test is as to how
a oandidate stands on these mea
sures for the upbuilding of the
county and the State. We hva
eaid that we want to see more farm
ers in the Legislature, but we
had rather have a constructive,
progressive lawyer any time than
a standpat, unprogrsssive farmer.
We have known some farmer leg
islators who had become ultra
conservative and "set in their
ways" and did more harm to the
farmers' interests than anybody
else in the Legislature. The Pro
gressive Farmer.
Civil Service Examination tor Stenographer
uljjiwnur, Fun Service.
The UBited States Civil Service
ouBiuiiniou announces &tx opan
competitive examination at Ashe
ville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Sal-
isoury, on May 10, to provide a
register of eligibles from which to
make certification for filling va
cancies as they may ocsur in posi
tions requiring qualifications of
Bcenograpny. typewriting, or
stenography and tyye writing in
federal classified civil services in
tne vionity or. tne places 01 ex
Women will not be admitted to
this examination nor to other
stenographer and typewriter ex
aminations for the field service in
the fourth oivil service district
until February, 1915, Applica
tions should be made at once to
Secretary, Fourth Oivil Service
District, Washington, D. 0.
Spring Laxative and Blood Cleanser.
F'uih out the accumulated
waste and poisons of the winter
months; cleanse your stomaoh,
Jiver and kidneys of all impuri
ties. Take Dr. King's New Life
Pills; nothing better for purify
ng the blood. Mild, non-griping
laxative. Cures constipation;
make3 you feel fine. Take "n"o
other. 25o, at your Druggist.
Buoklen's Arnioa Salve for All
Gold Hill Roller Mill Burns.
Salisbury, April 22. At Gold
Hill, Rowan County, today the
r )ller mill of J. A. Prather was
destroyed by fire, entailing a loss
of $6,500. The origin of the fire
is unknown. A large amount of
niiohinery, grain audflour was
!30 destroyed.
$106" Reward $100
The readers of this paper will
be pleased to learn that there is at
least one dreaded disease that
soince has been able to cure in
a 1 its stages, and that is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure now known to
tt medical fraternity. Catarrh
b iug a constitutional disease, re
q urea a constitutional treatment.
h ill's Catarrh Cure is taken in
t rually, acting directly upon the
bi ;od aud mucous surfaces of the
sv item, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and
asiisting nature in doing its work.
Tue proprietors have so mush
far bin its curative powers that
tliny offar One Hi)iHrd Dollars
for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address: F. J. Cheney & Co,,
Tolrdo, Ohio.
Sold by all druggist, 75c .
Take Hall's Family Pills
cc alligation
fnr II ,
Don't Yon usr mm
When will our people appreciv
ate the value cf the iplit log drag?
When will they quit thinking that
they oan have passable highways
only by spending thousands and
thousands of dollara for surfaced
afford these, its people must pull
along through mud and ruts till
Gabriel blows his horn?
When will each county arrange
to pay some farmer for dragging
the load nearest him alter eaon
wet spell?
And when will you, Mr. Reader,
when will you talk over this mat
ter with your oounty commission
ers and your road authorities?
We have printed stories enough
showing the value of the drag, but
here's another from the. Monroe
Euqairer that we pass along:
'People coming over the Wades
boro road last Saturday mmiLg
found a rouzh piece of road from
Rook Best to Lee's Mill, the wheel
ruts deep and many of them, and
travel slow and difficult Return
ing late that afternoon they fcuud
that same stretch of road fiuer
than any $3,000 a-mile maoadam
road, a smooth surface.and a road
which was a delight to drive on .
What made the change? Why,
J. J. Morgan had used a King
road drag for a short while, that
was all. Just one man and a team
and that drag had done the work
and the bill for the taxpayers to
foot will be less than $2. The
road drag, the man who invented
it should hare babies named after
him, and may his feet press the
golden streets when he leaves this
old world. The road drag, let it
be used more. It is the cheapest
way to make a 'good road, when
used at the right time, j Use the
drag. When used promptly just
after the March rains end, it will
level down the ruts and ridges and
insure smoother traveling the
whole year through. But to be
really effective it should be used
after every wet Bpell;" The Pro
gressive Farmer.
Found a Cure for Rheumatism
'I suffered with rheumatism
fot two. jrears and could not get
my right hand to my mouth for
that length of time," writes Lee
L. Chapman, Mapleton, Iowa. "I
suffered terrible pain so I could
not sleep or lie still at night. Five
years ago I began using Chamber
lain's Liniment and in two
months I was well and have not
suffered with rheumatism since."
For Sale by All Dealers.
Mr. Hudson Wifbdraws.
Certain busineis affairs having
arisen since I entered the cam
paign for Judge of Rowan County
Court, which will requ're praoti
ally all of my time, it will be im
possible for me. if nominated, to
devote the time to the Court that
the duties of the Court demand.
Therefore I feel that I cannot af
ford to make the sacrifice by re
maining in the race.
' I deBire to .thank the many
friends who have supported me so
loyally in my campaign.
T. F. Hudson.
Check Your April Couth.
Thawing frost and April rains
obill you to the very marrow, you
catch cold Head and lungs stuff
edYou are feverish Cough con
tinually and feel miserable You
need Dr. King's New Discovery.
It soothes inflamed and irritated
throat and lungs, stops cough,
your head clears up, fever leaves,
and you feel fine. Mr. J. T.
Davis, jf Stickney Corner, Me.,
"Was cured of a dreadful cough
after doctor's treatment and all
other remedies failed. Relief or
money back. Pleasant Chil
dren like it. Get a bottle to-day.
50a. and $1.00, at your Draggiit.
Buoklen's' Arnica Salve for All
Comin g The
Including a Day Grand Musical Festival
Grand Opera
A Musical Program Every DtV!
The season tickets purchased by the local committee, altljfow
V mm - - - - - ' --rAT- , S
T be Mast important Itents of tne Week- as
Told by Telegrapnic Dispatches. - .
Washington, April 26 Span
ish Ambassador Riano announced
late tonight that he had received
private advices from Mexico City
stating that Gensral Huerta had
accepted the offer of Argentina,
Brasil and Chile to use their good
offices to bring about an amicable
settlement of, the difficulty be
tween the United states and
This information though unof
ficial was aooepted as anthentio
by the Ambassador, who expectp
to be prepared -to plaoe General
Huerta's formal acceptance be
fore the representatives of the
three Sonth . American countries
tomorrow. -
The interests of the Hoerta
Government in the United Statee
were taken over by the Spanish
Embassy whea Charge Algararleft
Washington. Ambassador Riano
reoeived the good offices from the
three peace envoys last night. It
was cabled immediately to Mexioo
When the formal acceptance
from Mexio3 City is in hand the
South Amerlcon diplomats will
be ready to proceed with their
plan, no intimation of the nature
of which as yet has been given.
It generally has been understood
here, however, that the peace en
voys expect to deal direotly with
ithe situation created by the Tarn-
pioo incident and other offenses
against the honor and dignity of
the United States.
Administration cffioials appeared
to be much gratified at the proB
peot at having proposals of the
great South Amerioan Republic
listened to by General Huerta.
Washington, April 26. United
States Consul General Phillip C.
Hanua, at Monterey, reported to
Secretary Bryan tonight that he
had been humiliated and placed in
jail by Mexican Federal officials
on April 22 and left behind the
bars until released two days later
by the Constitutionalists . when
they captured the city. The con
sul's message is as follows:
Consul Hanna's telegram fol
lows: Monterey, Mexioo, April 26,
Secretary of State, Waihington,
D. C, April 24, 1 p. m. Ou the
twenty-first of April a Federal
military officer, Captain Alyerez
Del Castillo, evidently instructed
by the Federal military command
er to, tear down all American flags,
arrived at this Consulate with a
street mob which he had gathered
about 4 o'cloak in the afternoon
and pounded in the door and de
manded that the American flag
over this Consulate be immediate
ly lowered or he would shoot it
down. The other Federals pro
ceeded to tear down all American
flagi, standing on them, makiug
speeches thronehoub the oity of
Monterey, burning some of them
ai d tearing them up and leaving
them piled np .in the middle of
the sireeti.
'It is the most insniting aot I
or any of the people of Monterey
ever have'witnessed. They then
placed a police guard in front of
this Consulate and all the inmates
in this building were considered
"The next morning about 10
o'clock a police lieutenant arrived
with a force of men and advised
me that he had been instructed to
search the building.- The insult
ing search was completed about
noon, when your Consul General
was taken prisoner through the
streets with the moh and oarri d
Light Opera
Instruction '
$2.50. Attendance by sibfle admission "on
first it'ift penitentiary and after
wardvj ne. state uovejiiment
placlci building has been for
ioai$ 6;&o, military quarters and
fortftl'd wa the object of
P3:Jtf t$4ok by the attacking
lorces, 'i
'i VTSnstituticnalist officer,
Mai iifiuerras with a company
of m55fckrt into the lockfd dcor
earlfSnioTning, furnishing me
with, 8-dded horse and acocm
pautf) tae o the suburbs of the
city 1 u'& mJ General Antonio
"Villwa'wbc"will be Governor of
ipny with General Vil
lareagtV some of the "foreigi
Ccnsjiaji&9presentative8 in Mont
aiev5fsraceeded' to the Statp
oala jire speeches were mad'
v . t ....
to iha sjjpfe who assembled 11
greaC'rtiC?oe9!in front of the State
'Hcujj$ing assurances of fu
p,oteii o all foreigners end
uoL-lncuCit'anvs aud the fnltett
degree". .f freedom and protection
to at V'ttf disposed, law-abiding
people j
''Sfcrvy : after our arrival at
the StTfc Hoc 89, General Pablo
Gonji .vis larrived, accompanied bv
his lwa' large force of the
Corititjialist troop9. He wa
eutnercaiiy received as wat
also ta;f-Villarpal and other
- .J T i
ufBcifB.J ? ;
G 4f f Tei as, April 27
Th tut t-lC fQace sounded in tb
medir t jgotiations proposed
l n.!,!1 J '1 iw k : ' t..
publics t?solve the Mexican trou
ble f ? not'eoho here tc day in
the u?r'fd preparations to em.
bark .aavuftiittoual fizhtiuu force
to VV'a Xtm
AlKdulopg the quartermas
ter's i 4pmnt rushed ths worfc
01 rftity& toe ireigner oan mar
oos lip Army transport and
tonigfi t steamship was loaded
with (lup-yiea and ready to ssi
toraoc?j' ?with a troop of the
Sixth Otfalry and several tat-
teriestt9 Ftourth Field Artill
ery . ,z
Ver4?Dfi, April 27. With al
cerem;iaIihei firing of a salute
and dcSfe-parade, the
flag s&sgais'ed today
over th
of Rear
Admitafrsnk F. Fletcher
Over t)e li8tomB house the flag
has ben tgnug Hinoe the landing
of beorican f oroes, but until
now trjiadbeen no ceremony
indicaQhe' formal occupation
of VejGjIjJ.r,
The4sp0"rts with Brigadier
General tuoston's command
aboarsM off the port late to
day, but-Wroihas been no indica
tion tllabij military forces will
be 8en'0ere at this time. " If
the AxtrM lands, the blue
jacketr urwon duty here will go
aboardh ships, but the ma-
rines wSM'bu left for land service
27. The
tensenDtithe: Mexican Bitnation
was c(jfcn5Hy relieved today
when tti rcreseutativas of Ar-
Pflt,ntk. .r AtiA fihiU - unn
o -v T
portedy pasare ircm all Liatin
A meriofetfciif'rom foremost pow
ers of Q&Mpi, Concentrated their
efforta ?-rd a paoifio adjust
ment of iebrisis.
The &i?)fJi of the first steps to
ward mditaflQQ, the prompt ac
ceptance United States and
the ancriement of Spanish
Ambaasjgkpiat Huerta bad ac
cepted tie&tidbr of good offioee
prcduoe'd? jftfeeling of distinct
hfcpe wB4 was" reflected not only
in Adm;it?atfon quarters, but
in' CongiriSheie v'war talk"
gave wayifo j spirit of concilia
tion. k"k.
To 1
, .. rij t
ie$t Blood Poisoning
apply at os---thi. wonderful old reliable DR.
gical dressECjhfey iweves pain and heals at
the same U&c-: Ifet animent. 25c. 50c. flJXX.
ft Bell Ringing Magic
it ,t
see program"f6ii Complete list of attragtiOnsi
iROcUstATlOl ISsUEll IT VttR CAU2 .
Rear Admiral Fiifcnsr Pjsts i Sotic? to
All Citizens OfC'ti. -Vera
CruzrApril 23. The
first proclamation issued in
this city by Americans since
the war between the United
States and Mexico ended in
1848, was posted today and
read with Tiuterest by the
Mexican inhabitants.
The proclamation was is-!
1?ned by Rear Admiral Fletch
er addressed to the "People
pf Vera Cruz" and. read:
!'To the people of Vera Crnz:
United States that are under
my command have occupied
temporarily the city ot Vera
Cruz to supervise the publ'C
administration on account
bf the disturbed conditions
which at present prevail in
"All employes of the muni
cipality of this port are invit
ed to continue in the dis
charge of their offices as they
have done up to the present.
, "The military authorities
.will not intervene in civil and
administrative affairs so long
as good order and peace in the
town are not impaired.
"All peaceful citizens may
confidently continue in their
usual occupations certain
that they will be protected.
Tha commander signing
gives assurances that there
will be no interf -irence with
the civil authorities, except
in cases of absolute necessity
and guided always by the
observance of the law and
'The taxes due and the
use of them will continue
being made in the same
form as up to the present
time and in conformity with
"Rear Admiral F. F.
Fletcher." The proclama
tion was printed in Spanish
and posted throughout the
town. !
The small grain are begin
ing to come out and look
fairly well. '
0. W. Harington is getting
his part of clock and watch
repairing tb do since he open
ed up in the little town of
The writer bought a pair
of pigs from John Rinehardt
which need some crutches.
If any one is up On making pig
crutches we would like to
hear from him.
C. W. Harrington, son and
daughter, visited Mr. Haring
ton's father, Dr. I. W. Harr
ington, who has been serious
ly sick and seems to suffer a
great deal with having had
two strokes of paralysis
quite recently.
Nies Carrie Bost has re
signed her position with the
Rockwell company and le
turned home to help her
father with the farm work.;
Amicable seems to think
Uncle Bill deserves praise for
his last week's items. Clipper
thinks Uncle Bill is up on his
job all right.
The Loafer's Union is still
in a boom, Jim Houlshouser
says he hopes there wont be
any more initiations than he
already has. The loafers
department hafe a tricky cat
which .they have a lot of fun
with. It has no claws
nor any whole foot there
fore re have to feed it and
we hope the members will all
give something for it.
We would like to see John
Brown or Carson Fisher, put
out for county commissioner
There is no doubt that we
would elect them if they
come euti Clipper.
Chautauqua 7
Literary Lectures
You Can't Afford to Miss
for sale, may be had while they last
each entertainment would
filnLS HOltlO Bf SUVE atCHEltS
Girls ffsk fielr listo. Escip; from
Root's Slai Pans
Santa Barbara, April 10,
Exhausted from their hide
and seek among the moun
tains, Lena Oache and her
16 year old co.npanion, Helen
Powers, who escaped from
St. Catherine's conv-mt Mon
day afternoon, were taken
today by . Deputy Sheriff
Brank Shepeard near Sh'ep-
ard's inn at the mouth of
Casitas pass.
Jbour nights and three days
the girls eluded the most skiN
ed bfll iers and rangers "and
only lack of food aud fit'gue
were responsidle for their
They explained that the
first night they waudered all
night long, hi ling in the day- .
time, and that several times i
the officers were within a few .
feet of them but the dense 1
brush concealed their hidine
At one point the officers
for half an hour held a couu
cil of war within earshot of i
the girls, who took advantage
of the information tuus gai,n -
ed. lheir clothes were torn
in rags and their shoes wbm
through when taken.
Untaxed and with an ab
solutely defiant attitude to
wards all efforts of the estate
to pass inspection bills which
will enavde the officials of the
state to examine the inside
workings of their inst'tutions
the Roman Catholic couveuts
and slave pen? of this nation
offer the" r.ext problem for
Sour Stomach, Heart Burn
In October,
1910, we received
a letter from
Mrs. Hall, from
which we make
the following: ex
tracts: "About twelve
years ago my
health began to
fail. I couldn't
eat anything
without suffering
for it I had
ripnrt rnrn smii
stomach, palpi- i51
tation of the Box36S.-Clty
heart, smother
ing spells, pains in my sides and
back. In fact, I suffered all jover,
and a cough almost like; consump
tion. Doctors failed to relieve me;
in fact, they didn't seem to know
what ailed me. I continued to grow
worse until I was able to sit up only
a part of the time. I had almost lost
all hopes of ever being any better.
"But one day some one threw some
books in at my door. I read them
and found them to be Peruna books.
"They described my feeling so truly
I sent at once and got a bottle and
began taking it. You pronounced
my ailment systemic catarrh, and
gaVe me some advice.
"When I had taken two and one
half bottles I began to eat without
suffering. I continued to improve.'
"When I had taken eight I was like
a new person. That was nine years
"I think Peruna the greatest fam
ily remedy there Is, for so many ail
ments are due to catarrhal trouble. I
would advise any one afflicted with
catarrh to take Peruna and I am sure
It will leave."
In the Revised Tils of Life" we
have many similar testimonials which
should interest sick people. . every
where. Sent free by the Peruna Co,
Columbus, Ohio.
People who object to liquid medi
cines can now obtain Poruna Tablets.
Will Pay
Highest Cash Price
Delivered at
220 S. Jackson St.,
Salisbury, N. C.
Oratory Monologues
Playground Worker
at $2.00. All season tickets thereafter will Ha
exceed $8.00.
1 v.-
Now Does Her Own Work.
Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound Helped Her;
Irontbn, Ohio." I am enjoying bet
ter health now than I have for twelve
years. When I be
gan to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound I.
eouH not sit np. I
b. .;. fomale troubles
anJ was very ner
vous. I used the
remedies a year and
I can do my work
and for the Jast eight
months 1 have
worked for other
women, too. I cannot praise Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound enough
for I know I never would have been as
well if I had not taken it and I recom
mend it to suffering women."
Daughter Helped Also.
' "I eave it to my daughter when she
1 was tbirteen years old. She was in
school and was a nervous wreck, and
could not sleep nights. Now she looks
so healthy that even the doctor speaks
of it. You can publish this letter if you
like." Mrs. Rena Bowman, 161 S. 10th
Street, Irohton, Ohio.
Why will women continue to suffer
day in and day out and drag out a sickly,
half-hearted existence missing three
fourths of the joy of living, when they
can find health in Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound ?
If yon have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's "V egeta
ble Compound will help you, write
to Lydia E.Pinkh am Medicine Co.
(confidential) Lynn, Massif or ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman
and held in strict confidence.
the solution of the American
The torture and suffering
iDflicted upon innocent girl
hood in these hell holes of
iniquity must be something
terrible when they are wilN
ing to take their lives into
their own hands and brave
the torments of hungeraud
Jthe inclemencies of the
weather for days id "and
effort to make their escape.
You can hardly pick up- a
daily newspaper in which
you are not regale with heart
touching stories of girls who
have either lost their lives in
an effort to escape from these
ecclesiastical jails or who
seem always willing to neg
lect the legitimate .duties of
their office in order to con
stitue themselves slave catch
ers for the pope of Kome.
Some day the Protestant
people of this nation may
abandon the mad scramble
for the almighty dollar long
enough to take some action
looking to the preservation
of .virtue and womanhopd
of the nation, but it seem
that it must be after the
flower of our womanhood has
been sacrificed to popish lust
and greed and the fairest
maidens of the land fed to
the beast of lust that has the
mauhood of the American
nation at its feet cringing in
the dust.
Would to God that we had
even a hundred real men on"
American soil today? The
This Event
Big Days
. - : - ....... t - .-ft ;

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