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3 Stewart,
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Entered M second-class matter Jan.
lth. W06, at the post offlee at Salis
bury, N. Om under the aet of Congress
of Marsh 8rd, 1879.
Salisbury, April 29th 1914.
Two years ago yon could hardly
read a paper without running up
with an appeal to pass a oalf law
The members of the legislature,
mistaking the newspaper argu
ments for the to ice of the people
prooeeded to pass suoh a law.
Now, sinoe it is learned the calf
law was not wanted and these
who were interested in passing it
have been criticized, these same
newspapers have not offered the
least defense of their mislead
statesmen. We now have a some-,
what similar situation in regard
to the extension of the oity limits,
and two of the candidates, before
the primaries and convention,
have deolared their, not the peo
pies', nor the party's intention, to
force, (that is what it means,
force) the extension. Would it
not be better to have these gentle
m?n instructed as to the wants of
the people and include some
our don't wants.
turn i- atnr I thought I gave you
la nkfcel to tay in the parlor last
night with Sis and her beau. You
(were only in there half an hour.
' WBttt 81a bean gave me a dime to
No Financier.
TaV shouted an officer to hla Irish
Servant, "here's a shilling to get me
some cheese, and a ahllllng for some
Pat started on his errand, and, after
long delay, returned, fumbling with
the coins in his hand apparently in
great distress.
"Well, Pat, what's wrong r said the
"Shore, sir, Oive got the shmings
tsilxed, and dont know which is for
tcheese and which is for biscuits ?
Sufficient Unto the Day.
I tell you, sir, each new day con
fronts us with a problem that has to
Ibe solved. Take your case, for hi'
stance you have two daughters Just
growing into womanhood. I call this
ja problem that you must face at once,
Klon't youf
T understand you thoroughly.
!Kight now the -problem with my wife
i ad me is to keep Maud and Ella
'from buying matinee tickets to the
problem pJaym."-rSt Louis Republic
Getting at the Facts.
"The train struck the man, did it
not?" asked the lawyer of the engi
user at the trial.
It did, sir," said the engineer.
"Was the man on the track, sir?"
ithundered the lawyer.
"On the track ? asked the engi
neer. "Of course he was. No engi
neer worthy of his Job would run his
train into the woods after a man.
i Ladies' Home Journal.
In the Anteroom.
Creditor May I go in and see the
FtBtler Oh, yes; certainly 1
Creditor Bay, my friend, how Is it
thr.t you admit me so easily today,
"when at other times you usually send
me away with one excuse or another?
Butler Well, today the baron scold-
ted me. I am angry at him. Boraazem
SJanko (Budapest).
Thought It Was a Waterbury.
An officer of a riser which sails
from New York vouches for the fol
lowing story:
"On a recent trip I was on deck
talking with a passenger when eight
bells sounded. There goes eight bells,'
I i aid. excusing myself, t must take
my watch below.
M 'Gracious !' she exclaimed. Taney
having a watch that strikes so loud.
". New York Tribune.
Paid Back.
"Has Owens' ever paid back that $10
ryou loaned him a year age?"
"Oh, yes; he borrowed twenty-fire
more from me last week and only took
Not Particular.
; Guard on Elevated Train What eta
jtloo do you want, friend?
Returning Reveler What' ata'shuns
dot t Judge.
Messrs, Peeler and Lyerly of
Granite Quarry, have purchased
several large derriok poles io this
vicinity which will be hauled t
Granite Qaarry in the near future.
There was an exhibition at th
Sloop school house- on Saturday
uight, April 18ib Quite a num
ber of our people attended and al
report a splendid time,
John Bast has aooepted a posi
tion as blacksmith at Peeler Bros
The farmers have been very
busy this .week.
' Rev. R. R Sowers has purohas
ed a valuable tract of timber laud
near Organ Church.
M. A Holshouser has a fine
field of clover.
James Nance is building ah ad
dition to his barn.
D. A. Wiley will try an experi
ment on aa acre of corn this sum
Milas Jcsey is building a shed!
to his granary.
Thire was quite a heavy win1
storm at Rockwell April 20sh.
J. D. A. Fuher, of Faith, v'sit
ed at Jackso.i Boat's April 26th.
Mrs. Annie Sifford has been
sick the past few days
MrB. J. F. Park has been quite
sick with mumps dun g the pat
several days. i
W. H. Earnhardt has b en
haviug quite a tussle wita mumps
during the past week.
Victor Clark of Salisbury, vijit
ed relatives near Organ Church
April 20th.
The public road leading from
Salisbury to Mt. Pleasant is in a
very I ad condition at a number
of places below Faith and is al
moat impassible. It is hoped by
the tax payers of this part of th
ouutrythat something ozn be
done t thic road as soon as possi
ble. We hope that a word to the
wise will be suffiaent and we will
not need to say auy thing mere in
regard to this road.
The confederate veterans of
Organ Church camp will hold their
iuuual reunion and decoration
lay at Organ Chorea ascension
day, May 21. Diuuei will I r
3?ived in the grove and good
speakers will be present All the
iid soldiers, and toe publ o are
cordially invited to attend and
bring filled baskets
M.eses May and Carrie Raoey
of Faith, visited their sister, Mrs
J:hu Ketcer, April 26h.
Samuel Deal has been quite on
well the past week.
Mr. Ilolshorser of fi ckwell,
has been quite unwell the past
few days.
N M. Brown left Monday, April
20th, for tbe Southern part of
South Carolina where be will re
sume wcrk io selling fruit trees
Uncle Bij l
Farmers have been very busy
for a week, and will be busy for
several weeks more
Mrs. E; D. A. Sifford is in a
very bad condition with rheTima
tism. Dr Holshouser has been
to see her several times.
W. H Earnhardt is still unable
to get out. Mumps are keeping
him in Dr Fisher treated him
several times.
J D L.Brown and H. A. A
Kluttz were in Salisbury Satur
day afternoon.
J., .fnuiips nnds his new
horse does not work well.
R. I. W. Kluttz was in China
Grove Saturday forenoon.
uiay Miinn nas neen giving1
chicken hawks trouble ; he has
killed three or four this spring;.
Mrs. J. F Parks has not been
doing- so well for a week or more:
mumps are rough
John Shuping recently bought
a nice calf of Allen Houlshouser;
ina day or two the calf got out
of Mr. Shuping's barn and got
into the woods, and he has not
been able to find it. jt has been
out several days".
S.- A Holmes is turning a
cold shoulder to the flies by put
ting in screen doors and. windows.
The farmer's Union had a meet
ing: Saturday night. Saw
April 28 Rev. and Mrs Jor
dan and family have gone to
visit Mrs Jordan's parents and
will be gone for a few weeks .
Venus spent Sunday night
with Danier Eagle's. They have
five children: Clifford,' Callie.
Lee Mamie and Allie They
own a large farm have live stock
and fine rifiht in the heart of the
granite belt. There are large
granite boulders all about the
barn jand house. They are good
livers and have plenty of every
thing about themi
A young gentleman at George
Peeler's April 26th. -
A B. McSwain with his mot
or Coca Cola turnout, was out on
the granite belt And put off a
big load of Coca Cola to the mer
chants. He is one of the best
motor engineers we ever saw
He runs at a moderate gate and
s very caref ull noU to . run over
the geese, chichens and little
We visited J. W. Frick and
Sons factory at Granite Quarry
recently. They are as busy as
bees putting up grain cradles.
Three more Italian block mak
ers just arrived in Faith and are
stopping at the Brenton board
ing house
John H. Freeman was out at
Faiths with a motor wagon
loaded with Pepsi Cola for the
Charles Peeler recntly took
his autmobile to -the motor hos
pital at Charlotte to have it
Young lady at Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Lentz in Faith April 20th.
Mr and Mrs. Lewis Eller and
family ot near St. Luke's church
visited their son Earnest, near
Granite Quarry, Sunday.
Stona Lodge No. 273, 1 ,U, O
O F at Granite quarry are mak
ing arrangements to have a bar
becue on the fourth of July and
varrius other entertainments
At night they will have an old
time fidlers convention and a
grand old time is expected
Every body will be invited
Misses Eva Cauble Pearle
Peeler and Lewis Peeler, have
just returned from China Grove
where they went to attend the
closing of the high school there
Mr and Mrs Dug Dunham
and litt'e daughter of Granite
Quarry, visited at Mr, and Mrs
John Brenton's at Faitb Sunday
Fisher and McCombs ha;e just
opened a fine granite quarry for
their own use
Miss Lillie Hess and Lula
Brown have returned from Salis
bury where they have been visit
ing at Mr. and Mrs G B Fink's
J T Wyatt shipped three pair
millstones today . .
There is more work comingont
on the granite belt than there
has been for several years And
everybody is getting crowded
This means good times and lots
of money in circulation out here'
Venus'. '
April 2 Th? furmers are very
bmy n w prpa ng land and
plantng their crops The ram
baB put us all a little back with
)ur work.
Th9 mumps have abntdied out
in our community we are glad to
note. '
D S Lentz has fiuisbed sawing
it Bill Rimer's and is niw at
James Bast's-
Oar public roads in the lower
Judge of Litaker township have
gotten into a horrible erudition-.
Oar mail carrier says it there
su'fc something done he will have
o report them impassible.
Oj last Sunday ce Mrs. Con
ell was driving along tbe Smith
farm she ran into a mud hole, eh3
ind two children were pitched
a, over the dash of the buggy
under the horse's feet. They
came out bruised and scared, and
too can imsgiue bow they looked
Tom tbe mud Bab for the time
;y action of her brother more se
rious results might have taken
V. M Clark of Salisbury, wac
down at Orgtn Church last San
day in his autcmobih and in
going from the cburoh to his fath
er's a distance of 1 miles, hip
machine stuck in the mud -hres
times We hcp somethiug will
be dene for our roads soon.
Wheat and oati are looking flue.
(1. L. Yost and wite visited
their daughter at Knnapolis on
last Sm day A Subscriber. .
The split log drag need ocoas
sionally on these roads would
work winders.
The old Confederate soldiers of
Rowan County will hold their
annual reunion at the graded
school building- on Wednesday
morning-, May 13th. The ladies
will furnish a splendid dinner as
usual, the Baraca band is expect
to furnish music and several
speakers are expected "to make
addresses of interest . Salisbury
is always glad to entertain the
old soldiers and it is hoped tK"at
every one will make it a point to
attend. A good time is in store
for all.
v .
Panel andracev for Making a Porta
- iiAlso Frequently Used in
(Prepared 1 ihe Un5ted states Depart
fafiji of Agriculture.)
Sheep lbandry should receive
more att4ntian from the farmer of
this caunferythan it does at the pres- j
ent time. ''XJjfluestionably sheep rais
ing could "$rtably! be fitted into the
general maiffement of thousands of
farms -wherehere is none at the pres- ;
ent- time. 'JaT many other farms the
size of th )ck 'could be Increased
and moril' s,$itiotf given to thle
branch of farming with resulting profit
to theowneraccordmg to the depart
ment of agryultureV;
It has $ie&$ estimated that sheep
will eat $0 Jgr cent, -of all trouble
some weedsgThey- are, in, fact, com
monly used cleaning up weeds from
fields, feiews, roadsides, stubble
fields tufdlcin fields The common
belief amfcgJarmers is that weeds
eaten by. khp are ; so broken up In
the digestfe eProcesses that the seeds
,'will not ;5ninatd -after passing
through tjkedy as in the case of j
other live t:. However, weeds are 1
rarely perto'Ted to) go to seed If
enouglju sh&efetftre' turned In the field
.while the e4 are young and tender.
r In some tiestigatiohs carried on
by the 6anaJgb government among a
considerably jmber' of sheep to de
termine thSE"18 o weeds eaten by
them,, it .'WJji'generally agreed that
sheep woujfa Snsunie jdl but a. very
few extreml-iA4inpalat5ble ones, such
as muHein.lSpiich thistle, etc. Upon
inquiry as &M2e specific kinds eaten.
'one farmer?ftr$Ied that he could not ,
give any dHte Information oh the
subjeet, as sheep kept his farm
so free froc pfids that he could not
see what kigejyjiey actually ate.
Where shjs&ii have: been kept, but
where' for Jsot reason they have
been disposiSdisjli a striking difference
has usuallvf-iforarred' In the Rnnear-
" - ' - - - -r- "
ance of. the .f aHH Weeds have sprung
up and growniere they had former
ly been kepti xheck. There is no
better solutioo the weed problem
than a . flock; at'sheep.
The farmen&Msheep should be a
wool and mr sheep, with empha
sis upon mutttX2' This "dual purpose
sheep, if the" ne be permissible, Is
a proved sucofes and it is already
represented ?.frrbme of the breeds.
' - -Si ;t - ' S .
i -h u n 1 1 U t i i'i 2
; X 3 St :ji If J - 3P0
L fit J
Combinatioif pk for Feeding Hay and Grain.
. j - Either Side.
The best typ&;the n0st profitable ditions. . In the majority of cases, how
combination ot Vm and mutton. The ever, ice is not available on the farm.
i i 5 wiiiu. uuuru mui-
cate that shee fuming for wool alone
Is unprofitable, Sin investigating 543
flocks of the igbol ection of Ohio
they found thajtien tjiere was a net
credit to wooa percentage of re
ceipts from .wg! wasj 38 and from
other sources '&fj If he raising of
sheep for woolj&4?e does not pay in
thfj region, it ablj would not in
any other part ovhe fanning section.
In establishing flock it Is better
for the farmer start on a small
scale, unless heJas previously had
experience. Whe one is dealing with
small numbers,! Mistake in manage
ment or an erropjfjn judgment Is not
so great. importaf as where larger
numbers are invaded. 'Starting with
a small flock requ less capital also.
If it is desired to segment the size of
the flock, this cgiS be' done -by the
natural increase, re best ewe lambs
being selected eggf year for the pur
pose.. This" shouTQ prove more eco
nomical than buyir: all the breeding
stock outright. Mfierei tho stock is
produced on the fiV only the cost of
production can lightly: . be
tjhtly'. be charged
asaiuBL ii, om wrLefe it is purchased
1 . ,1 .... .-. .:-. - f . .-
PfDdvjion-plus a nroflt
and very often th&rice of the repu
tation of the brer must be paid.
By producing the feeding stock him
self, the farmer sfijld secure a more
uniform lot and, oqVbetter adapted to
his own particular Hnditions. Anoth
er advantage of sl11 numbers, espe
cially where capites limited, is that
better animals caipj$e purchased.
1 ne ram has aa?; much influence
upon the flock as f3: entire ewe flock
tough Medlclrilf or Children
- p3f 'M
Too much ca retail not be nsed
in selecting a corii medicine for
children It sboSd be pleasant
t j take, contain n;rharmfal eab
8tance and be hpoai effectual.
Chamberlain's ugrf Remedy
meets these reqaiv'jtrnints and is a
favorite with. mothers of
young children evtiy where.
For Sale by M Dealers,
, ' ,1
' !
' sr.;. 'i-'-
. "a
ble Sheep Fence. Wire Fencing
the Construction of Panels.
orea to mm, wnich ract gives rise to
the old saying, "The ram is half the
flock." The selection of the ram is
thus seen to be a matter of prime im
portance. Improvement in breeding
can be brought about in a flock at less
expense by the use of a good ram
than in any other way. A good 'am
is a valuable Investment, and the few
.extra dollars In cost over the price of
a mediocre one multiply themselves
in returns on the lamb crop. The
wise selection of a single ram has in
many cases made a flock famous.
Probably sheep are subject to more
Ills than any other class of domestic
animals. At any rate, they seem to
be more helpless in repelling the at
tacks made upon them. This need
not discourage the prospective shep
herd, since good care and manage
ment-will obviate most of these trou
l .
oxes. .upon ims care, and manage
ment depends the "luck" of the shep
herd. Flocks are known to exist upon
weeds and waste roughages with lit
tle or no attention, hut the returns
are proportionately meager.
A well-trained sheep dog is one o
the greatest friends of the industry,
while the car dog is one of its worst
enemies. The Scotch collie is the
sheep dog of America, and a well
trained one can not be appreciated
unless seen' at work. Their tireless
watching, even at night, makes them
Invaluable to the sheep herder.: By
their barking they warn him of any
prowler that may be lurking about
the flock.
Much of the sheepy flavor of mutton
comes rrom tne generation or gases
in the stomach after the sheep is
killed. For this reason sheep should
be dressed as rapidly as possible. A
platform six or eight inches high is
a convenient thing to work on and
aids In keeping the blood away from
.the body, insuring a cleaner carcass.
After dressing, the carcass should
be cooled to , 40 degrees, or as near
that as possible. In the summer it
will be necessary to have ice for this
purpose. Where there is a farm re
frigerator the carcass can be placed In
it, provided there is a circulation of
dry air and no objectionable odors
are present. Mutton can be kept for
a week or ten days under these con-
8heep Can Feed From
Under these conditions the sheep or
iamb, as the case may be, should be
slaughtered in the evening, the car
cass allowed to hang out overnight
(where nothing will disturb it), and
taken to a cool dry room or cellar in
the morning, before the flies are
about. If the carcass is split it will
cool out more rapidly. Under these
conditions it is a good plan for two or
more farmers to club together, each
taking a part of the carcass, so that
were will be no danger of the meat
spoiling before it can be used.
in me winter there is little diffi
culty about keeping the meat A eood
way to keep mutton at this time is to
allow it to freeze up and to cut off
enougn for use from time to time with
a saw. A single freezing does not
injure the quality but alternate freez
ing and thawing is harmful and should
De avoided.
Lamb and mutton should never be
used ror food until it is thoroughly
luu,eu out- JuimD is as good as it
ever wui be as soon as it is thoronh.
ly cooled, hut mutton improves with
iijbuiuk ior a week nt 4(1 n A.K
"V - uc-
grees t Mutton nor, a v..
it is hot as palatable nor is it aa mi.
tritious as the fresh meat The hams
are sometimes spiced ,and are consid
ered by many to be a delicacy when
prepared In this way.'
Select Vlaopoua Rlrria
If you are working for eggs be care-
iui 10 select the most vigorous birds
for winter layers. Market all h
rest as broilers. Weaklings are no ac
count as egg producers.
Beaut fu Colg9 Pennants
Guaranteed Wear-Ever Hosiery For
otcii ana women
Ladies' Special Offer
All beet quality felt with felt
heading, streamers, letters and
mascot executed- in proper colors
This splendid- assortment sent
pdstpaid for 50 cents and 5 stamps
to pay postage.- Send now.
Howard Specialty Ooian'y
Dayton, Ohio. r
!"Flereest Lion In Captivity" Captured
by Darky With Piece of Rope Wa
Right 8mart Rambunctious. .
"Did you'all lose a giraffe?" he In
quired. !Tep," returned the owner; "I sure
did. Have you found him?"
"Yas, sah; I done found him." -
"Got him with you?"
"No, sah; I reckoned I better inquire
first, sah, before I fotched him over."
"All right; you fetch him here and
m give you a dollar for your trou
ble." "Yas, sah; hut I reckon de trouble
am wuff mo' dan a dollar. Dat pie gi
raffe am right smart rambunctious.
He done tried to bite me."
"What are you talking about, nig
ger?. Giraffes don't bite! They kick.
But you bring him along and I'll give
you $2.".
"All right, boss; I reckon you am
mo familiar wid dat si-raff e dan I be;
but he sure made signs like he would
bite hie." ' ;
rne darky departed, and about a
half hour later there was a sudden
commotion on the front porch of the
store, the door was thrust -open and in
came the darky, puffing and wild-eyed
and pulling on a rope. At. the other
end of the rope, squirming .and snarl
ing, was an enormous Nubian. lion
"the fiercest lion in captivity," accord
ing to show bills.
"Dar, Mis tab White Man," ex
claimed the captor, throwing down
the rope and pointing to the lion
"dar's your ole gi-raffe; and I tell you
Ihe do bite!" Lipplncott's.
A case described as "The Twilight
State and Subsequent Amnesia After
Slight Concussion of the Brain." is re
ported in a German medical journal.
A woman, thirty-one years old, mur
dered her four children by drowning.
The deed was committed after she
had sustained from her husband some
twenty blows on the head. ' The im
mediate, effects of the crime and of
her future caused not the least dis
turbance in her mind. There .was en
tire absence of any recollection of
the murder, in fact total amnesia.
8eek Radium In Colorado.
State autnorities, of Colorado are
making a thorough study of minerals
having or supposed to have radio
activity, and authorities now assert
that every curative mineral spring in
Europe can be duplicated in that
state. It is said there are fifteen
springs in Colorado having radio
activity. Over two hundred springs
have been tested. An effort is now
being made to secure the services of
the highest authority on such sub
jects in Germany.
Cleart Complex on Removes Skin
.Why go through life embarass
ed aDd disfigured with pirrples
roptions, blackhead?, red rongb
stein, or suffering the tortures of
Eczema, itob, tetter, ealtrbenm
Just ak. yonr Druggist for Dr
4bson's Eczema Ointment
Follow the simple snggtstioDc
it d yonr skin worries are oyer
Mild, soothing, ff otiy. Excel
lent for babies and delicate, tei
ler skm. 8top9 chappiug. A;,
ways hMps. Relief or monnv
back. ROr t vr.r DTzeist.
Notice of f ijcu Ion Sa e.
State of
North Carnlira,
Rowan County. Notice of
Execution Sale,
Klein Mfg. Ccmp'y,
Brown & Fisher. J
By v'rtue of an execution din cted to
the undersigned from the .Superior
Jourt of Rowan County in the above
entitled action. I will, on
Vtonday. Jui e 1st, 1914. at 12 M.,
at the court house door in Salisbury,
O.. sell to the highest .bidder for
cash t" satisfy said execution all the
right, title ancfinto! est of Norman .
Brown v and to the following describ
ed real estate
One house and lot in the West Ward
f the town of Salisbui y and. facing on
the-extension of Fulton Street and
described as follows: Beginning at a
slake on the txtension oi Fulton
Street and runs theqee in a South
Easterly direction with Fulton ctreet
75 feet to a stake; thence in an Easter
ly direction 200 feet to a stake, Wm
Smithdetil's line ; thence in a Northerly
iirection with C. L. Kelly's line and
Wm. Smith leai's Lne 75 feet to. a
stake, Dr Corriher'a line ; thence in a
Westerly direction anil along with
said Corriher's line 200 feet to Fulton
Street, tne beginning corner. For
bajk title, see Book of Deeds No. 82 .
page 233
This April 27th, 1914.
J H. McKenzik,
She-iff of Rowan County
Yale and Harvard, each 9 in. x 24 in
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
Each 7 in. x 21 in.
For Limited Time Ojly
6.x pair cf cur finest 35s valne
ladies' guaranteed hose in blaok
ortan eolers with written gnaran
tee. for $1,00 and 5 stamps for
Special Offer For Men.
For a limited time ouly, six
pairs of oar flues t 85o value Ouar
auteed H se with writteu guaran
tee and a pair of onr well known
Men's I aradise Garters fcr one
dollar. aLd 5 stamps for p stage
Yon knew these bos' ; tbey sto d
the test when all others failed.
Tbey. give real foot comfort. The
have do seams to rip They nver
beoom-i loose and baggy as the
shape ii knit in, not pressed in.
ihey are Guaranteed for fl eues8.
for style, for superiority cf ma
terial and workmanship, absolute.
ly stainless and to W9ar six mouths.
wi'hpvt holes, or a new pair free,
Don t delay send in yonr order
before offer expires. G:ve oorrect
Wear -Ever Hosiery Co..
Dayton, Ohio.
Complete Shaving Ootflt: $1 .
10 Artic es i 10
To advertise our Universal Shavind
Qutfit and Universal Pioducts we wifl
for a limited time only .end ffiia well'
worth43C0 8havfni ' Hit lor ll.OCrX
We sell oar produ r -1 1 unsumAt
direct and ti er . j .tr'saeTall
agents profits win h at uu how are
very large.
1 Hollow Grouri I i aajr.
1 5-inch Lather Bru-h
1 Razor Strop. Oanf Bak.
1 Nikel Easel Bak Mirror.
1 53-inch Farber Tnw-ll.
1 H-ir Shaving Sohj .
1 Bca Talcum Powdi i'.
1 Decorated China 'u-
1 Aluminum Barber O. iu'j.
I Bi istle Hair Brush,
gents need not write. .
Each outfit packed in neat box $1 00.
Ooin or Money Order, poitege 10c ex
tra .
Universal Products Co.,
Dayton, Ohio. r
Tflls all about sex matters : what-
young men and women, young . wives
ana nusDanos ana- al' others need to
know about the saored laws that srov-
ern the sex forces Plain truths of sex
life in relation to happiness in mar
riage. "Secrets" of manhood and
womanhood : sexual abuses. oeial
evil, diseases, etc.
The latest, most advanced and eom-
prehen-ive work that has ever been is-
-ued on sexual hygiene. Priceless in
structions ror those who are readv for
tli true inner teaching.
This book tells nurses, teaohers, doc
tors, lawyers, preaohers. social wnrk.
ers, Sunday School teachers and all
others, young and old, what si! need to
Know nuouc sex matters. By Wmfield
Scott Hall, Ph. D. M. D. (Leipzig),
, Newspaper Comments;
" 1 'Scientific tl I v c rreot Chicago
Tribune. "Accurate md up-to-date "
P iladelphia Press. Stnndj.rt Kr.!,
of knowledge " Philadelphia Lfdrtar
ihe JSew York World says: ' Plain
truths for those who need or aught to
know them for the prevention of evils.
Under plain wrapp er for only $1.00.
Coin or Money Order, postage t n
cents exira.
Miami Publishing' Comp'y
Dayton, Ouu .
Save From 30 to 60 pep
1 ire
t 7.20
24 90
Tiibe Reliner
1.65 $1 35
195 . 1.40
2.80 1.90
2.95 2 00
3.00 2.05
3 35 2.40
3.?0 2 45
3 60 . 2 60
'aftO 2.80
4 85 8 45
4.90 3.60 .
5.10 3 70
5.90 4.20
stock . Non-Skid
au otter sizt a in
tires 15 per cent additional, red tubes
ten per cent, above gray. All new,
jlean, fresh, guarantee 1 tires. Brst
standard and independent makes. Buy
Jir ct fri;m us and save money. 5 per
csnt discount if payment in full ac
companies each order . O. OxD. on 10
I per cent deposit. Allowing exam nation
Tire Factories Sales Co.,
Dept. A, , Dytou, Ohu,
PPJJflLudcn Taug5" Neoklace
rllDD KveKn Thaw" Bracelet
' two beautiful pieces of popu
lar jewehy are the craze among so
ciety women in New Yoik and the lar
gest cities They are neat ind elegant
Zo'l fl ished articles that will gladen
ihe heart of every girl or woman, no
matter how younj. or old. Very sty
lish and attractive.
Our Free Offer. We are advertising
Srearmint Chewing Gum and desire to
place a big box of this fine, healthful
gum into every home. It sweetens the
breath whitens the teeth and aids
digestion. It is refreshing and pleas
ing to all. To -very one seeding us
but 50c and 5 stamps to cover shipping
cost we will ship a big box of 20 regu
l r 5j package of the Spearmint Gum
and include the elegant ' Tango" neck
lace and ' Evelyn Thaw" bracelet ab- .
solutely free.
This offer is for a short time-only.
.Nt more than 2 or 'ers to one arty.
Dealers not allow d to accept this.
United Sales Company.
Day&ju, Ohio. Box 101
if' 10 m
Guaranteed 7,500 Miles
Thase tires bear the greatest known
mileage guarantee, yet are sold at a
pric even less than tires of ordinary
guaraitee. This guarantee covers
punctures, blow outs and general w a .
Guarantee covers 7,500 miles service
against everything except abuse.
These tires are intended for mjsi, se
vere service.
Orders have been received for
these "tires for us in Un ted States
Government 8ervice.
offer, we will allow the o 1 jwing pr o s
for the next ten days.
Tire , Tube
28x3 $ 9 20 i 2 00
0x3 10 25 2 80
80x3 13 60 2 80
dx3 14 05 3 00
34x3 ,15 25 8 20
31x4 17 00 8 25
32x4 18 00 8 30
83x4 1950 3 40
34x4 20 40 3 60
854 2100 8 80
86x4 . 22 10 , 8 90
35x4 26 00 5 00
83x4 27 00 5 10
37x4J 27 50 5 15
37x5 82 60 5 40
All other siz s. Non-8kids 20 per
cent extra. 5 per cent discount If pay
merit 1n full accompanies order and if
two are so ordered, shtepinff ch arses
will be paid by us. C. O D. 00 15 per
cent of amount of order. Our output
is limited, so we suggest early order
ing. We sell direct only, giving pur
chaser the advantage of all middle
men's profit 9.
Strongtread Rubber Co.,
Dayton. Ohio.
rJrf I

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