North Carolina Newspapers

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Pa-daring the weak -of Jane, 284 CoaBtitafeiooalisU ldngM ha, ::TT ,t---x
WMhinafc-o, July
road- drajf ia the a iiafMtf u d t
-leatt 'fxoenwTe-ooBwvanoe ye
df iie4 for miunaioiug earjh
foadB,.aooording to the experts m
tne Umied States Department of
Agricultare, who are co-opeiaJ tug
with4.he State and . coouty ao
- (borities in work tat better roads
Property nsed, the drag gives
the needed crown of the road,
amoothea oat rats and other irrg
ularitiee, ipreads oat paddles of
iert thereby accelera'ttijg- tht
4 drying. of. 4b e . road, and makes
ilh.iajrjfCde. more or fess 4 imprevi
cfllater by smearing ove'r-the
OMBailed pores in the earthy ma
terial. Tfle Mil -4Uo peration de-
DBUUB. gijUBurew iHiJir
teas eipairi;:.nj
Farmers' Ball-tin, Ho. bT, o
the Department of Agriculture
discasiei, audur the titiH of 'Ta.rf
Road Drag and How It Is Ued,"
the best methods of m iiitiuiDg
earth roads in god occdition bv
this simple doe.
Ia this baitetiu whfch has jas'.
been pab'isbed, the deartaiHi t
points oat that of afore tfan 2,
000,000 miles of good pnbhc reads
iu trie United States c'hly about
200,000 miles have bee u givea n
bard sorfaca, Ii is trae. oi courge
that a largQ. part uf.-ttie remaiuiu
mileage caueists of of roads that
are entirely unimproved, and that
on roads of thiB class the drag jj
practically asalesa. '
There is a mun Isrgar mileage,
however, that has been partially
improved, and it is on roads ot
(his character roads that h&vu
been crowned or drained, bat
have not a hard surface thai the
ase of the drag is advocated.
; Ia its simplest form the road
drag oou8iets of of an ordinary
log split in half snd the two
halves oonneoted like the uprights
of a ladder by means ot cross
ticks or ruDgs set in. The l g
should be about seven or eight
inches in diamoter. acdTPaa-tS-:
to eight fet in length. It, is bet
ter to have it of well seasoned,
hard, tone h wood Thetwosemi-
eylindrical halves of the log from
the rnnnerB of the drag, and ate
usually spaced from thirty to
thirty six inches apart. Thw
front runner is always placed
with the split surface of the wood
facing forward, bat the rear ran
ner sometimes has its rouuded
face in front. This is done iu or
der to morea9e the Buieanue ac
tion of the drag as it passes over
the surface of th? road.
The two runners are not placed
directlv behind each' other, but
are "offset," s it is called, from
twelve to sixteen inches, ihis is
done because the drag is drawn
over the road at au auele suffici
ent to make the ru nTs fief
themselves of the material which
thev soraoe. The amount of this
angle or skuw depends, of coarse
upon the couditicn of the road
Bv offsettine the runners, is is
possible to make their ends fol
low approximately the same hue
on thu read, whhh they would
not do if they were set directly
behiud each other and the drag
drawn at an angle the road
In order to provide standiug
rocm for the mau. it is U;oai t
naif 'two boards down upou th
wrauiis paralell to the runners
Standiue Uuon these, a skilfn
driver will bear his weight inluch
a way bb to aid materially in thb
aucoeBsful operation of the drag.
The drag is drawn by a chain,
whioh b iould be about eight feet
long. This can be fastened by
eye bolts to each end of the tront
tanner, or oue end of the chain
paes through a hole at the dis
charge end of the front runner,
and the other end be looped over
the wruog at the cutting end of
the ruuuer. It is important that
the hitohii g link should ba so
riflH-pned that its nositi m can Lb
chauged readily. It is also desir
able to a metal cutting
edge for the front runner. This
can be made from a strip of iron
or steel, and old wagon tires have
frequently proved eat.aiactory.
The cost of such a drag varies
frcm $2 to perhaps $10 or $12
This practically insignificant out
lay will secure an implement that
will be of great service to the
community for at least three " or
fnnr vears. The. fact cannot be
. "overloakek, however, that skil
in the nae of the drag is iudiepen
lib e.
The angle that the runners
make with the center line of the
road, the skew ungle. as it migh
be called, is an important factor
For exmple, if the dragging is
dona to increase the crown of the
road, the dra2 should be be snf-
flflientlv skewed to discharge al
k .,h r,r ihfl Fa r men1 V fiduca
clonal and
America whidh is to s.h1d ?4t
Trading FordTivFridayand Sat
aiday, Aagust i th jaao ttjn ; ;:
10 a m'.. meetinst called to -or
der by presidrfnt, St: Q. MU lilef4
Devotional exercisoa tby '" jooap
v WT'l-k Tk - '
am, rrot . rsrowov..'--
Add res s of welcome b). 3 T
ruelieor. - . -: , -
Response by F.-D. Patterson.
Reading of minutes oi : potions
RilHsal I of focftts.r
fteesity we .mo st .vmP Ja?:-25' 1
eJoil, by Demonstrator, K. 'Wi
Afternoon session begina at 2
clock .
Reports from exeoatire commit
Topic No. 2: AVhat Methodi to
arsue to Build up the Locals by
. H Frick aud others.' - "
Meeting called to older . by
president at 10 a. m.
Devotional, by" Prof. F. ii.
At .10 :30, Address by Dr. H. Q.
Alexander. State President Jf. Jfi.
and C U . of A. - .; -
The public ia .cordially invited
ta attend the Saturday meeting.
5ting the ladies and children.
J H. Fbick, chairman,
Gbo. W. Pabk,
F. D. Patte80h,
.J R. Palmeb,'
s Arthur L. Kluttz, Seo
: Jlxocative committee.
rn war claims casein whioh 'will
jvei tests', for many similar
dlaima ra; -rjQw":i believed certam,
andtbe;deciBioTJ8 are expected iin
October, Thf blaima have dra.g
suir alons foiveawAifund of
pa vmeb t of the claims if they are
f cund iAjjaUe. ;This fund via "the
remainder of nearly twenty seven
million dollaraitiy the a'aie-of cap;
tnred oottoVi and other ertlcta, ; .
4 Bfcn l.OOO'cajes arer pen'd
tnJ aiKt Boorea of letters - received
tthe Treaaary Department indi-J
cute that several 'tnoniana more
caAesht Vo; 'beetoided'??
CMimultiii&ihet tone ol.. the I
friend of General OarrtAs, hat
been selected by Pres
ident CarbajaVto" De?aj4jats the
tranofer' of thdv Government at
Mexi$o;City to 'o)T!$a)iilite-r
mm v Pt
in Mexico Citv durtbBrnerta
diotatotBhip, lef t Vera;,gjtii2 today
i or lamprao to rneea : yKf u
He has toUJriatrabaliri?
range fot.thiraB
Jose latellotti ter86jsTenre
entative oft HrDail$today
conveved thulnlcDloiit to
mian bjrmfMmdiitutate
Teasuiv r ralnjir -theirwet t9i and
aa.a loan, the orignial eertneate
nf ntflmbaiahirj of his sreat-srand
father, Col. Edward Yarborougb, to July
Rowan Historical Social Re organized.
At a well attended meeting held
at the nw court house last Friday
.ight the Rowan Histonoal Soci
ty was re-organized, with the fol
owing f fficers: President, Capt
W. C C.ughenour. treasurer and
ustodiaii, Joseph C. Kesler, sec
retary, J. a.. Bean. ineo. uuer
baum, who was formerly connect
fd with this society turned over
all papers and records in bis pos
ession to the Bime and a commit
tee was named t a )cure the return
of sll the papers borrowed by the
State thirty years aso from the
Sicretaryof State. Ihe society
will maintain a room in the
old court hou3e after it is rcmod
eled and have the use of a vault
iu which to keep valuable papers
After September 1st the sooisty
will have regular stated meetings
thoriAi that BlRfrOm 00tVii-5ii
tfrfiTvaultt ftfxA4&
whentha" rightfaL "owrera ' are
found. Tha Treaaary offidala iaf
they re holding in round Cgtfres
$4,090.0C0 tot: distribution when
the validity Of the cliims haa been
established. t
tDne official went into detail, aa
to -how the Treasury came into
possession of th fnnd. Congress
he said, in 1868 .authorize the
Jsecretary of the Treasury to ap-.
Voint special agents., to collect
captured and abandoned property
in the states where rebellion exis
ted. All ' th ( property collected
by .them and not returned to the
owners was'sold and the funds
sent to the Treasury. A fund of
$26,387,584 89 was accumulated. .
After the oivil war ended, on
August 2o. 1886, two years were
all' wed for the presentation and
payment of claims, in which time
payments amouuting to $9,864,-
800.75 were made. Addit onal
payments have heed made from
time to time under special and
private aots of Congress, At var
ious times hundreds of claims
haye been disallowed because the
the Confederacy reoords in the
mfiesnosL ol tne rreaaury us-
. . .... i
partment show that the gooas
were sold to the Confederacy dp
fore their capture.
The total amount represented
by the pending claims greatly ex
ceeds the amount held. As a re-
nit the Treasury Department is
actively engaged in searching re
cords and preparing data to in
sure a proper distribution
vbave ndire
Aa aofcn AB' Dr. . uepn ' re-
cemd" b v general Caif anza an
armistioe wil lbe formHys signed
aT6tbe fiurtltep ih'behegouatipts
General Carransa haifandicated
hiBwiiriBgness to deolsra a truce
during thenegotiations and the
Carbajal Government ill anxious
to do likewise. The Osrfcajal en
vay has been iostrootedjto ask
for only two things a f dSniplete
amnesty for. political l-:fiediers
and guarantees of the. ' Mexioan
people. ' - i.. ' " ":
While looal agents ot-.Catranza
have said he . was disinclined to
grant an amnesty, hia.;speeoh to-
aay as v lotoria, mexic",i"ana
other reliable adf ices will
declsre an amnesty thjraghVreser
vmg the right to punrshfitTi
reotly responsible for th;A8 st
ation of Madero aud Saaw.lXbst
those implicated! howeverTi hiva of.
leit-mexico uuy. .Sxjs' -
as a member of the Society of the
Cincinnati, the meet striking, of
all the national ... socities in the
United States.
: The certificate is in the original
frame.' It is dated September 1st,
1787, and is signed by George
-WasbiLgton, who was president
of the society from the time it
was formed in 1783 until his death
in 4709, and by, M a j. Gen. Henry
Knox, ; as r' secretary, "" the latter
serving in that capacity from 1783
.-ru ha I Th nATtifirttAflfinda to Ed
ward Maishall Yarborough, the
eldest son-cf Col. Yarborough, the
Marshall in his name beidg that
Cera- of the famous ohief Justice John
Big uiuiue&e iiuiii . ""
The job of ; drainincQtant
creek is now open tobidt.iso. an
nounce the drainage cdznrdiisloo-,
eis of Rowan oounty; through
engineer C. M. Miller. ' . Th
is to be drained for sst '
teen and a half miles and about
491,886 cubic feet of material will
be moved, Tie work will be
completed within 16 months from
August 1st of this year.
You're Bilious and Costive
Sick Headache, and Bad Breath,
Scur Stomache, Farred Tongue
and Indigestion, Mean Liver and
Bowels clogged. Clean up to
night. Get a 25a. bottle of Dr.
King's New Life Pills to-day and
empty the stomache and bowels
of fermeuting, gassy foods and
waste. A full bowel movement
gives a satisfied, thankful feeling
makes you feel tine. Hneotive,
yet mild Don't gripe. 2oc, at
y inr Druggist.
Backleu's Arnica Haive 101
material as rapidly as it is collect-
d oa the runners. On the other
iand the conditions may be such
hat it is desirable to carry along
this material in order to deposit
g where there are depression in
the road s surlace. An lntelli
gant operator will soon l-aru
many ways ot contrciiiDg tne ac
tkn of the drag. The length of
the hitching chain, the disposi
tion of the oDerafc-r s weitrht, the
t me when the draging is done,
all these exert a marked influence
anon the results .
As to the time tor dragging, a
safe rn'e to follow. is to drag the
road when the material oompos
ine the surface containg sufficient
uioifcture td compaot readily, but
is not pufficiently wet for traffic
t5 prDduce mud.
Since the weather plays bo im
portant a part in the nfatter, it is
uot usually possible to arrange
continuous employment for teams
on the road. It is therefore de
sirable, whenever possible, to
have the dragging done by persons
interested in the road, wno wu
do it in the intervals of other
Brickliilfl oi School Began.
The excarvation worfc at tne
Farm Life School building was
completed several days ago by
Holbrooks & Bradsbaw. Salisbury
contractors and the brickliymg
has commenced in earnest. This
bmldinff has been especially de-
nifrnfld for a school building and
w.ll have all of the modern im
provments and will be up to date
in every respect, China isreve
will have the advautaee over the
other cities of the county in hav
ins this school, it being the only
one in the county and one of few
in the state, but the people of
Cuina Giove have worked hard
for it and the benefit will be worth
while. The-lavineof toe corner
stone will take place soon ana
this will be a creat day for the
people cf this place. Among the
euests to be invited on this special
. -VIA
occasion is Govenor Lrose uraig
who will make a principal address
Master Swee'man Amies at Spancsr
B E. Sweetman, who succeeds
E O. SaBBsr, former Master Me
chanic of the Southern Railway
shops at Spencer, arrived in Spen
cer last Thursday and entered up
on active duties vVednesday. Mr.
Sweetman oomes from Princeton,
Sid. , and was Master Mechanio of
the Southern Railway shops at
that. place. He is a young man
but has a great deal of experience
in this work and those who have
met him all speak of him aud think
be will make a hoe boss. His
wif6 and family will arrive in
Spencer in a few days and they
will locate there.
Cured of Indgestion
Mrs. Sadie P Clawson, Indiana,
Pa., was bothered with indiges
tion. "My stomach pained me
nisht and day." she writes. I
would feel floated and have head
ache and belching after eating,
I also suffered from constipation.
My daughter had used Chamber
lain's Tablets and they did her bo
much good that she gave me a few
dosea of them. They helped me
as nothing else has done. For
Sale by.
F r Sale y All Dolors
Marshall. Then it passed to Ed
ward M. Yarborough the third.
It was this member of the famil.
who built and named the Yarbo
rough He nae at Raleigh, lenp
famous as the real.political head
quarters in North Carolina.
From him it passed to the present
owner, who makes the loan.
To the Society of Cincinnati a)
officers of the continental army
or Navy American and French,
who had served with honor for at
least three years, were eligil le as
members; the mambersbip de
scending to the eldest lineal male
descendant, There are liL state
societies, one in each of the on-
nal States of the Union and one
8ociety4h-Fr$nce, numbers of the
dK -Ibdepend
enoaThordingf thu ? pracb 'prised
honor, "j - " - - -
Osyft - EdWardXarbcro,
wa"ft tesidentVof Salilburv and
hvwhLre the Wasblngiou bnild-
ing ; nowv stands on; JNortn;main
Street; The, c Yarboro burying
g;ound where a number .of the
family and other early prominent
citizens 6t. the own Were interest
ed, is situated-, pn Hogan'a Alley,
wher Sowera '-. blacksmith shop
now" stands.
Edward Yarboro, Jr., sen of
Capt. Yarboro of Salirbury, wbb
the proprietor of the Yarboro
house in Raleigh and gave it it his
Triumphal Arch at Valley Forge Dedicated.
The arch of triumph for whioh
Cougreas appropriated $100,000 in
1910 has been built and dedicated
. . ij; i
to the American soiaiers wao eu-
dured such terrible privations
while in winter quarters at Valley
Forge in 1777 78 A handsome
page view of the arch appears in
the August Por-ular Mechanics
Magaziue. In 1893 the state of
Pennsylvania bought 475 acres of
laud ooveriue -the site of the
camp and formed it into "Valley
Forge Park."
Suckerlng Corn
A reader wishes to Know it we
"think it necessary to pull Back
ers off corn 1"
If we could tell about the fu
ture lainfall or knew just how
much plant food is going to be
available to feed the corn we
could nosSiblv give useful advice
on this subject: but as no one
knows these things and experiment
seem to indicate that, taking one
year with another it does not pay
to rull off the eucfcrs, we aavise
our readers that he leave the
suckers also. The Progressiva
Protestaolsm Taking Cuba.
There are eigh Protestant de
nominations at work in Cuba,
with one hundred and thiry pas
tors constantly preaching the gos,
pel in over three hundred pulpits.
These pastors have nearly two
hundred assittand lay preachers
to help them, and seven hundred
teachers id Sunday schools give
weekly Bible instruction to twelve
thousand pupils. Young people s
societies flourish in many congre
gations. In about fifty boarding
and day schools of our Protestant
denominations, one hundred and
sixty teachers oome in girls and
boys. Some of the young men
graduates from our schools are
now filling responsible positions
in public and business life ; others
are preachers or teachers The
American Bible Society has circn
ated nearly three thousand copies
of the Scriptures in Cuba. Mil.
ions of tracts and prophleta,
and tens of thousands of good
books have been distributed, sold
and read. Five Church papfra
filled vigith evangelical reading
matter reaoh several thousand
readers every issue Is it conceiv
able that all of these agencies
pouring in their contributions to
Cuban life labor in vain? Luth
eran Visitor.
Bast Diarrhoea Remedy
If you have ever ased Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera " and Diar-
rhoer Remedy vou know that it is
a success. Sam F Guin, Whatley
Ala , writes, "I had measles and
sot oaueht out in the rain, and it
settled in my stomaoh and bowels
I had an awful time, and had it
not been for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
I oould cot poosibly have lived
but a few hours longer, but
thanks to this remedy. I now am
well and strong." For Sale by.
For Sale by All Dealers.
Has Your Child Worms?
Most ohildren do. A Coated
Furred Tongue; Strong Breath;
Stomaah Pains: Circles under
w -. ai . ry l ; .
eyes; rale sallow uompiexion.
Nervous. Fretful: linnumg o
Teeth; Tossing in Sleep; Peculiar
Tlrftftma anv one of ..these inai
oate Child has Worms. .Get-
box of Kiokapoo Worm Killer at
once. It kills the Worms the
cause of your childs condition
Ia Laxative and aids Nature to
expel the Worms. Supplied in
candy form. Easy for ohildren
' it was tne good fortune of your
correspondent to be present r at
two of the lectures; and the im
portance of the' serieB . together
with the plan - undrr which they
were held oonviuoe's me that an
aocpunt of them should : be pub
lished in Tax Menacsj f or the be
nefit of patriots in other cities.
The Ieoturea were-: held .under
the auspices of the- "Amerioan
Patriotic, Joint lecture 3om
mittee." This committee com
posed of representatives from the
Loyal Orange .Lodge, the Knigh
of Luther, Knights of Malta, True
Amerioans, Indians V, u , Jr. O .
(J. A.' M. and Ladies Loyal
Orange Association, "these seven
patriotic fraternities have asssoia-
ed. together for the purpose of
ducating the people in matters
a patriotic It is a moBt com
neudable plan and should be
uiulated -by the fraternities in
(her cities. Since these orders
.ave federated they haye really
ransformed the city of PitttUurg
ind the oounty in the matter of
civil governmsht.
For years Rome has been: com
pletely dominating Greater Pitts
burg because Rome worked as a
unit, but an the campaign . last
fall these sooietieebanded togeth
er.- flndnnad eartatn candidates.
nominated others "and the, risult
Khad the least :chance to sucoeAaT
Howxcan tbey" expect considera
tion or kindly treatment ' tromja
people thye have bppressed ; ; for
oenturies and whose enemies they
have aidedu arid abetted; from
Uortez to HuertaT s
The Mexican rieople are. fight
ing for freedom and "the Hand of
their fathers.1 If they take their
lives in hand to bust the murder
er, Uuerta, and are successful in
the undertaking, they would cer
tainly be chumps to leave his
allies in possession of the power
they have used for oenturies to
oppress the Mexican people.
It ls-fcffepitig wrth Romish tao-L
tics for the archbishopa to ap
peal to Washington. Interven
tion has always been their long
iuit. Huerta, their tool; tried to
affect the same by insulting the
flag. His scheme didn't work
for the simple reason that a Pres
ident was on the job at Washing
ton who had no use for the mur
derer of Madero. It remains to
be seen whether "he will be as firm
when it cornea to dealing with
Buerta's ecclesiastical pals.
Net spiper HjpocrUj.
The avsrage daily newspaper is
a lying, hypoorital fraud, taking
the people's money and playing
to the galleries with the thing
that Will bring in -the - greatest
amouoto f advertising patronage.
That -they are two-faoed -and
- "V
v. -
nf tha nlAAtmn an . trfat .nnfe t-O ifi
-. . " . : I.AaMn4tMM.I.Ii. iMA jikMH M.ftA. AM' ta'
r i -h4wIt44floBt-t: Tha' fiftvovernmenll by any.Teader wfco-4sj wiUinro: -
... i -i . -ihg "lndepend-Iwj -tat- - '"a
true AmihciSrs, and; lfofa&$? lonfT a eelbmd: note tfar
composed of 21 members WhdJoonfW'or instanoe.-iriahe-Chjfuf'
. - - . : s 'a..'m.ssav; l oriiwn nr -jnrvKn n sin .
and reportsTare madrto the vaxi- Uttlew.rrtterx ;btReT. ,Tkoiaai
oub orderB at stated times ; the re
sult is that practically every loyal
American knows what U going on
Tind ia working. in .harmony, 'with
every otner patriot in tnn gre
modern reiormauon . - iney no
only provide leoiuresV but ialao
conduct a patriotic paper. . The
Keystone Amerioan whioh is pub
lished weekly and goes into the
homes of every member of thee
patriotic socities and is gaming a
national circulation.
The Pittsburg plan should be
emulated by Protestants in every
city in the union.
In the closer union of Protestan
tism is the hope of liberty.
The leotures were beld in one
of the finest auditoriums in the
nation: the audienoes were ex
cellent every night. The Themes
i A
Sfcaie nf Ohio. Clifcv of Toledo. I
j 1 aa
Lucas County, (
Frank J Cheney makes cath
that he is senior partner of . the
firm of F J Cheney & Co., doing
business in the City of Toledo,
Oounty and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum
for eaoh and every case of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of HALF'S CATARRH
Frank J Chensv.
Sworn to before me and sub
scribed in my presence, this 6ib
day of December, A. D. 1886.
(Seal) A W Glsason.
Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken
internally and aots directlh upou
the blood and mucuoa surfaces of
the system. Send for testitmo-
F J Chemxy & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75o.
Take Hall's Family Pills -for
jj constipation,
were: "A Patriotio Speaker's
Experience;" "Catholic Priest
hood and White Slavery;" VCath
olism and Women" (women only);
"The Coming Conflict; "Roman
Catholism t Un-Amerloan" - and
"The Scarlet Woman and the
. Spurgeou hss recovered from
his injuries received at the hands
of the "Nits of Columbus" at
Denver, and with the added ex
periences of that ordeal he waded
into th 3 greatest of modern men
aces, it was one ovation alter
another from the time he appear
ed on the platform to the end of
the program.
Under the patriotio city govern
meat, the poiioe protection was
superb; blue ooats were on every
hand aLd they were "Nits of
Columbus' either. There was no
disorder and time only oan tell
the good accomplished.
j-tlf any of our good, but fearful,
American people think this coun
try ia past - redemption, they
should acquaint themselves with
conditions in Pittsburg.
There's! Reason
Mexico City, June 26. Mo9t
Rev. Francisoo Planoarter Navas
rette arohHshop ot Linares, and
Most Rev. Francisco Orosooy
Jiminez, archbishop of Guadala
jara, accompanied by the French
Charge d Affairs, oalled at the
Brazilian legation here today and
held a long conference with Min
ister Cardoso de Oliveira regard
ing what they termed the hostile
attitude of the Constitutionalists
towards the Catholic church.
Many instances were oitied by the
prelates in confirmation of the
The arohdiooese of Linares,
which includes the city of Mon
terey, is reported to be suffering
greatly as a result of the expul
sion of priests and the closing, of
the Catholic churches.
The Brazilian minister will
send the statements of . the arch
biships to the State Department
at Washington,-whioh is . expeoted
to exercise its influence in pre
venting a
B. Gregory," in which th 9 Ameri
can editorallows the- correspond-
dent, to use this" language when - v
dealing with the publics school!
question: atfd the" seperauonr tOt. -
obuToh attd state!,: ? : -
Thelmenwho made thu nation
and established its institution '' ... :
were wise. They knew history,
and they did not need to be told
that to mix up church and state
is to commit national suioide.
So they decided that the people
should have no official copartner
ship with the churches, and that
the people's schools, like all the
other publio institutions, should
be secular purely and simply
seoular, rather than half Becular
and half eoolesiastical.
And in this they did well. To
have done. less , would have been
in the end disastrbvr
If the day .ever cpmea;rueB the
people's money381?B5&priated
for seo tar lan putndsss, V and the
sectarian shibbolethT are permitt
ed to invade the precincts of our
public sohool system, the great
experiment in democratic govern
ment on this continent will have
failed and the curtain will have
fallen upon the attempt at free
and progressive government in
our beloved oountry.
What's the matter with that?
Nothing absolutely nothing.
It is the sentiment The Menaoe
has been trying to disseminate all
these years. You might searoh
the files of The Menace from the
time and you wouldn't find a
clearer, more pugnent or timely
statement on the separation of
church and state.
The point is simply this : Prob
ably in less than thirty days the
American will oome out in a whole
ront page with piotures of priests
and other prelates and a eulogy
on the Roman Catholic as long as
Jacob's ladder.
The Amerioan is exactly like
the great majority of other daily
papers. It has no policy. It has
no principal, and it has no other
object than to make money. Is
preaches patnosim one day ana
lauds the enemies of patnosim
the next. It plays for suokers
and catches them in every stream.
The only hope for the people is
for the people to make plain to
the daily papers where they stand
on these great questions. When
they print something worth while
write them and tell them, about
it, and then when they print 'this
Roman slush tell them about
that, too, and tell them about
that unmistakable terms. They'll
soon get wise.
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-V .

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