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HMi uvvi mm u -
bury, . O., under tbe act of Congress
of Maren8rtt,i87i.
Salisbury, N. C, Sept, 2, '14
Judging by the scare head lines,
the American newspapers ware
more frightened by the dropping
of bomba in Paris than the Pari
Turkey seems to have decided
to join Germany and Austria in
the war and Italy, Greece and
Bulgaria have stepped out to help
Russia, Servia, Belgium, England
and Japan. If any one elss wants
to fight, bleed and die now is the
great opportunity.
. It should be remembered, if the
United States is to establish itself
as a commercial carrier on the
high seas, that ooaditions .should
not be figured on a temporary wat
basis. The iamereasons that have
existed to keep American mer
chantmen off the seas will likely
exist after the "war is over, i e:
the low wages paid foreign crews,
making competition impossible.
Salisbury has been keeping her
usual course during the past few
months, has had a spell of -peace
and quiet as it were, but none the
less progressive. It will soon be
time for the real citizens of Salis
bury to get together and deliver
their ultimatum to the county
commissioners and oity aldermen
in reference to their wishes, and,
when this is done there is to be
more than an imported secretary
to sign the document.
rrs have made a mistake inapecd
ing the people's money to fix up
the old court house for a play
house.1 To include the value of
the ground and building this mat
ter will equal an appropriation of
$75,000 and is such an amount
that the matter should have been
submitted to tbe voters of the
.countyfor their decision. With the
prospects of war taxes being plac
ed on the people and ootton selling
at 8, this building,-if rented as
contemplated, would have lighten
ed the burden ci Rowan citizens
considerably, if pioperly applied.
Mark it, Rowan is being needless
ly run into debt and it will only
be a matter of time till the people
will be walked over and ,the legis
lature asked to permit the oounty
commissioners to issue bonds to
cover floating indebtedness.
It iB strange, but seems to be
. a. a .
true, tuat wnen a nation has a
houseoleaning these days the
poor, humble, self-iaorifioing
Christ-like fellows, xalled Romish
priests, come in for a big part of
the rubbish to be removed. Por
. II 1 .L -'
tugai expexiea vnem, mexioo is
driving them out and now Ger
may is making them targets for
bullets. And, we wish it were not
true, but many of these refugee
priests, nuns, and people are flock-
ing to Amerioa, and sooner or
later this country will have to
send them baok. We are told
that m a rgoent shipload coming
here there were nineteen priests on
board and when some protestants
attempted to hold a player servioe,
it rough house was started and
these saintly prieBts joined in
oursing and abusiag the protest
ante. There was nothing political
about that, it was just straight
religious persecution, the kind the
Romish orowd is accustomed to
dealing out.
Diarrhoea Quickly Cured.
"I was taken with diarrhoea and
Mr. Yorks, the merchant here,
persuaded me to try a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. After taking
one dose of it I was cured. It al
so cured others that I gave it to,"
writed M. E. Gebhart. Oriole, Pa.
That is not at all unusual. An
ordinary attaok of diarrhoea oan
almost invariably be cured by one
ft two doses of this remedy.
For Sale by All Dealers.
Tie People can le Wei
If CHI-footed Idols tra bad for S. C.
Perhaps km for N. C.
The Oatawaba County News says the
elevation of a man ol the type of Blease
by the people causes some voters to
be afraid to cruse me pwupic xuo
fear is not justified, thinks the News,
for when the people make a mistake
oi this sort tney are quic iu rew.i j u,
whereas if the matter is left with a
few politicans the mistake is proDSDiy
never remedied.
That is about right in our judgment.
The people neccessarily cannot always
be right. They have to learn from
experience just as individuals do.
Sometimes they seem a little slow in
learning, but sooner or later they will
get down to brass tacks and correctly
locate the milk in the cocoanut.
Perhaps what the average voter
needs more than anyth'ng else is not
to be willing to stand for too much off
h a nandidRte. Too many insist uu
standing by their man no matter what
he does to forfeit support. Ihis is
prejudice rather than logic and reason.
The voter has what the candidate
needs, a ballot that counts one. He
should vain ft it and not give it away
thoughtlessly. He should be from
Mimmiri t.n a. creater decree than he
The 8outh Carolina voters found
out that the feet of their idol were
marl a nf olav hnt. thev could just as
well have found it out sooner as later,
News an 1 Observer.
This idea of trusting the pe6'
pie is all right provided the peo
ple are properly informed, that is
to say they know all there is to
know on both sides of the subject
being considered. Some people
think it is a newspaper's business
to give this information, but few
of them dare to do it and as a con
sequencethe intelligent voter is'
a pretty scarce article, aad they
don't ail live in South Carolina
either. Such men as Blease are
not the worse type that can afflict
a State or community, there are
diplomatic sneaks and smoothe
tongned scoundrels much more to
be feared than Blease. yet stand
higher among a certain claBB.
Few men are elected to office be
cause of their good qualities, but
generally because of the party
collar! and their political machi
nations Yes, "too many insist on
standing by their man no matter
what.he does to forfeit support,"
and some of our So-called "very
best" people are guilty. We see
men todav aotine iust as Peter
did of old, denying their own con
viotions and associates without
half the provocation, we see them
praying for the uplift of human
uivatiun , ;v Bianer uia . yoi iu
business and political ' matters
stand iquarely and persistently
shoulder to shoulder with the
forces of evil.
What, by the way, is neoeisary
for a oandidate to do to forfeit
the support or the voter? We
are told that to brine charges, no
matter how true, against a candi
date, really helps to elect him.
If one crvs aloud against the
criminal who seeke political office,
he is 'howled dowu, persecuted,
boyootted and ostracised for his
trouble. We suppose a newspaper
may ease its conscience by deal,
ing with such matters in a general
way as does the Obseiver, but by
getting down to "brass tacks,"
oall names and specify deeds, the
Democratic party's nominees in
this State would certainly present
a differnt appearance to the voter
ihk watchman tmnKs it was a
good thing for the people of South
Carolina to learn that "the feet
of their idol were made of clay,"
and believes that they could have,
or rather should have, found this
out earlier, and would have done
so had the newspapers given them
the proper information. If clay
footed idols are net gcod for
Sooth Carolina perhaps they are
not much better for North Caro
lina, therefore why not inveBti
gate some North Carolina candi
dates and make report. Thk
Watchman is ready to go as far
as the farthest, in faot it will
show he Observer some spots on
men it is daily whooping up that
will make Cole Blease look like
gentleman in comparison. Lets
give the people the facts and try
trusting them.
First Tar Heel ConfeHe Dead
Washington, Sept. 1 Capt.
John B. Worsley formerly of Pitt
County, now of Asheville, was
found dead in his room here to
night. Captain Worsly was a
gallant Confederate soldier. He
was the first man from North
Carolina to enlist in the War Be
tween tbe States and fought
through that memorable war
without being furloughed a single
Firm for Reit And Horses For Sale. a
good farmer who can furnish
his own stook, is wanted to Vtake
charge of the McCanless farm at
Dunn's Mountain. Two -good
horses and a mule for sale. Call
at the farm or addres, Mrs. J. 0.
McCanless, Granite Quarry, N. O.
1 2w-b-p-pd.
Toftaj'g War News
Claims to Hai 8 Captured 70.C00 Russians.
King Albert Siys lbs Allies Will Succeed.
London. Sept. 1 . 1 p. m, The
Belgian commission on its way to
th Uuited States to protest
against alleged German atrcoities
in the war zone read an address
to King George at Buckingham
Palaoe today setting forth some of
the happenings in the present
King George replied that Great
Britain would support Belgium
and that he was grateful for the
ga'lant Belgian resistance. He
added that he was shooked atthe
reports of German brutality.
"King Albert bade us tell all
the world that Belgium is not
crushed acd never will e crusheed.
Such a spirit as we have never oan
be downed. We will fight on aud
on, and success finally will crown
the efforts of the Allies."
Paris, Sept. 1. 11:45 p. m.
Tbe following official statement
was issued by the War Offioe to
"On oar left wing, as a result
of the turning movement of the
German army and in order not to
accept battle under' unfavorable
conditions, our troops retired to
ward the South and Southwest.
In the region of Bethel our forces
have arrested the enemy momen
tarily. In the oenter and on the
right the situation remains un
changed." -
Honolulu, Sept. 1. The Ger
man cruiser Nurnberg will leave
this port tomorrow, cleared for
aotion, to meet tha Australian
warships Australia and Warrego.
The British meu-of-war today
aooompamed the British collier
Strathdale to the three-mile limit
here and are reported waiting out
side. Captain Schoeuburg of th
JN am berg said today that the
Nurnberg would not surrender
and that he expected the ship to
be the ooffiu for himself and his
Washington, Sept. 1. Offioia
advices received through diploma
tio channels today reported two of
the most important developments
of the present war.
The German Embassy gave out
a message irom .Berlin, received
by wireless, olaiming that German
forces near Allenstein had cap
tared 70,000 Russian prisoners
including two commanding gener
als, dUU omojrs and the entire
equipment of Russian artillery
Great Britain asked the United
States to be prepared to care for
British diplomatic interests in
Turkey, indioatihgfaat the Allies.
had lost hope persua&ofcv the
Ottoman Empire to - ticuaii'e
tral. Dispatches received at - the
British Embassy referred to the
incorporation in the Turkish army
ot several German omcerg, which
was regarded as tbe forerunner of
Turkey' intervention iu behalf
of Germany,
Diplomats here believe that
Turkey's entry into the conflict
would mean the immediate align
ment ot ltally, as well as Greece
on the side cf Great Britain
France, Russia, Servia and Mon
tenegro. Just what the attitude
of Bulgaria will be is a matter of
uncertainty, though the Turkish
Ambassador here gave out a state
ment today speaking of the oom
mumty of interest of Bulgaria
and Turkey. The Turkish situa
tion was watched with deepest
ooncern by diplomats because o
the imminence of a general war in
the Balkans and extension of the
war drama to all of Eastern En
The official statement of tbe big
German victory against the Rns
sians attrsoted wide attention
Military observers pointed ou
that if tbe number of Russians
taken prisoners had been correct
ly estimated at 70,000, there must
uave oeen great casual ties, no
mention of whioh is made.
Nep Doctors Oppose Lipr.
The National Medical Assooi
ation, composed of colored doo
tors, dentists aud pharmacists
from all parts of the country,
session in Kaleigh last week
adopted resolutions putting sea
of the association's disapproya
ou uqaor as a part ot tne doctor'
armamentarium, the resolution
adopted following close along the
line of those adopted by the
North Carolina Medical Society
Ihe resolutions condemned the
promiscuous issuing of liquor pre
sonptions by physicians and like
wise denounced the rum traffic
oonduoted by some drug stores.
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Reward for any case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by Hall
Oattairh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O
-We the undersigned, have
known F. J. Cheney for the laet
15 years, and believe him. perfect
ly honorable in all business trans
actions and financially able to
carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
National Bank of Oommeroe.
Toledo, 0.
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the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system Testimonals sent
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-' J" - ..-i'SJf '.- '. '5.-- '
Labor Day . is to be . celebrated
rm . .. ' '''1 SP" V- ..:
here in hrst-ciass style Mouaay
and the following is. an ontline of
the program expected to be carri
ed out: The parade will form in
Salisbury and march to Spencer
and then will; follow .the speech
making- Welcome , addresses wil 1
be made by Mayors C. 5 G I hell
ing of Spencer and Walter H
Woodson of Salisbury, whioh will
be followed by an addcas9 by Fair
ax Harneoo. president of the
Southern Railway- -
The parade will be divided into
Odiviaioni : No." "lrwilt consist
of a baud and various. unions and
floats and division 2 will con
sist of a band, flattt.Uraternal
orders, fire departments;-clown
and citizens in carriages and au
Marathon Rsoa 9:20-'. m.
Parade Leave -Sal jftmry 9:30
a. m. V - ov
Parade Arrives ? ScADcer 10 :30
a. m. 2x.-j!&teMai7--.
Speaking from ;JoJvsUnd
10:30 a. m.
Daylight Fir Wort) -with Bal
loons 12 uoon.v-.-r j&i
Diuuer and mjasnl2i30p. m.
Fraternal Orerlpri'lka : 15 p
Vaudeville and M&sieCJ :45
Reel races 2 :15 p.
Hurdle races 8:15 pxnv
Tug cf war 8:8Q p.up;:
Sack Races and MaiicB :45 p
Font racfli 4 :00 n m. -
Billy Goat raoes 4:J&f
. F' ,T T.
Boee Ball 5:15 p-fcl' v
Climbing GreasyPdN4'80
Bn'.y Show 445ft:
Bii loon ABcenaipnl5 p.. m.
Baud Concert
Sapper on GroundliOO p. m.
Vaudeville and MujCsTjOO p. m.
Fire works 8:00 pm
Marathon race Salisbury
Spencer, 1st $5 CKW
Marathon raoe Salisbury
Jpencer, 2nd $2 50, '; '
Best Uuion Float-$15 00
Best Fraternal Flout $15 00.
Beit Merchants' Float $10 00.
B-et Farmers Union. Float
$1500. ...
Bust decorated automobile
$10 00 . '; v'- "
Bess Goat Wagon and Driver
$2.00 ..-iz- .j
Beat Fraternal Order Drill $10
Foot raoe, 100 yard dash $2 00
Sack race $.0Qi v
Hurdle race $2 00
Jiirgest number of decettdanti
of one family $5 00.
Btit Company Boy Scouts in
parade $5 00.
Bist Clown Band $5.00.
But rider and'ponr (boy or
girl) $5 00.
Most comical rider and mule
$5.00. .
Climbing greased pole $5 00.
Finest baby, two years and un
der $5.00.
Any couple getting married in
front of grand stand $10 00.
Base Ball, winning team $20.
Bise Bill, loosing taam $10.
Best Float of any ladies organi
zation $10 .CO. '
Best Fioat Camp Fire Girls $5
Tug of War $10 00.
Best 'Possum Hunter and dogs
Ladies and children are invited
to the rent rooms prepared for
their comfort opposite the park
where a maid will be in attend
ance to look after their wants.
Three oompeteut judges will be
found at these rooms from 4:45
to 6:15 p. aa., for the purpose ot
judging the babies. All mothers
or nurses should present their
child ten between these hours.
Extremely Low Round Trip Fares to Baltl
more oo Account of thi Hatioail Stir
Spangled Banner Centennial September
6ih-l5 h, I9!4, via Southern Railway
Southern Railway will sell
round trip tickets to Baltimore
on account of above occasion.
Dates af sale September 5th, 8th
and 10th, with final return limit
to reach starting joint prior to
midnight of September 19th.
Stop overs will be permitted at
Washington on return within
limit of ticket. Excellent oppor
tunity to yiiit Baltimore, Wash,
iugtoo, Philadelphia, New York
and Atlantic City at small cost.
A million dollar display of
Historical Pageantry, Industrial
aad patriotic Parades, Carnivals,
Novel electritl illuminations,
Army and Navy Parades, Fire
works, and Bombardment Middle
States Regatta, National Athletic
Union Event ou land and water
Excellent train service. Six
fast through trains daily, afford
ing Pullman accomodations, din
ing car service and day coaches,
For detailed information and
rates from any point on Southern
Railway apply to any Southern
Railway Agent, or R. H. DbButtb.
D. P. A., Southern Railway,
Charlotte, N. C. 4
How To Give Quinine To Children.
FEBMLINE is the trade-mark name"glven to an
Improved Quinine, it is a Tasteless Syrup, pleas,
ant to take and does not disturb the stomach.
Children take it and never know it is Quinine.
. "PclaUy adapted to adults who cannot
tate ordinary Quinine. Doe not nauseate nor
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pose. Ask for-2-ounce original package. The
same FB&1UN3 b bWa & tettJaVtt cent.
pan? Saifl m Ipincle :
dot Bi Bei'ea," Sijs tbe Bulls Ae-
n bassador ti tbi United States.
New York, Aug. 31. Count
Johann von Bernstoff , German
Ambassador to the United States,
received from Berlin two more
messages which he made public
tonight. One of them to. d of the
capture of about 80,000 Russian
soldiers aud many high cmcere,
us previously announced by the
German Kmbsiy at Washington.
rha other message read:
"Rotterdam newspaper corres
pondent was eyewitness of perfid
ious attack of population at Lou
vain on German troops. France
fireus shot with Mitraileuse
Officer of general staff found with
shroat out. In Lougwy machines
for the fabrication of the dam
dam cartridges were found "
Here the text of the message
beoame so garbled as to be unin
telligible. The words "evacoat
ed," "Frenoh; garrison" and
"50,000" appeastd.
Discussing the confliot the
Ambassador said it was ''the war
of the German Nation, man for
man. '
"Germany did not begin the
war,' he said. She did not
want war; she is and always has
teen for peace
France and Great .Britain are
defeated n land, the Ambassador
declared, and have only recruits
or volunteers to send against the
"We cannot be beaten," he
said. "That iB why we have
taken about 40,000 men from tbe
western border to the eastern
border to oppose the Russians."
Count von Bernstcff said that
Germany has more than well
enough trained and thoroughly
equipped men still on the western
boundaries to cope withthe com
bined attacks of .the Allies even
with their replenishment of re
He said that the winning of tbe
i 1 1 . .
war on land was tne an impor
tant thing since the defeat of tbe
German Navy by a greater navy
was not unexpected, the German
Navy being intended simply as
a coast defense rather than an
invading power.
Rheumatism Paios Stopped.
The first application oi Sloan's
Liniment goes right to the painful
part it penetrates without rub
bing it stops the Rheumatic
PaiiiB around the joints aud gives
relief and comfort. Don't suffer 1
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lylptedtine for all pains, hurts,
orniee, oats sore tnroai, neural
gia aud chest pains. Prevents in
fection. Mr.' Cbas. H. Went
w.rth,- California, writes: 4 It
did wonders for my Rheumatism,
pain is gone as soon as I apnly it.
I recommend it to my friends as
the best Liniment I ever usd.
Guaranteed. 253. at your Drag,
- 'BJ. .
Annual Popular Excursion to Richnnnd,
If a.. Via Soa:tWi Rii wi Toesdaj
Septembir 8 b,. 19:4.
Southern Railway will operate
aun al September excursion to
Richmond on Tuesday, September
8th, 1914, from North and South
Carolina territory.
Special train consisting of both
day ooaches and itandard poll-
man sleeping cars will leave Char
lotte at 9:00 p. m. September 8th,
arriving Rnohmond following
morning at 7:00 a. m. Return
ing, these tickets will be good on
all resular trains leavins Rich
mond Wednesday, Thursday Fri
day, September 9&h, 10th and
lith. Can spend three whole days
and two nights in Richmond if
desired, or return on any regular
train Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, September 9th, 10th and
Passengers from all branch line
points oan use regular traiLS into
flbsrlctte, Salisbury and other
jtr ction points connecting with
the special train. This will be
thu only' excursion to Richmond
this season and will be a first class
trip in every respect.
Follwing 'o round trip fares
will apply from stat.ona named:
Charlotte $4 50, Conoord
$4 50, Thcmasville $4.25, Mor
gauton $5 Ofr, Statesville $5-00
Reck Hill $5 00. Blaoksburg
$5.00 Salisbury $4.50. Lexingt n
$4 50, High Point $4 25, Hickory
$5 00, Gastcnia $5 00, Chester
$5 00, Shelby f 5 00
Fares from all other intermedi
ate points on same lasts. Pull
man reservations should be made
in advance.
For further information apply
t: any ageut Southern Railway, cr,
R. H. DeButt, D P, A.,
Charlotte. N. 0
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offe'ix Btrong courses ft! AsricuU
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ing, Dairying, Poultry, Veterin
ary Medicine; in Civil Electrical
Engineering; in Chemistry and
Dyeing; in Cotton Manufactur
ing, and in Agricultural fetch
ing . Four year eonrses. Two
and one year Courses in Agricul
ture and in Machine Shop Work.
Faculty of 61 men ; 738 studt nts ;
25 buildings; excellent equip
ment and laboratories! for each
department. On July 9th County
Superintendents conduct en
trance examinations at each
county seat. For catalogue write
E. B. OWEN, Registrar,
i ft-24-Utpd West Raleigh, N C.
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and Trust Go.
Salisbury, N. C.
win pay you 4 per cent on
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derangf-d Str mach r tfter trcu-
ee. It will toi e up fcb Lrver
u.d paiify the b ted Use it
reguNrlv and y u viil' stay well,
have clear-CL mp!-xi' n and steady
nrves. Gpt a 50c. bottle today.
Money back if not. gatisfied. All
Wanted A good ma: with good
help to farm Evrtbii g fur
nished. Gcod lend to work. A
good p'ace for a geed man. G . 8.
Williams, Route 2, Salis urv, N.
0. 'Phone 4012. 8 26-tf.
For our Ad in
Next Week's
Sale of Valuable Mining Property.
By virtue of divers executions di
rected to the undersigned from the
Superior Court of Rowan Oounty in
the proceedings entitled U JJ. Flyler,
and The Hal mar Coal Company
against the Gold Hill Consolidated
Company , et al., I will on Monday, the
7th day-of September. 1914, at 12 M.,
at the court house door in Salisbury.
N. O. . sell to the highest bidder for
cash to satisfy said executions, all the
right, title, and interest .which the
said Orold Hill Consolidated Company
haffin the following tracts of land ;
1st. All that tract, piece or parcel
of land known as the "Old Field Lot,"
contains by estimation 25 acres except
ing t Herefrom tbe surface Sou for
mining purposes in lot conveyed by
John Iroutman to Hugh Kelly, as
mentioned in said deed.
2nd. All that tract, piece or parcel
of land adjoining the "Heil g Tract,"
and known as the "Paul Bayer
Tract," containing 145 acres.
3rd. All that trat, piece or parcel
of land lying on RoyaM's Creek and
known as the "Henry Peeler Tract,"
containing 88 acres.
For back title to the aforesaid tracts
see Book of Dpeds No. 121. pages 15,
16. 17, 18. in office of Register of Deeds.
This August 5th, 1914.
J. H. McKknzie,
Sheriff of Rowan County.
John L. Rendleman, att'y.
Sew ng Machines of alt Desuipticns
Do you want two machines in one?
It sews with a lock stitch and a chain
stitch. If so get the Domestic. Do
you want the New Home? It is auto
matic and ball bearing. Do you want
the New Ideal? Do you want the
Goodritch, or the Ruby o the New
Model? Or do you want your old ma
chine overhauld an! cl3aned up bo it
will ew like a new one? If you want
supplies for any kind of a machine,
shuttles, needles, belts, oil cans, sup
plies f any description? It so, write
or 'phone
C. Y. Harrington,
Rockwell, N. O.
Or call Frick & Lyerly's store at
Rockwell , as I will open, a machine
fchop and office there. If you want to
live and let live s e me.
Yours to please,
Notice to Creditors.
Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of AdelaiJe Flowers, this
is to notify all psrons having claims
against the said decedent to file an
itemized, verified statement of same
with the undersigned on or before the
29th day of July. 1915, or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of their recovery.
Persons indebted to said estate are
notified to mal e prompt settlement.
Th:s July 27th , 1914.
John J Stewart
7-29-6t administrator.
Notice to Creditors.
Having qualified as administrator of
the estate of Harvey A. A. Klntz,
this is to notify all persons having
claims against the said decedent to
file an itemized, verified statement of
same with the undersigned on or be
fore the 21st day of August, 1915. or
this nofce will be pleaded in bar of
their recovery. Persons indebted to
said ( state are notified to make prompt
This Augnst 2l9t, 1914
Z. A. Ki.uttz, Adm'r,
of H. A. . Kluttz.
Theo. F. Klut'z,'y. 8-26-8t-pd.
One 850 Gas Range,
Price - . $16.00
One $30 Baby Car
riage, (English Per
ambulator) Price - - $5.00
Apply at 220, South Eilis

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