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EgfiBf France and f.ussia Decide
SibiMo lad Ffglit to Finisb.
Biso Difflji Army Mo France
(t U B' lJBlog to Look Sloe For 6ermaaf.
SB? las 'fiiibi Dons f Her Worst. .
. . Tinhflnn:: Rnfe 5. A :4ft n." m.
.'s.'rrr-ii ,vr'?, '
tod a v a !ttttdl au - z t er m e nt
none of the ifrrear' vs uld
-peace W (h int the consent 6f
three nations.
Following is the text.of the pre
tobol sitfued t day by represent
tivt'e of Great Britain, France and
Russia :
'The undersigned, duly author
ized thereto by their respective
Governments, hereby declare as
follows :
"The British, French and Ruf
iian G Vtjrnm-nw mutually ei.
page not to conclude peace sepa
rate I y during the preset war.
"The three Governments 8gre
that whfU the terma of peace oc m
to be discussed, uo oi t th- A
lie w 11 dfjpa t;d conditions I
peace w tbcut the prvins ngr' -meat
of each of th other Allies,
faivh---whereof the uudor-
signed have biji ed iiu u-.c t
tion and have sffix.d thereto then
'Done at London, iu triplicate
this fifth day of September, nine
teen hu idred aud fourteen,
"fi. Gry (British Sebretarj
for Foreign Affairs )
"Pul Cmi on, (Fre. oh Am
bassador t G-eat Britain )
"Benckendorff, Russian Am
baesador to Great Britain."
Saturday's telegraphic dispatch
es were in substance, as follows:
While announcements mde
byi he! British and French au
thorities last night were to the
effect that there had bee do
change-in -the situation of the
belligerent armies, - unofficial re
.ports laid that the German right
wing had, been check d and forced
to retire -en St Qieu tin, ou the
of Laon ;
The British official press bureau
in its statement said a German
movement was developing in an
eastward and souhtb-eastward di
reotion. The direct geographical
location of tbiB mevrment was
Farther cc nfi-uiation was re
ceived iu New Yo.k last night
that many thousauds of Russian
troops had gone into France to
join the ''Allies against the Gar
mans. Their t umber was esti
mated at between 70 000 and 80,
000, Newspaper reports to London
last nigbt said the Germans ware
operating in th district between
Alost and Termoude, Belgium,
and that th- latter town wsj
bong bombarded.
Tnat another naval engagement
in the North Sea has occurred
see ma possible from a statement
issued by the Loudon official press
bnreau It said seven German
torpedo-boat destroyers had arriv
ed at Kiel in a damaged condition
and tbat others were understocd
to have been sunk "in the vicini
ty of the Kiel Canal.9
In some quarters, however, it
was suggested that the vessel
may belong to the German force
tbat was eDgaged in the recent
fight with the British eff Helgo
The official Russian statement
1 T
concerning tne capture ci in
here, Capital of Cal'cia, says that
it is the remnant of the Austrian
Army left after the Russian at
tack no longer is of military 7alue.
Besides the thousands of men
killed, wounded or made prison
era, the Russians report that they
took 200 guns from the Auatriaus.
Grand Doke Nicholas the Rus
sian commander-in-chief, ha?
ordered the captured territory in
Austria Hungary administered by
the Russian general in command
in that. country.
The Bu garian Minister to
Greece declarer that Bulgaria has
decided to maintain her neutrality
uutil the end of the war.
A German aeroplane which
tried to approaoh Paris is reported
to have been smashed by the guns
of (W3 French aviators in an
aerial battle,
Paris, Spt 6 (12:02 a. m )
An fflcial communication was is
sued at midnight armDUuoiug that
three fort bad fallen at Mu-
beug1, a fortress of the first caa
iu Nord.
A further t ffioial statemeut says
'the President at B rdeaux tele
graphrtd to toe military governor
oj. Pane : '
"First- the respective situa
tionsjof the German aud French
armies on the left iug have, net
nndtigoii any interesting change
The evelopiusr m.vemant of the
fnjmy has been defluitely cheok
,, -t3eoond--hV8itttation is un
changed ioitfe center and on the
right iu Lorraine aud the Vosges
'At Parii'j'.fioia whioh the
enatuy armies are going 1 farther
away the.deiensiv works are po
ceedipg: actively ' ; '
"A-tVAlftubenge the bombard
ment coutiuues with extreme vio
iunce. - Th city resists despite
the destruction of three forts.
rrs ssued by the Vrovernor
liithis morniug: ?
German army continues
arther awa y from Paris
toward 'the - southeast. - 'carryiug
ous the movemVnt started Thurs
day. -Vsty . -
'According to infcrmatiorivihe
enemy's troops haveevaouated tht
regiou of Ccmpiegne and Senlis."
ODd.ed :Bi Dikes.
Amterdam, via London, Sept J
o (8:52 p. m.) The Antwerp
c respondent of Teiegragfu sends
the following dispatch:
"Friday morning a strong Ger
anau f ,rce left Brussels in a north
westerly direction having prohab
ty been ordered to cut commuui
oatious between Antwerp and. the
o .aat. Tney set- fire- to several
h u-es aud the railWay station .at
Buggenhout, and cut-the tele
grapn wires. A German, prtrol
cut communication between
Ghent aud Antwerp by way of
Oudermoude. . ,
"The country surrounding Ant-
rp now has a remarkable ap
pearance as the dikes to the south
west of Maimer were opened by
Bjlguus and the entire dis
diict as flooded ThiB took the
Germans completely by su'prise.
Tney worked heroically waist
twp in water under fire of- the
Antwerp forts to extricate their
their guns and suffered severe
Aim j of 700,000.
London, 6ept 6 (ll:50p.mi)
'The Amsterdam correspondent
of the Central News lends the fob
iawing: i "
'Telegraphing from the head
quarters of the Austrian army, a
here from Barhu, says' the total i
strength -of the Russiann army
now holding the grouud between
Lublin and Lemberg is 700,000.!
Lorn berg is described as 'evacuat
ed' by the Austrians.
"Day after day," ads the cor
respondent, "passes iu dreadful
fighting, which has laBted now 11
dayB a The heat in Galicra is terri
b!e. The fightiL g, judging by my
impressions, is of the most cruel
character, the soldiers being great
ly excited by the duration of the
abnormal duration of the battle.
"I think I am not wrong in
saying that victory over the Rus
sian millions will be bard to
win. The Russians have Buffered
;io big defeats except in the fight
Anuenberg (in East Prussia 75
miles southwest of Koenigaberg ")
Fifteeu British trawlers (suaall
boats fishing for mines) have been
unk in the North Sea by German
the French Premier explains
that the session of Parliament at
Paris were brought to a close in
order that the Parliament might
be reconvened at Bordeaux, if
The British Government has is
sued an omcai denial at tne use
f dumdum bullets by British or
French, as obarged by Germany.
Monday's dispatches give the
The Allied armies defending the
road to Paris again have come in
to ooutaot with the German right
wicg on the banks of the River
Grond Morin which runs East and
West, somewhat South of the
Paris line.
An official statement issued by
the French War Office sayB the
Allies' advance troops came into
touch with the German foroei,
which seem to be covering on the
River Oureq towards the South
west, toe movement ot toe mam
b ,dy ot tne U-erman right wing
and a small engagement resulted
in an advantage to the French.
The town cf Maubauge, where l
is reported .British troops are as
sisting the Frenoh garrison. IB
said still to be resisting German
From Berlin by way of Amster-
dim comes a report that the Get
ijoaas are attacking the forts at
Nauoy and that Emperor William
aud the general staff are watching
The British official war infor
uaation hureau has issued a long
-general survey of operations of
the British army during the past
w)osk and in addition a list of
British casualties wnioh shows a
total of more than 15,000 men up
to September 1
The statement, whioh is v baaed
oq a report from Field Marshal
tir John Frenoh, commander of
the British foroes . at th front,
speak highly of the spirit of the
. l tim&m
British soldiers and their aohieve
menti; It declares that while the
British losses are heavy they are
uot one-tjjird of the losses inflict
ed by the British' troops on the
The statement closes with a
cull for mere men
Bertiu reports that 8,000 British
prisoners have reaohed Doberitz.
France is calling out 11,915 re
cruits and iu this way will add
260,000 men to her forces within
a few months .
-The German Reiohstig, repre
sented by members' of all parties,
has promised its full support to
whatever measures the MinisterB
of iiarine deemi necessary. s Ap-
J propriationB will. ba made for the
replaoemetii. .of . ihips lost and
to carihV program of con
struction already arranged.
A British steamtr of the Wilson
Line, with hundreds of passengers
aboard, , baa foundered in the
North Sea after striking mine.
Most oi these aboard were lavedr';
Rass;an offioial annouhoemfents
ddsoribe a itrons offensive move
ment againsv the Austnant on
September 4t The Forty-fifth
Austrian Regiment of infantry
surrendered, 1,600 men being tak
en German troops, marching &6
th aid ot the Austriane, were at
tacked but the result of these op
erations has not been made known.
A German official statement says
the Allied troops are in retreat
between Pa rio and Verdun and
that the German troops are pun.
suing them. It addB that in the
eastern theater of war the Aus
trian attack on Lublin continues
and that the Austrians are engag
ed iq dispersing the Russians.
Lte' advices say train semoe
between Paris and Dieppe has
been suspended.
Washington, Sept. 6 The Rub
aian Embassy gave out an official
statement tonight characterizing
as "grossly exagerated" the recent
announcement by the German
Foreign Office that many thous
and Russians prisoners had been
captured in the fighting around
Urtelsburg in East Prussia. De
'russia.rue 1
nial is made also
'tronbiei Uni.tna osvaesus
public opinion in
ussia Is said 4o
e intensely patriotic and fall
uushskable faith."
RBS&iaB Troops, 159.000 Stroaz,
TorBBgl Eflglind.
New York, Sept . 6. One hun
dred aud fifty thousand Ru-sian
troops have paisedathrough Eng-
and and are at the rear of the
German army in France accord-
ng to Vance Thompson, an
American writer, who arrived
lure today on the Red Star liner
Krconland from Liverpool. Ou
August 28 Mr. Thompson said he
saw detachments of Cossacks on
their way to channel ports and
earned that the British Govern
ment had suspended regular train
service to give the right of way.
He added that he could say from
reliable authority that 150.000
Russians already had crossed aud
now prooaoiy were attacking the
German rear, while it was unded-
stood thousands more were on
their way from Archangel by the
Artio Ocean route t to England.
Washington, Sept 6 German
and Austrian Consular officers
have been ordered by British Au
thorities to leave Egypt immedi
ately. France in her communications
with the American Government
has openly charged that Germany
propaganda is busily astir inciting
Mohammedan uprising, not only
in Egypt but in India aud Tur
The intimation from Great
Britain that she would be pleased
to see Amerioan warships in Turk
ish ports is in line with what
France informed the United States
two weeks ago. Both Nations
have stated that they feared a
geueral Mohammedan uprising
against Christians. They feared
to send warships lest the move be
While the cruiser North Caro
lina has been sent on a mission of
relief it generally is undestood
she will rendezvous in Eastern
Mediterranean waters for salutary
effeot of her presence. . There is
talk of sending the Tennessee
vith her to be ready for an emer
gency in Egypt.
Great Britain is apprehensive,
it is understood about the possi
ble insurrection against her rule
iu Egypt. Khedive Abbas, the
native ruler is said to be in sym
pathy with Germany and Austria.
He is closely related by blood to
the reigning house of Turkey.
Whether Turkey will 1 in the
conflict may depend finally on the
attitude of the Balkan States and
Italy . .The - annoancemnt by
Roumania of her intention to f ol
low Italy was regarded as mean
ing that both countries. Wonld
side with -Great Britain, France
Turkey has felk certain that
Bulgaria wculd fighrwitii her but
Play Safi la Eient olir-Ccatinms,
Biairr far tot CMtuigep, JIls Hil
Washington, Sep'4-V-',W
shall pay the bill tbpagh we did
not deliberately incw:it,V said
President Wilson, tdcay present
ing before a joint sesiion of Con
gress his appeal foraijflmergenoy
internal revenue measure to raise
100,000.000 theslrnmeni's
probable Joss in cusisrai reoeipts
beoause of the. European war.
Prompt action was necessary, the
President said, "to 'pha tress
ury itrong " His fity tnggestipn
as to the method forievyiug 3ne
tax ' w as thtrKSoari,be ohossn
tha4'woul4ginifej: wield at
once abd'fletd withir6ertain and
ConBtantfliw." '
"The appeal met wi$ quick ac
tion. As soon as the President
had left the Honsi' chamber
amidst an outbursif applause,
Speaker Clark referred the mes
sage to the Ways sndMeans Com
mittee. Democratic members
mtt tonight at theipall of the
ohairman, Represent! tive Under
wood had begin consideration of
plans to raise the Additional reve
uue. ""ly'
Various member suggested
Bources whioh they believed would
be properly subjected; to addition
al taxation. On theiiet suggest
ed w.ere: - ;
Gasoline, a tiz ofone or two
oents a gallon; reilroad and
amusement tickets, s tax of five
or teo per cent; beerarji inoreaae
of 50 cents a barrel ; domestic
winos, whiskey, an increase of 15
cents a gallon: propiietary ar
ticles ; chewing gum80ft drinka;
playing cards.
The proposal toTtax railroad
tickets was hot reoeijred with en
thusiasm by membert of the com
mittee, although it was7stmated
that a five per ceot; tax wonld
raise $40,000.t00 taiiManUnv
derwood said the Brtle?8rigge8t
edwonld M'totoyiriad
luomittea to toe TrejsuTy,Lepart-
When tne?tilfsj? oomIeiedin
committee, it 'probably wilt be
brought into the House under a
special rule and hurried through.
President Wilson was given an
entnuaiaatio greeting when he en
tered the Houie'ohambsr escorted
by Senators Kjrn, Clarke and
GaUinger, and Representatives
Underwood, Fitzgerald and Mann.
The President said be had come
to discharge a duty he wished he
could avoid, but made it plain
that additional revenue was neces
sary and that he performed his
duty without hesitation or apolo
Unforeseen condition occasion
ed by the conflict in Europe, he
said, had create 1 conditions whioh
unless dealt with promptly might
iuvolve consequences of the "most
embarrassing aud deplorable
To borrow money, the President
urged, was uuwise, bond issue
would make-an "untimely and
unjustifiable demand upon
money markets, leaving taxation
as the only method left to raise
revenue. In this -situation he ap
pealed "to the profoundly patn-
otis people of the country" to take
up the burden.
the announcement by Roumania.
. at ft- j . "
it is tnougnt, wouiu emot a
change. With Greece, Servia,
Montnegro, Iialy and Roumania
joined solidly against the Otto
man Empire, Bulgaria's Slavio
sympathies may cause h9r to
with hold from the conflict entirely.-
Tuesday morning reports con
tain. the following:
Apart fr6m the announcement
that the German foroes have fall
en back before offensive tactics of
the Allies on the line from Nan
teuil Le-Haudouin to Verdun, the
moBt interesting raport oontained
in a dispatch to The Loudon
Evening News from Boulogne in
whioh the French oommander.
General Pan, is given as authority
for the statement that the Allies
have won a victory at Preoy Sur
Oise in irbich the I m per hi Guard,
under the Crown Prinoe of Ger
many, is alleged to have been an
nihilated by a British fcroe.
The British cfh Jial bureau says
that the plans of Frenoh Com
mander-in-Chief, General Joffre.
are being carried out steadily anfl
tbatJhe allies nave succeeded in
forcing back, in northeastern di
rection the German forces opposed
to them.
Paris officially reports that the
allies have advanced their leftwing
without eaergetio opposition bv
jthe Germans and that several en
gagements on the- Ourcq River
have favored the French-British
The Russian army operating iu
Galicia is reported still to be driv-
ing back the Austrian s.
i'The ea:ualty list as a result of
the.tblowing up of the British
oruiser Pathfinder by a mine in
the Ncrth Sea, comprises four men
killed, 13 wounded and 242 mus ing
. - ...
; Pan Claliss Yrctary.
London, Sepf, 7.-r7:10 p;. m.
The Evening News dispatch : r
A telegram has bsen received
from General Pan annouhoipg a
vict' ry nythe "Allied forces under
a Field Marshall Sir John French,
commanding the British and Gen
eral D'Ammade at Precy-Sur-Cise,
about 25 miles north of Paris. -'
The Allies v were drawn acVoss
the borthern-line irith the center
af ! Precy. -The-Boglish troops
were on the left alTot the French
on the right ' The f ormer had in
front of them the Imperial Guard
under Orcwn Prinoe' Frederick
J,On both wings, it is reportedt
the Allies were succesiful. ,m
"The German left was held by
the Frenoh and retired to the
"The Imperial Guard, who were
ordered to surrender, were annihi
lated by the British. It is report
ed that the Grown Prince was in
their midst." .
The British offioial bureau has
received no confirmation of this
Dloait Destroyed Hy Fire of 6aos.
London, Sept. 8. 12:56 a. m.
An Ostend dispatch to the Ren
ter Telegraph Company Bays:
"The Germans have destroyed
the Belgian town of Dinant (15
(miles Sonth of N&mur) after
shooting hundreds of the male
inhabitants beoause it was alleged
shots had .been fired upon the
heights overlooking the city."
"The Germans in a few hours
by shell -fire and incendiarism
destroyed Dinant on the Mease,
Hundreds cf . male inhabitants
wern shot including one party of
100 prominent citizens who were
executed together in the place
3 'The Germans alleged that the
eivlUans had... fired shots -into
tne snooting ana -burning were
going on, the women residents of
the city were oon fined in the con
vents. "Among those shot were M.
Hummers, the wealthy manager
of a large weaving factory, and
M. Pcncelot, son of a former Sen
ator. The latter was killed in
the presence of his wife and child
ren. Germans apneard at a
branch of the National Bank
where they demanded the cash in
the safe. The manager, M. Was
seiz?, refused to hand it over,
whereupon he together with his
two sons, was shot.
"There is no evidence, so far
as is Known, that th alleged
shooting from the heights resulted
in the killing of any Germans."
ffoniers of Advertlsin
Advertising as the giant of construction-
which can better all
business and can find a market for
all worth-while things found an
able advooata in J. R. Moffett yes
terday at the Wednesday luncheon
of the Advertising Club at 15
South strtet.
Mr. Moffett said that the
phrases "It can't be done" and
"my business is different and ad
vertising won't help" are not
countenanced by the man who
really knows the wonderful powers
of advertising.
He said that it changed the ob
jectionable odor of oarbolio aoid
in a soap into a valuable asset, the
queer taste of condensed milk into
an exoelient selling poiLt and h&B
ever proved profitable in ad vei til
ing boilers and roofs and radiatorB
and ii surancp, thorugh the local
newspapers and other agencies.
"There is no business whatever
of which I know that cannot ad
vertise profitably," he oonoluded.
"If any of you here know of one,
tell us and let's get to work on
But no one took up his chal
lenge, for none knew of suoh a
business. Baltimore sun.
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cold germs from getting a hold.
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, druggists.
Washington Sept.- 5.--Demo-1
oratio members of the .Ways and
Means Uommittee virtually agreed
today-pcoinmodities suscep
tible to special taxation to realise
$7500a000f the $iQO,O0Q;0Q
requested oy president WilBon to
orlBetlth loss in customs Teceipts
ouusea oy tne connict;in tfnrone.
What shall be taxed to tlisa the
other 125,000,000 has not been
decided, eoores of com modi ties and
means of taxation being proposed,
l be committee will mt ;:;nex
Tuesday and pects toKomplete
tne nui next weei v'
AlthonglCrib inhoahcenien t
was madeis is: certain .that beer
and fermented liquors: wilK oome
first Vmbhrtidles taxed. The
50 or 150 bferits bah probitfiVy
5aiehtBroihgy2X)0,0()0 a
year. A tax of 20 dWks a gallon
is probable -on ', domestic ' wins,
bringing in . from f IO.OOO.tXXX to
15JK)0,000;";.i j ; : : j
VFf om a tai( TOrop'tietary medi-
cihes -and preperations of all inds
ud on soft drinks it is hoped to
niss approximately f20,000,000
vbile a small addition revenue
tix of distilled liquors, probably
i t more than 15 cents a gilloh,
vould bring the' total -tax on
whiskies, etc ,. tb f 1,25 a gallon.
Pmm these sources, it is estimated
$75 000,000 would be assured.
W. s Wilson Offers Plan for
Sttf Slate Cttlon Crap
Raleigh, Sept. 6. Two Special
committees appointed by Govenor
Uraig, under the instructions of
the oonferenoe of last Tuesday on
the ootton Situation, ft? investi
gate and report on the financial
side of the situatiojrand on plans
for warehousing ' and bonding
stored cotton for corome'toiai' pur
poses, meet here tomorrow, the
finance commiVtee wb ClarehCe
H. Poe as chairman atid the ware
housing committee wittr Col. $ .
Bryan, Grimes. Secretary of Stats.
as ohairman; ' ; 1
A unique plan to be presented
chat is attraotifkg much attention
is that proposed by W. S. Wilsod,
wooJd form a'warehottsjng borpo
ration, with Govenor Craig and
other men of high standing in the
State in immediate control, to
provide 'warehousing faoilties and
raise $500,000 or more in popular
sol soriptions, under a guarantee
of 10 per cent on the investmetit
in the final round-up of the un
dertaking. He would advance
six-er seven oents the pound on
the cotton stored and hold it one,
two or more years until the ootton
market justified turning ' loose at
a prioa that would cover the ex
penses cf the warehousing, pay
prinoipal and 10 per cent interest
on money subecribed and other
wise inv.sted, and assure to the
planters storing, as near 10 oents
a pound as poBBible.
There would be a prorata dis
tributing to the planters who
stored of all monies left over after
the advances are. paid and the 10
per cent on investment. There
would be a provision that no
cotton be reoeived for storage
except that tendered by the actual
growers of the cotton.
Germany Beady to Sell tier Boots
. for Soccef
Berlin, Aug. 22 The depar
ture of Emperor William "in the
direction of Mayence" (that it as
muoh as the press was permitted
to know or report about it)
be said to mark the begining of
this great European war, so far
as Germany is concerned.
As in 1870, the more impor
tant of the Emperor's advisers
went to the front with him. The
party included Chancellor von
Bethmann- Hollwegg, Secretary
of State von Jagow, War Minister
von Falkenhayn and other high
governmental and army officials.
The plan of campaign is that
thought ont many years ago and
never since departed from, to
bend all energies at the very out
set to the smashing of Germany's
western neighbor. Russia is to
be left to Austria until France
shall have been disposed of.
No one can .come in daily con
tact with the officers of the gener
al staff without being impressed
with their confidence in an event
ual and absoluteviotory.
That the cost 'will be high is
not for a moment doubted, but
the men in charge of operations
are determined ttr make any sac
rifice, no malterbow appalling.'
The people aie- tinclined to un
derate the size of the task before
the German arafia. T, hey are
however, ready topay the cost ot
victory, however great U may be.
To ret (he genuine, calffor fall name, i,A2A
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FariarUiloiit "BeioW
How tbi Farows State Coaferittsa
VYiat cb Riccrd.
The Farmers ttate Convention;
in Session in ; RWeigiir? iart week
unanimouelv adoDted the fnlMw. .
lhg resolutions, ; prepared by the
resolutions Oommittee composed
of W. J. Shuford, B. B. Everett,
T. B. Parker and Clarenoe Poe.
Whereas, the prisenl war" Situ
ation in Earbpe brings ;7 nnmber
ot new issoes beforl bar- peopl e, in
view of whioh be it resolved .
Frist. That we hrge 6u'rbankers
to recognize watehonse certificates
as suitabla ooMateral for loans up
w -. . umuuiuwiu ui -Bueir re-
sources add we YVtltt 'OQi-''S:
greas make ample provisions - ta 1"
this end and see that help goes' to 1
the man who trowm tht t.'
not after it gets into.the hands of
merchahes, buyersj eto.
Seoond. That we urge that our
people, in view of the Scarcity and:
uBu piiwui puasn, man a care ,
ful study of the fertilizer needs of"
each aectioh and each type of soil'
ana ascertain just in what degree, '
potash is needed, and whether l or
cot there is justification for usijhg .
complete fertilisers,
Third. That in view of the
prospeot of higher'ipriced food and
feed crops next year we urge' that"
our farmers plant more heavilv
than ever before of., grain crops,
clover, vetch, rye, eto.
' ii. ; ' . yi;
Whereaswlsrgnize the propo- iMC
sition jfor the obiervafice of &
Commnnity Service Week'm-W
all sections of North Carolipa as " j ,
one' otajmost unUnMtjLpoilibili
iu nil uauiui lmes, snerei ore Do lt
' Kssdlted, That' we hereby urse-'
farmers Everywhere' to imittf't0mee v-
that thia noa1 1m m?i-:th.a'vrt--Jr"
Bion for ; besinninK in ever v North
Catolina township and . coantyfrt.'
some aennite practioal forwam-s
movement for better -iiohoOls;
reads, health . eohditionr, sooial " '
and eoonomic conditions, eto. y
Congressmen that theeyes of the
farmers Of America are on them,
and they will not hold any mem
ber fcuutiesswho fails to do his
duty in providing a proper system
of rural credits! furnishing money -io
the farmer with a minimum of
red tape and middleman's expense
and encouraging as fully as pos
sible the oo-operative idea among
Whereas, North Carolina has,
enjoyed State-wide prohibition
for five and a half years ; , and,
whereas, other Stated are 16oking
to North Corolina and asking if it .
is a benefit, therefore; be it
Resolved, by the North Carolina
State Farmers' Convention of
1914, that we endorse State-wide
prohibition for its benefits to
farmers and all other classes, and
we urge ether States to adopt it
We reoommehd the work of the
experiment stations in the variety
breeding ot crops. We recom
mend egtablishing and standard
izing good varieties to the several
localities of the state by the ex
periment station, and that the
work be extended to include all
the major crops.
We reoommend the entire State
be put under stock law by legisla
ture act and that a committee be
appointed to urge this upon the
General Assembly.
Whereas, we view with pleasure
the great interest that, is being
taken in general and vocational
education by the citizenship of
our State and especially the rural
districts, community and farm
life sohools; and, whereas, we
wish to give our endorsement to
every agency having for its pur
pose the dissemination of know
ledge, calculated to improve and
uplift rural conditions, therefore,
be it resolved:
First. That we recommend the
establishment of community and
farm life schools in every county
in the State.
Secorid. That we- request our
incoming Legislature to add, to
the dormitory room of the A. and
M. College at Raleigh so as to ac
commodate all the Students who
desite to attend thiaitiititotion.
Resolved, that the building now
occupied by out State Department
of Agriculture, being built for a
hotel more than one haudred
years ago and havifig been pro
nounced unsafe and' being entirely
inadequate to ttie ndedi of the de
partment, be tdrn down: and a new
building erected in iesping with
the progf e(8 of the" times and the
(Continued on Pape 4. J
- .v - -w
.. -
. ..
. .: . "Sit- "

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