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Priiatt Hens Atttcked b Priest tnl Pro
. tcstastiat Suadn Senlcis,
On the afternoon of -Snndfty
Maroh 28, religions leryioei in the
home of Miohele Zarleogo, at Wei
by, Colorado, were broken up bj
a Roman Gatholio priest, Stan
islao Gitmbaitiana, nith the as
aiitanoe of a mob he had oolleoted
And brought to the plaoe for that
Italian citizens 6i Wei by, who
had become disgusted with their
priests and at the same time in
terested in the pastor and services"
of an ltalian Methodist church in
north Denver, bad arranged for
Protestant .worship at the home
or 2arlengo under the direction of
offioial member of the Denver
church. . -
On the afternoon of -March 38;
five active members of the Italian
ohuroh in Denver went to Wei by
and opened' the desired meeting
with singing and prayer In the
midst of the prayer Priest Giam
bastiani burst into the house and
disturbed the service by peremp
torily ordering; everybody to leave
and,the servioes to stop. .;
When the leader of the meeting
showed the. priest his Bible' and
explained that they were there for
the purpose of worship,' Giambas
tiani denounoed the Protestant
Bible and f declared that Protest
ant prayers were not wanted; and
when told that they were all there
on invitation to. exercise their
rights as free citixens cf : a free
ocuntry, he became more abusive,
gave them to undertand that be
was in authority, denounced
everything connected with Pro
testanism, and again - ordered
everyone preset t to disperse.
By that time the large mob on
the outside became demonstrative;
and an egg was thrown at the
window. The priest very ooniid
erately ordered the mob to refrain
from any attaok on the house but
to wait until the heretics came
out when they - might do with
them as they pleased.
With the armed rmob shouting
and jeering on the outside it was
impossible to proceed with the
service, so the men from Denver
left the house to be pounced upon,
rocked, egged, and shot at for
more thao a mile by the frantio
and bloodthirsty hoodlums in
spired by thair arrogant priest.
The above: details are vouohed
for by responsible parties who
were' present and afford an elo
quent object lesson on the spirit
of popery aB exemplified by the
agents of the system where they
have the power to Override and
terrify the people. Andyet there
are those who say that we must be
friends with such an arrogant mob
leader as .this priest who holds
American law in contempt when
acting in behalf of his pope.
Such incidents as this show the
real essence of Romanism more
clearly than all the preachments
of papists and near papists for the
past oentury. When charged
with intolerance they oan puton
a mealy month and find Jesuitical
sophistry a plenty to prove that
they are law-abiding and free , cf
the least bigotry; but actions
speak louder than words. These
imported agents of the pope drive
their dupes here just as they did
in the old country ; and find spine
less officials contemptible enough
to allow suoh practices and even
apologize for it
Suppose the socaUed "wave of
bigotry," now said to be rampant,
should lead a mob of Protestant
to break up s religious service con
ducted by papists, what a howl
would go up from one end of the
country to the other. But every
one knows that suoh an act is logi
cal to popery alone, which here,
as everywhere, presumes to set the
authority of ns priests above the
rights of the people and the laws
of the land. :; -. '
We have'about reached the time
when it becomes necessary to teaoh
tnese papal nanaies tneir proper
plaoe.. And there certainly must
Sjbe enough manhood left in Ameri
oa to stsp this reign of mob and
C mordsr that is becoming to oom
Hoi Hard Obi Wnfl Hit.
If a motor oar is wrecked when
going forty miles an hour itsjoocu
pant is thrown oat against a wall,
a post, or a fsnot with the tamo
force that he would strike if he
fell to the ground from a iieigbt
of 58.78 feet. To get an idea of
what the force of this impact
might be, stand on a wall, or a
house 53 78 feet high, look down
and contemplate-the jump .r If
the car is going sixty milea an
hour, the impact is eqvivalent to
a fall of 121 feet. The following
table prepared by 8. F. Kennedy
for the World Magazine gives the
force of various epeeds s - ;
10 mi an hr equals fall of ' 8.86 ft
ii tl
7 56 ft.
18:44 ft.
21.01 ft.
86.25 ft.
58.78 ft.
86.63 ft.
20 "
85 "
40 "
45 "
it t
It 4
f It
It It
ii -tr
II II tl
164 ft.
70 11
90 "
100 '
. StoiBACh Troobla Curt d
Mrs. H. G. Cleveland. Arnold.
Pa., writes, "For soma3 time I
suffered from etomaon trouble.
would have sour stomach and
feel bloated after eating. Noth
ing benefited me until I got Cham
berlains'- Tablets. Af ter taking
two bottles of them I was cured. '
Soidlirs Risalso. .
The old soldiers reunion will be
held at Organ Ohuroh on Asoen
sion day. May 18, , 1915. . W vtxj
peot to have. addresses.
All are invited to oome and bring
well filled baskets: t There riU be
refresbjuentron the grounds.
Don't put off treating your
Child's Cough. It not . only saps
their strength, but often leads Jto
more . serious ailments. Why
risk? You don't have to. Dr.
King's New Discovery is just the
remedy your Child needs. It is
made witn soothing, healing and
antiseptio balsams. Will quickly
oheck the Cold and soothe your
Child's Cough away. No odds
how bad oough or how long stand
ing, Dr. King's Hew Discovery
will stop it. It's guaranteed
Just get a bottle from your Drug
gist and try it.
mon to be endured.
To turn the tables and act in
the same way these imported up
starts do would be to get down to
their own level, as that no self re
specting Amer loan will do ; but
we can, at least, elect men to offi
cial position who will make mur
der and mob violence most 'un
comfortable for all who indulge
in it. The Menace,
This is a specimen of what may
be expected whenever and when
ever the licetmous priests' spines
are sufficiently stiffened by num
ber to tneir dirty work. They
constantly howl about bigotry
and intolerance and receive the
misapplied blemiahments of their
dupes with hog-like innocence as
though they with the stench on
their garments the rum on their
breath, murder in their hearts and
arrayed in hypocraoy and deceit,
were fit to drive angels out of the
Holy of Holies.
Deafaess Ctasft It
by local applications, as they can'
not reaob the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way
to cure deafness, and that is by
constitutional remedies. Deaf
ness is caused, by an inflamed
condition of the muoous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this
tube is inflamed yon have a rumb
ling sound or imperfect hearing,
and when it. is entirely .closed,
Deafness is the remit, and unlsss
the infiamation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its norm
al condition, hearing will be de
stroyed forever; nine oases out of
ten are caused by. Catarrh, whibh
is nothing but an inflamed eondi-
tion of the muoous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dol
lars for any case of Deafness
(caused by catarrh) that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Send for ciroulars free.
- Fr J. Chisot j& Oon Toledo,
Sold by Dragzists 75o.
Take Hall's FftoUy Pilla M
General Headqtiartsrs hf Brtf
ish Army in rrance, April 13,
Via London.lIud, which haep
trad the arciies in France and Bel
gium throughout the winter,- vir
tually has disappeared disappeaiw
ed along Xk ; British front. Di
"mal, raindava haveci?n wny to
weeks of sunshine, which $M 4?lt
up the road, trenches And line bf
commnuicatipn, pakinj ;th aol
diers' life a paradise oonjartd
with former conditions
With tb coning of clear.weain
er there also has been V marked
jiMieatinrtha number of Aero
plane reoonnaiancija on bct-
aideiuH Hall P doaen" t,f t
taaniQVtred over Ypm 11 Catzr-f
day 'afternoon. lloat .: of tbani
were British attempting - to bring
down a German flier who was try
ing to spot batteries at the rearcf
thf . BritishllinM.; The sky wta
anfleoked except by -cotton
wonlakaa iof buwttixrpael
as anti-aircraft guns -sousiit ti
flieta Although. ina-telfTeosf
tinned for hours no nwmncqi
eitherjfide waa broiht dawn., !
Broadly speaking there hat bsa
no elbansa-in the British front
since NeuveChappelle was-Uksa,
trench warfare continuing alonj
this whole lino with only t, few
casualties here and there daily, ;
Cairo, via London, April : 18.J
The f ollowinj pmoial communisa
tioii was issued today J
6o tha fiftaenth three asro
planej fwifj& tha oinai-1 lol
8irr dropping bomba which wsra
ffectltt. From 150 to SOOitenta
were eeen. The distance flown
was more than 170 milea.
fi'-Mft. enemj; troop, rtre
ssea this ride of El fiirr, thth
one or two snail pcsU cf about 20
men are knoan to exixtT -
I.ondonf April 13 ha British
stroying m Tuiiiti torpeCoboat
whibh attacked thetrtaxport Uxni
ton off Chios yesterday, lost $kif
submarine E-15, which, wbila
carrying out a diOoult reconnais
sance ' in the Dardanelles nine
field, ran aground on Keppes
Point, the crew being made pris
oners. " 1 .
According to the Turkish report
seven of the submarine crew art
misssing. '.'
In Egypt British airmen have
dropped bombs on the Turkish en
campment near the border while
a French cruiser, the fire of which
was directed by a seaplane, has
been throwing shells on the Turks
near El Arish, where the army for
the i invasion of Egypt haa ita
headquartars, "
SyraouseSioly, via Paris, April
18 Arrivals f rom Asia-Umor aay
the situation in Smyrna is terrible.
They say banda : pfyMcssnlnian
brigands are killing and taking
hostagee, pUlaging and imming
London, April 16. England to
day experinced its third hostile
air raid within 43 hours, but the
last like the others resulted in no
loss of life and no serious damage
to property. Taking advantage
of fine weather which anablad
Zeppelin to visit the vicinity of
the Tjne Wednesday night and
tha coasts of Suffolk and Essex
early today, a German aeroplane
new over tha, oounty of Sent,
dropping .bombs. In all, four
missiles were dropped,.in the vioi
nityof the towns of Eaversham
and Sitttngboarne, the latter jest
across the Bugle from the Isle of
Sheppey, whioh is the birthplace
of the British Royal Naval Flying
Corps. Zeppelins, for it is be
lieved two visited East Anglia
during the early hours of this
morning, dropped soma 25 inesn
diary ; and explosive bombs on
Lowestoft, Bontnwold. Maldon,
Burnham-on-therOrouch, Hey
bridge and Tillingham, bntlika
the raid of the previous night on
the Tynemouth distriot, there was
only , slight damage, although
many persons had narrow escapes.
In Lowestoft a bomb dropped ; in
a garden, shattered a row of small
houses and persons sleeping in
them were cnt by broken slacs .
During the three raids at least 60
bombs were ssni down bv the
Gernansi - The raiders kept away
irom sne larger towns. Tnsro
they night nave been discovered
by searchlijhU and oosa
fixe from the land;,
. i r n
why i 1kJ&J
; m " . I
thsxacts not , zzt-zi. ill? b
Met pos leo&tl'sAW Sa
willirt tr ZX-:-!
t for " : &
crop tzit dJc. -11 tj
wiU jlstTt Vt&iaf'
thiPttbat: :3b!
to trlir4( .7hia ca
think v muAi;ii tls
there are only f tli, t: febls
to ''tl css&.'pt;:) CiafiW
cesariiy t? ft idrr tzx
whoMtnotai3ftlf rci:!s jfc
cepi tha iirfos-ixi Uc:j
be able to oUsin ttzzi Cj ; tlli-
tins t&tt htcsyrJr; tli
tha adTis-r cf tla Vztt: ,.:::tba
Agsnt.. lJtiriUr ti b xct
world ctiazwir and frili:?
hU mind ffe ( Cl t
laaTe)hi fini tipa r zz3L fcj
has a UUlafetlifi-fpit
tetWfc t tiibsi; t-k
to speak a word for tia- boy and
his work : tt: tk father wan ta to
really be faired hxaeet with his
boy and do what he can to isajca
him satisfied at hone then laikist:
charge the boy with the time that
ho censumee and the rant of the j
land and than allow him to dis
pose of bis oorn as he may dasire.
I waa very much impressed with
abov whocamato me last weak
and told Co that he did not in
tend to go into the club work this
year unless his father wonld treat
him fairly and not take every
thing that he made. Give the
boy a ohanoe to make something
for himself and he will bless yon
as long as he lives. .Take him
into partnership and he. wiU be
more ready and Willing to do . his
share of work and make you ptoudJ
of him.
. Wi B. CamPT05 , Jn.
Oounty Demenstxation Agent.
jgiatimi' YlUa Qelay to
Bheunatism from coming on, but
you can stop it almost innedi-
ately. Sloan's Liniment gently
applied to the eore joint or mnf
ole penetrates in a few ainntes to
the inflaned spot that causes the
pain . It ioMhwa?tia hot tender.
swooien xeeiiug, snu in, ti
short tins bnnss ' relief that is
almost nnbolievabla mitil yon ox
pSTienea - itv iiet Ht bottle of
Sloan's Liniment or 2o jof anv
drugjitV Sihd bTi itjnthehouse--
arainst oolds. sort and swollen
auaeoti. low nowy w
notxatUfLtd, batit does give al
most instant relief.
The trial of Willian llamas
-'.W - -'T-. .-.-"-- r ' 2l."1 cr-.--
btgins in the 8uprene court at
Syracuse, T,?Eon,day . j At
torjays jpaniniyn on
the final tocshe of their xases.
. Why ser iron rheumatism
whe relief mW bt ha4 at so
sciostf:S&fs; Bitaargatch,
neniryr reuev.c ie
atalv. ed l- tiie DlrsKirt- in ra-
ebmshgiit othaaaictd
- TfcaoWetitf-tiJ Vctdf Is
sucl w tticrs rwunatisnv
for Cabrlin's L
- j
IQNOB GTQSEPPB BARTOLOTTA, the Kalian tenor who Is to eing at
. ..the Bedpath Cnantauqaa in this city, has won wide distinction as a
conoert sinser both in Europe and America. He has sung at the fore
r . y jnoei concerts in England in conjunction with some of the most fa
4ao&e mrflsta, including Patti, -Melba, . Kubellk, Padere wsM jbjO: others. He
Ix a Iteapolitanby birth tmd studied for some years at the Conservatory of
tlrlta, Tbe remarkable range and power of his beautiful tenor voice ar a
rJvvalatiosi of .the OTerwhelming superiority of the Italian tenor in operatic
J2ercains- immediate favor with the most apathetic audiences. To .hear
tia ts to be convinced that he possesses every reauisite of a great singer
XS sveee&ce, excellent stjle and enunciation end a dramatic power and ln
Xssa&tj equal to the. great opera, stars. .He sings with true brilliance, ore and
ylamrtntt and wciiderfol effects. . ,
The Brander Cotton mill at
Concord waa soldlatt Thursday at
miblio auction under a deed of
trust executed by the Old . Domin
ion Trust Company. The mill
was purchased for fifteen thousand
dollars by a Mr. Wallace of Rich
mond, Va., Who .represented the
bond holders . This waa the only
bid offered. The bonds of the
mill it is understood Amounted to
Raleigh, April 16. Judge Dan
iels is to pass on the oonstitution-
aliiyof the quart liquor lw pass-
el by 4hm recent Legislature, the
hearing on a mandamus proceed
ing to compel transportation and
delivery by the Bonthsrn Express
Company of one gallon of whiskey
rom Richmond being set for
April'26. "In this o.Mf the oonsti-
tutionally of both the recently
enscted quart law , in thie State
and the Webbenyon act of Con-
Crese are intended to bonltiniately
tnyolvedjas to their ;constitOtion
ality aa .thei prosecution of the
case progresses through the. State
and most probably the United
States oourte. . . .
Seattle. Wash., April 16.
Amsrioan. steamship oompanies
operating between Seattle and
Alaska poris And Seattle jihd San
Francisco were notified - by the
Britisb Admirality today that all
f mans, Austrians or Turkish
passengers or .memeors ox :ne
ersws would be removed from any
vessels calling at a Canadian, port
and held as prisoners of war. As
a result of the order the Paoifio
Ooast Steamship Company dis-
oharsed 10 German members of
the crew of the steamship Presi
dent whioh sailed for San Francisco
today. Two German passengers
who had . purchased their tickets
not allowed to board the Presi
dent. Two others who had taken
out their nrst naturalization par
peninTsisted that they were, enti
tied to . be considered Amenoan
eitisenrand : were taken - aboard.
i?he Pacific Coast Company an-
nounoea tnar it wouia dook no
anemias of GreatBritain on the
President whiok: oajls at Victoria
onrouta . f romv can Ff sncisco to
Seattle bat would-parry those pas-
aengsxrn the lioers Congress and
which omit the Victoria'
The, funeral of Col. vA. B. An-
neia rrom cnexnaron o
Shepherd at 4:80 o'clock Monday;
afternoon conducted by Bishop;
Joseph H. Blount of the Diverse
of North Carolina and Rev. I.
McK. Pettenger rector of -the,
church of that city. The casket
will be borne by oolored men who
have been servants of Ool." An
drews for many years. The pall
bearers will be limited to Jour
officials of the Southern Railway,
of which Col. AndrewB waa vice
Indianapolis, Ind., April 18.
Headed by Mayor Donn M . Rob
erts, 15 prisoners convicted in
the Terre Haute election conspira
cy oases and sentenced to the
Leavenworth penitentiary, started
on the trip to prison late today.
rhey are due t Leavenworth earlv
Monday. The time for . the de
parture was not made public here
and only a small crowd was at the
station as the prisoners, each ac
companied by a speoiat deputy
United States Marshal, boarded a
special ar attached to a passen
ger train. While the men were
being plaoed in line in the jail
yard to march to the railway eta-
tion the 82 men given jail senten
ces for their part in the conspira
cy, shouted good bye and joined
in passing jests back and forth .
None of the wives or relativee of
the prisoners was permitted to
accompany them from the jail to
the station.
New Orleans, April 18. The
price of ootton moved upward last
week' on a wave of buying whioh
appeared to have its origin in the
growing optimism in business cir
olellol the country generally .
New high levels for the highest.
the trading montns were 18 to 17
points over last - week's
quotations. me close was
net gam of 12 to 16 points.
Whooping Cough.
Well every one knows the ef
fect of Pine Forests on Coughs.
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey : is
remedy which brioga quiok relief
for whooping oougb , loosens the
muoous, soothes the lining-of the
throat and lungs, and makes the
coughing spells less severe. A
family with growing children
should not be without it. Keep
it handy for all coughs and oolds.
25o at your Druggist.
Eleotrio Bitters a Spring Tonio.itheStatwooartf Appeals, ,
Frisil Clila l ton Cwl:l So Ci-,
r . elKitlii Ptxititi.
to partaxs or ne nature of iaolat-:
nggemedatJi gfn-S
orai oneniivt. Aniiiery aueis
nand fightings whioh haa been the
ine uense ana near toe lxr-
raine border bat thev latter ty pe
of combat continues; in Jie; Voa-
ges, where the official statements
itgree kherp fighting ib1
plfCe on German t erritory.
iThe corroboration, however,
;ids withthui fact, the French
claiming to1 have oeoupied domi
nating positions here and the
Germans declaring the attacks of
tho Frenoh have failed. '
From the Britisn end of the
lines -ooiaea: the - report officially
issued by the?War Offide 1 at Lon
don that Hill No; 60 an important
point two miles south of 2illebeke,
Belgium has : been captured from
the Germans
TheHr German oommnnieation
tells of riyihg the British put qf
minor German positions whioh
they occupied southeajst'Of Ypres.
This Is in the neighborhood of
Petrogradf continnes to report
minor suobesses in he Oarpathiane
showing jhai the fighting ar no
haan AntlMl in anSin 1 a4 nsisa 4k'ls.
passes, dub cue nussian, Austrian
and German official reports Agree
.-. -. -Kj5ffi -iTf
snat spring virtually nas pat an
end to all activity along the re
mainder of the eastern front. '
;.' Variooa ramorA arearrSnt
garding the Ventral ppw9Hjfr.
tria through the m'snm ot sntoa
is credited witb ; reviving wi
consteraiatidnhe newe of the ex
tension of tie iazturn aiwloft ,:
It. l'iSLl.m I'm- ' -igxi.
ana ou years,.wuue: aojcatjjt spen -
sbr for the statement, .attjbtttsd
to a high German authority tt
the German general staff has dis
carded all plans for an advanoe
on the French front, decided to
remain on the defensive. J '
It again is nnoiall announc
ed that operations are under way
in the Dardanelles, where the
Turks are reported building de
fenses against landing parties but
the news of tne breaking up of the
ice at Archangel, the only large .
se spot ton the iMrtlreoaatol.BLna-
sia may induce the Entente Allies
to be more deliberate in iheir at
tempts to unlock the gate to ' the
Blaok Sea. - '
The irritation to Holland over
the torpedoing of the Dutbh ship
Katwyk haa been greatly allayed
by Germany's expression of her
willingness to make an apology
and pay an indemnity if it la
fonnd that the vessel; was sunk by '
a German submarine.
Honolulu, T. B. April 19 The
United Statee submarine F-4 sub
merged outside the harbor iipce
March 25 was raised 12 fest .tarly
today and towed in shore until it
rested bu . the upward inolining
bottom. The salving crew post
poned farther work until the lift
ing tackle was strengthened. r
. The satisfactory work dope thus
far in towing the submarine, it is
believed, will make: unnecessary
the pontoon methods of raising
the oraft. . :
Diver Longhman, who beoamt
entangled in the lifting cables
Saturday is recovering slowly.
A Sluggish Uver Needs Attention.
Let your liver get torpid and
yon are in for a spell of misery.
Everybody gets an attack now and
then. . Thousands of peoplo.lep
their livers aotive and healthy Toy
using Dr. King's New ifoIlills.
ff ine ior sne stomaoa wo, iosop
the Diznnees, Constipation, -Biliousness
and Indijestion, , 0ar
the; blood Only - 25&. at your
Harry K . Thaw, haa been order
ed sent back to the State Hospital
for the brlminAl insane at Ifstte
wan by the appellate lwsfotC; ot
the -NewYork Bdprtmt-Cottrt.
Plans. are -heini

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