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A Home NewripSr jpublh forlHonesty in Government a J fc
Wia. H. SliiWRT, ED.
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CiHes HaTB fells
Jtiii it SilljSarj Pisser Up Some
Vfiaiili IfifoiBitien ea Witer Sopplf.
Ia making a reply to an attempt
to (Jitmisi a very important tobjeot
by a wave of the hand, a native
and tax-payer of Saliabury, makes
the following reply :
- tialitbary, N O ,
; ;- 1 jnly 80, 1915.
.lit reply to the article in your
paoer of July S9thy headed ' Wells
r oaC of consideration,'" . yon say
have been abandoned in other
and towns in this State, and
don't say where or why. Yon
say we mast bate our. action
ay we mast bate our. action on
thj experience of others, and on
tlie findings of trained ssientists
a j the opinion of the wise men,
afid the experience of other cities
and towns. That is exactly what
tltflf writer is doing, bat has our
3ntifiio and wise men given the
voters of Salisbury any data on
wSUs, oieeks. rivers and so on to en
able them to vote intelligently for
- bla. choice of water or bow it should
bt had," or are e expeoted to vote
for the present plans just because
through- some soientifio scarce, it
is aid jto. be the very thing? -
t is not true that people in Sal
isbary who are able are sinking
wwfle? , And doesn't at least one
of $ur doctors have a -well on hit
- pftfpertt? And, if thesanftorinm
if fupplied by well water isn't
. titt proof from a soientifio stand
point that well witer is better
than oar present creek system?
andoan they show that the pro
posed plan will furnish any blotter
. quality of water than the present
stream, or that its qaality will
improve or get worse?
The city Of Monroe, N. C, may
not poisess'any wise or soientifio
men trained, espeoially J n the
.. thjB wajffluit Jbajjhe 5)st
' drinking Water in the State, from
arteiion wells sunk through the
most difficult form of rook with
sloping sams. Jt seems strange
that thJ didn't get their water
from Siohardson's creek which
flows through an undisturbed sec
tion and is only two miles away .
The writer is not a soientifio -expert
on water, and is not seeking
anything out of this but good
water but I do claim to be some
wise in seme things. I am in fa
vor of schools, but if the votes for
water and schools are not taken
separately I shall vote against
both'. If well water can't be had
what about a gravity syBtem, a
plain water main from the reser
voir at pumping station up to or
near the head of the creek, with
supply pipe .running from main
to springiI claim by so doing the
supply will be increased to a very
large extent owing to the f aot that
it would prevent seapage into the
ground, and also evaporation by
ts i beat in July and August and
give us nearly as muon water as
we gTet through the winter months
in mv opinion better water
lan can be obtained from the
mat at a far less ooit. Are there
no wise scientific men in the city
df Btamlet. N. 0., who are espeoi
ally trained in water art? They
itava a gravity system installed on
orsek rising near Hof man and
flows directly through the town,
whv did thev sa up the creek
Whibh fl 3 ws through the town and
capture the water and let it flow
into their leiervoir which is in the
city by gravity instead of install
ing a pumping plant at the,' same
cr$ek right in town?
V h& is wrong with the people
of tbe oitr of Rockingham, N. C?
They have a big creek flowing
right through the oity with tour
ing boats in it for rent, run some
of the great factories by water
power, and purchase their water
from Hamlet, N. 0., which flows
from the Hamlet reservoir -to the
Rookingbam reservoir by gravity,
jfchd, Hamlet would no doubt be
lad to furnish water to other
points in Eastern North Carolina
as far down as Wilmington, and
oaie points in South Carolina in
thVeame manner.
In the city of Asheville, N. 0.
W nava tne Deao"Ini trench
(tma iivei tonooing tne oiy,
they have the gravity system lead
ing from the mountains, and they
allow no trespassing on tbe water
shedy there is plenty of water in
the French' Broad and it seems
strange that they would run a p ;pe
line awar put to the side. of. the
mountain to gt water, it is pre
sumed though it wss'done to g9t
a ereat pressure with a small x-
nenie, rather than the quality of
t te water. .. . "-
- Are there no soientino men m
New York city who are especially
" -s. . n TITL x
trained in tne water arsr w ny
did they tunnel under the river
and go to the Appalaohain Range
of mountains for their water, ,and
capture it at the head of the
streams? That is a gravity sys
tem, and why is trespassing on
that water shed prohibited? It is
one of the best and most expensive
plants ih the world. Are there no
soientifio men who are wise and
especially trained in tbe water art
in Can Franoisco? They have a
gravity system, costing millions
and thiy tunneled through moun
tains of the Rocky mountain range
a great distance from the city,
built trestles acre as valleys to car
ry the water from one mountain
to the other in order to capture
the water at the head of the
streams and deliver it to the oity
by gravity. Why did they fool
all that money away? And why
is the water shed guarded and no
trespassing allowed? It is because
those who are skilled in the art
have found that any kind of river
water will not do, and if it was
possible to filter bad water and
make it pure, the money which
was spent in these great cities for
gravity systems would have been
spent for filtering plants. Now as
you say, we jtnusi base our aotion
on the experience of others, and
on. the Audit gs of trained .scient
ists, 4nd the opinion of : hf .wise
men anjoVtBe'xpeTrtenfle of'otjrtr
cities on water, and if the brains
and actions of the above named
cities cannot be relied on, then I
say rely on our home grown brains
and vote f or river water. Votbb
Despondency, Due to Indlgeatloii.
'About three months ago when
I was suffering from indigestion
which caused hesdaohe and diss;
spells and made me feel tired and
despondent, I began taking Cham
berlain's Tablets," writes Mrs.
Geo. Hon, Macedon. N. Y. ''This
medioine proved to be the very
thing I needed, a one day's treat
ment relieved me greatly, I used
two bottles of Chamberlain's
Tablets and they rid me of this
trouble." Obtainable everywhere.
Bepler for Bond Electioo
In order to vote for or against
tba.proposed bond issue on Au
gust 7th, it is necessary to regis
ter as a new registrasion is re
quired. The books are now open
for this purpose. The registrars
and where they are to be found are
as follows.
North Ward: L. A. Swioegood,
office oourt house annx.
East Ward : W. T. R. Jenkins,
office new court house.
South Ward: J. M. Brown, offioe
city hall.
West Ward: J E. Webster,
offioe Morris Plan (Loan) Co.
The registrars can be seen at
the above plaoes from July 20th
until Aagast otn. make it a
point to register.
Remember you oancot vote un
less registered by Friday evening,
and remember jour vote will not
be counted for or against the
measure unless cast.
Is Sickonss a Sin?
If not, it's wicked to neglect ill
ness and means of relief . It's
wioked to endnre Liver Ilia Head
aohf, Iudigestion, Constipation,
when one dse of Po-Do-Lax gives
Po Do-Lax is Podnnhvl-
lin (May Apple), without the
r -
a i : i. u i. m,u
sripc, it amuses sue iiiver, in
creases the flow of bile Nature's
antiseptic in the rowels. Your
constipation and other ills disap
pear over night because Po-Do-Lax
Visa Hainan Natnra tn ram ova tSa
cause. ue a bottle from your
Druejiist today. Get rid of your
Oonstipatlon over night.
Jaoisr data 49 Mm
CoDgressmai Burnett tbe Pregrtia Ut
- jb Address. . A, - -
r Muoh interest oeattra ia ,th
meetinsi oflcTs State Council. Juo
ior Orders Unittf ' Americana' If -:
ebanlcB, that is fjSisbl tm3
The Selwyo will be heada;aarteti
ana tne oaiiness meeting w,u I8
in th&lwyrAsseiobly; Halfi;
It is expected that tbr : Will bel
svt least BOO delegates preieD t f rom
the i vsr ions lodges throghlsat the.
state "lft&aiecpny
these delegates - will be ; ita equal.
number ofsitoismakinig l,0Ca7;
in all. . . - f-i--.;v;n:
Paul Jonee of Tarl(oro ia StatV
Councilor and will have charge o7
the meeting. There1 are more
than 85,000 Jupiors in the Sta
with 400 in Charlotte. Thsre arV
three ..-douncils, namely : Dif-
worth, No. 12; Park NoV 90, auct
Empire, No. 425. In addition,'
there are several in the county,
including those at Hint Hill, Paw
Greek and Oprhelias'. It (a ex-
peoted that all of these councils
will have adequate representation
at the Charlotte meeting. Vv
It is. stated that Charlotte his
fewer Juniors thsn any other point
in the State, considering the sifr
of the cijyy High Point and a
number ol: cities much smaller (n
popuUtToihave larger. Junior
Order presentation. A strong
effort will,be put forth in the fa
ture to increse the representa
tion hereg-.This is one of tbe ob
jeots of tbe oominx of the .State
Oc uncil td.Chajlotts, to stimulate
interest Urcaiiy. ; .
An attractive program haa been
arrangel'for this meeting... The
looal committee in charge of the
urrangements consists of liessra. (
WTWriar tresurer,r and
MeisrsJO! I. Webb.' L.X-Hunter. I
M 9
J. U. rfewell, M.-Jones, J. L. I
Wilkerson. J. Lawrence Jonee and I
representatives from the several j
county Junior Urdsr councils.
Of interest in tins connection
also is the fact that 0. F. Alex-
ander ia a oindidate for the office
of State vice oouhoilor, the second
highest office in the State.
A tenative program has been
arranged as follows :
Tuesday. August 17.
State Council will assemble.
Parade will be formed for a march
through the streets in the after
poon after which tbe oounoil and
invited friends will gather at the
auditorium where the several ad
dresses of welcome and the re
sponses will be delivered.
Address of welcome on behalf
of the city by Mayor T. L. Kirk
Response by National Councilor
0. B. Webb of Statesvilie.
Address of welcome on behftlf
of the local Junior Order Coun
cils, by J. P. Newell.
Response by Rev. W . B. Dut
sera of Salisbury.
Wednesday, August 10.
9 a. m. Business sesion at Sel-
wyn Assembly Hall for the tram-
action of routine work.
5 p. m. Street par ride to Lake-
wood Park where a watermelon
feast will be in waiting for the'1
visitors. Following the feast.
there will be an address at the
Lakewood pavilion by Congress- i
man Burnett of Alabama, author
of the Burnett immigration bill
whioh ia said to be very near to
the hearts of Juniors generally.
This is an open meeting to which
the public is cordially invited.
An invitation has been extend
ed to Governor Craig . to be pres
ent at this time and deliver an
Thursday. August 19,
9. a m. Belwyn assembly hall.
noutme ousiness notn morning
and afternoon with election of
officers, appointment of commit-
tnen hearinsr of Tonorta nnt nro.
I . a - ir f v
viously submitted, etc
- 1 AOiournment.
Mayor Kirkpatrick has appoint
the following, Committee in rais
I ing f nods with whioh to entertain
the convention ; ' Messrs. 0. O .
I Knulir. Ahurmtn W H Tlri
w. u, uavis. k. sg, aooggina. K.
M. Porbia. W. H
Hall and J. H.
Areft HelQS mi ttrJ.;:rC:r:. WIS
Albemarle, YalyV td Hery
3hoe, who was shcj fron arabtah
early Wednesaay i morning. iaear
Bis Lick died last plghi aia re
alt of iiW1 SVe)Jw;
woo Jives nmr 8 pej
tTouble, bfQf 9
and Luther, were arrsted;yest8r-
Ibrought to Albemarjaili ? U hai
been learnea tnatTjtne stEienjent
of fihoe, just before Ihifteathwa'i
folvtenditig to j Jmplfojte.:lhe
iHeWW'" He iUted that they
were the arst to rtion nim aiter
he wajshot, aDd that -'both, of
them; bad piitoU It is ; stated
tbatr.Areh Helmstheir. fathers
was ane next so reit a woumaea
man . - Dan Hintpntr; iwho was
plowing nearby, sajV that whs n
he got to Shoe immfrd4aUly: after
the shooting the twoAelbo'ys
tact their f atheri.were - Vhe
Search was made arouad the scene
of the tragedy and two sheUit both
emptT, were found! on thV place
where ther man ' hadoronched bf
an "Id stump, f rom which Jia" ihc
was discovered froo Sorathes jn
the leaves. The eyidently'i
after he had emptied Dothsheltf,
ou breached his gnu- and dropped
the empt?'shells on the1. ground
Farther search it Is stated , was
made and buried an thV horse
stable at the homapf Arch Helms.i
was found ft ; dauble-barreled
breach-loading -" ' shOtgun?v : Both
barrels were empt Thai empty
shells were plaesd in the gun and
the imprint made by the plunger
-xctly fitted the gun found in!
the stable. The gon also showed
that it had just been used, both A
of the barrela presenting'a smoky;
fcaetui ,Q.-D Blalock and DeputyJmake lift- worth, whihV!
Qaorjre Poolin went to the aoene l
of the shooting toaay to maKe
further investigation, aud to try
to unoover additional evidence.
it is said that in tne section wnere
the suspected men live the peopleUhe boyoott with all the insenuitv
generally are satisfied that Helms
and his sous are the guilty parties,
and that feeling is intense. Last
night late the sheriff was warned
to look out for a mob, and from
indications of a lynching, through iness osncerns merely because
precaution, Helms and his Sons they were "suspeoted of being un
were removed to an adjoiniug friendly?
oounty for safekeeping. No dem
onstration, ao far has been made
publicly, which would indicate
that there is aanger. Ine
limmary hearing will not
place before next week.
Ttte dark Qaarautoed ltf
"A oustomer came into my
store the other day and aaid to
one of my olerka, "have you any-
thing that will cure diarrhoea?
and,.m weu nd. f
bottle of Uhamneriata'a uolio,
choI and Diarrhoea Remedy,
and said to him, if this doei not
cure you, l will not charge you al
cent ror it. do ne tooc it ana
came raoa in a a ay or two
said he was cured," writes J . H.
Berry & Co., Salt Creek. Va. Ob
tainable everywhere.
Twa Blm Jackets Killed it Haiti.
Washington, July 80. Two
American butejecMts were killed
last night in an attack by natives
on Port au Prince, HaHi, held by
Rear Admiral Caperton with 400
(ha Afniaav Wa.hinivkAn
The attacking party was beatenrl
nff withnnt havinir annrnnnhAit
a. :Li. -
Closer tuiiu u uubia.trta oi tuej
-u- uB.rf Nrt -or J
woundedand the loss of the at-
tacking foroe was not reported.
The dead :
William Gompers,
Brooklyn, Cafon 8. Whitehurst,
ordinary seaman, of Norfolk, Va.
Reinforcements had been order-
d to Haiti before word of the
I fitrhtinir was received.
Tha bat
-o 9 . . "
I . n ... v :n
Philadelphip tomorrow with a
raiment of mannea. numbering
500 men. The navy transport
tt u ka;
at Philadelphia, also wili go '
Haiti, ii is aaid, although it
not' knowni watt fores she win
(llifl 1 tnfnnnnii THirtntir
1 Uft'lCUOUUillliwHUttJl wuwiin
Li::rty Is i mU .fioad Proiiied wi
I'lWti it f m pi tustrietion.-. -
L .Some : perscn. has said that the
greatest thing in the world iaJife.
H la tra tha , life without
liberty may beoo me an intolerable
.The Pilgrim Fathers landed on
the Atlantio .ooast in search of
liberty: blood was shed, hard-
tsbrpv ecnred "aDd lives given to
sfloureliDerty. ; Men and Women
have written, spoken and labored
10 defense of liherty.
More psrsonshave been martyr
ednthe catise of freedom than
in ajjy other cause, and it is a
not64pus? fact t hat the Roman
Cath'plic church has taken by far
tuejTisftyiest-toil. bhe has writ-
ten the record of her hatred of
liberty in ; the blood of men, wo
men and.'-children fcr centarie
and V&at hatred still exidts.
KRomV is inst as arrogant in her
assault!' upon human1 liberty
she wai in the davs of the Inoui.
aitWobut not so frequently ac
tJvda the use of phvsioV torture.
tbjoiigh her strong arm ocoasiu
ally strikes dowa with deadly vk
Jence and adds a new name to the
list pf martyrs. .. .,
The murder of Wm. Black dan j
be recognised a nothing but the
pin ui nit inquisition-m action.
Rome has not-changed. She may
be subdued, but the fire : of , her
lury ourua m latent patience,
waiting for new opporunitfer and
new victims. -v. a- -
But murderois attacks J upon
human, beings sra not all of
X?mPai8rost Ijherty.
ttermimonsr ner nirelings, her
of human 'endeavor with theavow-'
ed drtVtolnattOA to make Ai -
Jaanifc rinntrina tha4 4ha
mm " .wmmm-r WMV "VMM SV .
ttfies the means" exouses oruelties
oondbnes orimeand institutes boy
Can we doubt that Rome uses
AQd conoented effort that she osn
oommand when but reoentlv the
Catholic press felt called noon to
apologize for having "disorimi
nated" against certain Jaree bns
The Roman Catholic boyoott is
iQ effective -operation all the time,
lomewhexe and in lome manner.
pre-lTtmav rot alwavi be viaibla; it
may not always be active in any
one locality, but is recognized and
used whenever oooasion arises and
conditions demand that an ob-
staole be removed from the papal
path to power.
Libersv must be destroyed if
Rnma tn rn,A. fft- ihAra ia
i CL ki;
r e v.rr"" r
which the pope- demanda from
Children of the one true church."
Papal domination in any conn
try, or in any community, has
never resulted in the promotion
of peace nor the establishment or
perpetuation of freedom, the kind
of fresdom that is supposed to
exist nuder the stars and stripes,
the kind of freedom that men will
love, honor and fight to preserve.
In spite of Catholio -protesta
tions of loyalty, one has but to
note. the meabsuied arid tjbe poii
of attack to understand the intent
1 J 1U
" "v
I "fT'
t American liberty rnuat go at
. W -
whatever post. So says Rome.
assp pr ipme s American aymy
of lntimidators to sound in their
. afctnmnk to brins American inati.
oil"; " . - v' u . T.: .
tntions into aisrepnte. rolitioal
intrigue, treachery and intimida
tion mark the record of Rome in
W6 d in confess
- lwl,a rroBft"6 assumption, evasion
1 f . '.'" ' .'" "'Am'-"': ''-m-
oi auty ana souse oi privilege.
UV i8muu(u? u
emPls J.P?Hnd
..t--5tcertain misrepreaentatiyea into
tornlTOMt before the pub
ia I Ho.
i ; We . cannot .baUave. other than
tbaVthnP "good Oatholics were
they made use of public'' position
to betray the principles they were
pledged to support.
We cannot believe that a man
can represent American people and
American principles in congress
or state legislature as they should
be represented and remain true to
the Oatholio church, and be obe
dient as the pope demands obe
dience.. Allegianoe and loyalty
to the church is not - in harmony
with allegiance and loyalty to the
flag and country and no amount
of protestation can make a "good''
Catholic a loyal and patriotic
.learnt intrigue nas Known no 4
bounds and Catholic orcelty has
shown no meroy. in hounding and
harraising the .defenders of free
dom. Romish rnffiaus have
strewn our strdeia with wreck audjJ
;arusge to destroy the things that j
. w i j t i ii
uouiu ujBKtt America a neaven oi
refuge for ihe hunted and deeuse
ai fiiitift,b from the wrath of
.Those who have escaped from;
apal .prisons, giris wno : havt
-.rvu4;.tn slavery to cruel ma6terh
yearii'g a fjar ptimoniout , mask;
oefore the puo.Uo, to.; irightfu
.ruths concerning the neruicicu
40d inhuman practi of th
holy" fathers and ,saiatly" sis-
wniy Rome Knows now mauyj
nave suriered and died without;
hope behind looked gates and barr
ed doors whioh are guarded by
Rome against inspection.
viuiy noma Knows now man),
ate still toiling in Catholic Sweati
snopsj, .enatcped, from, paths. of tVe .relentless and.tyl
ranpciai 4ong arm oi tne. "one tru
church. y- ViT" V
- . -.jr
Lorgmixaa Land of laorlt pervert
And promoters of political perfidy
bo;to!erased by patriotic, liberty
loving Americans? The ballot
t must be used swiftly aud oertaiolj
against every oandidate and pos
sibla candidate for public office if
our blpod'bought aud time hen
ored American institutions and
and ideals are to be preserved for
genertaions to come.
Rome never sleeps. Americans
must be more than equally alert
if death and destruction are t6
be averted. The Menace.
Your cough can b Stopped.
Using care to avoid diaufchte I
exposure, sudden changes, and
taking a treatment of Dr. King's
New D.sCovery, will positively re-
lieve, aud in time will surely nd
you, of your Cough. The firjt
dose soothes the irritation, oheoks
your Cough, whioh stops in a short
time. "Dr. King's New Discovery
has been used successfully for 45
years and is guaranteed to cure
you. Money baok if it fails. (Jet
a bottle from your Druggist : it
costs only a little and will help
you so muoh.
Without Flinch Becker Met Death.
Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, N.
Y., July 80. Charlei Beoker paid
the doath. penalty by electrocution
here early today.for having insti- ing a 2,000 volt current. The
gated the murder of Herman Rob terrifio shook paralyzed the vio
enthal, gambler, tbre9 years ago. tim, his hold loosensd and h
With wonderful oomposure and
maintaining his innocenoe to the
last former New York police lieu-
teoantled the way to the execution
chamber. A photopraph of his wife
wsb pinned on his shirt over his
heart. Three sohopks were given
before the prison physician pro
nounced life extinot at 5 :55
o'ciook. rue condemned man
walked steadily to the death chair.
He had sat up all night on the
edge of his cot, talking to Deputy
Warden, Charles H. Johnson.
4I have got to face it and I am
going to meet it quietly and with
out trouble to any one."
Por a Sprained Ankla.
If you will get a bottle of Cham
berlain's Liniment aud observe
the directions given therewith
faithfully, you will recover in
mach lets time than is usually
required. Obtainable everywhere.
Vs 'cViNArltsl' tor tSslii tliitti
- KBfiff tbirat Anal Affttrs.
D. L. Capps, head of 'a largo
plumbing establishment of Wil- ,
mington, , was shot andrmerially
wounded in frpnt p bip plaoe Sat-
urday afternoon by Melvin Horne,
relative b marriage,vl?Mreiiru
of bad feeling that has existed for '
a number of years,: arising f rem
businesa transactions, in whioh
Home claimed that Gappa, cunod
him. Capps diedl ay$ p'clock.ia
a hospital. Horne wa ,pap,ed
a few minutes ftftertfiefhoptinjc
bp chief of Police Wiiliamittand :
two officers. Be had gone nearly "
a mile before he was overhauled. .
Capps was seated in his aitpmo.
bile in front of his place when
Home pumped into him five"vu7-
letsfromft 88 caliber automatio
Colt's revolver. ' He Waa leaning
igamst a telephone pole only a.
few f est away. The map. &a bfeh -' j
in conversation .for a few.'jai1nuM- t
before the.shootinir. .thonffh.tharVv
appeared to have beejirig argn v
mmt of any, kid, J Pf ?W?al Z
cush to the hospital 7n Ssow t r, '
susyiuuuiie. dus ne was too naaiy-
hurMor any meBigarteniibnTa
be of anyaidHPTOe warjt
3ue time1 in yeryrgoPol Vifb'uri--nances.
;Hr wasfridd il&hiV
ling whiskey soon' af terh'sl,,
liibition liwent' in1fe affecir X - Xf4
1 tboughprofcbuhce
by the conrt HMe wM ifc"- 4:
mg of nis dowhja Higjfi
ooo pssed4?;othlesr, ha
AQWe has aCways acc,-sed,jC- Vs.: .
pr naying. been reBppntit.i for X '9 vCS-
mittee has beenprinted' tj iol-; 7; &
lows: JPt.;yrnef; cfcitr -aiiiS;;
PyL Peer-er, ieretafjr'T'red O. "
Sink, J. B. Steele, Ray: McOrary,
J. Fi-Bpruill, Zeb V. Walser,
Dave Conrad, Adam Barrier, Sam
Pinch, P. 0. Rob bins, Mrs. T. E.
McCrary and Mrs. W. H. Menden
hall. This committee will: plan
the oounty campaign , agajnat
adult illiteracy; and appoint Ipoal
oommittees. The district com-
mittee will be appointed and no
tified at an early date and every
man aud woman appointed on
this oomm ttee is earnestly urged
to hei ve iuq ap every suing in uia
or her power to eliminate adult
illiteracy in that district! A call
has been issued for every man
aQ woman in the county who ia
interested in this great work to
volunteer their services to help
push the campaign.
The contract of the Raleigh
Iron Works Company, amounting
to 1 95,000 forjiie manujaetftrftof
shells for the ayy Department,
was increased 20 per cept Qng
with other contracts of a similar
0. Ol.emena, a West Indian Ppr
tugese in the employ of Jhe so-
tnc Light & Power Co., of JUisa-
beth Giy, was instantly killed
Priday afternoon while sitting on
I his perch onj the crossbar o
i an
pelectric wire pole. His hand
came in contact with a wire carry
dropped to the pavement below
where his skull wae fraqtured in.
striking the street curb,
fr-inn f rom the back Porch of
hfl- hftmfl. wharfl .hft hai ffona to
get a drink of wateiu Bjeesle.' Peed,
11 years old, of Blhayen, Satur
day afternoon suffered instant
death, her neck bein broken by-
the fall. The deceased was
deceased was the
dughter of Mra ftry pd, of
I nftiu- Wn fort nnn'ntv.
In an altercation between Jim
Byrd and Jerry Inman, both ool-
ored, three miles from .Fairmont,
Robeson County, Friday nignt
Wa ? W??0
neart, Kiiuug mm iuiisuij.
trouble originated about a fcioyole,
Coroner's jury held Byrd for ooura
and he is ip jail.
Piles Cured la 6 to 14 Days
Vottg drurgfct will refund money if PAZO)
UXflltEN laus to cure ' n? caso oi xirjiing
' Sli- fcleedine or Protruding Pile to 14dSVS
4 i-":
3 '
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