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Wm. H. STEWARD Ettr ipK6
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Late War Hews
Whit U Nog Across tneSeiiB tha Wiy
of Oestroyiog Msa and Property
August 15. All along the east
era front the Germanic armies,
aooording to Berlin, again are in
fall awing against the Russians
who every where have been driven
back or repulsed in attempts at
Little important figbtiug is in
prog real except in the east, al
though there has been a hand to
hand engagement neat Bagatelle,
France, a resumption of the bom
bitdment of Belgrade, a counter
artillery afctacd by the Serliai.s
againil Semlin and Pinsoova, and
battling on Gallipoli peninsula
and in Asiatio Turkey with the
Turks claiming the advantage in
the forpser region against the al
lies, ajid the Russians asaertirg
that in the latter zolo the Oil
man forces have been defeated.
On the Auetro-Italian front no
decided gains for either side are
la the northwest region of Rub
sia the Germans are declared to
have resumed the offensive and
forced' the Russians back to the
northeast An attempt at a sortie
from Kovuo failed.
In Poland a fresh advance
northeast of W&rtaw between tbe
Narew and the Bug has been made
by tbe Teutons according to Ber
Lu. Novogeorvieak has been,
more closely surrounded and
ground hat been gained all along
the fronts in the southeastern
districts say these reports.
Constantinople reports that
attacks of the allies against their
right wing. near Air Bnruu, on
Aallipoli Peninsula were p u t
down, and that the Turkish ar
tillery shells dirseted against An
aforte pjfiuw audJsdduicBahr,
forced a retirement of the allies
from the former place and de
stroyed their bomb-throwing de
vices on tbe latter sector.
Fires were started by tbe shells
of the Serbians in their bombard
ment of Semlin and Panscova,
aooording to Nish
Aug. 16 With military op
erations proceeding virtually as
for days past, the political side
of the war again has risen to the
fore with announcements that the
Quadruple Entente allies have
decided to declare cotton contra
band, and that tbe party of the
former Greek Premier, M. Veni
selcs, whose oabinet resigned last
If arch when King Constantino
disapproved of bis policy in favor
of the Entente allies, again is in
power. For weeks there has been
a campaign in Great Britain to
put octton on the contraband list
and Washington learus authori
tatively that Great Britain,
France, Russia, Italy and Belgium
have agreed to take that step.
She declared the staple as con
traband will, it is said, be defend
ed by the allies as authorized by
international law.
The newly elected Greek Cham
ber of Deputies has ohosen for its
presiding officer, M. Zivitzanos,
au adherent of M. Venlzelos, arid
the oabinet of M. Gounaris baa
resigned. The meager announce
ment of the changed political con
ditions in Greeoe contains no in
timation as to how Veniselbs now
stands with regard to this coun
try's position in the war. The
Athens correspondent of a Berlin
newspaper asserts, however, that
Veniielos still believes the intei-
ests of Greece lie on the side of
the Eutente allies but that it is
not yet time for her to join them
Petrograd again asserts that the
Russians in Cturland have driven
back the GermaLS, and also re
pulsed German counter offensive
movements. In Poland, however,
the reports of tbe Teutonic allies
indicate that their forces almost
everywhere still are advancing..
Artillery engagement are the
rule gderally along the western
s froniiand similar fighting inter
JW&l'at various points with
t --iv attacks, continues on the
n front and Gallipoli
ainsaUi, bUima tha
Resolutions of Respect
Whereas God i u his allwise
providence has seen fit to take
from our midst our esteemed friend
and brother, W. A. Kerr, there
fore be it
Resolved: That we submit to
the divine hand which bereaves us
of one of our faithful members.
Second. That in his death the
P. 0 S. of A. No. 24 has sustain
ed a aad Joss.
Third. Tha,t we extend to the
grief stricken wife and fatherless
children cur heartfelt sympathy
assuring them that the deceased
held a proninent place in our es
teem and that his memory will be
tenderly cherished by the mem
bers of the P. O. S. of A. No. 24
of North Carolina.
Fourth. That a copy of these
resolutions be placed on our min
utes. A copy sent to the bereav
ed widow and also a copy sent to
The Carolina Watchman for pub
F. I Morgan,
M. B. Seal,
C. S. Sapp,
A Medicine Chest for 35c.
In this chest you 'have an excel
lent remedy for toothaohe, bruises,
sprains, stiff neck, baokaohe, nue
raltfia, rheumatism and for most
emergencies. One 253 bottle ot
Sloan's Liniment does it all this
becauae these ailmeuts are symp
toms, not diseases, and are oaused
by congestion and iLfidmation.
If you doubt, ask those who use
Sloan's Liniment, or better still,
buy a 25s bottle and prove it. All
Three Murderers in Rowan Jail
It is no'j oftenR.wan harbors
three murderers at one time, but
such is the oase at present. They
19 J a meg-Cooper, BosejM3ooka4-
Charlie Caldwell, Negroes. Cook
was tried at the May term of the
Rowan Superior Court, oonvicted
and seutenced to be electrocuted
in June, but took an appeal. He
shot his sweetheart, Luoinda
Price, in the west end of Salisbury
last May. Cook killed Game
well Jeffries at Granite Quarry
some time ago and Caldwell shot
Robt Lewis at East Spencer re
cently and wounded two other
Negroes at the same time.
Preparing for The Statt Sunday School
The N. 0. Sunday School Asso
ciation wbioh will meet in the
old court house in Salisbury Oc
tober 12, 13 and 14bh,has through
its lecal committee appointed
committees to care for the various
items on the program. The local
committee is composed of Dr. C.
M. Van Poole, chairman ; Hon .
John S. Henderson, A. L. Smoot,
E. W. Tatum, A. B Saleeby and
Judge P. S. Carlton, who appoint
ed the following :
Committee on arrangements, E
H, Bean, chairman.
Committee on music, R. L.
Reams, chairman.
Committee on parade, A. T. Al
len, chairman.
Committee on finanoe, A. H
Snider, chairman.
Committee on exhibit, J. W.
Booker, of Richmond, Va.,
Committee on reception, J. E .
Hennessee, chairman.
Committee on entertainment,
F. R Brown, chairman.
For a Sprained Ankle.
If you will get a bottle of Cham
berlain's Liniment and observe
the directions given therewith
faithfully, you will recover in
much lees time than -is usually
required. Obtainable every where.
Frenoh batteries have inflicted
some heavy loses on the Germans
in France, and the Turks declare
they have repulsed an- allied at
tack on the Gallipoli Peninsula
north of Ari-Brunu and reoaptur
ed from the Russians in Asiatio
Turkey the town of Van.
An Austrian seaplane has at
tacked the coast forts of Venice
and daipite an attaok by Italian
airmen retched iti b&ia in safety,
MM Hilii Wateft
lnmtlgttlons Being Made In all Parts of
till U(iitn3taTls.
Most of the people on the farms
end in the villages and amaller
cities of the. United States obtain
their domestic water supplies from
underground souroeB, Ground
waters are also extensively rised
throughout the ooounry for live
stock, railroad, and other indus
trial supplies and for irrigation .
The United States Geological Sur
vey early recognized the great
importance of th4 groud waters
and the numerous oomplex prob
lems relating to their development
for human use. Hence for many
years it baB carried ou investiga
tions and survey of these waters.
Muoh more work has been done
in certain States than in others
but every state has received some
In so far as is practicable these
reports give, for every , locality
that is covered, the depths, char
acter, and yields of the underly
ing water-bearing beds, tbe height
to which the water from eaoh bed
will rise in wells and the prospeots
of obtaining flaws, the quality of
the water in eaob bd for domestic,
industrial, or irrigation use, the
best methods cf sinking wells, the
oost of wells and of pumping, the
d-pth below which drilling should
not be carried, the precautions
that should be taken to prevent
pollution, and tbe total quantity
that oan safel be pumped.
The largest ground water de
velopment in lae years have been
those designed to provide water
for irrigation, and oonseqaeutly
most ot the Geological Survey's
reont work has been done in tbe
western part of the country. Ac
cording to the Census report
4,520,000 acres. fere irrigated in
ihAAiiii and samiarid Btaiinjmedidnea re rj&e1nflien
1009 with well water, more than
twe-thirds of which was brought
to the surface by pumping. At
the present time the acreage is
considerably larger. Most of the
irrigation with ground water is
done in California, but further
developments are possible in every
western State. Moreover, irri
gation with ground water is not
oonfiued to the arid regions. The
census report shows that in 1909
more than 4.400 wells were pump
ed in Louisiana, Texas and Arkan
sis for the irrigation of 110,000
acres of rice, and pumping plants
for irrigating fruit and vegetables
are installed in several localities
in the east . A f uuction of the
Geological Survey is to show
where further developments of
grouud water for irrigation can
profitably be made, aud what is
till more important to warn
bomeseekers against settling on
arid land and then attempting
developments that are nor prac
Very brief reports have been
published on eaoh of the States of
the Mississippi, and more detailed
reports on the Coastal Plain of
Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia
and eastern Tennessee, the reports
on Alabama, Virginia, and North
Carolina being published by the
respective State Surveys.
Dcafnese Cannot be Cured
by locil applications, as they can
not reach the diseased portion of.
the ear. There is only one way to
oure deaf nesB, and that is by con
stitutional remedial, Deafness is
caused by an inffamed oondition
of the muoous lining of the Eusta
chian Tube. Whn this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirily closed, Deaf
ness is tbe result,, and unless the
inflamation cau he taken out and
this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroy
ed forever ; nine cases out of ten
are oaused by Catarrh, which is
nothing but an inflamed oondition
of the macous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dol
lars for any esse of Deafness
(oaused by catarrh) that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Oure.
Send for circulars, free. 5
F. J. CHENEY & CO. Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, Too.
Take Halt's Family Pills for
I constipation.
Pllbli6 HUM! ADBOBBCfl t ClOSI IBS Sflg-
gijts a F?38df .
Pellagra seems on the in
crease. This if t le not so muoh
of North Carolina, perhaps, as else
where. A very JrbbabJe answer
to the why and; wJlarefore of vthe
situation is c$e by Joseph
Gofdberger, Sergeob in charge of
PelUgra inTestigation for the Uni-
ted States PubHaBalth Service.
Dr. GbldbergerIaims that pel
lagra is . not oon tsgSQus, iufectuous
or eve q oommunicalfie, but is due
to a faulty diet Tjie trouble with
the' dists of oeonle .who .develop
pellagfa, aeeofdiu to Surgeon
Goidberger, is tha
do not
eat enough lein meat, beans, pea,
milk and eggs, but fit despropor
t on ately large amounts of such
thiugs as grits, myiases flakes,
oorn meal, or other starchy foods.
As a general rule,y according o
Dr. Goldberger's findings, pel
lagra is particularly' a disease of
the poor, or where, it. does strike
an individval mem hereof a well-to-do
family it is one that for some
reason has not been Bating a well!
batauced diet. Accordingly the
apparent increase fu: pellagra is
due to a more restricted diet ow
lug. perhaps, to the recent slight
ly depressed financial' conditions
among our people. ,'v
The daily diet recqmmended by
Dr. Goldberger for ah adult pel
lagrian should include a pint and
a half to two pints of milkj At
laat four eggs and a &alf pound
of fresh, lean mat, together with
a liberal allowance bf;peas and
beans These art.reiff "diet
should be varied someijjhat from
time to time to suit) thV tst" of
tbs patient. Very littlf. 1 if any.
are found necessary, in this oon
neotion Dr. Goldberger cites some
oauses of more or less fraudu
lent so-oalUd pellagra cures that
are being heralded as sure cures
for pellagra at good, stiff prices,
and what's more, tbeir patrons
a e getting cured. According to
Dr. Goldberger, it matters little
whether a person is given a solu
tion of salt aud water, sugar and
water or any other ohesp concoc
tion at a dollar or two an ounoe
for so long as the patient follows
the instructions of eatii.g liberal
ly of suoh things as meat, milk,
eggs, beans and peas tbe cbanoes
of his getting well are very strong
ly in his favor, of course, he cred
its the advertised pellagra remedy
with the cure.
Despondency Due to Indigestion.
'About three months ago when
I was suffering from indigestion
which caused headache and diizy
spells and made me feel tired and
despondent, I began taking Cham
berlain's Tablets," writes Mrs.
Geo. Hon, Macedon, N. Y. "This
medioine proved to be the very
thing I needed, at One day's treat
ment relieved me greatly, I used
two bottles of Chamberlain's
Tablets and they rid me of this
trouble." Obtainable everywhere.
Slirewalt-Pta Be-Unioi
The fifth annual Re union of
the St ire wait and Pleas., families
is to be held at Ebeneser E. L
Ohuroh, Tuesday, August 24th,
and tbe following program has
beexi arranged for the oooasion :
10 a. m. Devotional services, Rev,
0. R. Pless.
Music by the choir.
Welcome address, Rev. R. R. Sow
Response, Hampton Stirewalt.
Duett, Miss Ada Stirewalt and
Hampton Stirewalt.
AddresB, Rev. C. W. Sifferd.
Address, E H. Bean, Esq
Address, Benefit of Organisation,
J. N, Maxwell.
Basinesi segsion, including hand
ing in old reoords.
Rsv, 0. R. PLssa, Prei.
M. A. Stduwalt, Sec.
Mj-Seveitli Aiinal CoTention
Rowii County Sindaj School Associate
ft Meet Sepiember 7th aad 8!h.
There may be other events in
the oounty this fall that will draw
larger crowds, but there will be
none more important or more
worthy, more uplifting, more in
spiring and edifying tnan the
c mmg session 01 tne no wan
County Sunday Sohool Associa
tion' which will be held at Baok
Creek Presbyterian Ohnrob in Mt.
Ulla Township, on Tuesday and
Wednesday, September 7th and
" The program just issued con
tain! many items of interest. It
is as follows :
10:80 a. m. Song service.
10:4) a. m. Devotional, Rev. J.
0. Grier.
10:50 a. m. Words of Welcome,
E. Scott Miller,
Response, Rev. J), B. Heller..
11 :00 a. m. Roll call of townships.
11:10 a. m. Remarks by the presi
dent, A. B. Saleeby.
11:20 a. m. The Twentieth Cen
tury Sunday School Workei.
Rev, Harvey Welker.
11:50a.m. Secretary's reports.
H. Bean.
Conference on Methods of Work
with Girls. Led by Mrs. E. M.
Conference of Workers with Boys.
Led by E. M. Hoffman.
12:10 Noon. Treasurer's report,
W, L Klutta.
12:29 Appointment of commit
tees, offering.
Recess for dinner.
2 :00 p. m. Song serviae by South
River ohuroh ohoir.
2 15 p. m.. Devotional.
;80 pf-m. Reports from the ya-
1 io'u.s township ecetries,
Mdgeeee , . .Jk
of the Sunday School, Rev. J.
W. Long.
8:45 p. m. Song service by South
River ohuroh ohoir.
8:55 p. m. How to reach and
Hold Young Men. in Sunday
School, Rev. 0. P. Fisher.
4:20 p. m. Miscellaneous business.
4:80 p. m. Assignment of homes,
etc, song, adjournment.
7:80 p.m. Inspirational Talks to
Boys and Girls by Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Hoffman. X
8.80 p. m. The S. S. Institution
alised, Rev. W. L. Hatohini.
9:80 a. m. Song service. j
9:45 a. m. Devotional.
10:00 a. m. The prepared Teach
er, Dr. W. A. Harper.
10:40 a. m. The Depattment of
Education in S. S. Work, Prof,
A. T. Allen,
11:05 a.m. Reports of the vari
ous departments.
11:25 a. m. Will Rowan Remain
in the Front Rank? General
discussion led by Ravs. W. B.
Duttera and C. B. Heller.
12:10 Noon. Eleotion of officers 1
eleotion of delegates to the
State Convention; offerings.
Place for next meeting.
Remarks, reoess for dinner.
2:00 p. m. Sang service.
2:10 p. m. Devotional.
2:20 p. m. Round table, Rev. J.
W. Long.
2:40 p. m. General discussion of
Sunday Sohool work, T. P.
Johnson. Prof. L. H. Rothrock,
A. B. Saleeby and others.
8:00 p. m. Miscellaneous and
new business, installation of
officers, dosing remarks by any
Closing exercises .
A, B. Saleeby, president; E. H.
Bean, secretary; W. L. Kluttz,
treasurer; W. Henry, Oanup, asst.
Executive Committee, Hon John
S. Hendarson, A. B. Saleeby, C.
M. 0. Barger, T. P. Johnson, W.
F. Snider, Dr. C. M. Van Poole,
P. S. Carlton, Rev. 0. B. Heller,
W, L. Kluttz, E. H. Bean, T. R.
Local Committee of Arrange
ments: Rsv. J. 0. Grier, oh air
man; J. A. Gilbert. J.;0. Wilkin
son, E. 0. Barger, J. C. 8herrill,
P. 0. Leflor, S. E. Sloop, B .
mm heme and speatiBE
The following ta tha nrnon m I
for the great basket picmo to be
held Saturday, August 21st, at the
fair grounds by the Jr. O. U. A.
M., P. O. S. of A. aud the D. of
L., of Rowan County.
12 to 1 p. m. Band concert.
1 to2p. m. 8peaking by Hon.
Lee S. Overman, Hon. Theo. F.
Klutts and his Honor Mayor
Walter H. Woodson.
2 to 8 p, m. Sports: Fat man's
race, 25 yards ; 100 yards dash ;
egg race for girls, 25 yards; 8
legged, 60 yards, open to all ;
sack race, 50 yards, for ail.
Eaoh winner $1. Prize 2d, 50c.
8 to 4 p. m. Base ball, Faith
and China Groye.
4 tp 5 p. m. Supper.
5 p. m. Good social time .
The Jr. 0. U. A. M., P. 0. S.
of A. and D. of L have arranged
for Congressman Burnett to speak
in the old court house Thursday
alight,,., August 19th at 8 o'clock,
lles autb r cf tbe immigration
tU wwio . bus passed both bouses
f Ooi.gre s and these orders hav
n advocates of the bill.
Your cough can be Stopped.
Using care to av id diaufchte,
iXjjo8ar, suddeu changes, and
kiug a treatment of Dr. KiLg'ts
N. w D soovery, will positively re
U-rve, aud in time will sureiy rid
y u, of your Cough The firit
d ,se soothes the irritation, checks
your Cough, wdicb stops in a shon
time. Dr, K tig's New Disccvery
has been used successfully for 45
years and is guaranteed to cure
you. Mouey baok if. it fails. Get
a luttle from your Druggist; it
costs only a little and will help
you so muoh.
Weather Forecast For August.
From 17 to 24 rains and if wind
is southwest at from 8 to 10 p . m .
ou the I7)h, look fjr wind aud
rain storms and oool.
From 21 to Sentember 1 ohanore
able, cool rains and showers
- .
This m mth shows rains soatter
Be on your guard from 17 to 24, if
-M W
wind should be as above stated.
Henry Reid,
B. No. 3, Salisbury, N. C.
Constipation Caaaes Most Ills.
Accumulated waBte in your
thirty feet of bowels causes absorp
tion of poisons, tends to produce
fevers, upsets digestion. Youbeloh
gas, feel stuffy, irritable, almost
cranky. It isu't you it's your
condition Elimiuate-this poison
ous waste by taking one or two
Dr. Ding's New Life Pills tonieht.
Enjoy a full, free bowel move
ment in the mornina von feel a)
grateful Get an original bottle,
containing 86 pills, from your
Druggist today for 25a.
Scott Miller,
Every Sunday School worker in
the oounty is invited to be prea
ent and take part in the conven
tion. Be there for tlfe opening
session and stay till the close
Many of the subjects are intended
for open discussion in which all
are at liberty to take patt.
Every Suuday Sohool is enti
tled to as many delegates as will
go. Mt Ulla folks are expecting
a crowd, do not 1st them be dis
appointed. Every township seoretart is
urged to send reports as early as
possible. Please see that your
township has a oomplete report
and then hurry it into the secre
tly. All delegates, ministers .and
visitors who will oome by rail to
Mt Ulla, or who expect to remain
over night, will please notify the
oommittee of arrangements, Mt
Ulla, N. C, as early as possible.
E. H. Bean, Ssc,
Salisbury, N. C.
A. B. Salbeby, Pres.,
Salisbury, N. 0.
la Slckooaa a Sin?
If not, it's wicked to ueglect ill
ubbb and means of relief. It'i
wicked to endure Liver Ills Head
ache. Indigestion. Gonstmation
when one dose of Po-Do-Lax gives
relief Po Do-Lax is Podophyl
lin (May Apple), withont. the
gripe. It arouses the Liver, in
creases the flow of bile Nature's
antiseptio in the bowels. Your
constipation and other ills disap.
pear over night because Po-Do-Lax
has helped Nature to remove the
cause. Get a bcttle from your
Druggist today. Get rid of your
Constipation over night.
I Thfttira's Historical Celtbratfoo ted rtost
On Friday and Saturday, Au
gust 27th and 28ith. Thyatira
Presbyterian Church, one of the
oldest, if not the oldest,' ohuroh
of that denomination in the boun
ty, will celebrate its one-hundred
od sixty-second anniversary,
covering a period, from 1758, dur
ing which time muoh of American
history was made. Rer. J. C.
Grier, the present pastor of the
church, the "mother ohuroh of
modern Rowan Presbyterians, "
baa prepared a very interesting1
program for the oooasion and a
number of able ministers win be
present, make addresses and assist
in the exercises. The program is
as follows.
Friday, Augijbt27th, 10:80 a. m.
Hymn No. 90 (Ohuroh Hymnal.)
Address of welcome and devotion
al exercises by the pastor Rev.
J. 0. Grier.
Address: "The Origin of Presby
terianism and its Beginning in
America," Rev. W. L. Lingle,
D. D.
Hymn 196 (Church Hymnal.)
Address: "History of Thyatira
Church from 1758 to 1855,"
Rev. Thomas W. Lingle, Ph. D.
Hymn 491 (Church Hymnal.)
2:80 p.m.
Hymn 112 (Assembly's Songs.)
Greetings by reprentHtivet from
churohes organiz ;d c tf of Thya
tira. Hymn 57 (B9embly's Songs.)
Informal addresses by sons in the
Hymn 142 (Assembly's Songi.)
Hymn 26 (Church Hymnal.)
8attoday. August 28th, 10:80
. M.
Hymn 825 (Church Hymnal,)
Address. : 'History of the Presby
terian Church in North Caro
lina," Rev. W, L. Lingle, D. D.
Hymn 143 (Ohuroh Hymnal.)
Address: "History of Thyatira
Cburoh from 1855 to 1915'
Rev, Tfaos. W. Lingle, P. H.D.
Hymn 357 (Church Hymnal).
2:30 p. m.
Hymn 88 (Assembly's Songs.)
Address: "Thyatira and Her Fu
ture," Rev. W. M. Walsh.
Hymn 4 (Assembly's Songs.)
Short informal remarks by former
pastors ana others.
Hymn 56 (Assembly's Songs.)
Hymn 26 (Ohuroh Hymnal.)
Prayer and benediotion.
Tbe Clerk duarauUed It,
"A customer came into my
store the other day and said to
one of my clerks "naVe y out any
thing that will oure diarrhoea?
and my olerk went and got him a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
cholera and Diarrhoea Rented v.
and said to him, 'if this does hot
cure you, I will not charge you a
oent for it.' So he took it and
oame baok in a day or .two and.
said he was cured." writes J. H.
Berry & Co., Salt Creek, Va. Ob
tainable everywhere.
Mt Ulla and Steele to Hi Joint
S S Coimnlion
Mt. Ulla and Steele Townshipa
will hold their annual jrint Sun
day Sohool Oonvention at St.
Luke's Lutheran Church, three
miles east of Mt. Ulla, on the 25th
of August, 1915. A splendid pro
gram has been arranged for thie
oonvention and a large number of
people interested in the oause of
the Sunday Sohool are expected to
be present.
Recoinmenda Chamberlain's colic,
cholera and Oiarrbeea Remedy.
"I never hesitate to reoommend
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy' writes Sol
Williams, merchant, Jesse, Tenn.
"I sell more of it than anjr other
preparations of like character. I
have used it myself and fouhdit
gave me more relief than any
thing else I have ever tried or the
same purpose." Obtainable
. 1,

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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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