North Carolina Newspapers

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A- Home Newspaper Published in the Interest oNPepid
8A1I3BTJRY, N. C., WEDNESDAY, OClIffiE.13TH, 1915. . WH.' STEW AI
Jsrer Drawn for Hot Court Geieial telaittri
Nol i Blocker id Feij, al Coort
No'ffl Circasv Rlfier . $Mm Siw. Utile Res!st3iice
, : f
f'- 1
Cf.CucpUiJqsUBctfcd 13 Airauge a Row
ti Asripioril Oisphi tt Bileigb.
Ths board of count f com mif
fioDM held .Iwq dfti regaUr
ISoth, tutstan Monday, and
'Totdy, il mmbera being pres
fn wUhqhairmau H . CL Tf ott
pretidiu ";r
II wai ordered that Saperin
tendeut Thorn on rep'aco yard
aud filifeuce for F. L Agner.
, Dr. B. W. COjtrie reported all
the ccnuif mikitotiooi ia good
keahhy ld sauitary oonditioo .
Mm. Patterion reported. 10 white
nd 4 colored inmates at the coun
ty home: 1
It waeorgered that M. K. Mil
Ur be oaniiuned aB Eurreybr QDder
the uperTiiion of the State High
way engineer at a salary of $5 for
the time-he work?.
Ordered that J. L. Oaskey be
paid C$ rot damage to his crops
by road;'
Orler that the State Highway
ngineer.make survey of the old
Beattie Ford road from A. L.
Deal's farm to Iredell County Hue
Ordardjha,t fi. L. Reavis be
It wat ordered that Edwin G. R.
fiolloway be made standard keep
er for R6wan Ooaht?.
Ordered: that, W. B. Ornmptoc
proceed with the county exhibit
lor the State fair at Raleigh
It waa ordered, that all matter
relative to assessmeutB on teal es
tate be deferred,
Ordered, by the board that a ear
wey be mads of road from Han
tith'i ferry to a point in old Mocks
villa road near J C Ooughenour's.
The jury hit for the November
ttrm of Rowan Superior o :urt was
drawn and it is as follows:
, - First Week : C . W. Beaver, J.
H . Albrigbt, D. Cowan Shaver,
21. L. Roidgers, Luther A. Lentz,
W. D. drabara, J F. Efird. J. H.
Gobble, H. II. Overcash, C. M.
Babbit, Gilbert Iseoh-ur, Albert
I Lyerly, L A. Corriher, W. J.
Terperman, G. J. Albright, John
Ij. Stirewalt, J. A. Blackwelder,
H. 0. Farmer, J. A . Peeler, Mury
Feeler, L J Klottx, A. L Barrier,
John R Beaver, T. C. Niblook,
H. B. Baily, W. L. Kimball, J.
H MorgaD, O C.Harrington, C
F. Raiaey, R. M. Eller, B R. A.
Baver, T. E. Swiseaood. Brunner
Sloop, J. C Lin?le, S. F. Laztn
by, E. Lock Kaniker.
Second. Week: A. W. Albright,
O T. Raskin. G. W. Feepermau,
J 0. Trexter, R. White Albright,
B H Miller, J fan D. M. Deal,
H. H Wiuecuff, P, D. Linn. J.
F. Wagoner, B. W. Freeze, John
W. Miller, Sr., R S. Moore, T. A
Beaver, 0. A. Simsn, L. T. llol
ahouser, - Lawson Poole, Dolph
Moss, Luther Hedge, H J. Hg
lr, John L. Leflr, Sr., J. S.
Cauble, J. E. Brigga, Mtlas Arey.
At a previous call meeting of
the board the following was pass
Ordered bv the board that the
8tate Highway Commission be em
powered to lecate all roads in Row-
an County, and it is further order
ed that M E. Miller be em ploy nd
to assist the highway engineer and
that he be under the direction of
of said highway engineer.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with local applications, as they
eannot reach the seat of tbe dis
ease. Catarrh is a blood or con
stitutional disease, and in order
to cure it you must take interna
remediss. Hall's Catarrh Cure
it taken internally, and acts di
reotly upon the blood and mucu
ous surface. Hall' Catarrh Core
is not a quack medicine. It was
prescribed by one of the beat phy
iciana in this o.untry fpr years
nd ia a regular prescription. It
is composed of the best tonic
known, combined with the best
blood pursers, acting directly on
the mUoous surfaces . The per
feot cojpbihatjou of the two in
rtdiedtfis what produces suoh
wonder0V results in caring oa
tarrh. 8end fur teatimonais
J, CHENEY & CO., Props.,
8 ld by Druggists, prioe 75i.
ttmim Pa mil. Pill.
terns of Uterast tor bit Raiders Gathtred
ui CouUeusei tor Outck Assfmafttioa.
The first oopcrete result pf the
preliminary labors b( the naval
oonsultiug heard on inventions,
created by Secretary Dajuieli, de
velc pad "when formal announce
ment was made tha? the board had
unanimously approved a plan for
the istablishment of a great re
searc'i and experimental labora
tory for the Uuued States Navy
The plan, as adopted, was prc-
posed by Thomas A Edison,
chairman of the board. It. calls
for the establishment of a laboja-
tory at a cost of $5,000,Q0O for
urounds. buildtnga and equip
mens, to be operated at an annual
expenditure of from $2,600,000 to
$3,000,000 Th board reoom-
mends that the .laboratory be lo
oated on tidewater of sumciejit.
depth to permit a dreadnoughtto
come to the dock, and that it be
near, but not in a large city. Ab
thus described, the laboratory
would be near some large port on
the Atlantic Coast.
Alberto Garcia Grenades, min
ister of the interior in the Hoerta
cabinet, was executed Saturday in
Mexico City, according to State
Department advices, charged with
complicity in the killing of Pres.
dentMadero. Granados was one
f the most able of Huerta's cab-
inei.t members and was known
throughout Mexico as a diplomat
otno little ability. Shortly after
the assassination of President Ma-
dero dispatches from Mexioo City
mentioned his name ai being con
nected with the plot to overthrow
tha Mexican president.
With Mayor Thompson's , order
closing saloons on Sunday effec
tive at midnight Satardap, !!
ands of temperance advocates pa-
raded the streets of Chicago in one
of the most striking anti-saloon
demonstrations in the city's his
tory. ine paraae ionowea tne
refusal of Judge David E.
Matohett to issue an injunction
preventing the enforcement of the
mayor's order which would close
7,152 saloons. Chief f of Police
Healey after a telephonio com
munioatijn with the mayor an
noanoed that arrests would be
made Sunday for violation of the
order Nevertheless the organised
liquor interests spread the word
amoug saloonkeepers to "clamp
the lid ou tifcbt after midnight."
For four hours Saturday afterliqiior, have your The c-urt
. r r . I mT-XZ'- I .I J 1 I . .. A n n A
nocn more snan mty mercoauc
sailors ran riot at the Chesapeake
aud Ohio Railway Company's
pier. No 9, at Newport News; Va ,
aud fcefjre the combined police
force of the railway company
oonld quail tha disturbance, tvo
of the men were rushed overboard
aud drowned, several were severe
ly injured, others painfully but
uot seriously hurt, and four were
arrested and jailed on charges of
mutiny, with charges of murder!
expected to be preferred later. It
was persistently rumored that the
men were supplied with liquor by after a few moments' thought,
parties whose purpose waa to "But I don't want to have you in
make trouble for the British gov my court again nor do I want to
ernment, but British Vice-Consul hear of you. Settle down aud live
Kentworthy could throw no light peaceful and law-abiding. That
on this report The men were) will do."
from the British steamers Ber- As might have (been expected
windale and Terek, and the Nor- with theae words "Old Man" Fra
wegian steamer Maricopa, all of ley reoovered his hearing iaan in
which were here to load cargoes, ilftut. He heard what Judge
Crazed with drink and devoid of Boyd had aaid and stepping brisk
weapons the men fought furiously ly forward, extended his large
with their bare fists aud anything
else that could be found handy.
Facts For Suttefera.
Pain resnlts from ivj try or cop-j-ation.
Be it neuralgia, rheuma
tism, lumbago, neuritia, topth
ache, sprain, bruise, sore,' stiff
muscles or whatever pain yog bftve
yields to Sloans Liuiment -brings
new fresh blood, disiolf es the con
sestion. relieves the injury; the
circulation is free ftnd your, pain
leaves at if bv magic The nature
of iti qualities penetrate immedi-
ately to the aore pot. T Dpnffr
p06, lOU
keep on suffering Get a botMe of
Sioana Liuimeot. Use it. It
means instant jUef. Price 2fjc
and 60o. $1 00 bottle holda aiz
"Old Mia" D,!! Frtlerof Stanly En
gaged Judge Boil in Cooisrsation.
The fallowing from Monday's
Charlotte Observer scnoerns Da
,Vid Fraley of Stanly, pretty well
-known throughout this seouou:
Old " Man' Dave Fraley cf
8tau!yfCoatyr was one of the pic
turesque characters here last week
upon enforced atfeudauce ru Fed
era! Court. ;Old Man' Fraley ia
a blookader of reuown aud a typo
that is fait disappearing in this
daj of advauced civijiiation. He
is tall and lauky, wears a heavy
suit of short whiskers cn his face
and is a typical baok woods cou -tryVnajnT
lHe factthpt he is hard
of hearing' only adds t the
uniqueness of his demeanor.
But to begin at the beginning.
At a term of court some time
Jbaok ''Old v Mjftn'' Fraley was
charged with, illicit distilling,
foond guilty and fined $100.
Judge,Bpyd7 who; passed senteuce
on him, r qui red as is usual in
such cases, that "he" appear at a
Isubsequent term of court and show
his good behaviCir, iu the interim
Nft w Ojd Mao? Fraley, who does
not care muoh about the law and
the courts,' paid no attention at
all to this order and consequently
'never showed up. Thereupon the
officers were instructed to be on
the lookout for him and a capias
was issued. Deputy Marshall
MoKeuiie of Salisbury was en
trusted with iheHxesution of the
paper nd after a lo'rig search
finally capcirec the old man in
the wo. da il& a Winchetter rifle
aqros his houlder. Oaly this
achievement on the part of Dep
ntm afftrahal MoKuuzie accounts
Vfor "Old Man" Fraley'a presence
; in ocurt here tW week
When "t"hd cletk trailed ' out
"Dave" Fraley 's name, the old
man appeared to be very deaf and
the call had to be repeated before
he would arise. He then lifted
himself out of his aeat in the" rear
of the room and stocd without a
quiver or a word while Judge
Boyd was addressing him.
(4Well you are here at last, Mr.
Fraley," Judge Bojd remarked in
a loud tone.
This observation had been re
peated several timet, to all of
which the old man replied with
the exclamation, in a sharp, rasp
ing voioe, ,4He?" Then Judge
Bjyd ask d "Yju haven't for
gotten how to make blockade
I o - -
r royiu lauuuu, iur an wom a..
1 quaiuted with the old fellbw and
his record. Of cuts? "Old Man"
Fraley did not hear this.
Then it was that Judge Boyd
ordered the old man to appioach
a little Closer. Heebofflid up
and took hit stand directly in
front of the bensh, with his hand
to bis ear and was calm ai d con
tent as though he were superiL-
tending the operations of a big
blockade still.
"Well, I've deoided to let ycu
go home," remarked Judge Boyd
hand, whioh Judge Boyd took.
I ! Shake," remarked he. "And
Judged if I can ever' return the fa-
vor, oall on me
Old Man
Fraley evidently regarded Judge
Boyd s clemency as a personal
" "All you can do for me," re
plied Judge Boyd, "is to wish me
With this the old man, who
made a picturesque figure in the
enter fhe big and crowded
court room" the old manwhoee
past ' haa . been one of notable
t I .j-Vamfln in hlnftkaHincr oirr, la-
MaiX ib-
a; . - ' . .
the lierof many a fight with
reVenlfeer, ?tePPed baok Bev-
aril feetfiiited hii right hand to
Miss Julian to Appear- Here Wiih Carf
Hageobeck WiliiiKflw.
In all the oircas wrld there u
no bareback rid ar ; letter known
than Miss Julian. Shi ia not Only
the highest raid ocua' rider is
world, but she iB theofiiy womfcu
who baa sac0'8sfullyfprfbrmed
somersault on the bj4$-: rosined
bauooh of a gallfplfig horses
Single, forward anjf;
snmarsftnlts a r e
j una u :b
;speoialty, and she d)aier these to
a TV ,
"limbar up," as she expresses it;
Miss Julian is tig principal
bareback rider with tfcte. Carl Ha-genbeck-Waliaoe
Circus, whioh
comes to 'Salisbury, Wednesday,
November 8rd, for performance at
2 and 8 p. m., and a parade at 10
o 3;Ook.
When the big e bow is over and
Daliie Julian emerger from, her
private dressing tent t'oue would
pick her- for a debutante or
socrety girl- She is slim of build
and is just past hej twentieth
year, aud is unmarried. Her
brother, Fred Julian, travels with
the show and is a mi mber of the
executive staff. '
Miss Julian is a graduate of
Bryn Mawr College.;! In school
she was remarkably fond of ath-
- f
lelicB. One summer her farther,
who is a baukor in Fall River,
Maes., spent a week wiih the Carl!
Hagenbeok- WalUoe Oirens, along
with him bsing his daughter, DaI
lie The daughter had always
yearned for life under the canvas,
and ber father believed that a
weak of roughiug it would lemove
alt traces for a desire t follow a
circus. The week with Vs show
saw the little oolleg.gjrl blosscm
into a full -fledged ciroti star.
Under the gujdan of Dad
DjckTill, the famous oirous eques
trian director, Miss Julian devel
oped into a remarkable rider. She
has duplicated every feat perfcrm
ed by a in ah rider, aud has left
her ai&tar riders far in the back
groutid .
fbe colds of Mankind cured by Finest
Have ycu ever gone through a
typical prne forest when yon had
a cold? What a vigorous impulse
it seut I H iw you cpeued wide
yoor Juugs to take in those invig
orating aud mysterious qualities.
Yea, Dr BjII s Pine Tar-Honey
p -sseaaes those stimulating quali
ties aud cverjomts hacking coughs.
The iuner lining of the throat is
strengthened in its attack against
cMd g'rnn. Evary family ueedB
a bottle coutaut!y at band. 25s.
Every effort i being made by
United State ( fficera aud railroad
dteotive to track the bandits
who Friday held up and robbed
Baltimore and Ohio paaeeuger
ttain N . 1 at Central Station,
Wheel i -g, V . Va. A report re
ceived Saturday faid they are be
ing tiailel towards the Ohioiver
in tue q:re:iijn oi Dis6erviJiey
W. Vt. Railroad police have
beeu ordered to that city where a
large force of deputies and police
is beiug assembled.
For Indigestion.
Never take pepsin and prepara
tions containing pepsin or other
digestive fermeuts for indigestion,
as the more yu taxe tue more
von will have to take. What is
needed is a toaio like Chamber-
Iain's Tablets that will enable the
stomach to perform its functions
naturally. Obtainable every
"Jedge. I hope that we 'both
will meet up thar."
And with this "Old Man" Fra
ley left the room.
But the situation waB more than
tbe crowd could stand and a ripple
went about the court room. There
wbs no doubting however that the
old man was serious and voiced
M 1
the firm conviction vnat ne was
bound for "up thar" in spite o
his achievements and exploits
"down below?' Judge Boyd was
fully equal to the oocasiqn and
nodded his head and waved his
hand in unison with the expres
sion of the
old nian'a word and
HindeDtinrs Uaklnii Progress Aagainst
Dvnisk, No Progress ob Ptft ef Line. .
"Oct. 10 -Hard fighting contin
cter on the French, - Russian Ser-
iJbian and AustroItalian fronts. ,
- With Belgrade the old capital
if Serbia, in their hands, the Teu
tonic forces are pressing forward
against Serbs both: in the' east and
wttss. in an euaeavor to move
southward and gain oontorl of the
main railway line.
The Austra-Hungarians on the
west hve advanced to the town
of Obrenovao, while on' the east
the Serbs' have; bleu dislodged
from :j several positions on the
southern back of the Danube by
atroog German forces. ' ::..
In the fighting along the lower
reaches of the Driua River the
Austro'Grermani lost heavily in
unsuccessful attacks, according
to Niah, whioh in annoanoiug th
fall of Belgrade, deolared, that the
city was not given up without
desperate iesiataLoe.
Ad vices from the Serbian fron
tier, coming by way of Berlin,
are that Belgrade was n.tgreatly
damaged by the bombardment
preceding its capture.
Both Berlin and Paris olaim
gains in the vicinity of, Tabure in
the ohamgane region of France.
Tfce French assert that to the
southeast of the town thev can-
tured a German trench, while
Berlin says the German rt gained
a atrip of territotyover a f ront of
two and one half miles and, in
addition, took several trenches to
the east of Souohez,
Oa tb,e remainder of the front
from 3)lgium to the Vosges
Mountains there has been serious
fitting with heavy gum bombs
positions atbng a front
qf nearly five miles north of the L
railroad running west from Dvinsk'
bave been taken by Field Marshall
von Hiudeuburg's men according
to Berlin aud a fie roe Russian
counter-attack has been repulsed,
There aho has been hard fighting
to the southeast and across the
border in Galicia, in which both
Berlin and Vienna' declare their
forces have made progress.
Along" theTIsoiizy front the
Italians have repulsad with heavy
losses Austrian -attacks on num
erous sectors.
The situation in Greece is un-
caaufeed. ine new Ureek cabinet
has goue exhaustively into the
(nation in di.cuasions held in
Athena, bat has net yet 'made
known what its policy will be.
Athens dispatches make reference
to a secret treaty between Bulgaria
aud Germany signed last July the
text of which, it is reported, haa
been placed in the hands of the
Greek Premier by the Entente
Powers and will be the subject of
'grave debite" on the opening of
the Greek Parliament Monday.
Coughs Tbtt are Stopped I
Careful people see that they are
stopped. Dr. King's New Dis-
ocvery is a remeay or tried merit.
It has held its own on the market
for 46 years. Youth and old 'age
testify to its soothing and healing
qualities. Pneumonia and lung
troubles are often caused by delay
of treatment. Dr. King's New
Discovery stops those hacking
coughs aud relieves la grippe ten
denoips. Money back if it fails
50c. aud $1.09.
Weather Fosecas1 for October.
From 1st to 8tb, oool showers
and some wind.
From 8th to 15th. changeable to
oool, with slight rains
From 15th to 22nd, fair and
cool, if wind is southwest slight
showers, and, if wind is. northeast
at from 6 to 8 a, m,, on the 15th,
look for heavy frost, ; inside of
these seveo days.
Fr-im 22nd to 80th; rain and
wind, some stormy like aLd oool.
This month will show up some
warm, cold and uncertain weather
as this is the obange mouth be
tween summer and autumn and
lots of wind this month; '
Hksry Reid,
Routt No. 8, SftUibgrji II. 0
Says There Wii);iB9 Well .Fir cil Biltlu,
v That wptfilg
Vera Crnttex,v VCl6
General Carranza reoeiveawith
greatjileare the ewt;iha4
ington had decided to reoommend
recognition of thepartjr lediby
4u uiojkiuu, xeiegrajns from usr.
ranza 'agents at Washiugtot
brought the news andr the- firsf
chief wis congratulated ijt his as
sociates. Tne Washington- telo
grams were read iu 'the theatsri
and received with great enthusi
asm:. General Ca; ranza will nor
alter his plans fur a trip througl
xhe northern; States, beginning to
morrow. m;
"This news puts an end to all
ffforta of our. enemies to :brTnT;
bout foreign intervention," salt
eceril Carranza after receiving
ae telegrams. "They continu
aeir intrigues and their attack
a the newspapers, but reoognitioi
'f the eonstitutionalistGovern
aent naturally will rob them, ol
ix fruit of their efforts.
"When peace is absolutely re
itored and t'ranqaility really es
tablished amnesty' will be grantee
ill those persous, but vuot now,
f p permit them to return at thu
time would mean theirmaohina
tions within the Republic
"The i m mediate effect of -1 hi
ues will be a .great, moral
strengthening oi constitutionalism
and a corresponding disheartening
of opposing factions. x There will
be no no more formftl battles.
Fighting of that sort already has
-ended, but naturally the struggle
to put down minor outl reaks aud
;lawlessneh3 must be continued for
.. - ...
tergrating rapidly and theirl
chiefs are surienderine. This
development will bring the sur
render of the leaders of the oppo
sition, sinoe the news of recogni
tion will remove from them furth-
er hope of success. This appli s
not only to those actually fighting
in the field, but to those"! who are
intriguing, both within the conn
try and abroad.
'NaWB of the coming recogni
tion is pleasing, sinoe it will re
new and strengthen the friendly
relations between Mexico and oth
er NatiouB."
George 0. Oarothers, Amerioau
consular agent, telegraphed the
State jepartment the substance
of a long interview he had had
with General Villa at Juarez in
which the latter explained in line
with utterances to the press last
night that he intended to contin
ue fighting Carranza. No men
tion was made of withdrawing
protection to foreigners as report
ed in press dispatohes, but officials
realize that the legal responsibili
ty for protection of foreigners restB
alwaws with the rooognized gov
ernment for all paitB of the ooun
try whether iu rebellion or not.
Americans for -this reason were re
cently advised to withdraw from
uorthern Mexioo, but many of
them have tailed to heed tho Statu
Department's advie. The Wash
ington Government during the
Taft administration took the posi
tion, however, that eveu when a
recoguiz id government existed in
Mexioo the leaders of rebellious
factions were personally responsi
ble for the acts of their followers
and gave warning to that effiot.
This precedent, probably wilt be
followed in the event of difficul
ties now in northern Mexioo, '
"Mexico City, Oct., IO.Nowb of
the d;oision to recognize he Car
ranza Government was ruoivsd
with gruat j if by the military ele-
meut here. All , the newspapers
iasuai extra editions. General
Pablo Couzalts, commander of
the Oarrauza forces in Mexioo
City, will hold a reception tomor
row in oeiebration of the event."
Oir Letterheads ban't be matohtd in
price, quality or workmanship;
The real Salisbury Printing Office,
West Innes Street,' up stairs.
Ditto billheads"; note bead, staie.
menta. envelopati K oi
frim 49 ?ntm mm eitiei 1$
rjMlfflr ictua jfiri limits T
Charlotte Observer. -r:
. '" '
" You cin't sue a eonntv hnk aW
A(e a u ,
-Tfiak is the, )Lg and the'.hort
Df reoent 8opreine0(mrrdt.
cislcu !ofaria3lris-ai-
In. yidcato of Hipp venup Fr
rellhtchai argued befdre the
'gh tribunal a, f ew weeka-sgd" by
3aroirrliftftr6 of the looftl 'liW
?ltm pit Walton & i Tftliftf erio?
be oourt sustained the Qobfentioa'
bat the highvay cammisiioners1
f Leej County srre iable In dam
gesto persona whertre Injured'
y. thir neglect of duty; It if
id that thai oint had fhot been
raiaadj id this atate" heretofore in"
lie importancarof the deeiaioii.
It was contended by the plain
iff, a former MedltleTiburgfpttn,
iat f the' defendftnt HrTvloift-
ton of. the'duties ftnd obligfttioni
n posed upon them j k IcuoV
gWlligeutly Afid' earefeftilf
approich on ihe Sah2
ord side of the Lockvilie 'briAg' "
iLe County to be and remain
ut of repair, YnlleTeTTmdTTn ft
audition dangerdua to 'thoaef
'"og .the bridge for" ft a pftoe of4
verOdaye prior to and ihelud
ug the 17th day of Foveinber,
.914. Iduribg atll of which aaid time
,be tijnbera and: joista of the laid
pprojach were in a rotten, wsakv
ted djaugeroua corditiou that on
he 6th day of Oct6W,I0nthd
!efendants, whirV in ft meeting
.ssembled . at Sanford, wereduly
md formally advised nnotifii
hat, tbfi hrirf o; ' . Ul iUf-Vl?
Mnd&io. On H6rhif&
J,,us wo muies attacned to ft
"8ui o Bppiuaua ooiiapsea
ud driver and mules Were hurt.'
The defendants demurred to the
complaint on the . ground that
there was no commudity of inter
-st amongst the defendants with
respect to the alleged cause Of
action and because" it had " not
been alleged that they aoted other
than negligently A. A.. Seawell
appeared for the defendants,
f he case came up at Lee County
court May 13 and Judge Bond
overruled the demurrer.
Judge Hoke, author of the de
cision says that authority is to
the effect where the wrongful acts
of two or more persons concur in
producing asingle injury and with
r without concert among them,
tbey may be treated as joint tbrt
feasors and, as a rule, sued sepa
rately or together at the election
i the plaintiff.
Recommend Chamberlain's
"Last winter I used a bottle of
hamberUin's Cough Remedy ;f or
bad bronohial oough. Ifel,t its
enefioial effect immediately and
efore I had finished the bottle I
as cured . I never tire of recom
mending this ' remedy? to my
friends," writes Mrs; William
Bright, Ft. Wayne, Iud. Ob
tainable everywhere.
Out of Order. 1
The Woman's Christian Tern
peranoe Union ia divided on the
question off woman auffrage. It
ahpuld have had no cause to give
v nsideration to the matter in ftny
bapeor form. This organization
-hould consider itself barred from
participation in the political
q lestions of the day by the very
name it bears. It ia oomposed of
body of christian women engag
d u the promotion of the cause
t temperance and just what'call
it should have to be bothering it
self ovar the matter otwoman
ufferage is hard to understand.
3y the same token. Governor
Craig waa out of order in volun
teering to give the woman his
viewa on the queation, ftLd Judge
Clark was not happy in the choioo
of' en audienoe. They were dis
oussing matters foreign to ht
bdsihesa for 'whioh the Woman a
Ohrnitfan Temperance Union (rjvaa
cflled to traniact. Charlotte

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